Breakfast vs Lunch vs Dinner


And, welcome to win food meets funny. This is the full day last podcast I'm your host Brian Durkin and on this episode. We got something pretty exciting to get into. We're debating breakfast versus launch versus dinner. It's GonNa be epic, so let's get into it. You want to have a great time you. While you don. half-and-half. Belly laughs. Are. We did the theme music. We did the mini and Tro. It's time to set the stage and let you know what to expect on the show. If you were a longtime listener, consistent listener, thank you so much. This part doesn't necessarily apply to you, but. Still some cool nuggets scenario Trimegah just fun as possible. If your new listener, thank you for clicking and check this out I'm just gonNA. Give you rundown on what to expect on the show. This is like the table of contents outline if you will. For an episode of last podcast, so we'RE GONNA SHOUT OUT! A fubo laughs supporter. We're going to dive into a social media poll that I did on facebook, regarding breakfast versus lunch versus dinner I'll sprinkle in my thoughts on the topic as I go through the members of the fabulous nation what they said on this pressing matter and yeah, we'll also dive into. Bias this week, we alternate between foul season biases. and. It's a fun segment learning to sell something about like. How can leverage it for comedy? How Charlatans Leverage it to you know tricks and stuff like that, and then we'll also do a little FBI recommendation. Let you know about content. Creator we think is worth a consideration. Also wrap up the food holidays next week highlights from the ones. We talked about full day last that calm and then we're going to close out with a game and a really fun game and keep it going like we did last week with a very new. Web Game. That's full blast dot com show. Hear all about that later so. There you go, that's you have to look forward to because here. Last Man. We try to bring together. You know we try to create that Dinner Party vibe. That Board Game Nyah vibe where it's like. It's just US hanging with friendly people and we're just going to be grub them. We're going to be goofy and we're going to be game and is going to be a good time. You know we WANNA. Break bread together. Play together, laugh together. All that fun stuff that way you know. We can just keep the dark forces obey keep growing. Learn empathize all that jazz. You know it's not just party time for the party time. You just want to get to know each other and get the north neighbors. You know what I mean so. That's why we're putting this party on, you know. In general I don't really point this out too much, but. Full by lasts like a no politics zoom now does by laughs have opinions on different political issues? He of course does and I do personally but. Try to keep full. As like. A. Sanctuary from your news feed. You know what I mean I can fall guilty to that and see what's going on in the world. Get caught up in the sadness and the important issues and stuff, but it's tough. It's tough sometimes to pull yourself away from the, and it's important sometimes a disconnect and you know. Allow yourself a breather from all that stuff. That's fully. Tries to be for everybody so if you're like hey, why hasn't full boy last? Said anything about what's going on. That's what. because. It's not really political by nature, but you can. You can follow me at Dirk. Bryan find out what I think about what's happening in the world if you're so curious all right so. Without further ado, let's get to our shout out for a supporter I. WanNa Give James From Cincinnati Ohio shoutout. This is He's just a great dude, and he's an excellent communicator writer. Creator he's a Nerdy Guy, knows a lot about a bunch of different nerdy things and. He comments on the polls man. He comes in and out on the polls that we do for the show. We'll try to shout out his answers WanNa Akin, and yeah, he's just a good supporter of me and full by laughs, and I wanted to give him some praise, so thank you. James From Cincinnati Ohio for answering the polls in just contributing to the whole nation so with that, let's take a quick pause, and then we'll jump right into that social media poll. Do you believe something is true, but you're having trouble proving it. Introducing you to this platform is where millions of people every day upload their thoughts. What makes it better than a blog is that it's video. Rating is boring, plus video is more compelling on Swain your audience, if you have a crazy idea or belief, but feel alone in your conspiracy I mean con-. Conclusion fear, not my friend. Because someone on Youtube has made a quote, documentary and documentary. We'll unequivocally support your point of view, so it's not listening to science and other people. It's time to double down yourself with you. All righty fan. We're getting into it. We're going to do it. Social Media poll time. That's what's happening on facebook I asked. which meal of the day is your favorite and why? Didn't specifically ask breakfast versus lunch versus dinner I noticed a title episode, but. You know I like. I