Gab and Juls: Are Man United Officially Back?


It. Well it's Thursday which means it's the Goblin Jewish. Oh, hello, Joel Gob. We got. A lot of thing was a games coming every day. Just storylines everywhere this week. And Athletico Madrid the Big One, but you know what that was on Tuesday night, which feels like a ago, so we're going to try to look forward. We're GONNA talk about that. We're GONNA talk about we've got. We're GONNA. Talk about favorite Norwegian AB second favourite, maybe second John August your of becoming on because on Saturday. It's the Big German Cup final my mind Peter boss, taking on the mighty Bavarian football works and We're GONNA start with Manchester United. because. Here's the thing. It's not that they'd beat Brighton. Actually. Z. Look, good POGBA and Bruno together. Yeah, it looks good, and then you've got. This speedsters up front and I get the sense of fragility. Can it lasts but They're right there. Neck and neck with wolves in fifth place. You're right. I think he's looking very good for them and between fifty nine or competition, if you before the pandemic and after the pandemic. Is if it is like they found the right formula in terms of balancing the team, and that four three one works really well defensively I. Think they still. Think you can get an upgrade on Lindelof the problem and the sinus another a better center back in the summer. You might get an upgrade on on look, so I left by Google Brennan Williamsburg again maybe a position that you can look. In the summer, but the other positions I mean even much seems to. Be Reborn I mean obviously that pass on the third goal is absolutely fantastic, but in terms of why just has to do and again. And so you might be different in in tough games against better players, but I thought he was disciplined three covid variable Pogba, he was just thus screen for the buck for just a pure holding me for the road where you get the board, and you pass it to the ones we can create, and then we get down to Bruno and POGBA. Who? Can create so much and I. Think the difference for me with plug buys that. Why is he so happy and wise? Even thinking about staying is because suddenly the burden being the creative player the creative. She's not just on him. You've got Bruno Fernandez who can do without you've got Marcus Rashford. You can't do that. You've to fullbacks and we still one beside car won't. Tell me Sokha and. Luke Shaw as A. Part of the creative burden. No! There will never be able to cross the border by especially when besides. Like. Kandahar Adani, Elvis however just by taking your position on the pitch. Hugest. You become another option, even if they don't give you the ball and you know one beside cal was not really involved in any of the goals, but just him being on the pitch for the position. This is someone who you need to keep an eye on, and then that creates more space for other players. I just think that right now and the again. In my no Lassen they will have tough again and do shift united one where they were down to ten men, the Brighton Game. But I think there's something there growing clearly, and and then you come Mason. Greenwood and Eighteen and he, he plays with so much freedom. Is Remarkable, okay, but the revival predates the return of Papa. Paul, your boy and I love Paul. Was Fifteen Games. In the revival kind of started before he came back yet and obviously you gotTa, Bruno Fernandes lift there. I think pretty evidently. Somebody wrote today that he's the most transformative signing the. United have had since Eric Cantona which. I haven't gone back through all. But you know he certainly had core. What I wonder about though is. When you talk about? Those talking players three, can you? Can you sustain the midfield of POGBA? Fernandez, and the front three. Against a certain quality of opposition. data. That's one question. I think one of the only want to address this summer and. The other question is Rauscher that can see how he gets better. Marcel by the stages in mid career, right, have we seen it for? It's twenty. Paint till he's fifty right thing, he's not a kid. Yeah, yeah, it's not like He. Does he have another level is? You're going to become the player that we you know when they sign them for the enormous amount of money. Is he on that trajectory, or no probably not probably this. This is what he is right. Yeah, he gets you twenty five, the season, these on one, thousand, nine, hundred twenty. I think. Like, so so you would go and sign a better strike. Socio this week said. don't have the I don't know how divine rights to start or believed. It was time game Rashford in Moscow, so you go out and you sign. A better striker. I think I I. Think you have to sign another striker or another front man in the summer? Whichever you want to write, because obviously Rashford complete on forward can also play on the wing. It depends how you use them. I like the idea of having also different options I think. Bruno Fernandes Place. I! Don't think it's written in stone that you have to play with winger. If they end up with more attacking fullback somehow so you can easily switch to to a dime. I wanted to your diamond for. The. But which I think would actually probably benefit even more. because you're talking about overhauling they. Were mentioning earlier. That could be an option. But what I go, but this is. This is also the week in which was reported a all. Yeah, they'd be interested in science show, but spend more than fifty mill or they wouldn't come on. We know that's not true. Well. If you did get Sancho. Hypothetically, what would it look like? You play for grids, so you keep the four three one. You play. I mean again so that versatility that you were mentioning you can play in three or four three with sensual. Winger, you can play in a four three three. We Sancho as a right winger. You can do many