Marcus Garvey: Leader of a Revolutionary Global Movement


Over a hundred years ago the black nationalist movement in America reached an unprecedented level of popularity because of the efforts of the charismatic leader of the universal negro Improvement Association Marcus Garvey born in Jamaica Garvey grew up in poverty. He came to understand race relations through the lens of birth colonialism throughout the Caribbean and Latin America as his thinking matured. He began to formulate a revolutionary social movement in nineteen fourteen years. He founded the universal negro Improvement Association dedicated to uniting all the black people throughout the world. Two years later. He immigrated to the United States or his powerful message quickly gained traction you walk you like we weren't able to go to work for one coming up this second building and they should all his own on the great continent of Africa for the purpose of generating our industrial commercial educational Council and for the vehicle collision be arrives in an error where blacks are still being lynched regularly in the South around the same time that movies like Birth of a Nation are showing extra ordinarily Rage depictions of African Americans as monsters. You have this really charismatic and dynamic individual and he's talking about look our place is never going to be here in the United States were going to be in Europe. It's going to be in Africa. We need to reclaim Africa. So Garvey is going to be preaching a philosophy of black pride. He's going to come up with a scheme to repatriate to Africa and he provides a huge sense of hope for millions of African-Americans a centerpiece of garvey's program was the creation of the Black Star Line a steamship line launched a transport. African Americans who wish to emigrate to Africa the Black Star Line is this idea that Garvey can buy ships through the support of local African American people sending in money so you can have a share in the Black Star Line and these ships were going to take thousands of people back to Africa to the Colony that Garvey was going to establish but his advocacy for black Americans to move back to Africa drew the attention of the United States government and especially J Edgar Hoover Federal Bureau of Investigation, which monitored garvey's movement seeking grounds for his arrest and deportation Garvey was growing too powerful J. Edgar Hoover is going to hire their first negro agents to subvert Marcus Garvey and eventually they're going to say that he's been committing mail fraud with the Black Star Line scheme. He's eventually tried arrested placed in jail 19-25. He's deported in nineteen twenty-seven and he's never go out to return to the United States. He dies in London in 1943. Garvey's Legacy as the father of the modern back to Africa movement cannot be underestimated. He created the largest popular political movement in the history of Black America and would be an inspiration both to the anti-colonial movement and black nationalist leaders throughout the remainder of the century.

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