REShow: Jim Nantz. Hour 3 (02-04-19)


Orig- is on demand. Your show your schedule. Fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. All right, everybody. Welcome to this third hour post Super Bowl Sunday edition of the rich Eisen show fresh bat will not really fresh back Midland flight landed old five AM time here in Los Angeles, California. But I'm sitting here at the desk, because I I I love all of you. And I just give just given a give that's one way to put it another way is I just love talking ball with y'all eight four four two four riches, the number two what a great week we have shows and Atlanta and we figured after chatting with Tom car in with the Boston angle and Jeff Schwartz broke down the Xs and os. We figured we'd go straight up the flow chart right now and get the man who called the Super Bowl on CBS remarkably the first one that he's called with the patriots winning. He had the trophy to them in the first ever Super Bowl, the NFL network covered back in Houston city. Obviously means so much to him. And we're thrilled to have the day after calling the game on CBS with the patriots beating the Rams gymnasts here on the rich Eisen show. How are you? Jim. I am. Well, and just like you. I hurry home as fast as I could. So I just got on the ground here in California. And I'm delighted to talk to you. I appreciate that. Jim. I appreciate that. So what do you take away from Super Bowl fifty three? Jim. And I had very little restless night relate to that. I've been of course, circling in my mind, so many thoughts about the game. So bizarre. Strange. Unlike anything, I've I think I've ever seen in a football game. It's just it was it was just a not what anyone expected, you know, pay tip of the hat here to Bill check. And I think that was perhaps his finest finest hour, maybe his finest game plan offer, and I don't want to shortchange while Matt at Brian Flora's, but we all know Bill never gave away defensive coordinator title this year because he is the coordinator, and I was at practices week. And I saw it at work and floors is right there with them but Bill is in the middle. And I mean when a tremendous game plan he put together to completely bring to a screeching halt an offense that. I was just packed full power and speed and all kinds of punch, and it just was not existent. How about this one? Yes. We had for the game one snap in the red zone for the game one. And it was the touchdown. Touchdown run by Sony from two yards out. Now, tell me a game you've ever seen that had one snap from inside the twenty for both teams combined. One. I can't recall it Siebel. I know in remarkably that happened fifty three minutes into the game. The exact number of Super Bowls at Penn. Played your numerology dream fifty three minutes into Super Bowl. Fifty three is when he creased the end zone, Sony, Michelle, and it it really was one of those games where I was expecting. I soon you were to that at some point. It would just all the defensive filters would be taken off and the the offense would have its say. But it really never happened. I thought in the second quarter when it was three nothing did so still going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of the game that my partner Tony Romo had foreshadowed at the media day. He'd been asked to make a prediction on the game. Don't tell us who's gonna win that the the the question came from the floor. We know you can't pick a team. But just could you tell us the score. And Tony's that twenty eight twenty four and the team that has twenty four we'll have a ball at the end and be stopped. I thought that was still possible. I wasn't trying to call him out on it or make it look bad on those snarky people out there trying to make something out of that. But the reality was we had a game similar in flow at Kansas City two weeks before and that was a fourteen nothing game. And you never would've Madge that it would be thirty seven thirty one final in the end. That's what I still thought. We were heading toward was the game. There's going to be in the twenties, maybe somebody would touch thirty. And this thing would open up. But it never did. Did you get a sense at all to me? Jim Jim Nancy on the rich Eisen show. We may never get an answer to the question about Todd Gurley. Wh what did you glean throughout the week about his prepared? This readiness health anything, Jim? All I got was everyone's old. He was fine. Everyone on the record off the record. I think this is unrelated the what happened in New Orleans. I think the New Orleans thing was about his focus or lack of the beginning of that game the interception bounced off his hands. Another drop all the Rams are going in for a touchdown to the caught at around a fifteen yard line. And I think it was never called benching. I just think that McVeigh lost faith in him in the NFC championship game and got comfortable with the way Anderson was playing now this one I think this had to do with having the game plan being taken away from him. Not because anyone lost faith in him. I just think the game was forced to go in a different fashion than what the Rams usually. Do. You still got whatever it was ten carries the game not a lot. But it certainly had no flow to it. The Rams offense throughout. And it just I think I just think those two off performances are two different issues, and