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There's no bad guy come Jay I knew what his Friday and Saturday nights were like it was a thing of legend he did nothing he stayed home and he watched tapes of Russians training and wrestling the Russians predominantly in wrestling win more Olympic and world medals than anybody else why point that out for you offi furniture out of the way so they can slow a tape down and rewind it and work on and defenses to a single leg attack point being when you have roles that high sometimes it is very hard to ever stop having those goals and when you don't see a clear trajectory to the gold belt in this case is easier nothing short of spectacular he wanted to be the Olympic champion I went to the University of Oregon I was out of college when Ben was coming through his running uh-huh out I've seen guys very real thing I respect it they short themselves opportunity short themselves memories they short which is a major fake out because it was a month ago we were swimming in pools it was so warm it is very beautiful day I am grateful for that but but generally that is step number one and that's how I interpreted it so I'm GonNa put my two cents in been aspirins goals as an athlete from the time he was a little boy have been the sky is bright blue there is not a cloud in sight so what do I do I put on a t-shirt like a reasonable person I walk outside look at your window to try to gauge what you should put on for the day so I look out the window it's beautiful I mean the sun is Coming Down James Day and thank you for joining another special episode of you're welcome I will tell you guys I was faked out this morning to the highest of levels tell me if this has happened to you it is so cold in Oregon it's like thirty eight degrees I go get in my car I can't even drive because I can't see out the windshield so I turned my wipers on you got plenty more left than you're using your way into this and you had ten years undefeated and now you've got three months of a rough spot willow or do they are looking for is to see which way the wind blows in terms of response do the masses come out and so what will don't even talk that way Zolfo career but it's what they WANNA do they're not just to have a match they're not there just to show up it'd be one of the guys it's a different mindset I respect it go back inside change my clothes jacket which is hard to find but I did find one at any rate I also caught some news this came yesterday but Ben Aspirin had gone on Air WanNa show instead you know after this loss of my I'm going to consider retirement and there's a few things at play there generally when somebody starts talking about retirement the first thing that on his first day the former champion the number five right guy in the world that's Robbie lawler standard across from him on his first day at work how many of you on your first day at work wrestling fans but the point that he's studying technique he's calling his brother on the phone they're working on the two everybody's out at the bar everybody's out having a good time him and his little brother Max on the living room moving the wouldn't a championship a Grand Prix a million dollars Oh and by the way they had met up I point that out because to make believe in any walk of life that been aspirin from sitting at your desk too long but it's different it is different than staying in combat if that's not what you WanNa do now I do have a different that's the mental side I have a different assessment Alvarez once you get your feet wet and you get the hang of things just how far you can go so he gets del Robbie lawler it from the bottom of the pile for sure he'd walk in there with Robbie lawler your first time in the US sucks your first time in belot or your first heart rate up sweat dripping fight so to look at yourself from a physical standpoint in there with those three trained it does or as the wipers are getting drawn kloss ice my whole windshield was frozen so at some point it dipped below thirty two degrees good for Muslim but not bad for whoever the opponent would be that shot would have knocked out a donkey nobody could take that shot and it landed right on the okay take that all clas- killers getting a mixed result and fairness one the first one I'm throwing the second one out lost the it's a pretty mixed bag and to think that this line of work look this isn't like being an insurance salesman okay where you go in and I kind of like to get out but you don't you hang in there another three years and yet maybe you've got some lower back pain what world class is just historically not true that is fiction that is hater talk and you get to do that as a fan I want it correct you if you did do it it's part of being a fan there okay well he found a way through that won his second day I think you have to throw that out in fairness don't you can we all at least agree that just just take that off the board aspirin from a physical side k. he was thrown into the wolves don't forget at the same night that he lost the Maya overrun another network there's Douglas Lima that one off the board Oh by the way the guy who happened to throw the shot Mazda all is getting ready to headline Madison Square Garden so once again not as though anybody did him any favor you buy the ticket you could cheer or do anything you want I will just share with you that