like the big font on. FACEBOOK WANNA. Ask A. Question, you know I want the people to know what's what's going down and that wasn't really fit in character. Wise so for transparency there. So the question I asked is which meal of the day is your favorite? And why so let get into it? We Got Mike from fairmount in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania was Mike, he says. Lunch because it can be anything you want. Plus it tends to turn steeples of other meals into sandwiches. I like remind heads at here. You know you eat something for dinner. Got Some leftover meets and stuff. You can. You can slap on some Breguet Yourself A. You know what I mean. And you don't have if you're not a meat person. That's Fine Ale, the meat for dinner. You don't have that left now. You can have a Broccoli Poggi. You know what I mean. 'cause. You didn't finish your steamed Broccoli that you had you finish the potatoes in me, 'cause You're that person? But you could you could. You could make a Broccoli Panini or something you know, just live it up lunch. The possibilities are limited to what food you have left according to Michael Steele Hatay out approach, but is a good approach. You shouldn't waste. Feel that and yeah. When I'm moving and grooving and I'm home for while I, Cook a big dinner with the purpose of having leftovers, so I can have leftovers for lunch, so launches Connolly's basically the easiest meal for me to eat and the cheapest, so feel that thank you mike for Sharing. Your thoughts. We have Caitlin from havertown. Pennsylvania, which is up Caitlin. She says depends favorite to eat out is lunch I love a good sandwich and never execute will while my own sometimes, too many random ingredients evolved, but. Meal of the day dinner either home cooked or out. For starters. Love the way Kaelin approached this question. Love how she has a favorite meal that she eats out just a favorite meal in general and. Yeah I agree with Caitlin. That launch is probably the best meal to eat out. Dinner feels great tube like a home cooked meal feels like a like a dinner. You know with family and stuff and you know there's a dog and a white picket fence and all that jazz. An it's just comforting, you know. You don't get comfort from lunch per. Se, you know usually get sadness of its by yourself. You're in like a steel cafeteria. Nobody sits at your lunch table. You don't even like your job you know, and that's why eating lunch. House baller stuck. In your corporate office, you're probably in a suit, wheeling and dealing ming-kun Business Happen. That's what launch is all about your at the local Bistro and you're just. You're just talking to the waiter. How you just feel like someone would in you know the wolf of Wall Street Yours Yours balling. And that's what that's what he can do. You know you you in the gals. Go get a couple of cocktails lunch. Who Cares about that? Three o'clock meeting? Whatever it's Friday, you know as the power of a watch out, and I feel that you know also the sun is is papa and might be outside. It's pretty. Caitlyn thank you so much for that. Insight does very cool. We Got James From Cincinnati Ohio. He's back day. Michelle earlier, he's in this poll. Love it James From Cincinnati. What are you going to say which everyone I get to actually eat? Yeah eating. Great not going to deny that you know. I've said this before. If you like staying alive, you're gonNA love eating food. You know because it's going to help you accomplish that thing that you enjoy which is living and breathing an existing so? Yeah with James. You have a hectic schedule where like? He's on how to skip dinner or not. Have the dinner you wanted Rieti skip launch because you're working overtime or you woke up late and you'd have breakfast. Whatever that meal is you know? It's GonNa be really satisfied. It's like when you wait too long to tinkle. You know and you finally get that that comfort that release. That's that's the power of fasting. You know intentional or not for sure so James From Cincinnati. Thank you so much for that comment. WE HAVE ALEX for Magnolia New Jersey Up Alex. he says my favorite meal of the day is the one I'm eating at that moment because food. very similar sentiments here to. James from Cincinnati and I think. You know he's really channel and some dust here. You know what I mean it's. It's all about the food and the present time. Don't don't ponder your past food. You know be here now with your current meal. You know what I mean. That's the purpose of life and. You're just going to cause yourself Dharma and pain, and you're gonNA. Get away from Nevada and all that stuff. If you concentrate too much on the double decker waffle tower of chocolate, you had for breakfast. You know you need to be here now. With your cold oatmeal in the steel cafeteria and just enjoy it forever. A out of flavored has because you know that's why it doesn't taste the game because you're not concentrating on, be good to do as the power that you need to harness right there. An Alex knows that so thank you, Alex Point that adds very important spiritual message that. I hope people get