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The Biermanns Take Manhattan


Thank you. For listening to this podcast one production. Podcast. One presents house of Kim with Kim zodiac Bearman. Join Kim Her husband and six children. She shares her journey to success and the positive mentality that brought her there come on in and make yourself at home. Now, here's your host, Kim zodiac Bearman. How you guys welcome to this episode of how so. What's up you guys? We have been so crazy busy all week. Did you guys watch watch? What happens live with Andy? What did you think of my wig? My boobs would stay in my dress. But I had a really good time on the show. I really think that India should start doing the show at ten o'clock every night. That's it's really great to do it at ten set of eleven because we get home at like twelve thirty one and we had a early morning Monday. But it was really fun. I interested to see what you guys think of the dark hair. It was either. Like, a love hate thing. I felt like I really wasn't going to do it. And then we actually like this is the first time I've actually like attached a wig to my head like a us some glue and attaches to the front of my basically my forehead, and I hated it. Actually, I didn't like it at all. So anyways, very thankful have a lot of my own hair. And then I can leave all my own hair out in the front, and then kind of push the the push the week back. Let's white people think it looks so natural. But anyhow prior to that Ari on us prom. How fun was that babe? Raising a lot of kids surprised at how many kids we we went to the neighbor's house who's got like a really beautiful backyard. Overlooking the lake and took pictures there, and there was seniors and juniors, and then I even got a text message from our neighbor that was like, hey, could you please get your guests? Nobody can get through on the road. I was like, they're not my guest, buddy. He's like why called the security, and they said they were the Bearman guests as guate- who told you that. That's a lie. They're not my guests. It's prom, relax. And it wasn't even by his house. People kill me. I got to Arianna boyfriends parents, and I guess they're super religious. So are honest like, please, please. Can you not cost? Just like, please. Meanwhile, she almost trips falls on Rashi. Like, I was like Arianna. So she just looked at me like beet red in the face. I can't believe I just did that but she literally almost like face planet. She looked really really beautiful as parents are really sweet they had it like at the Mercedes Benz stadium. Like, well, I think they had it underneath or like in the little suites that people can sit at behind or like next to the field. So they didn't have it on the field 'cause that'd be like massive space to fill. Yeah. It was kind of in their lower level kind of like a big room. Yeah. Some other problems going on as well. I guess so crossed the thing right across I feel that is weird. I just thought that was that they would travel like forty five minutes down to Mercedes Benz stadium for the prom. But anyways, Arianna had a great time. She was home by twelve thirty. She looked really beautiful. So she she. Yeah. She definitely had a great time. So watch what happens live did that went to New York. I went to this new spot, Tracy Martin. Spot in New York. I loved it there. They have like some really cool technology. But yet you still get like a foo foo facial. But then they still have really good technology. So they did like microcurrent on my face. I actually really loved their spa it's on the eleventh floor. So you know, I took the stairs. And one of the owners actually came down and got us in walked eleven flights. I was the only one breathing hard Croix, nor this gentleman were breathing hard at all. So I'm almost fully recovered from my surgery speech stairs. So I'm like a tight staircase. It was like a true New York staircase. Yes. Roy was carrying my rolling Chanel bag my makeup bag his bag. Yup. All will have been like a spiral staircase. That's how tight it was very was like, and then, but you had walls around you so care getting there, actually, I was fine with it because I just run right? The. That could that was almost as bad as an elevator. No, no, no, no, not even close because I'm not stuck anything. I couldn't even get really through it with the bags of his twice my size. But. Oh, well, anyway, it was really great. And then we had a massage at the Bacharach hotel. It was okay. I was fifteen minutes late, which I get right? My point say is at three three fifteen I got there at three thirty. So she ended up cutting twenty five minutes off of my massage. Instead of just the fifteen. It was bizarre. So I was like whatever lady, but Croix actually got his full massage. Even though we showed up late. You're supposed to be done by four fifteen. You went to four thirty. So maybe you got fifteen extra minutes. I don't know. Yeah. I think he got fifteen extra minutes of time. I was a little bit later than years, right? Yes. So long story short. It was okay. Nothing special and then Indy Coen. Then I went out with my business partners. We had some drinks when I was one of brielle's frenzy joined us, Brandon. So we had a really good time. It was a lot of fun. I slept. Really good. I love the Bacher hotel because the beds are so cleaned the room is so clean their showers. They need to work on. They're not good. They're just not good the water the water pressure. Is you reserve room there? Make sure you request room four zero one because the shower there was a beast. I don't want people requesting for a one that's our room. Still what a dumb