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Welcome to the murder minute podcast today, the story of gypsy, rose and Didi Blanchard. But I your true crime headlines. Five Alaska teens and a twenty one year old Indiana man were indicted on charges of murder and conspiracy for the killing of nineteen year old Cynthia Hoffmann whose body was discovered along the banks of the Clinton river, Hoffman was lured into a hike at Thunderbird falls, a popular spot north of Anchorage by some of her friends who then bound and shot the young woman, and threw her body into the river. Her murder was part of an elaborate cat fishing scheme by the Indiana, man. Darren Schill Miller who convinced one of the teens that he was a millionaire from Kansas named Tyler she'll Miller began an online relationship with eighteen year old Denali, Bremmer and convinced the young woman to commit a murder, and sent him photos and videos of it in exchange for nine million dollars remers recruited the other teens sixteen year old cayden McIntosh, and nineteen year old Caleb Leyland, as well as two unnamed juveniles to kill Hoffman who was described in court documents as Bremmer best friend. All six co-conspirators face murder charges, Bremmer and chill. Miller also face child pornography charges for a previous sexual assault of a minor, which show Miller convinced Bremmer to commit and photograph. The bodies of an Oregon mother and her son who have been missing since may were discovered in a wooded area southwest of Portland. The woman twenty five year old charisma Fretwell had been shot in the head the cause of death for her son. Three year old Billy Fretwell is undetermined, pending testing, the child's father, fifty two year old Michael Wolff was charged in may with two counts of murder, and two counts of kidnapping shortly before her disappearance. Fretwell had been to court with wolf to determine child support wolf was ordered to pay nine hundred dollars a month to Fretwell, who had sole custody of their child Fretwell told a babysitter that wolf and his wife had threatened her and told her that they would seek custody of the child. These ongoing support and custody issues are believed to have been wolves motive for the crimes though. He denies any involvement. Two teenage boys in Ireland were convicted of the murder of third teen, Anna Kriegel, who was fourteen years old when she was murdered in an abandoned farmhouse near her suburban Dublin home, the boys named in court as only boy, and boy, be due to their young age. Lured Ana to the abandoned house, where she was strangled beaten and sexually assaulted. Boy, a was also convicted of sexual assault after his semen was found on clothing torn from Anna's body. It is believed that boy, be lured Anna from her home and watched as boy, a committed the murder and sexual assault. Both boys were thirteen years old at the time of the crime mandatory life sentences are required for adult murderers in Ireland but not for juveniles. The judge has requested school and psychiatric records for the boys ahead of their sentencing, which is scheduled for July fifteenth. Those are your true crime headlines for true crime, anytime. Download the murder minute app or follow us on Instagram at murder minute. Welcome to murder minute. Your daily dose of true crime on today's episode the story of gypsy rose and DD Blanchard and how a mother's web of lies in abuse led her daughter to murder. Gypsy rose Blanchard and her mother Dede Blanchard, captured the hearts of people all over the United States. A single mother who so flee cared for her disabled, daughter afflicted with leukemia, muscular dystrophy, asthma seizures, and countless other diseases. The two of them always smiling always holding hands never giving up. The public were inspired by this devoted mother dedicated to providing her wheelchair-bound daughter with everything that she needed. But on the night of June fourteenth two thousand fifteen sheriff's deputies found DD Blanchard face down in her bedroom lying on the bed in a pool of blood stabbed to death. With her fourteen year old disabled daughter, gypsy rose nowhere to be found the community worried that she may have been objected. A man hunt was ordered, and gypsy was found just one day later, in Wisconsin. Police expected to find a bold thin wheelchair-bound cancer patient. But what they found was a strong young woman walking eating on her own and hiding with her boyfriend twenty three year old nNcholas go to John who she'd met online. The Greene county sheriff soon reported that gypsy rose had been found alive and well, but that things are not always as they appear. Dede Blanchard was born in the whizzy. Anna near the Gulf Coast in nineteen sixty seven Didi had five siblings and during her childhood family members say that she would occasionally engaged in petty theft, and writing bad checks, often as retaliation when she didn't get what she wanted. At some point early in her adult life. She worked as a nurse's aide. The family suspects that in nineteen Ninety-seven when Didi was carrying for her mother, she may have slowly killed her by denying her food. DD stepmother also suspects that she almost suffered the same fate believing that Didi attempted to poison her. When Didi was twenty four she became pregnant by rod Blanchard