things tactically. Fuego Sancho I just think that censure. We'll bring you on. Top of everything is the ability to I've even. Another sort of. Another sort of plan in the sense, Dow. You okay you very good counterattacking. As we saw in the third goal against Brighton, you can have the border law and the position because you go plug by Bruno in your team and. And the enough to control the game, and the are comfortable possession at that point. Give you that, and then if you're choir, who can pass a little bit that and if you've got some show in the games that you may be not as good or you struggling or the opposition is better than you central can make the difference in in one move. He can dribble past. Few People Cross shoots weather, and and that kind of game winner Dot Greenwood might become, and we saw the first goal he takes. Two players scored a greg on his own program. I think central will give you a consistency in that style. Slack Wow. If you are essentially team I think and then strengthen still think at the back. You look very strong. Enough to narrow the gap with Liverpool in city I mean, it would take more than Sancho. Would would take. A center back because. I like Maguire as person, but from what I can tell. But. You know it's not as if he's Beckenbauer so whoever plays alongside him I. Don't think is going to be on a level of the very top people and I don't know that. Now social is not and will probably never be a guru type. Manager let you know he doesn't mean you can't be successful. Structure around him. And I think the left back. Position needs to be addressed. And I also wonder going forward. If Wamba Sokha at right becomes becomes a problem because he's basically, he's a central defender. Playing right back, right, yeah! and I'm wondering if may be longer term. You don't think as you suggested earlier, maybe a back three yet maybe or the semi shoe. Is Hoopla a right wing? You won't be again, but the maybe. Maybe Takimi. Go Yeah. It would have been your answer, yeah! I think. You're right back chill. We'll at left-back back. Three of one Sokha Kula Bali, I was. Right POGBA Matych. Bruno can play on play on the wing or no before one you Bruno. Rashford but there's no room for Sancho then. It's tough matched up. Say. You then then you have so many options and this diversity that you were looking for just to finish where you if you look where they were eighteen months ago, and we've said and we've been very critical of of of Edward, and I don't think we should take any credit for where they are now all. The looking in much better shape is far more. You could be far more mystic about them. Even even we as manager, who criticized as well then the way, Monica. Rush rostered and Pogba your best players. Coming in here that turns things around. All Right Gills I promised and deliver his John August. You're joining because on, Saturday it's the final of. The Cup in Germany Beyer Leverkusen. My Boy Peter Boston yeah against by Munich. Yon So I'm paper. Buyer Levekusen beat. Byron this season right? And so when they played them again towards the end, we thought we might have a final race of ood. Luck and then they go budgets, and then they got. Going to. Be Different in a one off game. Well. Let's hope so I mean for all of us love. German football is sometimes. It's domination off. Munich is massive of course a couple of years ago, my club anthrax with led by Munich. On I. Remember I got a lot of interviews for German. Prayed person. I I. Try Joking to say it's important. Brian Fung for not to underestimate by Munich because they're better than which saying. Ending up! I think. What we can see in in the copies is not only a Cliche, but one game only They will have a chance, but having said that I mean unbelievably impressed, will by Munich of Badu lately the way to building the team at the moment is so so unbelievable, but but still I think Leverkusen will will play on that one game like you said if that beats them before, and they can have a song that the problem this, of course that tradition of I can be the first one who say never who's that they will never. Again Will Champions League this year of course Leverkusen miss out I, mean I was on this culture that has to break and what? What is a better thing to break in a death beppu cal finale. Fewer Peter Bausch and obviously you know you you more handsome and you've got more hair. But how would you approach that game that final to you? Would you play on the counter? Would you try to have of the ball and put them in the pressure and press high ju play cavs. You play giving. FARLAND's has behind. What what would you do and so I'm Barry Mind? You on whatever you say. will no doubt be more sensible than what Peter boss will. When you opposite of anything suggest. Yeah, now I think I think I for a game like this is all about mental parts Israel okay. The the the strategies of course always said self esteem is very very important, but I think that is important to to tell his players that you this. This is the easiest game you would have ceased because by Munich would be the big favors if bit by Munich will win train eleven that well. That was a plan, so so there shouldn't be any pressure on Leverkusen. I and I can only speak for myself. I always feel I played for national team in the Ninety S, and we were always the the guide We would never favorites plane into games on on some games. When we lost, we didn't try to. We too cautious too careful. Then I had a afterwards. Yeah, it's okay to loose spoke. We didn't give it old so fodder putting place. Yes, I will put swollen. Yes, I would put. Up there and so on, and so on so on, so I think they if if they're going to be trying to be cautious and careful be by Munich they will lose anyway, so why don't. You just go for it on CNN. After what you was at yeah, we went for it. We Lost