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Is there something that interferes with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling. Is there for you connect with your professional counselor in a private online environment schedule secure video or phone sessions plush chat chat and text with your therapist listeners. Get Ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash perspective A._B._C. News. This is perspective closer. Look at the weeks top stories and the stories you. You may have missed. I'm Cheri Preston coming up or special counsel Robert Muller finally testified on Capitol. Hill report did not include that he did not commit a show suggest that is correct and what about total exoneration you actually totally exonerate the president written names. It's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson months away from Brexit flat out with my team that I will build a few days to repay. Hey Your copay has been in the meantime campaign is over the web and Ole Miss Student murder and the arrest of her former classmate. She was probably one of the most positive radio. I'm just GonNa less how the fact that she was always there air for me if I needed to talk to her all ahead on perspective this was the week that former special counsel Robert Muller testified after his two year long investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election are more was questioned by Democrats who breast the former special counsel on potential obstruction of justice by president trump and by Republicans who questioned him on the process of his investigation A._B._C.. News Congressional correspondent Respondent Mary Bruce Breaks Down Muller's testimony on Capitol Hill Robert Muller Walking into a hearing two years in the making you swear he was a reluctant witness but Democrats forced him to appear pressing him on whether the president obstructed obstructed justice director Mueller the president has repeatedly claimed that your report found there was no obstruction and that it completely and totally exonerated him but that is not what you report said is it correct is the report says the report did not conclude that he did not commit obstruction of justice. Is that correct that is correct and what about total exoneration did you actually totally exonerate the president now but muller did not reach conclusion on obstruction because the Justice Department office of Legal Counsel says sitting president cannot be indicted but can he be charged after he leaves office. You could charge the president United States with obstruction of justice after he left office again and and again Democrats went back to the report to highlight the ten incidents of possible obstruction by the president including when trump allegedly ordered his former White House counsel Don mcgann to fire Muller when the request was reported in the New York Times mcgann said the president told told him to deny it the president said quote fake news folks fake news a typical New York Times fake story in quote correct but your investigation actually found substantial evidence that mcgann was ordered by the president of fire you correct yes but did the President Obstruct Muller Republicans pointed out mother kept his job never fired a special counsel Mr Method of no now where where are you allowed to complete get your investigation unencumbered. Yes Republicans argued Muller was out of bounds for offering examples of potential obstruction without drawing a conclusion you wrote one hundred eighty pages one hundred eighty pages about decisions that weren't reached about potential all crimes that weren't charged speak for a second muller offered a passionate defence of his team as Republicans accused them of political bias in this business for almost twenty five years and who knows twenty-five years. I have not had occasion wants to ask ask somebody about their political affiliation. It is not done what I care about is the capability of the individual to do the job and do the job quickly and seriously and with Integrity Still Republicans said it's over. It's time for the curtain to close on the Russia. Hoax conspiracy theory is dead. He said the Russians are added again right now. Would you agree that. It was not a hoax that the Russians were engaged in trying to impact our election. Absolutely it's not a hoax and after six hours one last question I gather that you believe that knowingly accepting foreign assistance during the presidential campaign is an unethical thing to I do and a crime and crime circumstances yes and to the crime given certain circumstances and to the degree that undermines democracy and our institutions we can agree that it's also unpatriotic crew and wrong true. Mary Bruce A._B._C. News Capitol Hill. So what does Robert Muller's testimony mean for the White House. What does it mean when it came to substance? What does it mean when it comes to politics and what does it mean for the impeachment impeachment? Possibly of president trump at some Democrats have been talking about. Let's break it all down. Here's A._B._C.'s political director recline rig. It seems to me that there were two parts of the Muller report that we're looking to analyze now substantively and politically so let's start aren't substantively. I what do we know now that we didn't know before we had director Mollard directly contradict the President United States on a number of fronts. He did not find that there was no