What's Alex Jones Up To Now?


Hi, I'm Robert Evans from behind the bastards. And I'm here to tell you about a new podcast on the house stuff works network. It's called Helen gone. It follows writer in private investigator. Catherine Townsend issue moves back to the Arkansas Ozarks to solve the two thousand and four murder of twenty two year old college student, Rebecca Gould, it's a unique true crime podcast because the listener actually follows a realtime murder investigation as writer and private investigator, Catherine Townsend and her team tried to bring Rebecca's killer or killers to Justice. So check it out. It's on apple podcast Spotify and wherever fine podcasts, our podcast it. Helen, gone. It's a really cool thing. Hello internet. I'm Robert Evans. And this is once again behind the bastards the show where we tell you everything you don't know about the very worst people in all of history. And today, we have a very special episode for all it's another episode on Alex Jones, the epilogue italics Jones, you can call it and my guest today are the guys from knowledge fight Dannon, Jordan. How y'all doing today? Doing great, thanks for having us. In case, our listeners don't know. Dan knows a lot about Alex Jones. Jordan wreck does not know much about Alex Jones. But in reality, you both know an enormous amount about Alex Jones because you've recorded hundreds of podcasts episodes about him to my ever lasting regret. High started doing this podcast because I wanted to hang out with my friend. And now, I know too much about this, man. Yeah. I'm bigoted influence, yells, podcast knowledge. Fight listeners. Good knowledge dot com. If you want to hear more about Alex Jones, they break down his episodes. You guys you're both doing the modern stuff and you go back to two thousand eight nine episodes yells podcast, become one of my favorite. I kind of learned about it as I was finishing up the first Alex Jones podcast. But I listen to you guys two or three times a week. I love your stuff. Enjoy it. Yeah. Thank you very much. Well, we absolutely appreciate your workers. Well, well, let's let's get into this. Let's talk a little bit about Alex Jones. Sure, I'd like to open this video this all right up like open this episode with special video I found of Alex Jones on inauguration day, outrageously drunk and ranting some sort of bizarre future space program. Have you guys seen this one? A have horrific memories of inauguration night election night that all season was pretty bad time. They're watching Alex Jones. I forget when I came across this one. But it's pretty remarkable. I I like it because it showcases Alex Jones as drunk as I think he's ever been. But that may be optimistic on my part. Reached heights of intoxication. There are four ways to learn one of which is race memory. That's a great quote of is. Yeah. None of those four ways to learn by the way that he references were reading research any kind of physical look libraries are where he goes to a shit. Basically. He's not he's not there for the book. They free coffee. All right. I'm gonna play this video just to warm up the waters for our listeners here, here's drunk, Alex. Jones. Space program judgy marry myspace loss program. That's the big difference. Will be created launched face program. Judgy Mariam's face loss program on the map forever. In the Yellow Sea. It'll wants a program when our ancestors thousand years from now on hundreds and hundreds of star systems galaxies. They'll look back and say these are the people that division. They call it won't be Japan won't be shining will be Russia. We'll be land. Americans american. No, no, no, no wrong, America. I love it seems like an Alex Jones conception of the world candidate just kind of gets a free ride onto the space train like which is man. They're white. Alex is world like a joke. But that isn't. Yeah. Yeah. That is kind of. Yeah. What my favorite part of that? If I remember that night correctly. That was he's stumbling around DC and a little bit after that in the video he ends up running into a bunch of fans, and he almost catatonic leash shakes hands with people like people keep coming up doing like, Alex Jones growing, but he's almost unconscious when these talking to these people to very weird dynamic he seems to have with people. But I don't think anybody hates Alex Jones listeners more than Alex Jones despises his his fans so much that actually gets us onto sort of what will be talking about for big chunk of this episode, which is the the contempt any seems for the people who have given him everything that he has. It's it's really quite remarkable. I mean when we last talked about Alex Jones on my show. He just been kicked off Twitter Facebook YouTube pretty much everything our episode three parter ended with him in a donkey mask shouting about the the one point three billion Islam, strain and satanism waiting where the country. Yeah. That was that was a banner night for that. They were there. And then suddenly they weren't very quickly surprise. Yeah. Yeah. They really that. Was that was an impressive movement of one point three billion people. With the numbers as one of the you're gonna find if you ever looked too deeply into Alex doesn't understand math language or numbers are fundamental problems. Great at shouting, though, really. If there's one thing I can look up to the man for as a shout her myself. He can really shout the shit out of one of the best. And that day the day that I finished writing the script. I think Infowars made an announcement that they were launching wars. Yes. Which is Alex framed as an incredible opportunity for his listeners. He's selling u economic freedom. I don't know why you don't want to be a small business owner. I don't know. I don't know your Scoffing at this. It's a proven system. Well, yeah, Infowars. Yes. Since our listeners probably don't pay much attention to Alex Jones is essentially he's he's getting rid of info wars life. It seems his supplement line in replacing with another line of supplements sold by a company named genus. Not the genetics that that key through neary the guy who started that Nexium cult branded women did. But a different spelling of same pronunciation easy mistake to make result at the end of the. Yeah, they're both MLM's. They're they're both healthy level marketing companies level marketing company, these going to get branded at the end of it. I'll tell you that right now. Well, I looked into a little bit because you know, Alex claim the number one there's supplements were better than the supplements he'd been selling which is pretty interesting for Alex to do. It's a strange business plan for him to come out and insult his own line in favor of this new line that he's bringing in if he expects to ever sell his old line ever again. That struck me these very strange, and I I guess we'll get to that in a little bit. But it does seem like this is almost the in game of info wars. Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part. But it looks like he's trying to basically cash in on the audience that he has as fast as he can. Because gymnasts is not a nice company. I did a little bit of digging into them. You did some on your show to a definitely the majority of people like with every Melhem don't make any money or lose money on the business. I did go to their website because I wanted to know how'd you presents themselves. Their mission statement is the genetic family creates positive impact in the world by helping people look and feel young while empowering each other to unleash our potential which is about as vague as you're gonna find on anything doesn't sold, sir. You wanna be you want to unleash your potential to feel young? Always I've always wondered why I haven't been unleashing my potential, and it turns out genetic has a way to go about it. I assume I'm going to get Brandon and sex call here shortly right that and you're going to get a micro biotic skin math. That's a double whammy of funds. All it's been holding you back so well, and when you're branding yourself, you really want the the patented genetics stem cell skin rejuvenation. Tonic. Yeah. Which is actually a thing that they? This case, actually, branding yourself kind of works both ways as a double. Meaning yet. All right. We will talk about the branding a little bit. Because Jones made some really interesting choices and had a brand Infowars. Yes. But I want to stay in genetics for just a little bit longer. So I looked into the company's bio, and it says that it began in the the hearts and minds visionaries Randy rate and windy Louis having achieved tremendous success and other enterprises. A basically they created genus in two thousand nine on September ninth two thousand nine nine pm because the number nine represents lounge Eddie for reasons that are unclear to me we're going into supreme mathematics. It does seem like tank claiming this. This. I'm not a numerology. But it does seem that any number higher than nine would better represent longevity than the number nine. I I don't know. It's the largest single digit number that makes perfect. Okay. Okay. Okay. Sign on the board. Let's keep so Mr. Ray and miss Lewis because you know, they claim to have achieved tremendous success and other new prices. So I looked into what those other enterprises were and they