even though I can't always pronounce my words correctly. Okay! We Got Curtis from Chester Pennsylvania is up curtis. He says dinner because it's the only meal that I eat and I did a little digging. Little Social Media Research, which entails commenting elaborate. And occurs one of the talk about. He's doing the intermittent fasting so good for him. I've done it before I still do it. to some degree I don't necessarily like breakfast, lunch and dinner every day so It's not always easy. Sometimes you know you're hungry and get the best view. Sometimes you the challenge yourself to push through so good on you hurt us for sticking to. It can happen. Yes similar to my tinkle analogy earlier that first meal. Is really going to hit hard if you've been fasting also this question, which is better, breakfast, lunch and dinner really easy to answer if you donate two of them. You know what I mean also kind of indicative of which ones cheeks because if you give up. References and launch and you were just about at dinner person. You know there's your son points right there. So Curtis thanks much. Sharing your perspective and story. Michael from Roxborough Pennsylvania. What is up Michael? He says breakfast hands down now. Think about it. When you have a baller breakfast, it sets you up for a great day. But if you're stuck eating stale pop tarts your day socks also breakfast can be anything as long as you have eggs with. Breakfast is the high point before the most disability meal of the day lunch. Lots of thoughts come from my goal in Roxborough I love it. No hold back digging into his theory. This is a classic. Nation common right here. These are the ones that always make the show. There's so much from the read, and there's so much fun to dissect and think about. Thank you very very much might go for this in-depth answer. Let's see here. Breath it! S It's right. He's not on Curtis schedule at all for sure But Michael, also channeling something. We've kind of learned in this poll. The first meal that you eat very important. Even if you're don't eat, breath is the first meal. Really set you up for success and he is onto something. If your breakfast is really good, it's tough. For lunch and dinner to compete like they have to be exceptional now, ray because breakfasts set the bar so hot. You know the view of it a fantastic breakfast. It could get to the point where maybe you should just faster the rest of the day you know because luncheon dinner could just feel like. Like unwanted movie sequels, you know what I mean. If, you got that baller breakfast. Michael's talking about here. That could just be your weekend at Bernie's. We don't need a second one or even. To buy the script for the third one. You know what I mean like we're good. We got it all at breakfast you know. Eggs, it's funny. Eggs are in so many different things but by themselves they do channel the breakfast energy really hard. You know 'cause you could have something like the Kremlin which is like egg forward, but that's a dessert probably after dinner. You're never having that for your launched I would be insanity And Yeah, there's a lot of baked goods. That have eggs in them, but we don't really talk about it, but yes, almost like eight eggs. You're like Oh. You must have had breakfast food. They never followed up being like yeah. Eight eggs because I had a loofah bread made with eggs in wheat and flour and other. You'd be like your Broadway talk like that. It confuses. Michael from Roxborough thank you so much for your response all right? We got Vicky from northern. Pennsylvania was a Vicky, she says. As long as I am. Eating breakfast foods recall. Here's the breakfast train. As long as I'm eating breakfast foods, any mealtime can be my favor breakfast. All Day is a sign civilized society. Though I feel like somebody might argue that last statement because it sounds very uncivilized. The breakfast is now taking over all mealtimes. The food that's supposed to be relegated to that category taking over the other slots, but you know. I feel our breakfast. Food is incredible. It's super versatile, too. You know it's pretty much. Meals that are associated with breakfast are pretty acceptable to have her like launch. Slash Brunch, or even dinner. You know, but you're like. You know if if for breakfast you had like an open faced roast beef sandwich bat would be like you should commit yourself. Like. That's that's scary. That's like I think there might be an episode about ten Ted Bundy and his DOCU series dedicated to his meal plan. That's. Probably parallels to that order. That is a wild stuff. So, yeah I feel that breakfast is. Transferable. It's like bad blood type. They can give to everybody you know. I don't know what does all right anyway? Thank you Vicki for that answer. Was Super Fun to think about. We got Travis from New York. What is up, Travis, he says. Do you mean which foods associated with that meal? Oh, yeah, that's right. He wasn't clarity I told him to hit me up both ways and then I foolishly not. Look at this ahead of time, gave an answer. He said. He doesn't like want food and he does bring up a good