NFL With Pete Prisco, UFC 229 With Jon Anik + Fastest 2 Minutes


On today's part of my take, we recap a wild wild weekend in sports baseball playoffs college football NFL week, five hubby verse McGregor. It was insane. We have Pete Prisco talking about NFL. We have Jon Anik, who's on the call for you have see to twenty nine talking about what went down on Saturday night and because it's Monday football guy the week in the fastest two minutes. Before we get to all that the cash app, you already know the cash Avs, a number one finance app on the app store which you might not know is that you can also put cash app in your wallet with the cash card. It's the only debit card that offers instant rewards and comes packed with premium features. Not even a credit card can offer like boosts listen if you're in college and you don't take advantage of boosts, what are you doing? Save up to ten percent instantly at whole foods to port late, Wendy's panda express or Chick-fil-A and more of your favorite spots or even one dollar off. 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Can't stop the Browns QB and after one thousand twenty nine days they're celebrating on Sunday. Sorry, coach, Jackson, these Browns are for real never meant to make the ravens cry. I apologize a trillion times prounced twelve ravens, nine. Stop to rock city where hasn't been a beautiful day in Mr.. Aaron Rodgers neighborhood the past few weeks and it starts with missing Crosby aka Crosby Stills, Nash and done who had two cats in the yard, making life for the Packers. So art, the Packers tried to come back in the game using the energy boost of Marquez. One Valdez scheduling parties only had a Cup of coffee as starter, and they ultimately fell short to quote my personal friend. Katy Perry will Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers fight and break up or kiss and make up line thirty one Packers twenty three. Some spread. In Pittsburgh where we go. James Conor McGregor said, if you can't beat them, join them unveiled a Russian attack of his own forcing the falcons to tap in the fourth Muhammed Sohn, new kids on the block was hanging tough, but the falcons got nothing yet again from that and Julio down by the no touchdown yard. Mike Tomlin San Diego said, where in the world is Pittsburgh Steelers locker room, and it looks like he finally founded good juju back in the ins or capital of the world Steelers forty-one Thuc at seventeen kick kick. And Philadelphia. The Vikings looked for revenge for the two thousand eighteen enough, see championship and Adam feel like making brotherly love had one hundred sixteen yards in score while the other side of the ball, Zach, irt, so good come on baby, make it hurts. So good had one hundred ten yards and a score of his own. The story of the game was lyndale Joseph stumbling and Lindo does bumbling and Lindo Joseph rumbling for a score and Lenovo tosa froggy needing oxygen for its burnt-out locks is Doug funny Peterson on the hotseat. People are asking this question. Now he could go. Does a quarterback controversy in New York as Odal Beckham ran the Phillies special to perfection and sterling Shepard tried to attack UI manning on the sideline. But in the case of mistaken identity took his frustrations out on the nearest trash. Can the giants have Graham Gano sleep till Brooklyn on their plane ride home after this loss. Whereas Ben mcadoo when you need them Panthers thirty, three giants, thirty one, the New York football giants, the New York football giants. And western New York. You're supposed to remember the titans, but Chow Xiaowen gave them an afternoon to forget torching bills for eighty two very tall, spectacular guards Mike. The Raval guy expected his team to show up between the hours of one and four PM, but Marcus mariota scrambles was less visually appealing than when you try to turn off to the spice channel as a twelve year old. Hey, Jake Yabu no one circle the wagons. Like a puff, o pills poster, teen titans, twelve in Kansas City where the red hat chiefs battled with the Saxon Ville Jaguars. Let's kick it down to field level where the star of this early NFL season Patrick Mahomes joins our program. Patrick, let me be the first to say, you're good at football. Now, please talk about the game. Conscious fire, the great position to win. Just trying to play early clinic to the Jaguars. They fought their football team and Dr destroy go car next to their playmakers, their heart. Thank you. Patrick. Chiefs, starting Jaguar, sixteen, we wrap up in sunny California where the chargers raiders faced off for a battle of LA franchises past and present Melvin Gordon Lightfoot continued in the wreck of junk good career as Jordi. Half Nelson played like yet an arm tied behind his back and Martavis. Kobe. Bryant didn't flinch. Even though Derek Carr was unable to throw the ball directly. Adam, Anthony Lyndon Johnson pulled his pants down and folks. The rumors are true. He has a huge set of nuts. The Philip rivers rent read with. Eight or plug on Sunday as I San Diego superchargers cut up Oakland to the tune of twenty six, ten. Okay. Week five in the books and we got to start with what we just watched the battle of who can get fired quicker. Bill O'Brien, verse Jason, Herod. Well, actually the loser. This game should just be sentenced to coach that franchise for the rest of their life. Holy shit. Was that a bad game and holy shit Bill Brian, I I don't know what's worse Bill, Brian, just not being able to score from the one yard line with Shawn, Watson, gendre Hopkins, and and essentially like he's supposed to guy JJ watt. Appoint Hank. Yeah, or Jason Garrett punting the ball from the other side of the fifty in overtime. Fourth, in one, when you used a first round draft, pick on a running back, you can't get one yard, you punted away and then they basically come down and scorn when the game. Yeah, I think with Bill Brian, he looked. Like he was trying to get the Shawn Watson injured and because he's used to have shitty quarterback. Yes, it is actually an advantage to them. If his starting quarterback goes out while I was gonna say, stay woke Bill. Brian is like if we can get to Shawn Watson ins or injured again, then I can just by another year of, well, I didn't have to Shawn Watson. He'll bring Brock Osweiler backer brand. And we. And that would have been amazing. It's my favorite team. Yeah. So I, I mean, like he doesn't know how to coach to Shawn Watson. That's pretty clear. He was like putting men shotgun and running the ball and fourth and one on the goal. I, I don't know what the hell is doing. He was Garrett, I, I don't have a problem with the fourth and one, you know the problem with plinking. Here's why it would have been so out of character for Jason Garrett to Jay, Jason GARRETT'S IMO is to just not get fired by Jerry Jones. And Jerry Jones doesn't like any of this like analytic stuff. Jerry Jones likes conservative football and he likes it when Jason gadget stains on the sideline and shuts up. Matter of fact, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen Jason Garrett speak on the sidelines. Anybody just like holds up numbers. He laughs a lot, and then he points tells them to run out the, but I don't have a problem with it. It'd been. Yeah, it was a chicken shit move, but that's kind of who Jason Garrett is, but it's such terrible. Like I know we, we're going to get to it with peepers Cohen a minute like the advance stats when you should go for this is just a gut thing like you're, you're handing the ball back to the other team. Overtime. When all you have to do is get one yard. And if you this is like like if you if you draft, if you draft a running back in the first round and you feature a running back as like the offense can be run. I even though that's so asinine in the NFL and then you say we're not going to be able to get one yard. That's insanity. It is. It is not like, don't get me wrong. I would've called a differently, but that's what I want for my Jason Garrett. I want the most boring vanilla ask football possible. All you got and we got it. We had insult. So the other story, the will whip around the league. But the big story obviously is the Cleveland Browns have won a game on a Sunday undefeated in their code, rush uniforms this year in the neon Brown. And we also had Hugh Jackson, putting up two fingers after the game, which it was confusing, two seconds left. So we think that he didn't realize that once you kick a field goal in overtime after everyone's had a possession, the game is over. Some people thought maybe he wanted to go for. I thought I thought he was like, let's go for two right now. We're up by three points so you don't wanna be up before he five, Hugh Jackson, STAN. Out there? Yes, I cannot believe there actually. Are. These people were saying he was putting up two fingers to say, we have two victories because what NFL coach doesn't put up how many victories they have after every game. He's like a person on Twitter that changes their name, their display name after every game, the record don't don't hate on those don't have the absolute on those people, but it's like Michael Jordan, putting up six after like, what are you doing? What? Why would Hugh Jackson be like? We got two wins now. Well, two wins guy who doesn't know how to handle victories pretty clear. I have noticed that everybody that defense you because there are Houston's. They're mostly just players that played for. Yeah, he didn't cut. So they like them? Yeah, who's really nice. He's a nice guy. Yeah. He's a really nice guy also. Did you see the story that Baker Mayfield just basically alpha, Todd, Haley? Yeah. He said, I'll coach. I got this. I got back off. So maybe the Browns will have a good chance of to something this year. I think Todd saw that and he's like, hey, you know if you wanna come over later, hang out with MRs. I like that candidate attitude. Yeah. She likes the office doodle Eiffel tower, situation triangle, we'll play drinking games. We have a lot. A lot of done chain candidates this week. We do a lot out all start. I'll just start saying names you can stop me when. Okay. Yeah. Toss the dungeon out like it's mardi gras beads. Falcons are done, changed unchain right around their neck raiders have we already done chain them? I think we did last week. Yeah, they're done. They're fully fully done. Let's see who else? The Cowboys are good candidate for. She was losing that. I was thinking about that because we said it was a loser leave town game. So is kind of like win the NFC said, he'd tell you what, if the our words beat the saints tonight, then I'm going to put the done chain retroactively on the Cowboys Scott it. Okay, that's fair. But I also think Jason Garris he has the alive chain. He has the the, which should be like the dunce cap of freedom for another year. Yeah, he's both those guys aren't going to get fired. No. Those guys are going to coach against each other in four years when when the Texans in the Cowboys play again and I'm gonna love every second of it. Let's see. Who else did I have I? I mean, do you want to know? We can't put on cheat on the Packers, but Mason Crosby I can't. I can't put it spins own afterwards what he you say. So he went, he went. Over five on kicks. And he said those five MRs were in anomaly in life. I guess. I guess that could be like, here's a spin zone for Mason Crosby. If you're gonna miss three, you might as well miss fi so that you can say something like there was like something the matrix had like the CD skipped on the matrix. Yep. And Mason Crosby just forgot how to kick a field goal for day. It's like Chuck Knoblauch throwing a hundred feet into, you know, the first base line he had the today, right? It was a upstate, it would I, you know, who had the more than Mason Crosby was skip Bayless because Bayless did not tweet anything out about Mason. Crosby magical mysterious makes it had against the Cowboys two years ago and plots and this would have been the day to do it. But we, first of all, like it's kind of sad because PSE and I, when we got in the office, we essentially finish each other sensor like skip Bayless hasn't tweeted about Mason Crosby like what the hell is looking for his checking. Twitter, I thought there was some wrong my computer, but