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I don't know the memory card is going to work but whatever you love talking to me he ever microphone. Hold your other reporting forgiven Steve. I'm MHM breaking news breaking news. Let's just be clear to start this. PODCAST I'm sure. Please dial back all the spells you put on us in though we're protected on me that extra spells attacking my forestville got a Lotta. DM's from which is how many more do more than you you could imagine so. Let's clarify and people engaged in my. Wow how did he hide he. It just sell a bts backstory here. We switched off of rent lying because she wants to lose. Some weight and rewind is too expensive in our budget so he it should have vodka. I want to heal our budgeting here. The frat house so that's my she says. DM slide in all of the M swipe We're totally all about rewind. We love everyone. WHO's about love and lie positive energy if you identify and if I as a witch is about love and healing and good vibes energy we're down? We're cool you do you. Do you hiding hiding our referencing. Black Magic negatively darkness. Evil we were talking about actual evil people so that offended you. Maybe you need to look in the mirror. Your Crystal Ball a hopefully. You didn't identify with what we meant to be describing so just trying to clarify to the which rich community have enough you on Ebay for extra witches Saga Saga. If you're not go to Hell uh-huh. Jk Not Welcome to the Mai Spidey famous game. podcast this Tim Spectrum News One Channel One increase pollution stories only the person watching it says earthquakes to increase and everyone needs to prepare. And you very now I am not. I'm prepared by trying trying to buy a house. In different state things will have in any stage. You have way more chance of surviving. Something crazy. In a huge city was sold Seoul. Many people are way more scared in the woods. Colorado in the apocalypse with people coming after like here at least you don't know who's teamed up by you could have friends over backing each other up in the middle of the road. I definitely know a few people here. That wouldn't be here if we were in the woods. In Colorado Union is is a hud Sergei hunting soon be starving real quick wig here in La. I would. I would fully. You are seen way too many movies. You GonNa be beating God I last I heard yeah last night hunting. Eighty everyone's guns jam everyone's guns. Nobody shot anything. This will be the complete opposite. God I pray for bear to drop drop dead right now. I wanted to eat that night to give me. We couldn't eat it. That's why I didn't want it to get shot because we couldn't eat it. You had delete it called depredation of prior property. Yeah so you can't take it home you can't eat. It was just useless okay. I anyways we just watched the new episodes Siesta key. This show is so fricking. Good I I have to admit I never I shit I miss your recaps you should. You didn't read them to you. Yeah every week I I as spiracy that it stopped because we look at seventy cosmo do with Allah. They don't need them. TV You you do need MTV. It's their show. We're not GONNA do it one. That did not care what. MD Visa they could like. Maybe you're not going to get the screener from MTV but you're definitely okay watch it as it airs right around tomorrow. I don't know I feel like that. You're recaps caused so much controversy with our show and with other things that they were like forget it but yeah maybe it's COSMO because editor aspire anyways listening to do it live with. You is so good we should just do our own couch episode and put on Youtube and do like a recap show his. You're so funny and you're not listening to them. Listen listen to podcasts. Have customers right now. China by a thousand dollar terminal. Lean honey this. PODCAST has no add this week paying one dollars so right now shoutout trailers love you this a free podcast knows our top customers and then UK. And I'll know time it is in the UK but yeah it's shady conspiracy. I think it's just cost too much. I was is free but my co writers not free so I bet they're like we're not about to job. Twelve K to have somebody talking about a show as long last last two recap seasons hills. And COSMO's free so it's not a me like costing too much but anyways the episode would you think give us your recap well. Okay if you don't want to see us key last season on Siesta key. No I'M GONNA kiss catch him back. Catch her around last season on. CBS He slowly was not getting along with Alex. They were screaming at each other. Because Khloe didn't like how Alex I don't believe this our our subset of that but she's supposedly didn't like how Alex was is treating his girlfriend. Juliet cut to the new season. This tomatoes the big story right now. Alex Enclo- ear are. BFF's again. Julia analysis broken up and Alex is even having Khloe be like the new bar manager at the Bar that his dad is about for over three million dollars in the key so that is just wo also we have. Julia is now dating the Bachelor Guy. Robbie Robbie who was he ever he was just like one of the guys never the bachelor inside like a third four and then he did paradise pretty sure so. She's dating him and that's wild not to mention. Madison is dating one of the season. Soon one executive producers WHO's forty six made forty seven. I don't know Madison is twenty four. I think pretty sure younger. uh-huh maybe maybe twenty three twenty two So that's that which is mind boggling. 