Girls Talkin 'Boys: Crowning an offseason king


What's up, guys, Kelsey, Charles and Meghan Murray here on this Friday and this girl's talking voice hello. Hey, it's Friday. We gotta get down. Always there for the timing, I appreciate you for that consistency is key in you. My friend are just that. Well, I will say there is something that may surprise do that I. Did that was like the most Kelsey move I could ever make? Oh. So I went, I went for a run this morning which I've actually been running. During, the quarantine I guess Like. Once or twice may be three times a week, but this morning this morning. I. Repeated a song like four times so. I have now become Kelsey Charles. Yes! Transformation is complete is we are each other now? That's really funny so I. I was really struggling because it's hot outside. Yes, and then rain on me by lady. Gaga, on Grindr came on like your like I WanNa go to a club right now on like. Shake my booty like. A run this whole thing. I ran the whole thing with this. This is the vibe right now. Yeah, that's what. I was about to stop, and then came on and I was like now. I see by Kelsey. Does this all? I. Don't know if I can say I'm proud of you because I don't know how logical or like insane. It is, I do that, but at so you guys I'm notorious in my friends. My friends being poor Meghan Marion, David Hellman. Subjected to I have a tendency to when I find a song that I like I repeat it. Literally in over. And over and over like beat it into the ground I I'm Gonna I'M GONNA I shouldn't say this. But I literally, so I was in February I was going I went to work out in Colorado in, we had to go to Copper Mountain, and it was really bad weather and we got stuck on the mountain on the road up to the mountains. For seven hours and I listened to the same song. This same song for seven hours. ABS- on kind of it would. No, it wasn't not one it was the. It was Zane. Mash up song the so there's a couple that I have playlist as the Kelsey so hard. which is the ones that I've beaten? You'RE GONNA. Have to drop that I will. spotify playlist it's like the ones it. My poor friends have been subjected to over the past couple months, but it was flames by Rehab in Zane. But the other one that you mentioned his moon rider by Gye Wolf rabble, rabble, rabble able she started playing that song over, and over again and I was like I'm just GonNa have to stop you for a second because see sang is he's thinking about Broccoli rob like the worst of the Broccoli's? I should I feel like I need to like. A little clip of this, so we can like. like that's all I can hear when I hear that. Guys here eight Broccoli Rob. Bradley Rob is better. It's a bad vegetable. It's the Broccoli Rob Song. It's called Moon Writer, but it's definitely Broccoli Rob. I'm proud of. Vegetables I made yesterday and they're disgusting so I just WanNa. Go on record rock. Rob Is Gross and so our beats. That is. Yet. I saw the quarantine eats happening. You put Pesto on them. Did it improve? No, why do we eat? Beets are in. What's it like? Is this a desk froma? is always bothering me to eat beets. She's like they have into accidents and they're really good for you. And they were vegetable I sounded like Meyer a but but boy. But. He always tries to get me. She's like I. Tried them this way. Try it and I'm like tastes like dirt. Do things that are different tastes like dirt. I'm sorry. I! We'll maybe if I do it this way, and like I made my own. Pesto and I was like real. Adultery in the kitchen and it's still trashed so so. People only like beats because they make your smoothies and pretty color like that's it. I think that's super valid. Honestly like I think that's super valid. I feel like it's like the trendy thing to do and like and I'm like. Are we sure that I can't get my antioxidants elsewhere because I feel like there's other ways we can do this. Yeah, I've heard. There's antioxidants in wine I would much prefer to near you go. Look look at us. We are beacons of health. We. We are on that train for sure just a fruit smoothie. If you think about it, it's good for you like all food. Groups I mean I feel like I would log it in my fitness pal, but like drinking calories count. That's not how this works. It's just straight boxing. Eric to believe that in Superfan. I don't subscribe to that part of. Health. It's why I am the way that I am. Like you eat really well. Oh my God I know, but I really liked Tequila. Whatever Tequila is good for. You can't tell me otherwise I. I'll take the couple extra pounds for some fun nights over being strict. It's fine living my life. Living Best Quarantine lives which. I'm out here running running I. Hate running you. I would rather do. Twenty babies then go for run like. Literally anything else quarantine has been weird. I, don't know about you, but like I actually feel. I especially at I actually