Ep 139 | The Anti-AOC Headed for Congress | Guest: Catalina Lauf


In an you're also doing pretty good about listen podcasts are offered thank you for doing that but you know what this podcast is not going to grow if you don't tell people about it it's just going to be the same folks that are out there enjoying all this it is party time mom to another episode of the show here in the mother ship which studio for tutoring in you guys are doing so good about coming over Youtube and watch it a match dot com a week and do grinder listen we already have party foul Steve running his fingers through his hair on every episode will do grinder. Do you think that's right listen twenty-three me you WANNA sponsorship on the Chad prager show we'll give you the love you can swap our cheeks week in week out we can do her parents migrated here legally became citizens incredible story that you're going to hear today I just want to know why you're not achieving more as worked from all the coffee drinks and and then you just come up there and drop a roof in his drinking boom there he is he's all yours for the night party Faust Dave isn't that how you guys met Catalina Lawf- who's coming on the show she's actually running for Congress in her district in Illinois if she's elected to Congress she'll be as a queen of the Ethiopians you know and just do you have any thoughts on that candy see no you know I I run the show for you enough maybe you're heavy you're holding me back I could be but you're not going anywhere I can tell you that people can we please do a candidacy queen of the Ethiopian well I saved him I rescued him. I rescued him from the clutches of Human Trafficking. I did you didn't know that there is a market stay horned but we're going to have a good time today hanging out here in Studio Twenty Two yes I'm hatless shut up I just didn't feel like wearing a hat today and yes for those of you wondering their defense I want to ask you about something yes now Catalina lawf- She's Hispanic she's Latina she is a she's from Guatemala as we possibly can oh we love to trigger people it's not like we really want to offend anybody we just want to stir the pot I want to tell everybody we got a little thing going on right now where if you go over to the blaze DOT COM or if you go to shop blaze media dot com slash Chad you can buy all kind of murder she lick the stick you know what I'm saying and don't you just WanNa do that these days is there not somebody out there that just needs to hear the wild crazy common sense we put out here we got a big show for you today I have my friend it it's a constant mystery that I'm not GonNa answer right now because we're working towards the twenty three and me sponsorship and if they'd like to sponsor the show I will reveal what I am AFC as the youngest congress person that's ever been elected and I think that just be pretty cool she's pretty sharp and you're gonNA enjoy getting to know her fourth we're going to have hot news Natalie on the show party Steve's on here NBC four middle aged men to be to be kidnapped and taken away usually they wake up in a bathtub full of ice somewhere in a dirty hotel New Orleans with your kidneys just start sending me pictures of their F- The left shirts stands for forgive the left it really does and don't let your why would you why would you let your mind go into these crazy places it's party town that has my name on it and party time mom and we got our f the left shirts that triggered everybody I think we saw like fifty of those over a period of two days and I can't wait to have people missing but Steve's Steve case he is a sexual monster he really is I mean if you've ever seen him and really paid attention to him he is a sexual monster there's a little bit of hair up there looks like kind of dirty q tip you know what I mean look at it Bam Bam Bam Bam the puppet master can look yes you do you want to thank you tell me what to say you select all kinds of information for me to make me look smart so if I'm not achieving like there's gotta be some gay men out there ready to snap up Harney found Steve is ready to snap him up just ready to lower for him core formed you know at a club somewhere you know all the and he's just all like this oriented by the Japanese anime disco lights and stuff and he's already feeling you his tee-shirt it must be done a life of depression is what I'm living life of suppression I love it you you is that because you're female Hispanic we don't even know what that you're Hispanic radio all the time we need the my pillow dude like Mike Lindell come on Dude Holler at a boy Mike Lindell did so much crack that his own drug dealers had an intervention for him. Now that's a frigging story right there Mike Lindell mypillow we need we need like I could totally be the next arcus sitting over there driving this new mothership which is studio twenty two and of course we got candy through the Queen of the Ethiopians and we're going to get into all wild and not that's candice I want you to get the microphone that but wait there's more why are we doing this we could be qvc we have so many sponsors people think we get rich just just got broke the mold so grinder if you're listening hey we got a sponsorship place for you like I don't understand why these guys out there candy see like I listen to conservative a mystery science theater three thousand you know we're stuck on the ship so all we can do is just sit around here and talk about stuff that's going on and now they're bringing in a potential congressperson in Catalina his mailbox and he was like you've gotta come move the truck because the male will not deliver if there's a truck sitting here and I'm like when did you become so important that loft she's GonNa tell us about the things that are going on out in the free world of America can't wait to get to that conversation which is what we're GonNa do right now thank you for tuning in we love you hang on we've had my truck was parked in front of his house and I had my car and I had left it over there and he was upset because my truck was blocked. 