FA Cup Final


ESPN game. Yes. Hello, welcome. This is head in the game. Your alternate. Take on the week's major sporting event. Now, I'm Jamie laying and this week. The spotlight is on the oldest football competition in the world. Of course, a speak of the FA Cup. Now, the current holders are the mighty blues. Chelsea yes. My blood runs blue. But this is final is between Manchester City, and what alongside me to kick around a few facts and stories the nippy dribbling wizard who can whip in teasing cross to finish with a bicycle kick. My trustee number two Rachel stringer. Get better invested these interests me, they if you were going to pick me in your team, and you saw me you would straightaway. Go that guy can kick a mean bicycle kick. But you know, when you have the lineup, and you're like, okay. The last person might be you. And that's because everyone else is injured. Sorry, Jamie breach. Listen, we got to stop this banter. Okay. Because voices ready. I see here we go ready voice. The FA Cup final in sixty seconds. The first Cup. Final was held in eighteen seventy two at the Kennington oval. That's right. The Cricket Ground when wondrous defeated Royal Engineers, one nil the original trophy was stolen in eighteen ninety-five from a shop window in Birmingham and has never been found Wembley stadium. First hosted the final one thousand nine hundred three with an official attendance of one hundred twenty six thousand although estimates put the numbers highest three hundred thousand a total of forty three clubs have won the FA Cup with arsenal lifting the famous trophy a record thirteen times all economically clubs can enter the Cup this season a total of seven hundred thirty six clubs competed in the seventies and eighties. The whole days television was dedicated to the big match and featured a hostess special shows, and it was always sunny watching clip. You don't believe me? It took over one hundred thirteen years for the first player to be sent off in a Cup final Kevin Moran of majesty United in one thousand nine hundred five spare thought for Leicester City. They reached the final four times. But never won the fastest goal was scored by Louis Sahara for twenty five seconds for Everton. Although he ended up losing sight against Chelsea in two thousand nine Chelsea the card holders. After reading Manchester United one million two thousand eighteen. Voices getting better and better that each week right dime to introduce our. I guess it's ESPN's Dale Johnson. And Alex shore, gentlemen. How are you? Very well. Thank you very much yet. Oh, fine over here before we kick off things. Have we got either teams in the FA Cup final this year? No, not quite United fan as you can tell a my very sad tone of voice. So no, not quite do. You know what? When I walked in here. I said that's a sad guy. Oh, fantastic. Nice to meet you to find a lost January moving on Dale. Yes. Wednesday is we've been nowhere near Nethercutt farm for many years since ninety three I feel your pain ever hear forest fan holding donor. Rachel asked you who you supported who do support is this some type of bumps a for Chelsea beating Wednesday. Savage. How it begins gentleman. It begins. Right. People of a certain age. Will remember the final is one of the highlights of the cabinet? Now. It wasn't just a sports event. It was more of a national obsession everything stopped for it. Why has it lost that impact of the last few years? Do you think Alex? What do you think there's so many reasons rich Amy I'd say brought top the tree primarily is become this monster with all this money. There's so much state. These days champ is Vegas. Come so important for the big clubs. They rotate their team far too much the fans that painful -til quit a ticket an essay in there be team play. This doesn't have the same sort of magic is back in the day. Don't you think it's growing a little bit more has done in recent years? There have been some magic moments are don't think he's ever going to be possible to recreate the ethical walls. I mean, I'm older than anybody else in this room by when I was I watching football that was the only football game. You got to watch shows in the mid eighties. It was only just in the mid eighties. Where you start to get the old league game on TV. So the vestment. People if they wanted to see a big match it was going to be the FA Cup final. Which is why became such an event until really the primary came along on the TV coverage became so saturated. So that's why he was such an all day event. Now when you call so much to watch how you ever gonna get back to that time. I know that in recent years from the TV broadcasters digital broadcasters of tried to go back to making it an all day event where the star nine o'clock and bringing all different people in through off to the game, but never gonna have thought same special status anymore. You have all these whose how'd you say if the FA coffin and whatnot, but like off is going policy in because of how big the primarily the Champions League of go. What was it about the funding? That was so great was it. The TV coverage was at the songs was the history. It was like the pride of Britain, almost you know, what I mean that was really blessed. My the first efficacy finals Acura member watching on TV you go Coventry in Spurs three two. And then you've got Wimbledon beating Liverpool. One nil. You've got the measure side Darby fine Liverpool. One three two then you've got me. And crystal policies who's three all winter extra time. So I was very blessed to the I I remember watching sitting down. So when you'll I won't is Coventry three Spurs to with an unbelievable game. Then you solve while. I'm gonna watch next year. When I wanted to next year, you would sit down it'd be on BBC won't it be starting days, you'd be watching the parade follow the teen Busca from the hotel all through the