ass. That's okay. I wanna share the wealth because that I'm sure there's maybe a couple of showers in that hotel that have a decent shower but four oh one or no we're in four eleven now for a one we were in four eleven Nikki, I think was in 4._0._1. or eleven for eleven or eleven four great rim or eleven my bed. But still you forget that since we got married on eleven eleven eleven because I don't know. I knew how to one in it. But we're for eleven they were floral one four Levin requested. It's got a wicked shower head in it. But it's not so much even dad as much as it is like when you have a hand-held will they wanna wash my hair every day. So I put a shower cap on. I can't stand underneath a damn rain shower. The hand the hand held is cool, but you have nowhere to like attach it. So it can continue to spray on your body while you're showering, right? It's at the level of your head. It's stupid to lower. It's stupid. They need they need to lower your body four feet yet loop. It you guys. 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You also love they make everything incised zero zero through twenty four and it looks great on everyone my girlfriend who's a sixteen can wear them and soak in my daughter, and she's a size to they. Both look great good American is all about body, positively and I just love that about them and their active where so amazing, it sucks you in Cinches U N and flattens your back of your thighs. No cellulite. Is visible. I'm pretty obsessed. Anyhow, you guys had to good American dot com slash Kinsey. And you get twenty percents off your full order offer ends soon. Guys. We only have four more episodes left. Don't be tardy. I can't believe it. Yes. This will be episode eight. So far. The greater the. Because we're here including this one. I guess we have five more episodes five more episodes, less left. You guys every Friday nine pm on. Bravo. Don't forget about that. What else? Do we have going on? We are going to church and Keiko's you guys my favorite place in the whole world very excited. We will be gone all next week. So I'll be prerecording our podcast for next week. I did think about bringing the equipment to Turks. But there's a lot of sand. We have so much going on. It's just the fam- going. No staff. No nanny. No chef. It's just the family. I think it's good. I think it's going to be a good trip for all of us to spend some quality time. I know I need some downtime, and I need a tan. I dig it a spray tan though in New York and this lady was phenomenal. I put on my Snapchat. Her name was cat. So she was a really incredible spray Tanner, which I haven't had sprayed, Shannon, probably five years. So she was really great. I look great on Andy Cohen felt great. Because of honestly my spray tan, so anyway, we will be in Turks and Keiko's so we'll prerecord next week Monday. Wednesday podcast, and then we'll be back up and running Saturday the six, and we'll talk all things Turkson Keiko's. Did you tell them? How we saved some money. We always travel with Kim's glam, right? She needs tear sheets make up we always always travel with them. And we typically we've used an agent for ourselves personally. But when we do that it's just easier for us to log onto whatever and book our own stuff, and and just deal with it that way, well used GPS who for the second time, we literally saved like five hundred four hundred sixty bucks for the night. Yeah. Just look. Yeah. You guys do a lot of people have asked me that too. Because I've talked about them few times. I haven't had time to really hop on live and get into it with you guys. But chief who is a really cool website where you get heavily discounted hotels worldwide travel membership travel membership that you pay very minimal we saved foreign sixty dollars. Just. Nikki and John L my makeup artists. So yeah, that was really cool. That was the first time we say that kind of money usually paying at least four hundred further rooms night each of them. So that was a nice break into super exciting way to start our trip. But anyhow, you guys let's move on as far as concerned you have to know somebody to be to join fhu. So I will be putting the link in my link will be rebel links right below the link will be right below right below this you guys, and I'm telling you get you'll make your money back on your very first trip. I can almost guarantee that you can go to DisneyWorld you can go to Thailand you go to New York City. You can go to Chicago. You can go anywhere. You know, when I first talked about it. She was like you can go to Bora Bora for this amount of money in Thailand for this amount of money. And then I think people just thought like outside of the country. Don't think they really thought anyways. So the link is below you guys to become a member. And it's really cool. I was I was I was just blown away. How much we personally save using? On accounts, and you can't find a cheaper anywhere else. Like travel us guarantee that one hundred ten percent money-back guarantee if you do find anywhere find anywhere cheaper on the internet. It was nuts. Yeah. It's really cool for the Bacharach for the for the five star hotel. Blew me away. Couldn't believe it. How much I've been spending. Yeah. Could've saved. Yeah. It was pretty nuts. Okay. Guys sto. We also. Landed. Right. We took a flight. I had a business lunch with some really good wine. Actually. So we had a business lunch. And so I got up make an hair done headed to my business lunch sat there, and then I had to go to the airport. I don't know what we were thinking because we were almost missed our flight. Like, I don't know what we were thinking on time. But regardless