How Long Will We Wait For Election Results?


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Yeah you remember the two thousand election that was Bush v Gore where Florida held up everything because there was a lot of shenanigans going on with the ballots in Florida that took a while it went to different courts. Finally, the Supreme Court had to settle I think there was the election of. Eighteen, seventy eight, that was. So much like this election, it was the first election where all these southern states, the confederacy, all those confederate all those were suddenly back in the mainstream and everybody got vote that year but it was highly partisan was just like this highly partisan they were. You know people threatening to riot Bad groups, extremist groups threatening to block the polls and anyway everybody voted but it was such a highly charged partisan election more people than ever came out and what happened there. This could be what happens today is that a lot of states couldn't get their ballots counted. So the election seemed to be over and they had the winner, but then certain states wouldn't certify because they kept just claiming that they weren't sure they had counted everything. So it was held up long time That's the. That's the problem you might have winner declared election night and some states. I'm trying to remember, Florida how did that work Florida was given to Gore? In the projection and it was taken back and given to Bush, and then there was no winter declared that night. I'm trying to remember that election night. We had to wait till morning I think the thought was that Bush had one initially the network said, Gore had won Florida but then once they took it back. Then they then they said Bush one but. Up Yet. definitive. Bush one, but they couldn't certify it and make it official and then a lot of people hope that Gore would just give in and remember yelled press conference that day saying he was not going to give him. He was going to take this to court and fight it. So we'll see. But on the other hand, there are some people that think this is going to be a landslide for trump on election night. all these. Well, all these polls you read a totally rigged totally fake metrics and uncle by any of them. It's some people think that Democrats. Really freaked. Everybody out this year with the rioting and the arson and the looting and the burning down cities and the get rid of the police and all that might freaked out a lot of people coming to universal you living in I mean that's sort of an alternate universe I mean. Most people think that Biden is gonNA easily win this. Well, a couple of things one, the polls are so rigged. That's always a good indication when you look in the metrics of the poll and they had to really get that much to get these results. Really. Bad. In every real poll, internal polls, real polling It's trump with a slight lead although even even deadly accurate internal pollsters. Tell you a trump under polls by ten percent usually. So you can add ten percent to that I. I just think sin don't you talk to a lot of people just normal voters who? They, kind of got freaked out by rioting and it's defunding police of like that kind of talk that i. a lot of people like I mean like, I don't know they like trump, but they vote for him. Yeah. No, it's not about trump. It's just they like law and order. This is kind of like nineteen, sixty eight in some ways it looked like Humphrey would win easily over the very unlikable Richard Nixon. But then there were riots all summer lot of riots and it was just like this where the Democrats were not good at controlling riots. In fact, they had that well let them riot. It's a of the principle of protest and people didn't like that and suddenly Nixon. One because all of a sudden people wanted law and order he called him the silent majority they didn't show up in the polls. But they showed up at the voting booth, and so we'll see what two weeks can we get through this two weeks we debate is Thursday night. it'll be we're going to carry it here. It'll be on everywhere it'll be at nine o'clock till ten thirty. The debate commission is totally corrupt. It is run by this swap Guy Frank Ferrick off just horrible horrible corruption on a debate commission that fifteen people on the board all. Avowed trump haters do that. How could you have the little balance there? He'll say we. Democrats and Republicans. Yeah. Those six Republicans you have are all on the records Donald Trump is destroyed America. He's awful. So they're always going to pick totally biased trump aiding moderator every question will be crafted. To help Biden and her trump now, do you remember in the beginning of all this? This debate was going to be about this. This debate will be on this and this third debate, which is Thursday night was supposed to be a foreign policy debate. Will now the debate commission change the rules? It's not going to be foreign policy Why? Because Joe Biden has the single worst record on foreign policy of anybody ever he's been wrong on every