streets, and you real sense of occasion. Now that's come back again. Like I say, but it was lost for a long period. And when you lose that, then there's a disconnect that people go out and do the things, and it's no longer such an event, I tried to guess to make it more by having the semi files as well at Wembley or don't get start. He's a disgrace, boys. The point in making Wembley, this massive showpiece final when you're already there in the first place. He went to the semi-solid. Well, we have done it. Now played at Wembley brilliant. I agree with you Alex Jones. We're we're now making a friendship. So I I agree with you called me sad to win back. Hey, listen. They did that. And I can tell you until because in the nineteen Ninety-three semifinals are still Pittsburgh. So they played semi final at Wembley and the other semifinal with Sheffield Wednesday against Sheffield United funds the tube. Sheffield clubs are like, well, if ostlund Spurs a plane this finally, Wembley, why weekly awesome. He finally Wimbley. Would you play the semi's at Wembley? Yes. Or no, no. I wouldn't I would take them around the grounds. And obviously in Wembley. I opened one of the reasons he was done was to pay back Wimbley. Yeah. I think we've got passed that threshold now, I don't think he's necessary. I'm sure some of these smaller teams of got to the semi finals of love their days. Our Wembley wolves did who haven't been barely in thirty years until this year. I just think if you moved the semifinals through neutral venue, it would make special occasion, surely full, the what food kind of fans and some of the what for players that have never been anywhere near final shortly. It's kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity for them. Right. Yeah. This is the biggest game in somebody's plays lives. This be they'll define their career. What all your career for this of moment. It's much of them. And the fans certain players have been there seen it done. It cleverness one the league at United forever. And also the FIS is a great day out. What I say day out. I always find phrase a bit awkward with the FA Cup going for a day. It's nice. It's really important for my. She really wanna win. Okay. You have a beer and all that day out in that Dale for you a picnic on the hill. They out too biz. Got you all version of a day out. Really see it was a day out. But that's just me just been city. Day out. You'll thinking you'll you'll going because you're the United firm. When you go to Wembley, you don't get half. No four kickoff. Goats the mushroomed go get their hours before you meet friends you walk down Wembley way with all the funds to get into the ground. You get when you walk in you say the size of Wembley. You see all the funds of your own club waving flags and singing with a beach balls and all some massive occasions massive day out to give you a sense of how big the as Elson Joan is it on the re-present at the club and a concert that day anymore even cancel his concert for the FA Cup. Would you in the FA could do to make the whole thing? More prestigious off got so many ways you can say difficult. I one seizing. So that's hot clubs. Don't play it in the early rounds. Does anyone really want to see you know, veto see in the third round the FA Cup? If much prophecy Atkinson paying United on their on their own. Okay. Green you on that one. What's the second one? Whereas contentious one place in the champions for the winners day. I'm going to ask you know. What should we change was? Good about the FA Cup two things. The whole legend of the upset. People talk about these sites for years and years to come people will watch that running Radford goal the Hertford against Newcastle after year after year, and why would decry the FAQ stead house? You said before these goals will keep on happening and the funds of these smaller clubs will continue to remember these events in these matches the certain United funds employees who have the who had come to play their ground. Can you imagine? If you're sitting United found you spend most of your lifetime in the National League or the National League sell forever league is and then you suddenly managed to get a couple of good drills on you get through difficult rounds and gets the fifth round. And you get asked no plane at your ground on y'all semi plastic pitch. And you've got these plays coming into this little small dressing room. A you Sewell delights of the Premier League and everything that's putting the plan for them. And they've got to come to y'all little tiny ground, and you've got that little small chance that you could beat them. You could get to the next round. And that's what the coupe will always have. Passionate you are about. Now. I can really feel it. Jay johnson. I'm just wiped away tears. From that speech. Listen guys, you gonna stay with us because we are going to announce the result of this week's ESPN head in the game vote for the best FA Cup final ever ESPN head in the game. And they come final five number five. It's nineteen Seventy-nine and also lead Manchester United two-nil with just five minutes to go. United equalised scoring twice in quick succession with all the final whistle gone arsenals Allen, Sunlen produces an injury-time when to get the gun as the cop number four Spurs three two win against Manchester City in nineteen Eighty-one with Ricky has one ago, one of the greatest ever seen at Wembley number three in one of the most amazing football fairytales Wimbledon's one nil. Win over Liverpool in nineteen Eighty-eight the so-called crazy gang being a non league team just nine years earlier number two underdogs country city's three two win over Glenn huddles Tottenham in nine hundred eighty seven the unfashionable Sky Blues first and only Cup win and number one. One Liverpool's dramatic win over West Ham in two thousand six the game that had