I was thriving quarantine in a weird way. I've been very fortunate. Enough and I WANNA make sure I say when I say this. I knowledge the fact that not everyone else has been as fortunate so within the confines of my own experience. I feel like I've done a decent job of keeping my head on straight in taking care of my mind and my body in like, and you know just doing the best that I can and trying to be productive with my time. or just you know, take spend my time in in hopefully, what is more of a healthy way and But now now that it's July it's I feel a little tired. It's starting to really me like wow. This moment yesterday in l. purposes by saying my week's been kind of normal like I haven't been feeling great but I. am just going to attribute that to being a fog with like whatever allergies came with that weather. That was your last week in. DALLAS, but I had to get out to East Texas which I do often for work. I went out twice. Two days in a row and then just like went home, and like did a workout made dinner hung out with my dog. That's normal. And then the next day it was a day. I didn't go to East Texas I go to drop something off at ups, and I was driving by like this restaurant. They're sitting on the patio and I was like. Oh, my Gosh! We should totally go to like Mistero or something tonight in like or the porcher whatever and I was like I got this shirt like we. I should like text my friends and like let's go to dinner and wait a second. What. That's like no. Not Doing. Oh you want to. I feel you like 'cause. It feel so normal to be. Able to do things, but you're like wait like I probably not trying to do that. It's it's such a weird time. It just didn't I felt like when people were. Responsible I might risk it, but I'd rather be able to hang out with my friends and parents without worrying about like infecting them that. Go Kit Marguerite on a patio when technically Kelsey has a patio that I can just sit on, so we the Casa Dei Charles is. The hot. It's Lit I'm not I? You guys little quarantine crew. We've we've torn it up a few times on, said Patio so it you know, and then you get to welcome. It's great more ask for I don't have to get Don't WanNa talk to actually you don't have to even use that function where it's like. Stop talking to me, which is a brilliant function ever listen. I. Don't think they look at it and they're like Oh. Sorry I'm driving in my. Here's the thing you also should not be talking. Please I thought my rb. F was strong enough that people would just like. Not Talk to me in Uber's, but apparently not yet I say one more thing about Uber I. Really like I enjoy Uber and I'm really happy that it's exists in. In although I haven't used it in months and sampled lift I got on dating APPs in quarantine and this one dude match with me. He was like Hey I was your Uber driver. A couple months go, and I was like Whoa. This is a really weird pickup line like I. Just don't this, isn't it? Think about it Uber. JUST PICK YOU UP SO A. A May going insane in quarantine, or at least like. Whatever this phase of it's like A it's! It's warranting basically I'm on. The fate is where I will do just about anything to be at a pool, but not the one where everybody's ad. Yeah I if anyone has a private cool that they want to rent me for a day. You. Let me know while we're GONNA work on the pool. Thing I feel like we've done like really good things in quarantine like you've been running. I've been running. I. You U Eaten. Beats I got into Grad school like I feel like we're like you mean. We started this podcast in quarantine like there's a lot of any. School same thing. The same thing. It's well. But I was like. I do not lose my job which I mean. That's Fortune An. Take that. Man Very grateful for that but I I was it had it got me thinking because we've been talking about this a lot like you and I. Just like the phase of quarantine where I didn't like looking back on it and we're like Oh my God. How is it July? I was thinking though like. Player! Like what cowboys player do you feel like has just. been winning quarantine like having the best offseason quarantine etc Cetera like there's wall. You can't do a time and I'm sure. A lot of these guys are able to do all these crazy trips that maybe they would have done before but I feel like you're still doing a lot of cool things so. Who I'M GONNA. Go with my number one and then I'm going to like work down from that because this person in my mind. Just takes the cake okay. Maybe I'M JEALOUS It's latent vander. Ash. Oh, he's not molest UK. What's up? What's up? I think he in my book. He wins because he's. He's back home at Idaho. He's getting everything he is. He can go hiking. He's with his family. His fiancee's doing rodeo competitions like that just sounds. Like a rooting tooting good-time Rudin! Like you like it's really easy to just go down the