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'Valentine's Views' podcast: Ed, Chris preview Giants-Jets preseason opener


Are you troubled by strange hockey trades in the middle of the night. Do you experienced feelings of dread about n._a._t._o. Agency have you or your family ever seen it new york rylander scheme if the answer is yes. Don't wait another minute. Pick up your mobile device and subscribe to lighthouse hockey podcasts from espy nation. Today are courteous and efficient hosts. <music> are ready to serve all of your islander needs and worries lighthouse hockey podcasts for new york islanders fans hello giants fans and welcome to a new edition russian of the valentine's us podcast here on big media radio part of the s._p. Nation family of podcasts. I'm your host as always ed valentine title of big blue view and today's show is going to focus on thursday nights preseason game with the new york jets. Yes folks that's right. We actually have new york. Giants sort of pretend football on thursday at least guys in giants uniform will be running around some of whose names as you may know a lot of whom you may not but <hes> anyway. It's a real giants football game and here to help me help. Let me talk about <hes> about what we might expect on. Thursday is big. Lou views chris flom chris. How are you. I'm doing good how you doing it. I'm good you know. I ah i had to bring you on. I mean you're you're a europe podcast host without a co host these days so you know a head to head to bring in out of the cold yeah exactly sam free agent but at feeling no i mean you know chris you just for folks that that haven't listened. You and dan pursued had had been doing a show for us here. On big louie radio and dan of course has moved on to <hes> to sharp football we will eventually perhaps perhaps be doing some some new things with the podcast you know but but for now you get to listen to me and we'll have chris on every so often. We'll have as many many guests as we can so we'll keep we'll keep marching forward with the podcast for you folks as as the season unfolds so so chris. Let's let let's get right into this with the giants. They're facing the jets and and i don't care who the team is that they're playing and listen the way i look at this right. Now is whether you're an optimist or a pessimist about what the giants may or may not be in two thousand nineteen nineteen in how you feel about some of the off season moves. This is a time when you should be fired up to watch some giants football when you should really be interested. It's an exciting sometime because we get to watch some new players and get our first our first real game look at at a lot of these guys yet. That's exactly it basically regardless of how you feel about the team. Entering the year bowl is back. That's something to be excited about and there's a whole lot a new names to learn a whole lot of guys. We probably have never seen before. There's a lot of guys really either looking to make their dreams. Come true or keep keep the dream alive so they're a lot of good reasons to watch. Even though it is preseason football in preseason football game one at that and of course one of those big reasons is that we will most likely see quite a bit of daniel jones the sixth sixth overall pick quarterback from duke guy who some people thought the giants shouldn't have taken other people think they should have taken and we get our we get our first glimpse of of daniel jones you know behind center playing football for the new york giants in in in chris. What are you looking for four from jones on on thursday night. I'm going to be looking for a lot of the same things. I am for really the rest of the team and that's just put down a indecent baseline especially for a rookie but preseason as a whole is about improvement. It's about going out there. I'm playing hopefully playing. Well but mistakes are going to be made but hopefully not made again and again and again really. I'm just looking for him to go out and execute the watered-down vanilla version of the offense that we're going to see. I wanna i see him. Go through his read. Throw the ball accurately and just not screw up to add well. You know that's that's not a high bar not screw up too bad but <hes> but let let me say this. I've been watching jones of been unfortunate enough to get to <hes> the rookie mini camp and some of the o._t._a.'s and a few of the training camp practices and one of the things that you look at is does it look like n._f._l. Quarterback play does it look like n._f._l. Football when he's behind center i can remember a few new years ago watching ryan nassib his first couple of seasons in training camps with the giants and just just shaking your head because the ball was going all over the lot it just a lot of times didn't look like pro football. He didn't look like a pro quarterback back in a lot of instances and the most encouraging thing that i can say about daniel jones at this point is from day one take. This hasn't looked too big for him in his interviews in his stuff fund field. It's looked like pro football. He sounded like a pro football a player and i think for giants fans getting their real first glimpse of him on thursday night. I think that's what you're going to see is is a guy who i don't know what the ceiling is but it looks like pro football when he played quarterback so let me ask you. This chris obviously lot a lot of new faces allot which we've talked about just a couple of the other players for you then. You're really really interested in in seeing on thursday night. I'm gonna start with my underwriter. Darkhorse guy and that's jake kerr walk the db from long island you post and he's moved to linebacker. The giants just released released their unofficial depth chart and actually listed money backer as a position on it now except that unofficial. That's not put without by the coaches really it's more of the p._r. Department but the fact