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Dr King's is offering both new and existing users a deposit bonus up to five hundred dollars download the draft draftkings APP now and use Promo Code. SP to get a free shot at the one million dollar top prize with your first deposit. That's Promo Code SP to get a free shot at one million dollars with your first deposit only draftkings minimum five dollar deposits required deposit bonus requires a twenty five time playthrough eligibility restrictions apply. See Dr King's Dot Com for details. What's happening? Welcome? It's SB pod staffer. Steve is with me as always and. Given, what's going on in our country? In the last few months, I with the corona virus something we've never dealt with in our life, and most recently with what happened in Minnesota and the reaction around the country to on. Unfortunately, it's ground that we've covered before. Having a job where you're supposed to talk about sports a when there are no sports and be when there are protests, which turned violent is turns into riots across the country. It's feels ridiculous to come in here and talk about sports when Arne. But for the purposes of vis, forum, where you could actually air things out and talk a bit. I wanted to bring in my friend Damien Woody because Damian is one of my favorite people here. I often say that's a long list. We're really really lucky. We got a lot of good folks up here. In Damian is high on the list of great people, accomplished people, bright people kind smart and right now angry. Angry people and Damian's anger and a phone call last week when I when I called them up that. Made me. Start thinking about this and wanting to give him the floor here to talk. And ask questions. Because right now. I think it is incumbent upon us. To, listen to one another. Particularly if we're not black to listen to the people that we know whether there are acquaintances whether they're friends whether they're total strangers to listen to them. And hear them here what it is! They're telling us. And Believe them. Believe what they're telling us because what we keep seeing. Is that what they're telling us. Now, is being videotaped. Right. And so. It was that anger on the phone last week that. Made me. Feel like I wanted to give Damian a chance to come on now and share that. and and share with us. Where his mind is right now. Damien Woody joins us now and Damian was was the reason that last week on sports. We closed the show Friday one big thing for me talking about the situation in Minneapolis and the murder of George Floyd and what direction things they'd taken and the conversation that we had on the phone Damian. was just it just Diddley my mind and what happened was I called you to talk about? Maybe you coming on, and we're GONNA talk about some nonsense about football and then we started talking about. How you felt and it's been a basically a week I. Don't know if you if you feel the same. If you feel different right now, your state of mind your thoughts, what are they? Man. You know what Scotland I still feel the same way. because. A week is not enough time for me to get over the of things that's happened over the course of my life top. A week is not enough. Time for me to get over all of the things that you know my parents. My grandparents has gone through so as I reflect on things. It's almost like it's got it's you know I'm like angrier. At what's you know everything that's happened only with George Floyd, but all the different types of things that that happened to me. Having to people that I know and love and. All I want is for people to understand and listen. And that's the key word. Listen to what? People like myself and many other black folks have been saying for years because to me, that's been the fundamental issue here is we say these things you think that's happened? Things have played out TV into played out on camera phones, but it's almost like people just turn a blind eye to it and I'm I know myself, and it seems like the country is at a point where it's like enough is enough man. So I'm just I'm glad we're able to really air this out and talk about it. And and so people that are listening to the PODCAST, who might not have heard? What led to me talking on sportscenter about this was when I called, and you said you were angry and you don't like when you're when you have. Something that you can't channel and that anger. I understand being able to channel, and just so you and I are clear and I'm pretty sure we arbor just as a starting point like I'm not suggested in a week. You'd be awful. We're good I mean because things since you and I spoke only got worse, because because things, things took a violent turn. It property damaged. The the message gets lost in the imagery of. Of. Although it's Oh, it's the people are looting in. They're doing this and the other thing, and that doesn't help the that that obscures the message for some, and that is, and that's that's unfortunate because the message central message here is about what you said, which is what happened to George Floyd and what you've