BTM135: Door To Door Sales, Podcasting & Networking with Travis Chappell


This is the right You're listening to for the man's podcast episode one trait you ready to be the master architect of your life. Are you ready to design Your Business and invested needs that create the lifestyle. You've always dreamt up. Are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success. Hey this is Derek Location Independent Entrepreneur. And you're listening to the before the millions podcast. I am Gina Lofton. I am an investor. And you're listening sued the before the millions podcast. Hey there my name is. Heather Haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur. And you are listening to the before the millions podcast. Hey this is mark with the host of the seven minute mental podcast global entrepreneur and all round Geek and you listen to the before the millions liens podcast. I am MC Laubscher the cash flow Ninja. And you're listening to before the millions. PODCAST you're listening to the before the millions podcast a whether you're looking being to invest for cash flow all built an online business that allows you to be location independent. You come to the right place. Mr Hollywood himself presents the before the millions. Now you're rose d'auray what did you. Btm tribe welcome to another episode of the before the millions. PODCAST I'm your host gray. Allow Leah and on themselves guys. I am super excited to welcome you. Guys to a master networker a guy who got his start in the sales industry and not just any type of sales but the grunt work type. Sales does the door to door Nuys that herbalife that the guy at the front door Clearer this is Travis Chapel. Today's he's got started. He started as a door to door salesman. And he started making a six figure income from strictly door-to-door sales and he became a a extroverted integral. He learned how to network he learned how to market his products and he decided that he had a gives you the world so he created a platform forum which will talk about it also today show. He created a platform which is podcast that allows him to connect with a lot more individuals into network or may vary very high level. Doc traumas interviewed some of the most profound entrepreneurs in the world such as Blake record own. Right we actually about exactly how he was able to get cracked car Argonne on his show but for you guys are actually diving into the potatoes of the networking skill. How you can create relationships? Taken foster these relationships become a better networker higher toward resale skills. So whether you're an investor your agent your thought leader in. I'm the real estate industry and not getting them out of clients that you want in not getting the sales the while you're not causing me about deals there's a common adage at as often voted off. It's now what you go. But it's who you know and knowing Travis and having somebody like trials on the show shared his insights has been super valuable for meat. Me and I cannot wait for it to be valuable for you guys. If you're a new listener and you haven't get hit a subscribing Gordon subscribe and start. Bingeing listened to latest for the mass packets episodes where we talk about Morocco strategies. To help you get started down there. Invest in joint if you WanNa find all these strategies that we talk about on the shelves in one concise place just run through them strategies as Henry tool for the millions dot org slash guide. That is my brand new guide in a heavy taken assessment of exactly how you should sort of north state and we're in most at UCLA started Dot Com forward slash guide. I'd also if you haven't get into our resources page which is kind of where house my most bedded affiliates. So if you visit Poland dot com for slash resources resources. 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Those are achieved every ninety days. So ninety extra ten things on there. Just go ahead and head over to the race suspending Dot Com slash resources and your goodies are awaiting with any further as. I can't wait to release talk about artwork in in how tribes was not only his brand of the network expertise from door to door sales around. cusack he was a big fan outdoor decor sales especially natural. especially if you're not really great sales especially if you don't mind talking to people right this issue out of your comfort zone and let me be clear. door-to-door sales is not everybody. We also talk about podcasting start podcasts. In emphasis starter podcast and not everybody but the the overall message on this show is that you need to network San about what you know. It's about who you know. And real estate is actually a relationship. Business country a popular belief. So I believe this episode is don't be so grand valley poultry network skills so that being said let's get into the league and then we'll jump straight into the show of the week. I am currently building out our first full fledged strategy or method or say the motivated seller method. It's GonNa Trump early twenty twenty January twenty up super excited for a building. One of these sections right now in the section is all about building building out your eighteen. I just want to give you a high low review of what you should look for on your building out your eighteen for you real estate business. You team is most likely gonNA consists of a a few of the following with you. Have a rose Mortgage broker banker funding source that private money hard money attorney or even several attorneys accountants and insurance broker contractor. A handyman property manager list goes on so what should you be keenly aware aware of when these people or when partner with these people or first and foremost ads. Make sure that I'm choosing team. Members who actually invest in the perspective of real estate agent who invest in real estate as opposed to low state agent who has no investments is totally different when eighty so I want an agent who has few years game. Who's been twenty year experiences? But if you haven't investment you more likely we're gonNA know exactly what I'm looking or for Understand my wants needs and desires a whole lot better. So it's much easier. I often find that relationship is much smoother when I work with an agent who is also investor. This is for every single team member right but I just use an aging for example next example is that they care about your roles right. Let's think about important broker or let's think about funding from bank. They're worried about winning. You're worried about another thing. And you're not aligned. Find oftentimes About's did lois down payment and they're worried about how we're can squeeze fees would have news going to be the problem right there so make sure that they care about your not only goals number three Qualified Right. That's pretty self explanatory. Somebody says Zeros Zero for you. Maybe just WanNa be sure that you are. I like even with the best personally. oftentimes I'm going to ask for referrals. That the best way to make sure that might qualify to asking for referrals or testimonials Komo News. Right verify that the people you're