credits skip. This is why he's he's on the top of the mountain. He keeps you guessing when you think you got him in a corner when you're like us here comes skip with Mason. Crosby takes. He just pretends it never happened right. When you think you've got the man figured out. She's an extra skip only has one TV in house. I realized that today because he was only tweeting about like the Browns game. I think he only has one TV. He has one TV in his Jim. Yeah, and then he can go on the treadmill and you can watch the TV on the treadmill. But yeah, he, he dials and he's not a red zone guy. No red zone is way to confuse. It's too much for skip Bayless. Yeah. So the the eagles another done chain candidate, although the eagles if you have your like bingo card who who is going to have a penalty, bullshit penalty ruin a game. The eagles come on, come on down because that Michael Bennett sack of Kirk cousins, where he just kind of lightly tripped him up. Yeah, was insane. That was not I and one other take away from that games. Doug Peterson, got fat. Well, I didn't realize he got so chunky. I would too. I like him chunky. I think he's, I think he's a better looking coach with that, like he's got the thing where now is cheekbones just go down like straight into his shoulders. No. Why does the problem though? If you get too fat and you wear visor than the visor is like when when the visor gets skinnier on top, then your fat face is like basically protruding outside the visor. Yeah, that's a bad Laura could kind of mushroom and it constricts like at the middle of the head. And so he's got his got top. He's got top. Yeah, he's got top fat hanging over like it's a belt on the dick and then it it widens out again. Yes, toed shoe, should we? What else we got in the NFL we wanna hit. I just I made a note and I'm not sure where I was going with this, but I just love Chris Collins worth the way that he says Al. Yeah, Al. I like that too. How that's a good note. Yeah. Just just a quick, you know, wanna touch on that. I also feel like I haven't seen a Romo game this year, which is kinda weird. He just feel that way. I feel like he's been on one o'clock every single every single day. I see him in the red zone, iron screaming about some red zone in paisley wakes you up from your nap. Yeah, but I, I don't know what's going on and they the Bengals slow shots. The Bengals the my AFC north pick of the year. They're, they're good. Good defense defense is better than we thought that's. I thought that would be like their undoing, but that's, I guess, woke up, but they played the dolphins. I came seventeen down and Joe mixing might be top three running back. Yeah, I would say when he's healthy, he had when he's healthy. The reason we're not seeing romo's because he does CBS, but we because we're New York, we get stuck watching the shitty jets. Oh, it's so bad. Oh, the giants. We need to talk about Dell Beckham signing a monster contract and getting all the way to week five before he says, I don't know about you. I, yeah, and you know what? I was not surprised that he was doing an interview with Lil Wayne. Yeah, some reasons I I, I saw that pop on TV knows like they make sense. Yeah, this perfectly homeys. It's tough to it's tough to drop the world when you only catch it with one hand, you know, the hot takes that we always get. You know, the hot takes get one Odell Beckham goes crazy on the sidelines like, oh, he's got to be a leader and stuff. Well, they kinda came to fruition when sterling Shepard attacks trash can and a bench. Well, actually he just learned from hotel Becca, what to do when something bad. I think he just needs to remove all inanimate objects from the giant sidelines dating cluding it. Yes, it is dangerous. And then I guess before we get into everything else, the bills shout out the bills, Josh Allen, Josh Allen, putting the team on his bass in a win win. You know what people are saying? Like he only had eighty two yards passing, but guess what? He. He had one of those touchdowns where if his hands were even a little bit smaller, wouldn't have reached the goal line up and we'll get the Blake Bortles talk with Pete Prisco, don't worry. We listen, they're fine. We brought in an expert with Pete. Jaguars are fine. The Jaguars just win. They just go back. They they win the news and they win the. That's what they're gonna do. They'll be good that chiefs are going to be really good fucking wagon. Although the Sunday night football game coming up chiefs, patriots, and then the chiefs are going down to Mexico City against the Rams the chiefs have an awesome schedule, but the chiefs, if you're chief's fan, listen this right now. I'm sure you can quote it right off the top of your head, but I think they've gone. I know they went what? Five and a last year they went eight, no, a couple years ago. I think they went another five and they've one zero playoff games, all these hot stones. That's that's any route football, Andy Reid, Andy Reid, football. All right. Wanna do baseball real quick. So David price a little head case, he listen, David price Besson cabin, David prices Mason Crosby coming out in missing. Field because I guess they're they're two peas in pot because I've never seen someone in. It's fascinating to me like genuinely fascinating to watch a guy who is good, who has all the talent in the world, just wrap able to show can't handle the bright lights of the Boston media. He sees Dan Shaughnessy curly little head walking by. He just start shitting a brick. He cannot do it, and then the the brewers advance the Braves have have held on. And then the Indians in the Astros in the infinite wisdom of major league baseball to grow the game, have maybe given them the worst schedule possible. I said you guys like if the Indians and Astros have an entire playoff series before four PM, does it even happen? No, it doesn't because I don't even like they had a game in the middle of the college football slate. They had a game in the middle of Friday afternoon, and then they have a game on Monday at one o'clock you, how do they decide that they're just like, nobody's going to. Series champions in the team that went to the World Series two years. They just know that no one's going to tune into like if they're going to have a time game, they want one of their big teams playing. Yeah, I know, but there's not like a ton of big. I mean, it's basically the Yankees and the Red Sox playing each other the. Yeah, that's that's. That's not baseball is exactly like have tons of huge markets everywhere you guys know me on big, seem head, right? Watch a lot of baseball fantasy leagues scored raise seem had this year racim because member the they're they're up little the raise any man? Yes, absolutely. I had somebody tweeted earlier, like maybe the laces are a little bit higher. That's why all the kickers keep missing field goals. So a little bit woke on the cable. Okay. But I watching the Yankees play, have they always been like that big? There's just like. Air earthy team air judge is he's not a real human being. He is what he is. He's he's William Wallace. When I thought willing moss was ten feet tall and blue fireballs out of his ass. That's what he does when he hits home run. He's that guy that they created when Barry Bonds when sign off on the major league baseball players agreement for for baseball game. Yeah, video game that guy's name somebody get on that. Oh, yeah. And judges, he, it's, it's incredible. And then John Carlos Stanton who he that guys won't talk about mental midgets I watched. I think I watched one at bat of the game on Friday night and it was him sitting there taking three straight pitches in the bottom of the night or the top of the ninth that guy's got big time mental magic. Yeah, they have l. Gary l. Gary Sanchez and then the Luke void guy who's there just massive. Yes, they're all just big big. Do tanker, you live it word. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have to be how come the Red Sox don't have any big boy just gave a little sly, like not even worry, not even not even a little bit. I mean you carry over some of those one hundred eight wins, Nope. Oh, so then probably should be little worried there Bubba, and they're bullpens absolutely awful. They win if they went tonight, though, I'm back on the network. Okay. Before runner before we it's a football guy that week we should probably also mentioned. We're going to talk to John and coups. Joel young, Joe young Barry Bonds character we should talk about you see two twenty nine before Gianetti is going to be interviewed in a minute here. He was at the fight, but holy shit was that obscene like it was it was a total chaos and everything you want from a fight night. I know people were some people are disgusted. I actually was a little disgusted Khabib spit on Conor McGregor. That was the only time I was like, that was too far. How could you be disgusted tuning into to UFC fight and then being upset? Another fight breaks. I made the point in its happen more often. Promo is one thing and I feel I could be just like realize he didn't realize the game. Now he even said it after he's like, yeah, this is a game of fighting is is a thing of honor. No shit talking. Yeah. What's yeah, that's like this is fighting is is meant for shit talking talking cells fight. Habib is the purest fighter. The mall, he fights when no one's looking. He thinks that fighting is a competition between a man and a bear, and nothing should get in the way of that. Craziest thing for him to do that though, is that he took away from an absolutely dominating performance. He owned McGregor. It went for rounds, but it really did it. If you watched it, there was not one second where you thought, oh, McGregor might win this fight. It was basically just toying with him like, okay, when is he wanna finish this? So suffocated, right in the fact that that he did all that to basically take away from. It comes sucks for him. And I know McGregor is kind of done some scummy things. I'm not saying that he hasn't. They can both be scumbags in their own. Right. But still it was just insanity. Yeah. I mean, I loved it. I love the drama. I stay. Up trying to watch every single honorable move for him to keep fighting. I'm actually yes, it was. Yeah, it was a little surprised at this stuff doesn't happen more often because like, okay, so you go and you watch a baseball game. Usually one of the first things you want to do is go home and like play catch the next day. You go watch basketball game. You wanna go hit the gym in like, take a few jump shots. You go watch a fight. You wanna fight. That's go Gregor the situations reverse people would have fucking loved it. Well, here's the thing. I'm being totally honest with you. I actually had no problem with him going into the stance like I actually didn't. The only thing I had a problem with was he choked him out and he like a substrate had to be ripped off because he want to let go of them. And then he keeps him like a push in spit. And the guy is is like a humped humped over half dead. Like that's when fights over. You shouldn't try to keep fighting the guy, right? That's what he went in the sands like this is awesome. Is fucking about the guys that jumped into the octagon to try to fight McGregor well, so there was so we didn't see too much later, but I guess McGregor might have thrown a punch at another Habib guy. So that is. Comeback moved by who's in the ring? Yes, it's come back by McGregor because you're trained fighter. You can't just throw like trying to throw haymakers of people. I mean, he was standing on a cage. Yeah, but still the guy in red though, was number one, he he jumped in in the ring and tried to punch McGregor from behind. I'll tell you what it takes some balls to jump into the ring and try to honor McGregor, right? Yeah. This isn't like the drunk guy falling into the penalty box. Tied domain getting sweater pulled over shed was this is this is like an intention. Okay. I'm gonna go get into a fistfight with McGregor. Yes, kind of respect. And the best moment of the night wasn't even that it was the black piece taking off his pants and because his balls were too hot balls are hot and Joe Rogan being like, I, I get sometimes the testicles just they start sweat. Yeah, fun night though. I mean, you see, I, I love watching big night. I'm not like a big time. What is a grapple? Fuck grapple Faulk grabble fuck no Racine head. I don't claim to be a grapple. Fuck. I actually openly admit that I don't. I've actually think that the you have c. community has. I've been a little bit nicer than me because I'm like, yo, I don't know what I'm talking about just like fights. Right. But a night like that is why you you buy the big fight yet? Laud everywhere. Knockouts and people go into the stands at trying to kick the shit out in, which is wonderful. Yeah, great. He's in love. Someone actually tweeted them either. Like, why can't people just get along? It's like, well, it is. You have seen this is a fight there. It is human cockfighting. They're trying to kill each other inside of an octagon. Okay, football guy the week. Let's do it actually before we get to football guy that week, let's do a quick add. What's our first ad that we have think any talk to the people about my favorite post snack to you guys? Are you know what I'm gonna? Say? Because I love it so much and you guys hear me talk about a lot of this. We're gonna talk about visa and the liquid gold that comes out of that Vivian package of gotten people didn't want this. I've gotten great feedback across the board. They'll vita shells and cheese will satisfy your postgame craving being SEC fan could be pretty draining. The game day ritual starts early with tailgates that start in the morning. Fan, STAN, and you make your voice heard from the stands through every single minute of the game in the weather? Well, it's either scorching in humid or it's cold and rainy and watching a bar with friends can be just as intense. 