they got their start with fuel freedom international. Which was that so pills you put in your car gas tank to give it better mileage, wait hold on say that one more time they start right? What fuel freedom international an MLM that sells pills that you put in your car to give it better gas mileage. Look you aspirin your car needs aspirin. Everybody knows. It makes perfect sense. What do you do if you're not dragging your car? Leaving money on the table with a sober car. Drug testing your car. Your honor? My car was drunk. It was drunk. So it would drive further. So the claim that feel free to made was that the their car pill technology was invented by NASA in the nineteen seventies. Although there's zero evidence for this claim there's also zero evidence that the magical car Pels ever worked in people did try to study that. So again seems like they were just selling nonsense magic for your gas tank now in two thousand nine Mr. Ray and miss Lewis got together with a Beverly Hills doctor to make an anti aging face cream made out of stem cells. And if since then cashed in very successfully on people's fears of getting old the weirdest sequel to Beverly Hills cop Beverly Hills, doctor. Dr. You give John Reinhold his own franchise. And you know, you're going to run into trouble. You know, it says a lot about you that you picked Beverly Hills cop as the Beverly Hills movie to call the sequel to and not Beverly Hills ninja the Chris barley classic. You mean the greatest movie ever made? I'm on. I was gonna go with troop Beverly Hills. Shows where my mind is that so genetics business did grow wildly over the mid audits and made hundreds of millions of dollars in two thousand thirteen or fourteen they're showing like a four hundred five hundred percent growth rate year over year. But it seems to have tapered off recently in part due to the fact that they are super shady. So I did some reading within the MLM community to just try to see how this company was looked at by people who are into multi level marketing, and I found will say called behind MLM, and they one of the things they notice that genus has history of quote, cutting secret backroom deals with high profile affiliates, which means that they basically go after people with big audiences in paid thousands of dollars in order to get access to their audience, which seems to be exactly what's going on with Alex Jones right now, it's the Scientology business model. I believe. Yeah. Find someone famous and then their fans will pay you money. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So behind MLM talks about one other personality that genus sort of poached from. A different MLM, and they paid him fifteen thousand dollars a month in order to generate tens of thousands of leads, and I think Alex Jones even after the cut down in his traffic still is something like seven hundred eight hundred thousand unique views on like a monthly basis to info wars, so he possibly he's getting a lot more than fifteen grand a month since she seems to have the ability to drive a little bit more traffic. But it also seems unlikely that he's getting a whole lot more than that. And I know that in that there's a two hour interview Jones did drunk with David. Patrick, Patrick, Ben, David. The surprisingly good interviewer slash eight will kill for marketing. Con man. Listening to that video just like what this. How is this? The best interview that Alex the best interview for Alex was was this guy actually pushing back just like, Alex, Alex. Yeah. Really, you considered that maybe some of this is your fault really held his feet to the fire on some. No. Yeah. Shepherd. Impressive. And in that interview Jones claimed that he'd lost about ten million dollars in deals in the first month of Trump's presidency. I will say that number is slightly higher than what he cited at the time. But he is he has a habit of like I said he's bad with numbers, but he also mythologised himself quite a bit. So by this point him, expanding it to ten million dollars makes a whole lot of sense. But I think it was only like a couple of million back, then at least multiplied it by a few. I feel like that's every time. He cites a number when he cites that same thing in the future, he'll double or so the number like at least forty percent increase, and you know, that's cumulative over time. So I'm sure he'll be. Thirty or forty million down in a year from now, you might actually be forty million. Well, yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah. Yeah. So that is what I want to get into because. Yeah. The New York Times noted and this was like a September thirteenth or fourteenth report that Infowars head a daily average about one point four million visits to its website before the August six spans and that by September mid September. They were down by about half. So it seems like the band's cut their traffic and half, which is obviously gonna cut his revenue in half. And while I doubt he lost ten million dollars in a month. It seems pretty probable that. He did lose a lot of money. As a result of his his increased visibility in the D platforming and whatnot. So I always find it interesting. When he lies about something that he absolutely doesn't need to lie about like two million dollars. If you lost two million dollars a month. That's still shit ton of money. Yeah. But he has to say, oh, it's ten million dollars. Like why it's a fish stories, man. You know, the fish? Yeah. It's like it's like I mean, he also has to kind of lie about his influence, even though there's plenty of things he has to legitimately claim like that he's influence. I don't know. He he does seem to have some sort of allergic prohibition against telling the truth. It's it's kinda weird. But yeah, nobody would ever elected guy like that president tell you that he he would never get further than having a weird show on the radio. So anyway, I it's it definitely seems likely that this partnership with genetics came out of a severe cash crunch for Jones. Like, that's the picture. I'm getting as I look at this because we know as an revenues down. We know it seemed like if he's willing to give up info wars life. It means though sales have probably fallen significantly. Well, I think that you're you're thinking is probably pretty correct on that. But my my theory is that Infowars life was all done through his weird, Dr a friend. Who's actually a chiropractor diaper group yet? It's it's all done through the global healing center that Dr group runs he has all his products. And then Alex makes a different name for them and sells them on info wars life. And my theory is basically once Alex got kicked off of everything Dr group realized there's nothing in this for me anymore. So he wanted to stop his dual branding with Alex. So Alex probably didn't have as much of a choice as it appears with Infowars life going away. Because now he can't private label all this like superman vitality. Anthro plex interesting. I noticed a decrease in appearances by Dr group, especially in the last like nine months or so whereas you used to come on and do infomercials fairly regularly. So I mean that seems really consistent though, with Alex Jones is character. Because if Dr group has pulled away from Jones and isn't willing to work with them in the same extent that he used to be it makes sense that Jones is calling those supplements not as good as the ones like that. He would be willing to throw not just group, but the products under the bus because that's Jones's character fits the pettiness that we have we've seen for a long time and Alex's jumping from thing. To thing is pretty consistent throughout his career. Yeah. Like, he used to be basically a gold salesman for Midas resources. Ted Anderson runs this gold company called Midas resources that also own Genesis communications network that would distribute Alex's show in September of two thousand fifteen. Ted lost his gold license. So four totally non-criminal reasons. I don't know why that would be the first place your head jumps to guy. Just lost his gold bullion sales license. That's just normal shit. That happens. He forgot to re up with the government. Come on Jordan is not correct on that there were some shady dealing by my. So if you haven't allowed to sell gold anymore, and so he ended up becoming actually sells like bulk beef now. It's very might as resources a very strange place into now always called beef read gold. I mean. It's the gold of your stomach when when Ted lost his gold, Bouillon license. Alex, immediately almost like two weeks after that. I believe did a money bomb, and it was just sort of out of nowhere. Also right around the end of the fiscal year when you gotta get your taxes together here. So he there's that compliance a little bit after that is when a lot of the the supplement sales went into overdrive, though, he'd already started that end of the business year prior. It wasn't pushed nearly as hard as it was after twenty fifteen and onwards. So I I've noticed that weird trend of him like sort of leapfrogging from cash cows kind of. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I I got to say just to a little aside. But it's really one of the things that's most frustrating to me about twenty eighteen is like I spent like I'm gonna guess you did as well. A lot of my late teen years and early twenties. Like the weird conspiracy corners of the internet. I have fond memories of those days. Yeah. I I have really fond memories of using like weird libertarian gold e currency to buy drugs off the internet from Canada. And now that's all ruined because it's all turned into dislike right wing lake. This funding machine for malicious basically, like it's all it's just such a bummer like I want to think back fondly about using eagle to buy 2ci. But it's just it's it's it's been corrupted now by the nothing gold can last say nothing eagled can stay my appointment comes from losing my favourite advertiser that he ever had which was a diamond Gusset, gene. Do you know diamond Gusset, I have heard diamond Gusset jeans on y'all show the ads for them. Incredible songs, but my favorite part was when he was doing research into diamond Gusset genes, he found all these reviews, and they were consistent in one thing. Which is that whatever pant size, you ordered. That would be the only pants is. You did not receive. It's pretty random random pants generator. And that makes me so happy for some like. Jordan. I need to never know what pants is I'm gonna wear you don't need to worry about it. Because they're still a sponsor of the Genesis communications network. We go that relationship is still in business. Everybody loves American jeans. Timing. Gus it's subscriptions all around on buying around for everybody who listens to the show. I just want to know where you have to be in your life that you buy pants through the radio. A patriot. That's okay. So. Driving us back to genetic just a little bit. It does seem that there's some current desperation for steady monthly income in Alex Jones. I don't like you point out. He's leapfrog from a lot of cash cows over the years. But it seems like now one of the things that's new is that he's willing to burn his audience to get it. Because genetics is not a nice company now that there are nice MLM's. But just this August, they settle the two and a half million dollar class action lawsuit and the plaintiffs in that lawsuit alleged that genus was quote, a misleading business opportunity disguised as legitimate way to make money, which seems like a reckless thing for Jones to do with his audience, which has already dwindled as a result of everything. That's happened. The problem with that description of Judas to be in a lawsuit is like that's also a one way to describe capitalism. Right. Well, yes. Leaving way too. It's one of those things like at the basic level. Like, okay, you work a job in use the money. You get that job that you're paid for your level. The but labor to buy goods and services. There are complaints. You can have about that level of capitalism, which is different than like an MLM where it's like, no you buy a bunch of products. And the whole goal is to trick you into thinking that this will make you rich, but you never make a dime. They're scams. And then they're scams on scams. Yeah. The thing I would think about your your characterization of him being willing to sort of take a risk with his audience like this. I don't think that that's out of character for him at all even on your episodes. And you were going over his up laments. You guys talked about how there was a bunch of lead. Right. You're right. And and a lot of the stuff that he sold were were pretty bunk. Even without the idea that there's heavy metals in them, just the the actual thing isn't going to get the result that he is saying you probably will. So I think for years he's he's been perfectly willing to. Endanger people? Bottom line. But it does seem like that's a little bit more of a subtle like for one thing lead poisonings just gonna make you a better info wars consumer. It's not going to hurt your ability to enjoy Alex Jones is content. But like the supplement industry is gigantic ninety nine percent of it as a scam. Like, obviously, there's vitamin supplements that can be useful. But like, it's mostly bullshit. And that labor are the paint chips. Have you ever eaten those? I don't know. Supplement their kettle cooked paint. They're delicious. You get a little bit of Brown on him perfect. The jalapeno my favorite weird fact about paint chips less lead than Alex Jones a supplements. China's made of Ladd. Okay. So I got I got a Tunis out for an ad break right now for some some products, and you know, services the the capitalism stuff that we're talking about. But not the MLM version of capitalism. The this. That is an ad pivot, my friend that is Louie you do it. And we're pivoted. Hello. It's me economy. One winning film, actor Christopher Walken. I've stopped by today to tell you about a friend of mine who is a new comedy podcast coming to this network. His name is Kevin Pollick. Unum. You may even claim till you pals, he's your favorite never mind. Favourite? What the point is you like them. He makes you laugh. Well, his new comedy podcast is called alchemy vis each episode. He's like a puppet master he sets the scene and then five of his favorite funny, friends, and he improvise all of it. Wow. The sound effects and music is crazy. Do yourself a solid in sample. Kevin Pollack's, new comedy podcast alchemy. This starting October eighteenth exclusively from how stuff works celebrity voices impersonated by Kevin Pollack that guy who's talking right now. And we're back we're back and we're talking about Alex Jones. And we are I wanna get into how Alex Alex's chosen to brand info wars. Yes. Because it's really interesting to me. Are you talking about the weird red lettering knows very seems very off off style for him? It all seems off style to him. Like, you know, like Infowars life products, use terms like shield force defense, and it was all very militarized. It looked like like most of the practice on Infowars life. Look like something you might pick up a first person shooter video game as a power up. Like, sure. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Infowars guests looks like it's aimed at like middle aged housewives not that that's a bad thing. But like the picture of Alex Jones in the imports. Yes. Banner ad that I sent you guys. He's clean shaven. It looks like it was taken about fifteen years ago and the color tone is like a really light combing blue. It's not an yeah, he's safe and healthy young. Info wars. Yes. Because Infowars Tupperware was actually already taken. Did you guys know that info wars? Yes is a is an acronym. Yeah. It's like your youth enhancement system or something. I know a lot of things. Only know a little bit. So the youth enhancement system is the centerpiece of what genetic claims to offer Alex's fans in. So there's a bunch of different products that you're supposed to take for all of the different ways that you can get younger if you take the drugs, Alex Jones wants to sell you from this company, and the most striking product that I found is the Finnity pills which. You'll die someti- unity. It seems like the pictures on the pills or like young couples. They're doing everything they can the branding to make it look like this will make you live longer without actually lying and say that this will extend your life because then the FDA will get on their asses. There's laws about certain claims, but you can call a thing Finnity. Sanity and nowhere else. Rallying cry believe I'm gonna guess by the spelling the only reason they didn't go with Infinity is that that would have been like infringing on the cars. Copyright? He also has a brand of cars named Paula. He's got the policy and don't forget his undies. So I looked into the the ingredients of the Finnity pills because the seems to be the centerpiece of the strange life youth enhancement systems. Alex Jones is trying to sell includes astrologist root extract, which is supposed to be good for your immune system, and particularly famous for your heart. It's like a Chinese medicinal herb. But there are quote, no, high quality studies in people. So there's no evidence of any health benefits. It costs about two dollars and seventy five cents an ounce. Those coenzyme q ten which costs about twenty dollars for sixty pills. There's Fukuda and extract which is seaweed extract a little less than twenty bucks for sixty pills. There's Petero pure, which is an antioxidant found in blueberries, which is lightly cheaper than those other two pills. And then you know, like to Merick and a number of other very, very inexpensive. Herbs you guys when I guess the total price for sixty capsules of affinity. How much does a house? Call. We are all millennials. None of us know that. I'm gonna put it in just south of that. It is a one hundred and forty four ninety five for sixty capsules. Now. Now, you're supposed to take two a day. So that is basically more than an average cell phone Bill in order to get one set of the medications that they recommend you take with the the yes program. So that's fun. Phone doesn't make you young. No, it just gives you head cancer. So. Throw your phone away by Finnity. Now, she doesn't make you young as my favorite song from the seventies. You remember that one when it swept the swept of the charts? I should note for fairness that if you're a distributor, it's only one hundred and eight dollars a bottle. So this it's a steal. It's a steel. So that seems to be the angle Jones is going for here. And I do