road. Take your horse and go for like a nice ride like that sounds great. Late rash lives where everyone wants to go vacation, so I mean. I don't think I've ever thought about. Idaho but I'm reconsidering that I have because I'm a Hippie, and since you're my friend, aren't. You with me so therefore by default new. We're going to be included instead trip, but and I should say the weather, too, because technically I could do these things. You could buy. Yeah, but. It's too hot. So his backdrop. If you guys his Instagram, it's insane. It literally is like a frequent movie and his. Fiancee or his his wife, why she's a barrel racer and she's a back. She's really good. Yeah she did a competition or whatever the other day I was like watching the video and was like Dang Girl Yuck which is the cutest thing ever buy I grew up in Kansas? City and so my best friend growing up had a had a horse. She did barrel racing as well at the the. Royal American Royal. Miro wow gosh so country of me. And Yeah like very similar to that like did all these competitions and you don't realize how hard it is, but in like how much takes to be like that good, so she's a baller, shouts out to Mattie Vander for being a boss, and it was the cutest thing ever like he posted about her yesterday, and he was he so proud of her, and it was so sweet, so I, I agree with that. That's a good. Start I think that's a big deal to have wide open spaces and all the people you care about. Bain okay I'M GONNA. Stop singing on this podcast so that your your stop. Are you seeing on by the chicks? The chicks? It's not we've. We've adjusted the name. It's not lady won't go Lord that story triggers. Me Card just shaking my head back. So, let's say within the linebacker core. Then how how `Bout we jail net? Dealing Smith always busy even when he's always hustling you, yes, he even or not in quarantine. This man is all over the place, but he is back in Fort Wayne Indiana and we know that like he went and finished. School was like last year the reform he's always doing something outside of which is great, and he somehow still off with the ball so Kudos to him for being able to find the Hashtag now give it all, but he opened. A cry Oh studio in Fort Wayne. which how do you ever done that? Dude? I used to be religious. used to go when I worked at variance, cry studio, really close to the facility I would go everyday on my lunch break. It's the best thing ever I got like. I ask because I feel like I'm your the answer to that yet? I love I needed to do it again, but the problem is. Is it so busy Bill Studios Dallas are expensive. Didn't it's just like I love it and I think it's great like the whole concept of like it puts your body into and flight mode, because you're so freaking cold businessman, and then it it takes your it supposedly. This is what they tell you ends I believe them. Because I believe the I'm a marketing a marketer's dream, but they put your body in fighter flight mode. It's like so cold that when you step out like your body has to work in overtime to like. Reheat yourself, so you're burning calories. It helps with recovery because obviously super intense like cold for your muscles I, they even would claim like it would give you like a little bit of a high so you can help headaches hangovers, you know. I don't know, but I can tell you. Whenever I was over I was not let go up and getting the big canister of cold, not happening I loved though I thought it was great. I have never once tried it, but you know. As much as I hate being hot I. Don't like being cold. It's the most you're literally. The most cold ever been obviously in your little is truly meant to live in like San Diego. Yeah well, if you if you're you're. You're not wearing clothes, and except for you have to cover your hands and your feet. You have to wear like socks, booties and gloves, so you don't like it. Didn't someone get like frostbite Girl, serious. You have to be like monitored and stuff flake, so don't decide. Go to any jank place I go to legit place where they stay in the room with you, and like they make you turn around in circles. Your body's moving and they talked to you in like. Keep your head above the gas that you don't like it you to go to a legit place by. It looks like his places. Super Legit, so I'm pumped for him on. Doing something in not not going all the way, so yeah on percent, so I thought that was Super Badass and up in Fort. Wayne is all right yet for Wayne, so for an Indiana go find I cry. Oh served time in the area. Report Wayne but also everyone he's doing which I'm sure we'll come in zero surprise you the extra the first thing he did he also obviously, the hot boys got together. They always do this or they do this couple times I'll talk about it later, but they got together at the beginning of Co Ed and they were selling gift cards for small to. To