collusion. He did not find that there was no obstruction he did not as the president has often said come back and beg for his old job back as F._B._i.. Director and this was not a witch-hunt this was him in the starks terms possible repudiating the president's word on the highest profile investigation that is surrounded his presidency so to see that play out loud from <hes> from Muller himself was very startling. If you were to swoop in and look at the story from the outside and if you were looking at it from the outside what so many people said is it so few Americans have actually read this report all the way through everything he said was in there but but there's a lot more in there too yeah there is and I think it's still going to take some time to digest including the overall point that the Russians are as we sit here right now trying again to influence our democracy. I don't know that those points have been fully digested and I think this is a reminder of how vulnerable vulnerable we are in how the partisanship can overtake all of it and I think whatever else you say about Muller and his work. I think that should be a wakeup. Call Americans okay so now. Let's talk about not politically. Where do we stand at the end of the day because it seemed like the Republicans were sort of doing victory? Dance and Democrats were sort of throwing their hands up in the air. You think that's true well. I think Democrats probably got a little ahead of themselves in terms of expectations that weren't many people though realistically okay who thought this would be a game changer and follow himself told us he was going to be pretty boring. He was going to stick to the four corners of his report. He didn't want to be there at all so I think there's that piece of perspective that's important and I think from the Republicans. This was defense and we're no closer to impeachment and if that's the game then that's fine in but I'm not sure that the politics of this start to break well for Republicans either again the conduct that was described by Muller whatever else you say about his his motivations in his report man has impeccable credentials and he came and he said the president was doing a lot of bad things and we still don't know how close he really came to facing criminal charges as a sitting President Muller says he wasn't able to even get to that because of the policy so. I don't know how that's a clear win truly for anyone but yet you had president trump. I'm coming afterwards saying it's a great day for me. You know he called the whole thing unpatriotic and wrong as he has done time and time again and how much is this really matter to people who have just already made up their minds. Well people seem to have accepted Muller's reports and findings a a lot more than they accept the consequence potentially of impeachment so I don't know how this truly plays I do. The president is going to say what he says about it. Regardless of what the reality was. I don't really think his response should be much of a surprise to anyone who's washed his his conduct walked in his descriptions of this overall but it's going to be up to people to decide. I think a larger number of people this week we're exposed to the findings of the mall report whether that's just public opinion in a way that matters ultimately and matters for impeachment. I don't think we're there yet so when it comes to impeachment where do you see that fight going not very far. I think this is a critical period over the the Aug break for members of Congress what they hear from their constituents but as of now Sherry less than half of House Democrats support impeachment to say nothing of the two thirds vote you need in the Senate not even you can't even get the Democrats onboard in the House of Representatives so my mind Nancy Pelosi knows that and her go slow approach in a way has been been vindicated by the fact that we're not we're we're. We need to be as a country bring impeachment. I don't think Democrats want to get that far or they're gonNA continue their investigations. They're going to do a lot of work behind the scenes but the I word I think is off the table. You think this means finally we will start talking about things other than investigating president trump because that's the one thing both sides of sort of become frustrated with I mean at what point we actually take cut bills when it comes to Healthcare Immigration Democrats in Congress and say they are taking up those bills of they're just getting installed in the Senate and guess what the right about that by and large look you hear the phrase that members of Congress love to say we can walk and Chew Gum the fact is there really the isn't really isn't a room in the public consciousness to focus on that many things at the same time. Unfortunately I in this case. A lot of the legislative work is getting kind of shifted to the side. I don't know the answer to that. Though Sherry I think the breakthrough of bipartisanship partisanship that it would take there's no signs of that anytime soon and every day week before the election makes it less likely that you're able to see real bipartisan progress on anything. I'd like to talk to you. Karen travers all of our other friends in D._C.. About what it's like in Washington on a daily basis. Racist because this is wearing a lot of people out all of this and for you guys it's just relentless. It's a fire hose of craziness and if it's not one