April 30: Paying tribute


Hey parents if you're looking for some screen free family fungal. You're staying home. Check out. The story store podcasts from CBC kids and CBC podcast. Shorties are released every week. These short original and hilarious stories fit anywhere in your day from breakfast to bedtime. The story store available on smart speakers. Or wherever. You get your favorite podcasts. This is a CBC podcast. Hello I'm Karloff and I'm Chris Bowden. This is as it happens. The podcast edition tonight. Taking tribute. Abigail Cobra was one of six people aboard the helicopter that crashed into the sea between Greece and Italy. Her grandmother tells us she was driven by a commitment to serve and a desire to see the world and we reached Defense Minister Heartbeat. Saj for more about the crash and what he knows about how it happened. Give or should that be take Cova. D- crunched Canadian companies need a bail out but end. Ep leader Jagmeet. Singh thinks not every company deserves one gone with the wind. The Johnson family narrowly survived a tornado that swept through Tennessee at the beginning of March. They lost their home and their dog. Bella but this week against all odds Bella is back then is Kolberg was a giant of South Africa's anti-apartheid movement. That earned him twenty two years in prison his friend Nelson Mandela said. He was hilarious even as they faced the prospect of the death penalty together and friends in high places when the pandemic kyw Bosch family visits with his ninety five year old grandfather. One man arranged for his mom to have a visit by using a bucket truck to lift her three floors up to a nursing home window as it happens. The Thursday edition radio that hopes the bucket stops there pinging yesterday evening. A cyclone helicopter with six people aboard took off from a Canadian naval ship in the Mediterranean Sea. It never got back. One member of the military has been confirmed dead as we go to air five others are still listed as missing they were flying from HMCS Fredericton which was serving on a mission for NATO today. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked about the crash victims. All of them are heroes. Each of them will leave a void that cannot be filled on behalf of all Canadians. I want to offer my deepest support to their families. Their friends their shipmates and their fellow AF members this is another very hard day for Halifax Nova Scotia and for our armed forces families the men and women of the Canadian armed forces stand tall bearing the maple leaf on their shoulders. They are known around the world as beacons of civility compassion and courage whether combating terrorism standing by our partners allies or supporting peace operations around the world. They do what they always do. Step towards danger so the rest of us can stay safe. The one sailor who has been confirmed dead in the crash is twenty three year old Abigail Cobra. She was serving as a marine system. Engineering officer on the Fredericton. Brenda Shoe Chuck is her grandmother. We reached her in Toronto Bender. First of all. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you very much carol. How did you hear that? Your granddaughter was on this helicopter. My grandson Abby has three brothers Simon August and Sebastian and I got a call last night from Simon. And he's a grandma. Can we come and see you and I said well no Simon me and GRANDPA and lock down where seniors. We haven't seen anybody in weeks. And he said we really need to come and see you and I said no sign and I'm sorry. And he just blurted he said grandma died. And I mean it's just it's been silence and your brain just goes into this can't be real like what did he just say when you heard that news your thoughts of Odyssey of Abigail of your granddaughter. When was the last time you were able to have an exchange with? Actually I check back on my What's up and we had a kind of an extended conversation on April the twelfth She was deployed to the Mediterranean on the HMCS FREDERICTON. And she was do actually to come home. But because of coded they extended The deployment until July and she was saying how much she was looking forward to her little gift basket from home. Because you know they got dropped off every once in a while and she was and then she posted on her facebook site but she was so delighted to finally get a pair of slippers so We had a great cat that day. So she said I'm glad I love it. I'm fine. You say she loves it. What did she love about being in the navy? She really loves to travel. And you know the old saying joined the navy and see the world and she really did She each time that she was on deployment She kinda got to see a different part of that portion of the world around the Mediterranean. So she got all kinds of pictures over eating Greek food in Croatian food and visiting all these different ports and he was just she was just a lovely beautiful mart talented girl and she was she was in her glory. Absolutely inner gory. She has her facebook picture. I'm looking at it. And she is one beautiful just effervescent. Young Woman and absolutely I did my master's degree in Syracuse when abby was about five and I was away for two weeks and I came back and her mom tanny brought her over and she ran through the door in her red hair or ringlets were just flying everywhere and she's grandma point I knew much. Let's go on your bed and read a poem. He just. She was just a force an absolute for see. I mean you can see it on