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The. The podcast. The next Kellerman show is presented by Progressive Insurance guests join me on the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line. There was someone on this show. I'm forgetting who it was someone it's a the maximum. With me. Oh Yeah. I'm sitting here by myself someone on this show. Hugh. That the bears would be the bucks. And my reasoning went as follows first of all nick foles now, the quarterback of the bears, nick? foles. Given the right coaching most players are very dependent upon coaching very few. would. Be. Great no matter who's their coach Nick foles when Chip Kelly was there. Twenty seven touchdowns two interceptions, then he goes to fisheries. No. Good. Then he goes back to the eagles. He has Doug Peterson and his quarterbacks coach John De Filippo and he wins the Super Bowl. Then he goes to Jacksonville. No good. He gets hurt classical. Now he's in Chicago Guesses quarterback coach John D. Flip Oh. By the way. Check out how Carson, WENTZ DOING Not so good as he without as quarterbacks coach Nick foles seem old Nick foles that is to say he's an average quarterback. WHO's huge in big moments? You can win a super bowl that way you I manning won two. League average quarterback normally maybe it took above for lie but when it mattered most all time great nick foles is not an iron man like you Li- manning but I've seen him elevate under pressure consistently given the right coach now. The box at the travel to Chicago gotta go to. Soldier field. The bucks had some injuries. The bucks had to come back on the Falcons all the way back. I liked the beer straight up in the upset, and that's exactly what happened now why did it happen? Nick began that game just he was awful. He was awful. But. He got better and better as the game went on by the end of the game. When they needed him most when you saw, he needs a couple of yards to get in field goal range, right? Try, and win this thing. He threw a beautiful pass. And by the way. Nagy the bears head coach. Mismanaged the clock and gave Tom Brady over a minute. To try and win. Oh Tom Brady has all these weapons. He has gronk Mike Evans I don't care who's hurt. He's got a lot of guys who were healthy to. Tom Brady is going to lead this comeback. I didn't do anything and Tom Brady who earlier in that game. chewed cow his offensive line because the by the way the lack discipline. Brady's finding out what the rest of the quarterbacks in the league deal with this ain't a chick coach team where it's always the other team that's beating themselves never the Patriots and Brady got a lot of that credit. This is this is how the other thirty one teams live. Offensive, line had him doing the moonwalk down the wrong way down the wrong way? Up the field or down the field instead of up. And he chewed them out publicly and I thought at the time and they kind of deserve it. But see Tom and the same when you're not with Bela Chick. And then after chewing them out, which could either be, it couldn't be execution. Right had the mental lapses because they keep getting. Well if you're GONNA chew them out publicly like that as their leader, how do you think they feel? When you lose track of the downs at the end of the game? How's that for a mental lapse? Now, look. Third Down at especially fourth-down, those were tough throws but go ahead do something you know Aaron Rodgers makes throws like that all the time. Now he's doing to a lot of open receivers now but when Aaron Rodgers needs to thread a needle hit a guy on the back shoulder the whole thing he doesn't. Listen Brady last year wasn't great. He was okay and everyone said Oh. He doesn't have the weapons but I saw him misthrows everywhere. You can miss them. East West and south. So happens when you get older, he basically tweeted at me Tom, Brady last year when he hit sixty one miles an hour on the radar gun right? And he asked about cliff. And he and he put it on social media directed at me. And I thought yeah, man you could still muscle it. But when you hit sixty one, can you do it not just with precision on a given throw but consistently precisely That's real accuracy. It's not able to thread the needle on one throw in a game. It's. Can you consistently thread that needle when you got mustard on the ball? In the answer for Brady is no, he can't. He has not demonstrated the ability to do that in several years because as you get older and your physical tools dissipate. In order to get that velocity, you got to put a little more on it. You lose a little accuracy. A game of inches. And Brady had to make some perfect throws which he failed to make on that final drive, not the end of the world. But boy when you hold up a four meaning, you forgot what down it was at the end of the game. So, bad look you chewed out your offensive line. Worse than that, though to me because that can happen to anyone. So you don't make too perfect throws after you had a great brady had a great comeback against the Falcons the week before you're at soldier field, you're playing a very good defense. You're playing a quarterback who's very good under