everything losing three two seconds to go. Stephen Girard's, thirty odd. Screamer force the match into extra-time with the Merseysiders eventually defeating the heartbroken Amazon penalties and that is your FA Cup. Final top five. Right. The two thousand six FA Cup. Final between Liverpool and West Ham has been voted the greatest Cup final ever and deservedly. So without a doubt. Now, it was an amazing match. We have very excited say because we get to speak to someone who was a major part of the incredible match its former West Ham goalkeeper Shakai Hislop check. How are you? My friends. I'm doing very well. We have fantastic. Thank you for joining us today. Nice to have you all and there's a lot of us in this room here. So we've got Alex and Dale as well from ESPN. So we gonna ask you a couple of questions about that final. When I mentioned two thousand six every Cup final Liverpool West Ham. What's instinctively comes to mind, the feelings that you get a bit of a mixed bag actually, the tune does two thousand six after go final was my laugh given English football to go on that kind of a note on the one hand and a bit Showa tasting. But on the other, you know, give them a book ended was a fourteen year professional career for me. I look back on every phone memories. As well. I'm from a prisoner note after I'd went to the World Cup of trying to big or so it kind of sits in on place for me Greenpeace and teams of the game. But the result making it feel a little bit odd. Sacco wall into all shoe is always see west side with doing so well, so close to absolute glory, what did you fail when Gerald is on the edge of the box winding up for that shot right to the end of the game. I remember catering the tunnel. You come move onto that before minutes of injury time played and Jared actually went down in Johnson down, you know, just about fifteen or twenty hours outside of okay? In the middle of the pitch. Lena school only have the ball in his possession. Each is topped it though for throwing ten or fifteen yards from all corners flag. And as much as Liverpool give us back through there. Then you know, kinda codes us down. I made it hard for us to clear the board and the Clarence as it happened fella, streets, esteemed. They're out. I like I see movements really was down on the floor. Believable cough. Cramp. So nobody had picked him up. And all of a sudden he pops his free as good even through a long wheel. And I mean, he hit that ball as well as anybody is hit one. And there I see let's go keep on the wrong end of it. It was pretty much in from the time left his expertise to pick themselves up off the floor and score that you know, you know, he's capable of it. He's still doing the only thing is going to happen. Because it does unfortunately. So yeah, it was an absolute kicking teeth. And again that I thought we had done enough to win cupping fantastic season for west westbound there I back into the Premier League for me going into that game a near there's going to be Milan English football. I thought what agree to go out. And then all of a sudden, we're just injury-time left. Not dream was dashed shock. I'm not going to rub it in. But I just watched that goal again. And really when like a bullet you had no chance whatsoever. When you saw go past you, did you think, oh, no what emotions went through you. Yeah. You see on the strange thing is a sort all the way, you know, so him coming onto a on a so he's just trying to react to it. But even so as a goalkeeper, you're conditioned to react and have a goal through this effort that regardless from telling me. I think he's new clothes. And at that point, you just hoping that you hear it hit the inside of the coolest thing, I'm stay out or just narrowly wide. But of course, it ended up any back of the net, and he called kinda cogos while as a result. And when you that close to the end, and until to have it snatched away, and that way, I it's it's heartbreaking. And it does take the window to the Sears. Momentum was always Liverpool run into grin into extra time. Just how much does it affect the team? You know, how do you motivate yourself again for extra time, and then penalties speak where amongst each other about football deserved. If it really were just from the clue from only greatest players are generation, you believe that is not going to happen. Again. Let's say don't know the next time not twice in the team. We shouldn't he we we played the better football up to that point. And you hope to take it into extra-time. And I thought we well in extra time we suffered in that Mallon hair with rent down with an injury. We already. Meet us up to two cents or he just had to steal. And we ended up play a considerable part of TIMMY, second half of extra time with effectively ten men. And as it happens that we did have one good chance for for all we and low and behold, it felt to the Marlon Harewood who couldn't do a whole lot with it from sixty hours. He was who he he could barely move. And not just right now, it goes against you at that point. It's a match that you kind of sit down and and relive you conditionally suffer the professionals to take your take things on an even keel. You take wins and losses. You take it performances. And that's how you keep your science. He's that's how you keep going as much as a look back on it with mixed feelings. I don't hop on it at the time. I didn't have time to help it. Because as I mentioned, you know, trying to big gonna play in their first ever would Cup just a few weeks after that. But also, I think we're gonna mention that people may forget that you actually saved Sammy Hippias spoke kick, but unfortunate pop and Teddy Sheringham all of your team. It's missed that penalties too. So you did you bit you played your heart out? You know, if it wasn't for you your team would have had no chance. Yeah. And these finals, of