it would still not be accurate then ask for induction into the UFC he was it does not sleep very much he got his hand and stuff you guys don't even know about he's involved in Crypto currency and Light Coin Benz doing stuff that you don't even know about coaching basically it's time to go is inaccurate by then that would be an accurate mentally if you want to do something else Benz got a lot of options is very busy guy the he's been in there that's just a hard night out no way around it and by the way it was a really great fight I mean it was a really really good crazy scrambling I'm in one it's not unique just to the your first time in a new organization ask Eddie Alvarez it's just it's a rough one it just is but then asked fight Robbie lawler at least relate to that your first day in the office there's lawler's not wearing a tee shirt and has a mouthpiece then what's going on tired of seeing what other people thought so give me your thoughts don't forget you don't always have to be a jerk about it you know what really bothers me having to drive myself all over so I mean he's he's got options physically if he wants to go on yeah and I don't even really know that there's a whole lot to work on I think he could show up the same as he up Saturday he'll get mixed bag they'll be some really good wins in there and they'll gonNA be some rear naked choke slipped into them walk up to the sport but that's why all in one place electrical plumbing contracting manufacturing don't sweat it Zoro has you covered Zoro dot com has tools and equipment and any order over fifty bucks and just for listeners of this show visit Zoro dot com slash shale sign up for email and you will get fifteen percent off your first order again that Zoro dot com slash jail for fifteen percent off your first safety and office supplies and cleaning devices and more from brands that you trust like Stanley three Milwaukee Snyder rubbermaid just to name a few Zorro Oh dot com guys at spell Zeo and it is where you're gonna find everything you need for any business of any size and almost any industry dot com offers amazing customer service from real people right here in the US and you're gonNA love the free and fast shipping for Astle well my guys at Zoro Dot Com are here to make it easy for all of us because you can get everything you need in one place zone first and then he ends up there with Maya that's just a hard fight asked me I've been in there with my ask Anderson Silva he's been in there with Maya as Tyron so you know what that's a that's a good idea I was kind of I was going to bring that up to you but since you brought it up yeah we're on the same page and you go well you know like I said and they go ahead and retired orders Zoro dot com slash shale get it all in one place well well well look who's back my old friend percents on aspirins comments I do believe that I am right that that was kind of his way of testing the waters see what other people thought I'm thinking about own just to get office supplies as a world class fighter and sports personality there's no reason I should be able to do everything I need without all the now but the public on the edge and I hate being on the public side about seventy four percent of early betters are on the as but is not only a kids club coaches college guys with a world and Olympic dreams I mean he's busy oh by the way gets his own train has a fight career ready sat out for three years and only one time that is what the rule book says however that's not what his performance against Anthony Perish showed us so I'm stuck be a three round fight and I think that would be better for George now I only based it's I'm not even basic skills Dave I'm basing that on history says Nate Diaz should not be mason man I gotta get right into it with you we got the B. M. title it's going down this week it's at Madison Square Garden it's Mazal versus Nate Diaz you gotTa tell me how you because you're speaking for me I'm stuck in that same spot man I I can't form my own opinion I do kind of go back and forth I think you have two different fights if it wasn't needed to rest his body rest as mine redo this is almost like a different guy that doesn't have you don't get better at something by not doing it but I've never seen him look so good the only one that's ever been non stop with the ad once by Josh Thompson years ago so there's going to be a good one dave I really appreciate that analysis on the I dislike I mean they're styled are made for each other right they're just they're just gonNA come forward a bang it out and you know neither guys get either guys it's going to be a slug fest to the big bad ass in the sport without a doubt The way I see it I think you know we I like the plot US money on the only the truth I we opened this kinda coined by minus one ten and we let the money thick date whereas GonNa go and some money came in on Mazza down the I've went up I'm stuck in the what the Hell's going on here that was arresting as the beat the Hell Outta Pettus then how good is this going to be maybe that three years is exactly what he that's my side as of now we're going to wait to see how those odds move I think of it the you're mad at pick the sharper actions is going to be on massive Adele we actually went up a little bit too high last week in the minus two Oh five mas with L. We got hit by very respected better on the plus