we made our flight, but we landed and we had been invited to the set of American injure warriors American ninja warriors. I kept saying America America, no American ninja warrior Seattle because Casey's like mom. It's not America. I'm like, okay do kidney juice. So when I was on the Kellie, pickler bitter Ben show last week. We had run back into the Matt iseman the host of the show. We met him what three years ago, I think. Yeah. To two years ago, two years ago families family matters family, family, home in home and family family talk show. We met him out in LA on that show and got along. Great. And so it was really great to see him in kind of reconnect. And then he we talked to him about how KJA loves to watch these shows and all that stuff. So he invited us to the set of American injure warriors. Just so long story short. We took our flight we landed and the the show is supposed to start around seven thirty. He's crazy to me they fill they live. They're supposed to start like, I think they're suppose start filming eight, and they film all the way to like five AM in the morning. So these guys these athletes that are doing, this course and stuff and everybody the production fans. They're all there through the entire middle of the night, which is nuts to me. I didn't know mind reviewing so. But anyway, so he invited us to the set. He made a really cool video for the boys when we were also wheat landed it we landed at what like six thirty. And so we had Brielle drive all the Littles down to downtown Atlanta. It was at the Mercedes Benz stadium. So Brielle, drove them down. Our aunt actually, drove her own car because they didn't off it in the car. But anyway, actually, I guess she would have knows the nanny came. So anyways. Around a broader Chandler brought Chandler. So anyways, we they all meet up, and it's literally pouring rain, and there's like warnings and all this stuff going on. There's hail going on in Kennesaw. It was just a mess. The weather was definitely a mass pouring pouring rain, and I'm pretty exhausted. You guys I had to catch our flight at like six thirty Sunday morning. So we were up really really early Saturday morning, and then I had a really late night. And then I had to get up really early Monday morning. So by this point, I'm tired, and now, it's you know, we're still kind of hanging out in the car. It's pouring rain and our contact for the show. It said that we're basically delayed due to weather vacuum inside the place because they actually film it outside. Right. So they evacuated them into the nurse eighties Ben's while there was lightning stuff. So so they came back out. We got in. The kids wanted to go to the shop. And by something's got to pick out. You know, something got like a cough t shirt like sleaze record off. Macho man issue was really cute. So we got I've already got something in the store. And then we went to go say hi to Matt and his trailer. He came out, and he was like roughhousing with cash and stuff. And it was kinda was really cute casual think, they're like this girl man is wrestling with like they're like the scrubby, but the cash a big old smile on his face. Kasai? Rated you know, back cash is like my dad replied kick my house, so he came out. And then they kind of put us in these chairs, and we got to watch them pretty much clean off and finished setting up the entire obstacle. Course. It's literally such a process, and there's so many people working on this show every there's a lot of things that were wet. So I had to go in and dry off. And a lot of items were, you know, covered than uncover them. And so it's now like nine o'clock at night nine thirty. I'm freezing. Grazing, the kids are freezing. And we're I'm hungry as hell I haven't eaten since twelve. So actually the lady was so sweet she took us to get some snacks. So we had orios. And of course, diet coke my favorite. I know. Don't tweet me about diet coke. Okay. But you know, so my kids don't drink it, by the way, just I do. So it was cool. Like we were sitting there. But I was like, you know, what I have to be up at like seven in the morning at a photo shoot. They were supposed to start at eight. Yeah. I had the okay I had a photo shoot photo shoot Tuesday morning, like seven AM had to get up and get makeup and hair done to do this photo shoot. So I was going to have another early morning, and it's like ten thirty. And I'm like, you know, what crime? I we really wanted to wait to watch the first person we wanted to watch watch couple runs. We definitely plan on staying till five AM because we have the kids the whole thing was off they had off a school yesterday Tuesday because apparent teacher conferences. So it was like they could sleep in a little bit which they're not going to do long story short. We end up. You know, it's like eleven on my chrome or it's ten fifty. Five on my crime, giving it to eleven o'clock if somebody doesn't start this, obstacle course thing and this show, we're leaving. Because I they have to go through this whole thing to like where they instruct the audience wind the cheer and this cheer like beat the wall big wall that you climb up. Yeah. We also took pictures of that you have on the wall, which is really cool, but that took a while to kind of the audience, I am literally freezing. But I had my pink jacket that I wore in New York City, so Arianna had that on for awhile. I took it back. Then cash can I have a jacket on freezing? And I'm like, well, I'm like shivering. I don't really have a very thin sock on like a nylon because I was wearing these boots. So we were really really cold. But anyways, I swear to you at eleven o'clock on the this guy