point because we can talked about that with Vickie like talking about breakfast foods or do we just enjoy breakfast, but. let people interpreted how they want. You know but I. Guess It's the time of day. Breakfast transcends all the categories. Guess! Sandwiches feel like a lunch food. Though so there may be some truth that another homes so. Travis and feel your question If you come up with response, let me know. I'll say it on their episode. And then yeah, we have a bunch of other people. Just to wrap up the poll here. People just like breakfast because bacon or don't like breakfast because they do intermittent fasting. or they just love to eat so that like whatever me on eating right now is great. but I want to close with his Greek. Comment from Jim from Hammer town Pennsylvania. What is up Jim, he writes. Would have been better if you ended it. And why is it breakfast now? He's doing the. The trope that I roasted. Gyms, real response, he goes on to say aside from being in my wheelhouse as a chef there is nothing on earth, not even a supermodel going ankles to ears that excites me more than a breakfast buffet. Specifically Shady Maple in Lancaster P. That is quite visual analogy. Jim I gotta hand and see you. We haven't had it for like that in quite some time in the poll, so keep it going through. That ruled. I understand your love wholeheartedly now with the supermodel analogy. And he's right. Breakfast buffets pretty banging. Very very tasty anytime I've traveled an Matt like a decent hotel with like an appetizing breakfast buffet. Game Changer so great way to start my day. The other people have mentioned in this poll and this is exciting to go back to seconds or Taste the rainbow of breakfast because there's so many. Avenues the hit like fruit oatmeal eggs, Bacon pancakes. You know English Muffins the works right. and. You're not always going to have all. That stocked at home saw. Feel feel it and I've never been I know this might sound like blaspheming and there have been shady maple. But I have heard that it is totally epic, and friends of mine have made the journey. You know the drive from Lancaster from Philadelphia. Depending on the time of day is like an hour hours and People have done it just for the preface buffet, so I've heard it's legendary. Problem though now that we're post co VID. I don't know if that's GONNA exist anymore. Breakfast buffets might be like when you watch an old moving. You're like. Wait why is the one character able to walk the other character all the way to the gate and the airport you know. Like, we're going to look at buff facings and old movies and be like. How's all this food open to the public without any protective gear? So we'll see what the future of buffets are, but. Doesn't doesn't look good, but. Vegas is operating as if nothing happened right now. So who knows people love buffets, and they love breakfast, so it might survive. Yeah because I mean. Vegas Casinos Right now. Even though at the time, this recording were joss opening up from shelter in place. They still have like. Girls Dancing on the casino floor. they got facemask, but they're still wearing like a bikini. Know what I mean. It's like okay sure. As necessary end definitely totally say. Sow will say I'm sure they will offer breakfast buffets. thank you. Everyone that wrote in was super. Fun, to talk about and think about and chat about there is a lot of pros and cons to refuse lunch and dinner. You know naming I agree with the sentiments in this poll that. You know. Breakfast foods or probably the best category of foods word interpret the question that way the versatile. They feel acceptable the at any time of the day. They have the range of being like savory or sweet. They can really fill you up. They can really set you up for success, but they can also be like lean. Trying to like Dieter or Accomplish something you know health and nutrition wise. You can make it happen. Somewhere in the realm of breakfast something about like lunches and dinners. The really good ones feel greedier. You know like the best sandwiches reprising night. Good for you, the best dinner's probably you know. For involve murder. You know what I mean so there there. There's some questions there. By a you know what I mean, the the trade off, but which meal of the day is my favorite? And why I would say give him my current schedule because I still do the fast I. Skip Breakfast I'll say dinners my favorite. Because I usually. Eat something, super, simple or basic for launch can keep grooving with the work. I have to do so either. It'd be like a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich were leftovers from the night before, so just like nothing. It's just like fuel snuffing exciting to get the game going. And I'm taking a reverse approach that everyone on this poll, because since I skipped preface, that is my first meal says like. It's like I'm holding. Going to the bathroom, and then when I go I I'm just leading a little bit out. Not even getting the full experience Keep Bat Fund Metaphor Gallon Yet dinners when I let loose, that's when I cook a big meal. You know