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So he nailed it because then Mason had a quote and pig graphic on during the Michigan, Maryland game. It said I just like football. I like hitting people. Yep, it's as simple as it could get. That is true. Football is poss- any hurdle, the guy any hurdled. Again, there was one other play where he picked up a blitz pancake to Blitzer got on his feet and then pancake defensive lineman to pancakes. Perfect as perfect if he was on that high school team, he just be disturbed. I call the sky over because he hurdles over people and then you pancakes pancakes. Ooh, that's good. Although, no, it's hob now remember. Oh, the burgers. So funny when they did that and everyone thought it was. Yeah. Yeah, so much buzz. Next up, we have Christian McCaffrey who didn't know that they were kicking a game winning field goal because he was focused on the next play. So the quote was I had the service in my hand going over play with running backs. Coach, Jim skipper didn't even realise didn't put two and two together. It was a game winning field goal SoKo inside everybody jumping around. So through it in join them is that actually not a football guy though, because he was not aware of the game always so locked in on on what he can do to improve. Okay. I think that counts. Alright, that counts your. I also like the attention to detail the NFL's gotten better at this last couple of years. They used to just call the surfaces. These call knockoff ipads. Yeah, and then not realizing that apple paid like three hundred seventy million dollars. No Microsoft. Yeah, you just did. I just did it to to like not call them ipad right? Call them surface pros. This guy's a surface pro's pro. Yes, absolutely. And then we have pushed Avis, Florida. What is it? What's I? What is it Florida international. Is it? Yeah. Is that really the name? Laura international? Yeah, which doesn't really make sense. It means that they have a lot of exchange students. I dunno, it's really Florida international for some of they didn't have any dorm, so they just asked all their students to put up exchange students in their houses. And that's why I lean into. I just made that part up, but so institute university, I think, yes, that's it is definitely not that Florida institute of universities? Yes. International. What the hell? Why is it for international other close to Cuba? Yes. Yeah, yeah. Okay. As Butch Davis said, when asked about turnover props, he said, yeah, we got a prop. We allow them to keep their scholarships if they get a turnover. That's great. We give out turnover homework. Yes, exactly. So, and then last cash, Daniel who actually is nominated this week, Kentucky did lose, but he tried to kill me on Thursday night. So I went over to his house. We're in Lexington, Kentucky, and he said, come over, we'll have. Family dinner, which was his roommates, and we came over. I was with Kahlo Brown, Tommy Dave. And we showed up and we're sitting there watching a game and all of a sudden, one of his roommates came out of the kitchen and said everyone in the kitchen right now, and they all ran in the kitchen. And I guess there was a huge fire because then we were almost suffocated with smoke and cash. Daniel kind of rolled with punches. He's like, sorry, guys, like my bad food was going to be good. I guess the football guy to try to just kill everyone. Yeah. Well, I think he probably harbor some deep seated resentment towards us for not including him on football guy the week, yes, the best was that they went in there the us a fire extinguisher on the oven. Yes. So all the food there was about ten minutes, and then they came out and said, dinner's canceled. They tried two minutes where they're like, maybe they won't notice that we sprayed a fire extinguisher all over this chick. They're scraping off the powder and they're like, yeah, we can still. We can still make this happen guys. Yes. All right. So those are our nominees. I've been Mason. Yeah, pretty Butch Davis. Pretty damn good that that's also good. Yeah. How little votes cash Daniel can get. Yeah, nobody vote for nobody vote for cash. What about Brechin Hager? The the Texas linebacker. Oh, yeah. Yeah, they ask them out of the game of Texas was back and he said back to going going back to work. Yeah. Yeah. It's only back back. They are back. That was an awesome game. You want to get into his back of the week, yellows do it. All right. So I guess we can just say Texas off the bat. Okay, let's do it. They are back in a big way. They were almost very, very back because we're going to have to not know the answer to whether or not Texas back because it gave up to really long touchdowns at the end of the game and made everybody sweated out. But yeah, there absolutely back, yes. Is it for real there so back they gotta stoops fired. So Bob soups, brother was the defensive coordinator. He got fired that that was a Dead Man Walking position. If you if you stick around after your brother, who's the head coach leaves? You're just, you're know that you're going to be the first to roll. Yes, absolutely. But yet Texas, that was a hell force. I doubted them for a while. While I mean when you lose to Maryland backpack years, it's fair to doubt them together. Some nice wins Marilyn's the kryptonite to Texas football. Yeah, it is. I, I love how they have Dicker the kicker yet. Dick, that guy was not gonna miss and and Gus Johnson is just getting bored with the fact that he's the best big game announcer like dramatic announcer and he's trying out new stuff. He after Dicker the kicker, hit the field goal. He just yelled earthquake. He's goes earthquake taxes back. What? How does that have anything to do with house earthquake with the, there's a lot of fracking going on. I guess they were go. I mean, it was, but I think he just he, I think Gus Johnson is up where was like, I can just yell, words emphatically and people will say on the. Yeah, I think that temporarily, I'm lifting the restraining order on saying that s. word that was shoot out that was read shoot out so we can describe this call whatever you want, but it's still the Red River shootout. So after the game, when they present the trophy, it's got like the golden cowboy. Hat on the trophy stand. Is that thing supposed to come off? I yeah. Did they break? No, there's it's supposed to feel aware it? Yeah. Ever member Charlie. Charlie along finger. That's one moment. That's what I thought. Yeah, but secret wherever I was secretly hoping that they broke the trophy. That'd be great. That'd be great. And there's too many trophies by the way that's not like a millennial thing, but Wisconsin Nebraska played for trophy that looked like a pastry. I'm pretty sure every Wisconsin game. Somebody gets a trophy. Ray bacon. Yeah. Yeah. A bacon or pot of beans. We usually went something like, do you have any other who's back? Yeah, I've got a couple of whose backs Fred Durst is back. Do tell did you see he was performing over the weekend? And I can't say I did have to and shaggy two dope one of the two lead singers from Saint Cloud posse rushed up on the stage and tried to drop kick him off the stage and Durst nearly avoided the kick by like half half a step in the nickel, shaggy to a pussy. Can I ask question? Yeah. Were there more than two hundred fifty people there? I only saw cameras that were facing the stage and I saw two different views of it. I was trying to break down the angles, but it it just on those might have been the only people there. Recording. It actually was just it was just an may fight. Yeah, yeah. Okay. I'm actually surprised at anybody went. There was recording anything. Why would you want anybody know that you're. Solo, definitely an underground Florida street racing community where we're showing a video of you at Fred, Durst concerts, don't place you get credit yet. You still get you still probably can can hook up with with some checks if you're like, yo, did you see what I did this weekend? Yeah, Fred Durst. Remember him limp. Iskit not to brag. You wanna have one of four people that saw this concert. Yeah, babe get in my Honda. Civic SI with racing seats. Yeah, and pretty bad ass. Yeah, and the sweet spoiler on the back we're going to sonic tune in some racing stripes. Okay. Next that was a, who's back? I can't say I saw coming. Yeah. And then boomers back, okay. Yep. Boomer was on the call for the for the major league baseball radio for the Braves. Dodgers. Yes, he's been doing. Yeah. And he was he put it in, put it in pre one pitch. All the way to live feel back. It goes. He can't legally buy a drink. But he hit a grand slam in the postseason so sexy, so. Awesome. Yeah, he's, I listened to him a couple of days ago. He's been doing a bunch of baseball games and it's just it's perfect. I like to think that nobody knows when boomers going to be on the call just like if he shows up to a game, it's it's an unwritten rule of broadcaster. Yeah, that if you get tapped on your shoulder and it's boomer behind, take a hike kid, he have to just let him out the call. Right? It's like a mafia guy, having a booth at a restaurant. Yeah, he might not. He might not come to dinner for a month, but if he shows up, you're getting out of that. Exactly. Yep. That's what he. That's bloomer. All right. Hey, you go back the week is banks. He? Yes, could call if you guys Hollis, but he he did a painting back in the day and he built in a like shredder into the painting and case the painting ever got sold for auction. This weekend had got sold for like one point, three million dollars and right after the person bought it just started shredding. Yup. All the people that were there like horrified put in a self-destruct thing. I heard this. Might have been like an all time backfire because it was worth more after it. Got shredded absolutely going to be worth more. Yeah, it's hilarious. As can be worth more. Someone will just reframe it and be like, look at this is the one that banks shredding. I love banks, but banks back he so deep. Yeah, he's so ever see the one where he's the key models name. Right? Actually we can't. We can't say it. He'll kill us, but I do knows name. Yeah. Do you ever see the painting did whereas Mickey Mouse wearing wearing gas masks? Yes. And then they're all like they're praying too big statue, but the statues a dollar sign. Yeah, so deep. Yep. He's capital fucking capitalism. Next on his back was fully thought. We're only doing one one who's back on one. Yeah, foliage is back back in a big. I don't think it is yet. Oh, yeah. Well, I guess because we live in this shit hole city. We don't know trees. Someone tell me what someone tweet me a picture fully it. So I know that fully somebody told me what would a lake in a tree looks like in a plant? I actually, I got to go on a little side side bar here, but I had an idea. Today that they should have pictures that you can smell like. So you can send pictures, you can smell because is parked my car today. Scratch and sniff. No, but it's like, you know, digital on your phones? We at Twitter. I tweet a picture and people can smell. 