facebook. You can see the people that whose lives. She touched she. She was just amazing. Why did she joined the navy? Do you think it was about the navy that she liked her. Mom put the kids in to cadets when they were quite young she said they needed the rigor in Discipline So abby end of three boys and then I think through the piping and the contacts that she had People started saying to her that she had potential to be an officer and she should join the royal military so she graduated from Royal Military College in Kingston and was posted to Dartmouth and as a sub lieutenant in the navy So it just And it just suited her personality perfectly way I duNno. It's almost GONNA sound hokey. But it's the call to the. Abbey was the Kinda girl that did what ever she was called to. Do you know if somebody needed something she was there for. One of her friends had a baby. She was there to look after the baby and she just she just was giving loving kind of person and so it just it. It was almost second nature like she loved the Navy. She loved being part of something bigger. And and where she could actually serve. He would have been twenty four in January. She had her own. Home Already Dartmouth She was renting the basement out to a friend like she just she had the world by the tail is thinking when you said that that she would like military people she would have had those. Canadian Maple leafs on her shoulders and what is it? What does that mean to her to be able to be representing Canada halfway around the world. Oh she was so proud so so proud she just yeah. I mean every time that she came to my house she had even if she was in cities she had some military piece of equipment on either a hat or a Hoodie or something that distinguished her as a military officer. How difficult is it during this time to try and get together as a family into grief together? It is difficult when the boy they did. Come last night We put everybody on. What's up when all this began my youngest daughter Suggested that we all get on what's up so that we could have family conversations and see one another and so that was the first thing we did when I actually of course I let the boys come then we put everybody else on what South and we just. We talked for hours. Let's one memory that came up in that discussion. The image of Abigail that that we can share it would have to say the pipes and you've probably seen the clip her playing amazing grace for the folks that were killed in Nova Scotia. She just she loved her pipe. She loved her her her my call costumer kilt and her regalia and she just loved it so much. You mentioned that video of her. Playing Amazing Grace is is her tribute to the victims of the mass shooting in. Nova Scotia and She's thinking of home isn't she's thinking of the people and the grief they're going through and she wants beautiful mandatory in sky behind her. She's on board the Fredericton and she's playing for for home and family isn't she. Yeah just incredible and it was almost like talk. The final tattoo like just incredibly. Poignant Brenda I really appreciate that you would share with us your thoughts and memories about Abigail. It means a lot and someone there for you right now. You have someone I do. I have My daughter Tanya Gills mom five kids and twelve grandchildren so I don't know how he so. I have a support. Yeah you're not alone when we we disconnected niamh not Benda. Thank you thank you Carol. By Brenda Shusha is the grandmother of Twenty Three Year Old Abigail Cobra. Who died in the crash of a Canadian military helicopter in the Mediterranean Sea? Yesterday as miss. You Chuck said. Her granddaughter was an Avid Bagpiper. Just last week Ms Cobra posted a video of herself standing on the deck of HMCS Fredericton playing the pipes the caption read. You can travel the world and still never meet anyone like an east coaster. Glad to have been taken in by them for. I'd have it no other way to everyone. Back Home. Thinking of you her That was the sound of Abigail Cobra playing the bagpipes last week. Ms Cobra was killed when a Canadian military helicopter went down in the Mediterranean. Yesterday the aircraft's flight recorders have been five. Canadians are still listed as missing heartbeat. Sajjan Canada's Minister of National Defense. We reached him in Ottawa earlier. Today generally just heard from Brenda shoot. Chuck The Grandmother of Sub Lieutenant Abigail Cobra. What would you like to say to her? Too In my sincere condolences to her and the entire family and I have seen and witness so many working unfortunate personnel on that Abigail Made a tremendous impact to the armed forces. You know I'm not so by doing the force. Because that's what our numbers do seem think candidates he was all over the world and And we will never forget what you've done. The sacrifices she had made for for a country. But what are the biggest challenges right now in this search and rescue mission because there are others five others were missing? How difficult is that going to be searches on going? I've been on the phone and secretary general making sure that we have all the necessary support and given the current Situation the depth of the water and the circumstances and on the phone with my counterparts as well and all the man but not just offered support. But there is it's actually already They're already utilizing support from helicopters surveillance aircraft. And we won't stop in and we all do the families and we're GONNA make sure that those up