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Dot com. I told you right after it went down, I told you. So that's my Randy Travis told you so. Beddoe isn't just running. He is but o Rourke isn't just running. He's fool sprint full. Speed ahead running this from politico. It's Trump versus Beddoe in border wall showdown. The president is set to rally in the hometown of his likely twenty twenty rival in a roared plans to hit back and the protest of his own dateline. El Paso, the showdown between Donald Trump and Beddoe Rourke over the presence border wall is about to get real present was in route to auroras hotel Monday for a campaign rally touting his long-sought border wall. But better Aurora is set to headline at a counter rally at a sports complex across the street. Setting the stage for the first in-person clash of twenty twenty between Trump and. And potential democratic rival. Story goes on the call and response in Washington in west Texas, west Texas, four four four west, Texas. That's the judge. Let me turn you up. Judge though. The what? Paso? Yeah. You're on the Kulm set Noga. Commentaries we roll along the coal in response in Washington is. I don't know if you were on or not judge. Once you check it out one more time. Okay. Figure that out here in just a second the coldest sack of west Texas. The judge says call and response in Washington in west Texas, crystallize the partisan battle over immigration before Trump landed in this border city starting staring down a potential second government shutdown over border security. Trump picked this heavily democratic Latino region to redouble his call for border wall. An issue that propelled him to the presidency and remains at the center of his reelection campaign. So here's some local intelligence first of all. A believe it was Greg Abbott who is able to recoup all of his losses there on the in his election in El Paso, just on the I twenty seven corridor alone between Lubbock Inam Rillo. So I wouldn't just hold El Paso out to be this beacon that is it's true that is democratic, but it can be overcome. But all those folks who said, you know, what? Beddoe Rourke is not gonna run. He's just going to sit back maybe go into private business whenever he's going to do. The guy is running any gotta run. He absolutely has to run whenever you see the turnout that he generated he's going to do is best. And I have a hard time Imahara hearts saying that Joe Biden are one of these no names can overcome but a Rourke in the presidential election. And part of the reason that I think he's running is because he helped turn twelve house seats in Texas, which is no small thing and win a couple of seats in the Texas Senate. And that's where I wanna go next this per the corm report Senate sources, Dan, Patrick, the Lieutenant governor who presides over the Senate and thirty one senators. May seek to pass blocker bills making it possible to bring SP to to the floor with a simple majority. This is how this breaks down. This is story right now in Texas right now in order to get SP to to the floor, which would put appraisal caps, and we do have judge Curtis. Paris Lubbock county judge in studio right now. Now, I think we've got you fixer judge you say Hello, Lou. Yeah. Are there? You are the voice your Texas Tech, red raiders. The way it works right now is that nortre for a Bill to come to the floor. You have to have nineteen votes. Dan, Patrick could usurp that because there many believe he doesn't have nineteen boats to get SP to the floor SP two which would put a cap on rollback rate elections at. Currently two and a half percent. He doesn't have the votes in the Senate, and that's on cities and counties, again, we'll get in with the judge here in just a moment on that. But he doesn't have the votes get the floor. So what does Dan Patrick do? He makes it to be a blocker Bill. What's blocker Bill a blocker Bill pay? No attention to the name is usually what they call a rose Bush Bill as about landscaping at the capital, it's about things of little or no consequence. But Dan, Patrick could move as presiding officers. The Senate that SP two which is monumental Bill may be a generational. Bill. Could move it to a blocker Bill status to landscaping status in order to get past kill sell there and some others in order to get it to the floor. And then he could just pass it with a simple majority. Once it gets to the floor some. Something Dan Patrick would do. I hereby forward in judge. You were simply just here when I said this you did not say it yourself. I am going to start referring to Dan, Patrick is lured Dan Patrick on this program. It's whatever you wish my Lord, whatever you wish because his cO totally contrary to the Coulter of and the legacy of the Texas Senate to. Totally skirt around members of that Senate, nor to get done a piece of agenda. He said it's always up to the Senate to what we vote for. Well, Dan, Patrick is not for the Senate in this regard and another story that will get to tomorrow on the program. Dan, Patrick's lake house million plus house. Yes, what his property taxes have done that years have not done they've gone down special treatment. There may be listening to flood zone. Who knows get into that Lubbock county? Judge Curtis parish coming up just here after the break. You wanna give us the outra here your radio pro what he want me saying just stay tuned for me Sasser the break. Stay tuned for j Leeson right after this and county judge. Judge Curtis parish get in with him here. Full conversation about expo center about the Robak rate elections and about roads. What do we do about? Those roads were going we need roads. That's kind of a play on them. I liked that coming right back after quickey stick right with his hero other side. Stone. Here. He is in studio voice of Lubbock county. And also, your red Redway, your Texas Tech football read writers, he is Kenny judge Curtis. Parents right here on program inch coming on. But got a little applause meter. That's that's always good guy should go on every come a bow tie on. It's been a spin a good day. Jay, we've had a commissioners court meeting today. Tell me about your day. Well, let's deal. Everybody know we've had it. We we we met today Commissioner's