looking apartment would have done exactly what you need them to do. And they've done it successfully for lots of people and next thing I look for is reasonable reasonable fees and now this is not as high on the barometer as qualified or the cure about Michael's MSN real estate Because you get what you pay for more so I WANNA go with somebody cheap but also winning somebody who's exorbitantly high prices if it doesn't make any sense so from getting topnotch work I wouldn't mind paying a little a bit more than the average service property managers charging I wouldn't mind paying a little bit more. A few percentage points more find that getting topnotch work or doing things that the average not magic does do but at the end of the day we want to make sure that the reasonable an MRI astronaut lease. Let's make sure that there's there's chemistry you're not getting married to personnel. But YOU WANNA work with somebody who could stand to be around. We can go on followers. Right ask yourself can picture myself. Spending time with this person. Go through a mutual. Ask yourself you trust them. A chemistry has to be there again. said in the intro but listen it's not just transactional Sean business relationship business so building. These relationships are key and as long as you have. Chemistry had reasonable fees qualified. It can also build a very strong aging. Now let's get to the show and now your feature presentation. Welcome Mr Travis Chapel Travis. How's it going today? It's going really well man. Thanks so much for having me. I'm super excited to kind of get into your story. Anger Lies Hyphen Kinda. See The business that you're building today but I need some background chavis. Let's a second back into the time machine. I Really WanNa Kinda take it back to when you started thinking that may be the the traditional route wasn't your path and you start thinking that there were. There was a better life that you can live personally and started thinking about pursuing that kind of take me back to that time yes so first off. I was always that kid bringing stuff to school to sell. The other kids is like I had a real company or anything like that but I my parents bought me How old are you? I'm twenty nine so you probably remember these. My parents bought me this little like oven thinking that made these creepy crawly bugs like you. Poor little like liquid into these molds and then you put it in the oven and it like makes these little plastic bugs and easy bake ovens. Yeah so it was like a boy version of easy because my sister always that easy bakes and I was always jealous and The Hen they came out with this creepy crawly machine in thing Ed for boys you know and I I started making those little bugs not bringing the school in a little plastic baggie in solitaire. Kids and stuff. I'm kind of had that little bit. H The bug that desire to make some the money right so in high school I quote unquote business again. Nusa landscaping business of friend of mine and I started it up and we started mowing John's and putting in lawns doing landscaping But the way that I grew up it was very much Tethered in a way to encourage me to go into ministry like Christian Ministry Street and so actually went to Bible College and I have a double Major Bible in Church Ministry. So that's what my degrees and I Around my junior year answer. Your second question is when I started thinking that maybe this wasn't the path that was supposed to be going down What happened was I I I stopped doing landscaping business but I was Doing Gore spills at the time and doing pretty well and you know I was the twenty thousand nine hundred twenty years old at that time junior year of college. I was interning at a church on the weekends and then during the week I was taking about twenty one credits this this semester and I was running a team of solar sales rep so basically I starting solar and got promoted. My first week had my fourth week promoted like two months later in about six months I had my own team about twenty guys that would go knock doors for the solar company and what happened was on the weekends when I I was interning at a church which is supposed to be the thing that I was going to do for us in my life. I found myself desiring to get back to school on Monday so that I could go work. My job and I was the first time that I really started thinking. You know. Maybe this path that I thought was going to be the rest of my life. Maybe it's not what's right for me if I'm already thinking this way like hey. I'm looking forward to not doing what I'm doing right now and being back in school tomorrow so I can go out in the afternoon and work my job like if I'm already thinking that it's been like six months. What's twenty years GonNa look like right so at that point I really started thinking? Maybe this wasn't the path for me so I basically We ended up graduating got married. My wife and I moved up to from where we lived in California. At the time let's do a city of Fresno in central California and and For the first time in my life I had moved away from the bubble that I grew up in And I I didn't really know I didn't know what else to do other than like ministry and I had some background so I knew that I I figured out in WanNa do ministry so I just kinda jumped into the door to door thing because that was really the only other skill that I had We can't do much with an unaccredited degree in Bible Church ministries. You know what I mean so at that point was just like well you know I can either go back to school well oil or I could just keep doing door to door which probably going to pay me more money than whatever job would get if I went back to school and got out anyway so That was the path ended up going down. And so that was kind of a brief overview of what what it was like leading up to before I started this business. We're primarily going to be talking about relationship building and networking the skills that you acquire doing door to door sales. I mean you don't strike me as a as a shy individual was always the case and if so how did at this help in what are some of the other skills and traits that you can directly relate to your early. You're early on beginnings and door to door sales at our help you. Today I wouldn't stay. I was ever really shy except when I was a little kid I was shy but I would say I'm definitely an introvert. So when when I'm in a sales environment I kinda yeah I get myself out of that but I honestly think that introverted tendency helped me stay and doubt and kind of find my own way to connect with the people because when I was first door to door they taught me to be really loud and energetic and now going and I made myself be like that for the sake of making money money but then when I really got good at it I realized that probably the best way to go about doing it is to play to my introverted side and be more of the technician in the expert rather than the guy that's trying to sell them snake oil on the Front Porch So that was that. Was You know one major thing that I learned during that time but I mean the lessons go on and on and on man how to deal with rejection