Fair, enough and okay. Is a new season coming on I'm afraid of levels, allowed and go better better deep. At Song Time, Miller will do something. Essays Stan Levin. DOC- will get a goal anyway. So why don't you just try it? Let's talk about the guy who is probably outside of Dortmund and Bavaria. The most exciting player in the Bundesliga kyw Harvard's. He missed their match in the League in fact, I think he'd be suppose games. In the league this season, no conspiracy there. Every young German he will, he's being linked to to Byron. In some ways it's set up for a Disney ending where he single handedly destroys Biron or even just beats Byron carries, Peter Boston victory, and I then announces Oh. Yes I'm joining the evil empire. Yes your member. Some manny many years ago, there was a guy called lot. Amato's who are leaving Bruce. You mentioned Gladbach and there was a decisive penalty shootout was locked I'm apparently missed missed that penalty, and then he went to buy Munich, so he's not always Disney ending. I agree with you, This is a always cup signs. That this time for heroes would be better than that. Could do lessing by could end up getting kayakers. I mean the way they're doing I've been very critical to buy Munich there. There were times that I didn't go anywhere. They were taking players on loan, selling them in like big superstars, and at the end of the day there were people who don't even go into the squad of Real Madrid last Rodriguez R.. Oh, continue coming sold in us in a mess in. In German football, but the way by Munich doing it now i. it's I think it's so impressive on after Roy sonnet. Yes, get KYW, Hodson. Belette bill has hope we take him. Don't as Niko Kovac. Did Coach for for Entre Frankfurt when he when he was there and later late to join them, so that will be a fantastic ending. Yeah, and like all Frankfurt fans. People who dislike Byron what did you do that was brilliant. You sent agent Niko Kovac over to by going. then. Give us somebody for Labor coups, and obviously you know this matches on our air and. On! ESPN casual fans will know Harvard's. GimMe one other. Labor Kuzin player. Who you think could be decisive in this game that people might be less familiar with. Well you always know about the bender twin. Some of you never know who is who one of them is over. Way So, is he. Six Bailey Bailey could be a Jamaican his name Jamaica. S He's been linked to mansion city. He's one of them who can take people on May. Dot is a weakness all Abaya Munich. The unique place to take them on, but Yeah I'd Bailey versus. Davies. Race wins that. Hold! On I think Pavel could be the only eighty weakest link. You could think of thinking that buying team and I think he's someone. Mussa job. Play on that side so on your by left side and his right sites and take on. I think maybe that's where there could be an opening. It's talking about the Byron's lot big signing to wrap this up. I mean big. We knew this was coming. Yeah, question. Do you mean Kouassi from PSG? The young Perje of young. I'm. I'm just. Leroy, signing! He's. How does he injuries? He's weird. Things like remember when he when he missed out. On the welcome. To last second. What is the thinking with by due to buying? I'm assuming they've done their homework and they say you can go back. He's still very young. Is Physical issues aren't there? There's no mental issues. He can be the player he was, and maybe he'll put pressure on neighboring Coleman and create more competition on the wings. Is that the thinking? Do you like this deal? First of all I liked. Is there like Roy? Sonya, I was there at them at the Charity Shield Charter, to shield when you when you go to enjoy felt very sorry for him at that time was a better linked to buy a music as well, but I think we'll buy is doing at the moment you start, you know. Lot of these big clubs is an issue. Where do you get your players? What? Where is your natural market on on buying okay by? David define their market that they can't get the biggest stars I mean they they will probably go to England, and we go to vendors or bustle on real, Madrid other at talking about now, the biggest biggest darst's but. will by a need to be good, and they've been very successful without generations. Is that the take the best players on? The Best German play is there's gotta be a feeling that they doesn't natural way for me to go to to buy. And we just hard for English fans to understand because you will never see. Amongst is united to play going to Liverpool or visa versa, but in in Germany that is more normally on. So I like this way of germs. For Germans to Poe Clubs? That is not good for them, because then then by municipal, keep winning the league. Okay, but we can't. We can't make via Munich Week. We need to break the other team stronger I. Don't think you can can criticise by to try to get the best players I. think that's what they're doing now. They they see. We have to get new bill. Bill I mean there's a lot of talk about him. Annoyed will say forever, but still it's the right move that they need to have the next great German. Goalkeeper at the moment that they think does Nubile, and then it has to go Royce on there. They have to go for kyw hearts on the. They had to be in the market for the team, Obana, although. Muhammad is said that at the time now does not a play for us. The sleek wanted to at least been market for him. So so I like this way of strategy. You have teams like like man's United Oh you, you have the other teams. Where do they pick? The players will pick them from Swansea. All will they get? The youngest superstars striker Holand? You know that missed out on so I. Think about buying a philosophy now on these players are the consequences of that philosophy, but. I WANNA. Get your take on this, too. I I understand where you're coming from. I liked the sign a deal. Just see