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Pardon the interruption. But I'm Mike robot Tonia, who ruby woman, says she has the world longest air at five feet eight inches. I'm Tony Kornheiser. That's longer than Bob Kostas law now. That's no Long Island boy, happy, just like when we mention you, he's happy when we mentioned for tell always happy conferences, go to be happy to I don't know. Bob. Hi, bob. I might throw Chen the next time he sees you. I'm not sure that's fair. I wouldn't mind that pretty much got it throw up. Oh, good. Girl, today's episode the warriors win Nick nurse gets heat. First time out and what happens to agency now. But we begin today with Kevin Durant century. The warriors believe it is torn achilles. Durant played just twelve minutes in last night's game before going down with a second injury to his lower right leg after the game, a tearful GM Bob Myers said, quote, I don't believe there's anybody to blame. But I understand this world. And if you have to you can blame me unquote, we'll bond you blame Myers. No, I don't. Tony. And I know there are many people across the league I talked to a few last night. I'm, I'm cluding including other team executives who do blame sort of the warriors brass if you will. And as he noted as Bob noted he's, he's the team, he's a president of basketball ops. But Tony, I don't know if this was forseeable there's still so much. We don't know yet. There were a number protocols in Bob Myers had already described some of those to us reporters last night before the game. And there were things that they thought they did that they call precautions and conferring with other physicians and getting second and third opinions and some other executives other teams say that wasn't enough. You should never put him out there like that. I know Bob Myers a little bit. And I feel that he was as sincere is he could be. I don't I don't read anything into that now. You can be sincere. It could still be on your plate. I don't know how that works. But Tony this this, I've never seen anything like that. In all the years. I've been covering sports executives sit there and say, put this on me and got tears is unreal. So I mean, neither you nor I believe that Kevin Durant would play in the series at all. Even when they said, Kevin Durant's, right? That's right. I'm not going to blame Bob Myers for this. But there are a few things that need to be noted. One is in. The DNA of great athlete. They wanna get out there. Their team is down three to one in the series and they know that they can turn that around. And these are their teammates. Whether you're gonna leave at the end of the year not these guys you've been with now for three years, and you care about them, and you wanna go out there, but I do recognize the world that we live in. I'm gonna say something that you may disagree with I can see down the road that this becomes one of those issues that has a racial tinge to it that somebody says, look at ownership look at management, look what they did to Kevin Durant. We're going to have that conversation that you and I sometimes have about football. I think that the social media aspect of this is going to make this, the narrative on Kevin Durant, and the warriors for time to come. Do you agree or disagree? I'm only I hope you're wrong. I fear you. Right. And I think it'd be look. In that building last night. It was also talking merely after the game that, that Durant was pressured the word pressure was, yes. Yeah. But I also talked to people who were with Durant. Tony and said he wanted to it to play on now. Can both these things be in play? I guess they can. But man, I just it was so unfortunate to see him go down like that just off. And by the way, this should be mentioned. He was great when he was out there. Points in. He could have paste for forty four Tony, Shaun Livingston. Remind me after the game, he just said, hey, remember, people talked about the narrative him coming back to help say somewhere between help and save us? We can't win the game without all his points. It was a one point game. It's not just the warriors rappers who were affected by Durant injury last night. This will ripple throughout the entire league. But if you like a tile wave for teams hoping to sign Durant, like the Knicks and the nets, and the clippers Durant will still be court it, but the severity of his injury may lead him to stay with the warriors, whether through his option year for thirty one million dollars or a long term deal worth more than two hundred and twenty million Tony with all of that in mind where do you think this leaves Durant? The warriors and everybody else. I don't know where it leaves the warriors I thought they were going to lose to rant. I still think they might lose the although he may take his player option and stay. I don't know where leaves the league but this where I think it leaves ran. I think he's damaged goods. I mean I don't know how many people come back from this injury and are as good as they used to be he's going to be a great shooter because he's always a great shooter. He's going to be on guard -able 'cause he's. Always been on