comes out to do. The course. And he's the first one also ninja Sawssen in. Yeah. And it was really cool and like that was really into it. He did great. I was really into this shit. And I was like he has the strength in his fingertips that I don't even have in my legs. Okay. Like this, man. It was unbelievable to me. And I was wondering if I kept saying to correlate like if that stuff is still damp like that's a disadvantage. But they all have to deal with it. The doing in the air was still leaving condensation on top of the obstacle itself. Even though they dried off the big raindrops. You know, they were still going to have to deal with condensation and the cold in the late night. Definitely unreal. To watch in person versus on TV, something don't just it's just different feeling that experience right there watching him fall into the water right in front of you versus on TV is is something different. So if you have a chance to go, see it, you can I think they they got about six different cities that they're gonna hit before the finals in Las Vegas. But it's really something. Cool. It's it's a cool experience. If you wanna take your family to it as late at night. But I was so proud of our kids. Do they were so patient amazing got in the car cry like Jack up the heat turned the Sears on? I took my wig off. Honey, I took my boots off. I was like ready to just be done by the time. I got home and got into bed. It was about one o'clock. But when I had to get up yesterday morning. I was like just your take. Beyond just so jaded, but it was really really cool experience. And what a like so much so much goes into this show, you know, and so many producers, and so many I mean, it was really fun. And then I was like there's a huge line outside. And I was like what are these people waiting for all these people are not going to stand in the stands so five AM, you know. So this is the other people that come in and see, and I was like, wow. So I made sure the kids knew how lucky they were to be able to get this opportunity. So now cage as obsessed with being uninjured warrior junior and you have to be nine. So this morning. He's in my bathroom on my chair where I do my makeup and he's like holding himself up on the chair. And he's like, look how strong I am. I'm ready, and I'm like, Jay, sweetie. There's we gotta put it in a little bit more work. So then he weighed himself, and he's a hundred and fourteen pounds cry Noman one hundred but he had shoes on and it's close. So let's take off one hundred twelve ounce. Unbelievable. Solid. As a rock. So now, he's really focused on that. And master chef junior he wants to do both of these shows, I have connection master chef junior. So next year when he's nine, you know, they accept eight-year-olds for that show. But I think cage should at least be nine because of ranges from eight to thirteen pretty pretty wide range bull shows, it is actually really like they're both pretty wide ring. Why would you not wait till you're thirteen than to give yourself a better chance of winning the Missouri? Going to be a lot stronger at thirteen then you are at eight. I don't think that went oh, it's eight nine to fourteen but are you competing against some people in your own age group? I don't know how that goes. But I wouldn't think so because it doesn't matter for the ninja warrior doesn't matter. If you're twenty two or three different like, you're a grown ass, man. Well, eighteen going into football. They would never let a eighteen year old go play the NFL with grown ass men that are twenty five twenty eight years old that have you know, like, those are men versus ROY. You know, even though you're eighteen you're still. A boy. So yeah, no. My brother grew a lot from eighteen string bean, and he blew up, but so similar comparison. I don't there's no if you're eighteen or twenty five each you're still competing against those people. Yeah. So that's what cage as really focused on. It was fun. So take your family to it. If you can't and enjoy that experience because it was really really cool never really been to we've been to the circus. And when it was still going on before those got cancelled, and we've been to the shows, the marvel shows, and they're all really cool when you aren't person semen person. So okay, you guys we all want to do the right thing to keep our bodies healthy in the long run. But even if we try really hard to eat kale salad and drink green smoothies were still most likely not getting all the essential nutrients. We need on a daily basis ritual the obsessively research vitamin for women is my new obsession rituals essentials has nutrients most of us don't get enough of from food all in their clean absorbable forms. No shady additives are ingredients that can do more harm to your body than good too, easy to take capsules provide nine nutrients you need to support a strong foundation for your health. You guys ritual for me has been huge. 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Because last time we talked about kind of asking for what you want writing down. What you you know, and all your desires and how to kind of right? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So the book the magic that I've read to you guys on and off throughout the entire podcast. Rhonda who also wrote the secret there's a chapter in here. That's really cool that I wanted to share with you guys just to kind of continue last week's episode or I'm sorry. Monday's episode. So let's get into this is really cool. Keeping it enjoy people are positive segments. Turn that frown upside down the chapters called before your very eyes. So this is all from random seven years ago. When I first governed the secret and the magical power of gratitude, I made a list of all my desires, just like I talked to you guys about doing last Monday. It was a long list at the time. There seemed to be no possible way. My desires could come true. Nevertheless, I took my top ten desires. I carry them with me on a piece of paper every single day whenever I had an opportunity. I would take out my list and read through it giving it as much gratitude for each desire could as though at Artie received it we've talked about that as well. You guys with my number one desire that desire. I wanted more than anything else. I kept constantly in my mind. And I would say the magic words thank you for multiple times a day and feel as if it's already come true one by one every desire on my list, magically appeared before my very eyes as I received, my desires, I would cross him off my list, and then I would have new desires, I would add to my list. One of my desires for my original long. List traveled aboard Bora near Tahiti after spending a beautiful week at the exact place in bore bore. I had listed another beautiful thing happened. I was flying to the mainland of Tahiti my way on my way, home when the airplane stopped and route to pick up passengers the flayed been empty, but Bill to the brim with native to Higgins and suddenly laughter, smiling faces and happiness that was palpable surrounded surrounded me as I enjoyed the short flight with these people it became crystal clear to me that the reason why they were so happy they were incredibly grateful. They were grateful to be alive. They were grateful to be on this airplane. They were grateful to be with each other. They were grateful for where they were going, and they were grateful for everything I could have stayed on that plane and traveled around the world with them felt so good to be with them. And then it struck me that I just received my final desire bore a bore was Alaska's are on my original longlist. And the reason I was on the plane was before my very eyes. Gratitude she said I've shared this story as inspiration for you. Because no matter how your desires how big desire seem to be you can receive them through gratitude even more than that gradu-, bring joy and happiness for life. They've never felt before which that is. Early priceless from time began using gratitude in the lobby attraction to the time. I received my desire on my originalist was four years to give you an idea of the enormous enormous -ness of receiving all my desires amount of time. When I created my desire list, my company was two million dollars in debt. I two months before before shut it down. And we'll lose my home and everything that I ever owned the money owed on my personal credit cards was very small fortune and yet on my desire list. It was to own a big house. Overlooking the ocean to travel to exotic places in the world to have all of my debts paid to expand my company to restore every relationship to be its best. It could ever be improved. The quality of my family's live to be one hundred percent healthy again and have unlimited energy and excitement for life along with the usual list of material things and my number one desire, which seemed like an absolute impossibility to many of the people around me was to bring joy to millions of people through my work. The very first is our that I received was bringing joy to millions of people through my work. The rest of my desires, magically one by one is APN before my eyes. I cross them off my list. So now, it's your turn to use your gratitude. Magical power to make your desires pure before your eyes at the start of your day. Take your top. Desirous that you've created read through each sentence and desire on your list, and for one minute imagine visualize you've received your desire feel as much gratitude as you can if you already have it carrier desire with you today in your pocket on at least two occasions in the day. Take your list out read through it and feels much gratitude for each one as you can as though you've already received it. If you want your desires to come more quickly. I would highly recommend that you carry your desire with your water purse from this day forward, and whenever you have time open. It read it and feel as much gratitude as you can for each one when you're up here before your very eyes cross them off your list, and Admiral, and if you're like me each time you cross it off this. You'll be you'll be filled with tears of joy because what seemed impossible is made possible through the magical power of gratitude. So you guys just to recap count your blessings, Melissa the ten blessings and why you're grateful regardless. And at the end of the blessing say, thank you. Thank you. Thank you and feels much credit for that blessing. As you can't at the start of the day. Take your top tennis out that you've created read through each sentence and desire euless and for one minute imaginer visualize receive that feels much gratitude as you possibly can. Curator's eyeless with today in your pocket and not at least two occasions in in the day. Take it out read through it and feel again it's much gratitude as you can just before you go to sleep tonight. Hold your magic. They say rock, but this is in her book. Whatever makes you feel great. You could crystals. You could have a magic rock, you could whatever it may be for you one here and say the magic words, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the best thing that happened during that day. I think this was a really cool chapter redo guys. Just from the standpoint of like, two months away from her losing her house and losing all