court met today. We we meet on every second and fourth Mondays. And so, of course, this was commissioned court day. I guess the the big story of the day is that we passed to the voters to approve an election in may for a ninety nine point six four million dollar bond package to for our transportation improvement plan. And that was I guess that was kind of the big story say pass to the voters. We are real. You bet where position shirt we agreed to put it on the ballot. We agreed to create a ballot that the voters can vote on in may to decide whether or not they want a the bond package or not. So it's going to be up to them. Ultimately, it's an and I'm good with this. And I'll tell you why. I mean, anytime you're going to be pulling money out of people's pocket. I think they need to avoi- sin that. And so, you know, there there is always a mechanism to to go out and get these as what we call CO bonds where we don't need voter approval. And and I was obligated absolutely against that that that we need the voters of Lubbock county to weigh in on this. Now, I what I'm very confident of based on the way, we're structuring this bond out over the next twenty years. That we will not have a tax increase to accompany net and people have asked. So how do you? How do you sell ninety nine million dollars worth of bonds and not have a tax increase? Will the answer is is is pretty simple that we're only going to sell the bonds as we need them. I mean, there's no way we could do ninety nine million dollars worth of construction today. There's no way, but what does a logistics logistics, and we just don't have the personnel. I mean, you'd have orange cones all over the county. And we don't want that we want to do is focus on the projects that we can get done and get started and get done and as duration time. This particular tier one projects that we're talking about is over the next seven to ten years. Okay. So what we're able to do then is kind of spread those bonds out using our current growth as well. And spreading those out and only only buying bonds or only. Issuing bonds whenever we have construction projects. Do we're able to do this without a tax increase, and I'm very confident in that in and I think that's a prudent management. I think it's I think it's good fiscal government. And also by by should the voters come alongside us in may and pass. This will also be able to go out and capture money from the state from the PO and get that money matching money into Lubbock county and turn our ninety nine million into possibly two hundred million. And so to me that is a prudent investment that we're asking for Lubbock county voters to to devote on the note that talk two years ago judge was that in order to extend twenty seven all Impe. Oh money with that to be concentrated on. I twenty seven what is this, dude? I twenty seven then the proposal. Extend it to the border. What we're talking about is NPR money, that's dedicated to Lubbock county. And so that wouldn't really affect now. Now, what is going on right now that that does have an effect on that as loop eighty eight? There's there's -ympia money that's going into the to the construction loopy that's just beginning. And but what we're talking about with this particular bond package is just county roads roads that are that are maintained built and maintained by Lubbock county, and there is money available from the state through proposition one money through proposition seven money that we're able to go out and capture so that we can turn our money into we can double it. Maybe sometimes maybe even depending on the project maybe three for one dollar amount that we could get from the state to. And I think that's that's prudent fiscal conservative management, and I'm hope. Ping that the people Lubbock will go alongside us. And when want when I was campaigning. And we were talking about this mostly people wanna know, do you have a plan what is your vision? And and what I'm very very proud of is this comprehensive transportation plan that the staff has been working on through the the ISD's in Lubbock county through all the communities in Lubbock county and identifying where the needs are in Lubbock county and finally finally Jay coming up with a comprehensive plan for the county of Lubbock for the next twenty twenty five years, and this is vitally important in especially if you consider that that we stand on the shoulders of giants who twenty five forty years ago had visions of of of roads in in Lubbock county that people said you're crazy you're crazy to put a loop to eighty nine out here. There's nothing out here. Nothing but cotton fields, but somebody had a vision. And they said, you know, if we build this out here, this is where the growth is going to go, and we're going to need this road. And I'm tell you where we're going we need roads. And so I I'm asking the people of Lubbock county to come alongside us and and partner in with us as we take care of the of the needs. These are not wants, by the way, these are needs and these are safety needs. And so these were going to build good safe roads for the people of Lubbock county for the next twenty twenty five years. So out of deference you last time, you're on the show, why didn't air some big Lubbock counties pursuing a Bon correctness, and we talked about that. Because because the decision had not been made. And today was the decision making damn so give folks not the n Lubbock county about where these roads will be. We're the major construction of ninety nine million will again, it's comprehensive. That means it's county. Wide. So we've got an I will say right off the bat. The bulk maybe thirty five million of it will be Woodrow road and everybody that that we've talked to knows that this road. And the feeder roads that go into it. You know, I'm just as concerned about the north south roads that feed into Woodrow road as I am Woodrow road itself. So we're talking about some of those feeder roads were also talking about roads in shallow water roads in idle roads and Slayton in that in in the county areas. Well, this comprehensive package as comprehensive transportation plan is is made up of of of upgrades meeting that we'll go from avert road to colle- or collegiate