this one had more to do with what New England was throwing out to Nancy here on the rich Eisen show just landed back on the on the left coast. I think he's got an appearance on DP show at pebble coming up later in the week kind enough to call in in the rich Eisen show here the day after calling the Super Bowl. So let me ask you this one Jim where does Brady rank? I mean, as we all know you've seen great moments at Augusta you've seen great moments in the NC double a hoops tournament. You've seen so many great moments in your broadcasting career out of those areas as well where does Brady rank for you? It's a very difficult proposition to try to compare. Tom Brady, the Tiger Woods, for example of it. How do you say one's better than the other? These are just such special individuals who compete a such a high level, and who are just driven insatiable. Appetite to try to win win win. They just never let go of it and unquenchable thirst for victory. And I I just I admire that kind of athlete that just it's never enough is never enough. I mean, you would have thought that maybe this would be enough for Tom. I can't speak for him. Like, no one pretty well. You know him pretty well. We've covered him a long time. But you know, he walks off that platform last night with the Lombardi trophy is a little girl in his arms amazing. I mean, he convinced me he's coming back. I thought maybe there might be a little wiggle room than if he wanted that. This might be the right occasion, not not necessarily on Sunday night to take away from the moment. But I certainly out of sense. Just just listening to them answering the questions that you know, he's definitely planning on coming back and staying with that long range plan of of of quarterbacking tilles forty five years old. Yeah. I mean, it's it's amazing. I guess I should ask. Instead of rank if you've seen any, you know, similar traits, and you you mentioned one with tiger mean the first time you handed that trophy to Brady was way back when he was just winning his second. And now as you handed that one to him last night, you could say it was the second most valuable trophy that that little girl in his arms for him. And how it all connects maybe for him. I think that that he wants to keep playing while his kids remember watching daddy win the Super Bowl. I and and prove how long jeopardy is just a mindset really not an age. Jim. I'm wondering what you think having been so close up to it. Let me speak here. In terms of what Tom said to us when meeting with them over Wednesday, and that was discussed that when he first had the Lombardi in his hands going back to the Super Bowl in New Orleans. Thirty six beating the Rams whose twenty four year old kid didn't have of course, a family wasn't married. And now here he is he's you know, he's a man. He's forty one got father of three got a family, and he said how much enjoys being able to share this with his kids as oldest boy is really into it. Now, really? They take it very personally when things. Battlements fan more than he is a fan of his dad, but the second son is is not quite as into it in the in the little girl, and I made a reference to this on the victory platform last night, rich. She's she would always say that time he said after the game eight daddy. I was journ free. I was saying go daddy. Go could could you hear me? And he's said, of course, I could hear you, Honey. And there's a father of a little girl. I just thought it was really sweet thing to have a little bit in his hand last night. Like, you said there's no trophy that compares to that having a child in your arms actually in a moment. When it's the greatest moment of triumph on the football field merging with you know, your your greatest gift of all your family. So I think that he is to your point. I think he this one thing this keeping going it. Some people say now, I'm gonna go spend more time. I wanna let go of this. And I want to I wanted to just all my time instead of training and all the goes into. But I think as kids are into it. Now think kids are enjoying this life and watching their dad be you know, the greatest quarterback the games ever known. And last one for you, Jim Jim Nance here on the show. I I really like Romo a lot. Jim. I think you know, when I've told you this all Farrell tell you here too. He's he's like the guy the guy at the bar. Okay. Like he reacts like the guy at the bar. He knows more than the guy at the bar. But it doesn't want to make it seem like to the guy in the bar that he's not smart as him. I mean, he just he's he's he's terrific. And all that. I'm wondering what it's like trying to get the play in and get ready for the snap. And he's he's he's predicting stuff left right up and down for you, absolute, total joy, I I just love working with them. And he is a regular guy who struck it. Big in the NFL by working hard undrafted. I said to Sam farmer the day. You know, Tony is a guy into carries himself with a full blown case of undrafted Itis, so everything he's gonna get in in his world. He's gonna work for it. Whether it's being a great golfer or being a quarterback who set all the cowboy passing records or being tremendous analyst on television. It there's a part of that comes naturally, but he's working it. And he's able to take who he is his personality is boyish enthusiasm and be able to feel