how to how to read people don't figure out that seven percent of communication is the words that we say thirty eight percents. Mr Analogy fifty. Five percent is body language facial expression. So if you don't know how to read people then you're going to be subject to words which is only seven percent of the way that we communicate so you're gonNA be missing a lot of things and you're not going to catch as many things. You're not going to get as many sales because you don't know like what somebody's actually thinking they tell you something and you believe it and instead of looking a layer or two deeper and trying to figure that out when you are just knocking on thousands of doors all the time like it's just you have to get better at ages. It's cutting teeth. You can read as many books on emotional intelligence as you want to but getting out there and talking to you know a few dozen people every day. That's a whole different way to learn. And I think that that was probably the number one thing that a taught me how to communicate with people and how to read people better by no means would call myself an expert of reading people. But I think that I was able to cut up my teeth and emotional intelligence and And Shave time off of that learning curve where most people would take a decade in a corporate setting to learn those types of things. I think thank you could really learn a lot about About emotional intelligence in reading people in just a couple of years of knocking on doors and selling stuff for a living. I WANNA touch on door knocking citation real quick just because I do cater to an audience. Who are real estate investors in a subset of them do not for lead someone Komo calling? Some people are sending out mailers. Some people are experts But a subset of people do door knock for leads and it can be very frightening viewed or not. You have to take yourself out of your comfort zone. You have to put yourself out there right. You're going to somebody's house on where they live your disturbing somebody. That's not expecting you and door knocking as much as people may frown upon it. I think it's one of the best ways to get started in any venture whether or not ulan sales skills or you are investing in real estate But when when you when you saw the people who who who got success Who didn't get success and you were to boil it down to two maybe one or two things one thing that sticks out in my mind not love we kind of wrap on? It is the fact that if it's something that you believe in something that does sell then. I believe that it's just a matter of time for you to be able to sell that right whether you're selling your first one and you're selling one hundred or again just a matter of time for you to be able to find an owner who wants to sell you their property but it's just a matter of time it's like how many doors are knocking on. It doesn't matter how bad sales you are in the very beginning. The worst salesman right if you knock. But but if you're determined indeed if you're if you're willing to knock on a thousand doors whereas you know your sales you're not gonNA knock go out on Saturday afternoon. Knock on not just not for me or nothing came of this but no matter how bad you are willing to knock on doors even if you're the worst closer in the world in closing rate is something. I love the chocolate my clients but even if you're the worst closure in the road right the people are averaging ten percent closing. You're just like point five. The fact that you know your metric the fact that the that you know that your point five. That's way better than a lot of people because at the end of the day you still know exactly what you need to hit your goal if you had Riley and yet they're it's like how do I improve right. How do I better at report building how I become a better closure things of that nature but at the end of the day the Berry Tie? That's very top of the list and again I'm going to go back to that question. The very top list I think is being consistent. Right is getting out there and doing as much as possible and tracking those stats that you do know where you stand and again I just want I want you to kind of wrap on that and tell me what you've seen in that industry. Yeah a great question man. So we're talking about is exactly the law of averages and end. Jim Rohn sums up better than anybody. I've ever listened to He's the Ogi of personal development. Tony Robbins Mentor And I ah. I listened to a ton of his stuff when I was younger and still do every once in a while really but because this stuff is so good but he talks about the law of averages a lot and this is something that you can use in any form of sales. You're in really the way that the way that I look at it. You have to do it long. You have to be willing to do it long enough to get one if you're only going to to do it to see if it's for you you're gonNA quit because it's not fun like it's not enjoyable to take your Saturday afternoon and go knock on a bunch of doors and try to get somebody somebody to sell you their house like the that it's not it's not an enjoyable task. It's it'd be way better. If you could just send out you know fifty thousand mailers and get some some responses back right The problem is all that other stuff costs money. So that's one thing I love the bachelor doors that you don't pay for marketing because you are marketing so oh you are that form of lead generation. Your don't pay. You're not paying for anything unless you actually get business so the only thing that you're taking your time and when you're first starting out you got time so use your time In a productive way. And then you know once you get five six seven eight nine deals and you're like you know what I hate knocking doors great than us. All of your profit from those six seven eight nine deals and start investing into a bunch of other forms of marketing. That would prevent you from having to go knock on doors anymore but until you get to that point that I want to hear any whining because you don't have any business coming you don't have any business coming in and you're afraid to spend money or you don't have the money to spend then you gotta do what you gotTa do or get out and get a job right so You you have to be willing to at least get one because the first one that you get we'll tell you what your numbers are so if you're if you're knocking for Well let's just continue along real estates and says what's your audiences if you're knocking to try to find a real estate deal then you better be willing to knock until you get a deal not knock if I get a deal not you know. I'll keep knocking if it goes well or if it makes me feel good say no. I'm going to go out for two hours every single evening. From five o'clock to seven o'clock for the next ninety days until I get a deal or until I'm GONNA quit real estate because it's too hard for me so you gotta go until you get a deal and once you get the deal now you can figure out the numbers and it's all about reverse engineering the numbers and the cool thing about numbers that is that They're always going to have an average. So that's what