road to two lane paved road, a two lane paved road to a five lane road, etc. And they're also looking at in. This was for me the most important part of this plan looking at say. Safety needs. We've got we've got roads out there that are unsafe to travel on we've got intersections out in the county that are unsafe right now. And so this construction money goes I to our safety needs. So that so that our roads will be safe, and we're getting this input from our ST's who who have to go out and run buses long. These county roads, and they see how dangerous these roads every single day. So for me, this is a safety issue as well. And alongside of public safety. We've got sheriff's department personal got EMS personnel. That can't get to certain areas of the county because the roads are not passable for them. And so if they can't do that, then people are going to lose their lives. And so this is a very important roads package just for the safety part. And we we talk about convenience, and we can talk about economics. But for public safety, we need to do something today. Day something that you you had foresight to put together because you waited how many months between the time that you won two time. You assumed office will. The the primary was over in may. And I knew that I did not have a an opponent for the November election. So I've been intimately involved in in in working on this, and whether an insect may comprehensive plan. That's correct. Yeah. And you've heard from the new term now is stakeholder sets what they colder is is the term, but it, but it's our independent school districts in our communities getting Abernethy, don't let my antelope show out there. There's actually there's actually some identifiable projects up in the northern part of Lubbock county that that Abernathy independent school district is identified as being a very unsafe road that that is part of our tier one down package. Let's give folks an idea what unsafe road is here's what I was told whenever I was driving around the farm owned Chevy big tin back in the late nineties. The only way you'll know if somebody's coming. And the only ride of only right away in this intersection is if you see flying up behind the echo that qualifies unsafe. Right. I I I would think if that's all you're depending on at you better hope that we continue to stay in a drought because because if that's the only way you're going to tell when somebody's coming up to an intersection. Yes. So those are unsafe the big news here on the program ninety nine point six four million. That's correct before roads in Lubbock county, and and for a bond election that will be may the fourth. So the people of Lubbock county will will decide whether or not we're going to have this not all we did this morning. Sounds like a minimizing it. But what we've done this morning was to approve the election and call for the election in may. All right. Let me take note for that. And my little nifty ped- call for an election. Let's switch over to expo center. News coming out last week that the controllers some people call it the comptroller, but I'm Bob Bullock, and whose ius. The control dot com. Trawler? That's right. My best, Bob. He's got old English. Well, say controller are con- Trower. You've fired. Twenty four million some expecting up to fifty million for this silty judge. What can we get built for twenty four million in? I'm going to ask you this in a two part manner. Win will more private money. Come in to bump that up closer to fifty million. So the answer that question win will more money come in. It will be before we turned hurt. And I will not begin any phase of construction until we have the money in the Bank until the money for what exactly. What exactly is right? You know, back in in November leading up to the November vote. That's that fifty million was floated out more like a wishlist, they they wish they could build this facility. And they went and got some some preliminary bids on based on a X amount of seat arena built out here with this with this barn test to it with this warm up arena attached to it what would that cost, and they they got some some numbers, and it was about fifty million. And so that's what they presented to the people of Lubbock county. But they also said that we're going to raise this money using the hot tax or the hot the hotel occupancy tax and also with the car rental tax. Now, the the kink in this is that since the election. We've we've gotten. A preliminary word that we cannot collect on the on the car rental tack. You're welcome took a lot of heat for putting that out there. Yeah. Federal Aviation acted two thousand eighteen that you can only use car rental taxes for what's going in at the airport in I reported that was the bad guy. They're bad guy for for like a week. Like, I was trying to rain down on this parade. But I was only 'cause I this hate. Judge. I cannot stand win. For me, the intrinsic value wherever you live is the public trust. He got to have the public trust. And if people find out about this after the fact, then you've got a real problem on your hands where there's a conspiracy theorists every three doors down your block. And I didn't want people to find out after the fact, so I'll put it out there. They look the FAA act says you can't do this anymore. I don't think we do Carla money rankled a lot of people. But at least it got out there in front of. But even then it was we can still get a lot of money out of hot tax. But go ahead. Well in what we're going to get out of the hot tax. What we found out is fr- from our bond counsel is about twenty four point six million dollars. Just a little under twenty money. Does do the bonding agents getting this process? Do you know what percentage what you on the hot? Yeah. No. That's fine. I'm I'm glad you did we we we have them on retainer. Anyway as as bond. Council. So this is just kind of part of their duties for Lubbock county is to is to bring us the estimates that based on what is currently collected and based on also a future growth, very conservative because they have to go out and and sell these bonds, and so they wanna make sure that that growth that they're anticipating is a conservative growth, we do know love account is