feel comfortable exposing that so the world of who he really is instead of trying to pretend somebody else instead of playing the role of the nounce her he's just being himself. And we we're we just had a ball for two years. So darn proud of him last night. It was it was such an important show. It always is anyone gets the good fortune of being able to work in any capacity a Super Bowl, but you know, for Tony. We didn't have the best game. It wasn't a game. That had a rhythm and flow. So we could get into it like the Kansas City broad. Casts that we have. But he did really well. And this is just the start of a long great career that one day rich will have him better known as the top football analyst of his time than being a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, I mean that saying a lot it's it'd be like mad and right that that Madden was known more for that. That's the comparison in terms of John outgrew is legend of being Super Bowl winning coach and became known as John Madden. The voice of the people the voice of the sport Antonis on his way. So you're you're on your way to pebble. Right. That's your next gig. I'm on my way, back home. We've got the golf tournament here this week and Tony's going to be here, by the way, have some dinners to sit back, and what about dollar Shaggy's and celebrate what about ballot check next not playing this your bills out this year. And I think Brady's going skiing. So they've they've in the past. They've somehow they've come off a Super Bowl. Bowl game and made their way to the Monterey peninsula. The plan this thing, but this year and then tournament where I'm sure you'll be handing trophy to John beeline. I'm looking forward to that. That'll be great. Spoken like a true, Michigan alone. Maybe if it's not Kelvin Sampson, the university used a mice school right there. Sorry about that last year. Oh man bringing. No. I just realized that to maybe sees I on it, you know, up close and personal for that final four that everybody's expecting to great next few weeks. Jim I look forward to it as always it's all good fun. I mean, you go from the Super Bowl. So the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, and it's all the blessing. I don't take lightly. Granted be with you, my friend. Thanks again. You take care. You bet. That's gymnasts ready on the rich Eisen show. Calling it a friend. Good, man. Awesome stuff. And then he goes to Augusta and then they moved the PGA. PJ's and you're right. Yeah. Yeah. All good, man. 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He's got his many championships as curly Lambeau and George Halas. One fewer than Casey Stangl. Joe McCarthy Yankee legends tobe lake had eight no idea that it's all look it up brother. Scotty Bowman and Red Auerbach have nine. And of course, Phil Jackson's eleven rings are the most. Bill. Check is eleven more playoff wins than any of the coach history the longtime Canadian. Yeah. Bella check is eleven more playoff wins in the coach in NFL history. The second closest they were the closest this second list is not going to get any closer. It's Tom Landry. I mean think about it and Brady would be the obvious choice as well as an MVP. But I'm going to go deeper because that's what we do here on the rich Eisen show, and certainly on behalf of Capital One Sony. Michelle is the best live player of the week Sony. Michelle again. Played in the Rose Bowl. And then if I'm not mistaken scored the game winner in the Rose Bowl to send Baker Mayfield to the professional ranks. And then looked to be set to win a national championship. Only have to toggle vilo come out of the mist and beat him in Atlanta. In Atlanta with his whole family. No doubt there in that building for the national champ. And then he returns less than thirteen months later and scores the only touchdown of Super Bowl fifty three after having three hundred thirty six yards six touchdowns in his three playoff games. And I will tell you this. We could talk about offensive line and defense and schemes at cetera et cetera. The one that's going to keep Brady going along. Is that kid? As long as he can run for a hundred yards. Seventy five yards. Be the threat. He's got long homerun long run ability pecan move the chains. He can come out of the backfield. He can pass protect. And they won't run him into the ground. Also because you know, they have. Three other people running the ball. And I mean, Cordell Patterson being one of six different ball carriers last night. 'cause Brady technically Brady technically was a runner. It's when he took a knee. Which is you know, every single time. He takes a knee during the regular ferry. Make sure it wasn't a loss of yard because he wants his thousand yards and his professional career. Rushing. Sony. Michelle man rushed for more yards and touchdowns this postseason than any other patriots running back in the Bella check era. Third rookie running back in the Super Bowl era have one or more rushing touchdowns in three or more playoff games, the others Jamal Lewis in two thousand and Tony Dorsett hall of Famer all three of those players Michelle Jamal Lewis and Tony Dorsett. What do they have in common? They won the Super Bowl and their rookies. Wow. Brought to you by Capital One their new banks are inviting places where you'll be welcome with people who were there to help