feels like it's a lot of money given his contractual situation and given the fact that he's hardly played football for two years. I'm just wondering whether they could have negotiated down given that he obviously wanted to come I think fifty million a tunnel like him is. Cheap if he doesn't have one year left, let's he's got three years left. It would be more. Yeah. It'd be far more than that. I know basically like I think. They got him on a really good price. I don't think the. I don't think the the the injury and the fact that he hadn't paid much for the last eighteen months. Is An issue assume? He was only on the bench, warming up against Chelsea. Very happy. Again. I think the talent is there I think coming home. We're probably benefit him more than anything else and maybe. Deleted attitude issues that we've had in Guada- times have been really tough with him and dropped from the squad excetera. Disappear in a more German environment kind of thing and I. Don't know for me. I can't see this one going wrong with tour. John Dr Lawrence has given his Having examined Leroy Sunday from from twenty miles. Stadium pretty much. But I WANNA get your view on it. It is post. Pandemic city still have of course, the the Court of Arbitration for Sport appeal hanging over them, they could be tougher much tougher financial position. He didn't WANNA. Go anywhere else. Could they not have strong this out a little longer and gotten a better deal or I might just purely nitpicking being. Well, you know I, always go respects the Germans. They will try to make ah do deal out of it. All uses football. Leaders do calculations of players I think I will put by upfront. Doing that but I I agree. Still one year left on his contract, but this is a player who would be there forever. He is the state of five six seven years is supposed to nullity. I think he fits the bill big time for buying it I think this will be priority number one all the time I think Kaya hearts would be a number two, because Kai Hav is a different player from the rest of them because he's is kind of Balak kind of type. There's not many of them around so I think this guy fits the bill. It's fits the bill of the new by immunity. John Thank you so much. Thanks John Pleasure as always boys. So you think you think a too much money, or you're not sure about fitness. I think when he's full so I. If? He's the guy from two years ago. It's a steal. But. I just think they had a lot of leverage. In this situation, because of of of of cities condition because of of the pandemic. and. They obviously been. Talking to him and his people for a very very long time. So you know sometimes? It makes sense to get your business done early. Sometimes it makes sense to wait and push the envelope if they wait. Another couple of weeks and city get banned from Europe. all of a sudden city have a cash slope issue, right and he is salable asset. You know you want you know they want to raise money. That maybe you could have made a better deal. on the other hand. I have to say. You know. is going to cost a ton of money if they go for him, But equally who Tino and his enormous wages and the enormous loan fee I mean I think it's something I think in the end between loan in wages. He's costing them something like twenty million. Yeah, that's going to be gone. Presumably, so you can, you can fit. Maybe even fit Harvard's and sonic to some degree. You know in that in that slot so. It's an interesting one Then again. Do you need to be in a rush to sign? When? You know you'll still be around a year from now yeah. I'm possibly. Enough Biron enough Dave Chappelle Kyle. Let's go for some quick hits. Let's go. But don't drop another. Two points match defined by VR Carrasco and Grease Mun jewels take it away. I tried to sum it all up and some up what you know what my thoughts is especially on on Green, but I on the game I'm disappointed by Barcelona again. Do new. Didn't think so I. Don't know I i. like Wikipedia for me was the only positive in game Suarez was pointless Is the other day and you got you got back on me or you. Listeners and stuff but I. Just don't get it I don't get how starts for that team. I'm not sure about the formation. Diamond. I just. I just think the diamond works if soirees, or whoever places in benign with Miss Your Fron. Is. A good game otherwise is pointless or even just runs into wide area. Otherwise is pointless. After the highly rated anything for most of the time it was static possession, no movement nothing almost no mish with coming from full bikes. I I was always again. I was disappointed. Yes. VR played a big part I thought. The first penalty uncovers crew. There was contact their from Vidal you know. I thought that was no problem. The one on Semedo was really really soft soft. Yeah! And the third one I thought was really soft as well so. other no again again. We should not talk too much about Var for game like this, but here we are Cara School. Showing. Why on earth? He went to China. A twenty six is beyond me made a lot of money. It's funny. 