dealt with in your life, and that for me is what I I want to try to get to because. You know how much I appreciate you at our friendship, and when you come through and sit with me in Steve and man like I, said television, the laughs are easy. The conversation is easy, the things that make us the same, and it's a long as list, but I know that you as a black man, and as a big black man deal with things that I haven't and won't ever be confronted by my life, namely that if I see red and blue lights in my rear view, I'm not afraid I'm not. But I imagine that in your life you have been. Absolutely, Man! There's so many stores that I can tell I'll get into a couple of things, but one thing you pointed out pointed out just now. is worth repeating the fact that you know. You said that you know I'm a big black man and what people don't understand is. If. We know each other well. We've been around so long time everyone says. You know man. You just like a big teddy bear. Yes, I am that way, but there's a there's a reason why I'm that way because as as a big black man in this society. People can take it. They get intimidated. They get scared. So for me I'm always conscious of. Let me see if I can make my smaller. Let me make sure that you know the way our communicate. Doesn't come across as you know intimidating, you almost have to shrink myself on a daily basis. Just so I can accommodate other people, so they feel comfortable. Imagine living that way where you have to constantly. Every day. Try to accommodate. They afraid to you I mean that really really. It really bothers me and to get into. You know the story about. Being stopped by policemen listen. When I, you know I live in New Jersey Okay live in a small town in New Jersey and it's a great area you know to raise. Raise me and my wife and raise our kids and. I remember when I bought the house here and literally it was the third day after I bought the house driving home from from Bristol Connecticut I. Get pulled over right as soon as I get into town, and then all it literally in five minutes, there was like three cop cars. Behind the initial club card and all these guys get out and they ask for my my license registration proof of Lucia, Ernst, and then all of a sudden. They was you know. Why are you year I'm? I'm like in my head, and I asked you that okay so. That's what they asked. Why are you here and I'm thinking in my head? Okay, let me this is like really easy. It's a really easy question because my address on a license, but I said you know what I'm GonNa. Just play along with it and I, said Sir. I just moved into the neighborhood. Looking my car. You know. What do you do for a living? I said Sir I work at Espn I just drove home and it's late I'm just trying to get home and you know kissed the kiss the wife and put the kids to bed. And like those questions manage. Do people understand how embarrassing that is? Where you literally get quest about somebody else about where you live. Why are you here? You know. What do you do because of the car? The car that you drive embarrassing. It's embarrassing. If it makes you feel like you're a second class citizen that I had to explain. Why do I? Why have the type of vehicle that I have which are earned and work hard for? had to tell till this guy, but at the same time having the monster of. I can't I can't go off because. It could be bad for me in the end so I'm GONNA be polite. Answering questions so I can just get home. How long did that up like so this guy's? This guy's asking you. All those things and then added. Asked me all this whole. This whole incident took about twenty five minutes. Everything to about twenty five minutes. They, finally got and. Now, they followed home, but once they. They asked me these questions. Athletes ask. The questions went to the cup call. I guess, run everything and make sure everything is good, and that took forever, and then once it came bet like sorry. Mr Woody have a nice night and now was that was the end of and then out. You know went home and but it's stuff like that man i. have these type of things happen all the time? You would not believe it happens all the time. Myself and other people have. These stories. But again it just seems like for the longest. People! Think that just making it up. When if we're not? We're not and that's the frustrating part. How Difficult Damian is when you get home. To your to your your wife and your children and this late. Maybe they're all asleep, but whatever you get home to the and like what home is right. What is it represented? People with you listening right now. Everybody that's listening! What is home to you? I know what it represents to me. That's my safe place. Where Love Live! That's that's where I'm I'm good when I get there, but if I get home after that, I'm not good. I'm far from good when you got home that night. Like how long does it take to let go of that? Well first of all I didn't even upset. Fed in the garage for about twenty minutes, because I didn't want to take that energy into the house. You really. I was like so angry. Because here it