'cause I, I parked my car today, and it was, I think it was in a pile of oil diarrhea puke. And there was some kind of shredded like there's some kind of glass that maybe was. It was actually probably glasses diarrhea the- that got dropped it and I wanted to, and there was a trash bag, and I wanna take a picture just gotta love the sitting. Actually, here's a weird thing with new iphone. If you go to scratch and sniff dot com. Smell your phone. Yeah, it's actually like a scratch. Yeah, and Josh Allen dot com. Yeah. Yeah. And you just want. I just wonder how many people have no smell their iphone. Swag phone, maybe someone maybe one person? Yeah, there's one Gotcha. There's one high guy, hey, hey, Tim, got you. You're too high for Monday morning. I know it's Columbus, David. You're too high to be smelling your phone. All right, my whose back is the clutch gene. Yeah, the clutch sheen is big time back because or the absence of the clutch gene because David price big time question, how can he be so bad? Owen ten in the postseason will turns out I was reading an article there. Actually. There's actually now people studying the clutch gene and it is very much real thing. Yes. Yeah. So they they, you can. You can. You can not only have the clutch gene, but you can strengthen the clutch gene. How here now. Well, decade ago Jackson's it was talking about Reggie Jackson, how he had the clutch gene, and he might have been regarded as pure bluster researchers who studied the brains of athletes, believe more and more that a so called clutched gene exists. They've seen enough incremental improvement through brain training that they regarded as a muscle capable being built, and likewise atrophying, and that limiting the chasm between mental and physical empowers athletes is succeed. That's awesome. So it's the clutch muscle. We need to get brain cables for clutched. Yeah. How do you do that? I want to train play a lot of lot of Madden fourth quarter man. Okay. Yeah, just just simulate into the fourth yet. Right? Which is going right? Yeah, play the Tiger Woods golf game where the controller beats like you can feel the heartbeat. Yes, just only do those shots. Yes, to work on a clutch. Yeah, that's great news that somebody's finally studying just besides me. Yes. Yeah. I mean, we need. We need someone who had maybe an made probably probably have empty, probably PHD. Yeah, to stick their name on. It reminds me of like there's an article in ESPN the magazine way back in the day like two thousand and it said that Tim Duncan would never win an NBA title. And Jason Kidd would win multiple ones because of the structure of their face. And you could study somebody's face to determine this Nazi book. You're reading it was ESPN the magazines. So you tell me who's maybe who's to say. But yeah, it was like the study of people like the bay Cup of your your facial structure, your cheekbones, your nose, how it's all line, what will determine whether or not you're going to be an effective leader, man, that's wild stuff. Yeah. I mean, if you if you write enough words about it, I won't read it, but I believe, yes, I, I mean, I'm back into its over. Yeah, we'll skim over and be like, okay, that makes a lot of sense. But yeah, the clutch gene, this was this was like a thing that nerds did us where they tried to put everything on a spreadsheet and take away the question anyone's watch any sports for any amount of their life knows the question. You know what nerds didn't do growing up. They didn't stand in the backyard, saying three to one as they were tempting that shot on basketball. Yeah, yeah. So I've got a lifetime of training I was practicing of practicing without any friends? No. You what you do is you do the down one? Two free throws because then you're going to at least hit one. Yeah. And then you go, and then you. Paul, yeah, they steal the ball and shoot it, so it's a good way to do it. All right. Let's get to our interviews wanted to go first. Then we have John who is at UFC two twenty nine. He was on the call with Joe Rogan talking about what the hell happened and how crazy with the fall. It's going to be from it. 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Okay, we welcome on our good friend and fiery Italian, Pete Prisco. You can find them every single day on his Twitter at our. Sorry, brisk at Prisco CBS. He's on CBS sports dot com. He's got the pick six podcast, Pete's ward, and. The twenty four hour network. I was going to get there. I was gonna get there. All right, Pete. We wanna talk about week five and the just everyone knows we didn't. We were planning on having you on like four days ago. It just so happened that this is now the Blake Bortles isn't bad. Everyone shut up meeting so meeting is now in order explain to us why Blake Bortles is not bad and everyone just shut up. Are any good go for four hundred yards sold. Well, let me look at a screen pass was a terrible. I look and there's a lot of quarterbacks of Bank that play was bad play. Picked it off, took it back. There's one that dragged off the helmet. I can't figure that one out. I can't defend them on that one at all. He was trying to get his office. Alignment involves raining. It was raining, nah, excuse me. The one he didn't play great football today wasn't terrible though, but every time he makes the stake. It's magnified by one hundred because the Twitter potty that jumped in on them. Nobody's sitting here saying he's a great quarterback, but he's better than people give credit for and you know he didn't get a lot of help from the offense of line today. Yeah, I think a lot of it has to do with this last name Bortles Bortles just like a fun name to highlight when somebody screws up and I'm sick of it. Frankly, like just something fun, new slim for it. I can't figure out why anybody does. I mean, they kill the kid. Same quarterbacks, Baker, same day. Other quarterback famous worse. I, I tweeted something because Ryan tannehill through one off of his Lyman that got took. It was taken back for pick six and I was like, oh my God who would ever do this wouldn't idiot and like this. It does happen the NFL now we're not gonna talk all Blake, but it's good that you lead with the four hundred yards. 'cause I -gree they're good game by Blake rain, listen, he also was playing against the greatest quarterback of all time. Do you believe in the Patrick Mahomes hype? Do you think it's ever gonna come back down to earth or is he just that special. What coming back a little bit too picks if you would've said that before the game is Jacksonville, Jaguars Patrick Mahomes without a touchdown threw his first interception. You said they won the game, right? I mean, so it wasn't a great day for him. And I, I think, is going to be a little correction on. I love the kid. I think he's, I love the way, throws it around. He's got that gunslinger mentality. Can people rush into the whole saying, I mean, my God for four games, rushing the whole thing. Yeah, I flow your role on these guys. I figured that you would be the guy that would be the only person out there dying on that hill of, let's pump the brakes, Pat Mahomes, but it seems like you're just as starstruck as everybody else like is, is that fair. No, I'm star because I love the way the kid play the game at the Warner racing them up to the hall of fame. That's not the. I think you do gotta pump the brakes until you get, you know, a ten game, twelve game. You know, look at these guys. It's so hard to really get a true analysis on them. And I think it's the same with your Bisky now this year, but he's like, oh, he's those Dutch down past trubisky's. Now Jerry is he? I mean, you gotta wait on these guys giving little cards. I like how you're holding Jerry Gotha up now as the standard of elite quarterback play a. We've been on that for several years. Welcome aboard. There was there was one particular player that I thought stood out a little bit this weekend, and I wanted to give you credit because you're two years ahead of the curve on him. Michael Johnson on the Bengals if you recall, I think Pete had him as his number one player in the entire NFL two years ago is that is I. Yes, I think you wrong. No, you're rushing things by the way I got. You mentioned Jared Goff the la- when I was last time I did you guys podcast I was in. I was at the Rams capping and he came up to me and he goes, do you just do their podcast? And I said, yeah, he said he was gonna give it a listen because he knows how entertaining I know. Oh, you're the George skies that everyone's kind of scared of because you're just a short fiery Italian that Yeltsin old women. That's you. Okay, cool. I never yell at all then. All right. So Pete, let's do this because we are through five weeks and there's some. There's some teams at the top of the leader of their standings that I think we can all agree like they have had a history of kinda falling apart. You have the Bengals top the AFC north, you have the the chiefs, the top of the AFC west, and let's throw in. Let's throw in the Redskins atop the NFC east. Which of those teams do you think is gonna fall back down earth or which ones are hundred percent for real. Chiesa for real and they will stay there. The rest of that division. I mean, the chargers are okay, but the rest of that is not very good. Denver gave up three thousand yards rushing today. They're not good. So the chiefs will stay there. The Redskins I don't know about it and we'll know a little bit more about them tomorrow. I like what I've seen so far, but now they go to liens coming off the bye if they get ambushed there, then here's the question for that one who does win the NFC. Right? But he any good in that division. I think whoever wins this Monday night games gonna make the playoffs. I think the saints in the NFC south. I think they'll be really good position if they win. But I think I don't know. I think I think the saints are I trust them more than I trust the orange right now. Yeah, you're probably right winter. The game probably does make the playoffs look at that division. Now the falcon can't stop anybody. They're pretty much done the box who knows when they get Winston back and and Carolina. He got a game coming off the bye and home against the giants team that was terrible faithless week. So a lot of the teams, you know, we thought were good, aren't very good, and you know the Bengals are one of those teams that nobody thought was going to be very good as blame, pretty good football. So I think the Bengals make the playoffs. But of course, you know what they'll do once they get in there. The tax, the first game, the wildcard game against the Texans, and it'll be like a twenty to thirteen game that nobody's gonna pay attention to. You got to check already saying that set that Saturday game is is reserved on a calendar for the Texans and the Bengals to get together and play game at like two. Actually beat the Bengals. That Saturday game one. Yes, yes. No, they did not because Marvin Jackson, Marvin Lewis never won a game, so they definitely Texans beat the Texans. Yeah, yes. J. j. watt had like a pick six, something stupid. They played the Bengals than they won because the Bengals stink or or the Bengals for real though, like what is the weakness? What is the weakness in the Bengals right now they're down defense. They went into today last the league on third down defense, but now they got perfect back which will help that. But you know, can they stop anybody consistently doubt that to be their biggest weakness? What is the deal with the falcons? Because I, you know, famously was like, oh, yeah, two thousand seventeen. I loved him. I bet on on my lost a lot of money on them. I'm doing the same thing this year