thing that's always going to be something else. The election almost seems like a respite from some of the Washington Zany that we deal with on a regular racist but keep in mind president trump likes this pace. He is dominating the news cycle and that's exactly what he wants to be doing. Okay recline and your fire hose of craziness. We're GonNa let you go. Thanks as always the questioning of Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill you can make up your own mind and who you think won or lost the day out Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler Today the American people heard directly about what the special counsel investigation uncovered as to Russia's interference in the two two thousand sixteen election and the president's cooperation with it and obstruction of justice the ranking member of the Committee Republican Congressman Doug Collins Georgia those are the facts of the Molar Rochelle Mandolin the twenty six election the president did knock aspire with Russian and nothing we here today change those fans everything we've come up with is show hearings dog and pony shows running out old people from Watergate era and what have we found that the American people are footing the bill for a continuation of twenty sixteen election that they don't lie. I challenge the democratic colleagues get over the election of two thousand sixteen run in two thousand twenty if he wants and others weighing in as well as the attorney general supposed to be the attorney general of the United States of America Erica worth it can Sigli Ari for the president. What he's doing is not obstructing justice? He is pursuing justice. Hopefully this'll be the end of these hearings because the House Intelligence Committee has important work to do if you you look at the national security for this country. There's nothing more important right now. Chances are pretty good. If there are veep winners and losers your mind was probably already made up for you even started listening coming up Britain's new prime minister and for her Rico's governor resigns uproar and protests on perspective after this these days news comes out of Washington so fast it can be hard to keep up. I just don't think this is gonNA play out the way everybody thinks it's going to play out. We're getting a giancarl prediction look. We need special music for this. I'm A._B._C. News. Political Director recline join me along with A._B._C.'s chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl every week as we break down the facts and turned to Washington insiders with tough questions on the powerhouse politics podcasts or you're gonNA talk to more. I'm looking Audrey listened for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP back to perspective. I'm Sherry Preston. Poorest Johnson took over from Theresa May as Britain's prime minister this past week after he was elected leader of the Conservative Party a what flag from now on with my team that I will build the next few days to repaint your competence but in the meantime time campaign he's now he is tasked with trying to put together a brexit deal before Britain departs the E._U.. Later this year let's get the latest on Johnson's election and what's ahead for the U._K.. Here's A._B._C.'s he's Tom Rivers at the foreign desk out with the old and in with a new this week goodbye to beleaguered British Prime Minister Theresa May hello to Boris Johnson the two could not be more different may didn't leave much of a legacy Johnson's instance mission to succeed where she didn't in solving the brexit puzzle his course came under scrutiny in his first address in parliament since becoming prime minister where he urged the European Union to rethink its refusal to renegotiate the Brexit deal in a rowdy session in the comments Johnson pledged we will throw into these negotiations with the greatest energy and determination added a spirit of friendship and I hate that the E._U.. You will be equally ready and the they will rethink that current refusal to make any changes to the withdrawal but if the E._U. refuses to play ball if they do not we of course half to leave the U._K.. Without an agreement under article fifty the U._K. is better prepared for that situation than many believe but we are not as ready yet as we should be. In the ninety eight days that remained to us must turbocharger preparations to make sure that there is little disruption as possible to our national light. Andy threatened if the E._U. does not reopen withdrawal discussions. He says they won't be getting a divorce deal. Check from the U._K.. A some forty eight billion dollars he's general tone optimistic. We are once again going to believe in ourselves and what we could achieve like some slumbering giant. We are going to rise in Ping off the guy ropes of self doubt a negative but where's the detail. That's what a lot of people here asking right now. Including the leader of the opposition Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn he says he has pluck nerve and ambition our country does not need arm-waving being bluster but competence seriousness and after and after a decade of divisive policies for the few to focus for once on on the interest of the many many we'll be watching closely over the next three months as the brexit deadline fast approaches deliver bricks unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn GonNa do Boris Johnson and says he can get the E._U.. To renegotiate an exit deal