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It's the little things you guys know this. The little details that make the difference. I'm Ross Tucker former. Nfl Offensive Lineman five teams seven years. Now I'm trying to say under fifty pounds happy Valentine's Day by the way I said this on today's Ross Tucker football podcast on which by the Way Greg. Cosell was unreal. I mean his comparisons for Joe Borough to a Tongo via La and Justin. Herbert were absolutely amazing highly. Encourage you to listen to today's Ross. Tucker football podcast but I said this on the RTF pl say it here. Ballantine's Day dudes. Make a big deal about it. It's special you should make make the Valentine's in your life. Whoever they are feel special enjoy it embrace it embrace love embrace everything that goes into it. Life's too short there. You go anyway at. Ross Tucker. Nfl twitter instagram. Facebook is facebook dot com slash. Ross Tucker Nfl we that's me and Brian my producer at RTF podcast on twitter and instagram greatly. Appreciate those of you. 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I've got this down to an art science with instagram. I need to talk to you off. Line because I- instagram's like my worst one. I got into late. I don't really know what I'm doing. So maybe my fantasy question will be instagram tips. I can help you out. But again the algorithm changes in I was one of the first adapters. It gets harder harder to build on a platform. The older get so I could still share a few tips on basically some Hashtag advice and stuff like that love it. Joe Highly encouraged by the way for you guys to check me out. I was on Joe's show earlier in the week again. It's at the fantasy football counselor DOT com. We talked about running backs really from an offensive line perspective. Joe Hit me up on a bunch and then I I went from there. Joe I might. I might go with Joseph Robert for you. Is that cool? That's cool all right because we gotta Joe Doing and Joseph Robert or the counselor or whatever and what we're doing is we're talking about lessons learned from the twenty nine thousand nine hundred season that everybody needs to remember right down take notes and have top of mind going into next year when you're drafting now is when you separate the men from the boys from fantasy football perspective and so many hit you up joe you and I were texting Joseph Robert Counselor and not Joe Dolan to goofball and I'm kidding I'm kidding I loved you but everybody knows how much I love judo so anyway you and I were texting just about some of the lessons you learned one of one. One of them is to wait on wide receivers which is interesting. Tell US why well listen. The whole strategy. This year was going. Robust are be and as you see guys. There's more and more committees coming out every single year in the coaches keep using this running back by committee strategy which we as fantasy owners absolutely hate so my whole strategy. This year was kind of wait and get me canny. Golladay and he was going around is. Adp was in the fourth round. So that's what I did. I got golladay. One was a couple of wide receivers later on guys a courtroom Sutton and it turns out they did well now if you look at some of the guys who were drafted in the first round guys like Davante Adams Finish Twenty second amongst wide receivers and you see guys like Odell who I warned you about three years in a row with Odell be careful I go. I know injuries. Play a part of this and stuff like that but sometimes I just feel. It's most of the time. Actually I feel that. It's very important to go robust rb early on which we'll talk about later. That's another point. I want to get on yet definitely wait on wide receiver. There's a ton adept at wide receiver. And there's just way more way more valid like volume at wide receiver more and more of them to go around Hijo. It's Joe how're you doing? Nice to meet. Nice to meet you on here. I'm sure you're well aware just like me. Whenever you're in a public place being named Joe is not the best thing in the world like you hear your name getting yelled fourteen different directions and most of the time. It's nobody who is trying to talk to you. But I'm I want to kind of follow up on what you were just saying because I think it's interesting and we. What one thing. We don't want to do here when we're when we're falling into fantasy analysis and lessons learned and all that we definitely don't WanNa fall into the gambler's fallacy and Gambler's Fallacy of course being that well if tales come up five times in a row that means heads is do we don't we don't WanNa fall into that because although things even out over time. That doesn't necessarily predict anything for one outcome. But I did notice this season and this goes back to your your robust running back. The kind of approach. This was this is my eleventh year in the fantasy industry and this was the single worst year in my opinion and I think this is pretty much verifiable. This was the single worst year for running backs off the waiver. Wire