mid sized businesses in town, you could support them during Covid, because obviously especially at the beginning, things were shut down in heard a lot of organizations businesses in restaurants, and so I thought that was super dope, but that's the only thing he's during the get back. This one is my favorite He's founded. The Minority Entrepreneurship Institute which I just think I mean. Mean we're? We're kind of doing some stuff with this similarly right now. MAG, you and I with this year campaign that were involved in, but ear DFW. Dot Com year, DFW DOT COM. I'll tell you about that a second because it's. It's very similar to this. I just think it's so important, it's so cool, but basically it's a minority, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, institute and what? What they do is they provide? Capital an consulting services like there's a pitch competition. If you're minority owned business, you can go pitch your business to him in his team and this institute, and they will award you money and funding in consulting services. Really help you get on your way. which I just think that's the coolest thing ever shouts Jalen for that. Guy Eleven he's. He's like always hustling, but he's always like. A good cause. Yeah, like I just thought that was so cool. It reminds me of the group working with right now. So if you guys are familiar with ear, dfw, it's an acronym for a fundraiser that a lot of us media, athletes influencers who have whatever you wanNA call the people. People who have semi platforms in town kind of started, but it's not just for us for everyone who cares about the cause to be involved in where we've decided to start a fundraiser that benefits three different pillars of impact here in Dallas Education Action Reform. There's four different charities one of them specifically though has. A Fun that is very similar to this minority entrepreneurship institute. It's called the. DALLAS REVIVED DALLAS small business funding powered by the debt a Dallas Entrepreneurship Center network here in town and what they do is they have a bunch of money and they they have asked for submissions for small businesses here in Dallas that are minority or indoor, female owned, and you submit the fact like I'm losing. You know I've I have like a profit loss obviously because of the. The state of the world right now, and for various reasons and then if you are approved for this this, find than they not only give you dollars, but they partnered with a mentor. They give you like services. It's not just like throwing money at the cause, which again feels very similar to what Dylan's doing. Which I think is still important, because obviously money helps, but it's. It's really truly to me. I feel like it's extra beneficial to put money. Avocados, but also partnered with resources action oriented items as well which sounds like out yet. It's great when you can see like a tangible result from like. Helping Fund something. Yes, it's so cool and so yeah. I mean I think it's. It's awesome I'm hype. He's doing that I. If you guys want to get involved what we're doing it's W. W. Dot ear e a R DFW DOT COM. You can read more about the charities that we're benefiting. We raised four thousand dollars in one day, which is just insane to yeah I'm just like you guys are. Are, incredible and so I feel like you know I really. We're going to ten thousand by the end of next week. If you want to help, I will just be over the moon. I'd love you for it. Screen shot us. Let us say you did it. We'll give you a shout out with your awesome stuff. We can do to in exchange as you just committed to doing a power our. Freshmen in college, I might option. Myself Edberg. Like I'm like I'm I'm here for like I'm. Never going to deal a socially distant resume date like over wine. That'd be fun or Beers. Free Beer made will come with me. You can date. God. Bless your soul if you decide to do that. ANYWAYS I! Digress, who else you got egg. Well okay so just. Real quick shoutout to Tyron he is. He's been doing a lot of like family oriented stuff, but. He posted an instagram of him doing Turkish. Get up with his child and jazz are just hard in general, but with a score child is your weight like wild. Oh my gosh. I don't even know what a Turkish get up. Laying on the ground with like a heavyweight above you in the you have to like, get up to like standard what? Yeah Oh. Man He's a freak. I mean freak like. Yes Oh my gosh, that kids like being superman and he's like getting Turkish. Get up. I was shook unbelievable a lot about the fact. They like everyone's like. Wow, tyron smith like he hasn't been a healthy and I'm like. I mean. He's still doing okay looks like so. I guess that's a good sign. I will say okay so second. My second was lyle, yes. He's he's meant for quarantine lifelike. All he does is hang out with his family in go fishing