have a little bit of a conspiracy. When it comes to the marketing of info wars. Yes. Because as I noted before in all of the pictures of Alex on the info wars yes site, he looks like about ten to fifteen years younger than he is. He's also clean shaven and in really trim. So I do the picture has been heavily airbrushed or they just pick the younger picture of Alex Jones or both or both or both. Yeah. And I think this is done in order to create the allusion that Jones wrinkled and care worn face has been de aged by Genesis remarkable products. And if that is the angle, but they were going for I have to imagine that genus was not happy to see Alex Jones, give it to our interview to an MLM salesman named Patrick bet. David. Because. In that video. I included a just a random screen grab from it. That will also have up on the site. Alex Jones looks like he has aged about twenty years in the last six months like I I don't like to critique people's appearance. But I believe on our show is that he looked like trash us slouched over and clearly drunk. It was a mess. He looks like a middle aged man who has been drinking way too much. Well, looks like that that cartoon version of a Hobo on the side of the street who sees a pink elephant walked by. And then looks at his Brown paper bag and throws it in the garbage. Like, he's giant red nose is incredible never throw away that bottle, and I will say one of the things that makes me. The best way to describe of is if that cartoon Hobo solve these pink elephants is like hell, yeah. And just kept drinking out of that Brown. I love me and elephant elephants. One of the things that concerns me a little bit. Is that you know, if you remember that wonderful forest bathing video, Alex gentle. Yeah. Out out in the in the woods. He looks for a guy in his forties relatively fit in that video. He's certainly not massively overweight or anything like that. He doesn't look unhealthy. He looks like he has aged way more than two years in the time since that video was taken, you know, you know, how there are some people in the world who like you get him at the right angle. And they kinda look great. And you look at them a different angle. It's kind of ood boy. Yeah. I think Alex is very much like that. Like, he has the kind of stocky body that if you sort of pulls it in a little bit. He doesn't look like if he has good posture and his trying to present himself. He looks bad but not terrible. But then if he's drunk talking to Patrick bet David you looks like like a like a Hobo, right? Yeah. Yeah. And he does look like a Hobo one of the things I noticed in that interview is that he claimed repeatedly that they've never had more hardcore listeners than they do right now after the purchase and that interview is posted the day after the New York Times posted that article about how they're traffic's fallen by more than half, which is. Just a fun little side side note here, I do think probably the most interesting thing to me. Because like, obviously, the the thing that got the most coverage in that video was Alex saying he was ready to die repeatedly. I'm ready to die. I'm ready. If my kids get my kids get they're going to kill my kids. I think anyways, I'm I'm a positive guy. Why are we talking about major major league marketing, isn't that what we're doing? I will note that there is one moment in that whole interview where Alex seems to react with genuine horror, and empathy, and it's wind Patrick David talks about the time that he lost his voice for ninety days antics is like Alex's response is very genuine. And he seems horrified by the thought of not being able to talk which well, but if you recall he was drunk. He was drunk as Patrick is telling that story, Alex takes a big bite out of an apple and says life is very fragile with a mouth full of apple forever. And we're gonna stoic then. Kind of for me when I look at somebody like you. I lost my voice for ninety days for years ago. Okay. And if you're running a business and you sell and you speak in all the time. That's not good. I thought it was a cancer at to go was benign. They did a surgery. I lost my voice thanksgiving. I couldn't talk for ninety days voice was gone. Jeez. I can speak at all. And so for me, that's a genuine rare for me to sit back. You know, the smallest thing is a big party. Like if I can't speak Friday, right? Today. Five were. A lot of wisdom there. Alex, never not the it's the perfect intersection of being rude and empathic at the same time. It's just it's bizarre. Now, that's all. Oh my God. That's awful. That's something happened to somebody. Who's not me? Anyway, this apple is delicious. So there is a point in that interview where Alex gives I think would I think is a really insightful an accurate answer to a question. I don't think he means to I think it's just part of his spiel. But I think it's one of those it's like how we accidentally predicted nine eleven because he just has been predicting disaster every day for the last twelve years. There's a moment where Patrick bet David asks him why the globalist just haven't had him murdered yet. If he's such a threat to their schemes and Alex notes because they thought I was a joke like poison titrate it, and it's the way God works. It isn't me. I do think that's why none of the people politically who were harmed in a serious way by the influence that Jones has gathered took him seriously until after the two thousand sixteen election because we ought to study was silly. Yeah. I I agree. I agree with his assessment pretty fully. But at the same time, it's interesting to like Intel very recently his answer to why isn't he dead yet? Was that he's too popular to kill? Yeah. So like, it's. Interesting that he's even shifted that to a more introspective actual searching answer than just like I would be too much of a problem. It's like, no, no, I was insidious I flew under the radar as goofy clown. It's also really interesting to me how his Goto description of himself is as a poison. That's just kind of fun. Especially for someone selling lead, the lead based pills. So now, I just listen to y'all latest episode of knowledge fight where you covered a twenty eighteen episode, and you revealed that Alex has there's so many new schemes coming out of Alex Jones that it's hard to to keep track of them. All so I'm glad I listened to this one before this episode because he is now getting into the mean making business. Which is. Machine. I it's really it seems like he's trying to brand himself as the new site of four chance poll board because like one of the things that I saw the last time I visited info wars if you're paying attention to the Dr gross right wing corners of the internet. There's a mean the NPC seem has has gone viral recently, which is basically everyone who isn't a really far right-wing shit. Poster is a is an inhuman thing incapable of independent thought. And so we described them as a non player character. There were like five or six different articles on Infowars that all included the term NPC when I visited last that's because this beam is going to change the world. It's big stuff. But if you get one to anyone do that to you anyone NPC you not yet. I have not yet. No, no, no, no Jared. Holt got the NPC treatment to create. I remember him posting something about that. And I thought like all right seems to be taking that in stride. No, I've gotten a number of like, I I was doing reporting on a fortune's poll board back in two thousand sixteen. I got a number of death threats back then, but I haven't gotten. I don't know. Maybe I have got an empty me. Nobody shared it with me on Twitter, and I rarely go to poll directly are. Yeah. Yeah. But it is interesting. He's he's announced that he's starting a whole new section of the site. That's going to be focused on memes, and he just announced his me just memes because that's what it's defeats the globalists'. They don't they want you to use emojis to use a mode win. And that is what the globalist have always wanted that that shit emoji. That's nowhere near as good as the shit Meam. So explain the emoji thing because I didn't even catch that on that is that what he's saying. Well, Robert, you what you need to understand is that the Fabian, socialists. They are still actively involved. Yup. The world socialist, and they want all of us to use emojis because they restrict language because that's smiley face can only mean a smiley face. It just means you're smiling. Whereas EMAS can mean anything they have the there's creativity within me. I don't know. That's basically say. But I don't I don't know if I believe it. I know I don't believe it. But yeah, that's angle. He's trying to make. I think it's very thin. And also, I should say this. There's no way that part of the website is ever going to get made. That was Alex talking ship. It's not do you think there's going to be a ten thousand dollar because he announced a ten thousand dollar prize that he was personally nine to give to the best Meam out, so many multi-million dollar prizes. No one has ever collected on any one of those that was that that whenever Kathy Griffin may that distasteful picture with Trump's head. Tasteful in heavy scare quotes. Yeah. Alex had Mike, sir. John, and they were going to start a contest where they were trying to get people to get homeless people to walk