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Follow party power on Snapchat. The username is the Patty power, and we promised that wouldn't be any boring. Snaps about gigs. The weather all the gym. Warm. Welcome to the race impose football post cost. I'm Bruce Millington. And joining me this wait till located like cracking weekend of cop action is a top team. Experts race in posts exultant Tottenham Joe of mount Langdon, and Dan showed and also from Patty power falling stripe came from his excellent place cost IB last week is Sam Kingston. He's an awesome fence. He probably didn't enjoy last night as much as most people did. So like I said we've got their fake up coming out loads and loads alive games. We'll look at all the best bits there and elsewhere ride across Britain and Europe we will start off though as ever with the six questions to each and then the lights get on. So the one they wish they'd been Oskar will start you Dan child's how an earth did Spurs turn that around last night. It's incredible. Isn't it just seems to be? I mean, the the shape is saw was assigned books. I seem to just tweak a little bit and defending. I went to a forever, but depress more as well. And and that led to the garden. It just seems to change the whole mood or the the stadium that same and I'm Dortmund night learning experience showed little bit as well. It's not just without the Spurs while Sephardic behind their injury problems as well. And you just felt that they were room settling for one new and Stein its foot for the second leg and not allowed Spurs that guy more controller a halftime being a Spurs fan that she thought, you know, I'll take a Neo Neo hair white for the second leg. Get kind of Nadi backs. An amazing turnaround. It was wasn't it off back son at twenty five to one player this season. Because I just think you get that Faber reasons by stone. You know, I think they see bat set their Mark. What was your main conclusion from Manion knighted versus Pierce? Jalen. Choose day. I would say the PS G actually looked more solely union we've out. So they're real star names now oversee they leave them slightly. Leaker in a top. It wasn't. It wasn't a bad when you had de Maria supplied them Bapu that brilliant second goal, and Danny Alvis or just off because of the injuries. They were able to be more solely than what we've seen from them. It was their first clean sheet in the Champions League. The season very rarely apart from dodgy opening ten minutes before they defended as a team. Really, well, and that's something that you just I've really associate with power your mom because name or doesn't do any trucking back because Cavani and combat by provide you with such talking team. So have Drexler playing off by Dave Maria work in back to I've done Alvis protecting that defense to have more Kim so foot was the best player on the page. So of marking pumper issue was really good. And I mean, we have been a times over since that influx of money when you could have question the issued and sort of just seem ethic of them who can grow by Popa was that display. No it wasn't. Now, I think that it wasn't just him. No. I mean, it was a whole collective of that Manchester United saying when the injuries happen to have time, we've Marsh and lingered. They suddenly lot Joe's marina. It was really slow team. They had out there and poke, but then got frustration and deserve these right called. Okay. San question few. What did we learn from the other two games? What do we have red Roma Port-Au an IMAX round Madrid? Didn't mean what did you take from those? And so. I wasn't surprised. I wasn't too surprised to see Real Madrid. When not one and they were evens tried the day went off a bye two thirty on the exchange. And but I wasn't surprised to see them win. Not am. Did you say the shambles? Sam did this wasn't it too. I mean apart from anything else. Two many fifty stoppage two minutes injury time. Yeah. It's crazy. I I didn't agree with that. Especially how long it takes. And but I thought that goals really should have stood Cousy should if we're going start and choking of goes. I that and it's just bollocks is pathetic. And then the Roma porta sprang into life. Didn't after a fairly slow stop. Yeah. I think both games are now now there on Tuesday nights. And then it was the seventy th minute actually runs on yellow scored the first goal and the sprung into life after after the seventieth minutes he'd probably seaport on not side with the illegal interesting Now, Dan before you on. So this question. Which is who gets the fourth Champions League spot in the permanently this year. Let's get some nights. He's betting Sam. How do you potty power belt and top four finish on the top floor? So we have an a leave Liverpool Mancha. We've taught them at once a nine we've mine United at evens Chelsea five to four arsenal thirteen to five. And then we've offered and wolves boat the five hundred to one okay, Dan. Horrific results last week. I'll just