pressure and Nick foles. I got a good coach. The whole thing I mean the. To then a second but. You don't have to leak have to win every Game Brady can listen Kinda game you're GONNA, lose I. in fact, that's why I pick the bears and the upset no big deal but. Just. Admit you had you had you got confused great baseball players will nevertheless sometimes forget how many outs there aren't any. Right tag upward don't tag up under supposed to or not supposed to. Greet basketball players may call a time out and they don't have any timeouts and it costs their team. It happens. Breaches cop to that. Here's Bruce Arians after the game Brady's head coach. I'm Brady not realizing. It was fourth down. Here's how Bruce Arians responded. Here's the question too, and then his response. Bruce at the end of the game last drive I it looked like Tom to confused. We went down it was he now knows fourth-down. Young new. That's coach covering for Tom Brady member coach publicly, Air Tom, Brady out early. That was one thing. But now he has his players back when he needed to use Tom Brady as an example to show the team everyone has to get in line. He did it and I'm sure Tom. Brady was with that. And when he needed to have quarterbacks back, he got his quarterbacks back. Got Like that if you're Tom Brady but. Tom Brady was asked the question on not realizing it was fourth down listened to the question listen to Tom Brady's answer. While way. You were only really mentioned either knows for. One was the case will what was most by? Niro. Great. That fact the I knew we needed to sean and I was thinking about more yardage. You know. It was just it was bad execution. There so it's Execute wanted to let me tell you if I were there what I would've asked. Okay. If I were there, I would've asked. Tom Did, you know it was fourth down. and. If he says, yes, would ask him, why did you hold up for? But the point is without being asked that directly he was a vase if in his answer. He said, I, thought we needed I was thinking chunk. I should have been thinking first down. Tom You know why you're being asked. And you purposely didn't say I didn't know it was fourth down which clearly you did not know it's one thing now maybe Brady doesn't WanNa make a liar out of the coach, right? It could be. It seems more like he was embarrassed by not knowing. And he was being a vase of as a result. and. Especially, when you chewed out your line earlier in the game, not great by the way. It's tough to go to soldier field and win. In fact, a couple years ago. Go. Go, back, three years, and and the eagles. beat or or postseasons Knees Eagles beat. patriots in the Super Bowl. Carson Wentz through however, many weeks was the MVP of the league thirteen fourteen weeks and then he gets hurt Nick foles takes over and I'm like, okay. Now they're dead in the water nothing against Nick foles think he's a good quarterback. I thought he was an excellent quarterback at Arizona as I said when he has when he's had coaching the NFL, he's been a solid minimum, solid quarterback and great under pressure. Meaning the bigger the moment, the more you can rely on them. And I remember thinking but then Nick foles went on a run unbelievable in one super bowl MVP in a game in which Tom Brady threw for five hundred yards and the Patriots never punted once Nick. Foles one super bowl MVP and deserved it. He's catching passes he's throwing passes doing whatever you need them to do. Remember when he? was criticized WHO's the cornerback I'm thinking I can't remember if I got too many names floating around my head. Raj. Who He didn't play. In. In the Super Bowl and pivot hardly at all. Yet he barely played any plays he was came after any lawyer I can't I'm I'm brain freezing like Tom Brady on fourth down anyway. Is, defensive coordinator, and this is not my original idea I forgot I. Wish I could remember who to attribute all these things too. But again, through the years you read and see and hear a Lotta stuff. Earlier in the day, I can't always remember who said what but I'd like to attribute to proper person I want maybe it was in like four the win. USA. Today for the win I. Wish. I could remember the writer. Mountain Gentler out of both. Who mentioned bill, Belichick as defensive coordinator for the giants. Wanted To. Dare the bills. To beat them. With. The run. So he put out defensive packages that encouraged them to run. Thurman Thomas got big yards and the giants won the game. And here Bella Chick. Wanted Nick foles beat him with his arm. It's usually chicks Mojo, right? BELLICHIK. Takes the first and second best things you do and say beat me with your third best thing if you can do that, you win fair and square. That's why Manningham. Got that pass from you I manning in two thousand eleven because. Make Manning benefactors audio go make Manningham beat US Manningham. beat him. And beat them and Bill Belichick can live with that. He Gate because he put the odds in his favour usually it works out sometimes it doesn't. So he dared Nick foles to beat him and Nick foles did. That was in two, thousand, seventeen. Then the following year, they have a super bowl title