Episode 2 - Taking Inventory


oh hi everyone and welcome to the family podcast the podcast her family's leaving the one strengthen my name is don according and author and university professor licensed professional counselor life coach and researcher and speaker on topics trauma abused taught the gender and sexuality issues today i will be host in this podcast who focus on for area cds quadri you're healthier purpose you relationships and you're worth each week will be diving into one of these four areas with the goal of challenging you hurting you building strong gamble where sponsored by the family launch academy immediate family parents and leaders in order to their children launched well into adulthood prepared for what's to come find out more about the community resources courses trainings and q nazereth neither yogurt and daily lodge academy at family lodge academy dot com now let's get into this week's episode welcome to the family of podcasts this is the core yogurt and this episode is on taking inventory you're son comes home from a you see that in these shares a few that he has a girlfriend andy's fourteen years old who do you do on your daughter who's now a young lady she's really battling with body image she's even let sleeping led to the point of her cutting their sons being tease fees for being creative and not athletic you're daughters a tomboy what about if you're son is says he's gay or your daughter that wants to be a boy these were not easy conversation caesar is not easy answers how do we leave well how do we love are children well parents who are picking really 'em life altering decisions for their children are doing so i really believe out of love and care for their children but we need to make sure following god's word first and then she really protecting them from themselves and i would even say the culture at times now when i was writing the book i can't say that there is a key versus it really vs guided me that in writing dirani six six three seven his says end you must commit yourself wholeheartedly to these command said i'm giving you today repeat them again and again to you're children talk about them when you're home and when you were on the road and when you're going to bed and when you are getting up now this there's a theme there obviously and it's this continual continual conversation would i right is about the micro conversations the short small it's not long winded lectures but even the word conversation isn't necessarily quite the right word 'cause a lot of times it's just planting seeds it's not a two way street they're just listening now when you're son comes home with a girlfriend 'em he's playing out a story that he's been taught and it's not necessarily something that he was stopped by us as parents it was taught by culture has pushed by friends even so the question i have is how do you had those conversations more stations were you backseats instilled in him eight an ethos of what that means now there's a difference between ethic underneath us in ethic is a belief system it's out there it's an external if you will in our goal is jack she developed something internal for us first but then also for children this ethos you winner daughter is really battling with body image janine and it's led the cutting there's something going on there much much bigger than what you see on the surface if you will on who she is is at stake in that battle is is very real same for sunday that's being teased being creative and not athletic how do you love him well into the kind of person the god wants him to be which is unique you're daughter that's tomboy we're son that's gay we're daughter that wants to be a boy these are real and what were basically doing his moms and dads were planting seeds the question is are we planning them intentionally or are we actually just kind of haphazard lee going into some of these conversations again the ethic versus ethos is really important are they getting their ethos firm culture from movies tv they're getting it from friends from pornography were they getting it from you now to kind of really wrap this up into those four areas and i've talked about in the idea of taking inventory yourself you're work matters mom and dad whatever you set yourself you're hands to do in in the heart behind why you do it really matters are you enjoying what you're doing are you owning it are you making a difference or is this a time of transition and that's also take two or are you stuck knee example you give to your children of you and your relationship with work is really critical year relationships same thing you enjoying them are you making a difference in other people's lights reinvesting in other people are you allowing others to invest in you or you shut down this acsi really applies most critically two year marriage and they example you set fear children in your marriage here purposes another big one are you living for something greater than yourself doesn't matter what you do reliving can you do that with all your heart community vest in others and then you're health are you taking care of yourself so this is actually where we start moms and dads with us how are we making a difference in her children's lies by how we choose to relive their priorities that we have in her life are own health care self care if you will are own playing out of that purpose the relationships do we have in our work this is where we start realizing wow we may say one thing but man were doing something different in this is what we need to begin in this process of then leading well are children into launching them well this doesn't happen by accident has to be intentional looking forward to walking with he further as you better understand where you're at and acsi help you have those macro conversations their children that continually plant seeds until the soil helping them grow into the young man

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