something the block insists it won't do automous warned that are no deal brexit would disrupt trade and plunged into recession the stakes over the the next few months couldn't be higher if Johnson can manage a deal he'll go down in history as a hero if he fails his time at ten Downing Street could be very short indeed with the snap general election likely outcome if the ordeal exit option is taken deliver unite and defeat was not the perfect acronym for an election campaign since unfortunately it spills done but they've got the final e my friends e for energize and and I say I say to all the doctors dude. We are going to energize the country. We're GONNA get brexit done on okay. We're GONNA take advantage of opportunities that it will bring in a new spirit of Candu. Tom Rivers A._B._C. News London London. Order Rico's governor Ricardo will CEO announcing his resignation this week following protests and multiple declarations he would remain in office through January twenty twenty one Roselle faced intense pressure after the League of offensive text messages between him and his top aides A._B._C.'s Victor Oquendo reports on the story from Corporate Vico strengths of old sent one knowledge after governor were ordered Rosillo Announces Resignation Shen celebration underway way to hear those early. What is this like right now but I'm not just minus in Manafort as the embattled governors message started the crowds silenced huddled together holding their phones to their ears as the highly anticipated address stream life that rental John Wetteland go in our doc effective will be there autoland Amelia's every single confirming his resignation will go in effect August second and Ricky Martin boosting this video and instagram saying we did in order Rico and we did it Luego in Orlando Moham- bus seeing Anima? These boats are looking forward to a new era. There's hope for that kind of future. Who've last night maybe I didn't know about freedom we wanted now? Wait a party my but now the focus is on smooth transition of power. The Secretary of Justice will be taking over as governor. Her name is wonder Vasquez in a statement. She says that her Andro CEO are working to make sure it happens in a transparent and responsible manner also this week A._B._C.. News learn millionaire and convicted sex offender. Jeffrey Epstein was placed on Suicide Watch after he was found unresponsive on the floor of New York City Prison F C is is currently facing charges of federal sex trafficking. A._B._C.'s went Johnson Scott. The latest on the story sources still A._B._C. News Jeffrey Epstein is on Suicide Watch in New York City jail after the disgrace financier was found unresponsive in his cell with marks on on his neck. When Epstein came to he told authorities he couldn't remember what had happened? Investigators initially thought he tried to take his own life or make it seem that way now they're looking into whether he was assaulted by another inmate or whether he even paid someone into beat him up. They've interviewed another inmate Nick Tar Tag Leone a former COP accused of murder. I spoke with his lawyer. Nick knows what happened. We're not going to talk about my purpose is to say definitively. Nick had nothing to do with hurting anybody in the facility and in particular Mr Obscene Epstein is accused of exploiting and abusing dozens of minor girls some as young as fourteen just last week a judge rejecting his request for bail the mega millionaire had offered. To put his mansion and private jet as collateral for bond but prosecutors argued he shouldn't be allowed to live inside a gilded cage the Metropolitan Correctional Center as a far cry from that eight by eight cells lockdown virtually twenty four hours. There's a day sometimes there's two people sell food is difficult to consume to say the least have scenes attorneys are still moving forward with that appeal to get him out of jail on bond. They insist he has no danger. He has not a flight risk but but it could be months before Epstein. Get an answer coming up and Ole Miss Student murder the arrest of her former classmate on perspective after this technology is supposed to make your life easier you're right. 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I'm Cheri Preston coming up a conversation with pediatrician and Philanthropist Priscilla Chan but first a twenty two year old Texas man is in custody in connection with the killing of a classmate at the University of Mississippi. Her body was discovered last weekend. Brandon failed was arrested for the murder of Alexandria Alley coastal who was just twenty-one. A._B._C.'s Marcus more has the latest on the story alley. Costal was the girl with the bright smile and even brighter future. She went missing newly released surveillance video taken outside of a local bar may have captured the last images of her alive. A college student from Saint Louis has been found dead in Mississippi. The Twenty One euro college student was found in the remote Mississippi Woods her autopsy report out revealing she died of multiple gunshot wounds foul play is involved but how she ended up in those woods thirty miles away remained a mystery until police. He's arrested twenty two year old brandon the. SPELLED IT turns out these field was alleys classmate at Ole miss male white and black the armed police in Tennessee track him down in Memphis ovary. No one will be over the mystery surrounding one woman horrific murder and why