and he got a puppy. Literally I was trying to figure out his puppies name, but I didn't get the answer in time because I, but I think that would just be like the coolest thing ever guy got the last thing he posted was name it in like I. Never no one ever followed up on that. We'll find out the name for you guys because I feel like it's super important by. It looks like a little like a little bully. It's so cute. In it's like. That whole visit call yet. Dakhil thank you yeah. Cute a candle. It's the most adorable therapy, but yeah you're right. He's totally built like he's like he's thriving right now. Drives nothing in this world that that boy loves more than fishing, no well other than his family, but you know. Maybe we should have a fishing competition like I feel I. Don't know though I know as fishing I wonder if they've never. Competed against each other speaking of Dez. You sent me the funniest thing yesterday. So, dead started watching the office. Funny and I just want I. Know like a lot of people do. or I should say a lot of people like Zeke does twitch or whatever where you can watch play video games. Why can't I watch? Does Watch the August the office? This feels very timely for me. Because everyone's been giving me a lot of hell rightfully so that I have not seen any movies or things, and so the fact that someone else has not seen something like so heavily ingrained in our pop culture. Is Very. For me at this time I just had. In my book. It is really funny I. Feel like people beat it into the ground a little too hard, but I love this journey for him I. Hope He keeps us all updated if he. Does want. To livestream him watching it, I would definitely tune in. Does this mean we can actually add him to the The Parks and REC Verses Office conversation. I now eastern parks and REC though. You have it. Now, I don't think he has, has he? I don't think so we need to. We need to get him on once. He's done with the office in like how long that takes! 'cause he's not me I'd be done within like a week, but That will make him what someone making watch, parks and REC. I see him lag. Cackling at Michael Scott and I. Want to be a part of it, it's. Like, honestly it's. It's amazing that he's watching I'm so happy for him. Like I, said like you said love this journey for him. It's a great show it's it's what I put on between that in parks and REC. I'd trend more towards the office a little bit, but like if I just when I have something on and I just to like it's it's a it's a people pleaser crowd-pleaser every time everyone has a comfort show. That's it for me. Athlete, for me, so I was thinking about other guys on the line and do. Travis Frederick Retired during Quarantine Dude March twenty third like it feels like an eternity ago so technically. It I mean it hasn't been that long, but I can't believe it actually happened during quarantine, and that's just really sad to be so I feel like I, don't know it's it's. It's a blow for us, but I feel like it's a really positive thing for him. So like I guess that he is having a great warranty because he's like I'm Jill I? Don't have to worry about stuff, so that's that's awesome But of course he's still doing things again. All these guys this to me shows the the caliber of individual. It's on this team. He's a lobbyist guys. They don't have to do this, but there's been any time giving and so if you know Travis you've fallen for awhile, he's got his blocking hunger foundation that he's had and apparently done is put together a campaign called moving the chains, and their goal is to raise twenty two thousand dollars by July. Tenth herbs are July nine, and if they raise that money that would enable. Enable them to feed ten thousand to provide ten thousand meals to children who are struggling with hunger so again like. Are you kidding me? That's so cool. It's so cool so another great way. If you're interested in these corn, times or able to give back to others who may be doing a little more help out. That's a great way to do that. You could find out more on his page, but. Equally, at did one. Is Involved in charity as well right? He just gave back to Burbank Yeah. Like that eighty, five thousand fifty thousand, yeah. I mean I'll give that. I'll give him a victory. Do we feel like is? I don't know if I would consider Zeke as winning quarantine like I think he's doing well. He's saying this. He hung out with the family a couple months ago in south in like like obviously like getting is a bummer. Luckily, he didn't have super major symptoms. So that's a positive, but he has started twitch channel. He's been doing. He's been like gaming in Suffolk. He feels like feels like he's still living his pseudo best life despite all the other things. Yeah, I'm. Key faded is pretty fun Some so I'm just. That first of all that could mean like so many different things I love that everyone