one seventy so we dropped it back event let me tell you what I mean by that I think that the fact that it's five rounds is going to help I think this was a three round fight so in any way you want to do but not a main of it alb- cardio that's just not true either so it really is one of these fights where we just kind of see it Dave we just we just have to see these guys fight let me ask you this one call you might have a point but then he comes out looking great and you know sure there's that thing's called Ring rush-right but on the flip side dudes rested and he's been in so many fights what happens is these guys suck all the air out of the room and the truth is this whole hard is stacked or you guys take an action anywhere else it's not the best in my opinion I can't wait where I can actually post interesting props you know our props I'm going to post them interesting crops here confront me with reality which says okay we'll tell me a time that Mazda I'll ever faded maybe is known for his cardio but to make believe that Mazda doesn't have eh I'm leaning when I tell you I like the as in the later rounds because we know what a cardio machine he is that does get offset if you were it's GonNa be all over the world so the author of the move there so you know it's going to be a waiting game all about the number at the end of the day but gun behead right now I'm going to take and plus es you know this this is one of those kind of fight that I like where I can't really figure it out to tell you the truth I can't figure out a fight and I get lost money on a guy that's my guy are you can I could make a bet on till by example of course he can absolutely not gasoline is a favor minus one ninety five museum Shit Oh man I can't wait that ever ever since I hurt despite what's happening I mean this one really gets my blood going what fight band crapping everything we all know about his diet infants whereas Diet and how he he and his brother take care of themselves in the triathletes and always working out monster cardio too cetera thing be a mess titles involved you're now the rock himself is getting involved and going to put the belt around the waist really caught on but one of the things that happened when I think he's a to even I don't I don't think you go over I think most people are going to bet that he goes over to the number or back not under following if he was to get announced as the next opponent for John Jones do you give him a chance by example does the book start at five to one or is he a little tighter gone interview over under two and a half I to bleed the as linus one eighty favorite I don't know if he wants to be a favourite and that and we'll be as land we're going to be rooting for John j-o-h-n that night so conservatively I you know shoot we'd open hand and we're going to open up this week probably mining the public just takes those big dogs in these fights whether ray it's is gonNA be plus three hundred plus four hundred plus five hundred on up so we'll open lower than we think it's better to open lower on those John Jones type of fights in the open higher because actress Oh yeah you're absolutely right and he just looked so damn good against pettit that give me the money man give me that plus for it now you know I start things I mean the thing with John Jones flights in any kinda heavy favorite like that the public to be on the dog so you can open them a lot more concerned it's something Jones Roy hasn't seen it at two Oh five right a big dude so I think that's GonNa be interesting well not stockton slaps so we're going to have to prop sort of big fight oh I love it hey and you know what the hardest one there for some of those I know the answer that's easy money two and a half on the the WHO has the man has yet if I'm just with a coin who went I've taken oray but when I get plus money plus one forty plus one forty five whatever price the USC whenever John Jones fights we get the roof form because everybody's on the dog shore and I'm guessing by your tone but just clarify for me it'd be winus one eighty two over two and a half under minus one eighty so if he goes over to an African get plus money hey a little bit random but if dominic ray is who I trust your a hero right now I know the little lady in Iowa won't know who the hell he is but the hardcore fan does and he's undefeated and he's younger there's something to be said for that in sports fan and to be in on the Act Online dot ag awesome you are the man thank you thank you so much good catching up all right guys Dave Mason Better Line DOT AG so we'll probably open about minus four hundred minus four fifty right around there it could go down just GonNa ahead what are you talking about real percentages on except for your resolve Kinda like you said just could read you rejuvenate them and and keeps care of his body and so it's not out there you know Yup it's it's one of the guys I think he's fought in a while even though Jon Benet Jon had a spirit tough battles last fight with that bruiser and one of the greatest to ever stepped between the ropes jerry the king lawler having any other way joined the king and his Co host Sean reading is the get together to reflect on Friday on apple podcasts and podcast one and if you love the show tell your friends and leave a rating and review now back to your wealth of you know I could say hey it's it's minus eight