'cause we kind of forgot about him and I'm like when he's there. Dude, potentially in the right game is a game changer. Yeah, Big Time I. Mean the movement and. The boathouse of taking on people and Everything I just think he's a wonderful player when he's in that kind of form. And I thought you know authority. Played Hud the best performance. They played better. They created the more chances they had. The movement author was better. The patterns of play better. There was a lot of things I liked in the game and I thought the drawing. The end was probably fair result. And then we can come on grease mint. Okay, grease man, so he comes on in the ninetieth minute. Show last issue mediation. A lot of people view is that while screaming on my screen? I was screaming on the television. Why why don't you bring him on to help? Protect the draw the ninetieth minute car. He said it's because they were playing well, and then, and then he apologized degrees, when to which was which was weird from city, so I said I'm not GonNa Apologize, and then the most disturbing for me, said like all. If you bring him on, you're going to destabilize the Tim what hang on what? Did I hear that. What we? Did you bring your month and. Coming on, stabilize you team. How when? In which way I don't get it. How does destabilize anything? I mean I. I'm guessing he felt that. The grease been hasn't been the player that he wants to. We all. We all agree because he doesn't pay any position most. That's right. And you kind of knew that before, but we also have seen grease. Men play as a winger before early in his career before Madrid right. Yeah so. I think he's trying to adopt to that. It hasn't. Quite working out. What I don't understand especially going to go diamond. And especially since he's going to do what messy does. Would you not consider and I know it's maybe anathema to the team of four three three, but. Why, not place wise and grease men up front and play Messi Sanctuary Messi in the whole special kind of hole in the sense like do whatever the hell you want, Youtube guys adjust what he does or there's always a reference point in the middle. An agreement can float around him a little more like hundred percent I mean. Doesn't that seem more la route, two hundred percent, and then you can. Play Ricky. Put in the midfield three behind those three. Instead of refugees, thank you very much as well so you can get rid of reputation play, Ricky. PUTSCH WITHOUT SIMP-. Dissimilar impact on the game I just don't get okay. Houston Greenman for love money he's. He's on enormous which I think. He's on seventeen eighty million a year, okay? Why why? You're not trying to make you work. You know. And we saw it again i. Will you don't play with with him? You don't play better, so it's not. It's not like okay. You Benjamin and suddenly you're team. He's better. That's not true. Okay, so you know if you get. A very good level UTM will benefit for me right. You with me on the of course, so you know trying like you said site, try to play in a different way, because if you play four three three and you blame out on the left. You'RE NOT GONNA get anything from him, so maybe try do something a bit different where you could get the most of him. He scored fourteen goals. This season your competitions right? How many of them have come from messy pass? You. Tell me three three of fourteen. And how did Miss School on agreement pass macy's. Twenty Five, you know commissioner something to. Don't tell me that those suppliers can't cannot combine Moore's be decisive of course so coming in and again just to finish. Don't get me started on, or your messy does not. This is not true. macy's Wefan. Guzman's wife are best friends. missy invited in my birthday last week. This. But. So. It's not even like Auburn Message in the club and human surveys. Don't like him. This is not true. This is not true. It's just about finding the right chemistry on the pace finding away of all of them Suarez Michigan Graffman being able to play or together and sit Yan should be able to do that and like reasons that said yesterday on social media. We shouldn't have and you should not criticize if you're a brother or a father WIFI. You're having a going. Away you also said very fair. Point was like. Sich and doesn't doesn't have the team, is not him? He does. There's nothing that's such endorsing team dressing room and I think the one that can make things better on the pitch. Tilles messy, and if messy one things to be better I think he can make them better. Dust meet US my rent over Ballista on that game. God, because in that game misuse goes on a cheeky. He's seven. Goal for Barcelona in this you know. His career had. Pretty incredible right. Burger before the Costano families. Upset Cristiano Renaldo does have more goals. Against a stoppage stopping. Again. I, I think social media account. Put out like some stat that said like you know if you've made your debut of Barcelona at eighteen and scored forty goals a season every single year. You'd still have for the next years. You still have fewer goals. which I mean just absurd, right? I saw a list and this is where it gets fuzzy, because it's different eras and stuff the list I saw. I statistics, whatever but. Messy right now based on this list is number seven all time. increased, John was number, six, seven, hundred, seventy, seven, thousand, eight, working backwards. You've got the legendary geared molar for by Munich and Germany seven hundred thirty five I. think it's safe to say they'll both be passing touchdown. Pass them this season. Fading boost Gush Seven hundred forty six goals. payless, seven, hundred, sixty, seven, whole, Mario Seven, hundred and seventy, two, both these guys I think within range has increased our. Guy, who's top guy who's you know maybe not that? Many people are familiar with, but it also behind who played for the played in Czechoslovakia Austria before the wire to say like I wasn't around back. I. Don't know much about him. We're living in remarkable remarkable times I said it before, but it's. It's worth mentioning again. This is just unbelievable and you wrote to fascinating on Crisanto and macy's development or evolution. Let's put it out. And we. Know that they were amazing. I have to say I don't know how long you spend on them. They fantastic bur just on messy. Because because we're talking about missing out homage, she's Gamers and his. Gore's have evolved since. In the last few years. Well, the most remarkable thing about maximus goalscoring has remained constant and there were situations. Where because I? I wrote that piece with a lot of support from analytics and data from from stats while I'm in