that's what we call the law of averages so if you know that it took you five hundred doors you knocked on five hundred dollars and others five hundred dollars. Two hundred people were home and others. Two hundred people You know you were able to have a conversation with a hundred of them and then of those hundred people that you had a conversation station with only twenty of them were really qualified. meaning that like it was an actually a a deal that was able to put together and You know they were. Maybe maybe there's an extenuating circumstance. You weren't aware of by looking at the data whatever it is right and you talk to really you really able to sit down with twenty people and then you closed one of those people and then you gotta deal out of it and you flipped it or you'll sell their whatever it is that you do then they then that means you know that. Hey I it took me five hundred dollars on five hundred doors. I got one that it means. I need to put out the effort to go. Knock on five hundred more doors so really like it's about getting that first one but once you get like around four or five. You're really GONNA WANNA start to see that Lov averages take place you're really going to start to see a pattern of arise because maybe the next time it only takes you a hundred doors to to get that one instead of five hundred is five times better what you do probably not probably not quickly It probably just means that that's how the numbers worked out. But then you might go seven hundred doors without getting another one. You know what I'm saying so but by the time you get five you can look back and say okay. How many doors do take me to get these five okay? It looks like it looks like now through the i WanNa took me five hundred dollars but through five deals it took it takes me on average about three hundred fifty dollars to get a deal so once you figure out that number the coolest thing about the law of averages averages is you can get better exactly what you're saying is that he is totally the ball is in your court and when you are knocking on doors talking to that many people you are going to get better just intrinsically by repetition but then there are certain things that you can do to always get better. Maybe when you're driving to your area have some sales sir. podcast down in the background or be sharpening your knowledge in that local market. Or you can always be getting better while you're doing those things in the better after you get the more you're going to shrink down the volume of doors. You need to knock on in order to seem since he some success. 'cause maybe start seeing some patterns pop up like hey you know. Maybe the probate deals aren't working out as well as I thought thought they would But these foreclosure deals like pre foreclosure deals that these ones are are deals. I should probably be focusing more time. I've seen more success with them. My pitches better. My you know whatever it is you'll start. You'll start being able to cherry. Pick things to make it more worth your time and start shrinking those numbers. So that's how it was for me when I was knocking doors for like alarm. MM systems and stuff you said take me like four or five hours of knocking on one hundred doors to get a deal towards the end I stopped doing it I would just drive up and down like out get a neighborhood and I would drive up and down and a few streets and Cherry Cherry pick like eight to ten houses based on the way. The house looked kind of cars in the driveway. Like all that kind of stuff. All the things that I picked up on over knocking on thousands of doors selling alarms and then You know instead of having to knock on a hundred dollars to get a deal. It was more like knocking on six to eight doors to get a deal. Because the the law of averages I got better I got better at every single aspect of the business. I got better at picking out houses that were more likely to buy for me. I got better at my pitch. I got better at the sale. I got better at the follow up better at everything. Along the way like shrunk by law my average down from one hundred doors to probably legitimately he like ten to twelve doors. Like if I was knocking and I was picking my territory and like figuring out like ten to twelve or psychic deal. You know what I mean like. You'll you'll figure out what what days as what times of the day our best to go out. What did they give you the most Opportunity to talk to the most people the most qualified people You'll just start figuring out all these different things will get better and better and better better and you're cutting your teeth by doing that. So In the best part is is totally free to do all of that it. Just take some of your time and none of it's wasted time even if you did all that you only walked away with a couple of thousand bucks like man that's seems like it was a waste of time. It wasn't because you just got to know your business ten times better. You became so much better communication. You became so much better to reading people. Your emotional intelligence probably went through the roof and any other former sales after that is going to be easy as shit like it will be so easy when you do when you go from knocking on a door cold to try to selling to try to sell somebody something to you. Know taking the money that you made from doing that and investigate into inbound marketing marketing To where you're getting like incoming leads and inbound leads the your ability to sell those people is GonNa raise exponentially because you're 'cause if you could sell the people who weren't interested you're you're GONNA be able to sell the people who are interested and so at that point it's just about how far you WanNa take the business you can scale the business or you don't really care about reinvesting into it then keep knocking doors. Keep getting deals feels that way But if you want that to end then take the money that you're making from the doors. You're knocking throw that into other forms of marketing test experiment learn and Everything will get better. If you work on that skill set up promise you that and use the keyword there and maybe not a keyword to most people but you said business and I actually don't consider what most people do a business. I consider what most people do business at the point in which they start tracking. What it it is? They're doing right. Because that's the only way that you can move for the only way you can improve on. That's the only way that you can get more sales so I work with the rotor masterminding he he's had a thriving business for such a long time and all of his business comes from Charles and I'm jealous because he's able to do that but at the same time because he's in my mastermind and I want to show him what I consider business. I'm like dude. Like we have to get in predictable. Sales and the only way to get predictable. Sales is to create some type of system system his mindset now is like I need to get on social media. He sees a ton of bricks. Killing it on social media have some type of funnel towards us. I K- I just heard about this guy and now I'm willing to do business