is. We just moved into this neighborhood. and. We missed the type of introduction that we get in if I get. Into this neighborhood. And I'm like wow, man, this is this is crazy so clearly set in my garage with twenty minutes. To. decompress and gather myself because I didn't want to take that energy. Inside the House to my to my wife into my kid night, visually I ended up telling my wife about it and you know she's you know. My wife does is a saint, and she just does a tremendous job of talking, and and just calming me down and things, but man you when you step into your house May. It's supposed to be your place of calm in peace and for me happen. Walk in the House on edge is. That's not anything that anyone should to have the experience. Would I'm just curious. My sister married a black man. Might my little nephew and my little niece? They're black and I just I. Think about you know with the conversations that are come. They're young. They're really young. They're five and two right now. But like what do you say to your kids? Like. Are you talking nightly right now? Are you I mean I. I, understand it's been. It's been a process for you and you know that's why you're so frustrated because it's been forever, but like how how those things go you sit them all down at the same time I mean you got a daughter in college now? Yeah. I have I have two daughters in college man, and and and you know the thing about having older kids where we'll talk in and and the conversation is as you get older, you know. We're like more like for you. Know is becoming more like friends, so for them to be able to have conversations about everything that's going on is is actually refreshing. You learn some things from your kid sometimes, but you know I have also have three three. My three boys, and my boy's on on my youngest out of seven kids, and so You know to having to explain to them because they see what's going on TV and like that. What's going on what what what is happening and they have to explain exactly what's going on? Explain to them. What could possibly happen in the future? What do you need to do when these certain situations arise? Me Think about that I mean I. Want everyone listening to this to really think about that. The fact that I have to have a talk with mob boys about certain situations that arrive. What should you do? That never that happened. No. Have to happen. That's the issue, is you? You know it like you have to have a conversation about something bad that you know is going to happen. That's that's awful. It is man and like I. Say it goes back to. This is not some random occurrence. The experiences that I've had I guarantee you Louis Riddick had the experience Louis Riddick I. Guarantee You big Boga. McFarland at you know so. It's not one off. These type of things happen. All the time and people are just sick and tired of the man. We want change, and that's what we're. It seems like that's. That's what we're at right now. I WanNa talk to you about another thing that I've been thinking a lot about and that's that's in the Locker Room I. Think about my time in college in the locker room is the best place in the world, and I've seen it be as bad of a place when it when it gets really bad, I seen a couple of guys. Go out of Balk as naked. In the shower of awesome. That went down, but you know I. You know you know what I'm talking about. Though like. Because because I'm sure at the pro level, you could put it behind you because it's such a limited locker rooms, but college I mean you're a VC. We know how you know that the numbers are as far as that goes i. know what the numbers are. You being a black guy playing ole line like I'm wondering how different those conversations are going to be in the locker room and how much more responsibility? Responsibility coaches are going to have because you can't just let. You can't let stuff go anymore. You know you know when two guys don't like each other everybody. Non Team knows that you know, and usually it's because it's something off the field, and you know it whether it's you know guys the way they were raised and whether guys were you know were brought up. So how do you? How do you feel about things like? How do you think a lot is more on the table for the coaches? Well listen. I've always gone to mindset, play, police locker room, and the one thing about the locker room is is unfiltered like you lilly. Guys come from all different backgrounds black. which poor liberal conservative everybody is a big melting pot in the locker room? If you've got a problem, guess what I talk to you man to man face to face, and we can talk about it. We can fight about. You, you've probably seen in locker room. Guys got into fisticuffs and you know what we still you know. We still boys. That's just the way it is, but I mean listen. We had an incident. You know we had an incident today. You know withdrew reeves. kind of weighing in on everything that's going on and you seeing some of the you see some of the the backlash from either some his his own teammates locker room, so listen everything that's going on. You