major foreign policy issue. Ted. Kennedy's to joke about that Bob Gates the. Defense in that administration said nobody's been more wrong on foreign policy than Biden other people have said that so they realized that's a bad subject for Biden. So they've taken that away. And I gotTA. Look at some of topics. Climate change is back. Didn't they do that in the first debate then they cover climate change. Grab, which bring that back because they decided it was a question favourable to Biden. So again, debate commission totally corrupt president trump was on a show this morning talking about that Any said he knows it's corrupt. He knows the moderator is corrupt. He'll. He said I'll play the game I'll live with it pretty good attitude. You GotTa admit he's pretty tough about that kind of stuff you know most people be whining and screaming and suing, and he just said I'll play their game I've I've done this with her before? It's Kristen Welker, who's pretty bad real real trumpeter and They made the decision that they'll mute the microphones for the first two minutes. There's an opening statement at two minutes, they'll meet the microphones. This is actually probably going to hurt Biden because that means he has to talk uninterrupted. For two minutes. Well, don't you think that's a problem for him. I do he. He's probably GONNA run. That's only to say. What's that town hall? Where they go they didn't interrupt he even when he didn't completely fall apart his answers were rambling. There was one where he started answering the question. And he went into another answer all of a sudden got into the wrong question he he'd memorize these answers and all of a sudden slippin with another answer. And then it's simply realized he was on the topic and went back to the original topic It's pretty bad. It's it's it's really bad. So Kristen welker is the debate moderator. Here's trump kristen. Welker is terrible I mean she is totally partisan her father and mother are big supporters of Joe Biden for a long time supporters of the Democrat Party and she deleted her entire account. That's funny fashion took down or twitter account because it's all trumpeting stuff. So she she took it down the debate commission totally interesting thing. They said if you let them talk, you'll lose this chain of thought because he's got though and I understand that but I also understand that as he's going down the line and issuing live. Generally It's okay to you know really attack that. Yeah so Should be pretty interesting. We think and think this really sways anybody think everybody's decided. Yeah, I you know I think Biden collapsed on stage of people still vote for him. Yeah you're probably right generally when you run for president. The caught the. The forty forty twenty model in other words, you have forty percent the other side is forty percent and twenty percent undecided. And the whole point is to try to get eleven percent of that twenty percent and then you win. Now everybody thinks that model is out this year that does he meeting everybody's locked in? They think there's not even a twenty percent undecided. So this is what's called a turnout election. Everybody's got their voters. It's who's going to get the best turnout who's got the best apparatus to get all those people that turn out all the tech companies you know it used to be turn out meant you had these buses in these workers bringing people to vote nowadays that turn out model. That means tech being able to get a figure out where your voters are sending messages to them get all the tech companies are working with Biden. So that's not a good sign One reason twitter is censoring the hundred Biden Story the one of the two or three heads of twitter one of the top executives. Worked for Joe Biden for years. Doesn't that sound like a bad sign. It's not a good deal all around with his hundred Biden story really know troublesome we gotta tell him. And two of the top facebook executives worked with Biden for years. So it's not a listen it's totally corrupt. You just have to live with it Anyway we'll be talking about the debate throughout the program, Jeffrey? Toobin. Did you ever know him? He's a bad got really bad guy. I really can't even begin to tell you what a bad guy he is. Obviously legal endless. Well, let me just give you one example. You ever get a guy who's like a tough guy at work he causes problems at work. And somebody's not good. People don't the coworkers well, this Guy Tuban. Really bad he has a habit of impregnating your daughter. It's not remember. Jeff. Greenfield. Yeah. The great he was on ABC for years now wasn't he a really these still a very nice man really nice guy. So it's not enough for two to start dating the coworkers daughter he didn't get pregnant. then demand, she have an abortion. Then refuses to pay for it. and then he claims he's not the father I. think it was a paternity suit I'm trying to and he's got a long history of these things. I could rattle off all kinds of scandals with this. Jeffrey toobin. He's just a bad guy. So yesterday, he also works