thinking they will turn into the Super Bowl, falcons. Do you think that that ship has fully sailed and do you think I'm not gonna talk about another man's job, but Dan Quinn has to be on the hot seat. If these, if the falcons win like four games this year. No, he get a free pass because of the defensive injuries. I mean, they lost the middle of their defense today. They play without Grady Jarrett. The Jones is not there, and then the two starting safeties are both gone. Yeah, you take away the middle of the defense, you're asking for problems, and then that puts even more pressure on the offense to go out and try and make plays, and he got killed today. I mean, I don't know if you guys saw the game, the guy got brutalize. He got fact six fines and it was just awful. So no, I, I don't gang quiz not trouble. I disappear that defense only put up seventeen points against the Steelers. That's fair. That's a fair. I appreciate you pee because I am. Obviously, I like to you hot takes in and I would just like, yeah, he's on the hot seat because just because but with with that many defensive injuries, it kinda makes sense that they are absolutely. I mean, they lost their best defensive player in the first game. It makes sense that they're getting absolutely gashing there. One in four in the season's over for them. It is over there done time chain, Pete Prisco put the done chain on the thirty birds. Okay. Well, another team that's been kind of knocked up with some injuries is the the Packers. Is this this Mike McCarthy on the hot seat for real, the sign. If they don't turn it around at the end of the yearly being hot tea, not right now in the middle of the season. But I mean, look, when you have your quarterback, basically calling you out during the week for the way you play and and I think that's exactly what he was doing. Yeah, you're gonna be on the hot seat. Look at that team though. They don't run any any of the window-dressing at the other teams in on offense. And that's why I think air rises gets frustrated. He sees the Rams at all their pre snap boop at and how they get guys open and his guys lineup, but one over there to the left and to the right, and they go win. No picks, no rob, no bunches nothing. It's a, it's an eyesore route offense from the nineteen eighties the west coast offense. So I think that there he gets frustrated by that, and I think that's why lashed out this week. Another guy that lashed out Odell Beckham trouble in paradise up in New York. Like, what do you think about a guy that gets a big contract and then like immediately proceeds to to bashes team in in the media. They're all. I mean, everybody's like that. It's all about me. You know what's good for me is good for me. I live by that. I'm a big believer that every player if you ask them to to say what's more important near the team, they would say me 'cause that that's how they make their money. So I get it. I understand. He's frustrated and you should be getting the ball thrown in his direction. A lot more. I get it. I understand it. I have no problem with that. Yeah. Well, he had little Wayne next to him too. So it was like, you know, I don't know what that was. What was that all about? I thought I didn't watch the interviews we were on. I thought on that. What? What? What was that all about? Why was he on? Because they're buddies. They just wanted to like team out on doing interview real quick for some reason. Yeah, but you bring you bring buddies on when you go to your interview, do you do together all the time? Yeah, we sit on shows lap. I bring Ted Nugent to all my interviews. Pete. Were you? One of the the patriots are in trouble real trouble after. Hines, you promise long. Tell me tell you truth till truth. No, I to breed. You're still Vermont, it'd be fine. Okay. And then you got the, you got the car wash, Josh Gordon through the car wash in New England as a way of matter who they bring in their sides, Albert Hayes, who's beyond health of somehow turning their seat life and careers around to making it better players. Yeah. I mean, it's hard to hard to argue with that. So so I actually looking at the standings right now and basically half of these divisions are of decided when we're looking at it. Well, half the divisions. Yeah. Well, I mean, okay, so New England's gonna win that division too much deal? Yup. Okay. Who's gonna win the in the AFC south is Jacksonville, gonna win out once for grabs. You got the chiefs in the west, and then you could make the obviously make the argument the AFC north for grab because you don't know the ba- the Browns. Let's talk about the Browns for second. Do you think the Browns could actually make the playoffs because they have been in every single one of their games? Obviously, the record to two two in one, but they have been. They have. They had a chance to win in the fourth quarter in every single one of their games they have and they really good defense by the way. I mean, that'd be people aren't giving that defense enough credit and Greg Williams on that side of the ball, the plane, great defense. But I don't think they're playing team this year. I think they'll, you know, push for eight season and next year that we AFL team. How about that early prediction? I think the Browns will be a playoff team. Next year isn't that isn't that this year we put? Isn't that almost like a death sentence for the Browns in hear me out the Browns. Either want to go finish like five wins or gets the playoffs this year. Because eight to me means Hugh Jackson sticks around. They don't get to the playoffs. Hugh Jackson, six, six around and I'm sorry. I don't think Jackson is the guy. I think a lot of this fourth quarter stuff. We're talking about the fact there in games and can't close falls on Hugh Jackson, treading water a little bit here. Wouldn't that be the worst case scenario where now Hugh Jackson is linked with Baker Mayfield going forward. If you think you Jackson, not the guy that is, yeah, I'm not saying is or is it but say, but would you rather be eight, six, ten question that's that's kind of they can't be. They can't be Nate Nate, but that's very true. I mean, seven, eight mortar, eight, seven, mourn or whatever don't make the playoffs. Would you rather be that than the? No, I think it's all it's all Baker. It's all the Browns are not judged this season. It's kind of like with Mitch Trubisky in Chicago, where if you have a young quarterback, it's less about wins and losses in more about, is this going to be the guy? And can he prove that he's going to be the guy and Kenny have the right people around him so that he is the guy. So going eight means a Baker probably is the guy, but Hugh Jackson is still the coach. Yeah. But I, I mean, still, I look, they're going to win games this year. They look at their schedule coming up. They got talk about a chance of the offense to get right. They play some of the worst defensively coming up. So I do think that they have a chance to get this seven or eight wins. I just they're not gonna be a playoff team. What about on the other side of the ball ravens? You got them in the playoffs. I did today. I mean, that was awful. Now they gotta play third state road game next week at Tennessee. That's brutal. Are they ever gonna let Lamar Jackson, throw the ball because they just put them in in the put him in a game yet that was ridiculous. Today. They put him in the game. They get driving down the field. They got a little bit of a rhythm and they put him in the game and he throws pass. I take it right out of the rhythm. That's stupid. Yes, very weird how they're choosing to use them. I don't know why the if you're gonna put your backup quarterback on the field, at least like gives the threat that he's gonna passable the they ran one play where he pass today. I'll give them credit for that. But every other time has had the ball like it would be more likely that Ronnie Brown was going to throw the ball out of the wildcat and Lamar Jackson, and he's got a, he's got howitzer on his arm. Yeah. I mean, it doesn't make any sense to me what they do, how they take their team out of a rhythm. I wouldn't be happy Joe flacco getting taken out no situation. Yeah. But I mean, he's also he's had more than enough chances to to be the guy, and so now they're going to try to try dance with someone else include pretty good football? Yes, he has. He has the pressure of Lamar Jackson. What other. We actually lit a fire on them a little Jan. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. And RG. Three, let's forget about Robert Griffin. What other what other big story lines you working on that UC like trends at five weeks? We are now at a point where we have kind of a sample size of like, okay, we know what these teams are. We know that the falcons are done. We know that the Steelers are going to be up and down, but they'll still probably be there in December, that kind of stuff. And is anybody, here's the question, is anybody really any good right now who is very good. Yeah, Rams in the chiefs Rams were within a whisker losing to Seattle at home yet people forget it. It's very loud up there and the delicate ears of the LA teams. They're not used to that. You can't tell me think the Rams are good. I mean, the Rams are could Rams on offense. I think the Rams defensive issue to row. They've been just destroyed on that side of the football banged up, so. All right, here's where their issues are ready. They don't have outside edge rushers. Everybody keeps saying we got sue and you got Donald, but met defense the way that defense is build Wakefield's needs to have outside edge rushers. They don't have a problem. Okay. I'll write that down on my tickle file for later who besides the Rams is good in the NFC who's going to challenge them. Who I don't. You tell me there's nobody. Chicago Bears. What they're gonna lose the Miami. Got a little bears. There bears are clearly the class of the NFC. Suicide. We've established that catch a little interested, their PD. Don't you think don't you think Rodgers will get his team right though? Yes, of course he will because he always does. That's why fucking hate Aaron Rodgers because this is what he does every single year. He does his little song and dance hurdle at the oldest team stinks who wanna go somewhere else. And then they end up ten and six or eleven and five, and they win few playoff games. Here's one for you guys ready? Would you we have this debate today in our green room? Would you if you are, is it better to have a cheap quarterback and build your team around rather than pay the franchise quarterback? Yes. In other word, here's what somebody was trying to say that if you have your guy draft him, for example, Jared Goff, but near four off letting them walk, pay him and continue to build your team and get another. That's a, that's a good question that one at all? No. If you have your guy, you have to keep them put. Obviously, there is the the element of you gotta try to like the Rams are going win. Now the bears did something similar with they could afford giving Cleal MAC a ton of money because they have Mitch on a cheap contract. So the Russell Wilson hawks yet. But when you get to the fourth year, those guys, you gotta give him a new deal. Do you give him a new deal and into the fact that you can build guys around him or the, for example, the raiders gave their big contract and they've been hurt by that because he's not good enough, right? Yeah. Joe flacco. The Cowboys. The Cowboys give Chris, got a big thumb. No, he's a woman. Crack Preska. Give us a quick take on deck Prescott. Here's what's wrong with that. Prescott the line hasn't played as well. No, Frederick the other guys have played up expectations. Zack Martin, they have nobody can stretch defense. Everybody sits squats on everything. Can't drive the ball down the field. And. And so you had that all up and it's easy to defend him. Yeah. And he's stone two guys that are just like, I, I don't know. They got cool Beasley and I don't know who else they have their roots. He was routes us when we had him on the show's very rude. His favorite color is grey. Yeah, you can't win with a quarterback that I want a guy who appreciates color rush his favorite color is. Yes, yes, it is. That that can't be. You