guard -able will he have the lift will he have the speed will have the quickness, these are things that you don't know. So I think his options have now I hope I'm wrong, but I think his options have narrowed, I think it is prudent for team to ask yourself. How do we know what he's going to be when he look, you Washington, DC John wall, people wanna get rid of him because he's gotta match contract and he has the same injury and they don't know what he's going to be like when he comes back. It's only agreed on all of those things I will nobody's come back to be just as good a couple of people recently have come back close lows. Close who was good. But Tony, let's, let's go to three agency and the ripple around the league. I mean first of all, if you are the Knicks and the clippers in the nets, you, what, are you saying to yourself, today, but I want to talk about the warriors for second because I know last night is some of the communication, I have with people around the league the union. Was this. The warriors of probably giving him two hundred and forty million dollars, while he's being examined and there, there's a certain. Okay. This is for him. If that's true. Well, because Tony, what happens to the questions. We'll Durant, what that, would you want to go to another, where you don't know, medical staff, and work through this, there, you're going to be out a year. This is my point is when I say, is options of narrowed somebody will give him the money. He is a team he wants. Right. That's, that's what we don't know what the moment we don't. And now finally, we get to last night's game, the projections for the rest of the series, Golden State manage to win last night. Overcoming six point deficit with three minutes to go a Steph curry Klay Thompson, did what they do best. They hit threes. We'll was the time out that Nick nurse called with three minutes left the wrong, call is this loss on nurse. Tony. This was the this would have been the number one topic coming out of his game. But this game was so crazy. So many dramatic elements timeouts crazy because they just gone. They meaning Toronto had I think it was a twelve to run. Kawai. Linnet has scored ten points in a Jordan, like playoff burst and you're like, oh my God, they're going to win this game. And they're gonna end this tonight in Toronto with thousands of people gathered seems on every street corner in Canada ready to explode. And then the time out came and I know that I heard Nick nurses explanation, which sounds completely reasonable he thought his guys were gassed, he didn't wanna waste of possession, and he thought he should help them out there, but everybody else was second guessing and the nature of the second guess was wait a minute. You got momentum, you gotta make Steve Kerr use his final time out and you don't give Golden State anything, and that seemed to be the prevailing mood, Tony rounded even after nurses, explanations. All. Go. Three things really quickly. I don't blame him for the time out. Kawhi Leonard was tired. He's best player. He's got make sure he's okay for the rest of the game. The second point you wanna make. I think the warriors just played great late. Did they do did exactly what they do? They guys threes and I have no fought with the last shot. Which you didn't bring up. You got a corner locked I understand. But you got a corner, three by all star guard. Kyle larry. You take that shot cause quite Leonard had no shot is wrong. But let me will let me go forward. And to say this if Toronto loses this series, I don't think they will if they lose this series given that they will lose two three in a row and to list at home. It'd be the greatest choke job in a history of basketball. And if Golden State wins this series, their core four guys, right? Egwu Dala green turn and Thomson become gods. Among men as new come Terry players. Tony. We mentioned the play there was almost as important as the as the two threes by Klay, Thompson, and the one and three by curry, and that is dream on green calling all of quarterback. Double teddy says go now and that the key, the signal for Igwe Dala to step up and join Klay, Thompson and double team. Pua lynyrd. Why? Because they know is not gonna force a play. He doesn't do that. No. He's a move the ball. He has his tally of the brand James to move. That's right. And so totally two great defensive plays sequence double team and Draymond green getting a fingernail on that shot every day, Sony moving to baseball. We talk about home runs here we go, again, without the bat flip issue to sidetrack us the Diamondbacks, and Phillies combined to hit thirteen home runs last night, and one game more home than at ever. Been hit in a single game regardless of innings plate. Bus are only noted this morning that just six years ago own. Only one team reached two hundred home runs in that season right now twenty two teams on pace to hit two hundred or more. Some do you feel like God do that? We're watching something completely artificial. No, I don't think we're watching something artificial. I don't think the ball is juiced. I don't think all of that stuff is going on. But I think