'cause my biggest issue with the hills news was how much story they missed and how much incredible. TV because they didn't WanNa break the fourth wall when the hills ended on a movie set in Hollywood with Brody and Zych look. It's all a movie so we've already done like fourth wall type energy it's in Hollywood. We're everything's made. How Siesta key? Infrequent Florida that they also show the campers and missing that this episode they. They showed the camera. I'm just I'm just I'm bringing back. That's already the fourth wall. You having a producer dating we have fourth wall getting broke a lot. We also had some of the biggest most dramatic moments with multiple cast members with the producers with the camera raiders. And so I I just tried to call one of the top dogs involved with the show. They didn't pick up. Obviously and I was like look. Why don't we do a recap recap last season on the hills? And if we're breaking the fourth wall on MTV now we will smoke these other shows with for fourth wall and what are cast. Did shooting season one of the hills new beginnings. It could be a minute. You don't WanNa make it about the show. Let's let's just use the minute of showing showing the emotion in some of these cast members from season one. It will put everything in perspective it would. It is all the other person I was saying the network answer I mean he's GonNa say that pick Actions over there. I mean I can get a call in moist mail. So yeah tonight's drama. Was Alex on the boat is. They're all mad up on. Boats may tighter boasts three. Three boats. Brandon's sucked it Wake boarding his little flame. Ma- amandas is ex boyfriend. He's really good at wait boarding. And he's read she owned when the Gold Watch not sure it's real. It was real look real real supposedly sewerage richer than all of them. Wow on that boat. He had a new vote for filming That's a side note so Alex told Cara who he dated in high school. Whose family owns somebody like the on on owns Viacom and Viacom owns? MTV So she's really rich allegedly and so she got very mad that Alex said he heard she cheated which I think Khloe told them and he didn't WANNA OUT KHLOE has won't be Khloe. Did tell them on camera. The scene before to cure gear. Yeah she said. Don't tell anyone it's like okay. Oh my God everyone on camera. I missed that part that summer when she went home to New Jersey that she cheated on him with her ex by theory to see it and I felt it. So that's the key Jews. Alex is a breakout star. Like he is so entertaining. The most likeable like I am really enjoying Alex's season. I don't know if that's just Juliet. Alex was way too much to Kinda like take over his personality. But I feel like he is funny weighty like I see all the pieces that came together to basically give him a show anyways. Also if you don't know about. This is really kind of Alex's show and everybody's on it so I knew it equalled out it's Kinda like with Lauren and the hills in the beginning but it's more of a mutual cast now but Alex is the real catalyst for this whole show so really. Yeah I'm enjoying Alexis season two. I think he's so his best season. Totally F- You. Just keep it like this. He'd be so likeable and rebrand. I yeah he and even apologized right away when he likes as I. I'm sorry Dr Like it was. It's amazing yeah. This is like Barros Louisville snaps. Are that of the probe the producer. Come Calmer Down Hera era lost at but I've never been a fan and Kelsey laughing is. I'm shocked Kelsey. Or and no one else got into cares face. She said I graduated high school on like anyone else. Here you are all awful losers Blah Blah Blah basically going off and no one said anything to her which was shocking. which only you meant to me that they hadn't been drinking yet because I feel like that could have gone so differently? So that was also very entertaining for me but yeah we haven't all graduated high school. I also got my. You WanNA use tweet tweet care every like look be luck girl girl school of hard knocks and then I got into college. I had a year of college. So