think they're running actually looks a little bit. The you is at least I mean, everybody expects it to lose that guy. Lost six points wise, you'd expect you know to win and you'd expect Choshi saluted city. So I'm not going to change my opinion. So you might from before they're running is he's got the game out of the way they've played all snow home and away as well. Mentioned, you know, eight of plight Spurs Paul from that to go apply over the rest of the big six again. And we've seen in the game against PHD against top level. We saw you. You take Cutler quick plies out the same. Then I went here as effective. So all snow of obviously, go to Charleston weather out there on points. I'll just think I rely a little bit too much on the front who like a bit cloth field. Okay. Mark question for you. How big a boost is it for England's that Declan is chosen the three lines. Yeah. I mean, he's a fills wave. He grows into the sanctuary and so carries on the way. He he's been performed for west time. He feels a programmatic position no doubt about that. I mean, you don't wanna get too excited about the prize because you've seen them before or come on this age, and then you know, into for years Thomas by John share these injuries, but would be the obvious one. But yeah, I mean, he looks to be an excellent player an upgrade on sort of dire. Jordan Henderson if you like in that position. I think is a really awkward for somebody of June nationality to have to choose one country over another wouldn't want to make that. Now there was there was one particular Republic volume play. Well, Kevin Kilbane who I felt really nasty tweet avenue go I mean, if killed bounds good enough to play for the Nima if at the same choice, but it's just payback. I mean, they need Tony Cascarino. Oh, I just think it's it. It becomes down to a personal choice if you are June nationality, maybe did lead oil and own for too long. But I'm not sure I think it was easier decision. All writing a holiday decision. I've away. I eat the people can come to respect the decision. Let's pay the England team between us for the dumber. I sign we'll come to you in a minute. You can join in. If you like, but let's pick the England team for the twenty twenty twenty European championship opener. Okay. You you you have to go. He mark. I'll Pickford Pickford wink, fullbacks, then you can have full backs on the left. Yeah. Well, I'll probably write trip if I'm. Well, he he's he's coming to the equation isn't a year. One bassac. I'm trying to think it's all been. I'm not so sure about him as well. Only Zonda Wyden. One Bassac afford into similar categories promising young plies, really obits. They were to learn walkers still be around as well. I mean, often call wokers eastern plays for months. Okay. I'm going to I've riding women's soccer. He's left back. Then come on ninety rose rose. Mark centrebacks boy beat stones and Gomez stones and Gomez. Okay. Go three midfield. So got Royce holding showy wings and daily. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean weeks she's coming on bundle at the moment or anything. And then Harry, kind sterling rush with all of a sudden rush San show. Chun show on the bench. I think of I mean, obviously does progressive at the moment. I think he'd be behind these behind you look at starting is is just going from strength to strength for them. A lot. And then God as well. So yeah, I mean could options. Okay. Interesting, right. And Samuel other. A your second question who's gonna win their fake up before we tell gives Patty Powell's lacy show and the latest bending, the mon- city are still obvious files at six sixty five and Chelsea then at five to one minute. United six to one and wolves seventeen to to Chris policy tend to one watchword sixteen to one bright twenty two one Darby forty five to one so on Zee Bradford both at eighty two one go in new you're gonna go full send I think wolf is a really good each way about here. And I think I still would favor Manchester City. I mean, there's there's such obvious favorites. But I do think is a good. I it's like bad at seventeen to two and possibly for each way with United and Chelsea vote. Got each other either. Then we're then draw Manchester City that would leave wolves that the best of the rest. So I think they'd be a good each way about okay, Jodi goods dime. Which question if I caught one an upstate man, say anything. Is against going to have to play the most one of the big six to lift the trophy. So that straight away. I mean, who who I saw the big six he's going to he's going to come out see anybody there. So now I mean for each white battling what for sixteen to one. They're almost short twice the process of wolves. And I think all slot easy. It's a way to keep your instead of a way to pursue safer. We'll be picking reserve teams though, as an e highs still think I think that will come inside layabout getting imposs- keep y'all still and then who I was on would be stronger couple of inches