entered the debris site. Is they call? It is very large. Apparently and web assistance does this. Kinda have a NATO mission what who else is involved in trying to find a find the bodies and find also more and more of the evidence of what happened. In fact actually We were operating of our allies part of the task force there so Italy is directly involved in corporate greed in United States Turkey. What was the the helicopter doing? Can you just tell us whatever you can and it was a mission? But what can you tell us about what it was doing when it when it to crash one thing can assure us that It was a brief reassurance conducting NATO Exercises that we have been doing for many years in our folks are well-trained aircraft has great reliability. The work that they do their standard Exercise to conduct with the with the forget. Something that the Train on a regular basis with the exact details of what was actually happening. At that time exercise those will come out as part of the investigation. And I and and I don't WanNa do I give them that space to conduct at work but they whether it was reported. Clear the coming back. He was in the evening. How far from the frigate where they were by the time that went down to know? I don't have the exact distance. Eliezer things that are regularly rehearsed practice Whether it was good. But those are some of the things that we just know now and there's even more or allow the investigative team to get on the ground To determine what was going on interview The people the end to end also look at the The data and the voice recorder glow which Which has been recovered? Tv Defense Staff General. Vance said that That he doesn't believe that this when the helicopter went down out of anything out of contact or that it was shot down. How can you be so sure or shift that we have? But you can understand the these. These frigates are have the ability to know when there is witness some exercises that they're going to go through any demonstrate de that ability. They're also working with other ships In the area but nonetheless we're not going to rule anything but it was important for us to be able to mention that just so that people did know what they're doing. At that time he was a training exercise that they were conducting as stated not conducting A mission for when it comes to tracking and monitoring some brains and we know that this particular model helicopter is a militarized version of of a Sikorsky helicopters similar to the one that crashed about eleven years ago off the coast of Newfoundland and we know that the but seventeen seventeen people were killed. There and there were mechanical. Problems cited with that Without equipment any reason to suspect that this version of the of the Sikorsky had any mechanical issues when it comes to our procurement especially this particular. One didn't take a longer to get delivery of the aircraft. The aircraft itself isn't what we go through to making sure that it meets our requirements and the requirements have been met modifications to the aircraft You can tell when When the members themselves with fly or work on the aircraft's talk re positively About the aircraft and watching fly it. One thing can share you that all their equipment. Before in this case here the commander of the Air Force making the aircraft operational and the crews themselves. It's gone to a lot of screen the kind of just ask why but it is going to is now under an operational pause all the cyclones are Are under an operational pause because of this crash. So what does that tell you? These are proven measures. The security of a personal because number on priority and given that this incident has taken place. It's big prudent for the commander of the air. I put an operational pause on this aircraft. So that the team can get on the ground and get the right answers and then make a determination that before to determine which direction that we need to go. We need to go for grounding or whether they're going to allow a resumption of light but those are the steps that we take in we take our safety of people very seriously and this was one of the reasons why the operational PAS has been put into place and have a lot of confidence in not only within our leadership also the ground forces investigative team A very good experience in situations like they're obviously a lot of questions and a lot of answers that you're seeking his well Please accept our condolences for the loss of your your forces members and thank you for speaking with us thank you so much and one thing for the families we will make sure that we keep them updated and we will get all the answers For them unless the investigation is complete. And my condolences to families and the families of the missing five that we will continue to be no stone unturned For Search and rescue efforts. Thank you thank you. Harjeet Saj in his Canada's Minister of National Defense. We reached him inaudible. The Johnson family needed some good news in early March. The family saw their home in Cookeville Tennessee leveled by a deadly tornado. They themselves barely survived. Faith Johnson held her young kids so tightly in the chaos of the storm that she suffered two broken ribs. One of their dogs died. The other Bella ran away but this week Bella turned up. The Australian shepherd had been missing for fifty four days and took some cameras and a familiar sent to bring her back. We reached faith and Eric Johnson in Cookeville Tennessee. Erico start with you. How