hundred but no one's GonNa take that at nine hundred and everybody's GonNa Take The plus six hundred so you're gonNA run up a big red figure on that and we all four major sports in incessant right now 'cause football great USB card this weekend Breeders Cup I mean it it's it's a fun time of year to be sounds like you Dave Mason just the human being you think race has a bit of a chance everybody can get a chance I guess but I just think it's length is is length that is free by the way I know that's a sponsor for the show and I plug it with that is truly a free account if you want it to be you you can also monetize your account and they will give you a fifty percents bonus just use the Promo Code podcast one that's up to you but getting that insight to knowledgeable guy and I call him a knowledgeable guy because he's one of the press conference in Russia nobody knows one if he's serious I mean congressman saying so much you don't for sure even know if it's happening to big question who's who's press conferences series legendary career from Memphis the wwe to just about everywhere else ask you one question who's the greatest in the world down the new episodes of Jerry lawler show every come with jail Sunan meanwhile conor McGregor is locked down in a hotel in Russia so are you going to fall on this story let's start at the beginning like you're not connor announces pry after I get off the horn with you will be as slip off massive at all as you're going to be three hundred the as drops in the post flight finish I think they have a combined how many fight forty some fights in the USA Today you're thirty some fights in the USA and and forty one of the US he even dropped a I'm going to be fighting January fourteenth Las Vegas gives a little couple of clues their tone it was unnamed but speculation absolutely right and probably with our head office guy the other day you use US Navy as now I'm pro the so we always we always have arguments it did you have this a fight media sports press conference or is this for the whisky brand which by the way getting ready to launch and Russia money where his mouth if this is your welcome with jail Sunan pro wrestling vans listen. Wwe Hall of Famer aside from the fact that you have connor and cowboy there's just something there connor goes out and he's answering questions right it's a media day oh behind an alcohol brand notice coors light that may sound silly but from a marketing standpoint if you get the power of cores versus the power proper twelve you have something started to rise that I it was Donald Surani Don Donald cerrone who was leading the pack makes a lot of for a couple of reasons that makes a Lotta sense one is because Donald is also but the way the camera was set it was just on connor there was no camera behind connor to then show the audience but when the audience got involved and they did get involved that's basically a Q. and A. Except it's not fans it's media but I guess fans were allowed into the event I say I guess because I watched it well it turned out it was the whiskey okay great would have caught her wants attention for whiskey than Carney's attention for Carter and Connor's best known as a fighter great so we have some fight talk the history of favor the younger guy for so long that was John the youngest champion of all time times past and now he's got an opponent this younger than him I just think there's a dialogue there that could move the line somehow gets surrounded by a bunch of thugs from Dagestan now when I say that I am actually quoting an article from bloody elbow when they said thugs from Dagestan we fight and you don't give them enough respect Cetera et cetera and that was that what he was saying before the Pettit way out right three years off at Blah Blah Blah to the fact that Carter got an a shouting match of sorts with the gentleman that was never clear to me if he was Dagestani specifically a Russian specifically but he was in Russia and he was upset about flying buying connor slips out of the way and connor standing his ground connor somehow ends up back at the hotel in Moscow and the hotel thanks Connor said about Dagestan which happens to be where it can be from which is why that region gets worked into the story so the guy picks up a bottle nobody got hurt but I do have a bigger concern as it pertains to connor because one of the things that connor had said in that press conference point because connor even even telegraphs isn't says to the very nice don't throw that bottle so guy must have acted like he was gonNA throw the guy did throw it one second later a bottle let's is I don't love what you guys are doing you guys were using my face and put it on national brands of chicken they had seen I think 'cause he saw with got obviously and dozens of games and help run that first bite so I don't know you know it interesting to try to call me a chicken but you also did a business wise to sell your product and I didn't get anything for that and that's not right but now I'm left to believe that they're right on where the guys are even from what is what is the lynch mob show up and by the way they're holding their driver's license so you get to know where they're from so don't call me a chicken okay connor I got a problem with that I have a problem with that because you don't need to flex that is dirty pool but he went further on the subject of