opt. What you notice is his goals of generally remained constant. For the team became little more messy dependent on data Martinez for example. What's really remarkable about Messi? Is that every single year that he's been in the League? He's either been first or second in terms of successful dribbles and attempted dribbles. That's crazy when you're thirty three years old. And still beating people so right so easily. He's game hasn't been involved in something where you know own dribble once in a while or I mean I don't know what's up with his legs. But that's that was to me something I was expecting. Arsenal beat up Norwich, as expected. Wow Michio doozy and Masuda ozone are still on the naughty step for different reasons, not Kona. Kai asaka signs a new GM. and. You want to celebrate because you hate French. Football Saliba won't be playing in the French Cup finals, please. Can you read the word? Can you read the word you wrote? I in the. Gone he's. Gone the Arsenal grinches deny. Me a chance of Playing Cup final okay. William Saliba he's announcement. When bought him last summer? They pay defeats sunshine and as Many clubs do and in transfers you add-ons and closes in the contract including when you low not a player to the Selah Club way if you play the sentiment of game. Be More extra money and incentive for the club. You've just bought the guy from to play or the why Sunday Jen could have kept thirty million and never blamed for the whole season because it was anymore. Okay, so he's an incentive nothing. There's nothing wrong in that. The called the close said. If you starts seventeen matches in competition, we play. We pay you another two and a half million euros right? Full different reasons one being the pandemic one being injuries, and the other one being some silver by. And the manager before. Right, celebrities on sixteen starts, which means that. At the end of his contract is low in Contri- Antigen, which has expired on June thirtieth. He's been on sixteen starts. We saw Cheng right so awesome right now. I don't have any money. So, did you now saying are? We have the French Cup final against PSG on the twenty. Could. We have sully back for that and we want to play so awesome. No problem less renegotiates a deal. A loan extension if you want. You know what can we do and Senate saying well? We can do what we agreed last summit. which is you know if he starts making seventeen starts, so you'd have to pay the money? Ain't GonNa Minute, so we can learn back to you. For one game was cost us two point. Five million euros and a can be injured in a game like every other player. Sauce I'M NOT GONNA. Hang on a minute. That's no right. This is not fair. The you don't seem to agree just. Listen Listen I. Just wonder way you say it. All makes sense to me. I wonder if there's another version of the story from Santa Chan, because otherwise this is just this is. Use the money and the play. This is just a cheekiest thing in the worst now. Just said we could have a bike, and yes, they wanted him to come to the trending gonNA. Call me just because he came from a long injury to assess him to you debate. Bassam just said you can have him, and you can start him in the final. We won't pay you the two point five million euros extra. said no all right those rows where we by the way that might still be resolved somehow and I think he might place. You would hope so. soccer contract is obviously big. Worry about also, we don't need to talk about as we know. Whatever you know. We know what's up with their I have my own thoughts on. Was You know? Gwen doozy. I thought they'd made up. Said last night after the game. For him to come back into the team, things have to change and they haven't changed you. Change, what are what is you have to do either? He maybe sorry, maybe changes that's chewed his behavior training other than this clearly something three games in Iran drop from the squads from a player that started against city, and against Brighton first two games is is very strange. Brady's making example artists our the. We agree or not. Maybe that's the way I just think that you have to be very careful. The way you treat play you countryman ozone. Eighteen year old and again you have to. To deal with the players knowing the personality because you could get back like depending on how you treat people, you could get backlash, and you could lose the player so I mean and the other big differently. Mischer does obviously a liability Donald. To, the club because of his expiring contract, and is enormous contract, and whatever was going to see supposedly answered since if you don't want him anymore, you can sell them and get some money back. St Louis aware to West. Time on Wednesday night. It's also VR controversy again, but ultimately was a fair result gap and again. They didn't really play well again like we saw in the F in Africa sister. I thought it was a fair is aw thought West time deserve to win this game. Yeah, controversy! Some of this stupid like this allowed goal to guys like I. Don't know. Why took so long the guys on the ground? Apart from the fact that he's clearly. You're with us. White people are like. Cut to the David Moi shaking his head on the bench. Dude, I'm sorry, but watch the freaking replay and he's just dead lying on the floor. But no I. Think IT'S A it's. It's a reminder that you know. Chelsea need to get something by the way. The the penalty he won. I wouldn't be happy without if I'm did, did it? Look I mean I might have been contact, but. They. Do this whole accentuating the fall. Yeah, learn how to do that properly. Incredibly for don't do look very unnatural, looked extremely unusual, and it's not going to help you even if you were legitimately filed you you avoiding talking about the defending though Chester, defending Beirut again Christianson. Upbeat Kristen. Simply have known. The