there might be like sausages or pasta or rice and beans and all fun stuff so. Yeah I guess dinner's the meal I look forward to the most prior like a reward for the day's work by breakfast. Food for dinner is totally broking game changer tastes amazing feels amazing so. There you have it. That's our deep dive into breath versus lunch versus dinner. If you like these types of debates and conversations, and if you WANNA get in on the action, there's two great ways you can do it. One you can join the email list. That real get like notified about upcoming content. You'll get exclusive comedy. Contain your Inbox, and you'll also be the first person to know about what's happening in the future for full day. Laugh like we recently released a Web game We have merch on the horizon. We've created like new online groups. We have daily content. You get to find out about all that stuff and the stuff that you care about I. You know we're not going to bombard your inbox I've worked in digital marketing, so it's all set up. LEGIT will respect. What you want to hear about and all that Jazz That's the main way also. It's just a good way to stay connected to US regardless of what medium you enjoy, maybe you're enjoying the food holidays for awhile accidentally realized podcast. You know someone around the website. Or better yet. You saw the web game found the web game on Google. Discovery this podcast training. After the first time you join the email list, then you just are in the know, and that's just like that great connection with us. If you really care about joining these polls, facebook, get in the facebook group. FACEBOOK DOT com slash groups slash fillets, something like that. It's called the fabulous nation. That's where you WANNA be. Because all discussions will be in there and ray now it's a really tight knit. Good Group of people like if you listen to the show lot, and you hear some of the same names like comment on these polls there in that group, so it's all people that love these types of topics discussing these topics. Enjoy the show and joyful by so it's a group of people and I. Think, you should check it out. It'd be cool so full by last DOT com slash sign up if you WANNA get on the email list facebook dot com slash groups slash full bilious. If you want to get in on our facebook group and with that, let's take agree agree. A brief brief we're we're. And with that, I can't speak anymore. And with that, let's take a quick pause, and then we'll dive into that. Cognitive bias. How My name is Matt and I've worked at those. Love the planes forever we make or all playing a game like dungeons and dragons and the card game like magic gallery. I wanted to thank this time to say that we loan diversely. We give special thanks, women and Trans. People play in our leagues They could've competed. Tournament, Coulter's by welcoming the ladies and Black people we. Knew Black Pitcher on twitter. You know that's that's the we hire people sometimes. We, we basically have a couple. You know we got a couple of black friends and. Needless to say, we will black people, so you know. Yeah we could we keep hiring white beat. But you know. Oh, well just worked out that way and Yeah, you know wiki working with artists that are known racist, but their drawings are neat. You know it's it's part of the flavor of games and you know. We got a card in our game that the ability is basically racist, but. We figured it would be a neat Easter egg for you to realize that it is card. Fourteen eighty eight is the fun part of the game because we know here at dot p. that we are not racist, so can't be racist. That's this how it works. So with Adler just wanted to introduce you to our new major walkers Dick when of conquers the dark forces. You get that right now. All right is our cognitive bias segment of the show. This is where we kind of learn ourselves. Something learn a little bit about ourselves. Our minds work how we can get tricked how we can trigger other people. Sometimes, it's fun for comedy to do a silly bit or sketch. We're like a standup joke. Other times to sway public opinion and to get people to vote against their best interest, that part is kind of duty but cheeks. That's why we like to you know. Take a pause from the silly and. Try to get a little serious because it's fun to talk about breakfast versus lunch versus dinner, but ultimately doesn't really matter. Learning these things and think about these things as matters just a little bit more so. This week we're talking about cognitive bias and we're talking about the cognitive bias. Belief buys now. There's a fantastic website called your bias. Dot is all links in the show notes by ways you can just click there. You don't have to necessarily remember this and type in not promoted in the show so far, and the fantastic website categorizes all these cognitive biases, gives you definitions and examples. And they're fantastic. Support them. They're great. They're the inspiration for this segment, and I'm GonNa read their definition here on the show for the belief bias. So here you go belief bias. If the conclusion supports your existing