around with CNN is ISIS shirts. Oh, my car, and somehow they would reward people for getting homeless people to be walking billboards that was to get homeless people to do it. Yeah. Kind of nonsense plant is that it was it was pretty gross is pretty gross here. But we're gonna kill birds with one stone. We're gonna clo the homeless, and we're gonna take Hillary down. That makes perfect set that literally was there angle. So they do this all the time. They come up with these weird ruses and media stunts and almost never they followed through with except for the Bill Clinton was a rapist one. That's the that's the only one that really people followed through with an apparently Alex did pay people for that. So I do want to ask you, a Jordan in particular, like one of the things you'll have been doing on your show that I think is really interesting to trying to trace back the origins of like r- nowadays, pretty much constantly, Alex Jones is mentioned George Soros. He's like the big boogeyman on Infowars. And that has not always been the case. And I think you'll you'll documented somewhere around two thousand ninety thousand ten is when he first started talking about Soros. But even then he was mentioning the guy was really low on the totem pole. The the first time that we've I mean, obviously, he's been doing the show for web, whatever amount years. Yeah. But the first time that we've heard of Soros because Dan has been conducting a an insanely thorough investigation of two thousand nine which the ostensible point is to figure out when he joins up with the tea party, and we're three months past when the tea party started. And we've all we've heard is nonsense. So we finally hear from one of his callers. I believe like, hey, you hear about that? Soros cat, and Alex is like yeah Soros is bad moving on. And never speaking of this again that was it. And then later on in two thousand eighteen he's claiming that he's known about Soros since the eighties when PBS used to run a week long documentary series about how Soros is the most evil human being that there's ever been stories changed considerably. Yeah. In two thousand nine the best. I can tell at least at the point. The we've been looking. Into it. The only thing that he ever is mentioned Soro's about is. There is a clip that came out of George Soros talking at the Davis meeting, and you mentioned the ramifications of the dropping price of oil that we experienced back then and he was talking about how one of the after effects are going to see that a lot of the countries that support rogue activity around the globe that are funded by oil interests names, number of countries, and notably points out Russia as being one of them. Those countries have limited resources to us because they're not making as much as they used to after the oil price has gone down. And Alex says George Soros is admitting that he crashed oil in order to punish these countries, which doesn't reflect the clip at all, but he doesn't really talk much about it at all. It's just sort of like a little PC throws in. And then doesn't mention him at all. And then we flash forward to November twenty ten. Ten when Glenn Beck. Did his his disgraceful? George Soros puppet. Master report on Fox News. And what we found was Alex's response. Was this is laughable? You think George Soros is a big deal. He's middle-management. Basically. He's like he doesn't matter. George Soros doesn't make decisions he's he's a hanger on with the the globalists'. And so short version, I guess is. We don't really know at this point exactly when he starts turning him into the demonic head of his enemy team. But it definitely is not been consistent in that's really because in the in that old stuff. Like one of the things. I know he mentioned when he was talking about sources that he was part of the the left wing of the buzzard or whatever that is the the globalist conspiracy to destroy all freedom and whatnot. And that's the most interesting thing to me about Alex's. Evolution over time is how he went from this guy who was like the left and the right or both equally full of shit in there. They're both equally bad and part of this. Giant conspiracy. And the real important thing is, you know, freeing yourself from the new world order, and he is completely gotten off that train. Now, it seems likely he's not a I mean, I guess he probably still does use the new world order phrasing. But he's become a completely partisan creature now, which is almost like kind of a heartbreaking journey for him. I it appears to be heartbreaking. But I think that the reality is that. One thing that we didn't expect when we started looking back through time is that if you look at what what's motivating him even behind the right left paradigm being an illusion and stuff like that. Is that like the reason that they're both bad is that they both want to infringe on whiteness. There is a consistent white identity defensiveness that characterizes Alex throughout all of his career that I'm able to to look into. And so my feeling on him formerly being like the right and the left both suck. And now him being super-conservative is more reflection of how far the right has gone down towards what he's into which is defending guns vociferiously and being super into straight white male Christian identity. So I think I think that he was waiting for a team to emerge that he could be a part of. And there wasn't a team. There was just basically Ron Paul that was someone he could be like that guy is good. No before we started doing this. This the show the, you know, I all I knew about Alex Jones was essentially like, hey, here's this crazy guy who spouts conspiracy theories on on the radio, and as we keep going back through different eras of this time. The only thing that's consistent is white supremacy. So whenever he's going back and saying like, oh, I hate George W Bush. It's not about the rights policies in any way. It's about George W Bush outwardly saying, maybe we should still make an inclusive world, even though he's not acting. Yeah. Now that somebody is out and out saying like have you considered that being Nazi great. Like, yes, I have considered that. And I agree that actually makes him make a lot more sense. And I want to I want to I want to move into. I know you guys have some clips that you have a you have curated and I'm excited to talk about those. But before we treat our listeners to some more of the best of Alex Jones. It's time to treat them. To the best of some ads. Thousand four in a tiny town. A young woman named Rebecca Gould was brutally murdered. Nearly fifteen years later killer is still. Two suspects work everywhere. So we could have already talked to the killer. It's just really surreal to walking around like. Life. Around her. I left Arkansas became an investigator. Now, I'm coming back with my team to finally get Justice for Beckenham. Is out there. I'm Katherine towns. This is Helen gone. Now available on podcasts. Okay. We're back. We're talking about Alex Jones and Dannon Jordan have been doing this for years. Listen, two hundred episodes of Alex Jones, and you've come across some pretty objectively insane things that agile Jones researcher like myself could never have hoped to find. So I'm just gonna hand things over to you. So why don't you set up some of these clips for us and explain what sort of bounty we have for our listeners today. Crossover. But before I get into say, I thought that your episodes really insightful and very on point. But do things I wanted to point out were one when you mentioned the info wars human resource director. It's worth noting that that's Alex Jones is. Director. So that's one thing. He's very hands on it's it's a natural step from paying off the people that beat up your son to not complain that his blood on their shirts directing HR for his company. Infowars HR that makes it also implies you might be a little bit biased about harassment complaints. When it's my employee, and my son who's being complained about the second thing was believe in the first episode came up that Alex might be DJ. And this is a big misunderstanding. His cousin Buckley is DJ. And most important piece of information. Anyone needs to know about wars? Buckley, surprisingly, not a terrible DJ. Terrible. A sound cloud. Buckley, Hammond, M A M, and it it banks. It's pretty good talented. But he's also noted multiple times on the sexual harassment complaints horrible decent. Yeah. How it always goes? I guess the best place to start out would be one of the first things. I wanted to learn about was what the path from Alex being this weirdo conspiracy guy to being Trump's propagandist. I wanted to experience what that journey was like so we went back and listened from the day that Trump announced his candidacy to the point where he says, it's Trump or die, and we experienced that ride. But one of the things that I never expected was when he announces his candidacy, Alex doesn't give shit. He doesn't care a doll. He doesn't even say anything about it on the day. He announces but on July third twenty fifteen he finally starts talking about Trump's candidacy, and he says, this you go and you show at university four or five Palestinian houses, forty million thirteen million. His this Donald Trump's thinks he's a rich guy. The guy literally nothing. Just