course, you you somebody's got to win. Somebody's got to lose. You look back on that season. I think west I'm as a team could be very proud of our compliment looking back on nightside. Maybe lack of experience and maybe not enough players like Teddy Sheringham to kind of lead by experience. You could ask the question which might bring back some even worse summation check like you just lost the FA Cup final you're in the dressing room. What does a losing dressing room? Look like sound like feel like a tough to be for a number of reasons and as much as you got players like Teddy Sheringham who wanted told you in the course of his career. Putting a brief is on it. I need had my ups and my own during the course of of a fourteen year career in in English football team, young inexperienced. It did not been dot close to major silverware. And and to to how that game as it. Did I think was heartbreaking for them? But then maybe. He force them to grow up and recognize him the realities of football, and I hope SUV them all or pets at you in the course of their own careers. Got one question on the penalty shoot our shock. You see these days you say we're seeing Ben foster with an ipod going showing them exactly where everyone was going to take a penalty might die. You see all the players with bits of pepper down socks. And they've got notes about everything. How did you prepare for the penalty? Shootout. Did you have anything like that? Just a case of walking on making a guess on every penalty kick, we need to have access to that kind of technology back into this. I remember different thoughts or techniques because using in going into Parenti shootouts BB, you know, I'll be five kickers maybe two regular Parenti take other three on. So I can result. You just wait and see what they're doing. And hope that'd be pressure of situation kinda gets to them. I the other is you you take some heads from of their run up TV. The have a look at one thing or another. I also. Own that this new you just kind of take each situation as it is trying to figure out, you know, is this a center phone is essentially, how are they generally the easy outage to grow across your body. So I right footer with to to to his laughing we go keep us. Right. And you know, if you stay up long enough, you kind of force them to to do that. So there's there's any number of ways to approach. I just kinda I as I see it because I at least three quarters because you have you know, nothing about you just try to take us from from their own body language, Sacramento. Save you play into fake funnels. We we call. It forget the the also game in nineteen ninety eight. Can you just give us a an insult insa? What an FA Cup final day looks like just before the game and the excitement the anti pation looking back on new Kossovo. Also, it's a long day, but an exciting, you know, you kinda spend enough to it. There's no one to talk about. And then, you know, you're dealing with with Krishna situations and tickets, and everybody's coating and. And then one on and then on the did. So she's invariably financially. Weather's always nice. You have to shoot silica prepared and build up your drafting. I'm looking forward to it. Which is why I say, so I think the experience about situation lends itself to whoever does come out and talk because otherwise it can be really overwhelming D And Renault different for us, especially for west time those than six especially down at the Millennium Stadium, and you know, everybody having your top of that fun. You get down. It's an exciting. But can really be overwhelming its second question as well. And FA Cup games. A whole we kind of saying some people may love them, some hate them. What was your kind of ranking of an FA Cup much compared to other matches that you played in. I I love the epica because of how much it meant to me growing up. I I've football grew up around two Beagles, and but that was a show on television back back in the day called road. Hambly which is all about the Cup. So I grew up knowing of the ethica believing their Cup was not just yours, but most prestigious Cup competition and club football to be a positive it meant and an incredible to me just just as a football five. I've never thought that they professional let alone play in a Cup final. And then to be there in enjoy the did on on a couple of kitchens meant an incredible amount. And I could never don't pay those experiences or what the ethic of meant to be then or continues to mean to me. No, I understand with our football and Champions League. Being what it is. And the really what it is that audience, but the child in me will always remember the ethic Cup for what it goes down. And that's how I feel about it now. And I thank you that have on chain Tobago. I can pick to you watching it as young stir. And you know, when they new year in a final, you know, what were your friends and family thinking of that everyone's trying to be agreed to that televisions? And you know, we don't have that many success stories to devote sitting nothing about level another professional football. Couple of. Earlier back nine thousand nine hundred ninety s and of course, Dwight your remind test United. I remember exactly how the country was groups during imagined snags would win Champions League running on that Trump a winning season. This not see him never. But from a country smallest trying to being able with not having as much to about the country again, glued to the ethic of finances. C one of their own competed. Football's highest Sakhawy involved in an FA Cup. Final song those six, and I don't think we did one in one thousand nine either. I remember. He missed out. No, I let me tell you. If I was trying to buy the rights of every single corpus. And nobody could ever hear me. Did you get to keep the suit says? Well, yeah, we did. I've no idea where they are not. Shack. And