does it feel to have your dog Bella? Back House the found the feeling about that. Oh it's it's incredible to have her bag. She was a missing piece Of the family she was scattered in Just to have her bags incredible feeling. And how is she? She's great she Took her to the vet this morning and she has nothing wrong with her. They did some work honor and everything come back good so she lost about fifteen pounds but overall she's doing good. I I want to take it back to when this began march third. This tornado hits and Understand Abella was the one who alerted your family that something was wrong. Is that right? Yes ma'am that's correct. Yes this occurred around one fifteen. She won't me up that morning. Faith can you tell us what happened but one fifteen in the morning ballot? She always slept under my side of the bed. And I'm she was wanting a really loudly and she woke Erica and then he said you hear her and she woke me up as well and I'm he thinks he said. Do you think she needs to go out. And He tried to get her to come out from under the bed to go out and that wasn't it and then he said. Is it supposed to storms? Not because we know how she feels about storms and I said yes it is. I'm so we turn the TV on and sure enough. We had seen where Germantown had been getting hit by a tornado and that it was headed our way. And how much time did you have to to get the shelter? Will they had actually downgraded it to a severe thunderstorm. Warning and say we were out of the clear And my husband both stayed up just because something didn't feel right that not and it was at one fifty seven when we got the tornado warning and by two. Am Or house was gone. My Gosh can you describe what? Where did you go? How did you protect yourselves at night? We got the children out of bed. I'm wrapped in blankets. Put them in the Bathtub and sat in the center by Tobin had each child. I had my son in my left arm and my daughter and my right arm and Eric went to go get her other dogs. We had a smaller dog. He did not make it and I started screaming. I told him I said you gotta come now gives you could feel the tornado. Tearing our house up and he came and run and really literally dove on top of his and try to use his body as a shield and the tornado sucked him in the house and he went flying through there and by that point our house was gone. The tornado rip the data about sucked US forward. I'm an and blue is about fifty yards back into the backyard. This people know you. They're your kids you three year old A fourteen year old and a baby that was about a year and a half at that point. Yes now my fourteen or fourteen year old she. That's my stepdaughter. That's my husband Eric Starter. But she was not home with us that she was actually with her mother but the four of us were in the house. Eric can you describe that moment when you got? You got sucked out of the bathtub out into the yard. It was just felt helpless. It was pitch black. You cannot see anything You could hear when the winds stop was when I actually stood up to my feet In realize ahead a a pretty severe cut on the back of my head and I told my wife you know Kim is for the tournament Thankfully I put a shirt on his identity. Tear my shirt off too tight around my head to stop the bleeding and could hear. Was People screaming for help as far as you could hear and I think you are looking for my wife and kids so I start screaming forum and My wife you know starts yelling. We're over here over here. I made my way through the yard about fifteen feet from either placed on top of a with a bathtub used to be was shoved in a huge pilot of abry about eight feet. High probably bats. I was broke snap completed in half and they were just sitting on top of it. Faith I understand. You actually broke ribs as you try to protect your kids. I did I actually found out two weeks later from orthopedic Doctor that also fractured my stern on. But yes the doctors estimate how in the world what broke my ribs. Because I didn't feel like I had you but they told me it was from hanging on to my children. There were eighteen people killed in your county and during that Tornado and twenty four people in the state during that that storm. You survived as you mentioned your other dog. Scooter didn't but you felt that the Bella was out there. Why did you know what did you think? Eric Bella might still be okay We kept getting sightings. How would you deciding about Bella? Probably every every week we were getting one. Get a phone call from the sheriffs department saying hey we despise your dog over in such and such area is just three. Weeks was last sighting. We had and we actually started losing hope as each day went by. I got a call from a lady. We go to church with has been tracking Bella. She went set cameras up then. She called me. Sunday confirmed that was one hundred percent. Bella and she's like. Can you be here as soon as you can? 