a front, man. For some consortiums on these all even at that. Trump's piece were folks. They go in there. It's just mind blowing. I don't know what to say anymore. So his initial position on it. Is that Trump is a he's mobbed up. He starts talking. Yeah. Absolutely. It seems like a rare instance formation. Where it's like, oh, you know, you fucking mailed it. Yeah. And of course, four months later. He's like Trump is the best guy ever. So you see him for a while being kind of like dismissive of the entire candidacy as Trump's rhetoric gets more towards what he likes to see in terms of being kind of cruel to non white Christian, straight males. He's like, oh, this is interesting. And then as some of these influencers, Steve Pacino, Roger stone. I believe Eric prints. Also, though, he never shows up on the show is definitely indications Alex's made that he was one of his sources, and I do wanna drill into that a little bit the Iraq prince Roger stone, Alex like how Alex Jones ties into goose for stuff because that's something. I didn't get into all. Because I wasn't really I didn't really know much about it until I listen he'll talking about. And that's can you break that down for me. I can try it's going to involve a little bit of conjecture because you kind of have to put together the pieces of stray things that people have said on Alex's show. Roger stone in Steve panic, who's a former. Cy up expert for the State Department who is now guy who's running psi ops on Alex on his broadcast. The two of them have multiple times on the show referenced something that they call the group or the forty five group and talked about how they got together and put plans in motion in order to get Trump into office. I don't know for sure, but it appears based on the rhetoric that Steve China 'cause said on the show that Eric prints may or may not be a part of that group as well or in some way, working with them because one of Alex's big things was this idea of there was a soft coup going on within the government against Hillary Clinton and his belief about it is basically that their forces within the military that we're working with Russia and Assad in order to crush ISIS, and they did this behind the back of Obama, and when you really sort through the muck and you see. See what comes through the sifter, it appears that probably Eric prints as a guy who runs a mercenary organization may have made a deal with Russia in some way. And this is what's being translated to Alex as our military made a deal in order to fight. Isis says fucking crazy. I believe a lot of this information that clearly relates to airi'q prints is being filtered through Steve channel and being translated onto Alex's broadcast. As the idea that there are patriots within these communities, they're fighting back against the globalist Hillary Clinton forces. And so that makes him think that he has like real legitimate backing within the government when it appears that that. Well, unfortunately, now is the case. Yes. The most fun thing about Roger stone calling something the group of forty five is that you you can. Place that within such a wide spectrum. It could literally be a Facebook group chat or it could be an eyes wide shut orgy, and there's it could be anywhere in between. Roger stone. Is that guy of like, it could be so boring or it could be the weirdest ex party. 'cause I I can't believe that Alex Jones has not been to a party that was shot for shot. Indistinguishable from the one in eyes wide shut. Like that's his Thursday. He's just that kinda guy. Charlie Sheen during his most wild times, and is now good friends with Roger stone. Seems I don't think that doesn't like to party guys notorious for not having any sexually transmitted infections at all. So with the it seems like a Jones was essentially used as like the dissemination point for some of this hacked information that like Roger stone may have been a broker from like that's kind of the rough picture you can put together it appears though in. Roger stone's case specifically, we went back to the day that when when all that information came out about Roger stone's context with goose for two point. Oh, we went back to August. Sixteenth twenty sixteen. Roger stone calls at the day the music died. I believe we went back to that day. We found Alex teasing secret information that ends up being what WikiLeaks puts out. So there is an indication that he has got contact from Roger stone that Roger has made contact with this other source and mysteriously even before the YouTube channel was taken down that episode is one of the only ones that wasn't available on his YouTube channel had been taken down. Or hidden somehow, but generally used to be able to find all of his episodes just easily on YouTube that one actually had to dig for. That's really interesting. It's spacious. Yeah. But it's a spacious. No. And it's a more believable conspiracy than anything heard from Alex Jones and quite a while. And I should say it does sound conspiratorial to say like there's this group or or what have you, and I wouldn't feel comfortable saying if it weren't something that was brought up by multiple guests of Alex Jones show that publicly pretend they don't know each other. So I it seems incongruence that Steve. And Roger stone would both be on the show, and before that point be very clearly saying that they don't know each other and referencing the same group of people who are pushing behind the scenes for Trump to be president best argument against that though is if it is an eyes wide shut orgy wearing masks. That's true. Yeah. Everybody's wearing masks. You don't know. Chess steep attendant could have been inside Roger stone. And neither of you know. Sometimes you're running a political campaign. Sometimes you're fucking Siab's director at all happen. I thought you were gonna say running a train on a site. So you want to set up the next clip? Yeah. We're what's this one? This one the clip title is August twenty first twenty eighteen Alex sort of confesses to murder. This is one of the weirdest clips that we've ever encountered on. And it is in the middle of an episode that has nothing to do with this sort of topic. But Alex confesses. Might have been involved in a crime with a love to have me arrested and killed all teed. She either killed anybody. Technically one God. The point is I've never killed. China kill billions. I've never killed a guy. One. What what? Do we get any more detail out of that? Because I have no trouble believing. Alex Jones killed a guy. Yeah. Number of our listeners of speculated the what he's referring to is like he's talked about like as a younger, man. Bashing someone's head into the concrete, and like, you even mentioned the you put a guy into a coma. And there's a decent chance that maybe that person died later of medical complications, Alex considers that to be like I killed that guy. He put into a coma. I did his dad paid off some people one of them was a guy that Alex put into a coma. Oh, I was talking about the there's a police report from like. What's that? You're talking about space Hitler. Yes. Space the fight with space hip. Because it doesn't seem like anyone got really hurt with that. I had no idea. He put a guy in a coma. There's another story that Alex tells about he presented as he was being bullied in picked on. And then the bully didn't realize that he could go, and so he didn't he couldn't stop himself when the rage got in him. He's bashing his head into the concrete and put him into a coma and his dad ended up getting sued because that guy's dad sued him. But it appears that it would be when he was a juvenile. So it wouldn't peer in like open records or anything if they found no evidence of that in any of the people have dug pretty deep into his into his background. But man that would be you know, it's it's fascinating that a lot of the times the best way to dig deep into Alex's background is just let him talk. Like doing a lot of research can sometimes hurt you other than corroborating the dumb shit that he said like because one of the, and that's one of the most fascinating parts about studying Alex Jones is unlike a Tucker Carlson or a Sean Hannity, Alex says the quiet parts loud. Yeah. So much he's the weakest link of the right wing propaganda machine. So anytime you wanna find out what the real goal behind propaganda is just listened to Alex given aside like oh. Hillary's trying to kill everybody. The reason that I'm saying this is because and then he just fills in the blank for you like it's fascinating is very little filter and he's frequently drunk on air. So. That's part of why he's worth covering because like one of the things when I when I did Alex Jones a bunch of people on a fans on Twitter asked about like, what am I going to cover Ben Shapiro or Charlie Kirker, those guys and the answer is never because people I want to focus on this show. Are they're all terrible. But there's something impressive about all of them. They've all. Like, an Alex Jones is an impressive human being. He's a person who was accomplished things that have altered the world. Ben Shapiro is like a cheap Xerox copy of Alex Jones, like he doesn't have the courage to be as crazy or racist or violent as Alex Jones, but he still sell supplements. Like, he's just a rip off. And yeah, there's no point in