who was only seventeen at the time. They named their daughter gypsy rose, because Didi liked the name gypsy, and rod was a fan of the band, guns and roses. But just before gypsy rose was born in July of nineteen ninety one the couple separated, when rod realized that he got married for the wrong reasons that reason being only that he had impregnated her. Despite DD's efforts to convince rod to stay he did not. And she took her newborn daughter to live with her family. When gypsy rose Blanchard was an infant DD brought her to the hospital convinced that she was suffering from sleep apnea. Despite doctor after doctor saying that gypsy showed no sign of the condition. Didi continued to bring her infant daughter in for treatment and insisted that they put her on a breathing machine. DD then further self diagnosed her daughter with an unspecified, chromosomal disorder and decided to homeschool her. Gypsy later taught herself to read through the Harry Potter books. When gypsy rose was around eight years old. She fell off of her grandfather's motorcycle DD immediately took her to the hospital where she was treated for minor abrasions to her knee. But Didi used the incident to request a wheelchair for gypsy. A wheelchair. She told her daughter that she must stay in from now on. The motorcycle accident. She claimed had resulted in a more serious injury and gypsy rose would need several surgeries, if she ever hope to walk again, Didi then further escalated, her diagnosis of her daughter, gypsies ailments, now, claiming that gypsy suffered from leukemia and muscular dystrophy, gypsy now lived in her wheelchair and required. A surgically inserted feeding tube. When her family became suspicious, that Didi was exaggerating gypsies need for a wheelchair. Didi moved out of her parents house into an apartment living on the disability checks that she collected through gypsies illness. Didi took her daughter to a hospital in New Orleans where she claimed that on top of her chromosomal disorder and muscular dystrophy, gypsy rose was now suffering from hearing and vision problems and seizures. Tests showed no signs of any of the ailments, that TD claimed her daughter, had a muscle biopsy even proved that gypsy did not have muscular dystrophy, but Didi always manage to find a doctor who trusted the medical history that she provided for her daughter, DVD's earlier, nurses, training, meant that she could accurately describe her symptoms. And she even sometimes gave gypsy medication to cause certain symptoms gypsy was prescribed a litany of medications and a breathing machine. Gypsy went through multiple surgeries, including procedures on her eyes and the removal of her salivary glands to control her drooling, which gypsy later claimed her mother had induced by using a topical anesthetic to numb, her gums before doctor visits. Win gypsies teeth began to rot probably due to the multiple medications her mother was giving her. They were pulled out. Didi even shaved her daughter's head telling gypsy, that her hair was going to fall out, anyway, because of the leukemia and this way, at least it would be even. At five feet tall bold and nearly toothless with large glasses. And a high childlike voice gypsy appeared to have every ailment that her mother claimed she had. Whenever they left the house Dini often took an oxygen tank and feeding to with them and gypsy was strictly ordered to stay in her wheelchair. Didi always held her daughters hand around others, if chips, he said something that either suggested that she was not really sick or seemed above her purported mental capabilities. Her mother would squeeze her hand, signaling her to shut up. Later, when the two were alone, Didi would beat her with a coat hanger gypsy, pleading, I'll do better. I'll do better. In two thousand five after Hurricane Katrina DD saw an opportunity she in gypsy rose moved to Missouri claiming to be victims of the storm. At first the two rented a home in Aurora in two thousand seven gypsy was honored by the only fundation which advocates for the rights of feeding tube recipients, as it's two thousand seven child of the year. DD gypsy rose quickly became local celebrities with Didi, the charming and devoted mother championing the rights of the disabled habitat for humanity, even built them a home painted, pink with a wheelchair ramp. And a hot tub the make a wish foundation sent them to DisneyWorld and gave them backstage passes to maranda Lambert concert. Didi now receiving financial assistance through donations and charities continued to bring gypsy to doctors appointments. Hurricane Katrina provided the perfect excuse for missing medical files and ample media coverage seemed to backup DD story of her daughter's condition. As gypsy got older and more difficult to control as puberty set in DD began lying about her age, even going so far as to alter the dates on gypsies birth certificate to make her daughter appear younger. On top of the disability checks and donations. Wrought Blanchard also continued to make monthly child support payments of twelve hundred dollars only occasionally talking to her on the phone. Rod and his second wife regularly tried to visit but Didi would always find ways to change plans. DD told friends and neighbors that chips. He Rose's father was an abusive drug addict, who had