with this guy so we've created his entire funnel towards like this is the top of the funnel Ukraine social media posts. Right you're getting them to your email from their militia. Having one on one calls from one on one calls are becoming some clients and now he's systematically able to track things so that he most quarter after quarter to hit goals at the end of your tenure as Isidore salesman at the end of your tenure of selling snake oil. You said you realize that it was. I don't know how you came to this realization but you said that you realize it was time they could become an expert. What do you mean by that on? What did you go on to do? Yeah so at that point I so it seems kind of counter intuitive because at that point I was twenty two twenty three and goes coming off my first year of making six figures which you know for my age category. I'm sure the top one percent of income earners for people under twenty five or whatever But I think you're a top five percent of income earners in the country if you're at six figures of mistaken And doing that at age twenty two you would think that I would want to double down or whatever it is that I was doing but I was always somebody that looked into the future and kind of look at the destination that I wanted to end up at and would kind of reverse engineer and say. Am I on the path to do that. And at that point I just really knew the answer was no. I wasn't I knew that I knew that in ten years from then I didn't want to be knocking on doors at wannabe selling a door to door anymore. I didn't WANNA be in that industry anymore. Not that that industry's bad at taught me a lot. I have a lot of friends who make a great living and then industry with great hours and it's super flexible and if he can do a great. But it just wasn't wasn't what I wanted to do. So from that point I basically just stopped doing it almost like cold Turkey and I pursued more of the self development and personal development world because for the first time in my life I was really like a fourteen year old thinking about what do I want to do with the rest of my life because when like like I was explaining before when I was eleven or twelve twelve I like you know committed to going into ministry or whatever and so nobody will ever question that didn't have career counselors in Abbey stuff so i. I never thought about what I wanted to do. When I I was a teenager when I was a junior high because it was always going to be ministry so when I got to this point in my in my twenty two twenty three coming up for six figure year Mary create a mortgage to pay and now like a fourteen year old kid? I was just like man. What do I do with the rest of my life? Do I WANNA be like I I. I looked at applying to be a fireman. I looked at like. FBI agent applications. I looked like I looked at sales jobs. I I looked at anything and everything that interested me in the least and Just dove into I on the ballot it because I was just looking for answers and I didn't have them so. This is the first time in my life that I had been to that that world and it just became this rabbit hole of information ed started learning more and more and more about and one of my my my favorite way to consume information to time was podcast. You can still is so I after listening to a ton of podcast for quite a while I was just like seems like a lot of fun and it seems like something I could do. I May as well just get started and jump in. And that's what ended up leading me down this path that have been on now for our last couple of years. What what does that podcasting full-time podcasting? When it comes to the business that you've built walk us through building in your business? Walk us through the the the point of inception have an idea right. And whether it's in the self help world or it's in the teaching world and whichever came first but walk us through the the inception of hey I have an idea because I don. I don't think that I remember how I started my practice. I was actually told to start my podcast like. Hey this is what you need to become a real estate investor and my mentor said no create create create a channel. It was crazy because I had been struggling in real estate for a long time before I found my mentor and I thought that by hiring the sniping this guy tens of thousands of dollars. I was going to everything I needed to know about real estate and I was still radio I was so excited and the first thing he told me to do like okay. WE'RE NOT GONNA learn any any real estate for the first few. It's like almost like mister like wax softening learning Hegel Star pockets. Why you know and hindsight is twenty twenty but I mean this this is literally what created my business right and this is how I took off in? It's crazy that started from podcast. But how did you get started in that world and what. What was Your Business Model? What is Your Business? Yeah congrats to you. By the way I've been trying to get real estate agents and investors start podcast now for at least a year. I've been trying to get them to understand understand the yeah the power mad especially in saturated industries. If you're in a saturated industry like real estate you've got to differentiate yourself you have have to separate yourself from everybody else and their mom because this is the only industry where it's like a probably your mom. Does it to you know what I mean like literally. Everybody has somebody that they know in in their family. That does real estate So you gotta you gotTa figure out a different different yourself so first of all props to you. Yes so the business kind of developed through the course of developing my audience. I didn't have any idea what the business was gonNA look like. I was actually still selling door to door when I started the show because there was no way to bring in revenue at the time. What's the name of this by the way I want to check it out? Yeah Bill De Your network to allow love Okay Network yesterday So so coming into it. I was really under the impression that I wasn't going to make money for it for from it for a little while and I and I was still knocking door to door. I found a different deal Product that was higher margins that would enable meets a work only like one or two weeks a month and still will make a good income while I was trying to get this going and still have enough money to invest in the myself and all those things so then when I I jumped into with his business it was really just building the audience cre- like creating free content building the audience spending time with the audience. Finding out the problems and pain points points were and then building solutions and selling it back to them. That's really the gist of what my businesses. And that's why now I'm a podcast coaching consultant. Because that's the number one thing that I get asked about. So that's the the number number. One thing that I train on and people to do is how to start a successful podcast. How to create launch grow monetize a successful podcast? And that's that's where my whole businesses is come from Is just through this name to my audience members in asking what