and life's not it just about education. Okay so being a good person maybe you should look into that anyways Yacht episode was really entertaining. Very fine. An bachelor bachelor is so good. Did you say that Something happened. What happened I reached with it? I didn't read the tweet from Press Hilton. Uh I assumed the tweet that are e tweeted was chase rice slams the bachelor producers for setting him up in a scene involving the ex girlfriend seemed like he knew he didn't. I said he didn't know what you're like. Of course he knew. I said maybe you said I would think but I didn't think the bachelor now. Are you the back story. He said he began by swearing in previous relationship with fuller. We spent a night together in Charlotte. She's cool check on my God. I was like she might just be a group like they expose her like she's been saying I dated my. Oh my God. We said that we spent a night. And then you're like houses girl. Da Caja Oh my gosh. I Love School. He erred out. We spent a night night. That's why he's smiling. Like is this girl saying that she knows me. We spent a night together in Charlotte. She's a cool chick from what I know you know. I got no oh problem with her. I got no problem with them. You know I knew she was going on the show so I told my manager my public. They're like don't even worry about that. They're not going to do that to you. That's a weird coincidence coincidence. But they're not going to. There's no way they would do that. Do they. Never brought somebody else like the surprise guests. That was your exact back on this before so you wrote so the fact they do that to me. It's over the top it's unnecessary. I didn't expect it but then the day it happened. I I don't know if it's the producers of they just got lucky. I know what I think but all earls figure out the thing yeah. So basically she's a Groupie who pretended she had a relationship with him and when she was getting like so crazy and left the table Amazon. Like I can't do this. I'm like you're making the so so weird. It wasn't weird. It could have been like a laugh off thing it made me like not like I actually. It's the least amount of girls they've ever liked on the bachelor because even when they have their drama. You're like oh I like her. Whatever it's like? So many of these girls are so unlikable which is weird. 'CAUSE THEY WANNA make them likable. They have a whole franchise sanchis. They have bachelor in paradise. They make the next one the bachelor like the only one I really like right now is the one they all hate which is interesting listing croissants Kelsey shouldn't even earn. Oh Hey it's me Brad. Kerensky author TV personality stylist stylist to the stars. I'm so excited to bring you my new podcast Brad behavior on August one. Now just keep in mind. I'm just full hunt. Selena Gomez has seen our dancing videos. I Have Candida. I went to a candy. The lady she was prescribing me like all these herbs that were Poisoning me right now to Brad behavior on Apple. PODCASTS and podcasts wants US aside I'm so excited. We're GONNA have Gunnar Piano lessons so soon. Because of fifty million children currently learning the piano worldwide S. many as forty million. Maybe Chinese speaking Chinese thought we're GonNa talk about the frigging corona virus or whatever in Iran We are talking about the fact. That governor decided is first Mandarin Chinese gus and he was more serious about it than anything else. So focus trying harder than actually China speak English so I think he's just bored of listening to his mom and dad speak English like any other a new language these two. I won't my own language. So that's exciting. Heidi on a harder in Madison. Just it's Weird Baja. This scene is too real. I'm the worst person the world at conversation. Why am I like this? I am so uncomfortable scene when she you with her and Amanda how did I miss. That Owen was seen was that and they had their confrontation confrontation. I where was I getting US something. Yeah I wish all right you have been getting me. Have Water Vodka Gin you something so yeah. Heidi Gunnar speaking Chinese hello. Heidi Hello Yeah. That's so cute. It says what does the cat's meow. No what does it say. What is weekend caveat hat in Mandarin? Meow what does the cat said failed. Chinese preschool preschool. But yeah pack to the virus. A red alert breaking news to the Moon. I I am actually just in shock and I'll know if this is controversial but everything which is relaxed is not about you How is it that there's countries that are that are eating bats in like crazy weird things you can create viruses? How hard is it we already have? TSA WE GOTTA shoes getting taken off all this. How hard is it to have like? Oh you just came in from Blah Blah Blah. That has a lot of wild