growing. And I think it's easy to to go out and sell that look at where we where we been five years ago Liquori are today. And so can you now project where we're going to be thirty years from now because that's what we're talking about is a thirty year bond, and so based on that, and and also based on not pudding every single penny of tax collection into the bond into the debt reduction, we're going to have to hold some back in serve. And so that being said, that's what drops that. Down to twenty five to twenty four points. That's on the twenty year. Bon thirty is that on thirty. Yes, sir. Okay. Twenty four million on Monday sand. It's also not is it twenty. It's also not counting on any money from the car rental. And it's also not counting on any private money. And therein lies probably the key. Because we know that there is a five one c a private group out there. That's that's willing to go out and raise money, and if they're willing to go out and raise money, and if they put in, you know, twenty million let's say they go out and raise twenty million then we have a public private partnership. And now we've got a forty six million dollar facility, and that's probably closer to more. What they're reality. When do you want to see this thing come to conclusion, if you put a date on if you're gonna raise money, raise it by this date? So we can make a decision here. I've I've not put a time line on that yet. Again, we're still we're still talking. With them and still trying to see we do have the luxury of just a little bit of time. But what I'm hoping to do is is at least within the next two months. Come up with a definite plan going forward. Whether it is and working with this five. Oh, one C three finding out exactly how much money that. They will be able to go out and raise in a private partnership judge Curtis Farish with us here. What in your mind constitutes luxury? Like is there? What amount of time? Do you wanna give them? I'm talking about the five one c three how long do you need here? Have you given them a date that you want them to get back with you on no private? I mean, they've they've already mentioned told us that they've got ten million. Then they've got the the got the pledges for for ten million. Obviously, we wanna see this. If we're going to do this public private partnership see a little bit definite more than just kinda pledge. We need to make sure that we've got that money in the Bank. So that we can begin the process of construction. Matt dough trae GIS inner the intrepid reporter from Lubbock avalanche journal just entering the studio. He's got a cool ten million. Just put that down. Pretend. You can write a check. I think I think he I think j you could write a check he could clear that today. Yeah. We aren't ready to go in with the Leeson expo center to quite yet. Judge tell me what switch from that. So well before we switch from that. When do you wanna know like his Dayton mind that you have were like I said within the next month or two we're going to have to make the decision on on how we're going to go forward with this. I don't think at twenty four point six million. We we get a facility that I think would serve counties needs for the next forty fifty years. So we're going to have to look at these private partnerships. We're going to have to look at at maybe revenue sources from from other entities may be partnering with other communities partnering with a major university here in town. That's that that's one possibility. There's lots of possibilities. And so I'll just say this that I've talked with officials in San Angelo, the fifth largest rodeo venue in the country. Who say that? This is our top moneymaker whenever you're going out and looking for bones for roads, it has to be in the back of your mind that there's huge upside to the expo center. There is you have all of life excetera all of those things. You're right. There's a huge upside to and and because we're using as as a government entity were using the hot. Ideally, what we want to do is build a facility that will increase our hotel occupancy. So that we can get more hotel occupancy tax, and that's really kind of the kind of the major point of this not just to give the people of Lubbock county a quality facility for their quality of life. But also build something that will draw in visitors because in there in lies the way, we're going to fund this building. Carey asking and you can modify this question. But what the hell are we going to do about this dump out by the airport? Is that a city issues the county? That's right now, in my opinion. That's a state of Texas issue. Let's a the they're the ones that that license that facility, and I believe it should be disease. Q TC Q. I don't know where we're at with that right now. But it's going to be a a monster cleanup operation, whether it city county or state or federal government heard thirty of her sixty I've I'm like you. I've I've not heard officially what it would cost anything trae. I can't think of any numbers, but I know everyone decisive session, it's part of the city's main priorities, and it's on there was priorities is here too. So they're gonna trying to get state money. I know the county I think the county in the city don't really want to touch it. Well, it it it. It's an expensive operation list would be like two thirds of your bond package to clean that place. Well, it would be would. The road to clean it up. We we can then ever it cost Abernethy. Well. Again, you can write a check J. He can make it out to Lubbock county. Okay. Okay. I'll I'll talk to MRs Leeson. Would you please? Let's close out with this. We're bleeding in. Some dough trait time trays a big favourite on program. I've got somebody texting and saying it's going to be eight million dollars to clean up. So numbers are pretty much everywhere on that SP two house Bill to Senate Bill to house Bill two would put a cap on right now. Eight percent, you can only raise eight percent any more than that would go to a rollback rate election as Baotou and house Bill to Ronald the gate or two point five percent judge. What are your feelings on this legislation default? The feel I get from people is that it puts local representation at odds with state