for Brentford in Bristol say. If these the two big six teams may in the court all semi falling. There could be a pathway for him. So I think off always hundreds could be an outside bet. Okay. Which question are you to say, I'm I'll take the the the Roma know what else? Yeah. Law season's Champions League was really high scoring. Just just go a bit crazy, really? And we wondered whether you know, that was the way football was was going maybe is. But for is very interesting that the four knockout ties, we're all new new all time, and the ones that I watched closely were were cagey affairs. I often I wonder if maybe the two goals expectation and Bill it'll be a high for these games that we've got coming on Mansi probably will fresh out. But I think that we could get back to seeing so of all Makuto proper knockout footwear. The first game is quite respectful of each other. And then opens up so maybe look to play the new news off time or the next week isn't as next week. Yeah. Not. I'm not signing for the Muncie game. But some of the others does or closer could be low score, that's one to bear in mind. Definitely. And Sam I guess you're going to say that you totally sympathize with that Ken Rice's predicament as well. Yeah. Of course, I feel cheated on, of course. And I can understand decision though. And having an open the air for so long as well. It felt kind of inevitable that he was going to choose England. And but it's it's hard to accept as an Irish because it's a massive loss. Absolutely. Okay. That he could have been a defining play for oil and ways, maybe not for you know, because you if you're let coined too so a nation you only one really good player and Eric's them off and he takes him. So so of from being an average team into a really good one. And you know, maybe not as important at the moment for England and understand the different version. Okay. Let's turn our attention to the first of the live FA Cup fixtures. Takes place on Friday night at Loftus Road. Sim forty five BT sport keep versus what foot. Howdy, Patty power bet. Sam keep your seven two two draw a twelve to five and lottery out four to five. Now, then some you fame confidently tapes this weekend, you think we're going to be spitting at winner off the winner. Hopefully, it was it wasn't too bad last week. Unfortunately than opt in command, not Ted him with unlucky slide. They take and see eighty eight minutes all Isaac unlucky. Right. Well, we'll. Stick with you for the first tip of the week who you're gonna go for keep your Wofford. I'm going for Wofford air to Winston Nell Dave ad. They haven't conceded too many in their loss of five they've only conceded two and three in their last seven. And I think they will take this on a little bit more seriously as well. Now that they they're not try to relegation, and they won't get into the top four or anything. And so I think they will go a little bit stronger here. And so I'm going to Winston Hillier. What about you? Fair enough shade of odds-on goals that some still only against Tottenham four clean sheets in five in the others slightly wary. The fact that they rotate heavily, but they still won two new against Newcastle. Keep y'all all five of their last seven in all competitions and conceded for to Birmingham. I'm preston. They were in action in mid week as well. What about a clear on off? In a reasonably strong favors. Keep you on under McClaren, his three chunks. Terrible star. Sudden revival. Donna great job. I mean, he really has right Jami. They should be fine. Ready Gatien coined to resources, you know. Play plays in the timber addition as a somebody of so enjoy look I think I think a few permit league teams all look and he's a touch class about him. But you know, they they were punching above their why. And now they just slipping down. So don't even think he's a natural position still being they're doing well. Well, we've the embargoes whereas I've been so start with the same squad Edison. And August as well. Why don't you think I think I think what a win? I mean, there's this question marks. What seem what paper I have got. Yes. Got the option Grazia of gyn strong because you've formulate seems I've got no game we've week afterwards. Whereas keep your about the players who say wait and then play Westbrook home next Tuesday. So he's a disadvantage actually for the championship team here. Do you think he will make a lot of Chinese because he caught loyal to the guys played new call my Levin. Chinese new call. So they won sue new boss still think th the reserve plies and not a lot worse in Casey's than the first team. Plies QBR be poll round. That was a big blow body from Bristol. Who say can see the panel injury saw him to lose two one five in a row now in the league. So they're gonna buy without it didn't play by pursue say. But what foods just think they go a little bit too, much quality? What for me, whether it be goes, I'll? Think they'll be oh shit yet. Two-to-nil what for that night? And that