her classmate is behind bars charged with her down it. Is these summer before her senior year and Alexandria Costal Marketing Major and Sorority sister for Alpha Phi is taking courses. This is at the University of Mississippi known around the country warmly as Ole miss in the sleepy college town of Oxford. It's an arts town. It's known for its just color flavors and just kind of local melting pot. This is the land of football and of tailgates and Friday nightline's last seen side of local bar in the town square walking down the street and looking at her phone police say eventually getting into a rideshare. She did not go into the bar that she left. I'll have to win home and then that's worth of the puzzle is still waiting to be piece together. Police say after alley returned home at around midnight. She left again a short time later. The next morning costumes body was found near a popular lake in Harmon town Mississippi about about thirty miles away from the old Miss Campus by deputy on routine patrol and this is the spot the very remote spot where that sheriff's deputies found alleys body right off of this Kirby dirt road that goes towards a fishing post there and the crime tape here. We're near the scene thick woods and gives you a sense of the area that investigators have been working in as they try to piece together. How allie was killed alleys father Keith Costal confirmed the news of his daughter's death on facebook posting Saturday the afternoon we were visited by police who communicated to us that are beautiful dear Alexandria Alley Costal was the victim of a homicide authorities launched a multi agency manhunt for the suspect station Lafayette County Murder Investigation hanging this phone brandon the field Milwida they fought lack the arm via mobile gas station? No one goes on Monday. They get their suspect. Brandon spill new images ages obtained by a local Fox affiliate captured the dramatic take down across state lines at a Tennessee gas station Memphis police with their guns drawn spotting the suspect in an Ole Miss Baseball team Monday morning and taking them into custody is murder and when he is being held in our jail without bond still authorities are being tight lipped on the details of the crime. Is there anything else that all you want to say that they are important. The university has confirmed that these failed and costal were classmates in the business school. These field has been suspended by Ole miss the suspect making a court appearance Tuesday in an orange jumpsuit and shackles his father Dr Daniel. Theis felt a Texas physician leaving the Lafayette Mississippi jail after visiting his son in a statement A._B._C. affiliate W. F._A._A.. Dr th-this Spill saying I've spoken to Brandon. I asked that everyone give him the benefit of the down that he is innocent alleys friends meanwhile are remembering her for her warm. Personality tune is probably one of the those positive radiant people I've ever met. I'm just GonNa miss how the fact that she was always there for me if I needed to talk to her those closest to her still stunned. They won't be seeing their friend again. Everyone misses her like you wouldn't believe tonight is what she was back. In a statement the University of Mississippi offering its condolences we extend our deepest sympathy to her family friends and classmates and stand ready to support them during this time. Jake Thompson is a reporter for the Oxford Eagle newspaper here in town so let's go is covering high school sports now trying to run around and cover of high profile murder investigation and so it's for me it's jarring as well personally professionally on campus showing us the impact of a life lost. This is a sorority row yeah this is this is her sorority. One of them has the black ribbons and in remembrance now of valley their fallen sister shorty sister and that's that's what's going to be the hardest part for them. This you know fraternity house a Sorority House. You spent your non class hours in there with each other sharing your lies stories and Best Friends Gossiping. You know you know just all sorts of that you would do with your friends and when they come back that's going to be a a tough day for the alpha. Phi think you know alley spent four years of the school. She said she was a senior cashiers. Heading this was going to be a starter for senior semester next month and was set to wrap up and spring may walk graduate and and and move on with the restaurant life unfortunately now that doesn't get to happen. I'M MARKUS MORE IN OXFORD MISSISSIPPI coming up the Soho scammer former friend details details goals and skiing's on perspective after this. Hey I'm Dan Harris from A._B._C.. News and I have a podcast and you've listened to it. It's called ten percent happier. It's all about how to stay sane in are increasingly absolutely insane world. We'll talk everybody from the Dalai Lama signs vide- Borton for human gene to Rupaul. You have to explore this life. It's fun that interesting may even change your life. You can listen to it for free on apple podcasts or on your favorite podcasts back to perspective and Sherry Preston. Anna Sorkin is a convicted fraudster her former friend Rachel Williams's speaking out saying she wondered how she missed all the red flags from the convicted con woman she discussed her relationship with Sorkin and her schemes A._B._C.'s Deborah Roberts she just wise very impulsive and free spirited and charming. I