for the New Yorker. Perfect place for him. And yesterday that doing a zoom call where they're going through their election night simulation of the election night it's a long zoom called you ever been what's the long assume clay you ever been on this was like two hours. On the morning show four hours. Oh. That's right. Yeah. Well, that's not you're doing a show though but This is a business meeting zoom called went on for a couple of hours. So apparently, this Tuban who like an Anthony Weiner Sicko wack job no pun intended sex maniac can't two hours without masturbating you just can't. So Somewhere in the middle of this zoom call as there's a little less action now in the call. And they see him turn to another computer. He's doing something on another computer and they thought. I thought he's on another zoom call. It looked like he was doing something on this other zoom. Call. but then they notice he is Taking it out. Taking out is peanuts has come out. Trying to figure out what is what is he doing, and then it's pretty clear to them. They're watching and you could see that he's he's masturbating in front of A. Thirty people on this call watching this I'll put you ever show your face again. Well, that's the question. Can you ever make a comeback? And I to say look at peewee Herman it's thirty one years later he's still trying to come back. You did a few. Loves Raymond Episodes, that little movie but the comeback is not worked. So I don't know how could he ever come back? I mean, how can you ever watch him on TV and that just burst out laughing Cash well, I hope he had a good time because his career is over. How could he be on CNN when they show him, you'd have to say wait a minute what's behind the desk there And let me see your hands. So now you might say he's married yet. Here he put out a statement admitted to it right away. What's he gonNA do they have a? Zoom. Zoom calls are usually recorded. Aren't they? Some people regard him. Yes. Yeah. When we have our big IHEART thing they recorded. So if you didn't get to see, you can watch it later. So Who knows at some point? Somebody might leak it out unsure already destroyed it I don't know if you really want WanNa see that I don't think so. He put out a statement of mmediately knowledge that it happened. It's true and he said I apologized for my wife my and a lot of cheeses wife what my all his poor wife what's this is nothing? This is the little scandal. This wife has had to put up with again these has had more affairs more getting people pregnant at the don't worry about the wife she's been through this stuff twelve times with this guy so. Very bad guy So what should he do He and Anthony Weiner four may wish. You know that Anthony Weiner has a job. He hired a PR firm guests and they went out publicizing got on Channel Four news yesterday for his new job. He's the CEO of a company that makes kitchen countertops I think it was called eyestone or something like that. He I don't know who this company is, but they got a really desperate for publicity. They're bigger publicity hounds than foul she. I mean higher Anthony Weiner to beat because they figure get a little tension Anthony Weiner. Now, he knows as much about business. And running a company as Hunter Biden. So I guess why not? If this company will hire Anthony Weiner and I watched Weiner on Channel Four they said, well, why isn't this a little because? No, you know people people have gone from business. To Congress why not from Congress to business because you're not going from Congress you going from prison prison for being pedophile. This company hires this just got to jail for being a pedophile as if there's nothing wrong. Would you buy a countertop from this company? Now? I, think I'd find someplace else. So, who knows that Jeffrey toobin maybe the CFO of this company In a couple of weeks. Anyway we'll get back to all of this check out the web pages. Some great stuff up there. Watch this clip. This is a couple of years as you. It would have been two, thousand sixteen. This is the debate moderator Kirsten Welcome. She's this is when Hillary was the candidates she's interviewing the. Hillary Clinton campaign aide campaign manager actually but they cut too soon where she's feeding the questions to the Clinton campaign person. She. Take a look at. This video also, why did the President Trump Attack Ouchi? Why did he say we'd have five, hundred, thousand dead take a look at this. Here's the here's exactly why we he's not wrong. We would have had five hundred thousand dead at least if he had listened to. Take a look at this. It's all up on the web page go to seven ten, W. O. R. Dot Com Slash Mark Seven, ten, W., o., R., DOT, com slash mark. What's it like to drive the Volvo xc ninety plug in hybrid. The thrill of four hundred horsepower t eight twin engine. The joy of impromptu road tramps. And the serenity. Of Electric. Power. PURE ECO mode. Visited dmv Volvo retailer today to experience the xc ninety recharge plug in hybrid for yourself.

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