covering the rip off. Let's talk about the real fucking thing. I agree entirely. I mean, there was something. I was thinking about like in terms of our own show 'cause we we like to try and not just talk about Alex Jones like to try and cover some other things and people like Charlie Kirk or bench bureau, even a lot of these guys. They're just as dangerous in many ways, but their beliefs all still boil down to a lot of this idea of cultural, Marxism, the globalist older believe grew tied up in the very same things that Alex has been covering for twenty years. So they are clearly inspired by Alex, and they're just so much less fun bureau. Sucks to Liz. Into the worst yet. He's been worse than listening to Paul Joseph Watson, and that is that is a bar so low it's a floor. Yeah. It's sucks. How much how do these guys? Do it. I don't know. I don't understand. I mean. Yeah. It's it's it's you know, what let's let's wash the taste of thinking about Paul Joseph Watson out of our heads with another Alex Jones cliff. You want to set this one up? Yeah. This one is now that's a good transition. We have one episode. This one is called Alex's freaked out by American Muslims. And I believe that this sort of represents you mentioning he's kind of a racist bigoted kind kinda guy kinda Kyle. And I think that this demonstrates his just sort of baseline position about people that are different than him. The Troy school the whole Muslim girls only prom. Let me tell you some under two thousand Obama brought in everywhere I went Austin yesterday, including a suburb. I went into shops a Starbucks. Pool supply place. And they were like seven people in the Starbucks three more young Muslim girls with hoods over their heads drinking coffee after school than what the pulsa pop place. Same deal. And all I'm telling you is the magic of you are in Saudi Arabia and Arabia. They walk in the stores, and they were Christians and women would lipstick on high heels everywhere. Thanks start physically attacking you. But here we're tolerant. I'm just saying we're letting people in mass that are not tolerant that of the most oppressive cult-like people on earth, and it freaks me out. You bet I'm freaked out that I so what's freaking him out is Muslim girls. Yeah. Teenage girls, just edibles. I the way he describes. I forgot completely that he describes them as Muslim girls in hoods. Not not Muslims grills wearing a hit job or anything. Just like they're wearing hoods. They might even have been wearing. They might have just been girls wearing hoodies. It's it's really this is like a another one of those far right sort of Islamic phobic things. That frustrates me is like yet. Saudi Arabia is garbage country with garbage laws. I've spent a lot of time in the Muslim world doing things that Muslims shouldn't do like being very very drunk. And usually the people serving me would be observant Muslims, and they're always just so happy to get you. What you want four screwdrivers and just so happy to be able to treat you as my guest right now. Let me let me keep pouring this for you. Like, I've never encountered any. Like not that it doesn't happen in parts of the country. But like in or in parts of the the world, but like as a general rule, I've encountered in my life in the south more Christians. Who would judge me for not looking like them than Muslims? Who would judge me for doing something that is forbidden in their faith? Totally. That's exactly what I've heard from other folks who had similar experiences. I have not done too much traveling myself. But that's what I hear. It's never a bad idea to point out that people are not their governments. Yeah. People are not their government's policies. People are buying large. Good people are usually good. What other people are doing? Yeah. Own shit to worry about what about oh. You're drinking water is dating rocker like fine. Sure. Yeah. Saudi Arabian punk rocker the band. The band. But in that clip, the thing that I think it really is. What drives it home for me is the most the reason why I generally choose this to be indicative of Alex's bigotry. Well, he's said a lot of other may be much more offensively bigoted things this one is he's complaining about the idea of the Muslims are coming to America. And that they are awful or scary to him in some way. And then he goes on to describe what could be Muslim women doing very American thing. Yeah, integrating exactly he's talking about people who are a absorbing our way of life going to a Starbucks going to a pool supply shop and that freaks them out. He's freaked out by the idea of immolation, not the of non assimilation, and I think that's a general truth whenever these people talk about how when whenever they frame it. As like, my issue is that these people coming into the country won't assimilate. No, your issue is that they will. They will become a part of. Of the fabric of this country. And both they and the country will change as a result because that's how the world works, and that's what fucking terrifies you straight white identity won't have as much purchase as it used to. You won't have the security of power that you want enjoyed, and it's a classic example of him invalidating his own argument with the sentence that's supposed to validate his argument. Like when he says, you know, if you go to Saudi Arabia and you wear lipstick, they'll they'll physically attack you. But here we're tolerant, and you're like, no, you just literally said that you didn't want Muslim girls in a pool supply score talking about we're tolerance there's nothing. There's nothing more sacred to an American than a pool supply store. Actually, you know, there's something that just makes me tear up with patriotic vigor when I see a bottle of Marietta acid that really who just Shimer's. Living room are the only two things that I think America stands for. So I want to hear the rest of your clips. But this has gone on long enough that we're gonna do a an ad pivot, which I just announced and you shouldn't. But. Buy these products. Hello earth. Actually. Hello universe. Yeah. We are here to tell you that. In addition to Tuesdays and Thursdays when you can get your regular stuff. You should know. Besides just as you always have the last ten thousand years away ten years ten years. We're now adding a whole new episode of spin off show, that's really the same show. It's just a shorter episode. It's called short stuff. Yeah. We said, hey, sometimes we have topics that maybe aren't robust enough to fill out a full forty five minutes stuff. He shouldn't have pursued though, we don't want to shortchange these topics these people, and so let's just make them short. Get over here. Short stuff and jumping our feet, right? Exactly. It's kind of like the Roper to our three's company. Yeah. Or it's kind of like after mash to mash exactly, although it's like neither one of those because those were regular links. This is shorter everybody. So you can go to apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts or just look for it in your feet every Wednesday. From your friends, Josh, Chuck, and Jerry, it's stuff. You should know shorter is sometimes better. And we're back. This this clip here is Alex likes to talk about how everyone accuses him of being a Russian agent e he complains about that all the time. He says it's very unfair. It's a terrible criticism of him. One of the things that we found when we were looking over the twenty fifteen turning into being Trump's mouthpiece. We found that he was super into Putin before he was into Trump, even as he's saying Trump is a mob boss, basically, he's articulating things along the lines of Putin is like he represents hope for the world. And that sort of thing is very Russian positive. Would you say that Vladimir Putin was like his gateway autocrat, I think I think he might have been. Yeah, I'm not sure of any others that I can think of that he sort of full-throatedly approved of before then, but he he's very much into Russia and Russia's line of propaganda in the world, even before he gets in with Trump. And so in October twenty fifteen we found this clip of that is really upsetting. If you consider. Now him saying, I you know, I have nothing to do with Russia. This clip is Otto twenty fifteen Alex is debriefed. I mean, we have the big lectures in. Yes. The Russian government listening to the show, then I was told that by RT international, one of their main heads all even in a Skype interview where I was told it was a Skype interview. And it wasn't a Skype interview. Once they cut to me, they started interrogating me and a big table with a bunch of top Russians at and asking me questions, and then they had been threatened never having back on RT by the US government. Eventually asked me who I was who I worked for how I do certain things. And I they were asking me if I was US government agent who I worked for and I said I worked for liberty. But that's a level. I'm at where like a JAMES BOND movie. It's not our cable in a government building. With a bunch of guys staring at me on TV, sometimes Russian leaders. The list of the show is the point. That's the point. I am. I am sure. That Ladimir Putin in between. Yeah. Yeah. I'm certain. He's listening to four hour info wars episodes in his busy. It's a birthday thing on his birthday, somebody murders journalist, and