just jumped on it and went crazy, though like y'all got chill. And we're. Like. Yeah, he's just gaming in like. Working out good for him yet seems like a day in the life. also working out CD lamb like okay Yeah, he's a contender for me for winning quarantine, because obviously like he's just out in Dallas. Grinding like you're always seeing him like with these workout videos and I'm like I can't even do half of what you just did I'm terrified so monster, but also he's just like posted up on. On LAVENU looking things go fire but I have to imagine being a first round draft pick for the Dallas cowboys is probably a pretty substantial reason to win quarantine, like I don't know. Maybe that's just me, and then on top to be given the title of Eight on, said team like he has to be way up there. In the winning quarantine offseason category, he might have to be a finalist. Well, yeah just. Just solely based on the draft. One hundred percent like I know it's a cop out on my part to give him that much credit, but I'm GONNA. Give Him that much credit. I just love that. He's like he's already. He's already like. Grinding with. The team he's super involved. He's going around. Dallas love that he's. Yet, lead his last voters wearing a mask so good mahamne. Wearing masks so that he can play. Let's watch that reality. Watch that okay. Other new buys. It are on the team trayvon digs. Like advil like he's still, he's living his best life to he. I can't figure out his social, though he has a big degree or like a personal idol. Really know either way. If you volume, he has the cutest freaking son of all time in. Obviously, it's kind of fun to watch him and his brother hang out because his brother's pretty cool as well so takes after his brother in the fact that he does pose some Thir- straps so yeah. Yeah I mean listen Hashtag Marketing. Maybe I don't know. That one where he's exciting, he's sitting on the souped up like really expensive BMW. AMMUNA sound like Rj, where I literally don't know what card is what I believe. BET like invoke. Behavioral Yeah, I don't know either. We can't st much of it though so I don't feel bad for not. Yeah, it's also I. Don't know anything about cars. Yeah I'm not an expert effect. Since I worked I worked for a motor vehicle company I know something now so I'll give myself a little credit, but yeah, no. also get a pedicure yesterday. That's all I really noticed. That's a win. That's of little. STRAPS IN pedicures are great Yeah, the one problem is like if you risa understand. I if you're an athlete like you got to kind of keep your calluses, and like not go to TMI. You I feel like you got to be careful with that. Because then you'll like arsenal. They're good for everyone. Yeah, though massive your feet, they take your cows and make him look too pretty, so yes, just before worn like goes eight. You're on it and is what they're doing, and you're good to go. Yes, exactly another new guy who's on the cowboys roster who I really feel like is is living a great quarantine life job, Koi. I really love this guy so much like this is stuff that you and I were hearing about him when he came in and like I remember you telling me like yard reached out to Neville Gallimore. Like that's so cool. Dude so seems like the coolest guy he really does. Dave did a live with him I think for the draft and he was like this guy's amazing like I think it's just a great like. Like already like rave reviews, but I Apparently he just went to the star for the first time this week, and he's of course obviously, aw I mean, this guy is like you. He's been. He's been just so top of the line in the league versus a long time. It's cool to see him so excited about coming to this team like obviously the facility Halliburton facilitated that we have here in Dallas, but. He. Never played so many primetime games in a season in my life and my career school for him so news as hype on the star, but he's also been using his platform, which I is so cool. to discuss like this the social injustice that were seeing is again. Acknowledging the fact that this is not new. None of this is do. This has been happening for years, but I think it's really cool. When you know, people use their platform for something bigger than themselves and so he was. Doing allows digging around the issues. And then he was almost recently advocating for June teeth become a national holiday, which makes total sense and There is a big thing out in Fort Worth where you could walk two and a half miles with miss opaline, what that two and a half miles symbolized was the two and a half years it took slaves in Texas to learn that they were free, and I just again like using your platform at this June. Yes for something bigger than yourself is like I'm here for it so yet I'm GonNa put him in in my ranks of like people who are winning quarantine like for the right