you. It's a Capital One. Cafe you're not going to be trod and have somebody come up to try and sell you something it's not typical. It's all part of banking reimagined from Capital One. So what's in your wallet? Let's go to John in Boston, Massachusetts, John. You're you're on the program. Congratulations to your is soon being there in Boston that you are very thrilled. This morning. Thanks for the call actually not a patriots fan. Although I no longer have any problem recognizing Brady and ballot. Check as the best at what they do. So there's that I did want to call and talk about the be only interesting thing for me from the game with it being. So low scoring was what happened after I don't know what happened with the audio from CBS that they left it on while they're trying to get Grady, pretty onfield interview. But that whole scrum. Like, I'm pretty sure Bella check like was trying to like put us push people away like unto gotta big you most fell down like Brady was concerned about everyone else. They're like what is going on with the NFL that they allow every single game. But obviously last night. It was just because the audio is on was really noticeable like how is that possibly? Allowed that they could just like swarm these guys in the middle of the field. They can't give a foot of Brad, John. I don't I don't know. It's been a while since I've thank you for the call. It has been a while since I've been part of the post game. If you will scrum at long while that's not supposed to really happen. And I do want to say this is a preface I wanna thank all the hard working women and men of federal state and local law enforcement and the private security folks who kept us safe. I think you guys over there saw a heightened security presence, no doubt that we've never seen before Super Bowl. So maybe they knew something maybe they just were extra abundance of caution. Maybe it was because there was the government shutdown that ended a week before that maybe they had all of this plan. Just in case. The government was still shut down the week of the Super Bowl. I don't know what it was. But there were bomb sniffing dogs everywhere. Where I mean everywhere. And there was a law enforcement official everywhere there were people with very visible high powered equipment in their arms on street corners everywhere. So I wanna thank that. In terms of what happened there it did look to be from what I saw afterwards dangerous. I know there's not you're not supposed to correct me if I'm wrong del tufo, when you're out there sets of bad vests, what they do is you have the vest the field people, then they give set of badges that going first, so it's like, Tracy Wolfson and the people like that, right? Then a second wave comes in. Then there's a third way where they let they hold seemed like everybody on that one. I was nuts when our first Super Bowl that we did our post game show ourselves. I we covered the one where Nance was the he was the pre game show host. And also the chosen member of the CBS team to give out the trophy. That was when Greg Gumbel was calling the games for CBS. Yup. Nance? Out that trophy was our first Super Bowl the NFL. Not recovered patriots. And panthers. We didn't do the post game show ourselves. Everybody went straight to Hawaii to get ready for the Pro Bowl. I stayed behind. You went to Hawaii up the set the bright. So I stayed behind with Salma Wilcox and CARA Henderson. And we did our post game show where she was interviewing as many people. She could. And I was the I was the host and Solomon was the the analyst, and we did the through the NFL films international feed truck breeze. My bring all of this up is the next year with the year that we did it ourselves. There was a truck that stayed behind and our executive producer at the time. Eric Weinberger went out on the field with me to make sure that everything was set up like we we were all banning together. And we were told before we had to set. Our director's chairs ourselves going to say the end zone endzone. Right. We were told that we were not allowed to step on the field. I we did not have the proper credentials to step on the field. I that there is people who had to get on the field. I to do their jobs, and then a few minutes later, we would get the high sign from security to get on. On the field. So first crack at it. We weren't gonna screw this up. Photographer to our left. Also, did not have the credential or vest color vest on the field. I he went out anyway and got within two steps of stepping into the end zone thrown down by security. Hob tied. Bought with his arms behind his back with like a plastic band cursed at by the members of security for doing this and pulled off the field. Whoa. Eric, and I looked at each other and said that like, whoa. To each other a minute later, we got the high sign we looked at these security member who looked at us said go ahead. We're like, okay. Then. And put our chairs out there. So I don't know what happened last night or am. I assuming that it was something it was it was screwed up. I just don't know if it's so many people, but I'm sure the league will look at that. I've been in it a couple times I went out twice. And it was in New Jersey. I went in Seahawks. And it was it's mass chaos. This crazy everybody wants to get the interviews with everybody. I mean paid a