defence to make and they're going nowhere. They're dead in the water and Carson Wentz gets hurt again he's regressed and the team's not as good and he gets hurt again nick foles takes over under center. And inspires that team and they make the playoffs and there in the first round they have to go to Chicago. And play a bears defense member the Khalil Mack traded happened earlier in the year and this bears defense was ferocious and a lot of people not wanted to a lot of people were taking the bears to get out of the NFC. Nick foles went to soldier field and. Beat them. I know soldier field is a tough place to play if the bears of a good defense. Nick foles. Did. It. By the way. In the cold weather. Against a better bears defense than this one. It's hard to do. But falls did it Play almost then he went to New Orleans almost beat the saints. His receiver turns his head around He may be beats the saints drew brees. That's a hell of a way to go out though that's a super bowl title defence even though you don't ultimately defend the title. That's the way you go out. That's no joke. Tom Brady couldn't get it done yesterday. He didn't play a bad game. You just couldn't get it done there. He was penalized a lot is offensive line wasn't good. But the fact of the maybe he was covering for areas because airings, it already said yet brady new the down. But he was asked a question and he avoided answering it. And I think it's because he was embarrassed. Eight say ESPN. That was a good football game for Thursday night though. One point game. Tom Brady with the ball after Nick foles and Tom Brady linkup. With two I don't know if they're surprising teams but to good teams. I picked both to finish second in their division. I thought the packers it'd be better than the bears will maybe to pick the bears to beathard. But let's pretend I said second just with sounds good though the vikings would be better who knew Stefanski was such a big deal. I thought the box had finished behind the saints. But you get that on a Thursday night super bowl rematch of the quarterbacks now on new teams. Shakes out like that Nick, foles makes the Passy has to make the put them in field goal range after an awful start and they take the lead but but but but his coach mismanages the clock and Brady has over a minute and you're thinking here it comes and it doesn't and Brady forgets the down. It's so hard. It's so hard when these games are on, it's eleven o'clock. adrenaline pumping your heart's racing and you're exhausted. You haven't slept enough by Thursday you know. It's late in the week already and how the hell do you go to sleep after that? I'm wired I gotta be up for at least another hour after that to get to sleep. That's why Raj eventually I will run on on a platform of Wednesday's federal. Holiday. By, Thursday? No one slept enough by Thursday night. Right. But if you have if you increase workday by two hours a day. So Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday you work ten hours instead of eight. So those days all get a little worse in one way but in another way. If people are up late on a Sunday whatever and they're like Oh God I am I shouldn't have been up late in now I got this whole week extending before I O it's murder but instead You Have Wednesdays off on Monday morning you just looking at I gotta get through today by the afternoon tomorrow. I'm good I. Got Wednesday. But you know what that does for a Tuesday President Cullum was that. To. Tackle, Tuesdays at a whole new level. It's a whole new level. Now Wednesday you have off and then Thursday is you're looking at the weekend. You gotta work a little bit more Monday Tuesday and Thursday Friday but I think it's well worth it I would run on that Raj and here's the other thing. was that daylight savings done. It I get about how stupid is this that right? When the weather's Things were getting shorter anyway. You need to take another hour away. CAST now coming up later this month. I don't even want to think about it people getting depressed over the place. President Kellerman would take care of both those things Raj. i-love-you maximum. Got My vote man. Eighty eight say Espn Lebron and the Lakers can get a banner number seventeen tonight. And I. Want to make this clear. You should discount premodern championships. It doesn't mean they don't exist. But discount them. So like in base the Yankees have twenty seven championships, right so much more than anyone else in any sports embarrassing but. If you WANNA say pre nineteen, forty, seven, the color line you know. Why why do we keep count those as much? Okay. With pre nineteen, sixty, one expansion going through one hundred, sixty, two games. Why do we count those with? Pre One, thousand, nine, hundred, five. Meaning the the the wildcard everything. Okay. All right I get it. You can discount Yankees Championships in all. Those Yankees are still number one by a country mile. WanNa Measure Championship, since nineteen ninety, five or nineteen, sixty, one or nineteen forty, seven Yankees got it by a lot no-one's close. The Celtics used to be considered the Yankees of basketball. Because they had thirteen