like if you look at the top thirty P. P. R. Running BACK FINISHERS. The first one who really didn't have an ADP or really didn't have an ADP. That was registrable on that list and total points is rain moster all the way down at rb. Twenty six. My question to you is do you think. That's a trend. That's going to continue going forward where these running backs who come off. The waiver wire really aren't as or as available as they've been in past and if that isn't the case do you think that might Maybe hurt your strategy a little bit. Yeah I mean there's always running back emerging one of the strategies. I've always implemented as go on and get those rookie. Running backs could break out. Now I've hidden. I've swung and missed a few times but I usually get it pretty much every year. I struck out on raw John's last year this year. I'm David Montgomery. I kind of went higher on his. Adp You're always looking for these guys to break out. So I have a strategy called the cutty system and it's called consistency upside derby depth. In Youth I try to draft players that fit that criteria. Are they consistent from years before do they have upside? How younger they saw. It's just a formula and you gotTa Balance Your roster with these players. So yeah I mean guys like remastered could start getting sniped a little bit earlier and drafts and maybe that strategy of trying to get these sleepers and essential breakouts could get a little bit. Messed up with people becoming more consciously aware of this process but yeah mean there's no guarantee that the top five finishes in this. You're going to finish top five again. That's kind of what I've always lived on. I never caught like you know the mainstream consensus always copy and paste. That's one thing I'm against and Yeah I mean Rahim monsters could be popping up every single year another thought you had Joseph Robert The counselor. The fantasy football counts. That's what people WANNA go check out anyway so the fantasy football counselor is to that. There's no copy past copy and paste rankings that things change meaning just because of how guys finish last year. The people that go into next year thinking like those should be the rankings are misguided NYGARD with that well. This is what I've kind of been changing the game. Essentially I'm I'm very hard headed. I'm stubborn and I've been kind of a bit of the outlier for this. Because I've been trying to set new trends right and the thing I go is get harped on is like oh how could you put that guy so high and your? Adp How could you? You're crazy. How del out of your top ten. You're nuts counselor. Screw you get. Outta here and I'm getting a lot of heat from the industry but I don't care because I'm trendsetter and I have the lion mentality and I go in there and I'm a little aggressive but the thing is sometimes I win or lose but I was balanced my Rostro at the end of those. At the end of the day I went. I went a lot of my colleagues. I don't want them all. No one's perfect a lot of the subjective but I do a lot of winning so again. It's just this mentality this kind of an old school mentality like Ok. These top finishers. Okay now we gotta draft them again in the top ten again. Because they've finished on top. It never works out like that and I'm just trying to get the industry to switch their mindset and be a little more open minded and not be so strict and so like I got a draft. Odell in the first round or I got to drive this guy because he finished first so. That's kind of one thing. I'm getting a lot of resistance from from from fans in the industries because I'm really trying to set this trend that you gotta keep an open mind you really want Joe to to focus on these a robust. Rb's keeping an open mind. And I think one of the players who are the industry was keeping an open mind on this past season was David Johnson. And you know He. He was her. The offense was terrible in two thousand eighteen. Under Steve Wilks and Mike McCoy and whoever the hell else they I call them plays. They're Byron left. Which was there and I think. A lot of people gave him the benefit of the doubt. They said hey look bad offense. We know what he can do Cliff kings varies coming in. They're going to have a rookie quarterback they're going to improve all across the board and then David Johnson did end up. Being one of the biggest bus and fantasy football. My question to you is deep key. Fit the quote unquote robust our B Strategy that you have because he certainly fit mine I thought he was going to. I thought he was going to break out. Or or re break out in the new offense and he ended up really hurting me. How do you how do you avoid potential? Landmines like that and was David Johnson. A landmine that you really ran into. Yeah I mean I kind of when I'm wrong. I try to hold myself accountable for everything I say and this was a guy I actually had I overall and this is what I'm getting a lot of heat from from my fans and they're really came down on me hard this year. Not I'll take it. You Know David Johnson was a