can't win the Super Bowl with that. You can't have a little. I mean, my favorite colors, purple. That's the kings color of night Hilton. I like that like the Nerpa do seem like a guy who has got. Good. Yeah. Do you have gout. Got a lot to be have no or eat a lot of red meat not need a lot of red meat, either got foot pain, you don't drink. No, but I know people aren't out. They say it's one of the most painful things you've ever had your life back pain and breaking your foot to the three you want. I broke my foot awhile early. Hey, Pete, worst bad actually favorite sopranos episode. Favorite supports took a question I notice. Fucking right. I don't know if I like the last one. Did you guys. Yeah. When they went into the diner, whatever member they journey saw. Yeah. And then what happened though? I can't remember. I don't know. Nobody knows what happened. It was a big mystery. A real quick back to the Cowboys is dead Branko and get sunny where this year. No, at least you. He can't run. Okay. But having a then enough of those guys get run, but he wasn't bad last year. He wasn't good, but like you still like an average wide receiver we're not talking about just with the Cowboys is he gonna get signed anywhere. No, I don't think so. So he's done with his career is over, I would think. So he would side already some of those? Yeah. What's all right. I have my Seekie questions. My last question put promo code taking it ten dollars off, seek purchase promo code. Take Pete. Give us your like give us a story that no one's really talking about. Give us give us the sources, give us something, you know, little something, some fell off the back of the truck. You know what I mean? Like involving the league right now. Or team, like who this guy might be on a hot seat or check out this look. Look for this story coming down everyone's pipeline. Here's a story to look for started today. All the talk about the offense in the league. Look, what happened today? No, what happens. With the gimmicks, the gadget lies. The Phillies special? Yeah. Play a little little shovel passes and spreading them out. Can't stuff. Yeah. Offense ruse. Never again to be able to stop them. Look today started the phone down today. So you think the outcomes in? Yeah, heels in scored on a point scored, fifty points scored fifty was the chargers raiders in scored on a points thing. That's true. No, they didn't know. No, you're right. So you think that this is just a symptom of, you know, early NF early season. Everyone kind of goes crazy for these points, but, but then again, the, you can't say the penalties haven't had something to do with more points being scored every time. Some team gets a third and long, and there's a pass rush. They get roughing the passer and they get I down. Well, it's not just that it's the rules in the secondaries. You threw the ball fifty times of game. You're cheating your team. I mean, because the rules are catered to that, they make no sense. It makes no sense not to throw the football throat or scored. You run the win pay. It's been that way for a long time. It should always be that way to be that way, but he's start figuring out it's like the cheese. There's now you know five games in their offense. Andy Reid is great at scheming things and getting guys open house today was the first time within look the way you wanted to tour. Why is that a good defense? Any pressure in the home throws your homes. They started fit your keeps figure everything out this league figures, the defensive coaches are good. They'll figure it out, scoring Mugo down. It will not stay the same pace. It will not. Do you see the resurgence of the fullback position like I'm seeing it donate donated down. It's bullshit. You like eight? Oh, no, not don't Don. You set a tone to Senate telling when you give the ball to your fullback and it gets to yards donated down. It's donated down. I never look back if I had if I needed a blocking back. I bring like one of my linemen and that's what I would do my offense. He'd be okay. Slugger. You're gonna lead the through the whole. Other than that, I'm in one back all the time with three receivers. I'm not. I don't even fullback. Are we gonna see more of those? Like offset line positions like the the ravens day last week where they put their tight in like next to the center. I love that. I like that too. You know what that was like rubbing somebody's face in. Remember they, they're the ones who complained about the the patriots couple years ago with the formations. Oh yeah. In the league, didn't like it. Yeah, the suction, but that is within the rules still be deceptive. I like it. I thought it was creative. I like it too. All right. So you heard it here fullbacks using a full that creatively is coming back? No, you fullback is donating. Don't ever hand to them can lead the block and whatever don't hand off to them. A little back by the way John Lynn gentlemen, junk. Kuhn was number one. Also, Mike, all style was number two. Fun fact. Did you all start played on the same team as Lorenzo Neal, first season back in nineteen ninety eight. Yes. So he's not. Come on rathman was better in both of bullshit. It's bullshit Pete. You're showing your age. P the average age of our listeners, like twelve years old. They don't know who. And then you go do their homework and look it up. Go do their homework back from. I mean, he did a whole thing on the full back. They do their homework on. Yeah, they should just trust me because I'm the expert and you are you probably never even played fullback? No guard. What about Pete five yard, Pete would never get hit in the head by one of his quarterbacks passes. I don't care how short the guy was. Dirty player. I believe it. I believe it. All right, Pete. Thank you. Hopefully soon. You don't travel anymore though. Your plans. All right. We won't see then ever again. Yeah, for self. For self from the playoff Super Bowl, Super Bowl. We'll see we actually down in Jacksonville. Sneaking into Super Bowl. That's what we do. We're very sneaky. I love it, but we'll see you at the Jaguars AFC championship game in Jacksonville. I'm sure you'll make it up for that. And then everybody Blake Bortles could. So for three fifty AFC championship game and get him a Super Bowl, people would still pick apart. True. It's very, very sad and unfair. It is. Thank you. Pete guy. That interview with p. Prisco is brought to you guys by me undies. Mundy's. 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And obviously not the capstone we were looking for for the biggest fight US history. But I just think when it comes to come either Magomedov and some people, culturally, there's certain things you don't say in lines, you don't cross, and I think for all of us to if you have children, right? I mean, like people say things about my mother. You know, it's off my back. You say things about my kids. It's a totally different ballgame and Connors narrative before the fight and everything. He was saying the lead up to the flight, obviously had an affect on Vive and and I think he was going to retaliate by verbally if need be physically and obviously jumps the fence and it was just total chaos. Okay. So explain this to me because I got into a few debates last night. I was wired. Something about big UFC fight keeps you up all night because you just are so wired in like energized from it. I'm sure you know, far better than I, but what I was the point I was trying to make and you could tell me if I'm wildly wrong here, but there is prefight and there's post-fight prefight I assume everything that is said is part of the promotion. You're trying to sell paper. I use you're trying to get eyeballs. Habib is not exactly the most charismatic guy. Conor McGregor is the charismatic guy who has to carry the fight promotion. And then in the fight world wants, the fight is over whether you hate the guy, whether he said, you know, vile shit. Mike Tyson said, some fucked up shit to you, shake hands and you go the other way now am I might totally wrong in thinking that. No. And I think I'm starting to believe increasingly, that Conor McGregor with every utterance felt like it really was preflight stuff right on. I feel like CONNER has buried the hatchet with every single one of his opponents, and he's gone guys before even Brazilian. How does on jobs who he didn't fight, but Nate yeahs. Obviously they buried the hatchet and have huge amounts of respect for each other, but he was pretty forthcoming and saying that there was going to be no handshake after the fight, obviously, and doing Danis as guy who gets under people's skin and hubby. You know, the thing is too he stayed over Connor like it seemed like he was ready for the fight after the fight, almost immediate right? Doubtless Connor. Yeah, that was actually the part where I treated like visit scumbag, which I, you know, I people were then like Connors scumbag. I think Conor, obviously done some things to that are reprehensible and he shouldn't eat like throwing the stuff at the bus and all that stuff. But I actually thought less I thought could be going into the crowd, was less of a of a black eye on fighting. Then him standing. Over Connor, almost wanting to fight him again and spitting on them. That to me was like, holy shit, dude, like chill out. The guy is you just tapped him out. He's beaten to a pulp like you win with some grace here and you know the, I'm still learning like I didn't even know right now as the guy who called the flight that he had spit on him. And it's interesting too because I have so much respect for even at ovens established so much goodwill with all of us that even an act like this, I can part, you know, and I do think having had now, you know, twelve eighteen or however many hours to process it. I don't think it is this sport altering thing, right? I mean, I do think there's going to be some residue in the fact that we don't have live events the next two weeks. I mean, there's no doubt there's gonna be a ripple here, but I'm glad we're shift didn't happen man because I think for Dana white, you know, say what you want about the call of the fight and what they said after the fight while he was still ingesting information. You know, I've never been more proud to work for a for a guy or that guy that I was last night. Just the way he handled the press conference. I mean, this is just not at all where we wanted to be, and I think we'll move past there. Does he have done to your head? Right? You know, still be able to fight in this country. Does it? It's ok, does Dan have a gun to your head right now as he making you say, this is right in my hotel room, you know? So the thing is, man is like we all everybody thinks Conor McGregor apologised. Right? And I'm just calling it like, I see it, you know. And if you really wanna know, I have a closer personal relationship with e because my broadcast partner, Dan as his teammate, right? So there are a lot of different layers to this. And again, you know, I before we do our podcast mar- you can be sure I gotta watch some more video and everything else, but you know, we'll see what happens. I hope gets his. I'm of it, right. I mean, it was a two million dollar person. And as we're talking here, there's still withholding that. So you know, I'm just hoping or heads prevail at some point, but there are ramifications that are going to be on all sides. Just what is that process right now? They're just holding onto his money until he's cleared by the by the Commissioner, or what does that look like will the police are, I guess, getting video and trying to see everything that happened. Obviously, when we were calling the fight, we didn't see that Conor McGregor had thrown left-hand at somebody who had climbed over the fence. And if he had landed that left hand, imagine if Conor McGregor had knocked out one of these guys Colt who was coming into the octagon. I mean, this could have been a lot worse than it was and maybe people think that's crazy feces statement after what we what we saw last night. But yeah, there were just a lot of. UFC featherweight by gob one of teammates heath real punch. Connor. I believe I saw Connor throw a punch at him. So again, a lot was set last night, but I think in twenty four hours, the picture will be a lot more