on the NBA. History Baseball, and when I was a kid celtics had thirteen championships next closest with the Lakers, they had six celtics have more than twice as much as anyone else no. One's ever gonNA catch him, and by the way since then the celtics have tacked on four more. Seventeen. But the Lakers tacked on ten. They Got Sixteen And when you start weighing more heavily the modern championships meeting the absorption of the ABA teams, the adoption of three point shot. The Lakers clearly or the dominant franchise worldwide in history of basketball. But once the leakers sitting on seventeen. The arguments over Celtics fans do not have a leg to stand on. Look Celtics Names I. Know You're listening in Boston you might be mad about that but you know it's true like as a Yankees Fan I'm real mad at Brian Cashman who's an excellent GM excellent GM. But since two, thousand, five, the Red Sox have four, the Yankees have won. And while I don't insist the Yankees won the world series every year it's unrealistic. I absolutely insist they win it more than any other team. And certainly more than their chief rivals in their division. So. I. Have To admit what's going on since o five. Why as Cashman the second best GM in the division not good enough. Not, good enough celtics fans got to be feeling the same way right now Danny ainge is. But it ain't good enough right now. Is it Raj? Knowing you know I'm a Celtic fan discuss there as a little bit as a kid I know. But the my childhood in my adulthood is filled with more sorrow watching the Lakers win my celtic. So as far as I'm concerned, the Lakers have more championships I wanna live door and. You know. So I I saw for I. don't even see I. didn't see the first one I was too young so I'm going to say It's worth thing like the bird Mikhail Celtics got three the magic. Karim Worthy Lakers got five. That's bad. Enough. Celtics Fan and a lot of that's because birds back went out right? So his career was not as as Magic's but. Since then the. Celtics have gotten one that was when they had a big three and there was no other big three in the league. Right. They had three hall of famers still playing at hall of fame level. No one else had that. And they got one out of that. And since the end of the Magic Karim Dynasty the Lakers got five with Koby. Three with shack to with POW five with Kobe. And now Lebron is sitting on his first one after tonight if they can win tonight. That's eleven brother. At seventeen overall. That's the greatest franchise in the history of the known universe in basketball. Period. The week marks. The Sixth Annual Kpmg Wins Pga Championship at Irani Golf Club. October eighth through eleventh in Newtown Square Pennsylvania as the first ever partnership between the LPGA Tour, the PGA of America and Kpmg Kpmg Women's Pga Championship brings together the Best Lpga players from around the world to compete for one of the most coveted major championships in Gaul competing on championship caliber courses. Kpmg Women's Pga Championship has elevated the women's game to new heights and puts the LPGA players in the national spotlight and the KPMG Women's Leadership Summit held the week of the championship invest in rising women's leaders aspiring to reach the C. Suite by providing thoughtful content tools and networking opportunities together, they serve as catalysts to empower women both on and off the Gulf wars KPMG. Commitment to the next generation of women, leaders and proud sponsor of the Kpmg Women's Pga Championship. To learn more visit. KPMG DOT COM Slash Women's leadership. Max Kellerman show podcast. The Max Kellerman show on ESPN radio, ESPN news the ESPN APP and Sirius Xm Channel Eighty and on your smart speaker reach me at one, eight, eight, eight, say ESPN, one, eight, eight, eight, seven, two, nine, three, seven, seven, six, the Max Kellerman shows presented by progressive insurance. All guess. Join US on the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line. Like Doug carries kerosene. Kazarian. I Apologize Doug Espn. Analyst I'm talking too fast. Doug it makes you feel any better I mispronounced my own last name all the time, Max Kellerman. It's hard name to say Kellerman it's the or that messes you up if they kelman or something but I, got to Kellerman I, screw it up all the time anyway Doug Kazarian, ESPN sports, betting analysts daily. We'd your host six to seven PM EASTERN ON ESPN two. W there. I am I am all good. I've been called a lot worse and be I screwed up on air to man I know what? It's like and We know this you put a mic on. You talk long enough on air. You're bound to say something wrong or stupid or something like that. Yes. Well, not me but everyone else that's true. Doug grab time ever messed up anything in my life. It was one thing to demand perfection of those around you. If you in fact, yourself aren't perfect but in my case, Roger, I must demand perfection. All right. Here we go. Doug. The foreign. Oh bills at the three and titans who I believe should be three in one. Already I think they should have forfeited a game already but they not to lead the way the League's handling it who wins. It's a