our money and everything that she's ever worked for. She just was at her wit's end, you know, oftentimes people wait until they're in just constant turmoil to make change and it's never too late. But why don't you do it? Now. Maybe when it's when you're not in that, you know, two more months left before I lose everything I've ever worked for that's how she came up with the secret, and she's referring to the secret and the magic and the book says she's in that she's really blessed millions and millions and millions of people throughout the entire world with a secrets one of the best selling books of all time. And she got exactly what she desired. So it's just to show you guys. That I mean, it's a very relatable story. A lot of people financially struggle. A lot of people are going through things financially that that other people aren't aware of in. This is a great way to turn that around ask believe and receive the infamous lines due to moving, and you know, like you said, it's it's kind of a double edged swords sword when you want change because you really only want change when you're in a really really bad spot. Right. Like people deal with a lot. They just kind of keep ignoring it. They keep pushing things to the back burner, and they get to a point where they can no longer push things to the back burner. It's right in front of their face. And like man, this sucks. I gotta do something. I gotta change in a fortunately for you know, humans. I think it takes that kind of blunt up in your face awareness for us to actually make drastic change. I don't feel like people make any change unless they're out of their combat zone. Or there's a there's a very small percent that can and do, and that's how those people get very very. Desk because they say, look I like, I'm okay, we're on that. But I want more they have a desire for more. They have a desire for a huge expanse. I always want more. You know, people will say to you know, to me, you know, Cam I just can't believe like, I can't believe I've been on television almost twelve years. I guess because we started filming housewives in two thousand seven I believe in air two thousand eight if I'm not mistaking anyways at least eleven years. I know that for sure, but, you know, people say, oh my God. I read an Email from fan yesterday. That said you have everything that I could ever dream of. Of course, she started with the perfect body, which sweetie. Trust me. That's not the case. But we're working on it. But, you know, your husband, your children, your home, your clothes, your, you know, just the health of yourself, your family, your, you know, you've been on television, this long, you have your own show all of these things I've accomplished, and I feel brought in attracted to myself for sure, and I feel super super blessed, and it's like a constant high that I feel, but I still want more, you know, this podcast, which I think. You guys for tuning and listened to us become really really successful. I still want more, you know. And I think I'll always have a desire to want more. And I don't I used to get mad at myself because it's like why can't you just be happy with you know, where you're at. Well, no, I want more. And I think ultimately like I'll always want more. And I don't even really know if that's a good quality or not my goals have always remained the same. But my tastes change. So my goal is have you know, I want my family to be able to spend as much time together and enjoy you know, church and Keiko, for example, you know, it's not a cheap place to go. And it's like you could go and buy a couple purses or you're going to go on a trip and spend it with your family like what do you wanna do? I also don't feel like I have to choose also feel like there's plenty of it. Plenty money, plenty of time. But I've always want more. I don't think that that's necessarily a bad thing. My mommies say like just be grateful for what you have just be grateful. I think what she when when you use the word just be that means to be complacent, right or to be satisfied, not complacent to be satisfied when they say just be grateful will you're saying just be satisfied, right like, but you can be grateful and have a massive desire for expansion be grateful for currently what you have don't take for granted for what you have, you know, find joy and everything around you that you have and have that gratitude, but there's nothing wrong with having a broader vision and a desire for more expansion and to continue to expand in every direction of your life, and whether that's material things whether that's experiences, whether that's with people whether that's with health, whether whatever it is have a massive desire for expansion all while being grateful for what you currently have and feeling the feelings of gratitude in what those things around you bring you right because if you didn't have those what would you not? Have you wouldn't have heat? You wouldn't have trysofi wouldn't have whatever if you didn't have what you currently have. So be thankful for those. But want more I want more heat to fill my bigger house, or whatever it is totally fine. Totally what you should be doing. But don't wait for yourself to be a bad place or to fall into the rut of complaining, and and almost kind of being disappointed from not having and getting into a bad place. And then all of a sudden losing what you have or being forced to be like man, I gotta do. I gotta have a change or I'm going to be homeless. I gotta have a change. I'm going to be right bowser. I gotta do a chain. Or I'm going to be, you know, family or whatever it is. Don't get to that spot. Just right now make