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Midday Brief for Wednesday, May 8th


Striking scenery world-class music and film festivals and authentic. Character are just a few reasons why telluride Colorado is a favorite summer destination. Telluride offers endless outdoor activities catering to all passions and tastes. For more information. Go to visit telluride dot com slash W s j. I'm Jay are Whalen in the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal in New York, the ongoing fighting Washington over access to documents in the mullahs report got more heated on Wednesday morning when President Trump asserted executive privilege on all the documents. And the report the move came shortly before the House Judiciary committee was to vote on whether to hold attorney general William bar in contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena issued by the committee for the unredacted Mullah report in its underlying evidence. Iranian president Hassan Rani said Iran will begin stockpiling heavy-water and low enriched uranium as it drops two key pieces of the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal that keeps Iran from building an atomic bomb. Iran is attempting to pressure European nations as well as Russia and China and to forestall an American sanctions on Iranian oil sales and banking transactions and US trade representative's filed paperwork to formally raise tariffs from ten percent to twenty five percent on. About two hundred billion dollars a year of Chinese imports effective on Friday. That's a day after the Chinese trade delegation is scheduled to arrive in Washington for further talks for more on these and other stories of the day, go to wsJcom or the WSJ app.

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