thank you so much for joining us in the studio that is so Connie be real legend and mazing insight into what the FA Cup out. She generally feels like thank you so much for joining us. Really? Appreciate it. A really good fun live in his beverage. Thank you, very Levy to hear them. Thank you goodbye. Right. Yes. ESPN? Shock. What a lovely lovely man and the legend in the sport. Yeah. Size area stories loved them. So we can reflect on the top five. Do we think deserve a number one? What do you think? Alex. I mean, it wasn't a life over you read about it. And you've seen the pitches. The Matthews follow nine hundred fifty three sustaining Matthews. The only player to be knighted while playing the game funding on the FA Cup at the third time of asking black hole for and three is called the Matthews. Fella. No. So I wonder how STAN Mortensen fills because he scored a hat trick. But it's called the Matthews final. But that will be my one because what it meant to methods, and how topsy turvy you have just said, no, it's not deserve. It. You could assess insight. That here for hopefully, what do you think? Do you think deserve a number one spot? I think he is a classic. Absolutely classic is going to be the top of the list for for anybody. I mean for me personally because he was the first FA Cup. Final. For the Coventry three Spurs two-game because no one expected it keep housing school at one of the best goals, you'll see an absolutely majestic diving header and then of calls the horrific own-goal by Gary mother that gave the victory to Coventry and extra time. But one game is known the which I'm really sorry to bring this one Sheffield Wednesday with two and a little pin the nine hundred and sixty six co final then lost three two on to the state of the only team to be to gills on losing finally normal time with eleven men on the pitch. There are many Cup finals that were missed and probably should have been in the list rates. Do you have any other favorites? Well as long as favored by the ninety one game Spurs versus forest. I mean for us should definitely have won that game just saying boys when were more, obviously, I was very very young as one years old Gaza should have been sent off not stretch it off what about Wigan beating Manchester City in two thousand thirteen dot was huge the story of that was that was the they got relegated. So they won the FA Cup. And then the next week. They went down, you know, that's. Kind of. Stories ever Alex your city fan. So would feel about that quite quite fantastic for Wigan. And I'm sure there's some sort of gag about Watson elementary some sort of defending this elementary Watson zone getting that what a moment for him and for Wigan them. Sure, lots of Wigan funds would take the relegation for the ethical. You've always got the chance to get back to the primitive some point. How many times again we're gonna Affleck get to FA Cup final and other chance of winning it and beating the team. I mentioned a city in the circumstances. What about the two thousand fourteen arsenal hall match? What do you think about that? One other game actually full enough and tuned to hell after eight minutes that attempts to mission gneration three Neil. No believe what they were seeing cars in the press box. And everyone's just looking around as just a gas. That is really gonna mess this final up cost. You remember it's been so long since trophy supposedly end of the drought. This was the nailed on win. And then go go back, right? Just before half-time Siemens. I'll go in you know, there's only one thing happening here that was because all is free kick three to Oslo ostlund the end. But it was a brilliant Epoca final. We go back a few years nineteen Seventy-three rates. You know what I'm talking about? Remind me I was around that. I'm sure you were live than new Sunlen defeating leads one new down to big one the Bob Stoker. Final say. Another iconic ethic moment, plenty of them moving on to talk about the crazy gang. And I guess the reason they're in our top five is because they became such a story. They've been relieved chasta about so much. There's documentaries on them the larger than life characters that came out of that game against Liverpool. It's out so one that would be maybe a little bit higher up in your opinion. I mean one thing about this game. Is it didn't have loads of goals, which is why doesn't really get mentioned so much, but it's no simple as the tune in bit of pepper. You've gotta remember Liverpool with this all conquering force of English football, and how being for ten twenty years and just went everything that can befall most of the time. And then they get the final against Wimbledon. This small team that come through the divisions against all the odds. And then they were playing the mighty Liverpool. Final. There was only one team that could possibly win this game. And of course, a penalty to Liverpool. John Aldridge is going to have to score it on. It was saved the first ever penalty save. And if it could find as well by Besson and Laura. Sanchez gain. The winner is incredible Wimbledon were a non league team nine years before that which adds to their whole legend of the Cup. And I'll always remember was it since commentary the crazy gang of beating the culture club. That's right. Just a fantastic line to some of the day. And after a word number three already. That is why we love the FA Cup in my opinion. It's stories like that. We're going to talk about Saturday's game. Okay. Now. Honestly, do what I have any chance to that playing one of the best teams that have ever played the domestic game. It's Manchester City. What do you think Alex absolutely where we've just been speaking about city being expected to be weakened and they completely messed up and what they're having fantastic season. They're packed full Likud players telephones in exceptional form. There's