never come to terms with his daughter's health issues, abandon them and never sent the money. When rod called on gypsies eighteenth birthday, he recalls, DeeDee telling him not to mention their daughters real age since she thinks she's fourteen and presumably because she didn't want to lose her cash cow. Before long specialists all over the country were reaching out to Didi gypsy rose to see if there was anything they could do for her condition. One of these doctors, a pediatric neurologist named Bernardo flatter Stein offered to see her at his clinic not only deductor fluster stain notice the gypsy did not appear to have muscular dystrophy. She appeared to be a perfectly healthy child. I don't see any reason why she doesn't walk. He told Didi noting that she was not a good historian of her daughter's medical history. Didi quickly dismissed him telling gypsy, but they would not be back to see this doctor. But Dr fluster Stein decided to investigate suspecting that Didi in fact was the sick one. Dr flasher seen believed that Didi had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes illness or injury in a person, under their care, like a child or an elderly adult and began making calls to doctors in New Orleans, though, Didi claimed that the hurricane had washed away, all of gypsy, rose records. Dr flatter Stein was able to find doctors whose records had survived, and who remember DMZ these doctors confirmed that gypsy was in fact, a perfectly healthy girl confirming his suspicions about Didi. Unfortunately, for gypsy, although the doctor documented his suspicions in a report, he never alerted the authorities. But in two thousand nine winning anonymous report was made with authorities stating that DVD's accounts of gypsies conditions were fabricated to case workers visited their home. But Didi handily convinced them that there was nothing to worry about. By now. Gypsy rose had her own suspicions. In two thousand ten though DD had told everyone that gypsy was fourteen gypsy rose Blanchard was, in fact, nineteen years old. Gypsy knew that she wasn't sick or at least, not as sick as her mother claimed she was. When she found her birth certificate listing her birth year, as nineteen Ninety-one DD told her that it was a typo. Gypsy rose began trying to run away. One night, she showed up at her neighbors door standing on her own two feet. Begging to be taken to a hospital DD found her quickly and explained the whole thing away, a talent that she had cultivated over the years saying that gypsies mind was feeble addled by disease, and that she was on so many drugs that she didn't know what she was saying. The neighbors believed DD. After the incident with the neighbor, gypsy rose began using the internet late at night after DeeDee went to sleep to meet men in online chat rooms. In two thousand eleven gypsy ran away with a man that she'd meant at a science fiction convention. But Didi soon tracks them down via mutual friends. She convinced the man the gypsy was a minor. When ships he was actually nineteen and free to go wherever she wanted. People familiar with gypsy story felt that this man was taking advantage of a mentally challenged underage girl. After the incident. DD chained gypsy to her bed for two weeks and threatened to smash her fingers with a hammer. Gypsy rose continued to chat with men, hoping one of them would save her. Finally, in two thousand twelve she met twenty three year old nNcholas go to John on a Christian dating website. Good Ajan had a history of mental illness, dissociate identity disorder autism and criminal record for indecent. Exposure facts that gypsy rose overlooked, partly out of desperation. And also, she says, because she didn't know what a healthy relationship was. When she told her online friend, what her mother had been doing to her, and that she could in fact, walk go to John said that he already knew because he was psychic. Gypsy soon learned that nNcholas go to John had multiple personalities one of which was Victor, a five hundred year old vampire. Far from being dissuaded gypsy embraced his mental illness, inventing different personas to go with his various personalities, donning, different wigs and costumes for each. Gypsy kept five separate Facebook accounts, and she go to John flirted online listing themselves, as in a relationship, there, intense public exchanges, sometimes included references to bondage and Saito masochistic elements. The next year gypsy, ranged paid for go to John to meet her and her mother in Springfield. When DD took her to see the new Maive actions into rela film. They both wore costumes and conveniently bumped into each other at the theater. At some point during the film gypsy, went to the bathroom, and nNcholas go to John went to get popcorn and the two had sex in the handicapped, stall of the bathroom Didi was none the wiser soon after they began to plan dis murder. Through Facebook messages, the two planned the demise of Didi nNcholas Goto, John would wait until Didi had gone to bed, and then gypsy rose would let him in hand him a knife, gloves, and pre cut duct tape, and he would kill her. In June of twenty fifteen nNcholas Goethe, John returned to Springfield arriving while gypsy and her mother were away at a doctor's appointment. When they returned and Didi had gone to bed nNcholas go