representation, and there's going to be a huge chasm that begins to to vied those two when your feelings on it. Well, two point five percent. And again, it's it's formulaic too. So you know, that two point five is based on growth that silver here, and, you know, not not on new property excetera. But but roughly, I think you're right. I think for for simplified purposes were lowering that trigger election rate from eight to two point five I've always said a long if those who want tax reform you have to have spending reform bride alongside or else though both fail. So if you want spending reform you have to have tax reform, so what I would like to see come out of the legislature is a spending reform. Bill if they're going to tax reform Bill we need to see a spending reform Bill. Ideally, I don't have a problem with two point five percent that that's not a problem for us here in Lubbock county. And and I think it's if it's feasible for us were okay with that. If if if it's two point five percent all were asking is if we need to raise taxes more than two point five percent, will you the voters come alongside us. And I think, you know, and I'll go back to exactly what I've said all along if we're going to reach in pull money out of your pocket, you ought to have a say in that. And so I don't have a problem with the cap knowledge. Let me ask you this should be candid with me. I am lead say that China comes in. And we started cotton trade war k next week and cotton being a five billion dollar industry. Within one hundred miles of loving. China comes in puts together trade war, and you don't get the revenue that you need at that point. And then folks like empower Texans and others come in and wanna make an example, Lubbock county with outside influence, your okay with it at that point. I tend to think you would not be okay. With outside influences. No, I'm not in. When I think what you're talking about is two different issues. I how you asked me about the two point five percent cap for a trigger election on two point five. And I'm okay with that. Now, all his what what I'm not okay with. And it's it that your scenario doesn't scare me as much as the scenario of the Texas legislature putting unfunded mandates back to the county. So requiring us to provide, you know, a multimillion dollar service to the people of Texas and not give us the money to pay for that indigent to Finn indigent defenses. One. There about fifty million dollars. In rears on that the state of Texas they they come through with for seventeen year olds or juvenile. That's that's exact- that that more that to me is more of the nightmare scenario. Okay. Then than the one that you've come up with. I didn't have to try real hard. Well, but I didn't have to try real hard either. Because the Texas legislature is considering that those two very things that I've just talked about those that the two raising the age of count ability from seventeen to eighteen that will that will nearly trigger us to do five to six million dollar upgrade to our juvenile Justice center. I'm not vibe to it on your bond to judge. Is there is there anything else you want on a pre of look? Trick. Well, what I'm what I think that's my point to do with the juvenile Justice in the first, but my point is is that that tax reform needs to come with spending reform, and they need to come hand in hand. The governor has mentioned that he's all for this two point five cap, but he's also mentioned that he is against unfunded mandates. And so I'm going to hold him to both. If SP three was SP was house. Bill four. I don't know where it is. Judge. It's always good to have young. It's good to be handed discuss one day. We're going to Facebook live you. Tying your boat. Right here on the program. Well, it's it's about time to untie it and in loosen the cholera blur gonna let you do that. And you just listen to me and go trick on your way home. I will do that very. Curtis parish right here. Pre sheet the time like Bush's it as well. Get into a quick break. No trae right ear on your other side at sex. Sheila off your phone got food. Giga? So me made you sail. GM for something here about booking. This. Manny. Now is the Tom on Monday. When we go toward intrepid Lubbock avalanche journal reporter met Joe trae Hello in see what's going on dole. Trae. How are you? Good. This is three Mondays in a row it. Well, we're going to try to make your regular. All right sound the guest. This is what the people think they let give you the applause. So it's good. It's good to hear from always thought this about max lucado judge still in judge. If you're gonna hang around feel free to chime in as we go along here. Max lucado a good church Kreis. Amen. Mexico. Christian author and once I heard maximum, Cato, preach. I really I was disappointed because of how good he writes. But people can listen to you and say, not only is he right? Well, he's also our ticket. That's very nice as you say it's good for people to have grasp Matt don't trade. So Matt Telus on the Lubbock Monday. What you've been looking at. And what you're interested in right now will today, I think. I've been hanging out with the county judge for most of the day. They're definitely keeping me. Busy both with of course, bond election, and then there's just kind of some discussions with the medical examiner's office. I don't I don't know. If you ask the judge about it. We didn't go ahead. Well, according to information that came last week, the DA's office is just asking the Texas Rangers to look into. I've leave the quote was any and all issues that have kind of been trickling or being rumored to take place that are taking place at the medical office with me. I mean, I'm these people don't know the name because I haven't gotten anything confirmed yet. Either is what have you heard? Why did you get involved in it? Well, okay. Well, it all kind of came to a head at the county. Commissioners meeting today. I I'm not sure who put it on the agenda, but they were scheduled and judge again, if you want anytime, please do they were scheduled. To talk about it because the county has been contracting out medical examiner services with a pathology labs based out of California. I believe August mid August of last year in