'cause we only have one shot to get her so we get over there and the Dow drager said you know. It's amazing that she recognized you but she did. She just ran up to me. My Gosh a huge Just a huge relief. It on This actually see her. Get Her in my hands is. I knew if I ever get my hands on her. That she was going to be okay and we she would be coming home to where we live that so it just is huge relief and we remind she's an Australian shepherd dog and missing for fifty four days when you got her fifty four days. Yeah so you got her home and how everyone react when Bella can. I cried when I Rafael yet. My hands on her in his broke down in All the stress and just the worry about her. You know every time storm here. That's all I do is just think about her and where she was ad if she was alive and she was okay. And just just. Here's a joy and faith for you. What was that reunion like? Oh I tried to. I tried several times when my husband called me. And I'm when we got off the phone while they were trying to get her and get her cleaned up Notified everybody that had been trying to help us tracker and People were calling me and and people were crying and made me cry again like my husband says she was missing piece to our family. You know we we. We are all together including bell now. So we can. We can move forward. Could Doug Bella. Thank you both. Thank you eric. And thank you for telling us about her very welcome Lou and then an encore from one of your little ones. Yes he's trying to say. Hey thanks so much for by faith and Eric. Johnson were recently reunited with their dog. Bella nearly two months after a tornado destroyed their home. We reached them in Cookeville Tennessee Alia Fallon and hey listeners. We are the host of a podcast called the secret life of Canada. We are a history podcast and we've covered topics things like the gold rush or the bay blanket. Yes kind of unconventional stories. Though that you might have missed in your Canadian history class. So we're here to uncover those secrets. That's right Czechoslo. Wherever you get your podcasts Denmark Poland and now France have all decided that if a company is registered in an offshore tax haven. It won't be eligible for their corona virus cash in Canada. It's a little harder to be sure on Tuesday. Prime Minister Trudeau said in French. That quote those who evade or avoid tax will not receive aid unquote which seems pretty clear but yesterday and EP leader. Singh asked Mr Trudeau to confirm that in English. At which point the prime minister's language got significantly less clear we reached Jagmeet Singh in Napanee Ontario? Mr Seeing you have the prime minister's Word in French that quote those who evade or avoid tax will not receive aid. Why isn't that good enough? Because I asked him in English very directly and I said if a company is registered in a tax haven. Will you commit today to ensuring that that company does not receive public support? Yes or no and two that he did not answer the question. He completely evaded the question. In fact and equivocating to me sounded very much like a note that he was not willing to make that commitment and what I found about that. So callous was that he was willing to nickel and dime students. And those living with disabilities students who had dependent students with children single mom but he wasn't willing to commit to ensuring that billionaires millionaires pay their fair share. Okay this is when you asked him. But we've heard from a spokesperson for Mr Trudeau's Revenue Minister who says they are reviewing applications for the wage subsidy program for a quote claims from taxpayers associated with tax evasion fraud or with indicators of fraud. So what more do you think they should be doing well? That's the problem is that we're not talking about illegal activities. It is absolutely legal within the law to use tax havens for the sole purpose of avoiding tax. It's not actually fraudulent. And that's the problem recently. The CRA went after law. Blah's for nearly four hundred million dollars in taxes that they didn't pay because they had a bank in Barbados but because he was considered legal they got away with not paying four hundred million dollars in taxes. And we're saying if a company is registered in a completely legal tax haven that they should not be getting public help if they are willing to cheat the public in our contribute their fair share then. They shouldn't be receiving help from the Public. But if what they're doing is legal and it might be offensive to many people but if they are following the law and there are using the law in order to not pay these taxes. Can you not make the argument that they should be legally entitled to the assistance? That's being handed out. That's the current situation. The status quo is. It is completely legal to avoid paying taxes. And we're saying that that's wrong if the government is worried about spending too much money which it seems like they are because they were willing to give less to a single mom that was going to school or to a student with a disability. If they're in need of money then lets commit to ensuring that a company that is purposefully avoiding paying their fair share Haas to pay their fair share or they will not get public help but we know that companies use whatever means. They have at hand to lower their expenses. How would you define it? How could it be defined? That a company shouldn't get aid because it's crossed some line. Well I it's a very simple test. If if other countries have set this test if a company is registered in an offshore tax even an attack Stevens pretty easy to evaluate if a company is putting money into another country for no purpose not to create a expansion of their business to export their product or to grow their revenue in the sense of building and expanding their potential to sell a certain product. If they're simply putting money into another jurisdiction to hide it to avoid in Canada than they should not be getting help we know that after two thousand eight there were a number of companies here and mostly in the