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This is e Ouro Dot com algae twenty six twenty six twenty six years old and you're running for Congress in Illinois yes because right now you know who holds the record Alexandra Seo quotas and I just don't want her holding any records I don't want to hold on any records I know woman yes working for the trump administration and you didn't feel marginalized or there was no prejudice nation is working so hard for the everyday American and we need to continue that progress now you mean to me that you are Hispanic don't here with us today and hanging out you flew in this morning yes brighton early when you look fresh and spry and all that stuff you're doing something pretty amazing now I of why I'm doing this it's not about to beat a record it's to serve the country and the way that to be a public servant and that's that excites me more than breaking a record now give us a little bit of your history because you've got some history with the trump administration and let's talk about that chair I just like I was like too much people send you all these things like hats and t shirts and all these things then you just got tons of them got bigger ahead so the shirts don't or the hats don't fit suny zone just really being an ambassador for the America first agenda and that was the first time that I really saw just how much this administer is name laugh laugh yeah it's Love Love it looks like laugh Utah Law Yeah what a great last name in cave always wanted now before we got eero kids had to do their homework huddled in the kitchen by fire like Abraham Lincoln right math on a shovel head and stuff like that but no erosion is titled Tape Man This isn't free but you can go to shop blaze media dot com slash Chad Use Promo Code Chad ten and guess what you can do you can buy some of our merch like for instance Anri Henry now you're Latin spin is good thank don't you worry about all that now Kinda Lena I like it so I'm glad you're sitting down so you think Steve like at this stage in the game you feel like an underachiever take much arms I think everybody who works for the administration that supports the president or Patriots. I mean we're just everyday Americans don't want to help out all right take it back from her does that make you feel about all of that though I'm you know if elected obviously be honored and it's more auden and I have never felt more marginalized for being a trump republican than ever being Hispanic In in DC listen to you why would why would we respect you at your age yeah that's a great question I think there are we live in such an area now where millennials are disrupting every against you or anything like that I mean a contrary to what the world of social media would have us believe how were you welcomed into that administration with open industry right I mean you have billion millennials that are building billion dollar businesses now you've were game changers and I think that there's such a need for eating competition with Ao see here and I like the point that you made on that she's running out of state of Illinois which is I would have to think a pretty uphill climb the young people on the other side that are talking about socialism what is our country going to look like in twenty thirty years from now we need to anger people in office now that even young or older the older generation is just so happy that younger people wanna get involved in the the public service type of route and so honestly it's been more positive than than I ever thought and I really think it's because of the age that we live in the era I think people are excited to see a younger generation get involved with things like this I really do we need it I mean when you have people like AFC and of an amazing opportunity here to flip back and at least try to make change and I hope that from flipping back from a national perspective we're actually doing work serve the American dream we need to preserve conservative principles principles and going back to what our founding fathers wanted and if we don't have people to carry the torch for that in regards to the state how is that area for you so the state itself obviously is notorious to be a democrat powerhouse but and especially at the on on a on a local perspective because that's what's important now you're states are what matters the communities are what matter and the more that conservatives Oh to have a Democrat in like Lauren Underwood who's very very far socialist what's fun she's fundamentally not representing the values of a district like that so we I know there's a lot of ageism that goes into things I I was running organizations when I was in my early and mid twenties and you have people that just like don't don't don't throw Israel under the bus 'cause you claim that you have a memo back in Palestine like Rashida to lead I'm just saying in the name Catalina thank you and I'm throwing accent in it that I serve like as a redneck from Georgia I have no right whatsoever throw any accent it's like calling somebody from France Oh don't marry your brother I don't even know if you have a brother but don't find one to marry okay don't pull an Ilana Omar don't what Steve I'm waiting my turn in can flip these districts back and continue on conservative principles and we're making change small but then on an entire national perspective at the state level but in the district it was actually a district that president trump won by four points it's a conservative Republican at heart and anyway but they can send written checks I'll take this they never want to send cash that's correct the deal but I will tell you about a deal that is going to change the promises okay if you get elected first of all I don't care if you do videos on instagram or live feed video I don't care if you do that but just two yeah and come in from family we'll get into this more 'cause I want you to tell the story coming from a family of legal immigrants bought a Malla is an exciting story but I want you to make me illegal immigrants before the veteran community before constituents and I think especially when you're talking about all the issues that are going on I'm sure that the apartment you live in if you buy Kia furniture you put it all together okay you actually have furniture in your house unlike afc I I also that who are just so divisive and are trying to create this narrative all four instagram and offer the the social media national perspective when you have a representative who's buying into the political game of the party like the Democrats are doing right now going against trump talking about impeachment well not a whole lot and I think on top of that she's actually put recently there was a bill that was going to be passed on she puts from from legal immigrants and then you have to see this stuff and you gotta just shake your head that's going on tell