we're watching something different. I really do. I had this conversation a few weeks ago with our friend, Richard Justice of MLB dot com. And I remember what Richard said he said the smart guys taken over baseball, and they've won and what he meant by that was. We are now watching in our oldest and most cherish sport baseball, we're watching a different way that it's being played authencity people are being taught go for home runs their changing the way people swing because the ball's coming in Mike at one hundred miles an hour, and if you hit it in full contact, it's going to go out, and I think that that's what we are seeing that people are trying to hit home runs. And they will strike out trying. They'll either. Strikeout trying. That's what we have now. So I think we have something totally different. I think we have as phony age the beginning of one in baseball now, as we had in the steroid era and it's because the ball is juice. Now we're not gonna take my word for this. I had a conversation with rich Sutcliffe last week. And it was on a Chicago radio show while Sylvia, who you know, plug because they have suckling all the time and Sutcliffe, we need to talk to suck because here's a guy who pits and sort of a cross eras if you will, and he talks about the stringing of the baseball and Tony llegado stood next to players and they. Students he'd have multiple balls from different years. And he would just drop them and one ball will be like a Super Bowl another would be like a pillow and the balls. Now, Tony, I believe, Rick Sutcliffe, I believe these bulges strung differently tighter, wound tighter, AGA leave. There is a s q one question. Would it help if more people through eighty mile an hour curve balls because you couldn't necessarily Jack that is it? One hundred miles an hour. Right. Right. That's just we talked about a breaking pitch last week, Eighty-six breaking pitches that you and I know we're in the seventy they were like batting practice canals, the antidote to being taken d this is what I'm saying. Let's take a break coming up. Anthony Davis, wants the Lakers the Knicks, which would be better for the NBA, who was more likely to win. This week's US open tiger or Rory tossup net. I just don't think you can muscle out. An eighty mile an hour fastball. People should throw more. They should what. They should what interruption is. Brought to you by new coppertone sport clear, clear. Cool protected. It is time for tossup and here's how it works. The producer asked the question I give the correct answer, and then we'll things as well. What's I toss up more likely to win this week's US open? Tiger or Rory Rory was great last week in Canada on the weekend. He was minus fifteen on Saturday and Sunday. But again, that was in Canada, any one, you know, yes, sixty four sixty one in Canada, this is in Pebble Beach, Rory's twice started Pebble Beach and missed the cut both times in tournaments tiger wanted Pebble Beach once he was minus twelve the next closest person was plus three that that year. I mean, you know, I'm going to say it's tiger, who's great in the US open. All right. That even try to phony about this. I'm rooting for tiger. And Phil, maybe this time more Phil Tony the tiger Sweden. Get the career slam fills in the question here. But I know I get a writing candidate. But. Tony the thing about tiger that worries me is driving with these pinched. Fairways, if we are to believe the roof, is higher, the ever yet, pebble, you and I have played pebble there was no rough is the rough is very little and now they have done this thing. The US hygienist really smart hill, take three would or to iron. He's really smart. He'll play Britain in Great Britain out of British Open. Yes. Next, okay. Hoss up where will Anthony Davis? Get traded his choice of the Lakers, Knicks or the field. So we talk about the Lakers in the Knicks, because apparently to a report in the ethnic Anthony Davis has narrow. His preferred list that Nixon Lakers, David Griffin doesn't have to give a hoot about end of the day is preferred list. This is a one year rental situation. He can send him wherever he wants if the lake is the Knicks come up with the best offer. He goes there, but I'm gonna take the field on this one because I think there's twenty or twenty seven teams in play. I'm gonna take the field to Tony, first of all the Knicks Doha. They got nothing. Anybody want? No. I mean he's already outlined a young all star. They don't have a player who's young and might be an all star. No, don't have it. So what I mean. I mean, really I mean, I hope. The Knicks do fun the draft by signing somebody, but in terms of trade, I'm going with the field as well. He didn't have to help the Lakers David Griffin isn't behove? They cared about the Lakers. They would've made the trader ready to let them either next toss up who would you rather have in net for tomorrow night's game seven Jordan bidding tin, or to caress, so biddings bounceback have been great in the regular season in the playoffs after loss. He's thirteen and two with a one eight three against spent there. But I'm going I'm going with Rask because in the playoffs