know people say well. You Know Sports, the ultimate cure all. No, you. No, that's not necessarily the case. No, I know I'm saying. There's a lot of like listen. When people when people get back into their locker, respect the locker, or when the players get back. Don't think that this topic is not WanNa. Come up and they're gonNA to be a threat. It's going to be addressed, but we know in the locker room setting. Nobody's hiding. It's going it's going to be thin. That's what I really appreciate about the locker rooms. I want to ask you about that. Breeze comment in a minute before i. get to that I just I was having a conversation. On. I. WAS Today Steve Wednesday. A the days and weeks my goodness. Are So. We're talking on Wednesday. I talked earlier this week. Tuesday I think it was I talked with Maryland football coach Mike Loxley. And, African! American head coach coach in college football, in charge of one hundred, and some odd many young men, and when this all happened he, he said that he put his his guys together wanted them in small groups to talk about this and they put they put out a statement as a team. And they wanted to try to reflect that locker room because he told me I got white. Guys whose dads are cops I got black guys whose dads are costs I got people that are trump supporters in our locker room and I got people can't stand trump in our locker-room, unlike all right, so it's like it's America. The locker rooms a reflection daime like you were just talking about and ultimately landed with with where they. They are and put out a unified statement and he's GonNa. He wants his guys out in the community to be kind of agents of change and I appreciate everything. He said about the way he thought through this and what that locker rooms going to try to do, but when when a guy who's the face of a team. My drew brees. Is that when he is the face of a franchise and he is that? Says what he says about the anthem and I respect his opinion because we are all entitled to that, but if that plays poorly in the locker room. And it's drew brees like. How does that get worked through? Scott up great question because there are so many issues in the locker room that comes up. But usually when we talk, you know usually when the issue of race comes into it, that's a totally different animal. It's a totally different animal and I know that you know drew brees you know drew. brees aired his opinion about the anthem and Colin Kaepernick you know especially this heightened time in our country and our society right now. There's GonNa. Be some serious conversations. You know the one thing again I'll go back to locker room. Is Not one of those things where you can hide and kind of sweeping on the road, because that's just not the way men go by Paul about doing their business in the locker, so it's going to be one of those things where. Man to man. We won't have to this thing out in in a team meeting like it can't be. You know can't be thinking. Oh, well, we're going to sweep. No, we got. We have to talk it out and feels gotta get hurt. Feelings get hurt and hopefully you can mend them. You know moving forward because ultimately as a team there for one reason and one reason only only, and that's winning, but. Glaucoma, not pc man. It's not being in the locker room. You won't. You won't get the real a lot of work. And that's that's why I think the locker room that analogy that in a lot of people have made it. I think that that there's a lot of that would do a lot of us a lot of good because it's a meritocracy and there's you know voices get louder. Feelings get hurt, but there's a common. There's a unity there in the end, and unfortunately like we as a country. Don't have a game to play. You know what I'm saying like. We don't people the fractured. Nature of things doesn't allow people to often to come together. I do wonder this. The. Does this feel different? We've seen this repeated far too often and we've seen the cycle repeating. I'd admired what Nick Right. WHO works for Fox talked about about about. How if people don't? If people don't use their voices to try to lead to change that this cycle will repeat, you can set your watch to it, and it's it's sad, but true statement, but did. Does this feel different to you? In terms of the number of voices that have lent themselves to this saying, what can I do how can I? How can I be an agent of change? It does feel different I had a I had a conversation with my dad two nights ago about everything that's going on. We talked about like the sixties and and what you? Where where did he grow up? He grew up in Virginia he grew up in. He grew up in right outside of Richmond Virginia. So you know that was a that was a crazy crazy famine. The sixties going up in Richmond Virginia so but the one thing he save was. That there's A. There's a big coalition this time. You know in the fifty was very polarizing. There was it was really travel one inside the other side. This, you know this, go around like. There's just seems like there's the coalition at a lot is a lot bigger and and people. The energy things to