beliefs y'all rationalize anything that supports it. It's difficult for us to set aside or existing ideas to consider the true merits of an argument in practice, this means that are beliefs become impervious to criticism and are perpetually reinforced. A useful thing to ask is win and how did I get this belief? Very very very true. There are some unbelievably excellent. Stand up comedians that you can't see right now because of quarantine but. Hopefully you get to see them some day, and they really lean on the really really masterful standups lean on belief bias to like. Let to make punchline leverage a joke you know like. Andrew Tino has a fantastic bit. Spoil it, but part of the punchline is after he tells the story. Is Calling the audience out on how they mentally pitcher to character in history even though he never. said the person looked like you know and. It's kind of me. It's funny. It's a standup joke. It's a fun time, but it does point out. An interesting thing that we battle with. I struggle with this herbalist. Also this, it's tough. You know basically anytime. Your worldview gets challenged. You'RE GONNA. Fall into this and scramble into this. just to preserve. How you how you, you know comprehend things since it's understandable, but I think that question at the end there you know. When and how did I? Get this belief. Is really really helpful. You know what I mean like. To get. To get real with you right now I am a registered. I am now registered the but. That was not always the case. When I was in high school I swore I'd never ever vote never ever register and. I came to that belief because what I witness in the election of the timing. Be Feel like there is no point. In there was all rigged and. It was only after like examining myself thinking about like the like of no voting thing came from. Start to think about like who I was backed in. House immature and how not the same person today and. I reevaluated. If I still believe that and I don't so then I made the change right, but it only happened when I sat down a thought about like. Oh, where'd this thing that? I believe in come from so it's a great question is a great way to dismantle this bias. But this bias. Suber dangerous You, know both are fake. Commercials are always inspired by the segment. And Yeah. There's just a lot of people. That seek out of very very suspect quote, unquote documentaries on conspiracies and stuff on the Youtube and just double down on. What they think the truth is. and. Yeah there's a lot of people that. Don't think they need to say or do anything. as an organization and Kinda just want things to go away and. That's not a big deal or believe that their virtuous when they're not. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a card player. The second commercial was. Thinly veiled. Comparison to. To a real company that is. That is acting a fool. Not Doing will guide. got some real systematic issues. They got work it out. Before Al ever support them again so. You can dig into that more if you WanNa follow me personally and find out this is not the place to continue on it, but just be aware of the belief bias. You know it can They can easily cloud your judgment. It is the ultimate way where you don't check yourself before you wreck yourself so hopefully. You know it lets you continue to grow, and you start getting stunned because of the belief buys. Fully. LAUGHS LEGS TO RECOMMEND? Content because we make content, we want to spread the love. You like this show. You might like things that. Me Brander and Enjoys and something I've discovered recently. Through a friend of mine that is a CO founder of this company is Bar Band B. A. R. B. E., N., d., and like physical fitness website. Excusing physical fitness website and they focus on like weightlifting and stuff but. The reason the I liked it as they have great video content, and the have good resources to like get started like I am not good at physical fitness at all pretty cheeks at it to be totally fair, but they'd like a great video where I could actually learn the proper form of push-up. Case in point I was flair in my elbows all the way out through in straight ninety degree. That's incorrect. No wonder else having problems, so resources like that that are like. Quick. Efficient well-produced will help you get started. For huge for me and Yeah, a friend of mine cones, the company I think the website is fantastic. I thought the resources, really good I think he's a great dude. So this is you know phobia last does not have actual advertisers on the show. This is just me giving them a shout out because I've enjoyed their stuff, I like my friend. I just think they deserve a free plug. bye-bye lasts actually one hundred percent. Supported by donations from listeners and fans so this whole program in every episode commercial, little, literal, commercial free no ads because of donors, so if you WANNA help added at parties. We can create like even more exciting content maybe. Pay To have like celebrity guests and all that fun jazz or Build more cool things like the web game. Check it out. Alas, DOT, com, slash