the decision to be grateful and focus on that gratitude to expand and keep your goals right in front of you right next to you. So that you can get them faster every single day when you have a spare minute instead of flipping through Instagram go to your goals, go to your tools. Focus on positivity. And what it is that you want, and it'll come faster, you can blink your eyes. No one hundred percent. And I think you have to keep on believing to you heard her took her four years alternately to achieve everything that she's ever wanted to achieve and she still again wants more at the end of the day. She still wants more. And I think that's healthy that's normal. And I think that it's okay to to not be complacent. You know, there's there's there's a mind set of of truly believe this. There's people that think that there's limits to life. Then there's people that think that life is limitless. There is no limit to what you can experience have desire, you know, acquire in your life that you the there's nothing there's no limit to it. If you believe in truly genuinely believe and feel gratitude for what you have there's no limit. You can have anything in this world. And he put. In the time. You just every single day remain focused and remain positive remain takes five minutes right to pull your lists at list out 'cause me, and you know, have complete gratitude for the things that you want and don't be afraid to dream huge. Like ask for things that you want. You know, like I said we talked about our vision boards that we do we keep them. I love to go back and look at them and see all of the stuff that I've really accomplished. I joke about this gondola ride that I put this gondola on the waters of some incredible beach. It looked like tricks and Keiko's I wasn't really looking at the gondola. I was looking at the water. And then before you knew it was on a gondola in Italy with Croix. And I was like you knucklehead careful what you put on your vision board. I was trying to pull up this little this guy yesterday had written this she's gone now. But he had basically said, you know, I'm so happy that I have I'm laying down on my bed right now. And I'm feeling complete and undergrad shoot. I'm so happy to have my phone have electric plug in my phone in charge. My phone. I'm so thankful that I have heat. I'm so thankful for the blankets that I have the pillow that I'm you know, sleeping on the wife. I'm laying next to and it was like a handwritten really dope post. I took a screen shot up. I don't know why can't find it right now. But it was a really cool posts in like, it's sometimes just the simple things that I think people often just take for granted as well. Like his list was so precise in so detailed that I was blown away by it. I was just like, you know. Yeah. Like we plug in our phone at night, we charge our phone. We wake up our phone is charged, and you know, all these other things. So I think, you know, being grateful for the small things dreaming big writing big things down on your list, but always being grateful throughout the day for all of the things. Smaller big. There's a saying, you know, don't don't forget where you came from that saying communal everything's but what you can pull from that. In this discussion is don't forget the experiences that you've experienced be grateful for what you experienced for. What those experiences brought you. And for what your work has given you currently in your life meaning. Don't get too focused on your future. Right. And totally forget about to be grateful for where you currently are. But us that gratitude to help you focus on the future to continue to move forward. It's kind of Onder percent. I think yeah. Percent. You guys I have to tell you about third love in my new obsession for this bra that I got from them. It is the perfect tee shirt brought ever and has a little lace on it. So it's definitely sexy as well. 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I'm just saying must have dental floss is a must have a hair clip is a must have you can always pull your hair or an elastic rubbing alcohol. So that you can spray your makeup brushes. If you're on the go with rubbing alcohol and sanitize them you could spray down the lane if you want I just bought a clear bottle on Amazon and build it up with rubbing wet ones that kill bacteria. Not that specific brain any brand. Whatever kills all tibia powder. Bronze and blush are a must okay. Pow that way. Like, the must have to get ready in the morning, if you don't have very much, conceal powder blush and bronze to lip liner lipstick lip gloss. You just need one twenty five. That's why it's so heavy. Okay. Twenty-five lip liners twenty-five lips. Sticks. Because I don't know what color I'm going to pick. Who don't you pick the color before you go? Well, if I make up Sonya, but I didn't know what I was gonna use a New York. But so I don't know if I wanted to switch, right? We'll get your mic. Get your color in the car, either get your grand bag you can switch a lip color in the car. Yeah. A little pink a little peachy or better pink blue. And you. I guess you wouldn't nobody would anyways hairspray a small brush Kashmir. Tony oil is a must because you can put it on your body hydrate. Your neck your legs? You can also use it in your hair to get rid of flyways Advil and excedrin migraine are a must as well. Especially when you're traveling just always to have it on hand. And if you have children just to have like children's Motrin or something like that as well. So dental floss hair clip rubbing, alcohol, wet ones powder bronze or blush lip liner lipstick lip gloss, a makeup brush, I forgot to mention