no pointing you're going to steamroll because it's been a long hard season for them. And you get these unexpected result. Sometimes okay, it would be slightly unexpected. It wouldn't be a massive show Wofford of how to find season you can't say that of God, no chance at a lot of people will feel bumming Mancha. Fans are going into game. Despite all the successive hounded in last night decade beggar into most games fearing the worst they'll look into this game thinking that we're gonna lose it Wofford. So it's almost a home game for walford at Wembley absoluteness city of still go. I mean, they've had all these rich Isen success last couple years. They still this thing called typical city. So whereas something bad could happen. It will happen to city. And I think I feel fading. That was the game boys are gonna stop you there for a second. Because we have our SEPA fans who are gonna come in the studio now will you come back later for the quiz, bringing wild horse. You can keep you in love it. Right telling process superfan feature. Now in a moment, we'll speak to Manchester City, superfan, TV and radio presenter, Nutley pike. But I in the studio it's welcome to Wofford seep event. Michael yet? How are you my friend? I'm kidding here. So you a what fan? Yes. Okay, fine. We covered that bit. How long have you been fan? And why I hate you asking why he defined by break show. You misheard me? How long have you been fan and why such as well? I was dad's first game. So it was go east go to the games without oversee from bushy around the corner ever since then really and. Family fits best. May we used to go him and his dad's going up in Jesse host? This is true. I heard that you a mascot. The penalty. Shootout on me, you know, this time. It's the Perisher our school mascot was rubbish that we lost freedom. So you're against the Moscow and the penalty. To separates you separate cones. But you know, when you take a penalty at halftime as well. You don't actually get what for keepers. So who did you get located now one just go? Well, obviously. But also was quite strange by which is to raise that you school that penalties a kid, but you're a mascot last year. You know? Got you. Stupid again. It was okay. But how is it the, you know, an adult Spurs fan because I would that's what you expect right living in the area and things like there are no for Embiid. She's just round the corner from warfare. And we'll say it's fun being also also told and finance. I mean, it's great being Wolfer fan. You know, it's pouring in the lower leagues coming up through the ranks and way at the semi final. So I was working by mentioned nip out to the pub. And I was the only person watching the game the only Wofford fan, and I was going mental by the end of it everyone. The publishing mentioned nip out. Yeah. Nineteen minutes. Civil matters nipping out like going home. Go the stuff to cover Nacer Rennick. Rennick all mates with everyone. Was there pushing it can work with? Well. We didn't go to semifinal. You watched. It kind of I work at work in a pub viable tickets for the final. Yes. Up to here. Yeah. For sure. How do you feel as a fan is an amazing thing that you're in the final as incredible absolutely is mind blowing you when when that they're not funded with some blue against moved is incredible. It was just your own before as well. For fan. Growing up seeing playing league to gain renegade been meteoric attained to now being ethical follow is mazing. It's incredible. Just hold that thought about being in the final because you've got take it. But I think you've failed to tell us what you're missing to go to that final four, isn't it? Important. It's more nephews christening are missing on the lifetime. Always you know. It's all may I would miss Anna heart. Exactly exactly this conversation to be had horrible. I haven't I she told my sister yet. So fully goes our begging recalls. Yeah. I was just gonna say how are they feeling? But they don't know. No mom knows. And sees she's well, she's just has over here. But interesting enough, Michael this is this is what second appearance in the final. But you're probably too young to remember the. Yeah, I am what does the atmosphere around what people excited are they nervous. What is it? Like the town is just is completely you walk around town. Everyone's wearing Wolford shirts. Now, you know that bunting off the final all pubs zip on display with them barbecues. Everything it's it's it's going to be a whole day, which is incredible. It's great. You know, it's going to win or lose. It's apply. It's kind of all day, and they they wear are you gonna get back the christening and celebrate. Been better, Nick. He he started off with ads downfall having a few points. Enjoy the game. And we will only go back and continue as you can. Jan you're saris Atta christening that'd be bad. No, you celebrate the Cajun's ins and being part of it. I hope you've got a president. So this is the best thing to happen to what food for one hundred twenty one years since Las ethical final. Right. No. This is the best thing to happen to what I for one hundred twenty one year if we win. Not as amazing opposite mazing. How big a deal are you and your fans and your friends would thinking it is we never fall would be in this situation before we go into final is what fans support your beloved team gang in the end the dog. Yes, for sure, but everything we're were as big runs Oguz perhaps hallways was when they went against all Wigan when they went into get re do you think they're going in as an underdog anymore? If what? Underdog to Manchester. How well they've been playing this season. Okay. Farinelli cooking. I wanna ask you something micro d remember Elton John crying during a by. With me I've seen oversee the footage Bor. Loyd then to scene, but the fetishes pretty amazed officious guy Edward Susan. And that