chicken to say here I am so who's the chicken now here I stand before you in Moscow alone take back on plus one seventy sharper action is on gassing on this car is awesome and I can't wait one of the best cars of the year I five hundred maybe even a little lower minus four hundred and see what happens but you know like I said open those Johns Jones five that's a good thing about booking get minded six hundred ninety seven hundred ten opener wall but at lower than it should be all right let's see where that goes and I I tend to think the public we're going to bring that a little closer this dominant raises a bit of a if I am the spokesman even if I'm the one being teased if I am literally the face you're using to sell your poultry I get a cut what he's right that I'm into the drama of at all I'm into nobody got hurt and so we've got something to talk about and even if it's a little bit more rugged in a little more guerrilla title already the article and you're also left to try to decide what does that mean folks was there five guys was there to was there twenty I mean in percent it's twelve percent but it's no more of the pie it's a little piece don't live your life that way that kids do not walk around thank you have to put yourself in jeopardy that you need to put yourself in a region and then challenge them and then have a hotel lockdown walkout me and I'm not so I'm going to step up there's a piece of that here I get that but that in the pie is one little slice it's bravery but aside from that in his chosen profession none of us need to walk around improve our bravery by doing something stupid don't mistake showing bravado with being dumb I don't have a tremendous problem that he went to Russia to launch his whisky brand I don't I also don't think he was tremendously necessary why is him having boots on the ground knowing another part of life you're going to be insulted did the guy physically touch you know the the right to defend yourself cannot be invoked turn the other cheek walkaway face them and pound yourself on the don't live life that way it's a little piece of the sport we all had to do it when we were kids but once we graduate high school that kids where the tough guy business or sometimes you go and do tough things we're still a society here that's confined to the cage I did not like that he to show bravado thought he needed to go break into the that's kid stuff that's a little kid stuff once you become an adult and if you're on the fight game yeah there's GonNa be some call outs that go back to playground rules and you're scared late center and throw weapons at a bus full of people to get to read I don't like that group mentality I don't like the mob mentality that he had a bunch of old guy at a bar because the guy insulted hey that's it the guy can get a license give them a license get him in the cage that's how this works be as rough and tumble as you want but reserving for the gauge other than that off is gone we open a new chapter and I stayed on kind of a sobering note because I don't want to be in a bad situation because he thinks he has proved his bravery connery as Congress he's not one having somebody throw a bottle at him stain they're going to hotel getting surrounded it's no way to live life should not particularly when you're already tough-guy respected tough-guy notable tough guy and they shut the hotel lockdown not just to connor they locked nobody could come or leave the police deal with this issue I'm into the whole story see what happens is there anything else to get off your chest Oh man what do I start personal stuff or what do you WanNa get into you want to tell secrets legal counsel happy a happy life that would be my advice to guys since we talked last all hell broke loose with Nate Diaz use the UFC the title the Madison Square Garden the purview the any way you want to name it all broke loose and I've talked about this on youtube but I have not talked to a specifically about you guys and I think it would be irresponsible to at least not means my statement that I made with no evidence that he was not guilty turned out that I was right on that he wasn't guilty he then says not enough publicly apologize is and do it twice now I don't I I don't know why they had to apologize twice I don't know but that's what include that they had a possible couple of angles to go maybe the meat that he took off the board maybe a supplement which he took off the board he took his own defenses away goes no further I don't eat meat so don't think I'm GonNa come to you with this tainted meat thing I don't take illegal drugs so don't think I'm going to come to you with that they told me do they did stay in the office later they did reopen the lab after hours they did pay the money and bring it better experts and they did clear him I becoming to New York for anything to do with fight week that he has been notified from USA that he had an irregularity on test they will look into it get everything I just told you is all DEA said I summarize that was not a quote verbatim I'm right there so we are left to connect all the playing in the circumstantial game here and I'm telling you from a guy who was on the other side of the tracks I'm telling you from a guy who did do it all and was looking working overtime but you're getting this figured out and you're gonNA figure it out tonight and unless you do I'm out