they wanna see from me what they want to hear from me in what information they WanNa consume for me So that's that's really built a mine. Tire business is just through listening to the audience and About thirteen months in able to go full time with it and in in fulltime ever since so for about a year. Now beautiful and my my Mike Third paid mentor is a well known. PODCAST I'm sure you know him. His name is cliff. Ravenscroft earns craft as you know He. He he kind of revolutionized what I believe. A podcast is kind of started. John John Lee Dumas pap like. He's the one who taught all of them how to do podcasting so when I learned from him I absorbed so the fact that like. I know that this is something that can help so many people like I've seen he'd helped so many people and I. It's something that I urge. You believe I believe that you can have some type of voice some type of message. The podcasting platform is by far better than video. And I'm yes I'm saying that in twenty nine hundred. Zero sounds crazy You're so intimate with your audience right. Yeah the average youtube video is watched I think about four minutes and they said that eighty eighty percent of podcast listeners. Listen to all or most of an episode when they hit play so that's crazy huge difference right there. The amount of time that you get to spend with your listeners. Compared to any of the platform is is through the roof. I will say it's more. I think it's more difficult to grow podcasts than probably any other platform I'm just 'cause discovery ability sucks but most other things about podcasting I think make it a more intimate platform that that drives pretty solid results. One hundred percent one hundred percent and one thing. I noticed that you said that you didn't you didn't come in with the idea of what type of business you're going to have. You came in with the idea of listening to your audience figuring out what their pain points. Were finding a problem that you could solve in that you wanted to solve. And then you went on and built those products. And that's often where I find the most successful entrepreneurs by now I wanna I wanna get to the mean potatoes of how how our audience right. They may not want to build a podcast. They may not want to even have a platform right but the importance of the podcast for us is one one of them is is definitely networking right. Like you and I would not have ever met each other if it wasn't for a podcast or for wasn't for somebody recommending you to come on the networking on here is powerful. But let's let's talk to the hours as it was like. I'm not ready for that or I don't WanNa do that but I still want to be a powerful network now. Would you say that when it comes to how you like to still network another different categories is. There is there a certain network online as opposed to a certain way to network at a meet up group at a conference because many realistic listen investors. Go to conferences every single week. And I'm sure they have their own. Have my business card. This is why am and then like you're giving away fifty business cards having fifty conversations for two minutes long long. You don't remember anybody in. It's just a mess. Is there a better way to go about doing that. or You. Specifically focused on networking online. Tell me a little bit more about about what it is that we're going to uh-huh audience get two. Yeah man I mean. There's a lot in there but I would. I would say first of all if you're one of those people that's like. Yeah I don't WanNa start a podcast. I want wants you to really think about why. Why don't you want to start a podcast and and and really like drill yourself? Ask yourself these questions because I think it's so powerful. Artful would you rather walk into a room where everybody wants to connect with you or walk into a room where you have to go out and connect with everyone. I will say obviously the person exactly I will say we'll say drive is that it's such a big difference from going to events and I'm just I'm being humble honestly. Swath was such a big difference from going to events without this platform and me going to events with this platform and it. It's night and day. It's almost like many many people haven't been able to experience but if you speak at an event and you go and mingle amongst the crowd after you spoken you will literally you will literally everything will fall in your lap. Meet people will walk up to you though. Ask You for your advice to actually figure number who actually for your business that want to be clients just because you you have that authority from the Bronx and I find even if you don't speak at the vet but you're going to events and you have a platform and people know about it. It's the same effect. It's so powerful. Yeah one hundred percent man. That's that's why I say like if you're if you're out there if you truly want to be a powerful networker that's really the question because if you truly want to be a powerful network. I don't don't really see any other way to be honest with you to do it. Fast like you can develop skills You can develop expertise. But there's a lot of people with skills and expertise that don't nobody knows that they struggle to get known because they never focused on personal brand or a show or platform. They never focused on gay people to know who they are. They focused on their crafts which is great and they probably make really good money. Amish probably a lot of multi multi multi millionaire real estate investors that we never even heard of and that's fine for them but if the but they don't probably don't have the desire to become a master networker by and if they did they're probably only going to use the context they currently APP. So if you're somebody that really truly wants to become a powerhouse networker worker than you have to. I just don't see another way to do. I think that you have to the platform regardless of what it is. If if if you don't want to podcast okay. Don't do a podcast but do channel or maybe maybe An ID TV show facebook live show or Or meet up like a like a a a local meet up for just local people like something like that something that puts you in a position of authority in something that allows you to become a quote unquote thought leader in that space. I think that I think that I just it's so oh it's so necessary to really exploding your network if there's a difference between just like being a networker and then being somebody the explodes your network because what it allows you to do is it allows you to connect those platforms ally to catch with people who are operating on a level that so much higher than the one you're operating at without having having to pay them for their advice like I know you're about to bring up example so let me let me bring up for you because it was my next question anyways and speaking of bright and I want you to walk because I literally just emailed his team today or yesterday actually a and I was just like a a one-year upside and one of the first week loss on there was grant Cardone does he got Greg Carter on on. I need ask him. How did that but before we