Saturday, November 23rd, 2019


Good Morning Libra. Today is Saturday November. Twenty third two thousand nineteen Venus at twenty six degrees Sagittarius Conjuncture Jupiter at twenty seven degrees Sagittarius. We reap what we sow. What have you planted lately? This is libra today. A podcast original. Let's begin your day the Moon in libra activate your NATO Lieber planets and increases your sensitivity. You'll be exceptionally optionally. Intuitive today if someone close to you acts overbearing step outside their reach. Do not reward. Bad Behavior Instead grab lunch with an ECLECTIC aquarian friend can elevate the mood and let you express yourself freely Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships. Chiron activates the sector of your chart that rules partnership in could bring old wounds and patterns to the service if your partner is frustrating you. It's likely a reflection of an internal problem. We've neglected to address. If you feel called US this time to turn a meaningful corner in your life. This process is never pleasant isn't but it's necessary for growth if you're single self reflection Serbs you just as well changes made today way could help attract the partner you desire tomorrow. Contemplate your path to personal growth. You may need to reinvest in healthy boundaries. Remember we teach people how to treat us. Don't let anyone treat the less than they're equal. You deserve respect today. We'll be back tomorrow to learn more about your horoscope visit California psychics and connect today. who were scope? Today is a podcast original.

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