clear. So who is going to attack in the in? The stands was a one guy that low it out. It's a preliminary. Jitsu coach and longtime training partner of Conor McGregor Dylan Danis and. It's a big part of, I think what he does and went over there through them out the he was just ready to go, you know. And even when Dana. If you're because you're gonna get pelted with beer bottles. Cubby says, I'm ready for this, right? Like I'm fucking ready for this. I'm ready for the beer bottles. That's what I'd like to happen in my belt and let me have a fight with whoever in the crowd wants one. And I think that's just an underlying theme guys are very proud and culturally strong and what they believe in. And I do have some respect for that even though I'm disappointed that his intellect didn't prevail and he didn't handle the situation different. So the craziest part to me is what we just did on this podcast and talking to you is at the first ten minutes is all about what happened when it should have been that Habib? Absolutely dismantled Conor McGregor. There was never in my mind a question. Once that fight started that he was gonna win that fight even when Connor had a chance in the third, he had no pop in his punch because it'd be kinda zapped all his energy. So the the question to me is there can't be a rematch kin there because I feel like a rematch you have to have at least somewhat of an even fight. And I just can't see a world. Where Conor McGregor can beat that guy because that guy is just one bad ass dude. There's no doubt about it, and you know, some speculation that maybe McGregor didn't have the greatest training camp? I, I heard otherwise. I mean, he looked at the in tremendous shape. The way cut went well looked very strong Nolan time. He didn't look great, at least from my point was on fight night. You know, when he was walking in with his wife and he just didn't seem to have that same smile of confidence. You know that just like John Jones, smiling ear to ear when he's walking to the octave done, you know, that was a staple of Connor's walk, and that wasn't necessarily there so. But yeah, I think that if they met ten times would have a great chance to win eight or nine of them. Connor didn't really get off at all. I mean, you can say he won parts of of that third around, I guess. But yeah, I don't know. I think it's gonna be interesting to see how long have you could be out, but you know, Conor McGregor McGregor does have some culpability and all of this, I would think as well. But comic writer is such a transcendent guy and in terms of pay per view numbers and everything else, he's on such different level than anyone else. We have any fight in the game that he wants. He's probably gonna get. And if that's a rematch with Kabeba, the matching will pay and sit and watch it. I've heard that the governor had a hard time getting out of the building last night is that, is that what you heard too? I heard she was, you know, on foot quickly to try to get out of the building. But yeah, that was obviously not what anybody was looking for. And that's really, I think the big concern is the public safety element in all of this, and I just been thankful that we have. We had so much security guys, right? I mean, this was like Super Bowl, style security, and that's why it was all handled pretty well. And there didn't seem to be any major injury on any side. Yeah. No, that's actually a good point because when Habib went into the crowd, there was like twenty five security guard slash cops. It was, you know, they outnumbered the re the the civilian. So to speak, almost instantly holy shit. That's actually, you know, that was a bar stool rough and rowdy. You know, the faith and I to kill. We would have been murdered right there, but yeah, no, that was lying. If I said I wasn't thinking about on rowdy. Just to be in that scene. Right? Because you're so focused during this type of week for me foreign away. The biggest sporting event I've ever called in the last thing you expect and maybe it was not even meet enough think something like this was been a materialized, but you just don't expect to all of a sudden have a brawl like that and then you, you're rushed off the air without a fight recap. I mean, never in any of your show. Have I experienced when I experienced. What do you think was the wilder aftermath from fight last night? Was it was at the brawl or was it when Derek Lewis talk to Joe Rogan about how hot is ball's work? Isn't that amazing? You know, I mean, can we get Derek Lewis on part my case? I mean, don't you are connections? Yes. Please. Please? Yeah. That happen. We gotta get you guys in touch with the Black Beast. No, he is the best. And that's part of the greatest post. By the interview I've seen in UFC history just maximizing that microphone and he is who he is, man, you know, he's been is Sola hyme that guy. I think he could sell out the arena where the rockets play and you know, it's crazy to think on papers, one nine of his last ten and that he now might be position to fight for the heavyweight title. You know, the cardio is gonna be what it's going to be, but nobody wants to get hit by one of those lunchboxes and man full cop. I gotta say, you know, all he had to do is get on a bicycle like he just, what are you gonna do. That was that was the best part of other fight because the black pieced he, he's almost unapologetic about being in terrible shape where like the after the fresh round, he he barely can breathe. And it's like, well, I'm just here. I can't breathe a non great cardio. But if one of these one of these hands lands, you're in trouble, and I love that strategy in fighting. It's it's like a heavyweight, boxing match, and I don't know how much heartened guys had your. Careers. I think PF PFC strikes me as a big heart guy like that and have a lot ahead or I didn't have a lot of harder mental toughness as an athlete in one thing that you part and cardio or huge may and there's no denying Derek Lewis has the will to stay in these fights and and with a broken orbital likely last night he was able to stay in. Yeah, does crazy. So you said that kinda McGregor whatever fled he wants, he Fuqing gets, but if he wants a rematch, do think that there's a chance to be just as no fuck that I don't. I don't wanna fight you. I'd rather retire. Well, I will say there's not going to be an immediate rematch because of a lot of different factors who knows what's going to happen with the. But Tony Ferguson is absolutely possible to deny right now. Eleven straight wins at a hundred and fifty five pounds. His next has to be for the undisputed championship, and I can't say that any ladder. So I think though that at some point in time Akon or can be rematch is gonna have some lights, but I don't think it'll be anytime soon for Connor. What do you want you want to send year? You wanna up a division for supervisor. There's so many different possible. For him, and I just hope he stays on an active schedule because it was really fun to have him back in whatever form. Yeah, good point about Ferguson because that was the other fight that got kind of overshadowed by everything. He was fantastic and he, I mean, he looked in trouble billion times and he did the same thing where you just like, all right, and now I'm gonna win this fight. So my last question to you though, is for Connor, and I think you brought up a good point and I wanna make it as well that I'm not a Conor McGregor apologised. I think people thought I was. I'm just a, there's fight promo. And then after the fight you walk away and and you know, everything kind of is like, well, what was said was said, but we're trying to sell papers and they sold a lot of pay per views. Now, with that said, do you think in the future the Dana will have to rein Connor in a little so that it doesn't get to this personal level where guys are maybe taking it more than just fight promo and not understand, like even be apology. He said something like, this isn't a shit talking game. This is a respect game. It's like, dude, it is shit talking game. Like that's kind of part of. Boxing, that's kind of part of like you need to sell fight. So do you think there will be any raining in of Connor, or do you think this is just a related incident you gotta deal with and going forward you just keep keep racking in the money with Connor being electric if it. Great question talking point because at this point in time, five years in the Conor McGregor 's career in the USC the extent to which establish himself just doesn't feel like the time to to rein him in, and I just don't know that you're going to be able to rein him in. I think that he didn't like what happened last night either. And I think he sort of sick of having to go through all of this legal stuff. And if anything comes his way out of this, you know, I don't think that's gonna be pleasant for him, but I just don't know how you rain him in to that. He's not scripted necessarily. He's just well researched, right. He gets on a podium and he has all this information in his head, and he just delivers it in a way that just as cutting and conniving and everything else. So I just think it's something. Is so special about him and to take it away. I just don't know. I know a lot of pro mixed martial artists feel like that absolutely has to happen. And I just think it's pretty ambitious to think that that's going to be the pep. All right. My last question you were in Vegas the whole weekend, which which group of supporters were you most intimidated by the Irish or the Russians. Definitely the Russians right sub Eve's. Army is strong, no doubt about it. I was surprised that they couldn't really be heard from in the arena, but you do not want to be anywhere near those guys for sure. I mean, the Irish men and women are very friendly, and I think you know, recognize us more certainly than the Russians do. So no, you steer clear those Russians, but I do have a lot of respect for for how they all stick together and they really, they don't care if they go to jail. They don't. They don't think about ramifications. They think about revenge and retaliation if there's something serious enough, and that's just gonna be what it's going to be. So crazy night men and I appreciate the chance to chop it up with you about. Yeah. Follow up to that. You're gonna see more kids wrestling. There's in preparation for a major. I mean, who's going to be the next kid to to wrestle a bear. Somebody's got to be the next to do it on video. I mean, I'm surprised somebody hasn't tried to repeat the yet, right? I wouldn't be shocked if Brock Leser had a whole like form of bears at his Montana ranch. Ever that he just trains them. Yeah, absolutely. Incredible. Are John, thank you so much. Can you tell everyone where they can listen to your recap tomorrow? You got a for your podcast. Appreciate that at the anikin flooring podcast. And I've been a text you the Black Beast number, and I say, you're part of my take within fifteen days as awesome. John everyone listen to it because I'm sure you're gonna go into depth in talk about what a while. I mean, I could list I could talk about listen to this Saturday night to UFC two twenty nine forever. So everyone who's listening right now, finish the episode then go download and subscribe to John annex podcast. Thank you guys. Jon Anik was brought to you guys by Zip Recruiter. They're a lot of job sites. Other that send you tons of the wrong resumes to sort through, and that's not smart their job sites that make you wait for the right candidates who plied job. That's not smart. You know what else is not smart using your relatives to fill in at work while you look for staff? He know it's not smart making the lottery, the centerpiece of your plan. You know what else is not smart, letting your friends pick your Kariuki song, but you know, what is smart, go to ZipRecruiter dot com slash PMT to hire the right person. ZipRecruiter does not depend on candidates finding you because it finds them for you. 