Whoa Whoa what just happened here now guys don't but I do have to remind you the only one that brought us to the public's attention and the only one that may be put you even a little tiny bit of a bad like was you you're the one demanded not only are you gonNA pause politics twice now I kind of would've liked to have grabbed eight and go hey nate I get the public apology I get clear in your name by the way the few supplements that I do take get from whole foods and are as trusted as anything that has ever been sold so you get your ass back into the lab somebody include that he had been notified by Asada we are left to conclude that Assad had not come to a resolution but that they were going to go look into something and we were favor that never needed to be stated that's just not WanNa guilty guy does now that is not evidence that he is innocent it's not but it's not what a guilty guy does so if we're all we're all just an apology twice of other people and you got it which once again makes you unintentionally the smartest guy in the room so I'm for an excuse that somebody would buy that what nate did is not what a guilty guy does it's just not time went on they did do just what the Senate nobody else said it nobody made it public did not do this Dana did it do you have seen did it do this you made it public I feel if somebody trouble but they still have science and they still have a test and they still have to be objective and they have to show integrity to that test so they did they did what they did but nate no absolutely not this Oh guys let's talk about did this how did Nate D. as in the beef with USA and the apology times too I'll give him due process they will work with him to get to the bottom of it they are not accusing the test says what the test says that's how I saw very polite they're very reasonable they get a bad rap they're very there's only so many options that you can do for marketing and advertising this is organic this happened on accident this was real this was not paid for this had said this about you just in-kind if they did it on social media than in-kind through social media they would need to apologize make it right but you're the one that did it and then you demand I have no idea what's going on the United States Anti Doping Agency did not put out a statement that you have not put out a statement before or after we only have what nate said so we are left to you can go to digital you could see billboards newspaper yellow pages ah mail things out to a selected area the company will come out and go you can't pay for that kind of advertising that's really true in the world of marketing and advertising that you only have so many options you could go to TV is that going to help the fight yeah it is it wasn't a marketing point the best the best marketing is organic you'll hear the expression in March senator chill how do those statements work allow me explain nick the as did not show up to a press conference for a world title fight and by the way this hold up on their expense their outlets checkbook when they don't have anybody to talk to imagine that that's what you call a phone interview okay not meant to go into this was covered by everybody I still remember the day that Nick Diaz ended up on Sports Center Nick Diaz has never been on sports conference was supposed to be so big most press conference you've got everybody on the main cards up there some of them they'll bring in and they'll cover five cards at once you got twenty people up there this the press conference everybody has to be there Nick no-shows at Dana so mad he calls on Speaker Cesar Gracie Knicks handler coach manager mental right between Nick and George was so big in the scheduled a press conference three people were invited Nick George with Dana in the middle so pretty fair question by Dana well the empty chair we're Nicholas supposed to be sitting made for such incredible and thirty three percents of set press conference doesn't show up imagine how happy the boss that paid for all is going to be imagine how happy in willing to media that business tough to do business with secondly if I can't trust you to show up to a press conference you said you'd be at how can I trust that you'll show up on fight night how theater sportscenter put it on a UFC couldn't even get on ESPN back then could not do it to people could get on ESPN at that time Dana White you can count on him and Dana Goes Yeah I'm gambling man I see the numbers let's let's do it and it worked out it's unintentional does he get credit for being a marketing genius for talks to him on speaker for everybody here where everybody knows I did my job I did my part I got I got stiffed here Caesar takes call so Dana's so mad and brock listener sports that are put an empty chair because it told such an incredible story all of a sudden that fight the analytics are now oh now is a marketing genius well you you decide you tell me I don't think that's a it was just roll the dice that he does show up because businesses looking pretty good and by the way he skipped 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made for anyone who hikes fishes camps does anything outdoors if you live in Oregon like me this is the perfect genes for you wrangler almost double what that fight was projected to do with Nick de as refusing to do media every because Hey dan you gotta ride this one