to John bludgeon DD in bad, while she slept and gypsy. Hid in the bathroom covering her ears. After de was dead. The couple had sex gypsies room, the two, then stole four thousand dollars in cash, that Didi had kept hidden in the house and fled to a motel outside of Springfield. They believed they were free. They mailed to the murder weapon back to nNcholas go to Johns home in Wisconsin to avoid being caught with it, then took a greyhound bus there. Several witnesses saw the pair on their way to the greyhound station gypsy wearing a blonde wig and walking unassisted. On June fourteenth gypsy, urged nNcholas to use his phone to post to updates to dis Facebook page, so that someone would discover her body. The first post read that bitch is dead followed seventeen minutes later by posts suggesting that whoever left. It had murdered DD and raped gypsy. Friends, I reacted to the Facebook post thinking the dis account had been hacked after they saw the second post several of them tried to call the house. When no one answered they checked the house. When no one answered the door they called nine one one. Police entered the house, and soon, found DVD's body. Go fund me account was quickly set up by friends and neighbors to pay for her funeral expenses. And maybe even gypsies. Friends and neighbors knew that even if gypsy had not been killed. She would be helpless without her wheelchair and her medications and support equipment like the oxygen tanks and feeding tube. One of the neighbor girl's told police the gypsy had confided to her that she had a secret online boyfriend. Based on information. She gave them. Police asked Facebook to trace the IP address from where the posts on DVD's account had been made. The next day, gypsy rose in nNcholas go to John were tracked down at his Wisconsin home, where they surrendered and we're taken into custody. The news media soon reported the truth about DeeDee and gypsy rose Blanchard, the gypsy was a healthy normal girl had always been able to walk, and that her mother had forced her to stay in a wheelchair and faked her illness to calm the public for money. Authorities advise the public not to donate any money to the family until investigators learned the extent of the fraud. Eventually psychiatrists label gypsy rose Blanchard of victim of child abuse, citing Munchhausen's by proxy as the root of DVD's behavior. However, the fact of the murder still stood while Missouri does have the death penalty, the county prosecutor announced that he would not be seeking it for the couple calling the case, extraordinary and unusual. Both confessed in July of twenty fifteen gypsy was sentenced to ten years in prison. Gypsy had been fed pedia shore for most of her life through a feeding tube and was so the rushed that while she was in prison that first year, she gained fourteen pounds in contrast to most inmates whose weight. Nncholas Goto Jones trial began in November of twenty eighteen after being postponed for psychiatric exam. His lawyers contending that he was autistic, and had an IQ of eighty-two suggesting diminished capacity. Prosecutors alleged that go to John had planned the crime for a year, while his lawyers pointed to his autism, and said that the murder was gypsies idea. Prosecutors showed jurors text messages. Sometimes sexually explicit that gypsy and nNcholas Goto Joan exchanged the week before the murder often using various personas in some of the texts he asked her for details about DVD's room and sleeping habits and discussed raping DD the night of the murder. They also produced the video of his interview with police after his arrest where he confessed to killing d. After two hours of deliberation nNcholas go to John was found guilty of first degree murder, and we'll sentenced to life in prison. Dis family in Vienna, who had suspected that she was lying about gypsy years before does not regret her death. Her father stepmother, and her nephew have said that Dede deserved her fate, and believe that gypsy does not belong in jail and has been punished enough. All of the family members refused to pay for Di's funeral her father and stepmother had her cremated. And flushed her ashes down the toilet. The crime has since become fodder for news outlets and television shows, including the act, a series about the case on Hulu and the documentary, mommy dead and dearest. Imprison gypsy rose researched her mother's condition, and has since come to terms with the abuse that she suffered she said of her mother, in an interview, I think she would have been the perfect mom for someone who was actually sick. Gypsy is remorseful for the murder, and now realizes that she should have attempted to tell her father about the abuse. Gipsies father and stepmother, have both stated that if they had known what was going on. They would have taken custody of gypsy. Gypsy said in an interview in twenty eighteen I feel like I'm freer in prison than living with my mom because now I'm allowed to just live like a normal woman when asked by Dr Phil if she was glad that her mother was dead. She stated. I'm glad that I'm out of that situation. But I'm not happy that she's dead. This has been murder minute for two time anytime, download the murder minute out or follow us on Instagram at murder minute.

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