Ep. 063 - Theology Series (8) The Goodness of God and His Grace


Welcome to Christ is the cure with Nick Campbell. Here we bring you theology, apologetic and a resource for growth on the basis of scripture alone said back and enjoy today's episode. Hey, welcome back to show this episode sixty three and it is the next episode NFL g series. So that's up eight of the theology series and standard. And we talked about the goodness of God and his grace. If you didn't notice, we are implementing the new intro now, so hope you like it because that would be the intro for at least the year. I think it's kind of catchy on my play routh. It'll be more. So I wanted to talk a little bit before we begin about what's happening on patriarch again. So patriot is where people basically helped this show. Keep going without adds helps the website run helps everything. Run everything that happens as able to be sustained by my patrons. Well, patrons, you're going to get more of a perk as time goes on. 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We changed the about on the website to reflect more of why it's called crisis, the cure because the seems to be some kind of 'em beauty there. So go check out the new about we're on Spotify. Now. That is the coolest thing to me because I spot. So if you're a Spotify user, you can now find the show on Spotify. And so we're on multiple platforms, and we have some interviews coming up and logical things are happening regardless. The next episode of the theology series has been a while. I think it's been like two or three episodes since since we've done a theology series up. So. And we're gonna be talking about the goodness of God and his grace. So in the last episode of filled you series, we went over the attributes of God in a pretty quick overview. In this episode, we're going to be zooming in on some of them as I mentioned before, how these attributes get group together or classified and approached when examining them differ fairly greatly. So after thinking for awhile, decided to approach it as Millard Erickson dozen his introductory theologist work Christian doctrine, which if you're getting into theology, it's a great start a book easily. Ridden course Wayne. When grooms systematic theology is recommend as well. I think airsu- Ericsson is a little bit more approachable in terms of simplicity. However, I do disagree with him. I disagree with. I mean, you're gonna disagree with every the illusion on somethings and we're not. It's very rare to find someone you agree with on every single point. Erickson does a good job giving you various perspectives, and they don't give you his. And so it's it's pretty good in that sense. Anyway, he goes into the chapter focusing on the goodness of God, and I think that's a good format for what we're doing here. And looking at Paul ends book the moody hamburger theology, which I also recommend. I realized that he has Ericsson's classification listed and his different classifications of attributes to God. So according to ends Ericsson actually places that God institute different categories greatness and goodness, and under greatness, we see spirituality personality life, Infinity inconstancy while under goodness, we see the categories such as more purity, integrity and love, and under those sub categories we see moral purity, having holiness, righteousness, and Justice under integrity, genuineness veracity, faithfulness. And lastly, under love, there's benevolence, grace, mercy, and persistence. So you may have noticed that we have covered holiness and that all entails, and all that entails in episode for the six and how much we revisit that now will be unknown. Some may think is weird to start with an attribute of holiness before getting into the attributes, but I think is appropriate. Given that all of God's attributes are wholly which I recommend listening. So fifty six on that topic. So before going into the various ways that God's goodness is shown, let's talk about God's goodness within itself. God is absolutely good, and Jesus realizes himself in saying that God is good and Matthew nineteen. Seventeen, Mark ten eighteen Luke eighteen nineteen in the statements, contextual points, the infinite goodness, God that absolute goodness, God, God shows goodness towards his creatures. And you see this exodus thirty four, six, which reminds the Lord the Lord God, merciful and gracious, slow to anger in abounding, steadfast love and faithfulness. Moving on from here, we can look at the different aspects that reflect or demonstrate God's goodness. So that was just a little bit touching on his general goodness. Now, speaking of God's holiness. We mentioned before. It included moral purity, which would simply be the freedom from anything wicked evil. And this period we see that God's holiness as highly prominent in that God cannot tolerate the presence of evil. Remember that we walk through Isaiah six on the top of God's holiness and relay the fact that God is holy in all of his attributes. He is hired all of his ways and that's just how he is separate, which is the basic definition of holy. The next consideration in God's goodness is righteousness. Righteousness usually denotes being morally right and God as a righteous within the biblical concept as God's attribute of initiation in perfecting a right relationship with his creatures. Now, righteousness being morally right is grounded in the very character of God. You can see exodus nine, twenty seven, Deuteronomy thirty, two, four judges five, eleven. So putting these points together, we see that God is righteous, his laws righteous, and he alone credits writes in this demand through Christ. Let me see. Let me see. So these things can all be seen throughout the New Testament as well in the Lord's judgment has judgment as righteous. Second Thesselonians one, five, six revelation sixteen seven seconds empathy for eight and Paul as well stresses that the reality that God demonstrates his righteousness in the perpetrator, you death of Christ, Romans three, twenty one God as righteous shows us his innate. Indignation against, especially in the reality of his holiness and especially in reality that sin goes against his very nature being that he is very being. He is the source of righteousness. He is honest, and his actions are in accord with his given law because of his nature. There's not an external standard for God to establish morality, but it simply comes from his own nature from reality from reality is the source of what we know as morality and that reality is God himself. So moving on from there, we see within this framework of God's goodness, we consider