that they have that listed and a player who who was a defensive back. He has the size to play linebacker and he's moved to that position to me. That's really interesting i. I don't expect expect the coaches to show much of their hand at all in this game. I don't think we're going to see a whole lot of or if any wrinkles on <unk> offense or defense but that is one thing i really looking forward to seeing is how they use him because i think that could also give us a clue as to how they used rope peppers verse going forward once we get like preseason game three in you know when the games actually matter is an interesting guy had the chance to talk to a <hes> to his coach at f._a._u. During the during the the off season and my guests on car lock might thinking on carla specifically is that i think he might be a guy who lands on the practice squad. He's a guy who does long snapping thing and we know that that zach d._r._c. can't go on forever so i i wonder if even though ended uh on the depth chart. They don't list car lock as a long snapper. I have seen him do some snapping during camp i have seen him you know working with working with the ponders things like that so i wonder if they may look at kara lock as a long term possible replacement for the aussie that would be interesting and i think that would be a good move to have that in the pipeline because whether the giants specialties have been up or down we've seen them really at both extremes but diaz has been a constant and i think he kind of gets taken for granted <music> out after thirteen fourteen years of just being consistent there every game always one of the first guys guys downfield to make a tackle always being just always just being fundamentally sound and just being kind of rock in the middle of the giants special teams and like you say he's not going to be around forever. I joked when tom brady. He got his contract extension that i don't think there was anything in the rule book about players going around the field on a hover around but i don't think the hot seat will be able to play on around eventually volume might snap from one but i'm not sure you can get down the field and in in cover punts. I'm not sure or that's legal. Maybe hot rod it and that would be tough on the turf. Who knows anyway. Jake kerr lock is an interesting interesting guy to look at. You know my guy. If i was going to pick one to look at is a guy that if if if folks have have been reading it big blue view you think you can see this one coming a mile away might guy that and i'm not really even interested myself in seeing him. I want people to see throughout the preseason. I want people to see c._j. Conrad the undrafted free agent tight end out of kentucky. I have been saying in recent weeks that i am. One hundred percent fully convinced that conrad is making the fifty three man roster. This is a young man who can catch the football he. He runs good routes for a tight end. Luna wells giants tight ends coach told me that that one of the really impressive things about conrad as as a receiver is that he has a good understanding of zone coverage is is where to find the openings you know how to work himself free and when i talked to conrad a couple of weeks ago a lot of guys block because it's part of the job this kid gets fired up talking about blocking and how important it is to him and and that was impressive to me so i'm just anxious and i'm looking forward to to people getting a chance to see c._j. Conrad in action throughout the preseason. I'll agree with you. I think he's got a act. Maybe even a really good chance of taking the fifty three because his hurdle is scott simonsen who it nothing against him but he's kind of guy it. He offers a very similar skill set to read ellison and there isn't anything really special about him so if conrad can really get after it blocking if he can be a dynamic receiver maybe not a <unk> at the order of like guys like kelsey yours eckerd's or ingram or towards kindle or anything like that but just being able to to get out actually threaten the defense and maybe make something happen cleared that hurdle to be the number three tight end and who knows the chinese might even decide to keep him in let red ellison go that would free up about five million dollars over the next two years. That's an interesting possibility ability chris. It's one we have discussed a little bit biglou view. We'll have to see what happens but but conrad is my pick you know when it comes to two undrafted free agent that i think is most likely to end up making the fifty three man roster so will in a couple of weeks when when roster cuts coming accommodate in a little while we'll just we'll just have to see how smart i wind up being anyway. Let's let's take a quick break for the word from our sponsors and then we will come back and we'll talk a little bit more about the jets and giants santa and what to expect on thursday night. Hey i'm spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nanny. I'm jason kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown forecast. Your avengers offers of college football podcast says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what i mean is. It's all spoiled. 