since that time there has been significant turnover. I was just told today that will I me go and say that the previous medical examiner, Dr Rajon retired around the same time. And since that time just one person under not Rajon is currently there. How many around ten so what are what are you telling me like this is a turnover of stripes or or an also so wasn't there also generally retained people longer, but which which one goes there's some serious questions that are being brought up. I guess we just talk onto one of them is that people are performing autopsies who shouldn't be out performing these again, how I mentioned that NHA is based out of California. There's questions about whether or not these people are licensed in the state of Texas that's determine how they died, which we could impact why insurance policies in in your blow my mind right now trae this as well. We have you on. I'll put your seatbelt on because he was number two. There's also. On the new bumpers look. And then so the former employees again, I haven't gotten this confirmed. I'm just asking around AG didn't get back to me today. They just this situation at this. Former employees described is just that of just lazy autopsies, you know, if someone comes in, and they're overweight, for example, than they say, oh, well, overweight heart failures, that's it. And then they just kind of diagnose it from there. Again, these are that I have not confirmed by numerous sources, but these are according to two former employees, and then one is that but to former employer they willing to go on the record, right? Yeah. They gave their names. So there was just a little bit of. There was just so they got they stake in the game. Right. Well, they have they. Yeah. They were fired when a g took over medical examiner services. For telling the truth. No, no, just they wanted to do their own thing. They brought a bunch of people in from California is my understanding, and it's just kind of new services and the county did this the the previous county commissioners before. Judge pairs was born into office. They did it as kind of a cost saving measure. Oh, wow. You know, judge anything say here. I'm glad you stuck around. I could done they'd be like, well, that's so head heart attack. When really I got shot in the back of my neighbors started me pounding the trash on Sundays in the exter-. I cannot comment on ongoing investigations. Okay. What else? That's about the gist of it. So being investigators being looked at as it seems like it should and third party independent groups coming in. And of course, the DA. Is a third party group. Which is the Texas. Rangers is what I'm talking. Sure for sure. And of course. Yeah. I mean, this is extremely. They need to sort this out, obviously. So the Rangers are here looking at this very issue. That is my understanding yet. Hey, they'll get those confirmations real fast. Right. Are you in contact with the range? No, no. Should you be? Yeah. This is your your. We're talking about what I'm going to be doing for the rest of the week. Yes. Wow. Wow. So there could be some wrongful death. They're out there. Right. How many things I'm not sure they haven't been here that you know, since August. Yeah. Right. Right. And then there's talk that. I mean the Kerr again I've reached out to his office. I haven't heard back, but the current the acting chief Dr Andrews. Is only here if you as a week is what they're claiming. So where does he come in from? Yeah. I think he does kind of his own private this AG is just kind of private contractor. He comes in from California for a couple of days a week. That's my understanding kind of sideshow operation we run in here. I mean, really it's absolutely is really serious. There's a lot on the line for like I used to be mad at rigor dice. Now. I'm getting mad about this. And it all just kind of. Blew up. I guess how much it costs to make this right to get a competent group in. That's not like the Lewis bidder. Do you know? I don't I don't know what the judge the, you know, you can't you can't come in on. I can't comment on any ongoing investigation. Cut. Okay. I'm really glad that you stuck around I'm laughing. But really, I'm kind of Yuri is like really this is where we're going to cut bucks for sure. Okay. Nicely there. I'm glad we didn't talk. Monologue would have been on happy Monday. Happy to be here. Okay. So does she work on bud leaves white like the mad laughed? Here's outta my go in so. And then today today's working on. Yeah. Devante election. People are being told that they died for reasons that they didn't for. That's what families are being told. No, no this hasn't. No. But you just said overweight. So I'm probably a good twenty or fifty pounds overweight. They're gonna tell me tell my wife, I die of heart attack. When really I'd I'd of like, I don't know. The weed eater hidden. Well, listen, these are I would imagine. I would imagine. These are very smart, people know the pig. The picture I painted is just kind of your most basic example. I'm sure if you if you were working with a weed eater in chopped off your foot, and you blow it out. I'm sure that they would notice your foot is gone. Door blue that way. Right. But judge at the very least give me this it something that you're wear of. Yes, we are very aware of it. We do we we are getting reports as as they would potentially come in. But we're not. Behind or ahead of the story. I very much behind. Thanks. Go ahead. But what what what what happened is? Because you raised it. What what has happened is? That is that this investigation is now in the hands of the Texas Rangers. And so we're going to be awaiting their results to us. I don't know how long that will take. I I I have no idea and they're not going to give us any time line is to win. They're going to release the results of their investigation. In the meantime, while they're doing their job. We're not going to comment. Okay. At least give me this judge. What happens I private donations get to fifty million or you get the Rangers report of the top sees. I'll take that. Good. Good. I'm glad I'm such a congenial host that you guys will come to the show later. I've been waiting for you to get me in trouble. You are in trouble