The Mike Tomlin Press Conference Recap: Week 13 vs. the Washington Football Team


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Becky that podcast. After the game on wednesday night. Mike tomlin was not very happy with his team's performance even though they were able to escape with a nineteen to fourteen win over the baltimore ravens at heinz field depleted ravens roster at that and mike tomlin started off the press conference in a positive light. I'm pretty sure that he probably looked back at his his knee jerk reaction to the game and it was a very poor one in regards to all demeanor being positive or negative. It was negative. He was mad. He was upset. He didn't like the way the team played rightfully so and so we decided to start the press conference off with some positives. He said he felt that he neglected some good things. That happened on the field. We twelve. He mentioned benny snell and that he had running the football. Especially in the second half in in the fourth quarter mainly. He talked about how he took care of the football member. Snell's the one that had the fumbling issues earlier this season any mention how he was smart enough to stay in bounds on a couple occasions to keep the clock running. Those are really really smart. Plays their heads up plays. They're a place showed that a football player is maturing in the proper way so he gave a lot of kudos to benny snell for those things. Then he went to talk about james washington the combat catch the combat catch that he made in the fourth quarter on third down. He mentioned eric ebron early in the game. Really playing well and he's at juju. Smith schuster was bad as steady as it comes when it comes to the receiving corps he also gave props jc hassen our the center. Who stepped in for markey's pouncey which it was only a few hours before kick-off when everyone found out that pouncey was going to be placed on the covid nineteen reserve list therefore was ineligible to play on wednesday and has stepped in filled in admirably. All things considered If the team is going to be without pounds. Ian james conner which tomlin said. He doesn't know they're just going. They're going to get him back when they get him back. He said that it's going to be a different story with. Hassanari is not going to be thrust into the starting position. He rothlisberger will have more of a a better idea as to what's going to be coming up. Defensively said he thought that the defense came out of the gate strong sometimes he mentioned how when you have a lull in the schedule whether it's a bye week or you get as many buys. After a thursday game. He said he was impressed. With how the steelers defense came out of the gate strong. They provided short field to the offense in the even score points by joe. Hayden's pick six He didn't stay on the baltimore game too long. He moved onto the washington. The washington football team is gonna come into pittsburgh on monday. As i said at the beginning of this podcast a five pm kickoff at heinz field is diligently have two home games remaining they have the game against washington and then they have the game against the indianapolis colts in week. Sixteen So he talked about how the defense for washington starts up front. He mentioned the edge rushers. Mainly chase young. Who's a rookie out of ohio. State looks really really good. He's into their opportunistic in the back end. That's very much a ron rivera. jack del rio. Who's the defensive coordinator those are very much stylistic things for them and how. They like to have their defenses play. He said they run a lot of mixtures of manned defense zone concepts in. They do get after the quarterback in a stop the run. This defense that they're about to play is probably out of baltimore's is the closest comparison to the steelers They rank similarly Did they get into the sax there there among the top. Five in the nfl. Getting after the quarterback so this is going to be a challenge to the steelers. Offense are gonna require their full attention for sure. Offensively said alex smith talked about it. He respects the resume. The story cities a champion and a lot of ways really glowing remarks about alex smith and his journey back to the national football but after alex smith who later in the press conference he was asked about smith's game play in in house. He seen a change since the last time they met face them which was in kansas city in the playoffs. I believe that was in two thousand and sixteen. He's look he's alex. Smith is thirty six years old. He said he's a different quarterback. Ben rothlisberger different quarterback whether that's due to the injury or father time that's not up to him to decide but yeah there are differences just like every quarterback that gets older but he mentioned antonio gibson the running back and really how the red scam. Sorry not the redskins. That's a that i apologize. It's old habits. Die hard The washington football team. They use all three of their running back very very well and he mentioned the young wide receiving corps. They have with a lot of people. Think maybe outside of pittsburgh the best young wide receiving corps in the national football league. But the steelers do have an ace up their sleeve. In that is ike hilliard. No he's not playing but he coached that team last season. He coached that unit. He's gonna know exactly what they do. Well what they struggle with what they liked to do their tendencies. That's going to be very useful tool for the pittsburgh steelers as they prepare on a short week for washington. Come to heinz field. He did get to injuries eventually. Mike tomlin only starts off the press conference with injuries. But he did not do that. In this Thursday press conference. He did say he confirmed. The bud. dupree is out for the rest of the season with a knee. Injury did not say acl but he did say he was out for the season. He said it's a tough blow for the team because everyone loves bud. Dupree is a player in a person. It's just tough to see that happen. I did not say when he's going to have surgery wasn't sure of that just yet but he did know the bud dupree is out confirmed then he did say that the the as he loves to say quote unquote bumps and bruises associated with the game of football. He mentioned steven nelson. Steven nelson was able to play on wednesday. He got through the gamy. I didn't see him leave But he said he had a knee. Injury was going to require an m. r. i. Today thursday so with that. We don't know exactly what that injury details. We don't know what that if is so severe injury. Is it a minor injury. No one knows but it was the least significant enough for the pittsburgh steelers organization to say. Let's go get checked out. Let's go get