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From NPR news in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh. Governments around the globe. Were imposing new restrictions on public gatherings in venues to keep the corona virus from spreading it's having a ripple effect on world markets on Wall Street stocks tumbled today on fears at the Corona virus outbreak. Could grow into a global pandemic. Here's NPR's Scott horsely for weeks now the US stock market had seen largely immune to corona virus shocks but not anymore grow in clusters of infections outside China in South Korea. Italy and Iran have markets worried. The outbreak won't be contained and the economic damage will be worse than had been expected. South Korea is a major export to the. Us supply not only finished goods but also components used by manufacturers of electronics computers and cars a growing number of cases in Italy also raises fears. The virus could spread throughout Europe with the continents open borders investors. Now say it increasingly likely that the Federal Reserve may be forced to cut interest rates in response to the widening outbreak. Scott horsely NPR news Washington. The Dow is down one thousand thirty points at last check or three and a half percent at twenty seven thousand nine hundred sixty one Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty on at least two counts including third degree rape and Criminal Sexual Assault New York City. Jury has found the former movie. Mogul not guilty. On two charges of predatory sexual assault and another count of rape. He's been convicted of crimes against two women in two thousand six and two thousand thirteen Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Junior says. It is a new day for survivors. Who Resist speaking out for fear. They'll be re victimized when they take the stand trial. I hope that with this verdict It will become more obvious that those kinds of attacks on the on the survivors and victims were there on the stand Making it seem when it gets all their fault. We'll be realized as legal tax. That just simply are no longer. Put Work in this day and age Harvey Weinstein faces a possibility of twenty five years in prison. After Saturday's caucuses in Nevada. Where Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won handily all eyes now turn to the next primary on the calendar and that's South Carolina here's NPR's Tamra key former vice president. Joe Biden has essentially staked his candidacy on being able to win the strong support of black voters in South Carolina where they make up a significant share of the electorate so has billionaire philanthropist. Tom Steyer but here's the thing about Carolina. The primary comes just three days before Super Tuesday when delegate rich states including California Virginia Massachusetts and Texas althought fourteen states and all plus Democrats brought. That means the candidates can't just take up residence in South Carolina until the primary. They're holding events all over the place but they will all return to South Carolina Tuesday for the latest televised debate. This is NPR. Several basketball greats including Michael Jordan Kareem Abdul. Jabbar attended a memorial service in downtown Los Angeles today in memory of their friend. Kobe Bryant his thirteen year old daughter and other victims the helicopter crash last month. Npr's wildly psycho towel was inside staple center and has this report. The memorial service began with singer beyond say performing one of Kobe. Bryant's favourite songs after a number of speeches. Brian's wife Vanessa got a standing ovation when she spoke about her daughter Jonah and her husband her emotional tribute had many in the audience crying outside of Staple Center. Therese Jackson of Georgia's said he need a ticket to honor. The memory of his role model is more personal. I don't have to go around people in more emit more than the basketball the whole his whole mindset. Some I took as a kid and it helped me. All proceeds from the event will go to the Sport Foundation. Brian started Doi- Cy Kowtow. Npr News Los Angeles Katherine Johnson. The mathematician depicted in the award winning film hidden figures about trailblazing. Black Women in the early years of the space program has died. Mrs Johnson was one hundred one years old. She grew up in the segregated. South graduated high school at Fourteen and earned dual degrees in college. Johnson made her market Nelson calculating the flight path for America's first space mission and the first landing on the moon a few years ago Johnson was presented with Presidential Medal of freedom. The nation's highest civilian honor this is NPR news.

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