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It's daddy d if it ain't going down the bunny ranch. It ain't going down at all. It's going to welcome back listeners to bunny ranch podcast. My name is alice little in the. I am your host. I'm also illegal sex worker at the world famous moonlite bunny ranch located in carson city nevada this week. I have a very special guest a lady. That's been with the company for a number of ears but it's making her debut as a starlet at the sagebrush ranch. Please help me and introducing entice high. Hey i know i miss you buddy how you been. I've been so good so how are you getting settled in over here it sagebrush. You know what it was actually real. I fit right in you know. I'm not surprised you get along with everyone. You know <unk>. I feel like when i was at the bunny ranch. Would you love being there. I love all of that but there were too many we all have different even personalities yes okay every every one is unique in this industry and you know i'll say when dennis used to come around. He's come out there. Sit in the parlor very girls. He was always like an attention like hey look at me. Look at me but i'm gonna have to. You know i'm the same way so i feel like we would both kind of view each other's energy <hes> kind of feed off of each other later like i'm over here. Hey look look. Daddy look look and he's you know so. I kinda just i. I just needed to kind of go somewhere and see if i can find people like me. Were the the only one because i can't be the class clown all the time. I need some people to be the class clown. What do you mean need some crew so you know and everybody so you know over there. Everybody's real busy with their schedules and stuff. Oh yeah you know -pointment and things like that and me just coming back it. It just kinda you no. It was a culture shock for a second. I was going to say why. Don't you share with us a little bit about why you were away for a while okay so i'm in so i've been with the company six years. I started love ranch. Was there for two months. I moved over to the bunny ranch. <hes> i work two weeks on two weeks off k. One winter december two thousand eight december two thousand seventeen the beginning of january the team. I was home with my family for christmas. We just celebrated new year's and everything and we were actually coming home from a party i was i was tipsy but i was in my passenger seat and i had my best friend driving my car home. She was sober yet on call. It's foggy outside. We're golan. One drunk driver hits me ninety miles per hour ninety five jesus cry yeah so i- blackout. I don't know what happened. I blackout and i had you know how dennis had those <hes>. Those mercedes vans like yeah fifties. I had one of those. Oh ooh i'm saying it was huge machine so it took a lot for a little honda accord to come all all the way through my windshield yeah. They must be no line road yeah and he was seventeen. He kind of took his parents like junk car in the middle of the night he wasn't you know he was making bad decisions so they ended up putting <hes> i had femoral fractures fractures. Oh that's putting on your own your leads that takes wilder wilder a cup from two titanium rods and my legs from my on land and you know i say that all the time you wanna mess with me so i had to learn how to walk and everything and of course at that time. All of the ranch family helped helped me a you had sent me you know you. It's me some emails and get really. Everybody signed a when i was in the hospital. I was getting all these flowers in denison suzanne. They were always very like <hes> just they wanted to make sure i was okay. Here's your family yeah so during my recovery every i was really worried though you know here in order to build up the clientele in contact with people it's true and see is very very important in terms of business and i don't necessarily know if our guests always appreciate all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes that keeps the engine rolling voted it right because you know in our in our real life at home you know we have grocery lists and we have doctors appointments and we have all of these things but then we still have have to remember. Oh let me text john and tell them good morning. Let me take you know what i mean. Let me all i remember. Tony said he had a dentist appointment appointment. Let me text him and see if how that turned out so you have to keep up on that and i went from being that girl two when i got him the accident it just completely stop. Okay i mean how could you possibly give of yourself. You can't pour from an empty cup but i mean when you have to federal fracture yeah yeah no. It's time to take care of you. Yes so i i don't wanna say i lost people but it's only only fair you had moved on and you know they've experienced other girls and you know no hard feelings or anything. Some people just kind kind of you know they moved on and actually when people would text me and they'd say hey entice how you feel in going to the ranch. This weekend was thinking about you. I'm like oh yeah see sahara. See amy see alice go. Oh you like this. Okay go. You know what i mean. Go go see willow or head set them up with some than civil. It's funny. I did the same thing about a year and a half ago my head appendicitis surgery and was out for six months. Yeah that was fun. I went home with a stomach ache and the next thing you know i'm calling from the e._r. They will