fascinating topic because the titans are just grinding out wins there. There's only been free other teams in the Super Bowl era, which is since nineteen, sixty six. Started three zero or better but yet to cover a game so they're winning but they're not covering and it's pretty fun and so the bills game this games currently not on the board because you just don't know which players are have tested positive. We don't know what's going to happen There's a chance to get canceled into your point maybe they get four because of the rules violations. So it's fascinating but no wine right now but the bills. Are All of a sudden high-scoring team they gone over in all four games. This was typically team in the Sean McDermott era that had gone under I. Think the second most so they're now all of a sudden scoring a bunch. Josh Islands in the MVP conversation I think he's the fourth lowest odds at season's William. Hill. So I have to trust the bills right now because they're getting it done both offensively, and defensively that's interesting about not covering Because really the betting line just represents well, I the book make the oddsmakers make the line. But what they're trying to predict is the number at which they get equal action on both sides right and then the wisdom of crowds moves the line based on the action. So so the wisdom of crowds was was a book written by James Wicky by the way, which was an answer to the madness of crowds by. Forgot who wrote the madness of crowds but the idea is that all of us collectively having some private information but also sharing some public information are smarter than any one of us. The collective is smarter than the smartest member of the collective, and that's really what the what the betting line means. Right because it's because the public will start to bet at one way or another. That's the reason. It's so tough to beat the spread because you have to outwit all of us. So for a team to never cover. means that what the crowd thinks. They're better than they really are isn't that bizarre the titans? Right. It's like a perception reality thing. Now since two thousand early thousands is when sort of like the math guy started infiltrating the betting market Kinda like the poker crowd, right right ochre early two thousand. So it's so it's computer modeling. So in a way, it's like a jere point the wisdom of crowds in perception it's kind of like a a quantitative way to assess qualitative sort of assessment right and it's all about perception with numbers. So it's it's the wisdom of the the respected crowd I guess that the best way to put it so again. Now, technology two thousand and twenty they flag accounts. They know which accounts are kind of respected players. So you know we laughed about it a couple of weeks ago where the shoe said, what was it ninety eight percent of the money on the game against the chargers but like a respected money wasn crazy. So they just kept the number in place but if it's the respected money, that's when you'll see some line moves and things like that all collaboration it's wisdom crowd Guess Smart Money Smart Money's weighted more heavily I get that raiders at The undefeated chiefs. Kansas City's favored by twelve. What do you think? You know it's funny if I called you one of these teams have gone over in every game and one of these teams has gone under in every game. You think she's the over team, but it's the raiders who've gone over in. Kansas City despite mahomes and all the offensive actually gone under in all four games because the defense has actually playing pretty well, Kelly many colts days they play well up downhill kind of thing big protect leagues but. Doug, cut out for a second. Are you there? Doug. Don't please. Don't hold it against the show that Raj misspelled your name. On the ticket was the wise guys you got to. He. And stuff, and they can have that they got rid of ours. Yeah So I think this proves the point though you not being able to pronounce his name and getting guests mixed up. To yesterday but that's fine we'll get back. Apologize. I am well, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for dropping your call, the dog, the the colts are three and one actually good. The browns are three and one and I think they're actually talented but they've benefited from a soft schedule. The culture at the browns and it's even odds right but. I like how it As home we discussed this last week or two weeks ago is is home field advantage still worth a field goal or without crowds it less than a field goal in other words how much better do people think the colts the browns in fact? You know it's a fascinating conversation. So I wrote a column entering the season basically that whole three point thing that's more just like bar room and friends hanging out. But even the perception of home field is not as drastic as a once was actually last year home teams before performed the worst against the spread than they ever have in our database, which is Super Bowl era nineteen, sixty six basically is just travel has become easier teams the communication of the headsets with the crowds and just their tougher battle