guy. I mean. Twenty Sixteen Amazing Year twenty overall touchdowns. I met him at his house. Who's endorsing one of my brands? Years ago when I came up with a frame prior to podcast and it was like a fantasy league price. I kinda got rid of that brand but yeah met him. He's got amazing. Work Ethic he's dealt with haters is entire life. He's overcome that adversity. I mean just a typical all American athlete is phenomenal. And I thought he'd come out and have a great year so I was drafted because he was because I was doing a lot. I do a lot of mock drafts and he was always coming off at least around fifty six right so I kept going second or third or fourth. I was always grabbing David. Johnson I was calm bowling him with Derrick Henry. I was one of the guys that had David. Derrick Henry higher than a lot of people can us all out of the off season stuff and I saw his desperation. He had to win right. He had to do something this year. Sars Combo Him with him David Johnson and that was going Derrick Kennedy and I was going with like a Josh Jacobs and the third so I always had myself backed up but yeah I I fell in the trap with David Johnson and I gotta say this was completely unforseeable and you can see me. Get an angry here because I'm extremely passionate about fantasy football and when I see a workhorse running back like David Johnson get benched for and I know he looked a little sluggish. Sometimes I get it but he was just basically pushed to the side and said Hey. Let's bring in Kenyan drake a guy who's had years to wow us and we weren't wowed by him in Miami. Let's bring him stardom over our starter. I've never seen anything like this that I can remember. I don't know about you guys. Yeah it's interesting. I will say this you know. I saw run counselor against the box where I I was very concerned for David. I'm a big fan of his. I've talked to him multiple times. I also any. Fcs Guy that becomes a star. I root for Joe. Dolan feels the same way we root for running backs to get paid because we just know how hard the position is. How hard is to get paid? It is interesting to note that today. Steve Crime said we will not cutting David. Johnson is not an option because of the dead money and what it would do their cap. So I'll be curious to see what happens there. I will say this though in my experience. New Regimes New coaching staffs really. Don't care about what the guy did before. And that's why I think Kingsbury was willing to move on to Kenyan drake as quickly as he did. He just doesn't they don't have really any loyalty. And you said earlier in the show live by robust running back and I and I wanted you to expand upon that as to what you mean by that. I think there's just a lot of volatility at that position. And this is the position where we're quarterbacks kind of what you see for the most part is what you get. You've seen guys with consistent numbers throughout the years guys putting up those numbers and you see that every single year the trends was running back. So there's a lot more injuries. A lot of more volatility committees happen. And you're not getting that consistency. I mean you get it with a couple of players but it's very volatile and I always want to get myself backed up. I'm obsessed with getting a running back. That's going to get volume. I look at that so when I go into my data here and I have this little analytics to I. I look at attempts I want. I'm obsessed with volume so as soon as I get a running back. Who's got a touch on this ordered from him. I will throw stuff at my TV if my fantasy team is on the line. So I WANNA make sure I- Combo it with like get that top five workhorse running backs and then get a guy like a deer cutting for this past year. I'm using example. GotTa who's kind of in the league experienced and they could have that upsides and then I always get myself two or three rookies. That are a position to succeed this past year. Guy Like Josh Jacobs and then get a key like I like to have three to five running backs on my team because I wanNA optimize that position my position with the guy that's going to get the full volume. That is something that I'm very very particular about in my fantasy team. We'll just if you just mentioned also you don't copy pace the leaderboards from the previous year. I feel like that self evident but still I think a lot of people do fall into that trap. So if you're looking at these quote unquote robust. Rb's and you'RE GONNA look at Christian McCaffrey. And you'RE GONNA look at Saquon Barkley and you're going to look at Ezekiel Elliott and Alvin Cook. And the guys who finished towards the top of the board this year but in order to really be successful in twenty twenty you need to find the guys who are the next robust. Rb's and I know we're just sitting here in February and there is plenty of time to break this down but best drafts are starting up already. Who are the guys who are already in the league that you think could be taking that step towards becoming the first round picks of the future? I love that question. There's