us your story a little bit about your family shirt so my mom my grandmother almost third World Latin American country and they survived all of that and they built what they had they try to make you to achieve any sort of you know dream right there's a very huge level of class warfare you have the red it really doesn't take much that's why I love having people can lean on this you know I love it I love it just so we can make feet Steve feel guilty that's right kind of boost your Iq by having me here have people who are playing way too much on the party politics and trying to capture on a media narrative the the out of touch and that's not the way it should be that's not what rep join what are you doing for the people who put you in office it just doesn't seem to be anything I mean Alexandra Cortes is down on the border and she's crying at fences and they try to be somebody down there but obviously because of the political issues down there you you there was no sense of being able to their family didn't have money right like they know what struggle is and I think a lot of children and a lot of people who've come here legally they know what hardship with hard work you can be whoever you want to be well that was that's an amazing place to WANNA strive to get to and so when they came here to come here they're incentivized to come here illegally a lot of the times and we're taking away what made America great and what makes native democracy is about that's been a big issue for me because I look at these people who have they've been given such a platform to have such a voice I'm looking at their communities in the areas that have elected you see the point I'm trying to look at this stuff it's crazy and it all comes back to we need to preserve the American character when you have elected people like instability of where she was coming from and so because of just who she was and you know my grandmother at eight years old how to work on a coffee farm because well that's not public service right your we need to reestablish integrity in our public servants and these are the congressional the congressional this in your district a country that people want to strive to get to you have people who've you mentioned that you know the thing that keeps America great or makes America great a lot of people get offended talk about the border and and down there we'll it's sad that there's not enough of that gratitude anymore we're in a an era where people are entitled what they're so out of touch with their districts they're not looking at what is actually going on in the community what are the kitchen table issues everyday Americans in you know my mom worked three jobs she learned English and she was so grateful that there was a country that she could go to Away from the political district like ours or districts across the country are actually who actually care about what is what do they care about and I think that's a huge problem too when you have now underwood right okay now what she done can you tell me and maybe it's been a lot but what in your opinion what has she done for the constituents in that district as she done and my mom and that side of the family came here in the eighties from Guatemala and for anybody who doesn't know what Guatemala's all about it's a very corrupt country it's awesomeness which is the Chad pray through show all the fun people we have on here your friends need to know about this and some of your non-french need to know about it too because we are guaranteed to trigger them just as much you know staring across in in in the so-called outrage and like you're from Queens like what what's what's the deal here and your family who cares is and a lot of everyday Americans no hardship is and they had so much gratitude for for the United States they were happy to be Americans and when by that terminology these days we'll America was never great but that that just makes me mad I mean that irritates me when people say that because the fact in our country's law said down here if you just hit him with Catalina Lawf- and she is running she's not just to be clear we're talking about her not unseen listen I'm usually the poor the middle class is very small and so when they saw you know a country like the United States that offered so much opportunity and get him trying but that's amazing what you do it I mean how much have you have you caught a lot of flack for doing this because so you can even complain about that shows you how great America is absolutely and I was listening to a lady on a radio call in program the other day who had cheat emigrated I'm GonNa Model as a matter of fact and she'd come here she had migrated legally she had become a citizen and the host of the show said look I know how hard it is doing arrays little patriots to what kind of push back do you get being twenty-six Hispanic conservative Republican and I can't say that I blame them for that because America is a great country and as if it if we weren't great why would they come right and we need to be college is for it so I think there's a lot of that on the party side I think there's always gonna be that divide of the Parents you know mom is an immigrant what kind of pushback are you getting that now that you've gone public with this it's is becoming an American citizen wasn't that hard you know what I'm saying I mean there are people who there are people who have done everything they can to get to this country and I feel like I feel like to go into an elected office it could hinder me in some ways do you ever feel like that yes but I think people want authenticity ear politicians and then disrupters right and so I get a lot of while you're not falling in line or wait your turn type of thing for lack of a better word right it should be everyday representatives and you should speak your mind because then your the constituents understand that you are the this is Steve this is why I don't run for politics we waited too long so you gotta do young young for the Skeleton Start Piling up now from underneath that skeleton toast sticks out of that closet and I'm like no shut the door shut the door it should done when I was twenty six I'm telling you yeah I mean why I mean how dare you be proud of America look at you Steve Unapologetic Patriot what's wrong with you hundred percent why would you wear that her because it's just who I am right and the laugh want so badly to to have the stereotype of that This is the time to do that because we need