get to how you did I want to talk about going back again? What you learn through door knocking how you went from Ham GonNa knock on five hundred doors teary picking these extended been doing this for so long? When you build your platform you started solving the problem Of Your audience and you started reaching out to people you started network and you started doing podcasts episodes influential people. What did you see was working in the space? What wasn't working in the space is for you to be like? Hey like I'm I believe that I can reach out to these types of people. I'm definitely going to be able to get them on the again. I don't think you reached out to grant people like that on your first episode right. It took time you saw what worked what didn't work now kind of want. Want you to walk us through that process and then tell you how you and then tell us how you got my leg ran on your show. Yeah hands down its credibility regardless of how you earn that credibility its credibility so if you have a million downloads a month that's credibility and that'll probably get a lot of guests on your show when you don't have big numbers like that like I didn't when I first started my show you gotta get credit ability through other ways you have to you have to make you have to take the decision making making process out of the equation when you're connecting with people like that because I don't have time like when somebody reaches out to them and says can you come on my show. You just gave them homework because now they have to go check. Check it out and see if you're a legit or credible Oliver. Just another one of those shows. It's going to fall off the face of the earth in a month and a half from now which ninety percent of shows up doing like they don't I don't know if it's worth their time at all. They have to now go research it and they're probably not going to take the time to do it and so that's why you probably get more so you have to do is yet to take advantage of the is on the message and Dan. You have to boost your own credibility through something so for me. It was a credibility through association. That's how I that's how I did a lot of those things so I'll give you the I'll give you the example example of grant. When I first started the show I did reach out to grant because that was a highly ambitious and I was ignored lack? I should have been because I didn't didn't even my show was even launched. I literally launched. I reached out Joan in pre launch. Still and I got totally ignored about. Fizi Fuzi three months. After I reached out I was at an event that grant and Elaina were both speaking at and quick tip here never neglect the inner circle. A lot of people will see influences that they wanna go connect with them when I talk to him but guess what so does everybody else. That's in the room and one thing that I hesitate to share all the time because I don't want people to take up all my Maya's secrecy But but the biggest thing is connect with people that are around those people you like a lot of times. I'll be traveling with their team. They're videographer photographer. There Assistant A spouse Family members something like that or maybe a good friend and those people getting ignored all the time. Like you see you've grant walks in with a videographer and Elena back. Then people talk to grant and the other two people are just just standing there waiting for him to be done right so he walked in ten twelve people swarmed him in the back It it would have been worse if it were actually during a breakout but somebody was up up on stage. Speaking there's with stragglers in the background walks on the back with Elena. I was in the back working a booth. I saw them walk in eight. Ten people swarmed grant they stand minded take pictures. They're trying to talk to them for ten seconds each but it was herself so I got talked to her for ten twelve fifteen minutes just two of us and afterwards I posted about it and we. We ended up connecting Astrakhan on the show. She said yes and then after I got her on the show she offered to grant and I was like Oh awesome. It's done you know what I mean. Like finally get ground the show and then she made an intro and his gatekeeper. His executive assistant stopped me even after an intellectual from his own wife. Foul not even she could get through the gatekeeper for me so at the end to credit she was doing her job. The gatekeeper was I know her pretty while now and then she's a she's a good girl. She was just doing her job so I had to get creative again. Because I knew that that wasn't that wasn't going to be the route that it was going to happen. It was when it happened that the gatekeeper. I was always going to be respectful of the gatekeeper. You don't WanNa go over their heads or do anything like rude. Be Respectful Communicate Be Nice try to make I notice how Travis has toting the line between persistence and being respectful. Yes yeah you have to. It's professional persistence. Instead of pushy. Precisions Zahle I always always break the two down. One of them gets results. One of them gets you blacklisted. So you definitely don't want to be the blacklisted one so I At that point went just like on an all out assault on grants inner circle so I use that initial connection Elena and used it to start getting other people that I knew were in grant circle and I wasn't doing just us doing these interviews to get grant I also wanted all those other people on and because there were people I respect to play Bradley or at my let Lori art or Kerri Kasem ought to people that I knew that grant was going to be having speaking at his conference that year so I started reaching out to a ton of those people or getting on my show knocking them off one by one so the second time I reached out to grant probably eight nine nine months after the first time that I reached out to him it was no longer. Just hey can you help me out. It was a hey. When are we going to get you on the show? We've already been blessed to have at my lad. Brad Lee Lawrie Harder Kerri Kasem off I think nine or ten names and then very last one was like oh and even have gotten Elena on the show as well so I just I'm going. That'd be in Miami next week. WanNa see if maybe by the officers knock out a quick interview with you and he said Yeah I. Let's make it happen bone. I love that is beautiful and and if you were to leave our listeners. With one tip one major cherry on the top. As far as networking device goes and they can be networking with influencers but it can be networking generate. It can be something off the beaten path. What what does that final tip? Farmers Master the value. Add your network will always increase in direct proportion portions of the amount of value that you can add to other people so master the value add and you will never have a problem building your network. Lifestyle design acceleration tax. What is your favorite before the millions book so a book look specifically about buy real estate business? It can be a book that that Change Your Life that helped you get to where you are today. Yeah one that made a big big impact on me. Just