today. Okay. What else you working on? Go ahead. You just said it was reiterated sung at my mind back on trae. Right. Well, yeah. Then this week talk doing the bond election, then I need to write I've written about expo center yet. So that's something that I need to pursue these numbers from the controller's office at the county, and but you were talking about the. Yeah, you were talking with the judge about this on my way in. So I think you're listening. I can comment on that. Sure. So and then I guess we'll judge I have a question for you. So, you know, doing the Commissioner's meeting today, I guess, you know, it didn't pass it was three two votes. Those who voted no weren't necessarily might understanding. They weren't against the bond in and of itself, just the timing. And I of the bond election. Yes, bring the rest of us in on timing, the timing of the bond election Commissioner Chad see actually made a motion to table it until a later date which in talking with people afterwards he was saying what we should wait until November. So really well-supported against Jason corley. And he also said they they wanted to get a budget cycle under their belt, and I'm quoting him. When Jason said that the so I guess judge kind of what what went into your thinking the difference between. Having it in may and having it in November. Well, the really my my particular point of view is that is that all the issues that that are before us for the may election will be before us for the November election, and it we we've dealt with past commissioners courts that have continually kick the can down the road literally kick the can down the road. And so the the best time there's two best times to plan a tree and the first one's twenty years ago. And the second one is today. And so we do have a comprehensive plan. I think if we did not have a plan that was approved unanimously by the court going forward for the next twenty twenty five years, I would say would be a little too soon. But now that we've got the plan. We know exactly where our needs are not our wants, but our needs. And we know what our needs are going to be in the next ten twenty years. Then the time to go forward is today. Also because of the opportunity that the opportunity that the Texas legislature is giving us and meeting right now. And if anybody is a prophet in those what the Texas legislature is gonna do please, you know, buy me a lottery ticket. I'm ready to go here everyday. So it's it's likely that that some of the some of the rules that we have that we can go after some matching money is likely to change. And so after September first we won't be able to to get the all the matching money that we going to. And so I think it's prudent. I think it's I think it's conservative think it's prudent. I think it's fiscally responsible for us to go after that money and the only way for us to do that is to pass this bond election, then we can go and use our money to leverage the state to potentially double what we have. Before before the opportunity goes away. Right, right. Do you? Do you? See the recent news about the expo center. You tomah tomah any answers you get here. You're gonna give us credit in the avalanche journal. Well, I guess I'm just curious. If you think the expo center will have any impact on the vote because from the outside. Your seem similar end. We also say this most people don't turn out during may elections. I'm hearing predictions of about sixteen thousand will be the only thing on the ballot for the city of Lubbock. And while the guys de right? Yeah, they won't they won't have any items on the budget items on the ballot. It will be the only thing on the ballot will be this bond election. But I'll say if if you're going to bring up the expo center, the issues of the expo center will still be with us in November as well. So so so just just saying, well, we're gonna put it off to get the expo center straightened up. We're going to have those. We're going to have those issues in November or next may as well. There will always be an issue coming up, and it doesn't matter. What that issue is the the key is windy. Do you want safe? Good roads. Wendy, you want them? And I I wanted him yesterday. I don't know about you. Jay. Twenty years ago twenty years, I was in the big ten waiting for the all the dirt fog up on so opposing intersex. We've got some serious safety issues on there that we need to deal with today. And so we're asking the people of Lubbock county to come alongside us. If we waited till November there's going to be issues down the line, and we're just gonna continually kick that canned down the road. So in my from my perspective. And and I'm like, you the people that I've talked to are not against the bond election. They're not against doing this for Lubbock county is just the timing of it. And so I'm here to say, I believe the timing and the best time to do that is today. And correct me if I'm wrong, but so the PO is currently paying for engineering and design of Woodrow road. That's correct. That's right. It just just about two point six, right? Right. Okay. So on a thirty five plus million dollar project. Right. So so we still got a lot more money to put into this. And and the reason I ask that is because the sooner we would ever see construction cones is probably to you. I keep hearing two years that and that would be correct. Because that that is the nature of how you do these things. But if we don't pass this bond election, it could be ten years from now. All right. Got these figure out here. Good. Jay, how are you? It's going to let you too. No, I'll tell you what I full credit for this. Judge most politicking when they see dough trae walk in would say, hey, guys during the break, it up cordially say, okay, goodbye, most politicians would not. So, you know, I I come from a media background. And and I do believe in and I believe this with all my heart that the best government is an open, honest and transparent government, and I do not mind. An and if there's things I can't talk about I'll tell you. I can't talk about ongoing invest it's an ongoing investigation. I can't talk about it. But but I think that's what I think that's what we should demand. From from the people who lead our