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Beyond meat we've also been talking a lot of reporters and academics about the major pressing policy issues tech like facebook's content moderation rather than great youtube harassment plan or lack thereof and whether or not the government should break-up amazon which maybe i should and then every friday i sit down with executive editor john and paul miller for a chat show we cover the latest techniques and product reviews bringing our other reporters around the verge. The show is a party listened to it all that more. If you subscribe to the virtuous wherever you get your podcast bluff rita listen and join us so again subscribe to the virtuous. Wherever you get your podcast we'll see sooner or giants. Fans ed valentine here along with chris flom on valentine's us podcast lied cast as we continue to talk jets and giants for the pre season opener on thursday night chris. This is kind of interesting you mentioned it. I think we're going to see a really vanilla game. I don't think we're going to see james becher tip his hand at all in terms of you know cornerback blitzes and fancy defensive schemes and i don't think we're gonna see pat shurmur tip his hand at all when it comes to offensive wrinkles things of that nature because the jets and giants play during the regular season this year. I don't think i don't think you're going to see anything in terms of of something that they might want to save and something that they might want to keep you you know in their back pocket for for for for the real games. Oh yeah i've i'm personally especially on offense expecting something that looks kind of like the ben mcadoo offense just straight vanilla not even french vanilla convenience store or corner store generic rand vanilla west coast offense the basics of the basics i to be honest. I'm okay with that at this time of the year two yet you execute the basics. If you want to really get anything done with the wrinkles otherwise you're just going to spin your wheels but the things that i really really wanted to see like saquon barkley being moved around the offensive formation getting out targeted in the slogging moved out wide evan ingram. I'm getting moved around back to like h back or out wide in the slot. Put in motion in running all we're not going to see any of that which is a little bit disappointing to me but it also makes all kinds of sense just from both an installation the development of the offense point of view like i said just setting down the baseline and also you if you're if you have a preseason game against a regular season opponent. You want your card so close to the vest make. It look like you don't even have any cart art exactly so i think the giants will hold everything <hes> they'll hold. They'll hold the good stuff back so in really as pat shurmur said it's really about. It's not about scheme game planning. It's about seeing how the guys execute the things they're asked to do. Do how a lot of these young players respond to two game situations and chris the one thing. We really haven't talked about much at this point ease really this. This young defense that james becher is trying to put together. I'm not sure how much guys like antoine buffet generous jenkins and alex ogle tree and some of the veteran guys will play but one of the fascinating stories for me this year is is this young defense and how quickly it develops in how many of these guys really turned into players and and that's another thing. I'm really excited to see thursday night. These are i really live. Look at at some of these young guys on defense yeah yeah. I almost don't expect to see the at all kind of like eli. Maybe a series maybe two of it's a really quick series although on defense if you get a really quick series you okay good have a seed. Take the rest of the night off. I'm very interested to see julian love at three safety. I i would have thought corey. Valentine might have been the guy to get transitioned to safety just based on his size the very limited amount tape i was able to scrounge up on him part of most of which actually came from practices for the senior bowl but just his size is athletic fled profile what i could see his game really reminded me of bennett jackson and he took the free safety very well before he got injured and julian love. It was a really good quarterback for notre dame so that love was the guy who is being transitioned to safety slash nickel corner honor a bit of a surprise me and i'm just interested to see how it works because i do like the idea of transitioning players cornerbacks to that free safety role. I think julian is a really interesting guy and i'll be honest early in training camp. You know some of the practices that that i was attending attending. I kept writing in my notebook. You'd see a pass completion and i kept writing in my notebook. Thirty seven in coverage thirty seven in coverage average and thirty seven of course is the number that julian love is wearing but i think that you kind of have to temper that you gotta give if the kid a little bit of rope early because he's a rookie learning to positions and his play throughout camp has has has improved steadily. I think it's a really good idea for the giants to try to identify one of these young players. I mean antoine but they is a thirty five year old guy. He'll bring some things to the table for the giants mostly as a leader. I think he can still play enough off that that he'll be. He'll be an obvious upgrade over curtis riley which is setting the bar very high of course but that's lower than the the bar is set for daniel jones. This is true but but they is a short term solution at free safety. I think it's great that the giants have identified a guy and julien love. I think the thing that the giants are are impressed by is is the young man's intelligence his ability ability to learn his ability to to quickly you know gain the ability to get guys lined up and learn the defense isn't and my question with julian love is does he have the long speed to be a real senator fielding free safety and i guess we'll find out yeah you know just his long speed is a little bit of a question. It's more of a question at cornerback than at free. Safety is he. He ran a four five two or sorry for five four at the combine and while that's not rate for warner back. That's actually pretty good at for safety. He <unk> ah that's right around the sixty th percentile among safeties according to the ones in the mock draftable database that's for people who don't know where we all are really cool spider plots of a combine performances. I personally love the site right so i think the does have the range to kind of rome that middle