feel like people really want to change and I think the word that that really struck me was energy. because. If, we're if we're going to really have big structural change. The energy has to keep going. Because at some point, the protests died down. They're gonNA weather way. And the question is. Are People, going to revert back to the status quo or they want to keep the same energy moving forward to really affect change and I I just had the sense that there's a lot of energy right now and so i. You know I'm hopeful that we can really get things moving in the right direction. When you say that energy. We have Marc Spears on our MBA guy last night talking about this, obviously Damian and he just talked about the the use, and he's like man I I believe in issues I love this youth because they don't care. If you're gay, you're white. You're black. You're brown whatever they don't care. They don't see it and I understand. You know your. Your age. You say you're tired of IT I. People Mark Speir says he's forty eight. This is this has been his life. so I mean. Do you have that much hope in the use when you say that energy? Absolutely because good. I got I. Got Teenagers I got I got dose and I'll see you know. I've seen the type of people that they hang around white my kids, I call them like I called him the UN because they hang around with people from all backgrounds and like it's a beautiful thing and I think that the injuries that they have. I look at it every single day throughout this whole conflict that's been born on in our country. I look at them and like my own kids and I can sit back and kind of smiling and say you know it's bad right now, but because of him I think we will be okay. We're going to be all right bill. Keep this. Moving in the right direction. I gotta ask though I mean. We joke around all the time. Then you know you got you. You had to six pack, and then you had another one for seven. You know this quarantine man what? Grocery! Bills like Bro. Man When you got when you got kids dying people in the house, the band it's. It's pretty. It's pretty static, but I'm saving money on. Eighty men gases. Sheep man is make. Meet Red Meat Prizes like one day like obviously because the coronavirus meat plants, whatever such shutdown. Whatever what the this bilges. Went to get some steak or something like that walking out of their. Pocket. Man. Let, me fit. Man I got three boys. Three grown bored. I got girl that you know they. They like to get it in, and they like steak and lobster and all that type of. TYPE OF FOODS MANSO! God Damn Bill. Drugstore every I'm right man we gotTA. We gotta get out of this. Toronto man and get these kids out out. And hopefully we got we got some. We got some light on the sports fraud. I thought you again today would. With this idea that the NBA is going to Disney and they want their family. And I just thought you have assay. Four possibly. A. Drop off a cliff. I. Slow. Road I said to what was the other night like? Are you really telling me? Let's say it's Lebron just take one of the biggest store in the NBA you telling me Lebron. Lakers are gonNA. Go down to Disney in the Middle July and possibly stay there until October and can't go like there's no chance man zero chance that that's going to happen. We're GONNA. Stay Animal Kingdom. After after. Like I gotta go home. Russell Westbrook game staying at the Grand Floridian Lucas. Sleeping on Space Mountain, man. I. Crazy crazy. Oh it feels good to laugh man, because obviously the the emotions of this past week and change have been have been so prevalent and heavy. It's like it blocks out the light. And we need that, but the thing. That I really want to ask you and I. Appreciate Your Friendship and. And you, you been kind to me and and matters to me, but as I said on television like if I'm the white guy with so-called hood pass. If if I'm a white guy, there's invited to the cookout. That's great, but it's useless if I don't show up uninvited now if I don't do something to to help and talking is important. Because I'm listening to the things you're telling me in the experiences that you've had that are far too common that I have not dealt with, but. I'm not asking you to tell me my job, but I'm asking you. You think anybody this listening right now. That's not a black man or woman in our country, right now could do to be of help. What would be the first thing that comes to your mind? Well listen I think the first thing. Is You know we said it throughout this whole? WHOLE TALK! It is number one listen. That's the biggest thing is just listened and we have a saying in in sports. Bill parcells you said all the time, but. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You know because we're as a society was so travel reliving bubbles go about everyday lives, and you know our communities and a lot of times we you know associated. Hang out with people that. You know some little us. And only way we can grow is is to change and change is never comfortable, and so I you know I challenge everyone to get comfortable with being uncomfortable extend extend yourself in and seek out people who aren't like you. You know I think that's to me. That's just a big thing you know when I grew. I grew up in rows out. Of Richmond Virginia I grew up in very rural town call bieber down and the one thing about who grew. We were poor, so I grew up poor blacks. Poor white or grow rednecks who had confederate flags, and and and shotguns in in the in the back, but the one thing that that I'm so great. Great for four was because I grew up Graham so many different types of people. I have an understanding everyone I have different perspectives and to me. That's the key. This whole thing is for people to listen to Dif- a different perspective than what you used to because you might learn something. And I'm not saying that everyone is GonNa. Agree but listening to other people's. Perspective, trying to understand where they're coming from. Walk a mile in their shoes. That could be a start to the change that we need as a as a society. Damian I pride myself on being a good listener I am listening. I know Scott Listen, but I hope you're listening when I say I. Miss You, Bro and. We need you back here on campus? A. Miss our talks and. Stay well, I hope I hope everything goes well your family and and we stay strong in these times. Oh absolutely man, I. Know You guys are? Making your way down to DC and you know I'm GonNa have to show up there at one point with some Gogo music. I don't think, don't they escaped me? Down to DC I can say that right now. We're not running from you. We're not. Hide from you, we'll. We'll miss sitting face to face doing what we've done. Throughout the time that our show's been on, but I mean this one I said I, just I just have such an appreciation for the energy. You always bring to the room. The knowledge, the smile, the laughter, and when and when it matters of the seriousness, the real and right now it's very very necessary, and so like Steve said I'm listening, and you know I always will and I just I was listening the other day on the fallen. It felt like it was. It was real necessary to talk. About this and you know what it feels like. It's just the beginning like we could keep going, and you could keep sharing, and that's what we gotta do like you can't be like just now. You know like this is this is me doing my terrible long by, but it's just because it feels like the conversations to continue so I. Guess what I would say on the way out is let's just let's make a promise to each other that that when it goes back to quote unquote normal that we don't stop talking about what we all should try to do. Is that a deal? After deal man, listen you guys. Both of you guys. Always you know you guys have always been my eight once man, so you know I love you. Guys have always loved being around you guys. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA definitely continue this. Man BB safe stay. And we hope that we hope that the kids can get out here and get out and out of the House soon. Go broke trying to feed everybody all right. Very. Amen to that. During this time of change we want you to know that ziprecruiter spoke is hasn't changed their still doing what they've always done helping. People find work in helping businesses find the right people for their open roles. You're looking for a job. Ziprecruiter is working with you to find the right job faster. They're dedicated to helping you. Get hired from caretaking delivering food and goods to building medical facilities, supplying protective equipment, and so much more. In fact Ziprecruiter's APP will send you up to the job openings, so you can be one of the first to apply. If you're actively hiring ziprecruiter will invite candidates to apply to your most urgent rules, making it faster and easier to reach the people you need by connecting people who need jobs and companies that need people. Ziprecruiter is working with all of us, so we can. Can keep moving forward. Let's work together Ziprecruiter Dot. com slash work together. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash work together I. Remember Dr. King's is giving new users. A free shot over one million dollars in prizes download the draftkings APP and enter code SBP inside up. Eligibility restrictions apply see draftkings dot com for details once again. Our sincere thanks to our friend Damien Woody the best risk. Stanford! Steve has always for. His his friendship. That guy keeps me same in. You have no idea he's. He's like Linus. Van Pelt peanuts. Did you know that Linus and Lucy van pelt they are. Lightest had the blankets Dave's my black and he keeps me. He keeps me okay when I the last few months and particularly this last week. What I'm looking around like what are we doing? He's like we're all right. We're good. And I waited till he wasn't on. headset to say these things about him and don't tell him. I said Nice stuff about but. He's my guy. My Ace and I appreciate his questions to daming as well so we appreciate you being out. Appreciate you. Listen and stay safe and until next time we'll talk to you soon.

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