government, we demand answers. It may not be answers that we like, and it may not be answers that are suitable for the day, but we do demand answers. And and I think from my years in media. I I understand that. And so as county judge I want to always be available to to be open, honest and transparent about your government. It's I it's we the people it's not me the government Dotonbori. Just couple minutes left here. I should have just opened up and just left the room and said oh trae in the lets you because it train the judge sounds like a bad sitcom. It's a great great radio. What else we got coming down the pike? I know there's a city council meeting tomorrow truth. We haven't looked at the council agenda the council of sitting back. They wanted us. I know. Turn of events for sure for sure so council meeting the moral bonds today also looking into medical examiner's office. Yup. The expo center that sign ordinance that I talked about last week. I'm trying working on that for this weekend. Okay. Till we're about that we talked about it's fun. Go ahead. Just kind of the SU listeners every week going. Okay. Okay. Just the city of Lubbock has very strict sign ordinance billboards right for billboards. But even like commercial properties, you know, they can't you don't see McDonald's with a fifty foot high, you know, sign in their parking lot. So it's you know, it's a very conscious very strict sign ordinance that gets brought up a lot because people and I think there's an ongoing lawsuit. I mean, the billboard companies do not like it is weird whenever us travel to other cities in then you come in the Lubbock in you, don't see the, right and the great mom. Ali Ivan said Lubbock is eighty three point three percent sky a still don't see billboard. Yeah. But since we talked last week. I haven't noticing a more around the loop. There are quite a few around the there are always kind of it. You mentioned the one in south bec-. I noticed one in like on the west loop this week do the one that university in lieu, right, right? That's the hot set Lou. And that's a hot spot during political season to a lot of people put up there. I can't confirm judge that you did not put up campaign ads on that particular pill because you're you're exactly correct opponent. So maybe it doesn't work. Okay. That's where we're gonna to leave this Dotonbori. Good is always. Thank you read raider fan, by the way. Yeah. Red writer basket since we talked last Ron what a two-game wins. Yeah. Number fifteen. Awesome is news today in the any of those games really with the freshman getting cave on more. But he played two minutes. I don't understand what I understand. It's only two minutes. He played two minutes. Yeah. So you know, he was hurt some alleged injury. Everyone was kind of waiting, and we didn't know how good Colorado words was going to be. That's a nice surprise. But he was more with he's trying to take Williams's chill. This is I'm just this is just a promo. Yeah. All right. I'm done move over on Williams. One texture saying the sun ordinance needs to be redone. It's good but needs to be brought into this century. Yeah. Technology changes for sure. I got le-. Let me pull it up real quick. Because only get your take on it. There's a dumpster fire West Virginia. Let's switch over to sports with Dhotran for just second dumpster fire at West Virginia. And the latest is that West Virginia has dismissed east all mod and Wesley Harris for violation of athletic department. Policies are the school. So Bob Huggins. You know, what I'm glad that Bob Huggins Indian the dine Lubbock county because coma guy. I'm he went there because most likely go down with the heart attack. But the Lubbock county medical examiner would just say, yeah, it was hard to I wanna get the judges take on football. We have the voice of. I'm excited about murder football very much. We had coach ios on the show. Did you hear it, Mr. hair? Would you think of his hair? Did you love coach Joost? Yeah. Me. It's great here. I lead them with if you walk into a bar when Emma bind you and he went with diet coke. That's a safe play of safe. I like the way coach Will's team is out recruiting they're recruiting amazingly. Well, right now, especially and and I think it's you know, we've heard over the years it's hard to recruit to Lubbock impossible to recruit to love it. And I think that that has been a falsehood. I think it's easy to recruit to Lubbock Lubbock is is is a great community. And Texas Tech is a great university with a great football program. And in recruits are really excited about coming to Lubbock to play football. The judge says this in the midst of a red flag was to say not today. My truck barely made it on the inter-. That's you. You can talk about that. But what you you wanna be in California with all the wildfires? I don't think. So I'm I'm perfectly happy in Lubbock, Texas. Well, enough said perfectly happy in west, Texas and Lubbock, Texas. He is judge Curtis parish avalanche journals met dough trae going to sign off this edition of the other side. Good family. You can doubt. Now, they told me the day that we are on Spotify. So literally anywhere you can get a podcast you can hear to this program. If you're just tuning in just go plug into your phone other side of Texas pod cashing downloaded anywhere now. Thanks for those of you who make this program possible. And listen to like you do Sunday's our big day. Lots and lots of people listen on Sundays catching up on the program. So they're going to hear us laugh pretty at least me laugh, pretty hard over the course of this program. Appreciate both you guys coming out going to get home guy to get home. Great family above average sinner, especially because I'm mister mom right now until next time ray-ban buddies Ravon, we'll see next edition of other sided texts. It's. The podcast. You just heard was made using anchor ever thought about making your own podcast anchor. Makes it really easy for anyone to get started. It's a one stop shop for recording hosting and distributing fat guests best of all it's one hundred percent free. Sign up now at anchor dot FM slash new. That's anchor dot F M slash new to get started.

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