an mri done just to make sure. The first reported practice for the steelers will be on friday. That's going to be a good opportunity for them to work for us. I should say dec- whereas even nelson in regards to you know busy practicing. He not practicing stay tuned behind the curtain dot com for all the latest on that the first question that might tommy was asked about what were the drops. The wide receiving corps had at least at least five drops may be upwards of seven or eight depending on what you categorize as a drop and he said look. It's a useful group young group. There's a variance in performance. It comes with that they have to keep working. Keep getting better. He s did he has to be thinking that he hopes his this is a one game. Thing i'm sure that the the receivers are going to be focusing. Maybe a little bit more than they usually do on the fundamentals a little bit better. He was asked about alex. High smith who obviously is going to be the main man stepping in to fill in for bud dupree hitting. It's going to be a mixture of high smith. Anna lead any. But mike tomlin was very confident in highsmith. He's i was. I'm confident in highsmith. Like i was confident in roberts. Filleting filling in for devon bush in kevin dotson filling in for david decastro so in that regard. He's confident highsmith. He said he's a diligent worker. Exciting excited to watch his maturation him. Get experience as a rookie. In later in the press conference was asked again about high smith and he just he talked about his maturity level. as he's a fifth year senior charlotte's they normally don't draft players. That are that old but he said he just really liked that. He's got a lot of growth in growing in his resume in from when he walked on at charlotte until his senior season so he loved it. I loved those aspects. And he's hoping to see that growth continue in the national football league with the pittsburgh steelers speaking of debris being out for the year he was asked about. We'll do pres absence. Hinder tj watts production. On the other side he said tj wad doesn't need any assistance players like that do not need any assistance. They will go out and make plays on the road. So there you go a case your concern about markey's pouncey and james conner about the coming off the kobe lists. He said they'll get them back when they get him back. He did say that some of the run game struggles because baltimore is such a tough defense to diagnose from a three snap standpoint not having pouncey in there certainly did probably played a role has a good job but again he was thrust into that starting lineup game day so i'm sure that they're going to be better prepared next week with has now at least going into it thinking he's going to be the starter said possibly had not having pouncey was a significant loss for the steelers. Obviously talked about the you know. Is it a positive in the short week for the steelers to have short we coming off an ugly game with a beat the ravens but it was not pretty look. We don't want to run away from a bad game. He's we're not. We're not the type of team just wants to turn the page and burn the tape. They wiped dwell on it. That was his quote. They dwell on it for a little bit so these they're going to definitely dive into the game and figure out what went wrong and as a coach. You understand that as someone and if anyone's coached competitive sport whether it's high school or higher you sometimes understand that bad games even if you can still win those games even better. But sometimes it's bad games are the most teachable moments. He was asked about comparing this young wide receiving corps all of them in their first contract. You think about juju. Smith schuster. James washington diontae johnson chase claypool comparing them to the old young money crew. In that was mike wallace emmanuel sanders in antonio brown Back in the day even though there with old man hines ward at the time and he said that he doesn't want to compare the two groups. Easy you're talking about guys like antonio and emmanuel sanders. Who have done a lot in the league. Mike wallace has had a very impressive resume in his time in the nfl. He's that type of talent is what they have right now but they're still writing their story so in regards to this young money two point. Oh he's not gonna go there because he can't go there he did. They have to prove for longer than just a few years or a season. And that's going to be obviously down the road. The lastly the he was asked about the sack streak. This dealers are threatening to have the longest streak in nfl history with a recorded sack contest. In one of the teams up. There might be i. I'm not if as dave scofield. Isn't the team that might thomas was on the coaching staff done in tampa bay with tony dungee and that was the tampa bay defence. And they were. He said that he sees a lot of similarities. Between that defense at wanna super bowl and this defense and he he went on to talk about the quality pass rushers he. He mentioned warren sapp simeon. Rice he's we had others they were great pass rushers but they were great. Pass rushers together. It it's the same thing that they have here in pittsburgh with guys like t j Tj watt cam. Heyward steph onto it in bud dupree when he was healthy. They're all good pass rushers but they pass rush well together meaning. They're not just doing their own thing. They know what each other's doing they have their lanes. They have the responsibilities in all execute. He said that it's an impressive streak. It's it's an impressive comparison comparing this steelers defense that tampa bay defence but ultimately. He thinks it's very much deserving for this steelers defense but there you have it was not a long press conference obviously coach tomlin and is coaching staff. Have a lot of work to do as they after. Have a quick turnaround to get ready for the washington football team that come to pittsburgh in week thirteen. I know it's thursday. It's going to be very quick turnaround. But we're going to have everything for you that you could ever want leading up to this game on behind the steel curtain. Not only on the website behind this curtain dot com. Which should be your one. Stop shop for all things steelers but anywhere. You get your podcasts. Google play itunes apple. Podcast itch or anchor pandora spotify you name it. Find us at steelers. You can search behind the steel curtain subscribed. Follow whatever you have to do so that you don't miss a thing folks wrap for this thursday edition of mike tomlin press conference recap podcast geoff hartman. Co editor binding steel curtain dot com as always be safe. Be kind in. God bless is dealers.

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