kinda school on. I think I think coupon struggle what school you go big Matt Smith out front but you'll Brit sauce Cup asylum. The back coming they were quite okay. Okay. Joey good. That's that. We will look at Brighton versus Dhabi next. Success? Ain't tent? It's board. That's why Poti power we paid the big bucks for the best in the world to develop our new fastest ever app. Download the new app from the app store or place Donau eighteen plus become too. Okay. Three FA. Cut ties on Saturday to live one at three o'clock. We'll start with twelve thirty AmEx. Brighton. Versus Dhabi is on BET, sport and Howdy patio. We have Brighton at eight to eleven we have to draw five to two and Darby at seventy two mall. Chris Huhne's other has been picking reserves and sticking with them in their fake up here. I mean, you mentioned them as a outright. So it was selection still going, but since you mentioned not they've been drugged. Probably one on thinking eleven sounds a bit short Somme are maybe maybe go for the doll draw double chance, I mean for betting purposes. So it's a winning on in minutes of you ever look at broad the running one of their lost fourteen free clean sheets in lost nine saying. This is a team we've dunk and Duffy that everybody. Oh there solely brought. But it hasn't really worked out that way for them. We seem Darby they play on Wednesday which is a disadvantage in our in action again in the mid weight. So I'm sure Lampe after change things up as well. But a pretty similar level game against Southampton. They've actually came through it. And that's not forget, no more replace. So it'll be decided on the day ninety minutes, and then extra time then penalties offing that does bring the draw more into play. If you all one of these teams is worried about. An extra fixture worry. No more. Okay, dan. Yeah. I'll I'll think marks mentioned the fixtures. There they survived for for Dr Baffin fly before and after land Paul did allow for a little bit with the game at Ipswich made a couple of changes there. How do we brought coming out midfield? They'll probably come in. That's that's their first choice. Really at the moment. For for me, feel plies. I think they'll be strong enough to Tacoma bra and problems. They drew two two didn't let south. I'm it's in. In the last round one minute ride in the car about cop gave choice really gain there as well. I think they'll always brought them problems with the drawers well here, Brian. I mean, I've got the free week into it. But I mean, Hugh is gonna want injuries to key players. So he might make a few changes. Let's say well what you make it Brighton here. Sam do you think they solid five? So could you take him? Now, I think we can take them on. And it's more Darbyshire me. They just been brilliant in the copes this year and with the Monday night, again, the Chelsea one place in football, don't they they do. Yeah. They really do. And then the last gaming is acting they rested Maine's Wilson Lawrence. So I think if he does that again and brings them off the bench. I think they could they could hurt Brighton there. And so I think Darby will qualify here. Oh exit. So just to qualifies the way that you think that's it hyphen for you. Okay. Let's touch on the three PM game. You see women versus mill. What's the latest betting? Here's we've Wimbledon three to one. We've twenty. Three to ten the draw on ten to eleven mill and some cents an upset here. I don't think mill qualify here. But I think it will be a cagey enough game. And it could be one maybe on a sat piece or with the a one nil. And so my best bet here would be Cooper the the sensor Baki scored five goals this season. As a first goal score is fourteen to one and anytime he's eleven to two. So I've gone for him. Just as because I think he could be one on us at peace for mill. Okay. As you know chaps. I'm I develop own of clashes. I dunno if you grabbed any of the middle shifted, wait and see them as well. Have both be identical. Cages, absolutely pathetic. Anyway, that's gonna help you to the malt. Langdon Denise well Kupa did the business in the last round against Everton. So a a gain just another one though aren't split states on Hutchinson as well the Philipson by the hasn't goes as golden season. But nearly scored against Everton no reason really why should be so far behind Cooper in the. Scoring stakes. They both go up for every set piece and they both tighten the ball. Well, and I think could be one on the set pace low scorings hot game action to votes for Cooper for I score. What more incentive Janine, but mo- also thinks Hutchinson's worth a bet, Dan where are you going to focus? The attack on just going to take a chance on Wimbledon support for another shock here. I've put performed quite well in the F Romanov obviously remembers the four to over west also one three two I two fleet will which was an above average performance for them this season. I want it wall. So in mid week just to give them a glimmer of hope in the