he listens to Alex Jones. That's that's good day kinda Halley winds down. Yeah. It's one of the skills that I think you can develop from listening to a ton of this stuff is sort of sussing out went Alex's lying when he's not there's little characteristic flourishes. When he lies of like, you really over does solid. Kale's gets oh, there were three globalist hot tub, he's talking to three globalist two of them were wearing lovely suits in the hot tub. The other one was actually wearing a full suit in the hot tub, and then an info warrior comes in and joins the hot tub group, and they're both sitting around the hot tub group, the info warrior says something and he goes Alex Jones, and then the three globalist turn into demons and they fly away. Like, that's that's how incredibly detailed his stories are whenever he's making shit. He gets really granular when he lies. Yeah. Yeah. And so when you when I hear a story like that I hear the ring of truth to the sort of boringness of some of the details, and the sort of concreteness of it. He goes in for an interview. He thinks as an interview it's actually some Russian agents who want to talk to him about like, you're saying a lot of stuff that we're into also let's flatter you and say that flat. Amir Putin is a huge fan of your work. And then he comes away from that being super in favor of Russia's angle in the world to the point where anytime there's the world believes X Russia believes why he believes why there's not necessarily it's not necessarily proof that like he works for them or anything like that. That would be crazy. But it is proof that I think he's been compromised by flattery. I mean, we do know that there's only one there's a there's one degree of separation between Alex Jones and Vladimir Putin because Alex Jones is friends with Steven Seagal who's been on his show. Seagal is with let him you're Putin. So you could even go with Alexander Dugan. He's been on Alex show multiple times. And right after the election, Alex was on Alexsandr dougans show in Russia where Alex almost cried while Dugan told him that he was the model of an American man, and he hit single handedly solved American Russian relations. Yeah, I believe Alex broke down and crying. And then asked Alexander do Dugan to be as head of HR because his his daddy issues are little bit heart vacation. So let's get to this mystery. Let's let's let's let's crack this caper. Okay. So shall I play this clip? And then you you tell me what this is this is a clip that you put on your show pretty regular when you out your patron backers and stuff, and it's it's never not hypnotized me into wanting to know what what the context is. So. Yeah. Play the clip. And then our listeners will be curious to I mentioned this on Saturday in the pulpit that someone someone Sodomite sent me a book and a poop that I'll tell you that. And that's the name of that clip. That is a Sodomite sent me a bucket of poop. Okay. Good. It's self explanatory. So that comes from a sermon or a broadcast that was made by a guy named Reverend James David manning during perfect. Yeah. He used to be a regular guest on Alex's show. And would come on and talk about how Starbucks was putting semen people's lots as there was all kinds of fun extra because there's a couple of grants of protein in that. And I can tell you on a day when I'm really, okay? Well. Let's. Four seventy nine. I'll tell you that. I don't know why four seventy nine he banning would come on and engage in largely some pretty homophobic islamophobic conspiracy theories. And so he's talking about how the gay is are so out of control one of them sent me a bucket of poop. And I just thought that was pretty fun. We did we did an episode about him being on Alex's show. And how crazy it is those worlds intersected and in doing that episode. We learned that as soon as Trump got elected Reverend manning decided this isn't the way to go. And he decided that Trump was the devil. And he now calls him tribulation. Trump. Alex's show ever again. It's not bad. You know, that's actually a really satisfying arc and kudos to that guy for not like, I shows has been inconsistent to a degree because like, you know, he's always been the he's he's just the whole thing that he's supporting the greatest authority in the land. Now is very much counter to at least. This guy's consistent. You know? That's good. I respect that tip of the hat to the Reverend tip of the hat to the Reverend. And he saw demise listening. If you wanna send this guy a bucket. A poop seems like you can find his address Google outlaw ministries. Oh, man. Well, I think that's going to be our episode for the day. I am very grateful to you for putting those clips together into both of y'all for sharing your encyclopedic in somewhat frightening knowledge of Alex Jones, I want to close by asking are you'll worried about him because I'm a little worried about him about his mental and physical health. I'm worried for his. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's sort of where I land on it like p flames out in self-destruct. I'm not really concerned about that. But if you know if he hurts other people on the way down, then that's kind of I am worried about that. It looks like he could end up really screwing up some people's lives. I feel like the same feeling that you get when you start reading a serial killers backstory where you read about the serial killer killed like eight people, you're like, oh, this guy's a monster. And then you find out he was horribly sexually abused as a child and all of this. This just mountainous ride of bullshit happened to him, and then you kind of start to empathize with this monster. So the more time with spend with Alex Jones, the more you find out that this is most likely guy who has a malignant narcissism with most likely a certain amount of schizophrenia built around it. And unfortunately was introduced to like John Birch society ideas at a young age. It didn't really. Understand what he was reading. And that's shaped him as a political actor, exactly. So as so as somebody who has been like, I'm I'm bipolar type one, you know, and there's always an instinct that I have to empathize with somebody who is struggling with something that a, you know, suck quote, unquote, normal people don't have to deal with and at the same time, you know, not everybody with this shitty. Childhood becomes a serial killer so fucked that guy. Yeah. I mean because you got like the Shabani guy who sued Alex than kindly chose not to take control of him and award essentially like that guy was a refugee that guy grew up with some probably a way more difficult childhood than Alex Jones. But rather than turning a a red anger goblin? The came of philanthropists to helps refugees staunchly anti billionaire to the point of like we need to start sending Jeff Bezos buckets of poop, but Kombi Lacayo as not a bad guy. If someone's gonna have like I would prefer we live in a world where nobody accumulate. Quite that much wealth. But he seems to be one of the ones who's been the most responsible with it. Exactly. Yeah. I think when you focus on helping other people and inclusion, and that sort of thing, it sort of helps your soul, whereas when you're really obsessed with exclusion in the way that Alex Jones is it erodes. You no matter what no matter how much money you make no matter how much fame and acclaim you get it'll just a road you, and I think that's the difference between him and someone like Hamady, and I think that's a great note to close out on. So do you guys want to plug your politicals Louis four we roll on? Absolutely. Like, you said our website is knowledge fight dot com. We have some stuff up there. Probably more resources coming in the near future of of things. We're on I tunes. We are. I am a I don't know semi. A professional stand up comedian. You could probably find me somewhere, I suppose if you're going around if you're interested in finding comics you might still both on me, that's my plug. Okay. Thanks so much for having us. I really appreciate it. Thank you guys for being on listeners again knowledge by dot com. If you you want more Alex Jones, and I know you do because the three episodes we already did on him where wildly popular. So check out their podcast. Listen to it. You can start from the beginning. You can listen to the more recent stuff, it's all just wild. And you guys make be so crushing experience of listening to Alex Jones enjoyable because you portion it out in the right amounts to where he doesn't crush your spirit. So thank you for what you do listeners checkout knowledge. Fight dot com. I'm Robert Evans. This is behind the best. You can find us on the streets dot com. We'll have some images from the show. You can find us on Twitter and Instagram fasters pod. So yeah, check out knowledge fight continue checking out behind the bastards. And thanks a lot for being on a day guys. Thank you. The mission of this podcast is simple to uncover the truth to clear, my aunt's name to put the real killer behind bars or die trying. I'm Tig Taurus. And this is lethal. Lethal lit a take Torres mystery a six part scripted podcast series coming to your favorite podcast app. Mondays starting October twenty ninth. Subscribe now to never miss an episode.

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