donate. If. You want to learn more on how you can support f. b. l., but in the meantime. Checkup our Ben. They got some cool fitness videos. This past week there were a bunch of food holidays and. Every single day, if away last DOT com we celebrate. A food holiday for that day. Whatever Day it is, that's the holiday we sell rape so holidays. Weren't you know what I'm saying? We celebrate the holiday on how they're just like you. Celebrate your birthday on your birthday. So whatever this past week well! We Jelly filled donuts day. National Jelly filled donuts day, and you know. These are very powerful doughnuts. You know what I mean first of all. They're not mutilated. They haven't had their Jelly Center removed. Like someone gets like you know circumcised, or what have you that this is a? This is a pure donut and the flavor is so compelling. I mean Cops Love Him we've. We've learned that from TV for decades now that cops. Love Jelly donuts. So, much more than people or human life, you know they value that way less so. It's important to talk about as that's A. that's insanely powerful flavor. If it can make you turn on those you're supposed to protect and serve, so we dig into that a phone belly laughs. and. Also this past week was national gingerbread day, and we just wanted to give a shoutout to the unbelievable like reproductive powers of the gingerbread. You know like the mom is made a steal creates a bunch of children, and once it like it's Mash bits with though and you know it doesn't take nine months for the baby's pop either done. And less than a day four hours. Even and that's good because you know humans, the children of of The offspring of Gingerbread, so it's good that they can kind of make kids whenever humans hungry and we talk about that full dot com. There's a lot of silly comparisons and theories and stuff happened on that website with all these food holidays. There's Commie, article and video thirty video every single day for every one of these. I encourage you check them out. They're really fun and silly and. 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You want and I encourage you to play along right now. You're listening. Is, a segments GONNA. Feel a little weird, so it full last dot com slash. Who Debt as? Who Dat football dot com slash Hudek, there's a bunch of rules and stuff on the air as well as like how the game formed its origin where it came from all that jazz. What you need to know here is similar to guess who just to wrap it up real quick. With the big difference is, you would not be able to ask questions pertain physical appearance, so how the second was going to work is I'm going to click the start the game. Button all my monitor here and you should do that, too, but your character is not going to really. Matter. What says your character because? Is a pack is not phone call, so I can't get clues from you long. Give you clues about my person, and so you can play long. Click the. Pictures when you don't think it's a certain somebody. And see how if you get? The answer will be awful. Dot Com for this episode, so you can't see it in the show notes. Listen podcast APPS. You guy go to the website but. I think rate Iraq. Enroll Click the star. Game Button. I have my character. And if you click that to there should be twenty four characters underneath your character, all with various names, and you can gray the mount if you click on them and stuff like that, so that's how you'll keep track of your game board all right, so my character is. Cabinet now. Is Not him. It'd be really funny though I just told you. This person's name. My Person. Has let's see. My Person. Used to work in a pizza shop. And my person used to in a PC shop. My person now has. A. Municipal Customer Service Job. probably on the phones at times, but maybe helping somebody at desk. but working for the city but not. like a beat, cop or anything? Probably not even a cop per se. But maybe working for like you know, some office became a names, some weird corner of a government us what I think. My person is extra help to get this job. Person Probably. Is the embodiment of Drake's served from the bomb now here, my person. Wall at the pizza shop was afraid. The government might bounce bouncing and now this dude. Or do that not going to say. Let's get real dude at general neutral. My person is. Is Somebody that. You know really flip the tables gum. PRY was hating on them being here at some point, and now they were for the government got all their affairs in order. So that's what's up. My Person. Is, an active. baseball player. Loves playing baseball, in their hometown. and. My Person. Has had a lot of run INS with people pronouncing this person's name. With too much stank on it. Like they're too excited to be able to say a name that feels exotic them which say that. Person! You would think. Dominates the lady. Game. In Person. very attractive, but My Person. Is kind of a fool when it. The spitting game. Person doesn't know what they're doing so A person still single still searching. There's people out there that want this person, but. The person they don't. Even they don't