link was a one footed player and he was GonNa criminal to his left. How could you possibly? Could not believe it. They love Ruediger. That was a major major brain fire on his part, but at that he's. Not Starting in the next game. Now there's no. I think Chelsea is talking to Lorient Zuma. No. Tomorrow he's not fit. Zuma come on, there's just sending listing. beat up, January. Three one and serve up three of the best goals you'll see all season. Imagine that event is yeah and entertaining us. Tools your favorite. So. If you haven't seen them debate, the first one a amazing I touch turn, be two players, and then shoots okay. The keeper could have done a little bit better to be on the key. Not really in the top in the bottom corner bats than Crisanto, has a son distract from twenty five yards in up corner, wonderful, and then started step over on the edge of the box and then cured with his left foot. Click literally cleaning the top corner. It's really hard to pick. I would go think for deep on the big debates, but just I think the first such and the turn in a very crowded small space. I think he's is unbelievable and again shows he can unlock games like that. which nominee players can what about you? I totally torn I Four! Cristiano because just the way leather to, and it's a special occasion when he scores on a long on a long. Reservoir. But deposit her special. Meanwhile God, bless you keep pace beating Torino two one coming from behind once again, but there would be without strikers this weekend against Milan. COULD PHILIPPA CASE PHILIPPA CASSETTE ON She Mobley, both out and I. Think this is the this is going to be big hurdle. interesting to see whether they have A. They have a kid WHO's only made a couple? Appearances could be starting up front. otherwise we said Beth does the I nine or someone nine who I think i. Personally I would play Malinkovich. Savage further up the pay him as a false Stein. Yeah, because at least got the side give. You only counter-attackers going to be cooler air realistically. Yeah, but another test of Simone Inzaghi ability to. Your Club. Says Liverpool won't defend the title next year. They'll be attacking the next one. You'd expect him to say he's always in character because. This is this is. More of! A club sentence then this is brilliant, and yet like you said God is just him. This is why is and that's why they will probably keep winning the mind. Okay, my mono win the League or maybe knowing the same. Way But because he will make sure his players are up for. It would repeat them now all summer. Probably let's. Let's. Let's go. Let's be satisfied lists. Goof for more or less go again and this and dine. You could, you could see in your head. You could teach him saying that it's just He's just brilliant. If you follow football a future NPR, definite. GOB YOU INTERVIEWED UEFA president. Alexander suffering Is it true I told you we my fans in the champions? League final. that's right I think. said it before, but he said on July ninth. They're gonNA. Decide based on what the situation is in in Portugal whether it's going to be possibly said as of right now it won't be possible is about disolve like resurgence of the the virus day I think it's it's a health issue right? Yeah, that's what's going to. That's what's going to drive it. We don't know which way things are going, but the main reason have July, ninth cutoff date is at the whole protocols forgetting forgetting the teams they arrange the teams and having him with fans are without fans makes a huge huge difference. It's not like you can be like. Oh, look viruses gone. Okay! Everybody rock up tomorrow. But you know they're. They're hopeful and inflexible and. I could form. Look for the piece comes out on Friday. He also talks about other stuff why you should read the piece. Yeah, definitely injury prevented all their fury on, but a shot after their tough game against bottom winning six nail was six different goalscorers. One of them named Ashley Young. And they found out also that united will let them keep. Alexa Sanchez on loan until the end of the season, which is important to them yet. United saying I. You can't keep them for the Europa League why? Well I would hazard against guest. It's because united are also in the euro police then. They don't WanNa face. But then he doesn't play the game. I steph like why so if Don't face united the toll you preventing him from potentially winning a trophy and being a key in the team that is paying his wages in a big European competition. Oh is crazy. I don't have a problem. With you don't play, guess united like every Looney does in England and you don't pay. A case the rule. The poor guy played the your colleague and potentially can win it. United the deal ended June thirtieth united them back now already if they wanted. They would be able to play, so but okay, but whatever. United! Dates. To take advantage of the situation, they could have done the same thing with with Dean Henderson I wouldn't have a problem with it I mean that is. That's the reality situation. It's your Guy I don't have an issue with it, but yeah, obviously inter are rather annoyed. Gabu appraising Milan and then they go and drop punts aware to spy and probably should have got beaten as well. but mine is managed somehow to to get rid despite you Brian vicious return. What's going on? What happens is the first of all just dropped points to spot the spot actually. Fighting to avoid relegation figure that they were GonNA. Lose this game, so they actually arrested. A number of key regulars. That's at SPAGO tuneup first of all through a Weirdo multiple defection pinball goal, and then to just lock Eddie scoring a goal this holiday you say. How is how is this for Kerry sloppily thirty? Eight. Years Old, it's a better golden all three. You've. Put together. Is only goal this season by the way, so you're