God's Justice now got firstly accent accordance with his law and righteousness, because his law reflects a character. And Secondly, he had ministers kingdom and accordance with that law. This means that those under him are subject to the law. God Riley acts as a judge and will enact Justice where there's transgression or sin. Now, sin as consequences, and those consequences will come at some point or another God as a righteous judge then. And we must remember that God's Justice is good, and that it includes God's holy wrath. We aren't going to specifically go into wrath too much here, but God's wrath is a means by which God shows his glory and the righteous judgment upon transgressions of his holy long character as a good judge. God must account for every Senator Enzi aggression. And the problem arises is that we want it to occur. Now we want just as now which is often delayed, and in fact, is being stored up Paul states, but because of your heart and in 'em penetre heart mispronounce word of the day, you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath, when God's rights to chestnut will be revealed Roma's to five. We'll find out the reason why his Justice is delayed because of his mercy as faithfulness and we'll get to that in a second. So Erickson, it has worked classifies three attributes under the heading of integrity in those are. Louis being true rasc- telling the truth and faithfulness proving troop, these are relatively self explanatory, and we have spent time on this and the simple explanation that God is truthful. And in my own view, this is implied by the very righteousness and holiness of God. If God is righteous and holiness, we should know inherently that he is true because our moral standard what is written on the conscience of man is that standard and we know that truthfulness injustice are all good things. I hope that made sense. Next, there is a grouping of love, including benevolence, grace, mercy, and persistence. Now benevolences caring for the welfare of those God loves and graces the reality that God demonstrates actions on the basis of his goodness and generosity opposed to any merit or worth of an individual Grace's, something that should be spoken much of as well. It is unmerited undeserving favor of God to those who are under condemnation. We can see it being presented in various ways in the. Recognizable ways is the gospel, it self. It is the provision of salvation, and it can also encompass deliverance from various trials preservation guidance enablement and Jesus. Christ is said to have brought grace and truth. Mercy is the foundation for forgiveness, Rudin and compassion for the miserable, and Paul ends moody, Hamaoka theology. He states it, mercy, stresses the faithfulness of God, despite man's unfaithfulness, and therefore emphasizes pity sympathy and love. So we're told that God is rich and mercy and numerous passages, and we can see his mercy and delaying judgement for the sake of extending the gospel, which is what I was talking about in terms of delaying righteous judgment because see his mercies in various ways banana in the gospel sell last is a persistence which I can be kind of strange Ericsson describes it as God is pictured as withholding judgement and continue to offer salvation grace over a long time. So I thought, perhaps this would be better. Described as patient persistent seems a little bit. Humanistic maybe. Yeah, I would say, oh, maybe that's not the right Trump, but I don't like the way that that is classified. I think patients got his patient underneath his goodness would make more sense for that. He's being patient rather than persistent, but I'm not really sure. I, I guess persistent would work in some some senses. But so one thing I did enjoy of Ericsson's section here is the quote on the tension of God's love and Justice. He says. Love and Justice have worked together in God's dealing with humanity. God's Justice requires that there'd be a payment of the penalty, your sin, God's love, however desires that we'd be restored in fellowship with him, the offer of Jesus Christ has the atonement for sin means that both the Justice and the love of God have been maintained. So the cross has been a display, both the love and just as God, which we talked about many times in the show. It's the pivotal point, neither are compromised on the cross. His Justice remains on those who checked across as he is good in a righteous judge, and God is love, and that he provides his son and the sacrifice made on the cross. God's goodness. Contrary to popular theology is held and his Justice as much as his love. It is good that there will be Justice. We all know that we need it. We are rightly made in the image God, we, we have that sense of injustice in we're in, we're angry at injustice. We feel that tug for Justice. It's a part of our design. Paul in notes here that God's grace and mercy are particularly exhibited as delay and withholding judgement, and that God does not immediately judge. Men is an evidence of his grace. The reason is to naval man unto to repentance, and you see this aromas to four. So after going through the goodness of God, I wanted to focus a little bit on grace here. So I, there's a need, recognize common grace and special grace. Common grace is broad and aimed at all of mankind and give you seen as the favourite God towards all men which is seen in his general care for them. Berkoff state that congress is those general operations of the Holy Spirit whereby he without renewing the heart exercises such a moral influence, a man through his general or special revelation that sin is restrained orders maintain his social life, civil rights, and this is promoted or those general blessing such as rain, sunshine food, and drink clothing shelter, which got him parts to all men indiscriminately where and what measure is seems good to him. So common grace consists of general blessing such as the provision of rain for farming and the means by which to have food and clothing. The general call of the gospel also falls into this category as well. If you think about it. What that means will be explained a little bit later, but basically there's a general call the gospel. You see journal calls in the Old Testament as well. But in terms of the gospel, there's general call and it is a common grace for this general call. So common grace also encompasses the restraining of sin. We see this very instances in scripture and likely we can't see it entirely in our lives. There was a quote, can't remember who said it, but a state of that every man dead yet active in his sin has the capacity become a Hitler stolen scripture. We