a couple of guys that I'm looking at right now. I've got my list here in front of you. That's a great question. I'm going to name some names here and you guys could pave the way in here now. These guys again. It's toll hit or miss but I think you're going to get him for value and you combine them in the robust RB strategy. But I'm looking here. I'm seeing if he gets volume. If that's a huge huge F is miles sanders. Sanders has that upside came alive. Near the end of the season we collaborate on this. If you want a David Montgomery if nagy pulls his head out of his ass and says hey man this guy is going to be my three down Workhorse running back. They improve the old line as me and Ross were talking about I think is all I needs to get improved. Scrap to Rico and I'm a lot of people like the guy can't even catch a by pass catching running back. Catch a damn ball. You Know David Montgomery. Is Your Guy. Believe an Josh Jacobs and other guy. No he did well this year. I think you could definitely step up his upcoming season other guys. I mean Devon Single Terry we got to see. I don't know if he's fits the prototypical running back position to be that workhorse. Running back but if they believe with Enam. That's another guy If Damian Williams not a guy I was not high on this past year he could step up this season again if they believe in him and make him that three down running back for another guy position if Belvin gets shipped off if he is the main guy. The don't bring anyone else. And so those are a couple of names maybe even drake as well but anyone of these guys could be a top four running back next year and follow up potentially here gain Williams. I think Rawson I are probably going to be talking about him all off season. Because the fascinating thing about Damian Williams was if you were down on him in twenty nine hundred and it sounds like you were yes you it kind of paid off. However towards the end of the season he was back to being the League winner. He was at the end of twenty eighteen. So what I see from Damian Williams is really interesting because we are asking the same exact questions about him heading into twenty twenty that we were asking heading into twenty nineteen because he's somebody who had a fantastic close to the season. He had a great playoff run but he didn't put it together for the whole season and now and this is a question I have for you. Do you think the chiefs are just not sold on him at all. Or are they gonNA come into two thousand twenty and say you know what we made a mistake going out and signing with Shawn McCoy? We should've rolled with this guy from the start. He's so fascinating because the analysis in my opinion is exactly the same as it was last year. I'm not sold on. Damian was being the full true horse workhorse running back he sucked in Miami. And I think that's basically is on Miami. You'd never got the opportunity and it was Miami and a lot of running back to do well there in the past couple of years but one thing that turns me off about him is he doesn't really run up the middle. He doesn't get a lot of rushing yards. That's what he gets. A little pitcher to the outside runs the outside catches a few balls and he's shown a little bit of sign of injury here. Can you handle a full workload and again all avid saying? I may have said this before but years to me and I'm not wowed he had like again four years or three to four years did nothing comes in now and I think he's a product again of that offense Rosina we're talking about setting. It's the offense. It's making him as good as he is. And that's I think what it is. I think they definitely need to add depth at that position. I Darwin Thompson was a guy I thought would have got more opportunity. He didn't I know he's a little small. Maybe the pass protection sucks there. But I'm not sold on him again but the ceiling is there if he's the main guy they don't bring anyone else in is we're we're buying into you. There's definitely a ceiling there but again. Very one dimensional. Do the outside pitch. And that's all I'm seeing. I'm not excited. You know what I'm not excited about. Joseph Robert People that don't wear nice underwear. Which is why I have Joe. Dolan tell everybody about legitimate underwear almost every chance I get here on the fantasy. Feast Joe Ross. You're you're one hundred percent right because when it comes to comfort down below there's underwear and then there's Tommy John. The revolutionary clothing brand. That's redefined comfort for Americans everywhere including me and I know. My mom listened to the podcast. I'm going to apologize to her right now. Mom I have Tommy John on right now to put it simply Tommy. John doesn't give an F matter of fact guys they give three FS fabric fit and function. 