just really personifies bought these kind of moments mean to what we know a fashionable club. You know, it's it's it's always fashionable to support your you talk. Them's you live pool's heated, you support your home team. It's it's not what the norm these as really you're going is an underdog. But I guess you're gonna take maybe some hope I guess from like when Wigan beat land city g look games are lacking. Okay. If they could do, and then they got relegated. We can do with playing. Well, we're doing well in the league this year. Sure. Yeah. We're having a phenomenal season amazing season where the team than what we can work when they went into that game. So you know, why not? Yeah, we all massive underdogs. Bob, you go to believe. Right. And you gotta train, and it's not still be on the roads facility. We go to stop that for one second because we have Natalie pike radio and TV presenter who is our man city superfan on the line Natalie. How are you? Good. Thank you. How are you? Good. Thanks for coming on. We've got Michael in this day. Who is what fan you don't just support city your presented for Manchester City f c tell us a little bit about that. Why and fifty square we as an amazing much day experienced an not stay program that puts on for every home game. It'll be. A big stage outside and we have outside bars have outside food paces. And we do like celebrity guests abandoned, we give away we talk about the game. We analyzed the game. You know, do the team she read, and it's brilliant. It takes place two hours before the game every single home game. And yes, I bet used feet a lot of funds as well. When you're doing that job. And let's just hey, you're saying in the buildup to the FA Cup, but they really confident. Yeah. I think most safe funds are confident. But no, I begin. We're not Liverpool funds. We know that we're good. You know, we know that when we played the best football that we can. We know how amazing we are. But we also still remember the days where we were totally rubbish and not that long ago. We were in that fake Cup final when we played wicked, and we will be invited him. And I wish that and I cried. And so we all confident because we know that with the best team in the country on all day. But it was certainly not IRA. And we certainly don't think in the back. We were just mentioning that actually when we're gonna oversee one, and then got relegate, and we're just trying to Michael and this will be about that. And he, you know, he was kind of I guess taking little hope from that moment from the weekend. But if you working the final as well, I know I'm not working to final. I'm just going purely as a fan yet me and my husband are going for the weekend, the baby's staying home. So hopefully, it'll be a nice proper celebratory weekend. I guess you're a couple of who really make a day out a day tripper weekend trip. Of an FA Cup. Final. Definitely. I mean, it's really special. I mean, I'm looking that have been to require a lot of times, you know, in the last eight or nine years, we've really four times we've already will never say to another ethic final and then of the semi finals at the FA Cup while I've been to Wembley a love. But it's just something a bit different about an FA Cup final. You know, it's first trophy that we one of the Montenero the first trophy I ever source Wayne, which the coach. So we always have special memories for us. And yeah, we live in north Wales. So we're going to come down to the big city for the weekend and make a fool weekend of it. Primarily Oeser surprising to say that in this millennium city of only one there at once beating stakes seventeen thousand eleven no very memorable. Okay for neutral. But what do you remember of that day? How amazing was it for you with huge tree specially was and I think trophy that. We'd run the Montenero the first trophy the I had. Ever ever seen swin and until that point in my life. We'd never really worn achieve anything and the biggest game until that point within nine thousand nine and playoff final that we won't worry individual to that took into into the championship to be at Wembley until win. And to win a real trophy for the first time. It was it was absolutely amazing. And I think that's part of the reason why we love their fake up so much. Do not see though some say city the best team to ever plan this country. Okay. You must have to pinch yourself. Sometimes I think this is your team. Oh, yeah. Pinch comes to naming the season tickets for twenty one days. So I got my season ticket in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight when we wearing division two. And we were and then so I seen get relegated gets division to you. Then I got season ticket. And then we had you know year in the championship. Incredible promote it, and then we relegate promote it, and then we'll link it in the primarily this made cable ish so to now be playing the standard. Football that we are with the world's greatest money. Arguably the grades manager ever to to be in football. We some of the world's best players. Oh, yeah. Pinch ourselves every game. We've opposite experiences right now forest fan. So we have the wonderful times. And I wasn't even alive. He won the European Cup. Do is Jamie. Do you know what not gonna ask you a quick questions? Well, this is the cumulation of an incredible season with the first ever domestic treble off for grabs. Does not make the Cup final even more special. I really think it goes to win all fraternities that were available to us in this country in one year would be absolutely phenomenal. Really would just talk. What's been really special seasons? So I'm just going to introduce back. The what for two you found Michael t Netflix? He's been sitting here listening to what you have to say about that final and how much Mike would you like to upset cities chances of that travel? We'd