let me leave. They wanted take my oregon and how long has your recovery for some wasn't bad. It was only six weeks like of late though you went through it yeah yeah you did yeah own. I and i have because i've seen you talk about. I think it c._b._d. That's my life like i said i don't smoke marijuana or anything. I've never been one of those but the c._b._d. Helps me instead of taking all that pain medicine podcasts listen. I'm like an i. It turns you into. How do you action you figure c._b._d. Is completely legalized in the state of nevada. You can use it at any point in time anywhere in the state. You can use it in businesses. You can have it in your car because there's no psychotropic effects. Not just you high pain reliever yeah. I mean i'm so into the c._b._d. Oil now that i had a toothache a couple of weeks ago. I just rubbed the c._d. Oil i'm gonna try it on my cheek sheikh cheek it made the whole like my gums and everything stop hurting it. It's it's incredible stuff. It's really wonderful and and it's so funny because it's just natural medicine. Yeah yeah yeah so. I'm hoping for a c._d. Bubble bath party in the works a lot of i'm getting relaxing bath bomb in there like really spoil yourself. Yeah oh my gosh so. How are you feeling now that it's been a little while since the accident. What am i feel. I feel great. As far as i'm still adjusting so a lot of people know before i was always real barbie fido he's had on these huge heels and blonde hair and all these dresses that were real tight and skirts and bouncing around. I can't do that anymore. More you know so. I've kinda changed. I don't want to say i have changed my image a little bit. I still do the blonde every once in a while which is fun. It's just such a fun throwback on but you know i i'm going towards natural. No you don't always have to be an twelve lynch. He'll you know realty. That's not what sexy is sexy comes with your personality. It comes with how you carry yourself. You know what i mean. It c- experiences says that you've been through in life that shape who you are and you figure when you have a traumatic experience like that. It's only natural that it's going to have a business effect. I tale right now you know before the clientele that i would kinda geared towards would be the guys who wanna party in rah rah rah. Let's let's go to taco. Let's get that champagne in the limo. The far days drink now and i'm not gonna lie. I don't wanna say i used to look down but i did not understand it so i looked at people who would come in before in wheelchairs and who had handicap. I don't even know how to phrase it but people who have different disabilities and stuff before because this stuff opens your eyes it. Oh you see it you know now. I you see things from like a bird's eye view. You know what i mean so before i kind of not not look down on them if i being in lineup k. and and the guy comes in and somebody's pushing him in a wheelchair. I probably wouldn't say hi. I'm entice like i would say to the college kid that just graduated. Do you know that wasn't who you were trying to at that point and there may be related that were better suited to that clients and i didn't think that i didn't really know anything thing about having a disability or being hurt of glass not. How would you know what it's like to be in a wheelchair right until you actually hear b._n._o. Rail cherry in one for eight humphrey yeah so now i'm gearing myself more. I guess that's the right word. I'm using but i'm clinging more towards people with disabilities people in a wheelchair or even people who have just had traumatic change in their life. Yes anyone going through a divorce. We'll tell you that's trauma. Marie right in the emotional pain can be just as intense as physical pain can right right so that's kind of what i'm you know uh-huh putting myself more towards when i advertise and promote things you know sometimes you don't feel i used to be so energetic and oh yeah. Let's get yeah put party today. We drink a beer thirty like i can't do that anymore. So now i'm just kind of simmered down down and i feel like those clients actually become more repetitive than just the one time oh i graduated college and i always wanted to come to the bunny ranch my whole life it. Thank you glam bam. You know what i mean you develop relationships with people because you figure once once you go through the process of getting to know them what their needs are what kind of adaptability or accessibility they need once you become comfortable with each shot and you have that report. Why would they want to go. See somebody i in started grossly wanna. Come back to see you again and again and again like i have a lot of repeat clients and i oftentimes sometimes find that when somebody comes back for a second third fourth fifth visit that the experience gets better and better and better because we're more and more comfortable with each other and then intimacy builds to overtime and then it's like you're seeing your your best friend like i'm in town. Wanna go have coffee. It's more like that that feeling versus someone having the feeling like i'm paying this girl to entertain like you know what i mean. It's just more more like hey. I wanna see you today. What does it cost for you to leave so that way. You don't have to worry about work. Come with let me. Let's have coffee. Let's go to lunch. Let's go you know like way more romantic down key low energy not so like intensive not river