really liked her and adobe. We made an impression on everyone she met. Were you sort of seduced by her in her behavior in some ways I'd say yes I was captivated by I was sort of fascinated by her. Willingness to just challenge boundaries claiming claiming to be a German heiress with sixty seven million dollar trust fund. She talked her way into exclusive New York parties and nightclubs which is how she met Rachel Williams in two thousand sixteen then a twenty eight year old photo editor at Vanity Fair Magazine Z. and my late Twenties I was a period of major transition for me and my friends a lot of them were getting married or having babies are leaving the city and I was so glad to have this person who was available and seemed really excited to be my friend. The the pair soon became inseparable living glamorous life of two young women in Manhattan. Why do you think she was able to sort of walk into rooms and sort of do what she wanted to? Some degree probably because he's a young white female also a lot of had to do with her specific charm. She seemed good-willed twenty five year old. Anna treated Rachel two drinks and dinners at exclusive restaurants and even three hundred dollar pop private fitness sessions. Nations alike terror and so we have a lot of fun together but would Rachel didn't know is that her friend was living ally and Adele was actually Anna Sorkin the russian-born daughter of middleclass parents a hotel hopping social drifter now behind bars for a series of wide ranging scams. She wont across New York City. How do you feel about Anna Zorkin? Today I will sociopath Rachel's now speaking on camera for the first time about how she says her former friend betrayed her tail. She recounted her new book. My friend Anna the true story of a fake eras. I don't actually feel a lot of anger mostly. I just feel like I would like to never cross castleberry again. In the beginning Rachel had no reason to down her big-spending new friend came from wealth given her jet-setting lifestyle and big ambitions she went into least this giant building a house <hes> an art collection a gallery space members only lounge shave referred to this family trust she had which I didn't pry about but sort of informed my understanding of her figured she had money yes she came from money and that came out over time in the spring of two thousand Seventeen Rachel tells us Anna offered an all expenses expenses paid trip to Marakesh in a lavish seventy five hundred dollar a night villa shockingly opulent. Your eyes must have been popping out of New York. We didn't these things that Rocco. That's when it was kind of like oh waitress says suddenly Anna's credit cards mysteriously weren't working when it was time to settle up with the hotel the managers began to pull an aside and sort of slowly escalating that there's some tension between Anna and the hotel well after a few days of Hounding Anna the hotel had had enough then just didn't I villa and they're waiting for her to fix it and they want payment. Yes they want credit card that works right there right now like they're done waiting. Rachel tells us she's was fearful of being stranded in a foreign country so she offers her credit cards as a temporary backup even though she can't afford it I got a text message that the whole bill is being charged to my parents how much sixty thousand dollars back in New York Anna Anna doesn't send Rachel the money instead making excuse after excuse texting I will get it sorted so you have this week. What is going on for you internally? I am laid with my rent and late with my credit card payments. I'm like in a lot of trouble aw convinced that she's been duped and goes to authorities in the summer of twenty seventeen police arrest Anna Sorkin in Malibu California if she did this to me and I was her friend she would do. It's anybody and I just wanting to protect other people in is charged with Grand Larceny attempted Grand Larceny and theft of services during the trial prosecutors arguing she stole more than a quarter of a million dollars from banks who tells house and a private jet operator to fund lavish lifestyle and was attorney. Insisting Rachel is not a victim. Rachel testified facing her former friend in court. I wasn't sure what to expect deadly at her. She was smirking at me. Did it unnerves you know shockingly thought it would but I think understanding her for who she was. It caused her to lose her power. In May Twenty eight year old Anna Sorkin was was convicted of eight charges against her including grant larceny but found not guilty of defrauding Rachel. Some of the jurors didn't feel sympathetic for your situation with Anna. How did that feel for you? That was that was devastating. Anna was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison and ordered to pay nearly two hundred thousand dollars in restitution as for that huge credit card bill that you have to pay that money ultimately think thank goodness <hes> American Express did protect me from the hotel charge <hes> which was the bulk of the expenses when you look back on it. Should you've known better I think I I wanted to see the good inherit anything. It's important to see reality into understand. What's your Serbian trust you that again? I'm Deborah Roberts in New York coming up a conversation with Mrs Mark Zuckerberg Priscilla Chan on perspective after this have a dream but don't know where to begin I didn't I didn't want to be limited looking for