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That's fabric fit and function about your underwear and upgrade with Tommy John Today. Hurry to Tommy. John Dot Com slash feast for twenty percent off your first order. That's Tommy John Dot com slash feast for twenty percent off Tommy John Dot com slash feast and speaking of Feast. I WANNA feast on your next lesson. Fantasy Football Councilor Joseph Robert and that is to wait on quarterback. Now we all know this. We all say this. We all hear this all the time. I guess my question is if you're in a league with a bunch of people that know what they're doing and everybody's waiting. When is it value to get mahomes or does Shawn Watson or I know? Lamar Jackson is probably his own animal. Right okay I want to make this clear on this waiting on the quarterback. Now you don't WanNa wait too long. One thing that I've always lived by is anchoring saying I kind of say in my sixty round draft solution. Is You got to anchor your team with an ace quarterback and as we said before you know with quarterbacks a trans are a little easier to spot you can kind of see you know couple years before that. This guy did well this year this year that year. So I like to anchor my team with a quarterback. How fast can I get that quarterback? That's something I get a feel from during during mock drafts. Now I want to clarify. You can wait but I'm saying do not overpay. Hey now I did not pay for pantyhose in the Third Round. I was too busy. Drafting my third running back at that point. So you gotta find that sweet spot to get that ACE quarterback but get them at the right time without overpaying. Ideally like to get my quarterback in and around the fifth round and. I'm still going to get myself an anchor myself with a guy that's going to perform a Russell Wilson a guy that I can get get it. Put Me up around twenty points. Every game almost guaranteed. I hate volatile quarterbacks. I hate guys give me like five points one game and forty the next. I'm trying to find the most consistent guy quarterback I can plug in each week and one more rule of thumb adhere it. A two quarterback league always tried to get a third quarterback on the bench. Because I've been screwed into quarterback leagues because if you're starting to quarterbacks and your quarterback gets injured nor the quarterback to get and a one quarterback league always get a backup quarterback another thing that I've lived by to cover myself if not only if the for by weeks but if the quarterback you have this around doesn't perform there's a there's a whole lot of knowledge. I just Kinda shut up you guys on my strategy for quarterbacks. Well here's here's another question that that that people are going to have people are going to say. Look Lamar Jackson. I want my fantasy championship because of him. Why shouldn't I draft him in the first or the second round? Well you always have to go back to pointing out the people that will yeah. Lamar Jackson obviously first foremost he was the NFL MVP. Not Trying to take anything away from them He. He put up massive numbers but the point is he was available in the eighth ninth and tenth rounds of fantasy football drafts so it he helped you win championships while by extension. So did the players that you picked earlier where maybe you would have picked Lamar Jackson in two thousand twenty so the question now becomes much like the running back question that I asked you which quarterback who may be disappointed or have it broken out yet in two thousand nineteen are going to be available in the eighth ninth and tenth rounds like Lamar Jackson was in two thousand nineteen. Like Patrick. Mahomes wasn't twenty eighteen. Who might jump to the top of that Board in two thousand twenty another great question here? And we're we could talk about Lamar Jackson. Why he may decline the season number one he had a cinderella a year and I just would not invest. I'm going to go in the first or second round. But that's a side tangent here to answer your question. There's a couple of quarterbacks could emerge and really start shining and get to the top five top ten and I know column. Adp is going to be a little bit higher this year because we see the outside by Keiler is a guy and other guy could be. Daniel Jones Gardner. Men's shoe but again. A lot is predicate on these guys getting weapons around. I'm really high on Josh Allen. Going into the season I think he needs a good receiver. But also gotta look at some of the rookie quarterbacks coming in now not excited about rookie quarterbacks coming in but if they're put into the right situation maybe there could be a rookie quarterback look at but. I don't decide that until after the draft. How can how everything falls into place? In how the depth chart settle but again just to answer that question it could be. That's a tough one. Maybe Daniel Jones if that aligns improved but right now. I'm not too excited about anybody. I'm still anchoring myself with a quarterback and maybe getting Jones later on. I like it all right. The last one we have for you is coaches now. I think one of them's probably Kingsbury. Because you're not happy about the David Johnson thing. I get it any other. Coach is that you dislike so much that it would affect your draft status of certain players man. I just had a lot of stock and David