out man you're a gambling man jails Sunan now back to your welcome with jail son Francis Donald came out and Francis E G it is a new line from Wrangler at g by Wrangler is the best of both worlds all the things you love from wrangler now with high Daniel Cormier had his first loss it was to John Jones and we were working together at Fox and Steve Yeah I know this pain and I need to feel this pain I need to sit here at my house would nobody around and yes I'm depressed but I you want to do that if I could just ask one question he need I just need to know why why to apologize I am genuinely interested why why is it got to be this is legit. He's thinking of canceling the fight it his argument is to punish Nick for Nick not showing his argument is you're not going to help sell the fight and win the fight to all the A T G by wrangler style that's wrangler dot com slash shale wrangler where with abandoned you're listening to your welcome with Gano had said I hate to lose what I needed to lose too steep to prepare myself for the title now to prepare myself for the title now nine years so it was it was different and he could isolate and he could identify and he did know exactly how are we responded each one of the need to be I need this pain 'cause I know what it does to me when I come out the other side of it and Becker accepted that he didn't like it but he accepted it and but he was able to pinpoint a lot of that motivate in motivation which he needed at that time to recapture and reclaim to a pain acker was the director of the show and Cormie quit coming in for work he didn't show up for like three weeks and Bekker's calling him Beker said hey you gotta get in here got work to do and he was a coach in an athlete will always be their own best coach and athlete that's great we'll never coach themselves they'll always have a coach but an athlete will always I heard that and it's a nice little band aid to put on their way to move onto the next step in a lot of times you need that a Lotta Times you got to move onto the next up there will be times as an athlete you us lie to yourself as a way of preparing yourself so there's a Lotta things that happened there but when I saw Ronald say that that was on the underground saw the kids and he wasn't an hurry to make that pain go away like most people hey new day that alarm goes off you get up and you answer the bell face the world good advice he knew himself here's the question is that a reality or is that something that guys just say you probably heard it before I was losing losing was the best thing that ever happened to me probably and we're talking about this this is where this came up and a lot of them were saying that it was nothing more than him just trying to tell himself that while I don't know I will share a story with you but it was an arena in a different promotion in a foreign land that was happy that he walked in a parked his ass on a seat Lebron James Lebron loses a year that's generally the reality tiger woods gets beat all the time okay for Cormet he'd lost like five times point to it as one that's been overlooked particularly what it does have tidal implications and whether their immediate or down the road a bit they've got implications by the way you're very topical right now even if it's for reasons you don't want it to be people want to hear from you and I have the right to you which means I have the rights to that footage you gotta get Corey Anderson can only be ignored for so long Johnnie Walker is one of the hottest things on two feet I was in a bill to put this in perspective for you on this Johnny Walker turned out to be a very true thing cormie new himself he'd only lost a handful of times right most of us can't even relate to that hey how do you respond after loss again the real thing there maybe he was getting too big for his britches maybe that's spotlight came a little bit too bright and a little bit too fast maybe and maybe he needed to be humbled I was in a building with Johnnie Walker in England three months ago for Bella Tore Johnny was either there to watch or he was supporting somebody maybe at a teammate is all the time who had to respond after loss get beat all the time I mean that's us that's usually sports would it matter if you're playing baseball or you're playing football or basketball no matter I think that's a pretty good focus group guys so Corey Anderson came out and he was talking about this fight and he's very honest and open he said very inconvenient for the kids on the ground that are debating this as it pertained to Ghana's statement maybe it's something you just say but maybe it's not maybe block something from your bubble did it happen it just did not happen take it off the board you're laying in bed at night you think about your career thinking about some of your expensive they're something you have to just throw that just didn't happen let's see told me I need to become a needle mover before I can get bigger fights and he goes that's a little bit of a problem because I'm just not that Guy I'm to get hungry again maybe that's how I interpreted I thought it was meaningful and I thought you'd appreciate the story one of the big fights it's going to go down this weekend that I feel is being under be their best co they they know they know and he took control and he took charge they felt pain but motivated him and he knew that it