of the field at least as long as he gets used to seeing the defense from that area and he can diagnose it and just be able to tell what the route on saps apps are and where the players are going to be. He should be fine in that regard and chris you mentioned corey ballantyne and i'm just going to say this right now. Now you would talk to corey ballantyne about the the shooting. You know that that cost that cost his friend dwayne simmons his life the night that that ballantine was drafted you know left him <hes> with a bullet in the back side <hes> so you know he and he it was very very impressive. I thought very mature for a young man you know when when he spoke to us and since that time we kinda wondered well how far behind is going to be. How quickly is he going to develop. Corey ballantyne has been extremely impressive on the field over the last couple of weeks and sorta like i put a marker on the table regarding c._j. Conrad i'm gonna put another the marker on the table here regarding corey ballantyne. The giants drafted sam bill in the supplemental draft a year ago. Oh bill of course spent the entire year on. I r with a shoulder injury. They drafted you know ballantyne this year in the sixth round and in the marker worker that i'm gonna put on the table is that i think by the end of this season. Corey ballantyne is going to be a more important player to the giants defense than sam. Damn bill on top of which might guess is that ballantyne may end up having a better career than bill as a cornerback in the n._f._l. That's l. margaret to put down <hes>. I'm not going to disagree with it just because we haven't seen bill and that is his that's kind of double edged sword because we don't really know what he's capable of but it also doesn't matter what you're capable of if you're always on the training table yet the shoulder that that sucked it was not good for him to lose his rookie year. It wasn't great for the giants to basically lose out on a year of his contracts a european being under control for you know a third around contract now to be dealing with hamstring and groin issues. It's not a good track record to have to begin in your career and ballantyne as definitely definitely taken advantage of the opportunity. It seems like seem like the other day every other tweet. I saw coming at it training cameras either ballantyne breaking up a pass or picking a quarterback off for die who is really just a massive question mark nope. Nobody really knew who was. That's just great to read yeah he definitely he has the athleticism athleticism and you just never know kid comes out of washburn dozen play the level of competition that that a lot of guys have played played you you never know how he's going to translate skill wise and everything that you see so far tells you that he can stand up to this. Obviously he's the sixth round pick. He's not going to be a guy who's going to be asked to start right away. He may not even play right away at much. If any at all although oh i will say this considering korey coleman being out for the year as the kickoff returner giants fans should remember remember how explosive coleman was at the end of last year and i thought that coleman could have a big impact on the giants this year as as a kick return or if not as a wide receiver. I watched corey ballantyne in a couple of practices work as a kickoff returner owner and again. I would not expect to see him early in the season as the primary kickoff returner but this kid can run this kid. I don't know what is forty time is but he gets to top speed in a hurry and i would not be surprised at all to seek corey worried ballantyne returning some kickoffs for the giants at some point this season that would actually be a great way to just get him on the active defrost her get him on the field. Just get him involved on special teams. You could see him. You can see how assignment sound he is. He's covering kicks. How will well he tackles and that way you've got him. He's active so if for some reason you actually need to reach into your your back pocket for db on game day. You've gotten there all right chris i think i think we'll call it a show for today on on on that note we have. We have game to look forward to on thursday. I thank you much for spending a little bit of time with me today. I know <hes> i know. I know you miss your your your podcast partner so like i said we'll bring in out of the cold whenever we can thank you. I've gotta say it's a little weird to be doing this and not have. I don't know ten fifteen tabs open just to try to keep up with dan. Yeah mr mr mr analytics tampa suda yup. Well you know it's it's a little different but will <hes> but we we do it. We can't everybody has their strengths and weaknesses and <hes> you know we. We wish dan well over at sharp football and giants. It's fans we we thank you very much for listening. We remind you to please subscribe to big louie radio on all of your favorite podcast. Applications is joined the community at big blue view dot com. If you haven't done so already follow us on twitter at big blue view follow us on instagram big underscore underscore blu underscore view follow us on facebook and please remember you know we'll be giving you. All of your coverage of giants jets on thursday nights right so <hes> come on over to the website and check all of that out. Thank you very much and we'll talk to you soon bye bye. Are you troubled by strange hockey traits of the middle of the night. Do you experience feelings of dread about n._h._l. Free agency have you or your family ever seen it new york islanders game. If the answer is yes then don't wait another another minute. Pick up your mobile device subscribe to lighthouse hockey podcasts from espy nation today. Our courteous and efficient hosts are ready to serve. All of your islander needs and worries lighthouse hockey podcasts for new york islanders fans.

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