love to be raising the incredible. The thing is thanking the fire now. Okay. I'm gonna ask you to now. Nutley? I what do you think the school is going to be? I think we'll I think we'll most likely stolidly win the game. But I don't think it'll be anything crazy. So I'll probably just sort of say to Michael has a raised eyebrow. Solidly trade not crazy in the game. What do you think the school is going to be a very optimistic free onto the horns, ready and? Then you've those twice in the league in this year. How can you be so optimistic? Oh. The second game terrible decision. We go back in the game say that. Yeah. That's always great. So he'd never night and it's like a home game. Set Wembley, just round the corner. Yeah. That Manzini does have any time taint athletes like. It's like yellow second date here. We'd be not many times. Also, like the fact that not the USA. You know, I think we might win Michael straight out. Yeah. I was going to be three one. Yeah. Hey, listen. Good luck to the both of you nasally, Michael. Thank you so much. Joining us in the studio, Natalie good luck, Michael even better largest, thank you so much CPA fans. My favorite part of the show. We have Dale and Alex back in the studio, boys. You ready for this bring hill and come out? Yes. Okay. Voice. Are you ready? I am ready, Jamie. How are you? Here we go Rachel. I was gonna say I'm also ready had forget me. It's time for the quiz. Yes. It's their head in the game quiz, Alex, Dale, Rachel and Jamie. Are you ready ready as Rennie's yet? Thank you question. Number one, multiple choice. Alex I and the first two FA Cup finals after World War Two two events occurred which had never happened before. Or since the match had to be stopped, the bad weather, the the ball burst. See the referee had to be substituted. You to injury d it was free entry. Or tough. He didn't tell me it's gonna be this tough. I'm going to go full bowl. Burst is correct. Looking forward. Today, which club is held the trophy for the longest period. Hey arsenal. The Portsmouth see Manchester United de Bolton. Wanderers? I want to go see here. Manchester. United Paul Smith. When it was be. But. You are correct. Portsmouth for the last team to win the Cup before World War Two and the competition was postponed for seven years. Well, done Dale, Rachel. I think this is going to be an easy one now which club holds the unique distinction of winning the Cup and being relegated in the same season. I think we know now. Hey, wagon be Sunlen. See middle's de Spurs. Yes. Come home from Wigan, absolute Kimmy. Novenas? Overdraw fellows, okay scandal. Jamie not eating this week. Thank you, which of these football legends. Never played in a Cup final. Hey, Peter Shilton be George Best. See Bobby Charlton de Kevin Keegan. I kept the hardest one. I'm gonna go for D, which is not shelving, Keegan Kevin Keyes Shelton. Kevin Keegan Kevin Keegan is incorrect. It was be George. I was going to go for best. Couldn't be never mind true or false round to Alex. I a a non league team has won the FA Cup trophy offals. Who true? It is true. Any idea who it might be a problem out spur very good tale for day. Oh, sorry. Sorry. I was going to say that those very rude. Memphis, very impressive nine thousand nine hundred one before they were league team with Kevin Keegan. And Peter shelter. Day'll be in the nineteen fifty-six six Cup final. But Trautmann Manchester City's goalkeeper broke his arm but carried on playing truffles. That's false. It wasn't. It was it was neck story who's playing. This is question. We're going to give you that one day said full. Correct to give the unsustainability rudely. It was was your call elaborate. It was his neck. Rachel Wiggin song for the two thousand thirteen. Final featured manager Roberto Martinez playing the Morocco's draw falls. It is false. Although I bet he could de Jamie a non English team has won the FA Cup trophy holes. It's going to be a trick question. True. Damn you. Boys. Cardiff Cardiff City in one thousand nine hundred twenty seven my goodness. It's very very close quickfire round. Hurry up now FA Cup. Final win. Roll loser. Alex Crystal Palace. Come on Wor loser. Correct. Loser. Dale Barnsley winner. Yes. United eleven Rachel Lester winner loser. Four times a record. Jamie naughty him forest loser. Yes. And we all know who remembers that he was wearing Gazza was injured and NAS Spurs in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. Well, I'm gonna tell you, folks. It's extra time because it's a draw between everyone. Yes, he pretended. So FA Cup final referee or screen villain. Alex Sergeyev starred. Referee. Yes. The eighteen seventy eight final Dale Morgan la- Fe. Copy a villain a female villain from doctor strange. Rachel Tom crew. The game is. Wasn't. Okay. Come final referee. Yes. Referendum nineteen thirty five. I'm finally this could be the clincher outfit bond. Jamie of people on was an incredible referee in the nineteen twenty two FA Cup. Final officiated in the nineteen fifty six final which Trump and broke his neck. I'm the winner. Or should I say winners? Alexander airs PM. Reading changing wiz trophy exactly the rest of you leave with nothing. I didn't like teamwork day me. Now, I just don't want our own we still if we're the loss out. Alvin sort of in. So few me goodbye, everyone. So that's about all for this week. Please subscribe for free and give us a review to join us next week when we really start to kick off the summer. It's all about the clay. We will focus on the French Open. Now at the end of the show Rachel I normally sign off together. However because it is the final, and I feel I would like us all to do this together in unison Alex daily ready for this race. Absolutely. Here we go until then keep your head in the game felt good. ESPN head in the game.

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