rock right not that there's anything wrong with that there definitely is a time and place for crazy parties and champagne and limousines right but there's also a place for the subtle quiet moments of intimacy and i feel like so much gets lost when people are only focused on the sex sex sex aspect of it. There's there's so much more that goes onto the connection that we established with people here and what i learned what i'm 'cause. I'm getting older not getting younger. Just we can only live action. Reminds in my age just turned thirty three and flirty but i'm not very clean heck yeah but i also noticed that if k when we promote audi's rain we all love to promote dates of course whereas we going to get for a man to take you on an out date well. I believe that a real man who wants to take a lady out day <unk> to tahoe to reno to vegas. Maybe not vegas biggest nice restaurant view. They do this so so light. Show yeah. Maybe not the casino gambling. Maybe more of the the slightly off the strip right. Maybe not parties and stuff but just you know the nice dinners yeah that nice relaxed but i would think to myself like what is it gonna take for me to be able to see like what makes guys want to take me on an out date well. If if i have a skirt on that's this short and i have these big old heels on and i have this shirt this crop top in my everything's out he might not don't wanna take me not because he's like embarrassed or anything but he wants to be discreet and he doesn't want when we go places everybody to look and say oh we know who he is what you know it's true so i had to change up like kind of become more classy when they called a glow of it's like when you're the the transformational makeover. It's not that you weren't stunning beforehand with like this is the new more mature more refined signed sultry sexy incredible intellectual version of yourself. <hes> like you can't take a sex kitten on a what does that dixie with the tenor dancing like so nice. I love the dixie elegant it is. It's not the kind of place where you'd want to have a tight mini skirt. Other iran al fayed on winter into wearing a winter jacket is more appropriate for that house soult. I just kind of had to find the balance knin now. I'm i'm starting to get it <hes> and over here being starlet some would think that oh entice took a step back now. I didn't know there's such thing as a step back. All of these places are exactly the same exactly the same mm same bunny ranch entice same matter of fact. I'm probably i'm probably a little more freaky over here because i love it. I got about ten more freaks down hallway with me. It's gonna find your group and you like all start. Doing your jive together and you're like yeah got it. I got that feeling yeah and like i said over there. I was kind of the main one like hey wait ever. You were known to john energetic party starter. You're the first one that would pull everybody everybody up on stage at dinner party. Come up here yeah. It'd be a fun one. I'm like i can't l. You know like did my little girl group in the back corner behind everyone. That actually knew what they were doing. I was there in spirit yeah yeah so so now over here. I found about ten more girls just like me yes. It was not a fine your drive so you know this and i will say for for anybody that enticed did take a step back. Sometimes you gotta take a step back to ten steps forward so yes. I love it here. Honestly asleep. I started at the stage coach. God almighty. I've gotta say having lived the experience of working at multiple locations they we're all the dams are it is the same thing at each. One of these didn't read the ladies have rooms that they decorate to their own aesthetic preferences. Each place has a slightly different fantasy sweet but you figure if you absolutely want to go up to the bunny ranch and have a pool party with entice. There's no the reason you just can't take enticed to the bunny ranch and you can still move. If you wanna go up there. We have like the bungalows in the apartment suites and things like that we could still we'll have a date in there and tell me now. It's the same thing i would you know so you know i just have to start promoting promoting and let people know that that is still available. Yes yes. Yes you very very common misconception that there's some sort of like earner house house rivalry yeah like oh you. You've worked for the company even longer than i have. I've never felt that kind of an energy. It's a misconception that there's infighting within the cat houses. There's way more of sisterhood. It's kind of if anything like like the sexier more mature version of sorority right and i mean we do have from time to time who took my heels where my heels. Why are you wearing my heels but you know oh. That's eight nine yogurt yogurt. Who did you who has a chuckle season. Did you see the taco seasoning on the counter back there it is it's certainly not the crazy level of drama that very people right. I think i think the worst the worst dry ever had wearing this. Look avi seasoning so i had i known for cooking. I always talk you. Are everybody freaking. See you gotta stick around. We're going to have some lewisham dinner. Entice is gonna throw down kitchen. It's gonna be the next show throwdown with intern so i had told everybody. My shifts always six p._m. P._m. to six a._m. So on the night shift all of the night cashiers and the bartenders and stuff. I'm like hey tonight. I'm gonna