in these situations, but me and fight back to Hebron comes on. I disagree. I think being on created more than enough chances to win this game and on a different day in a different day we would have been praising me fight back I don't think this is a problem and I. Think they're actually in pretty good shape heading into the lots of game. The Guardian reports that newly promoted clubs to the premier. League will have to pay eight million pounds each this season, and or this coming season and next season to help offset the costs of the coronavirus pandemic. Does that seem fair to you. Yeah, I think it is, it is guy but I think it's not that they will have to pay probably that money would be taken out of the money that they will get by being promoted, which is far more than what they would earn in the championship, so I think. As Fair that you pay bail of your PA by being promoted to what you know. Lhasa vinings, and all the things that the coronavirus them I think that's that's fair. Yeah I'm looking to take rebate and their money and they took the rebate took the hit this year. And ultimately you know what the primarily there joining the primarily primarily clubs can do whatever the hell they want. Because you would expect the team. They were joining the Premier League teams. As well we'd have the argument is they're coming into TV contract? That was negotiated when they weren't there. So, they're benefiting from it for something that they haven't yet. Contributed to is essentially the argument. The primarily would wear the black lives matter budgets for the rest of the season on the players shirt, but some x players, an analyst like Neville poetry several have said that they will no longer wear them. They've got their little badge on this show all top weather. What's going on, unless not even talk about a Mutt. latisha cause was shambles. Yeah. Having an issue with some of the politics are what he considers to be. Some of the politics behind black lives matter I mean like. I don't want to get granular nuts and bolts on this, but. This is an issue that will arise when you as a league. I know the team captains idea, decide okay, everybody. Everybody's GonNa wear this right, so you stand out if you don't wear it if you don't. You're not given a choice. And also when the movement itself. Ends up meaning different things to different people because they can go in different directions. Mean from what I read. It seemed that never never were told to wear. Now. You're told to do something. It loses song deaf, and then it becomes a story when they don't wear. Go, explain themselves and explaining. This midnight without. This is the problem with and this is why I said from day one you. You support the movement as an individual. Institutions, and the minute goes corporate in this way where everybody I mean not corporate in terms of a corporation having a message, but corporate in terms of a corporation compelling. It's employees to go and support it. Then you've you've you've opened up a gigantic Ken Awareness? Jewels are technical expert all this stuff about Nike's new-ball, just a load of marketing nonsense. See haven't got the board yet. We Nike to send us one. And they said that they did not have any more to to send out to to people like us, so we'll have to wait, and maybe by to see based obviously a new texture so new design you. Newborn inspired by Corp Ball so you've got. Imports exactly to upon lease. The book and fly in about like can can go in the better where no dodgy movement that sometimes you see a Ba-. Like, a beach bar, so we'll have to see just like invasion if it works great. If it doesn't, you can always go back to or shape or form then and stuff like that we see. I wish I could. I could have a here to to. Tell you what the feeling? Yes, but maybe I say! Well we have this for every World Cup. Introduce the I. Don't know if it's Nike or their competitor. That also makes balls the introduces a new World Cup Ball always have when people go in interview. The goalkeeper's like well. Differences are going to be absolutely minimal. Maybe generate supposedly for this. Maybe because if it's true, if the differences are too great, and it sucks, then they're not going to go with it right. Yeah! I just feel with generating a whole bunch of publicity for Nike, which is fine. You know well done to that. They got good marketing people. Finally got a bit of Transfer News, not putting supposedly plotting to spend hundred million euros on Debrecen and Victoria Zemun from Lille Brazilian defender and the Nigerian striker agents and the plays i Naples as we speak. Love money in a pandemic era right. It's a ton of money and having. Did they really have it well? If they sell cool, bother. Yeah, I mean so but. This reminds you of somebody. Of maybe another Lille player of African descent is his agents stepping out of the helicopter at the training ground. I kinda feel like we've been here before with. Of course and this is a way of getting other people come look I'm not dissing Napoli in any way shape or form whatsoever. It's a lot of money, but these are these are greg. We about human all year Gabrielle Good player investigating. As twenty two, he'll be exactly. Chelsea and Everton is when a a very keen on him so I. Just want it so public and you kind of announce it and I'll be curious to see I. don't know if videos out there. I'm sure videos going to be out. There of those guys yeah. We saw them leaving the hotel. It's a wonderful way to do business. Look if. Stuff like this often in the past right, you sign Gonzalo going. Round Madrid for goodness sake. This definitely. All right we done. So we'll be back Monday after pack we get again. I'm looking forward to it. me to. Joe, we invite our listeners to come back and join us. Please do this story.

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