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Here's what he said in the eighth inning of what may be a doer Di game with the tension of a game, seven Neanderthal Fenway park fans chanting. Yankees suck are eerily like those who chant lock her up at political rally designed to demean female assault victims. Trauma. Okay. Then, tweets, let's let's set the stage here a little bit. Gives them color to it. He didn't actually say, suck he bleeped out correct. It was s Storrow not even. This was a parentheses with the dash attach a dash in dash. Okay. But it was. It was Yankee suck was the word he was going? We can. We can only assume might have to believe that out, right? We don't know. He also before we get into the take quick. One hundred sixty to one hundred sixty six retweets. Guess how many replies two thousand three point. Six thousand reply. That is the greatest ratio of all time. It's pretty bad, I don't. So I guess I don't really know where to start. Yeah, you suck has been going on forever and like, oh, I guess Peter gammons point here is there's tribalism in sports think. Yeah. Have you ever been on Twitter? Dude here said anything bad about anyone's team. Do you see what happens? Like people go down your throat. That's why we root for teams. That's why we passionate. That's why we go crazy. Yeah, but then to tie in lock her up chance and feminism I, I'm just lost. So tapping out tagging you in. Okay. So so the connections that were made in in Peter's brain were he heard Yankee suck, and he heard a lot of people screaming it, and he was like that the syllables lineup to the lock corruption and it kinda rhymes, yes, I'm gonna jump there and then I'm going to jump from there to. That's where he kind of loses me as like going from lock her up to demeaning sexual assault victims. I'm not, I'm I'm trying to put it together in my head. Tappan Hank Hank tatting. No. I mean it is the same. Like at seven? Yeah. Yeah, where am I heard this song before? No, you're right. It's like it's like Peter gammons listened to under- pressure. And he's like this. This song reminds me of Queen and David Bowie. Wow. Yeah, that's okay. Got the same people that you lock her up are generally the same people that roofer sports. Let that no. I think Hank was saying are generally the people that like at least in the news this week have been like on cavenaugh Cy in that whole thing. Okay. So I think that's where Peter's mind was going, but what would we would we say was hot in this reach last week that cheese. My start. Okay. He's just points usually do grab. He was playing hashtag hi-fi. Yeah, he's like, let me just okay. So the aled yes going. Okay. This Yankees. Okay. And what's going on over here? Okay, feminism and and luck replicated. That's cool. And then we'll just throw this here and then maybe maybe a swear word. That's not the you guys can figure out yourself in boom, tweak. It's me. I was weird case of mad libs here's here's what this is. Why I love this tweet. Peter gammons is the perfect person to tweet this because if anyone else tweets, it, they then either delete it or they fight back. He did the old. When you get to a certain age, you just do the tweet and walkaway. He did a full on tweeden walkaway like he, I don't even know if he knows how to look at his mentioned. No, he might as well just like tweeted out and then dropped his phone into a track, right? He has no idea what happened after that. And I love that because that means we can get it follow. You know what? I don't like. I don't like how in Yankee Stadium they do. Have you heard that? Yup. He's a boo-boo disrespectful to people like Ron. Our test who've been sexually assaulted by. Ghosts us. So Bobby Brown also fucked by ghost. Yeah, people forget that. That's actually happened. I think those made them come though, so. Good. Yeah, it's pretty good. Yeah. I guess that's better than like ninety percentage. Yeah, ghosts go Sex's real thing. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. All right. Peter gammons that's take. Peter has had tweets that he's like dialed that have made more sense than yes, absolutely. He does that. All right. A lot, a lot about tweets. Okay. Next up we have embraced debate is Darren rebel and athlete. Also the stage racers rebel ran the Chicago marathon. I don't know if anyone heard he only tweeted about it and talked about it nonstop for lasts like five months. He rented in four twenty five, which it's good. I guess yet. I mean during if you're going to win. To do it for the engagement at least shave your time down to four hours and twenty seconds. Exactly. Yeah. He looked like a, he looked like a bum running the marathon. Headley closed just draped in weird places. You had a headband. He had like these knee leading. I've never seen a man with skinny legs and Dan reveal, and then he's key. Put up an Instagram story or Instagram picture where he, he looks into prosthetic life. Yeah, he did. He did. He looked like, yeah, so you know what? Actually he might be an athlete because he did. He ran with two. He invoked Roger Bannister the first man to ever run a four minute mile in his like Instagram acceptance, speech to. I don't call that one for winning the Darren reveal marathon challenge for winning the I did it. Yeah, I g I did it athlete now. Okay. Sit because you see his his iphone. Nothing was huge on his on his arm. He ran with a huge owners are menus Instagram's during the whole time. So. So crista him. Yeah. I don't know really salt III on Twitter for for saying that he got beat by someone else will he did a lot of fifteen thousand? Listen DARREN'S go to come back and say, we'll open challenge to you if you ever want to run that mile and you know what? I, I don't think I'll ever reach a point in my life where running a marathon is like a goal that I wanna I know. Absolutely. Hey, do you wanna go be bored for five hours and if I really athletes compete, yeah, listen, I do marathon every single Sunday. I sit on my couch and I watched seven hours of football and my cable box pops up with that little notification that says, are you? Are you still alive? Do you wanna? Do you wanna keep watching football in my my fit bit beeps hey, you've had ten steps in the last hour. You're only two hundred eighty thousand way from your goal, right? Do you want me to notify the ambulance? Yes. Okay. Yeah, that that is always repressing fit doesn't. Yes. It happens a lot. Yeah, you got seventy yet. I'm an athlete to do. I watch a lot more football than you. Listen, I agree with you. I don't think I'll ever. B. i. people laugh makes I don't. I'm not running marathon by choice. I it is like, I don't want to run a marathon. I could. That's okay. It's okay. I will beat him in a mile though. He said anywhere anytime some skill at my back you up next like four or five months, get my core strong, I'm sure, but his houses, let's go shut out. Recurring guest. Does he Linden tell me if during time if I should be impressed by it or not? Yeah, she could run two marathons before during the way more than that, we have a. What's the beef, Hank? What's the beef markets? Martin JR Smith almost gonna fist beaten. I in the last preseason game the year. So what the hell happened because such a funny fight, oh, it was. They were ready to go. Marcus mar was ready to go. Smith chair, smart and Aron Baynes got tangled up, which is like classic going for rebound they got tangled up and then Marcus smart literally just came running in full speed like fish, ready to go had to have Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown holding him back like fully holding back like not like holding back home back when we back like Marcus smart was. Trying to break through trying to throw punches at Chashma th two questions. One is Jason Tatum still nineteen. Yes. How much longer an old nineteen. I don't know he's old nineteen at least six months. Bob is still, I don't know if you guys, he wasn't sports four goals, thirteen minutes, bopping Bobby, breaking news, Jason GARRETT'S spin zone of why he decided to to punt the ball as opposed to go for and fourth in one ready for this, it was a long yard. It was. So it was almost four th into. Yeah, that's true. Other breaking news, Jason Tatum is twenty. Oh, not unimpressive in. Fuck that ruins every get this geriatrics level. Now, my second question is, does Marcus smart know that LeBron James isn't on the Cavs anymore. I think that probably plays a part in like he was now. He's trying to take out all his anger, right? But like the Cavs earn a relevant except for Sam decker is going to have an awesome year. Probably be an all star. The Cavs were relevant. That is a matter Marcus. Okay. I would just smart. Doesn't Mark gets they never forgets beef? Yeah. Word ally. Okay. I'm not gonna see his face. Well, he was voted second tough player in the entire league. Let me ask you guys instead of making a declared of statement that you know writing a check, my asking cash. I'm going to ask you guys a question you can answer. Okay. Would you say that it's kind of a coward move to fight the team that you had a rivalry with after the alpha moves on? No, I that's okay. Does even occur to Marcus mo-, but I. Mart wasn't the Bruins gone. Marcus Moore was not defending LeBron. He was always like, that's they were matched up still be for me, do that if LeBron was still this. Okay. All right. That's that's the only question they can't pick. I wasn't fan of could be fighting. Wait. I said I was a fan of could be fighting. I said, he wasn't fan of sim spitting on this listening. This actually matches up perfectly to that fight. Like in this stance, Habib is Marcus smart and Conor McGregor share Smith. But you see, you see the point of Maske don't you think it's a little fair to ask? I got, he's gone. No, because Marcus smart is such a psycho that doesn't even register, okay. He sees a color. He sees that like burgundy maroon or whatever. The fuck the Cavs called her their primary color. And he sees that and he's like, that is a color that is violent, tragic still know if you fight a team when LeBron's site. I don't know. I don't know. As I asked the question, I didn't make it declared a statement. Ask question upset. Ask the question. We all know like Mark smart, love him. He's gonna shoot like two twenty three. So that's fine. He'll fight someone. He will fight everybody. That would be such a funny. I mean, all energy you, he's the guy you'd love to have on your team. I, I could see Jared Smith getting into a fight on like a hover board, like trying to drive. Punch somebody on like one of those little like motorized skateboard. Yeah. Hurting himself, hurting himself in market smart retaliating by murdering Jerash. Missing tire family? Yeah, Tiverton totally. Or even. All right. Last king stay kings. This is for Ryan Laki. So Ryan Lockie was involved in a car accident in Gainesville, Florida. The same day that he was involved in a police had to show up to a hotel because he was drunkenly trying to kick the door down alleged allegedly. The only problem is the hotel thing happened in California and the car accident happened in Gainesville, Florida. On the same day, get you man. They can do both king stay kings. That is so fucking impressive. Yeah. So Ryan lock de in the past, like three years has been in hot water in Brazil, California, and Florida. Like basically anywhere where you can wear a swimsuit as your actual outfit? Yes, Ryan lock, he's no longer loud fig about how crazy though, because you get the cops called on you at three forty five in the morning in California. Timezone mass. That's three forty, five AM. Okay. So that's seven. Forty five. Yeah. East coast time six forty five, six forty five east coast time. But then like if you get the cops called on, you, usually people like, you know, Michelle for minute. He got on a flight went to Gainesville, car-crash health. Was he driving the car? I think he was driving the car. Yes, he locked. He was driving his Porsche to his home when he realizes is about to hit the car in front of him and slammed on his brakes. The last minute to no avail. He was a million percent watching like a Snapchat show. Yeah, for sure. He's trying to figure out what we're vine win. Yeah. What the fuck wise vine loading. Right? That's our show. Jay Glazer, Wednesday in person, shall we say. Yeah, we just said, let's do it. Jay Glazer, in-person, Wednesday, get excited. Lovey guests. Pardon? My take presented by barstool sports.

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