make tacos so i'm gonna thought some some hamburger meat and we'll make the tacos later. I don't know what happened but maybe was an accident. It was an accident. I put the meat on the counter but i'd put put some water but in ziplock bags so it's not like dripping and stuff <hes> to thaw of course because that's what you do to get probably my fault because i didn't right a label on it but i mean i don't know who you should be able to look and see if there's frozen cooked meat and unripe me right generally generally the color should be indicate rate so i didn't even know i was getting dressed for my shift and everything i took the meat out like really early by the time i go back to the kitchen. I'm like wait a minute. Where's so i go into the parlor. Everybody's sitting there. I'm i'm like who took. Did you see some hamburger meat sitting on the counter back there who took my meat and everybody's looking looking at each other. I rarely i don't get mad. I don't you you know i don't. I'm me but you're really low key. Everybody's kind of looking around looking at each other there. They kinda scared look on the face. I took the hamburger meat that i had on the counter. They're looking. I'm like oh okay. I got you cashier cashier. I'll be back like entice. Where are you going. I said i'm going to give me some more hamburger me and said john did something to my hamburger meat yelling. Get nothing y'all no time it's not going to you know taco tuesday so i think that was like the meanest thing i ever did. Which is hilarious really mean. That's just like funny but that's like sister. Mr stuff what happens in household and your family like who took my bread who ate my last who the last hot dog like this container of of milk in the fridge with a half engine milken didn't just finish clearly the milk jerk. That's that's usually me you. I and i'm like what did i do that to myself. I'm such church that is just so funny but it's true though like i love the fact that we do cook for each other and that's something that i don't think a lot of people realize if they haven't been around the ranches or haven't had the opportunity to visit yet. They don't realize the fact that wait a minute here. We go to the row down yeah again and then you know usually how it works is all the girls as we kind of. All one will go to the grocery store. You know a few will pitch in or or put some money together to go get stuff but i feel really bad so i want want. All the new girls who ever come to the ranch is to know well at least when you eat with me you don't have i will feed anybody like food. Look look. I don't know some people are just different but you know i've had new girls like oh. We'll that looks really good. I wasn't sure i am not sure off. No food here like you can have some food. I guess there are people in the world. That really liked trip like that. No you as long as them around you don't ever have to ask me can do you have to pay first of all. I got some money if you even even with store runs even though we have drivers and things like that but sometimes will not all the time actually the clients the guests that come here are priority. Yes they're always priority and so the drivers are tied up. Yes someone's gotta go to walmart lamar right. What time that girl that okay if i say hey i'm going to walmart. I'm not really the kind like oh. Do you need anything you think from walmart because i am not going on no. I'll looking for something that you're explaining to me because i do not understand. The condoms in the grape thought <music>. I'm up the shell right. I think that they've gotta pony on the box. I'm like no get them. You're sending girls sent me to the store for for some koumba khumbu. It's the only jesus christ. I know what you're talking about talking to somebody who drinks kool aid. I drink kool aid. I drink fruit punch. I drink raspberry lemonade. Simply okay come. Booja is pretty thing get it. It is the most stereotypical white girl drink on the planet. It's like fermented vinegar t it. I totally drink the stuff but i also awesome totally like that kind of yoga. Hippie white girl like somebody said that is a sore for. I'm not sure what do you need. It's called combat show when i guess i know who sent you did the same to. I know did that to you so this storm run can turn into me being in walmart for ten minutes to get my girl supplies and it turned into me being in walmart art for forty five minutes looking more kabukicho and you're like combine and i'm asking the people who work there is like a a spanish lady. She don't speak unless you know what i'm talking about. Somebody owners lake. Is this a cooking utensil. Food product like like what what is so then i'm asking. I'm just asking anybody at this point the people who worked there. I don't wanna say workers but the staff at walmart. They're young. Kids didn't know what the hell. I'll over there and they're just gonna walk. She oh baby that go down there. It's a cold al d. c. down there where they got the green machine and all those those drinks. It's right over there. I'm like oh okay so the store. Homerun went from fifty to like an hour and now is. I don't eat gas money. I don't need none of that. You can go to the store with me any time but i am not not going to the store in personally picking out what i can't do it but you hop in the car. We cried no reason to it makes it easy. It's it's really funny. I had had that situation within god. That must've