because the way that I grew up was Secrets of the millionaire mind because a really conditions it helps recondition. Your money mindset so if you if you're listening to this and you feel like yeah I kind of a baroque money mindset her. I grew up in a in a place that made rich people sound like they're all arrogant jerks and that they just are super selfish people and you have all these limiting beliefs about money and getting rich and things like that. I recommend checking out secrets in the undermines great on an audio as well love it by t harv Eker. What is your favorite lifestyle design APP? This can be a business APP or tool I would say zoom someone. I usually say because I use it the most like we're on Kazoo call right now. I have zoom with my mastermind and So yeah I I would say I use zoom pretty frequently I I like to. I like the program that they built. I do love it. What do you enjoy most about the way your lifestyle is currently designed freedom? And that's why chose podcasting wanted independence I wanted I wanted location. Freedom Time Freedom Financial Freedom. I wanted to like all all of the above and and the podcast lifestyle that I built now allows me to do that like the other day. I got this email about a good deal on fights to Paris so I booked took fights to Paris and taking my wife there for her birthday in December. So we're GONNA hit. Harrison Switzerland in Ireland is well and then come back home. I'm so like ten twelve day trip to just like you know I. It was just cool to be able to get an email me like sure and his book it and then not have to check in with anybody not to let anybody. We know that I'm going to be gone or asked for permission to do it. It was around the holidays because you only have fourteen days the whole year right. It was just like A. We'll go ahead and schedule it and let's just go. I love it I love it. That's beautiful what were the sacrifices that you knew you had to make before the millions millions to get to where you are today stuff. I just don't buy stuff not to say that I will never do that. I probably will I. I want a nice car and I will get car at some point but for now I sacrificed a lot of stuff so that I can reinvest in my business than myself. Adjust adjust recently committed to one hundred thousand dollar mastermind which was a huge leap for a big jump for me and I would have much rather used that money to go by myself very nice vehicle that I've been wanting for a long time since I was like you know but but I didn't I invested into myself because I think hundred thousand dollars can pay off in a much more conducive way instead of lose me money in a depreciating asset. So I I just don't buy stuff man I I live in a I live in a small house with a small payment. I live I drive a camry a used camry and a used Seven Tundra like I I drive used vehicles. I I just I don't wear fancy watches like this is my normal outfit. Just like a t shirt and a pair of shorts. AH ACCURACY UP So I I just don't spend money and stuff like that. That's probably the biggest sacrifice for me. Because I would like to do. Do some of those things The only thing that I do spend money splurge a little bit is travel Because that's just it means a lot to me you have been like once we hit. Once we hit our trip this year it will be over thirty countries that have been to and like thirty five states that have been in the in the in the US. So I really enjoyed that But I think experiences enrich enrich our lives rather than stuff weighing down our lives so not but that again like doesn't mean all that stuff and I I want to in the eventually in the future but that's you know the sacrifices vices that I make to reinvest into myself in the business and allow me to live the lifestyle that I want. We love a lifestyle design. I love to travel and there was one thing that I just completely let myself go on is travel. I love that Who was essential to your growth before the millions? And why probably Johnny do miss. You mentioned him a little bit earlier he was he was the first dude. I have a really connected with and built a relationship slash friendship mentorship with and he's helped me in. You know countless ways indirectly and directly so probably say John is is one of the larger influences in what to do. That is Awesome Greg Guy. Why do you think so? Many of us are stuck doc before the millions even though we have every intention of getting to the millions. There's gotta be definitely more than one answer to this but I would say probably action. I don't think people take enough action. I think that people who intend to be millionaires rely too much on like writing affirmations and reciting that they're going to be a millionaire in the mirror rather than actually going out and doing tasks that are going to help them. Make millions They're they're too scared to take risks that that's got to be a big one They're like if you you get a hundred two hundred thousand dollars in the bank and you saved that you're too scared to go spend that money on ways to figure out how to make more money so so just all that does is elongate the process of getting to the point where you want to be because You're just putting it off putting it off putting it off and now you you have to learn all those things yourself. That's why invest so much like including this mastermind like that'll probably be like one hundred and sixty one hundred seventy thousand dollars. In the last two years I've invested into myself two years. Investing into myself like masterminds courses events. Mentors all those things Because I know that that's what's GonNa come back on the end in a recession like if the If the economy crashes in the next two or three years you can lose businesses. You can lose money. You can lose a lot of different things but you can't lose knowledge you can't is your connections if you treat those things properly in. I think those are the things that are really gonNa pull me up and allow me to not just survive the next downturn but actually thrive in the next downturn which which which is really important to me so I think I think lack of action and a and lack of risk and lack of risk religious comes down to you value the wrong things things you value money over your time and I think that's a mistake now. Beautifully said I love so much now. Try to assist the listeners. WanNa learn a little bit more about you. They want to get a hold of. You WanNA learn how to network better. Where can they find some of your resources or can they connect with you at? Where can I say? Hi and all that here. Yeah Travis. CHAPEL DOT COM. You can find everything to peace to elves Travis. This chapel dot com most active in terms of social media on instagram. Soviet me up at Travis Chapel on Instagram Dm Upload this to your instagram story Ori Tag tag meaning. I'll or they're all I'll say what's up with love. It love it. Love it Travis. You have dropped so much value on our listeners. I've learned so much I know they've I think so much for coming on the show and we'll talk to you soon. Yes sir. Thanks so much. They walk

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