a reestablish that type of integrity people shouldn't just be suited up in this ivory tower unapologetically patriotic like we should love America and I think it was a really scary time where you know when we talk about what people are getting erupted that space and a lot of ways of being transparent speaking his mind and I think people crave that right and I think it's more of he is that because nobody can put me in this box and because I'm breaking this narrative it's whatever they say it doesn't matter that for wearing you know flags on their shirts and and just loving this country will what is wrong with that we should not be silenced we should love this country selfish part of me wants to go don't do don't tell because you do have integrity and you do have a patriotic drive and it is an American I feel sorry that she doesn't understand capitalism because there is so much that is so detrimental ear politicians and it's just it's not it's not the way it should be agreed you and you you graduated your your your degrees from Miami of Ohio yes hang and I'm sorry now I'm not GonNa wait my turn this is the time for disruption to happen in the political space and clearly the career politicians aren't doing their job effectively should it almost twenty six now look those dead out pal I couldn't do it I like people ask me all the time to run for and I'm like no I can't do it because of too outspoken right office too because look there's a lot of personal sacrifice that I've given up in in to do this and in terms of career and I platform you've been through some things but then there's another part of me that says hell yeah take it to them and use that platform and do what you've gotta do so who knows and then go online you see people who just love her I mean they just lover and I think that she just hung the moon I'm like are Y'all idiots you are Hispanic fewer female if you're young than you should be Democrat and then if you're not you're bullied into it well I love the fact that you know I'm I'm conservative and I'm not going to occur all science and communications way better than sees economics degree from Boston University oh which girl can't even count money who are coming along your outspoken you're educated intelligent you've got a lot of wisdom even for your age you're not willing you're not afraid to go out and be outspoken and speak your convictions and understand what their everyday struggle I look I look at Washington DC and I don't know how much time you spent in Washington DC personally the fact that we've come to where we are today and so it's time that patriots step forward and and we disrupt the system listen Airland all you got to get behind his girl let me tell you we now right I mean we're in this era where there's so much transparency now in politics between social media between you know in in president trump really kind of just missing either side Yeah I get a lot of oh you're a race traitor your anything that they can find but what's great out her policies and not only our policies but our rhetoric that just a self destructive you think she's the one is even a narrative in the media and people are even talking about it will what about things that actually matter like our taxes are you crazy kids y'all know any better get off my lawn you know the whole thing but that's that's the deal don't write off the next generation because there are men and women that are out there like yourself have I don't WanNa be a career politician you do your time you serve and you you try to give back in the way that you think that you can and you know this thing of WanNa care they care about the environment but these things are just so they're not what should be prioritized I've never met anybody that wanted the environment a crash I've never met anybody that wanted to live in a landfill I've never met anybody that wants to Earth to be destroyed or children to die or flood eating a narrative and they're creating the policy narrative when again that's not kitchen table issues right like when you go to a district that's not what people care about the course people you're doomed already not gonNa make it I mean when you hear stuff like that you just cringe it's ridiculous but the fact that it ed immigration reform and healthcare reform like let's go back to the things that matter and that's why again the AFC squads the world are so detrimental because they're domino labels and so if I if I can put you in a box and categorize you put a label on it then put that box on the shelf and then I'm like I don't have to deal with her I know what she is she's twenty six years old she's the major in you get an associate's degree and then you went yes in Miami of Ohio which Gresh Grade School thank you yeah I loved Miami of Ohio I did leads and famines and soon amies and you know locusts and frogs and hailstorms from God I've never met anybody wants all those things we don't care about the planet we live think again it should be solved by young people who want to serve and and understand the the policies and economics and did you ever look at her December feels sympathetic for her or or you're like man this is the bed you made I feel into again that's why she younger people should be an office because it's going to affect our generation and generations to come a lot more than it is for the baby boomers they had their time and 'cause for me age is just a number eight I mean I don't even worry about that and you mentioned something either about you know the people want to put you in a box and that's true that's we live in an age massive spending it's it's because they want to increase taxes it's because they're they're they're willing to bet economy an entire economy people's albums you're picking this ethereal problem that we can't even verify scientifically right and that's the issue though too is that what it becomes is it just it's mm-hmm I hope so I hope so yeah but it's like Nancy Pelosi said a glass of water on the Democratic ticket could have gotten elected in that district but it really is just a trashy place like I mean there's just it's worth it's just for the scum goes to thrive you know what I'm saying and then you meet folks like us I mean like this is just the stuff that comes out is just craziness it's pure craziness so I I we'll see what happens is we live in some interesting political addictions are good thank you a lot from a policy standpoint there

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