viruses or who knows. I don't know how you would figure it out but I just feel like I would have no problem as I went through. Tsa they're like. Hey we're gonNA take your temperature and they hit you with that little temperature thing on your forehead that so many people have a slight fever. That doesn't necessarily mean you of that virus so that's a heart right. Well then you shouldn't be flying with a slight fever and getting everyone sitting on a plane. Oh I I'm totally down for like. Hey you have passed a hundred something something temperature. You shouldn't be getting on a plane with everybody else and with a little too that everyone's stuck next to each other and you're sneezing on I'm down and and you can get your money refunded like okay come back when you're temperatures not one hundred into so. Did you see the tweet from black China ignoring podcasting. I can't even believe that. This whole Kobe. Things becoming about Kylian Black China. What what now black China? I never gave Kylie permission to take dream in Kobe's helicopter it's like this is tragic enough this US weekly take. It shouldn't be about black China and Kylie like come on. Well that was a great segue. Heidi they do for sure. Sure yes we will that horrific tragedy. Because I didn't day one and it's people actually damn me idea is just don't come from me. which is the me alone? It's like if it's not positive. I don't need European on your thought like right on actually kind of respectful. Not Somebody actually any like can't believe you you guys having shouted out the Bryant family that it's like I saw it hasn't even been confirmed by the La share when this person had came for me like I. 'cause I'm feeding hummingbirds and not talking about the worst thing that happened on a Sunday. I don't use my social media to talk about just how horrible life to feel hummingbirds and crystals and gunner and Heidi Heidi in our dogs. It's very people. Say to me all the time idea d do the same thing every day every day whole life pretty much so so all of a sudden you're going to expect me to talk about something. Tragic on my story is not when my content is to be like yeah. It's it's kind of like disrespectful respectful. It's like that's their family. That's going through a horrible tragic time. That's that's sacred. You know it's like it's I know people WANNA to be a part of it and I respect people being such big fans of him and supporters and everything that's like I don't know him and his family and I don't feel like it's my place to As something that's my dad that and he's like. Oh Yeah 'cause you Kobe we're such good friends. Yeah 'cause you ever met like it's like a gaffe. I knew knew him. They even had an autograph vote. I I've no connection yes I'm from. LA is horrible. But there's so many horrible things I see on twitter all day long. I don't tweet them talk about him. Like you know yes. He's a superstar. Everyone that died this horrible horrible but there's so many people dying. I see on social media. All everyone sending me go from me links for one week to live type people every day and I don't dwell on that because I would lose my mind if I just focus on how sad the world could be so. I prayed very hard. I pride on hands. He needs an I prayed for their family. But it's interesting. This is becoming a big thing with Kylie and leave it up to the Kardashians while. What else Prac- Daddy did you like the card? I wrote you sorry. I'm reading this black China. China has become aware that Kylie Jenner is using the tragic deaths of Kobe. It'll be Bryant is beautiful daughter in seven other precious souls to professor distress that she and dream had written on the same helicopter. The same prior to Sunday's horrific perfect crash the lashed creators lawyer Lynne. CNN wrote in Monday January twenty seventh statement what Kylie failed to disclose that that China never gave Kelly permission take a precious daughter dream on a helicopter ride and that China never would have given that permission no parent. It should find out after the fact that their child has participated in a dangerous activity without their permission. China was distraught to learn the candidate. Jim On that helicopter Red November two thousand nineteen. I doubt China would be saying that. About what China is doing that robs asking for Full custody she's allegedly. No you don't even. You're even need when I heard I I know but also she. Private jets are also dangerous like any kind of Koran made. Yeah all. These manmade contraptions are all deadly. There was something that somebody. DM and said my pastor said you know. Because I was like I don't know I don't Larsen why. Why God does things like this? Somebody like my pastor said God is very sad. It's like everyone else. Didn't