United States. More so there who were able to use bailout money to buy back stocks and to use it for all kinds of purposes that assisted them. It didn't didn't get back into the economy. Are you confident that for the most part the Trudeau government has put those checks in place will so far? We haven't seen the bailouts yet right now. The wage subsidy is something that we've supported and we called for it to be seventy five percent at least because it is directly tied to salaries and to payroll and to employees. What's good type of program? But we know that in the second phase of this crisis once we get through the initial emergency and we look to. How do we build a better Canada? We know that in the past governments have given blank checks to companies have not required the money that's invested publicly into a company goes to jobs or is in With strings attached to ensure that there is maintained maintenance of jobs or creation of jobs and also other restrictions like not allowing that money to be used to give bonuses or to give additional pay to executives or to allow for share buybacks these types of criteria are ones that we're going to be very closely monitoring to make sure that every public dollar goes towards workers into people not to enriching the already wealthy. You have supported that these roll outs of these programs in the money is done rapidly in order to get money into the hands of people right away and they're having been usual kinds of checks that you would have on these kinds of programs and the ideas that the money can be called back later if people didn't qualify for it. Can that also happen with companies? Do you think what I was suggesting. In order to get help to as many people as possible and particularly the people who need it the most we should make the cer be universal so that anyone needs it should be able to apply to it and we can actually ensure that those who don't need it or who didn't need it can be tax back afterwards similarly for sort of program or support that the government rolls out for companies. There should be similar strings. Attached sense at first of all I should only go towards workers and it should go towards ensuring that people remain employed and secondly if there is a misuse of any support there needs to be strings attached so that they can be returned or that there is a remedy so that there is a penalty equal to the amount that was given so that companies are held to account and not able to receive money and use it to close down factory and open up in another jurisdiction in another country like we seen in the past with the two thousand eight crisis where the conservative government gave billions of dollars to certain companies. I can think of one example Caterpillar in London and they receive. The money closed down the factory in opened up another caterpillars factory in the US and all the jobs were lost but there was no way to recover the money. That can't happen. There's this thing we will leave it there. Thank you thank you so much jagmeet. Singh is the leader of the end. Ep We reached to monopoly Ontario. There's something to be said for gallows humor and the South African anti-apartheid act. His Denis Goldberg had a knack for it that is according to a friend of his named Nelson Mandela in nineteen sixty four. Mr Goldberg was on trial alongside Mr Mandela and several others facing charges of treason and a potential death sentence for participation in the armed wing of the African National Congress. The situation was extremely serious. But in Mr Mandela's words Denis Goldberg had quote an irrepressible sense of humor and often had US laughing when we should not have been unquote Denis. Goldberg died yesterday at the age of eighty seven. He spent twenty two of those eighty seven years imprisoned in near total isolation but he emerged just as committed to the cause of equality in South Africa as he had ever been here. Is Dennis Goldberg in an interview with Anna Maria tramonte on the current in two thousand twelve again to defeat apartheid racism. We gain to overcome this huge exploitation of essentially black workers but also people who are called colored people are called Indian in South Africa people who are not white. We were going to overcome that. We were going to have a socialist South Africa. At least as the very least we would have a social democratic South Africa. You Know Dennis Goldberg. It's worth noting. You are white and Jewish as well as being South African. Why did you put your life on the line for a cause when you could have lived in South Africa unaffected by apartheid laws? Impossible to live unaffected by it as a tenure road. I came home from school to us by parents. Why did the book says that all grownups convert for their representatives in parliament? When I knew it was on the watts why were they lying to me because it meant black people were people and now people and if as a ten year old nineteen forty-three Stalingrad? Battle of Alamein? All of these things. We're fighting the Nazis fighting racism in Europe. We fight it in Europe. We send people to die to do it. Why do we tolerate racism at home? And once you've seen through the Vale you can't go back you were standing next to Nelson Mandela and Walter. Sisulu when your sentences were handed down I. Can you recall how you felt at that moment? Where Lucy Nelson Mandela made his famous speech from the dock which ended by saying if you remember that his ideal was a society where we could live