nice chunk of change. You got that interview exactly trace his deep and Robert Kraft is trying to get through to hug Tom Brady. What you should let them do their thing. I of course. Yes. Huge moment for them. I remember when Susie did the she did the sideline of Michigan versus Michigan state that went into several overtimes. Drew drew Stanton was the quarterback for Michigan state at the time. And she went Braila Edwards won the game. She went in to the on the field tannery. Railing, and it was a rare instance of Michigan stadium stands emptying. I thought it was never going to see my wife again. But she loved it. I bet you Tracy would tell you today that you know, times it might be. Frightening but Susie loved it. Like, she I mean seventy thousand people around you and. Energy. But they're not anywhere. You want to get hurt? Yeah. I honestly thought I'd never see Susie. Bill throwing people out. One thing. I do want to say that definitely to me tweeted about it at the time that that that was a big difference maker for last night. Was the crowd noise in the fourth quarter. I don't know if you could tell on the at home. Not really okay now when Brady had the ball. It was dead, quiet. When Gough had the ball. It was in sane and you had to go through all the silence snap signals. It was a row game for the Rams. It was a road game. We saw throughout the week the number of. Yeah. Patriot fans it was ninety cent. And and then game day. It was as you know. Arthur blank was our guest a week ago. Today was talking about how they were going to open the gates two hours earlier than normal. They did normally we don't do a show for our pregame show with fans in the stands until the very end. There were there from for like the last half of our show that's cool which ended literally just two minutes ago, by the way, I love making those jokes. And the prices of the food is people were having great and the stadiums. Oh my gosh. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Look great on lines. A great way that opens and closes that ring the video ring just spectacular. It was really sight to. Yeah. But you know, I looked up in the stands, and it was all patriots in the two sections in front of like, probably grand total. Five hundred people. I honestly didn't see a single Rams jersey and Jack Android our researcher for NFL game morning. Got in my ear. And he's like, I'm seeing more Brady Michigan jerseys than Rams jerseys. Wow. Rams fans were there. I mean, I'm not saying that nobody there are some. But look it's not Saint Louis fans aren't coming. Okay. They're not coming in the same way that saints fans weren't watching Saint Louis fans weren't common loss Angeles fans. Okay. Are just still renewing their connection, and this year is a huge step forward in that as you know with the fires here in the way that the Rams and was part of that community and helping not only heal wounds, but also help people get through everything because many members of the Rams organization they were part of it. There were going through a to the fires. And there was the shooting. That was in folks. The Rams have become a much woven into the fabric of Los Angeles over this past year. So they've made strides, but I don't think anybody from Los Angeles. Even though it was raining cats and dogs all week was going. Go after looking in Atlanta. Okay. It's going to be forty degrees. There all week. What have you? I'm flying. I'm flying in for team. That is finally getting good. I'm just thinking about it. And I don't think I'm a demonstrating. They're not real fans, but the patriots God bless you. With these fans they turned out. Okay. God bless you. The fans of the of the of the Boston area and the New England area and the patriots. There's no fatigue. There's no taking it for granted. It's unbelievable. And and like, I said bless you. You are part of the greatest dynasty. That we have seen in the modern era. Okay. I know the Celtics won all those the Yankees won in in you know, in the fifties. But notice craft making the point when he had grabbed the microphone from Janet took it right away. If I six championships in eighteen years, that's once every three years, it's absurd in a sport. That has set up a system where you're not supposed to do that. Correct. Absolutely. So they showed and it was it absolutely mattered in the fourth quarter Brady moving down the field. It's gronk for that past gronk for for everything that he was doing move down to feel what the runs he's step into the line making the calls. It's quiet. I heard him. Pre snap from my seat. And the Rams get to the line and is screaming at his linemen. And they're doing that whole, you know, he's clapping his hands. And the. Moving arm out returning around snap counts in the Super Bowl that happened last night. I saw I I heard it and it had to make a difference. It had to. Eight four four two four riches the number to dial. We'll take a call and set up the rest of the week and come back with the latest on what's going on with Anthony Davis. And when we say it looks it looks like the Boston run. Victories is over. On the Anthony Davis front. That's next on the rich Eisen show. Everybody's got it to do list. Drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list. And the good thing is you don't have to drop off or pick up. Anything? All you have to do is go to Geico dot com. And in fifteen minutes, you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Extra money in your pocket. Of course, this may be the most rewarding to do you do today. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors. And all of you. Great listeners for supporting this podcast. Certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. And I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com. Clicking on the support this podcast button. And there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing. And of course, supporting now back to the show. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eighty news headlines right after this podcast. Coach same Lindau. Well, this place is I'd rather be on Super Bowl Sunday. Jerry. The sun will come out to Malraux bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow. They'll be son Warren Sapp next just thinking about. Please away the cobwebs and saw roles is the first ever NFL network commercial SuperBowl. This is like an F time, right? Take it down after that NFL one hundred one one the night that commercial we were so excited for remember. 'cause it was again, we were eleven weeks old. We covered our first Super Bowl, and we were getting. Airtime during the Super Bowl to promote the NFL network from the NFL, and that concept is Jerry Jones and parcels and all the stars of the day warrant sat singing tomorrow. Because tomorrow the next day after the Super Bowl was the beginning of the off season. And the NFL network is the season that ever ends. So we'll see tomorrow, everyone's Owen a brilliant campaign. Judy fearing was in charge of our campaign. She nailed it was amazing. We were so excited. I got to a television set in energy stadium. To watch it just to see the logo of the NFL network eleven weeks old on the screen. And I'm standing by the television, and I no one it's going to be on its right after the halftime show is over. So we're going to get a huge audience. Halftime shows over here comes the commercial. And right before the commercial airs, Justin Timberlake reaches for Janet's, Jack, Janet Jackson. And nobody saw the commercial. Because everyone's talking about JT reach in for Jim Jackson. Wow. Yeah. The most by the way, if I'm not mistaken at the time most rewound DVR moment in the history of DVR's, which apparently was a metric at the time. You know? That happen dont boy is getting my right now is that true. Because I didn't read this because I was on a flight home Janet Jackson's fans are upset Adam LeVine took his shirt. Oh, yeah. There was some there was some Twitter, you know, God Lippo eight. Yeah. Surge. Oh my gosh. I missed that. Because you know, I flew home last night, right? By the way, you're gonna love this. I think I'm on the pardon. My take comes out today tomorrow, and you know, big cat made a lot of fun of me about me complaining about my travel woes on Twitter right pointed out to him. It's been a long time since they have. But the last reason he's bringing it up right now is because just a couple of weeks ago. And I went to shoot something when I got into the chair for a couple of days. My flight got cancelled because somebody as I told you on the show got violently sick in the last row of the plane on the flight in. And we had to get off the plane because it was couldn't be cleaned up. And I never heard of environmental specialist being called in as the pilot said over the speaker system. Why do I bring this up? My flight to get here. Three twenty five AM. I guess it was added. But an airline that runs with Schneider. Okay. I guess it was added because the Rams made the Super Bowl to get more flights from Los Angeles right from Atlanta in Los Angeles. So perfect. I'm gonna three twenty five AM flight means I can get here to answer the bell for the post Super Bowl show. Amazing. Thank you again on the plane, and I'm passing out. Okay. I am passing out. I did eight and a half or what my son pregame, I'm passing out. And all of a sudden I hear on the loudspeaker system. For those of you wondering why we haven't pushed back yet, somebody boarded the plane sat in the last row and got violently sit. No ahead again. No way I thought because again. My day was not yesterday. And it's a three twenty five AM flight. I thought I was dreaming. And then I'm hearing it it's gonna take a while to clean up. And then I thought big cat was on the plane and paying off to do this. Literally thought this all then I'm thinking why is he going loss Angeles? Right. Right. Right. You're not thinking straight at the end of a long three in the morning for crying out loud who flies at three in the morning. Sure enough. I think somebody got hammered at the Super Bowl got on the plane couldn't control themselves yet in the back. My plane was delayed forty five minutes. I literally had to get up and say to the pilot where we are leaving. Right. Like, we're not 'cause this happened to me two weeks ago. It never happened before. And it's happening for the second time. But for the first time I've ever taken a flight at three twenty five in the morning. Wow. You made it almost tweeted about it. I didn't do it. And the reason why is because I'm not only a professional host. I'm a professional guest, and it would have dated the conversation. That's coming up for pardon. My take. That's why