relegation by mill think they might be a little bit distracted by the style end. They've far from clear trouble in the championship. The new and they were getting set for Wednesday in the way a lot or one that gyn got apply a against all even I in in the following Wednesday. So they might make a few Chinese their away record one one in fifteen away to season doesn't for your confidence. Wimbledon for me and the other TV game on Saturdays at five thirty. Newport, verses men city on BT sport Mansi city, mega mega shorts. And. Yeah. Wants to twenty months city and Newport twenty five to one in the drawl thirteen's on Dan. How do we turn these into betting event? Thank you, just working out. How many? You're going to win ball anything that we bought that? Many. Actually, the the pitch is going to be a little bit of a leveler. It's not an easy pitch for white teams to go and play tractive football school goes spur school one going. I lost season. Lest the school one going this season Middlesbrough no goes this season Leeds last season didn't score against them. So, you know, it's not easy. Even if you mind to play free flowing football crate chances sit at home this season. I one goals in twenty one games. Why a seven goals in twenty one games knows not near as potent away from. I'm following that every out Simon say to win sooner were correct score would be where to guy. Good reasoning. Sam what's your back? I agree. I think the pitch will be. We'll be told for amount city to play on 'em. I've gone for Hayes Zeus score two or more. Because I think the goals they score maybe maybe top ins or or quite close in and he is a top in merchants of gone for Hayes as two or more. It's eleven to ten here. Okay. Moke? Yeah. I'm always thinking, maybe one more free new. So I mean, you could look man city and under four and a half just a shade of ozone not might be one way or mentally yonder free and a half a game. But this isn't a match where I'll be looking to much in in terms of you know, 'cause I is real just a guess out really in terms of the school offering free. Neil might be a big run. If you want the first goal scorer zone. I eat things you on the new step at the moment. But he should come in for this game. He's been dropped for the permanently didn't play well against Newcastle. But he has scored in twins against Liverpool Rover and Huddersfield. And you know that kind of pace and quality may just catch Newport out. He's going in and a fashion flares is I mean, I think he somebody that when he has a bad game is really he stands out as being an absolute shocker, whereas they say banal as a bad game on the other wing. He does so much work for the team the pets were sticks. Boy, does it sometimes when he's having babies Cousy Michigan's German national team ause as well. Okay. Let's look at Sunday Monday, next checkout, Pat rewards stamp simply place five bets if ten pounds or more across any sports in a week and you'll get a free ten pound then next week teams. He's apply. Eighty plus begun to to welcome back to the racing post weekend. We'll post cost I'm breach Millington and joined by Mark lanes and Anton shells from the racing post and San Kingston from Patty perr, we've got three Sunday FA Cup ties all on the books in one way, shape or form. So the one o'clock Ashton guy Bristol City versus wolves. This should be good and BT sport to all the broadcasters. This is the. Abetting from Patty power. We've Bristol City at sixteen to five we've to draw five to two on wolves at eight to eleven okay. And Sam won't you think will happen here. And I've gone for wolves to qualify. I think there will be goals and there's been twenty five goals moles last seven games, which is over four per game. And bristle also scored in their loss fifteen games. So I think there will be goals here of Gumbo teams to score which I think looks big at nineteen twenty and on wolster qualify in the end. Okay. Mock y'all be backing wolves off zone for this guy wounds team seemed to struggle a little bit. When the the onus is on them to to try to win the game. You saw a Monday night against new call so clear trend that is I mean over the westbound guide absolutely destroyed west time, but there have been lot. How does filled with you know, that that was in front of the cameras Shrewsbury only just go policy them a needed to bites. I say awful draw in Noni minutes may be the way to go. Oh, I see. Well, Lee Johnson in particular Frau. He's money Jiro career as he's weird runs where he's absolutely brilliant for months, and then horrendously bad happened the bones when he had them in this guy. Earning all of the sudden they're pushing for the playoffs. I don't know. I don't know. Why there must be something in these carried? So that so of is all about getting on the row, but they are I'm beating in fifteen if one nine in a row go for the drawer ninety minutes, I wouldn't be packing wolves. Kite damn GB Becky move to show ABS on an uptight a chance on Bristol