together and there was an ideally hope to live to see a change because there was no doubt the state wanted to hang us in the white media which would dominant wanted. Us hanged and he ended by saying that if needs be it was an ideal for which he was prepared to die. What a moment of elegance grace under fire at that moment. I must say I realized he was saying to the judge. Hang Me Nelson Hang Wall to hang. Dennis hang governed father von next president often and all of us. But I don't remember any of US flinching. It was just a moment. I think of elation of sharing this huge moment was him but when the judge said he would not impose the supreme penalty which would be appropriate in case essentially of high treason. We smiled tentatively when he said life sentences for each of us I think we laughed out loud and then Nelson recalled in his autobiography that my mother called out. What was it? What is the sentence? She couldn't hear acid life and life is wonderful and here. I am in Capetown looking out my kitchen window. Beautiful View of obey on telly laughs. Wonderful Dennis Goldberg speaking with Anna. Maria Tramonte November of twenty twelve. The anti-apartheid activist died yesterday at his home in Cape Town. He was eighty seven years old. Being alone doesn't mean you're lonely but these days a lot of people are struggling with the effects of isolation and for families who loved ones are in nursing homes. The separation can be especially painful but one Toronto family has found a unique way to bridge the distance when the pandemic had Avi Mankiewicz and his family could no longer visit his ninety five year old grandfather but earlier. This week obvious. Mom was able to speak with her father when a bucket truck lifted her up to his window we reached Avi Minka wits Toronto. Are they how did you up his idea using a bucket truck to visit your GRANDPA. That's a great question so my siblings. I were were chatting that you are ways that we can connect my mother with her father. My grandfather my mom's an only child so And spends most of her time caring for elderly parents and We're just trying to think. What could we do beyond facetime in and my sister actually in Chicago came up with the idea saying hey why not use a bucket truck and I said actually I know someone who has been so? Let's see we can facilitate before I get to the story of how you facilitated this Stat Dallas. How your grandfather and your family's been doing. How difficult has it been to sort of get together and to and to give him some comfort so You know we're we're all in the in a similar boat and all. The isolation is just emotionally taxing particularly on on my elderly grandparents. Because they're used to having visitors all the time and obviously Wendy. Social distancing roles came into effect homecare long-term facilities nursing homes. They obviously shut their doors to anyone. That's non essential and that obviously includes family so we had to. We had to change gears. And you know from being used to visiting all the time in person and actually being able to hold your loved ones hand to going to facetime. It's it's it's been taxing Emotional for my mom and and for my grandparents in your it's been it's been tough but you together right now. Your GRANDPA is in his own room. I understand yeah so unfortunately. A few months ago due to health complications my grandfather had to move out of his home to the nursing. Home So he got separated from my grandmother. They've been they've been married for sixty two years And it's it's obviously quite difficult. He's ninety five years old. I I believe he's bedridden. Yes do I do some health complications Either wheelchair bed but it's mostly mostly bad. And He. His Room is on. What floor of the of the building? So it's a story from the grounds of the second floor of actual rooms in the facility. Luckily faces the parking lot of a grounds. And which makes it really easy to access for. I mean because we know lots of people are going to the windows of the homes. But they're usually on the ground floor and they could knock on the windows and and say hi but this third floor. That's difficult so You GotTa Truck. You sit isn't a parking areas. They don't have to drive over any lawns of anything. So what did you do? So I contacted my friend Said Hey You think we could. We could utilize your truck for this. And he chuckled. Totally on board. And we're waiting for the right weather and it turned out. This past. Monday was a beautiful day and I called him in the Mornings at eight can we? Can we do this afternoon? You lucky that truck wasn't being used for work and we were able to drive over and facilitate. What does your mom think of this idea when I approached her with it? We said Hey. The siblings came up with a great idea. We are going to put you up in a truck outdoors and to the third the third level their story of the building to visit your father she. I was apprehensive And then totally jumped on board Obviously the day of it was a it was a little nerve wracking but we made that. She was safe in Titan properly edged correct. Tv and And she she's true sport. How old's your mom? She's fifty nine so she gets into into the bucket and she goes up three floors and so tell us about the encounter so it was very emotional and I think For her to be able to see him I'd not through facetime and author. Any video. Chat was really really remarkable and Indefinitely emotional and she really loves it. The window of his McGrath was cracked open