been so funny. I can imagine you're just going up and down the aisles and look. I'm like this shit. Bitter taste good to drink totally. Doesn't it's totally like low key a little better but you're drinking it because you know it's hell you get for your like drinking so yeah so that you so. I'm really helpful to everybody because i remember when i first heard of the ranch. I didn't have a car at all. I didn't have a car took. Uh-huh from sacramento i took the greyhound up here. Got got on the bus in the middle of winter came out here. You're a trooper never out here especially going over for the past two sacramento yeah. That's then the drive in yeah. I i hopped bus came out here. I didn't bring anything i mean. I didn't know i'd never worked in this profession before this. I was always like visual merchandiser at <hes> so you know i took a chance and new girl usual merchandising for yourself so the new girl so when new girls come they can i all. I want them to all know that if you need need any help and i don't mean just negotiate. I don't mean that if you need any help holler at me like you know there's just such a family the environment at the ranch that i think really surprises people yeah they don't realize the level of care and compassion that we truly have for each and every every single person in this industry like if something tragic happens in someone's life like the branch family are the people who will be like got you. What do you need. What what can i do to help like. Can we drive out there. Can we fly out there. What do you need lay ranch family and i love my family. I love my real family at home. The ranch family comes through for me more than my own family i. I've always felt like the bunny ranch. Family is like the writer dai fan right like i i was in the hospital with appendicitis and suzette was on the phone with me. I had her on speaker phone. 'cause i was so sick and she heard me like arguing with the nurse about some sort of medication thing and she eats chimes in on the better. Take very precious cargo. Okay i okay honey bunny. Get better get better and he blazed fettering. Is it something wrong anybody you just text me and nelson somebody out there to go get him. Yes exactly he says hi. I love that sophie. Sophie is like the unofficial unofficial mascot of the bunny ranch when you come out to visit. There is no chance that you're going to miss this dog yeah. She is the cutest little border collie and she around around like she owns the damn game up because there was when everything had happened with daddy <hes> and then suzette had to kind of step out and take care of other. She had sophie at at bunny right. Oh yes oh fee. I swear every lineup every time people people would walk in when that bell would ring so he would go right to the front door when they'd walk in as they were getting their ids checked sophie down there sniffing them and she's like the official greater on the bunny ranch handled security a girly security dog. You know we should we should take aac one of the bunny ranch. Security shirts cut it down to her size and like put a whole bunch of blink. That'd be so cute and like suicide. Get such a kick out of eh or maybe pink ones. We don't have pink one time. I don't think we have on but again. I think on yeah i know we have the black security shirts. We've got a lot of really cute merchandise yeah by the way if you're ever interested we do have a full merchandise store available. It's awesome. Check it out there so much cool stuff from shot glasses to golf balls. You've got dennis's book hof sauces which are a play on hot sauce which i think those are so so funny i want him to get bunny ranch. Yeah funny ran body ranch ranch dressing on a bunny ran. Why has this not not yet. Maybe when you go this has got to have. We ought to hubbard bunny ranch. We need buddy ranch like new petition titian bunny ranch. It's happening. We need like the hidden hidden valley ranch logo. Yes even ranch yeah. We sell this way like that. Girl gets her face on like a hof sauce. She ran should be so cute. I love it only gosh so we gotta we gotta that'll be in the works. Yes we'll make it happen. Yeah so thank you guys so much for listening in f- people want to get a hold of you. What's the best way to reach out. They can email mel me at entice love at sagebrush ranch dot com. I'm still getting used to that. Yes i'm still getting used to it and i'm on twitter. Entice love and and yeah just call the ranch seven five two four six five six eight three oh and if you press six i'm moaning on there. Oh that's amazing. I'm into that change the voicemail stuff so that's like entice you need mon but she's sitting right here in my face and i'm like i can totally see that being like okay honey honey. I need you to learn into this phone. Records show seriously and you know when she's serious. She kind of sits burnett. She's like intimidating. She sits back she kind of sits with her hand on her face and she just gives you that like judgy of like expecting something to happen yeah so she's like that was so good honey bunny and i'm like okay good morning. Oh my gosh well. Thank you all once again for listening to the episode as always make sure to subscribe and leave a five star rating on whatever listening platform. You're choosing to use once again dan. My name is alice little and this has been bunny ranch podcast. See you all next time uh-huh.

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