would so I offer you that story Oh setbacks I say that because he wanted to become a world champion he left the SP became champ champ became world champion of a whole different way climbing he did some remarkable things agree with corey tremendously on his assessment of himself my first experience with Corey Anderson was through the ultimate fighter and the ultimate fighter I was sitting at home I'm on my couch I don't know all I know is when he came in people started pulling out their cell phones the crowd it was his big thing that's a microcosm that's one arena watching this guy he was very charismatic he definitely stood out his interviews definitely stood out then he had the skills to back it up and then I found out he was the joke charisma the can captivate and always has fun things to say there's another road at another path and it's one that Qamar uz men walked work core macy's Becker can't do it he said I'm hurting right now and I know myself and I haven't lost very many times I've had a good athletic crab at lost very many times where he just beat everybody there was nobody left and apparently that's the one I'm going to have to do now I liked that for many reasons I liked it he found an example it's a respect thing I never met Koreans but I feel that I can grab him and tell him that I don't agree with this assessment I like that hold the story oh I guess what I got good news for you we like the story so guys I'm just about to get out of here my producer taking hard fights I like that he's getting there with Walker I liked that it's at Madison Square Garden I like that he came out and shared the story with the is I see Corey Anderson get off track I want to grab him and shake him I view that I am in a position to do that because I am older than him and we are both wrestler Kamara I don't think you never need to reinvent the wheel the world's been around long enough to find somebody else who's done what you WanNa do and then go copy up I like that but I do slur you know so now I gotta go to cheer for Cheer for the wrestler but he also had things to say that we're very interesting he continues to do that even did a face to face with John Jones found out John Jones was already fought and I had evidence that it didn't work the first time this is Henry stance so he wants to go to one thirty five and he has two opponents that he's interest Earth Ustadz thing whatever happened there I'm good with nate pushing back whatever happened there happened there I'm GonNa if you think it's silly you love it like I do how why that's it I'll decide as viewer if you have a good story if you don't go find another one but this is all promotion is is having a story we cannot say this enough time so he's a good promoter the Johnny Walker versus Corey Anderson and even though that is valued it's still not on the main card and beat on the main card is a very real thing so because it's not on the main card I'm going to UFC little bit of an Owl Snow Job Squad pin me pay me type angle but I was into it and then I liked it he backed it up by I'm not going that path but I have another one is the car Kamar awesome signing that some event he shows up he does a Dojo storm and make sure to catch the whole thing on camera now I'm not I don't want to become an advocate of that kind of guerrilla marketing but the actors though there's me hey make sure you touch on Henry Hula so basically the nuts and bolts of this henry pseudo was doing an interview with Brendan and British shop and vigor reward he's a prizefighter we're going to see Henry at one hundred thirty five pounds that will be my quick cut to the chase on that whether it's against dominant defense against Frankie I do through a hard fight it's going to be a hard night out in a hard training camp and have to cut an extra ten pounds or he doesn't have to cut the ten pounds still trains really hard and has a bigger fight that then has but he's now shorten his list as of yesterday and all the wasn't on when he was talking to Brennan was down to Dominic and also an interest in frankie the he just said look they want me to fight benefit us at one twenty five Bellavia has beaten me in the past and I understand that I o b this a fight well Dana stepped in and said look it's better Vitas I'm not taking us from Benedetto's as a matter of fact I'm giving benefits I can't make Henry fight him I can only offer the fight but I two belts I have two Kingdoms and in fairness I'm GonNa go to whatever fight is biggest and as I see it that's not I can only tell them this is my wish he can tell me doesn't want to do it if he does that fine but I take the bell you do to avoid the number one contender in this business so I'll take the question is what do you do with Bellavia well I don't know that I have are I apologize what do you do with Henry Pertains to one hundred twenty five pounds when Ben Evita's dead and a further my evidence it's a rematch most people don't know it's a rematch because most people didn't care in the first fight so you want me to find a guy who strap that's a big deal that's a really big deal this champ champ thing is very real and champ champ champ when you work the Olympic J it's a big deal but as a big enough to have henry go in there was talk that one hundred twenty five pounds was go away completely Dana was asked about

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