City. Actually, it's spring a surprise here. I think they'll be a big fear factor here. We'll kept a the same place from Las season and the games are taught last year to Ashton guy wombs one hundred injure injury hung hours or three three between the mullahs new. So there's games they're gonna look at that push. We say memories of that and think we can compete with his side. They're in great Rana's marks mentioned a moves have been that performance. He's recently been of a really really good or very very average. I mean that the great wins against west Simon Edson and in the two games again stroz Bree. What I've I've I've had to come from beyond twice. I don't really to Nick Ajoy new call. So I think he'll be it's close game in the old saw. I'll give. Sousse chance. Okay. Four o'clock BBC one at the Kate mode. Doncaster versus crystal Palestine, what's the latest Dunkester out four to one to draw three to one on Chris policy four to seven mall. What you make of they swim think you being signing game pilots away, maybe policy. Now, you've got two and a half goals could be the way to go. Don't leave schooled in nineteen lost twenty matches their unbeaten home seeing some tell you the twenty four obviously, this is a step up and what we've seen in the FA Cup. So far, they pay the person seen was decimated by injuries at the time. They you know, Oldham in the last runs, and this is a big step up. So they brushed anyone would would they arrest? Anyone? Oh, sorry. No, I no, no, no. This is a really big game for them. Ho became the Liverpool. Oh needs probably that stall, Manny midfield Markey's upfront. So we're talking men's into forward brings people into play scores goes off going Jones of of notching. But this is still a big, step, up and pilots. Create a lot of big opportunities that don't always site. In fact, they they rarely take them. I'm expecting them to on go forwards, and even if Ben Sekkei or Bosch, y and people that they should be able to to get the job done against what is it? Good league. One thing. Still only league onesie damn what you think. Colleen strong familiar all season long. I watch polish Crichton lows chances not titan and all of a sudden now, you got been techy. Who's looking fit now again bat show, I go scores. Well, sometimes a little bit Schlopy somebody's workout. So the bulk to it does get goes that makes a huge difference. I think it's the Sol paint makes these tricky toys, a, you know, a lot easier. Don't. Now will just I've still got the the to pick frets enough in the Soyuz. Strong Mayfield were metaphor h is as well. We Nassar to run the game for the most just Xuming might too many changes potus today skull for your free week on into it don't cost. I'm really went in league one. Why are you me's the clause got in the money? I had one win actually against fellow top six teams in league one. If you if you're struggling to get wins against your fellow big teams in league one how you're gonna get one against policy potus for me one of those gains at Chou, and when they lost to new, and they were absolutely terrible. Couldn't believe I buy they were defensively, but they've done really well since they must call them on enough that okay, and Sam what's your view here? I've actually gone for an upset here. I've gone Doncaster to qualify. Twenty seven to ten and I just thought they were good again site, then they beat them. Three nail dispiriting account might be might be quite high recently got themselves into the playoffs as well. I'm the policies nurse. He looking over their shoulder in the league. I think I'm not sure how seriously they might take this game. So I think Don Kosta to qualify. This is my bet. Okay. If you don't want to watch that and you have access to BBC one way also at four pm swans versus Brentford. And if you want to bet on the game, these are the prices from Patty Powell Swansea at seven to five the draw twenty three to ten on Branford at nine to five go, strong tho-. Hey, dan. Brentford earned a notch process to win this. I would say the likely winners swims the very up and down saying this season grandpa too often Mike's changes and wrote sites when there's two games in a week. But they're not really getting any momentum to together. No more than two to win sequences all season long Brentford on a really good run. Now, I've I've I would tend on beaten until until the unlucky to one loss of forest the weekend bounce back from that deservedly. I some villa amid weak, and I think they start apply that a lot pilot of NAS football. We'll be suited liberty. Whereas is a nice pitches. Well, it's one zero bits who much Bernie out front Brentford so many threats out mo- pay Ollie Watkins, Ben Rama kind also Wrentham for me, and who few some I've gone for Branford to qualify as well. And I think it's going to be a good game. I've gone for over three and a half goals is the best bad at eleven to five and three Brentford zaas five of odds over three and a half and two of swans these last