wisdom for women who've already been there you will constantly be given the opportunity to lose yourself. Welcome to A._B._C.'s no limits. I'm your host Rebecca Jarvis in each week. We're talking to the game. Changing women about success lessons is learned along the way and of course the worst advice and really thought about this worst advice ever you can hear new episodes of no limits every week on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP. This is perspective from A._B._C. News. I'm Sherry Preston. Dr Priscilla Chan is one of the world's most prominent philanthropic leaders she striving to make her mark in the field of medicine science and she talked about some of those initiatives this week on Good Morning America with A._B._C.'s A._B._C.'s Robin Roberts she is fast becoming one of the most prominent philanthropic leaders of her generation Dr Priscilla Chan up and coming game changer in the fields of medicine and Science Science Technology Engineering the Harvard Educated U._C._S._f.. School of Medicine Grad is a pediatrician who also runs the Chan Zuckerberg initiative but she and her husband Facebook C._e._o.. Mark Zuckerberg launched in two thousand fifteen following the birth of the first daughter Max. We're going to have a front row seat to the biggest medical breakthrough and generation the initiatives most recent program called rare as one focuses on driving progress in the fight against rare diseases grants will be awarded to ten organizations with four and a half million dollars in initial funding people ask us. Are you going after one disease at a time. No it's really about making every scientist everyone who participates in the scientific process better. We're their experiences that you had that lead you to do the work that you're doing right now. When I was a young physician I would open up a patient's chart and like read something about it and I i? I was embarrassed. I would walk into a room and say I don't know anything about your disease. Can you tell me how do you take care of yourself in these patients and families would teach me train me on what it was like what the disease was in how to best take care of themselves on what worked for them and rare is one is about bringing in that patient voice because they have the insights. I can still remember exact patient rooms where the research didn't materialize in time or we didn't find the right treatment and <hes> exact families and <hes> I think those experiences what makes me realize that we have to do more. The daughter Chinese Vietnamese Refugees Chan who was the first Inter family to go to college says she always knew her life would involve service to others a lot of people open doors for me and if I didn't work hard and try to continue getting trained into actually open doors for others that I wasn't doing my part she and Zuckerberg who married in two thousand twelve are passing on those same lessons two daughters Max and August Audi when still in your children who are growing up in an environment that was that was different. We talk about it. Do you yeah there's three and two and we talk about how lucky we are. How what can we have each other to be happy and healthy in there also kids they? Don't you know my three year Gerald one day. She tells me mom I know about honey. Nut cheerios like what do you know what honey nut cheerios and she's like. I've heard about them and I WANNA box for my birthday. You can't Dan give them on. There is also the challenge of navigating philanthropy under the spotlight with controversy surrounding facebook's handling of user data have discussions about that you know people's concerned about privacy and other issues. Does your something that you and your husband that you think you can do to help alleviate those concerns data privacy is a top concern and should be for everyone especially in medicine what we've really grappled with is what have we learned from marks experiences <hes> running facebook to make sure that we are <hes> being incredibly proactive about this you get into this field. What is it about medicine because it's so apparent the emotion that you have the passion that you have? We're GONNA come from. There's so many times where I feel like <hes> this could be me. I don't have a rare disease that I know of but I've gotten really lucky and I've had a lot of people champion for me and and <hes> I don't take that for granted. She really doesn't and it's worth noting that the chance Zuckerberg's initiative is one of the most well-funded philanthropic organizations in the world. A couple has committed ninety nine percent of their facebook shares to this mission which also also includes improving education and reforming the criminal justice system would keep talking about rare disease where disease about twenty five to thirty million Americans suffer from a rare disease and ninety five percent of rare diseases no F._d._a.. Funding whatsoever so ever from A._B._C. News this has been perspective. If you WANNA listen to any of our past shows you can subscribe to the perspective podcast. Give us a review. Tell us what you think. It really does help you can find on apple podcasts spotify stitcher. Wherever you listen to your podcast you can also find this and other A._b._C. News shows at A._B._C. News podcasts DOT COM perspective is produced by Eric Malo? Thanks for listening for A._B._C. News. I'm Sherry Preston.

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