conceal her hairspray small brush Kashmir, toil oil, Advil excedrin migraine, and you're good to go. And that's a small makeup bag. Now, if you wanna bring five five different makeup, you didn't even say makeup, and you're like, well, I bring my foundation, but this is like when you're on the go, Charlotte chill berry actually makes a pallet. That has everything that you need an eye shadow blush. Highlighter everything you need is a little square. So if you just wanted to have to take that with you when you traveled would you, but I'm super anal. I don't have my foundation ever in my makeup ever. I do have consoler definitely have concealed. But. Scare if you guys really love mess CARA. I don't put mascara on. I do very minimum face. I don't know where my eyelashes went. But they're just they're not like Christ by no means, but you'd have mascara in there as well was more important to me as my eyebrows. So I always kind of feeling eyebrows. And honest, Ossius Tope and her eyebrow pencil rose the offer something up to get him on after I get him on like I have bras, right? Boy, have a micro. Keep you keep applying. I do keep reapply. No, they don't come off one just say perfect just anal. I know, but like do they this up? It's not like you're eating your lips. You know, like if you eat your lips, my guess, I hit them or you've knock into me or something like that. Or I bend over and hit the sea. I don't know. I'm anal. I realized cleaning out my makeup bag today. 'cause Tracy was looking at me like I was absolutely insane. That I am. I am. I am saying I haven't tiredly too much in here. But I'm such a perfectionist that it's a definite must. So I do realize that it's crazy that I have this much make up, but I have a big big makeup guys. It's more like someone of a suitcase that I take with me everywhere, I go, and it's gotten progressively bigger throughout the years. But I have everything you could ever need. Bobby pins dental floss to brush to based doesn't matter. I have it all so anyway, those are the make up must have in your makeup bag. You can get a small one to put all this stuff in. But these. Are just some makeup must have when you're on the go go by duffel bag, and I do put you guys a Lipton in all of my vehicles, Cory we'll tell you have Lipton and all of my vehicles in case because my lips are not like as pink as they were when I was a kid. So I like them to be pinker. So I do have Lipton. Everyone of our cars Lipton old man. Edit two more things in the car, but I'm just sharing with people personal price about to get choked out with the. Tweezers, but I don't want everybody to have like a million things in the bag. I don't want these these are the make on must have I have have scissors. I have you know, what I don't have teabags. Okay. I don't even drink tea. But anyways, we we we. Yes. I do smile science. But you know, I long story short. I have everything in my makeup bag, you guys very funny thinks it's funny he s to carry it. But those are the make up must have this. If you're on the go, I have a mere that I mix foundation on smart ass. So and I have a mere in my condo. There you go. Yeah. To what you guys all of my makeup is in ziplock bags so all of my bronze and blush and powder and one bag another bag is all my eyebrow stuff. My I line is my lash glue lash clues I always have a neutral game. No, I hate for snacks. I always have a neutral grain bar just Rosen in case. I dry heave or something. But keep it up. But I have superglue in case I break. And now, I mean, I could go on and on with what I have. But I always like to know that I have everything that I need. So it's that simple. Okay. Smart ass. Well, they must all be most has because you have them. I know I'm an extremist. I'm also on television K speedy. Okay. You guys thanks for tuning into this episode of house of Kim. Have a good one. Thanks for listening to house of kin with Kinsey Acura, catch new episodes weekly exclusively on podcast, one dot com on the podcast one at its scribe on apple podcasts. If you love the show, don't forget to leave a rating and review. This week's episode are good American. Get twenty percents off your order when you go to good American dot com slash Kinsey ritual. Go to the ritual dot com slash house and get ten percent off your first three months. Little caesars. The bacon wrapped deep deep. Dish is back in only twelve dollars at participating Little Caesars and third love. Go to third. Love dot com slash Kim. Now to get fifty percent off today. Guilty plea in Charlottesville. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute, an Ohio man pleads guilty to federal hate crime charges in a deadly car attack at a twenty seventeen white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. US attorney Thomas Cullen says dropping the death penalty case in exchange for James, Alex fields juniors plead to the twenty nine other charges was a good to season potential life imprisonment was an acceptable result. We also believe that vindicated or interest in protecting civil lights. Those victims field was convicted of first degree murder. Another state charges for killing Heather higher and injuring dozens. Of others. He is likely to be sentenced to life in both cases Facebook extends its ban on hate speech blocking the promotion and support of white nationalism. White separatism the site says it worked on the change for three months. It comes less than two weeks after Facebook was sharply criticized when the suspect and the shootings to New Zealand moss was able to post a video of the massacre live on Facebook. I'm Tim Maguire.

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