five. I think both teams are going to are going to play football and go for this. So I've I've gone for goals in this one. Okay. Both teams of school be the best thing if I was going for I would say it would be for stays slow outside is the reverse Vic she was free to ten shots on soggy echo. Everybody says read about the two teams style of play burnt foot. It depends. What team they they rotate you quite heavily in the FA Cup. Even if it is can you also or somebody like that, but been aroma moped Watkins is a really good from free. No idea. Why are they so low in the championship? If it went Dean Smith left that the riot of for too long, really. But you know, they were it seemed I often the season or first few months this season. People were talking about going up to Matic. Go wrong for them. Us do. Figure price at one fighting. The roaming the favorites. So I mean, I just lost their wife for for wall while the managerial change happened. Completely out a dollar towards the top six ten point sounds. Climate. Logistic plan. So well scoring goes I cook on a on a real winning run a month. Just take him close very much a team to works in the next year. Okay. Let's go for the big tire of the fifth round pick up seven thirty at the bridge on Sunday to teen. Smarting? From recent setbacks Chelsea against man. United live on BBC. One should be an absolute cracker and Sam Howdy. Putty panel bet you have Chelsea evens we've to draw five to two on Monday night at five to Mark. What you think will happen of go round around on this game the process probably wear on expecting them to be much between the two teams. So you make Chelsea about evens come for the draw just because I'm not entirely if Chelsea pies wants to fro- celery under the bus. This is a great opportunity to do. So. And the Premier League game finished in a draw. But they all good on shows if only lost once man, you know, have scored in every way gain this season. But then lingo rush hour came off injured are they going to be available. It said Alexis Sanchez injured himself colliding with a linesman as well before he came on. So this is a this is a really tricky game. I'm not expecting it to be a high scoring one of the thing. It'd be what's hard. There's a lot riding on this game particularly for socio because they're the Champions League. Now if I cut run could get him the job. I'm I'm not sure what was gonna happen. I think the drawer therefore, go to drool one one we could do with thrown under the bus by the plays of both clubs. Joe's. If he chose making defensive errors to slow midfield. It's alleged dressing room, unrest. That was Josie Marino Manchester onto what we want to go. So it's you know, I we'll see a lot from this game on. I was speaking before Chelsea play Mamo he's left Alonzo behind apparently a big bus stop with him and deploy is claiming in one Spanish newspaper. Lonzo Spanish done if you put the link together that the tactics are too complicated. Well, I mean. If that's his excuse for the season. He's pretty poor. Isn't it? I mean, it's just a leftback Z some short they might even fund. That's a happy accident that because they could end up with who's who's innocent play. He played in the boom of gaining four. I mean. I mean, the go issues I mean, most of the bad performances come away from home or Kato CV menu. Dan, an interesting punting challenge. What are you gonna go for fancy? Yeah. The star of the week looks at this on also mine, you know, I looked to picking what's the game begins a lot to knee-jerk against PS g and the wave. I'm followed in reminded. You of how he's I'm marina performance. He's a second offer completely incipient. And and there was reasons beyond that we've leaned Guatemala shall losing pice over their best performances on the Socia a Stein. Narcisse solid. An and then you press ROY at sometimes, and you go on the counter attack over sodden it when it's taken away in Matson's Sanchez, come on. And it gets one paced again in nowhere near the same seem. I'll just think Choshi gonna look at that. And how these poor performances coming away from? It's a lot more difficult in front of your own finds support in a by performance, you motivates do home nights sent through whether home. Off think all they're going to win this game. Now that you know that was a warrior in performance second offense pastry show season. It's told him in the League Cup semi when they put it. This is so similar level game. As you say you've got these players who boat on both teams nerve, they it their accident if they've done shit. So I mean, you know that shocking. I choose these plays night. Just sickens. I'll be. Wouldn't be difficult. Isn't it Sam? If you've got a clear view on this. It's very difficult to call. All right. And I think it might be a draws. Well, I think Chelsea will target this on the rather than target the euro Balik tonight, am, and I think, you know, it might go slightly more half strenght, and I just can't I count by Chelsea air, it