scripturally. We see that God restrained LaBant LeBron I've heard of both ways. But anyway, he he restrained him in Genesis thirty one seven and God put a limitation on what Satan can do job or to job and job one, twelve and two, six and the prophets. We see, that's our ministry was a means by which sin was restrained. And of course, through human government as they're designed, they're designed to restrain evil. Therefore, an unlawful government. We see God's grace lifted in that aspect and for more on that, you can consider the texture. Romans thirteen one through four in Romans one, which you don't really hear a lot about. So it's kind of just assumed that you know and I don't even know if I want to go there right now. Yeah, we're not going to. So this certainly is not exhaustive on explaining the common grace of God, but it will perhaps lead into further research for listener, which is what we always try to go into special Grace's, narrow and worked within the scope of those who have received it. It can be called special grace as well be defined as the work of the Holy Spirit which moves men to believe in Jesus crisis savior. We will actually approach this grace more. We're talking to so tier Yala it'd be much more fitting in that context because without that context, we either have to move into sociology to explain it better or you know, we can just get to it whenever we get there. So you have a common grace as for all mankind and various means, and the other, the special grace which is for those who are basically in Christ. Which is kind of the same. In that sense, you have actual calling which falls into. Special grace as well. We'll kind of get into later in terms of the theology series. The next episode will be the Tri unity of God. A lot of people have been asking for this episode because of the discussions recently had with several individuals on the trinity that I shared on the show, this various scotch on the trinity. So we're gonna be discussing the trinity and more detail how long it will take me to prep for that. I'm not sure because I have been trying to take my time with prepping this one I kind of had to throw together. But in this one, I think most Christians, even in their early years of being a Christian, an understanding of these concepts, some of the concepts and this up. So that may not have occurred to people his common grace that it's grace or it's a mercy to restrain evil or to withhold Justice. There's a grace to withhold. Justice. There's kind of that paradox of you're speaking to an atheist agnostic and they say that God is evil for flooding the whole world. But then as AM atheist agnostic will say, why doesn't God get rid of all evil? Well, the last time that he did that they Theus in agnostic criticize him for doing that because we are the problem. So that's just one of those things. And we, we are going to see that we are going to see the judgment of God. We are going to see him doing that for right now, we see grace and his willingness to let the message of the gospel reach more individuals for a longer period of time. The people who receive the gospel are of course in God's mercy, and we know that his Grace's extended to them, and that's just what we all kind of know already. So the last thing on that subject that may have been kind of different for some of you is God's grace restraining evil. And if you have any question about that, you can you tell me about it. I think that's about it. I don't think this episode was going to be very long and. The trinity is kind of one that I really want to spend time on and it just how far I go. Depends on how much I think needs to be explained for. We've talked about quite a bit on the show already. If you haven't listened to those episodes Moog regardless. Thank you for being a listener. Thank for being part of the show. Thank you for being on Instagram. Thank you for just thank you for encouraging emails. Thank you for. For everything, and I'm happy that I have been helpful in some respect to various things, and there's a lot of podcasts out there that are really good. And so to be a listener on this show in the midst of a bunch of different podcasts. I appreciate it as a lot of good ones, and yeah, so this this were approaching the one year anniversary of the show, and it's still one of those things where I did not expect it to come as far as it did. Just one of those cool weird things we can year I didn't think is gonna last couple of months, to be honest. There is that little period where it's just blew up and it became number one. IT can start for a couple of times, and I was in the top ten for for good couple of months. And lo and behold, emails come in, people were following, and so. This show is for you guys. I'm here to try to answer questions and give you resources the best. I can. If you didn't notice an icon touch on this here. I don't really touch on politics on the show. There are plenty of Christian baseball political shows, and I don't really touch on that here and I just don't. That's not my arena. I don't focus on politics very much every now, and then I do such as the social Justice statement. I think that was completely necessary. In terms of in general, all the stuff going on right now with protests and all that. I don't really focus on that. And so I don't do that. There was some requests about my opinion on various topics in politics, and I just don't go there. My focus is theology, apologetic and growth. And so if there is things that are brought up in the culture that need to be addressed, such as the social Justice statement, I will, but it depends on whether or not when it wherever it starts infecting the church. That's where I started getting concerned. But if it's outside the church, then I don't, or I think that a lot of Christians would do better to focus less on politics because at the end of the day, our primary kingdom is the kingdom of God and politics here cannot save the United States. It can't. Christians put too much. Much on the backs of politics and they put too much trust in it. You know there there, we are to have influence in various instances. But I think we put way too much effort too much time into politics, and that's just my personal view. I keep up with them. I have my views. I don't share them on the show because that's not what the show's about. So that's kind of where I stand with that. So any questions, compensate Stearns. Please feel free to Email me and I look forward to updating you guys with what's happening in the show. And you guys have a great great weekend. God bless you. All.

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