even see. The people that are that are into it because this person's foolish. This person loves. You too! They just think Bano is banging. The Edge just kills guitar and you now. Loves them so much. It doesn't matter. The doesn't know how to count the Spanish. Let's put that way. This person is a big fan. Of the U2 for sure has seen you to multiple times in concert has kinda crazy. How. Much does person loves you too Let's see what else is about this person. This person. Can't. Grow facial hair but wants to, but is at a standstill. Physical appearance, my person can be clean, shaven versus obviously. A guy at this point were a carnival. Act the bearded lady now if you've if you ever figured it out this for Allie, you know that a a screwed up with my. With my clues there, so it is a guy and. I would say. My person usually keeps a tight, but sometimes let's stubble rock. Either way this doubles as far as it goes, is never like a a nice stash or beard happening. And then. My Person. To lie clues. Already I'm trying to think of a clue I can give you. My Person. very kind hearted. Loves the Lord. But doesn't really go to church that often, if at all. But. Jaycees definitely number one his heart for sure. And then. My Person. Let's see what would really took the scales here. My Person. My person has a twin. That has the exact same frame and is A. Professional Ballerina. Split there. If you wanNA whom Iverson is with after all clues get a full. Dot. com go to the podcast section. Go to the page for this episode. So in the top menu there should be like a menu item called like comedy or podcast is quick podcast and search for this episode should be breakfast versus lunch versus dinner, and it'll be in on that Web. That's that's gotTa look to see if you know the real deal. Answer to this also if you sign up for the email is, you will get notified what the answer was last week. so that way. You don't have to check the website if you don't want to. Just the fun factor for you. About the web's about the email list for us. Dot Com slash. By there, you have it. That's who that. Is A game that I put together on the website. I just thought it'd be a fun resource. Anyone could use and context like a segment. We used to do early on on this podcast like years ago and Basically like our like closing comedy Game Act anytime, we did a live show. Sometimes, we just do a whole live show of this segment. It was always a lot of fun to like. Hear the questions people ask. So I like I hope you enjoyed like all. That's I made about my person. You know like I'll be Love Youtube or whatever? That kind of stuff gets kind of found out. Nestorians woven. When you play who that and I think the game is really a basically next level. Guests who just like way more fun and that tactical so good Who that you probably already there? If you follow along with the segment and challenge your friends to play, it's totally free doesn't cost anything. If, you're stuck at home or waiting for the bus or something or Just message a friend be like. Hey, what's battle and you can text each other your questions and answers, or you can just hop on call and do it. We're can just do it in person when your roommate would ever. There's so many ways plague as totally free, so they go share it. Let people know that it's out there. That's full blast dot com slash Hudek now. made it this far. Congratulations? You are a member of the nation. If you're longtime listener, you've been congratulated numerous times for that. But yeah, I mean most people don't listen to the end of podcast end they bounce around to the segments that they care about and just listening to podcasts in general was the choice you know there's a lot of content out there videos music. Movies all kinds of stuff right, and then there's L- countless podcast, so the fact that you aside the click on this gave it a listen gave it your time and attention. You could have been anywhere on the world chose to be here with me and the rest of the fans, full laughs and for that. I am truly truly grateful, so thank you very very much for listening to the show. We do this every Tuesday and hopes to bring a smile some chuckles. To Your Life and I'm gonNA. Keep on keeping on with the hope. The you're digging it to. If there's love to see or hear I guess here because you can't really see things on podcast. We're maybe that's your suggestion. You wish that this was a video podcast. Be sure hit us up. There's a contact form at full by laughs. You can always direct message on social media. I read all that stuff, so if you have any feedback, be happy to hear it to improve the show. You Know Sky's limit like we basically create a free web game you know is on the way. Videos on the horizon, so there's lack of stuff in the works and I'd love to build things that you care about. That's what you get to be a part of when you listen to the bitter end, so thank you very much for your patronage. I hope all is well with you so. Be Safe and be laughing mb having a good time and we'll see you next time when it's. Awful belly laughs.

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