Johnson David Montgomery so this may be a little bit biased towards my players but nagy and Kingsbury are not people. I WANNA see on the street I have. I have a word Saito to those guys. I tell him to pull their head out of their asses again. David Johnson. I think he's he's that top five running back. He's got that talent. He's built like a prototypical running back he catches Iran's yes he's not as explosive as drake and I get that Kingsbury wants to make that offense as he wants to filter out all the guys that weren't part of his system and I get it but it just sucks man what he did to David Johnson again. No respect no integrity there. It really pissed me off and then Nagy as well bring in Cohen on second down and just do some crazy plays where they could have ran the ball and just not because again montgomery can catch the ball he can catch the ball better than than to Rico. And he's built better than to recall and he can break tackles recall he can run up the middle to recall the recall in there. Why don't you play your better running back? It's like having a Lamborghini in your inner parking lot and you're driving. The you know the the old Chevy I mean. Come on Man. Pull your head out of your ass. So those are two coaches that need a piece of my mind for fantasy. One more thing that I should go on the flip side to get to get Europe blood pressure down before we end the show. Some who are some of the coaches we know about. Sean Payton Andy Reid. Who some of the coaches that you actually like investing in for fantasy. Maybe some guys who aren't as obvious you know what when it comes to coach the I do like read and stuff like that. But I don't really care about coaches all I care about his fantasy production and that's the bottom line. Now I do appreciate what Garrett did with Zeke and just to kind of put a summary on this is I like coaches that believe in their workhorse running backs that give that opportunity. I believe I see the town. I believe in them. And I'M NOT GONNA put in some guy who has underperformed for years ahead of my starter. I like the guys again. Garrett did a good job with Zeke. He's a good example of that. Let's go with that. Let's go with that. I think that's my favorite coach. I like it. I like it Jason Garrett Princeton Guy There you go Joseph Robert Oh you want to check out his show. Fantasy football counselor. You want to check him out on instagram. Because he's going to tell me how to get some more instagram people. Where're you from by the way? Joe I'm actually from the Northeast as you say so. I've actually born and raised in the Toronto area but I usually hang out in the Buffalo New York area so that's pretty much my location so hover between Buffalo area and Toronto. Yeah I could tell you I could tell you were Canadian. That's why I was asking. When you said northeast I was gonNA say like Nova Scotia Cow. How far northeast? Listen to highlight of this entire meeting here. This entire podcast. Those Tommy Tommy underwears were the Tommy. Johns Joe Dolan. And they're comfortable and guests or anything in your head it stuck in your head. You're GonNa Right now by Tommy John Under her. They're going right now and it's Valentine's Day so my wife's got a law them. I you know what the No Wedgie Dad. That's it that's all you had to say. I'm sold because in all funny. I look walking around sometimes with the underwears I currently have. I'm switching over right now. Excellent Excellent Work Joe. Joe's I should say that was fantastic. Just what we wanted today. Just what we'll do a lot of this off season already have an awesome guest. Or maybe it's two guests lined up for next week. Make sure like I said you check out the even money podcast this week and the Ross Tucker football podcast other than that. We should be back next week on our normal Thursday edition of the fantasy. Feast heavy great. Valentine's Day have a great weekend. I think we're done here. Thanks for listening to the fantasy. Feast podcast make sure to also subscribe to the Ross Tucker. Football podcast even money business of sports and college draft all available at Apple podcasts. Ross Tucker DOT COM or wherever PODCASTS can be found. You know what Brian. We're not done. I changed my mind. We're not done. There's one more thing I wanted to say. And that is that bet online dot. Ag is awesome so if you WANNA get into the xfl bet on the xfl this weekend go ahead to bet online dot AG. Use the Promo Code podcast. One you get a fifty percent welcome bonus when you do it you can bet on the NBA All Star game festivities. I think it's kind of fun. Actually to bet on like the three point contest or the dunk contest you can also go ahead bet on the NBA. All Star game himself or the XFL teams. Play a game now. You kind of know what they're about. You have a better feel for it. Just make sure when you do it you do it at. Bet Online dot ag and you use the Promo Code podcast one so you get fifty percent. Welcome bonus that is the key my friends.

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