reasons to. Yeah I know he's. He's just a joy. Yeah, he's like he's very. He speaks very eloquently about like all of the issues going on, and really you can really get to. The bottom of it, but like he has a really good job and. He just seems. I don't. No, he exudes like. Happiness, he really does he yeah, I know that sounds lane, but it. It is what it is. He does he has this like aura? Deemed to go to his like any of his social, as you would understand saying yeah, I WANNA, be friends of him like that's that's that's Joe McCoy to me. Yeah WHAT ABOUT TYRONE CRAWFORD Thought he was at a p K. Yeah, so possum kingdom lake, which is the worst name for like, but. It is very weird name. It just sounds like somewhere. I, don't WanNa be however it is gorgeous, never been but no box. Office think about that for a second. It's a weird name. In my kingdom of possums, I hate possums. Kinda cute from afar. Until you really what type they like his youth stuff like. Oh I love anything. That's very but. The tail. No the tales not okay with. how ever I haven't seen one whenever I go out there, so yeah, so I don't know where he got that name from then, but I do like the this song from talks about possum kingdom, but I know your reference. Look at me, we did. Doesn't watch movies, but she knows some music. But yet tyron cropper's been living his best late life, which lake leg kind of the best life like I'm at the beach, but I'm afraid of sharks and I don't like when I can't see might be I'm still GonNa go to the beach if I can Despite that fact, but I just feel not the only one that's like scared of old Gregg when I go into like. My God. I have not heard that referenced in years old Gregg Dude. Are you. Seven, whose brain has been rotten by content on youtube like? E bombs world level like old stuff. WAS THAT INVOLVED WORLD? Is that what that was on? I have no idea I've. Shared around back when I was in high school, I think like peanut, butter, Jelly, time and other daily time pinup shifting. Go Like, milk Ganzi Rio. Syria yeah, rotten brains I could have referred song but. For Yourself. which is what tyrone Crawford I feel like doing it again. He's also involved like the hot boys stuff. They also came back again and he's been super involved in that. I've. Enjoying his fundraising while they another thing recently in May where they teamed up with Janu, which is an emergency school nutrition fine, which is super, especially important right now during the pandemic, because a lot of people maybe don't realize it. I didn't realize personally that a lot of kids rely on schools for for food. And so when school is out or schools are open, that means food sources have been taken away, and so I just thought that was so awesome, and like so cool that they stepped up in try to make sure that those kids had the food. They needed so They also did something with hot boys for that, so that was pretty cool. At Boys Go. Can't be hot on the field. Off You're okay. A shots fired my dude. I have I mean. I just want them to heat back up. That's all he's like. Listen. Here's this love. Your hot, but like not that hot ha ha Clinton digs. We saw that was hysterical I. think that's like it's like kind of winning kind of not like. I decide if I want to look at this glasshouse to bear attacked. By do you glass half? Full or glass? Still can't get over that bears. Florida I'm sorry. Here's the buyers buyer sires no buyers. DUBBERS. Beat spares battle star Galactica that brings it back to the office. My God look at us all the references. If you I hope they, we should have a count on how many external references we made today that there is a lot you guys like, but still it's a drinking game. It's drink like six back in that we talking about. I don't even remember Yeah Greg in lakes there you go. yeah I. I should bring up like the. Drinking out of cups like. Barn. One for you count-back at another Hash Mark. Let's go Yeah, okay, we'll give him. We'll give him like a half a point 'cause like escaping death feels like a positive, so let's good or mulling whatever even though the bears were justice surprised to see him as he was to see them, but. His speed was. Yeah it was something. It's alternative training, and I'm very here for it. Yeah, yeah, a lot of make you run faster than a bear. Nothing honestly nothing so whenever if he's not good this season then we're going to have some issues, maybe like we know your capability, Sir. We know you do envision that. There's a bear behind you now. Go Run. Knock that guy over. Sports Visual visualization is big so like this can be something to his repertoire like that feels like a Tokyo. I'm so on board with that. We're insane. One. Yeah it's. My last one for candidate for winning Corentin. Or Two more, but this is my one. That's more tangible Michael Gallup. The guy that everyone likes to sleep on is