so far. He's got the most shutouts. He's got the best goals against he's got the highest percentage. He's playing at home or at least it's as close to home as you can have if you're finished. I mean, because you get on that Helsinki all night plane and you go Rask. You know what everything says Rask? Everything says Boston home ice, it appears to the better team people. We've talked to better team right now rose certainly very very. Tony. I'm gonna go with Bennington. Really the hot goaltender stopper with other teen. In to the other losses. Do not listen to what I said the other guys best goaltender, the playoffs thirteen into that next last one, which fight are you more interested in seeing again Cannella triple g or Joshua? I'm gonna speak for wilpon and me in this. If you have a great heavyweight fight. There's nothing like it. Everybody loves a great heavyweight fights serve. You have great heavyweights here. No, you do not one guy. Looks like he's delivering beer. Okay. So he's not great heavyweights. The other guys are great fighters, and they fought twice ready. And they've been pretty great fights. So in this case, it's like you're asking me what I like to see. Hagler and Hearns again. What I like to see Leonard in Hagler in the absence of heavyweights answer is, yes, is triple, gene, kennel Tony. I agree with that. You said about nothing like heavyweight fight, and I'm gonna take these two guys to talk to mex- killer for a while last night in Toronto or. Trump or review and Tony. I mean I wanted to heavyweights fight again. Anyway, I know Joshua has a glass, jaw on the Ruis. His body fat looks like it's my body fat. I don't understand it. All Saudi there's something irresistible about that. You know, it guys to hit you and knock, you know, but rebounded to watch that rematch. That's it. Let's take one this women's team drops the hammer that World Cup open. Sam. And three people really deserve talking this baseball scuffle last night. I had Thailand, plus eleven. John people have eightieth birthday cer-. Jackie Stewart one of the greatest race car drivers of all time and for many years, the analyst on the great tape delayed ABC coverage of the Indianapolis five hundred Stewart came back into our lives last year with that wonderful Heineken commercial, which features a montage. It's so charming of his life, and which would Stewart turning down beer and saying, no, thanks still driving that is. I must admit the first time I saw that commercial. That was like the earned a standing ovation. I was in a group of people Tony. It is so well done. Good for him. Happy anniversary, Michael Jordan on the state. Twenty two years ago. Jordan scored thirty eight points against Utah in what was dubbed. The flu game. We'll always get angry. When we further this is the flu game. Don't think he had the flu is that about what I thought he had it wasn't called that it's the sick game could first of all food poisoning. People talked about bad pizza. It was. Sick. He was done. It's one of the great performances of all time by what ever named having trails to Joe musk grove, and Josh Donaldson the pirates starter in the Braves third baseman respectively rejected last night for yelling at each other must grow brushed Donaldson shirt with an inside pitch. And as he walked to take his base. Donaldson set to musk rope. What are you looking at and must go response? I'm not looking at you. You looking at me. And then the bench is empty nothing really happens. Both players. Get a check did the Braves got the last laugh counting musk replace them for eight runs and winning the game. Thirteen seven and the moral is story is just let the kids play, right, rob. I guess, Tony, but Donaldson's, tough guy, did you see? He just threw that catcher and all offer him. I take Donaldson the foxhole. But I hope you're not in there together. I hope it works out better for all of us. Let's go to the finish the United States World Cup team. Be Thailand, thirteen to nothing in. Opener your thoughts as had five goals. That's great wins the tournament really start now seriously. Dallas, pitched six scoreless seven scoreless. It is a ball debut for the Braves Avon high school kids you impressed by that. I am because he hasn't had live pitching in months. I mean that that's much better than I thought he was going to do the Memphis. Grizzlies hired bucks assistant Taylor Jenkins as their head coach. Is that ain't good higher because the bird bird tree, and sewed it quits Neider kitty, Acton playoff success, even the Akerson in the Brooklyn this year. Cam knew showed off, more compact throwing motion mini candidate break. It down. It was more compact. It was quite compact. It was rather Compaq last one. You Justin beaver challenge. Tom Cruise to an enemy fight who you got. I would love to Tom Cruise is more than. The ice age a beat down on him. A big outta time trying to better the next time and I'm Tony Kornheiser. Don't tell me you taking and I'm Mike will same time tomorrow. Luckily, engine PTI podcast on the ESPN app, or apple podcasts, Nick and Ben coffee. Shoutout.

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