They were able to call out to each other. My my mom screamed. I love you and I'm so happy to see you and I and something to the effect of I will. I will turn mountains to be able to see you and and my grandfather. She was able to hear him. Say I love you too and so nice to see you already doing outside the window because at first you know he's a little confused. We told them what was GONNA happen. But then he actually comes to fruition. I guess he was a little Here's a little shock but definitely definitely put a smile on his face. I've seen a photo of this from his point of view from inside the room. It is really quite extraordinary. Disease your mom in this bucket hanging out in the air outside the window of his room yes a little a little. Surreal a little Superhero like looking out the window and and seeing a face show up. Yeah it was wonderful and we're lucky that the DSW she was there at the time that Able to take photos and make sure that That my grandfather was was going on and they connected by phone actually for a few minutes to have a conversation as well a little bit more in depth saying that they were able to see each other face to face. So what did that visit mean for your mom men for GRANDPA? It's really about the opportunity to make Best use of of our current situation and I think given the circumstances that that little gesture was just fantastic for both of them Definitely my grandfather really really appreciate it. Really brought a smile lifted spirits and then for my mother Just her parents are our world and You know the ability to see her dad face to face as a work You know that that really was very very emotionally uplifting for her. I didn't have any other ideas. It all depends. I can't do anything. Obviously breaks any of the rules and we have to stay safe. And that's the most important thing for all of us but we'll try to think of creative agency we could Enact them it's a great story and thanks for telling it to us. Yeah thank you so much and if I just WanNa thank although frontline workers and everyone is doing their part here and we just have to try to push forward with a smile on her face and soon enough. We'll get out of this all right. Good thoughts thanks so much. Have a great day bye. Let's Avi Minko. It's in Toronto. He reasonably arranged for a bucket truck to help his mom visit his ninety five year. Old Grandfather through the window of his nursing home Constable Dan Baru Bay was ready to turn back and end the search but then his partner picked up a scent constable. Baru is a member of the Halifax regional police. Canine unit on Monday. He was out with his foreleg partner. Jinx searching for a three year old girl. The girl had been reported missing hours earlier after she wandered away from her home into the woods here is constable Dan Baruba describing the moment he finally found the girl to the. Cb's Craig Paisley. We are battling branches throughout Downed logs a steep hills muddy hills on occasion. My my partner was actually the one pulling up the hills. I just hang onto the line and kind of clot. The muddy muddy sides of the of the hill. We'd just thrashed through. But every time I get any kind of indication percent Was said that was returning towards the House so the experience and the training we have kind of the information. I had kind of led me to believe that my dog was trying to follow the scent of other officers that had previously entered the woods to go look for this missing girl so what I ended up doing just deciding to go to the crest of the hill and then take start. Cutting the hilltop figuring not If my dog didn't pick up anything up there than there was nothing to be picked up. So you were pretty close to Finish UP THERE SO IN MY MIND. It was so thick and it was so so hard to navigate through that I was ready to determine that no human would go through there just just because right so but because those already there I was gonna clear the hilltop and as I was getting to a certain area. My dog started to pick up some momentum. And that's a sign that I recognize as being tracking behavior and my dog. So I called to my partner. Who was still thrashing in the woods behind me and I told him that he'll have to pick it up. Because I think my dog was tracking and that very moment I heard a faint. Hello and the distance then thrashed harder and my dog led me to where she was and here she was in the middle of absolutely nowhere Whole bunch of pine brush around her and as she just standing there. The first thing she said was Doggie. I just hugged her. She looked like she will. She was shivering so I just hunger took my jacket off and she got to to get carried out by The RCN Piaf Sir. Cosmo PAULSON. That was Company we on this trek through the woods so did jinx get a treat. He got treat. He got to carry his. Come back out of the woods and Just another day I work for him. Halifax regional police constable Dan Baru Bay speaking with the CBC Craig Paisley about how his Canine Partner? Jinx helped him find a three year. Old Child lost in the woods. You've been listening to the as it happens. Podcast our show can be heard Monday to Friday on. Cbc Radio One and on Sirius Xm following the world at six. You can also listen to the whole show on the BBC listen APP. Download it for free from the APP store or from Google play. Thanks for listening. I'm Carol off and I'm Chris. How Dan for more? Cbc PODCASTS GO TO CBC DOT CA slash podcasts.

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