actually doing some really cool stuff. He went out to top golf a couple months ago, a couple of weeks ago and topped off, hooked it up, and they did this likely. Let him come out in this mess around new trick shots for a day and it's Hilarious, so you guys need to instagram. He's like he's like little using a golf club like. Football like like watching it off the DAX and stuff like it's. It's really funny so and of course I'm sure it took them like an eternity to get any of these trick shots done. They're cool. Nonetheless. What are the guys to do that? Dude perfect so like they're kind of coming. He's coming for you. Dude, perfect like if cowboys nation or any of these ridiculous like people who are trying to trade him away for something like if he added attlee like he's coming, he's coming for your game. Dude perfect like Essiet Essiet now. Shout out. I'd be remiss to miss to not mention the guy who would truly be winning quarantine though in the off season. If, a deal is signed on July Fifteenth Dak, Daddy I feel like we would have to crown. qb One the king of quarantine. Am I right. People can't stop talking about in many ways so. I will say a running back. During this corn deemed time whatever that he did pledge a million dollars for police reform he. You went to Nick and Sam's which he always goes. Nick and Sam set like he had Renault. He ate well. And he provided us. With probably my single favorite piece of content. In his uniform with a cowboy hat on. That will be used. For GonNa, use that so many times if they play this season. Honestly Shots Jeremiah, the team photographer, one of the team photographers for that forty second witness. He's A. Genius anyways, but like he took that shot and I think that was actually a shot that they had done for statisticians a sponsor. It was just like all around like I'm sure. Stetson was just overnight. Conic really is like the me I'm GonNa. Go full marketer on you for many the brand value that they. Unbelievable you know how they did like all those. Player card shirts your. Screen print that picture onto a shirt. Oh, yes, Russia, listen up at cowboys pro shop at cowboys. Everyone tweet them until by that now bought what someone made a like a screen insured. It doesn't have the the photo, but it's like the Silhouette I. ordered that I love received it, but it sounds like you got now. They're reputable. I got like the actual photo on there. That that's. TIKTOK that you can do that. You can limit from your on that APP. You on that? I am I, am on that APP and the fact that I scroll through it for too long on a daily basis, but I do not post anything I'm on that APP by default through you and Dave I appreciate it because I get the highlights, so it helps. Yeah, we just send your funny ones. Yeah, it's good I. You thank you for that. Thank you for your time on ten. Though let's narrow down because I want people to chime in and vote because we got we got. We need to crown a quarantine king. So. Quarantine King Are we GONNA go? CD, lamb feels good. One DAK feels like a good one. ARE WE GONNA? Go L. V., E. Jalen Smith or who put like Joe McCoy Ha! Ha Clinton Dix guy. You like Jalen has to be on there and I'm still standing strong with the LV thing, even though he. I guarantee you. He's philanthropic stuff. He's just not super active on social media. Just know where he is in what he's doing and I love that for him. Okay so. I wonder, if I five on. How many people how many slots do I have on the poll? Four or five? Let's do will lv and then we'll add wide. Gerald McCoy, and hopefully that works. Okay so. We need to vote unity crown year. Quarantine kings if we forgot quarantine king, Hollering I'm missing something I consume a lot of content, but it's always possible that we've missed something. You could find us at two on twitter. I'm at Kelsey underscore Charles in meg. Meg Murry with four hours and. I know we mentioned a lot of these guys are doing a lot of great things to give back to community we would. Love your support with the ear DFW campaign. You can find out more about it w. w dot ear DFW. Dot Com! Let's help move missions Ford of all these wonderful organizations here in DFW. It's really cool what they do and I just feel like if you're capable this time to give back the, it's a really worthy cause to do so but. YOU GUYS! Thanks for hanging out with us on this Friday. We will give the best weekend. Ever you get some context for you as well outside of this here show cowboys Roy is GonNa be airing on Saturday so joining into Denver that you can find us in all of the amazing in the boys content or be find your podcast with its spotify apple. ITUNES stitcher you name it rate reviews subscribe. It really does help us out, but. Until Monday. Never forget you guys. Dallas. Forever filthy for never. By, guys!

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