battle-tested. So I just letting them the road is is a lot not as difficult as it once was now. So in terms of the value of the three I, mean we've talked about like the three is so significant embedding. So a line for my a move from like three to three and a half the casual personal that's just a half point but that is so much more significant than like seven and a half to like nine and a half, which is two points because of the key numbers and in is making in. The NFL three and seven. It's fifteen percent of a games in the last five years landed exactly three fourteen point one percent. So it's just it's all about weirdest. So in this case, with the with the colts being one point favorites probably on a neutral on home, they'd probably be like three solid three at home now leave land it's tricky. We can't you know it's funny. People try to group the owing sixteen. Browns in. That year those years when they were just terrible, it's so different than like version the browns, the baker, Mayfield, Odell Beckham. Last year they were Kinda bullies beat up on bad teams but they never did well against good teams like they got. They did win at Baltimore last year early in the season they always got beat by the bad by the good teams and then just beat up on the jets, the bengals and dolphins. And things like that. So this'll be a true test because last year is last week was a nice win against the dolphin excuse me cowboys but this'll be an interesting test because they're doing five against the spread as an underdog going back to the beginning of last year. So the Beckham Air. So when they are an underdog, they don't even do that. Well, that's actually the second worst cover percentage the NFL as an underdog. Doug Kazarian or as Raj spells his name on my scream catherine. The MASEKELA. Sheffield, the PODCAST. Felon show ESPN radio. ESPN. News the ESPN APP and Sirius Xm channel. Eighty, and on your smart speaker reach me eighty eight say espn eight, eight, eight, seven, two, nine, three, seven. It's time for news from Keller a nation just hit us up on the Dr Pepper call in line. I'll take a call then only give you my last take. Let's see. Brad. Long Island. You're on the Max Kellerman show. Brad Toil. Can't hear the head, Brad. Pitt, can you hear me I said, how are you? Good how? Good. I have a quick Whitey Ford Story Than Going Innocence Mas- where you began that'd be just mentioned to everyone Whitey Ford the greatest pitcher in the history of the New York Yankees Greatest. Starting, pitcher. Passed away today at ninety one years old was one of the all-time great big game pitchers use a show. Of the Chairman of the Board cocky twenty one year old Torquay's your dangle every. Actually, he lived in Gerry the cold told Casey stangl the manager everything he was GonNa do then went out and did it one World Series Games at the age of twenty one became the great pitching staff and? Sadly one of the all-time great big game pitchers, Cy Young. Winner multiple six, time world series winner. Go ahead go ahead. What were you going to say? Well sixteen years with the same team died in ninety one same as my GRANDPA's ninety one at the same time and I've been going there and sixty five actually. So away pitcher my own is is is born in fifty nine, just about fifty eight. So Mickey at the End Nypd My dad used to take me all the time I've been a lifelong Yankee Fan. My fault I told you the go quick story commodity exchange goal I at eight, hundred dollars about nine, hundred, ninety two or so my Silva broker was good friends with the actual man Whitey and he used to come down a lot but then now his son Eddie thirty was named after Eddie low peppy Great Yankees pitcher. Actually, after his father and He had a little problem with the third subsidy I believe he a short such just like his dad who was told us in the wrong position. That's why I became pitcher and Whitey Son Eddie actually worked had come in and work with me and my company flow broker associates the futures with us. We'd largest firm on the floor and the Comex and He had to be a phone clerk like the rest of us because of those things we've got involved in I. believe he's still around and just I looked it up and believe it or not the I. Think the last one left right now is Dr Bobby Brown, who played for the Yankees. Just short because we got to get out of here in a few in a few seconds. Let me just say. Widely, fordism all time greats greatest Yankees starting pitcher of them. All had the consecutive scoreless innings streak. In world series. It the world series, consecutive scoreless inning streak like thirty three innings and I believe this the record he beat Babe Ruth's, and he was eventually passed a WanNa say by Hershiser in eighty-eight. Garrett Cole they broke the bank to take to to get Garrett Cole three, hundred, twenty, four, million over nine years for games like this game five tonight the Yankees and. He needs to pull a Whitey Ford tonight and earned that money. Or. COULD ALL BE or it could all end for the Yankees tonight also for the Lakers who may be sitting on championship seventeen?

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