that I thought. So you're welcome. But can you believe that next and another thing here, I'm on a roll here? Oh, I got to the airport. Okay. And there's patriots fans everywhere. Okay. Patriots fans everywhere there too. And there was dude sitting there in Aaron Hernandez jersey a gradient aboard girls at my bar. And I'm thinking do I go up to this guy and say and say what? Is happening here. Do you not understand that wearing jersey means you're representing something or town? And I saw this guy was so out of it. And tattered up. I didn't go over. I thought better of it. Yeah. Who goes in with our Hernandez jersey. I've seen them around. Whatever I go to games either Red Sox Celtic I've seen them. I think these guys think it's funny which far from funny, correct? Aaron in Atlanta, Georgia you've got the less word. Great spot. We had a great time in your town. Aaron. Hi, thanks so much. I am. Thank you for mentioning. How many patriots patriots fans were in the stands? I am number one patriot fan. I'm a several in Boston sports fan. I grew up in a New England family never actually lived in New England because I'm rink with brought but tried and true New England sports fan. I just want to say that. Not only are patriot fans fans when we are winning. But we are also patriots fans when we are really really bad. We're not fair weather fans. And I just want everyone to know that really really bad. Aaron can you let me know when that's going to happen again. I don't know. Idea. This is the most exciting thing ever to happen migrants fathers died right before the first Super Bowl win. And he is now looking down on this probably ecstatic is all get out. And it's he was there with them when we just really sucked. Were there? Erin, thankfully, call. Thanks for the call and thank you for sharing. Congratulations. That's Aaron in Atlanta. I did run. It a great last story this show, Adam Schefter is on tomorrow show as the actor Gary Sinise. Lieutenant Dan amazing will be here. He's got a new book out of we have some ice cream or and we're we're we're we're still working on our guest list for tomorrow went to a restaurant Saturday night. Great spot in Atlanta called one eared stag. It's it was awesome. Okay. To look like the the guy behind the bar. Excellent mixologist telling me about how he's a diehard falcons fan. And I'm like so are you going to go to the game? You're big football. Are you going to go to the game? He said, no if the falcons had made it I would have or if the saints would have made it oughta Ganges to keep the saints fan out. One one extra saints fan out of the stadium. And they hate they do sage. Anyway, walking around like, yeah. The saints kinda got screwed out of it. They're like good. I love that level of. Hey, sports, say sure down deep down your Boston sports fan having. That's what you find. You're not happy unless you're unhappy. That's right. But you happy today, aren't you? I'll be happy tomorrow parade, and I got off on such tangent. We even talk about how says Anthony Davis has a whole bunch of teams he'd be willing to be traded to. But not the Celtics. The bucks are on that list. The clippers. What are we doing? We'll talk about it. Funny. Don't you? He said he deleted his Twitter. But he's doing the right thing on the way out the door. Have you checked out the big podcast with shack here podcast one? Yeah. We talk basketball. But we're a lot more than just sports Magoo's for this lady. Choose seven it's knew everything about me, everything sports and less than she says. I love your podcast and. But I hate that job. Listen free to the big podcast with shack exclusively on apple podcasts, podcast, one dot com and the podcast one app. If you love the show share it with a friend, leave us a rating and review. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Brian Bruno live on the scene of a recent windstorm here to describe the event chest of drawers is this storm howling outside. So I thought I'd stay in and watch rom com. Five minutes into the flick, a tree branch slams through the window where you hurt. I just gotta scratch on my chest. Your chest of drawers can't help you in a windstorm. But the geiko insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Coke gyco to see how a forcible homeowners insurance can be. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute five people dead after a small plane hit a house in Yorba, Linda, California, four of those killed were in the home. Sarah Hearne is neighbor it felt like an earthquake. So I actually grabbed my kids and went into the hallway new word yet on. Because the airplane to crash the NTSB will investigate Tom Brady and his patriots won the Super Bowl thirteen to three over the Rams. This patriot fans is don't ever count Tom Brady out? Even when it looked like the game might be close with Tom ready. Always able to you know, feed in anything and firstly when it gets close like that President Trump's twenty twenty campaign is working in every state to try to make sure that only loyal Trump activists make it to the nominating convention. They're concerned about a possible primary challenge. The Pentagon is sending almost four thousand more troops to the US Mexico border. Those troops will be helping customs and border protection. I'm Rita Foley.

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