evens and of gopher nightside one for a penalty to be scored three is going to be VR. And so I think if either team gets a penalty, I think they will scores. I'm both do got quite a lot of penalties. So five to think thought looks big enough. So yeah, I'll definitely do that. I love back in penalties when there's via exit load on. Let's let's get your best bet the weekend will be to mall nicht Preston. Oh few laws minute. We both went for the busy. I'm sure we haven't got the same one this week o k Monika to be known in league among the relegation. But that was roughing because Terio in Riyadh an absolute shocker shall deem who took them to the title and Champions League semi fall. And it was he's returned to performances since he come back of being quite good to to gang goal, and they beat salutes. They nearly beat Mont petty last week conceded a last minute penalty. But it's doing. Yeah. I mean, he he's one of the reasons for backing off still finding these why in the team, but it was difficult under Ray because I was such a mess, but you've got says fabric as Elsa Martinez. Golovin foul. Cow. I dreamed Silva Lopez. Well, this is no I mean this team should be pushing for year. If I don't know what went wrong earlier on on this area where he not been a very difficult time for them. We happen with Saleh. Also they played on Wednesday. They won one new, but I'd play with ten men for seventy five minutes. So not. Sure, there will be ready to go. Again. I'll tell you what I think that's one of the biggest missed opportunities mind tire life. I should have just been posing Monaco way came week. It was never going to be a manager was just still kicking says a pundit. Bought it. So no ATO damn what sure we can. I'm gonna talk to league two and I'm going to go for rock bottom. Not. So win. So we seconds hope Mansfield or three one of they've got a squad overhaul in January as you probably know. Jury while I'm we're Lincoln probably the best side in that game. One Suwon at forest. Green actually finds them to get a result. Even though I like for a screen because improving so much Mansfield will pour in their loss at Newport last last Saudi they go issues at the back as well Orion. Sweeties buying Benson is injured going to have to change the systems. Well, go go from pack free to back four against Notts County. Big improves recently, not it's win. It. Manzi for me. How about you see Sam come for Luton this week top league one? They've won their last five scoring fourteen and conceding to their way to flee would have been impressive enough this week. But just said recently, but I do think Luton would beat anyone the league right now. So I've gone for them at even money lovely stuff. What you wake can plan. So I'm going to watch football. Yes. Same as Ozzie again in the office autumn football on the desk. That nice Ken seen it. Power has joke dot impeaches and stuff like that. We've been a boats the weekends. It's usually Thailand food. All right. But I would usually bring in my own things to Tupperware container. Yeah. Keeps the cost down damn what you've the obstacle mohawk term week. Yeah. Yep. Heading down. So he's new Qiwei on the Saudi beautiful and should be lovely weather. This tell me. Degrees. Department. You'll give in football a break on side. Yeah. Great weekend from assistance to choose to get married. I mean, the ninety percent of the people that is probably taught him all snow on west time. And none of them were not calling. You know, the the role. My only my only role is make sure that my son and daughter to perform their roles as bridesmaid and paid for respectively. You know, they do that to the best of their abilities and don't ruin and in the ceremony. So I mean that would be that Koto your drink. Or can you drop them off the hotel at one o'clock, the weddings, not until free so straights? The buff lovely stuff enjoy that. And what about Sunday recover? Yes. Yeah. Very much very much recovery. Okay. I decided not to go to Doncaster. Just I was up in leads the other way on the trimbe put in don't Castro. Loot ramnath. Do I want to be on this platform at seven pm on a Sunday night move just being Dick's? But don't know. So I'm going to watch on TV. Hopefully, we'll get the job done. Thank you very much. Indeed, chaps another great show. If you enjoy these shows, do please make sure you review and subscriber wherever you all we'd love you to lead. Nice come into the bottom. If you enjoy the shows as well, we've got racing post costs every Monday and Friday. What else we've got? We've got the ante-post Cheltenham on Tuesday and Steve Palmer's back next Wednesday from the Gulf. He's being sunning himself in the say shows if you call it. Join us for any of those. We love to see back in next Thursday for another racing post weekend. Football post cost fully potty power on Snapchat user name is Patty power, and we promised I wouldn't be any boring. Snaps about gigs. 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