want that DAB into Kobe. Those people man has free will. And it's like yeah Jesus in God income now like Hey. Kobe get on this nine hundred ninety seven helicopter under with no terrain alert. That tells you if you're about to crash into terrain like God that's people on Earth the built it humans and and then people on earth that didn't get terrain alerts and and people on Earth. There were like it's really foggy and LAPD and La County. The sheriff's aren't even taking off but we're going to take off you know so. That was a great dam. Sometimes I have great. DMZ right that's all just man may may type choices and decisions. That's not putting out in God's hands so not saying it's their fault. I'm just saying I agree. That's not like God like I'm GonNa Punish coby and his is always innocent people. So how's it good deal well and it's like that's the scary thing. I doubt I'm trying to be complaining about taking dream in a private jet. You know honest the same same risk insane. Everything allegations against China. Let's say you're worrying about Kylie taking Kobi's helicopter allegations against China per TMZ including drunk all day abusing drugs rugs chasing people with knives making violent threats trapping dream off with rob in dirty and disheveled state and teaching her sexual positions. So I'll know I just feel like a poor Kylie. Gosh just to deal with having seven hundred million dollars Scottish Ralph. I don't think we also talked about my back completely collapsing podcast. I don't know did we. Well if we did yeah we do. You're on the floor. Africa hardly sit down and write talked about. I think we yeah. I may remember laughing often about you on the floor. So sweet I have gone into practice several times and then trying to work out but my back is so bad. And it's so sad. I can't carry governor and sided on to keep up with him so just makes me appreciate your body and being able to run around and doing little things so so I can't really sit down and it gets. I can't stand up Wednesday. Stand back up either completely cramps in like seizes up and takes me a few minutes like the Stan Dan so it's definitely been quite the health whirlwind. Were here think baby to just got pushed back so much further than I thought which is aside. But I'm just GonNa you know I've been praying a lot like I pray for your timing and your well I want a goner like three years before we had him. And then in retrospect acting like thank God. We didn't have them three years before I wanted him. And it was like the perfect timing. So I'm going to just take that in consideration with the second baby like I wanted them to be the two years apart at first and then not didn't happen. I'm like okay three and then I don't know if that's going to happen or not so I'm just GonNa Kinda let that go. Let that time Lango prioritize. My how my life I family that I do have right now. Whatever works in there so hopefully sooner than later but who knows at this point while there was a good sign that mom from your mom group came up to you with her new baby? And she's like you're so good. You Lousy Awesome. Yeah she said insane. She says she's a full time nurse and it still nuts caught. I WANNA get rich snuffed out. Full time nurse pretty amazing. Well thank you for listening to an episode of Famous again we're not done I've done. WHOA WHOA WHOA skins me watching? She loves my car. Did you read. It is a very good card and they did you like the photo. I didn't Verna but I did appreciate your handwriting. I G I can read. It was like wow. She didn't try to write words It I couldn't see in that she. It's better face. Fell something wrong. Then try to like pretend like you knew me to write take your longest. Saddam dive region. It wait. There's so many free card that's it. That's your round steak. Stay Card in advance so you can start working on your card at night. Poor holidays Shagen. Start working on yours. Just one is good anytime one is good. Oh Yeah we have hold on this podcast brought to you by Pratt. Daddy Dot Com for the Best Crystal Energy on planet earth in this diverse in his galaxy the best quality the best prices and the sexiest CEO in the United States. You're the CEO are. You're definitely I say that. And thank you to our listeners. Mares who offer all your business financial advice but I know we've on this podcast but our situation is a learning curve type thing it's not very like He got her and we do have some very elite level. You know big time marketing type. CEO's it you know so thank Hugh because a lot of you will message me that they were bla-bla-bla Graham surprise us great. But you know we're good on that we're never hiring another Americans unless you live in India China Mexico. That's true Indonesia when American Argon arrogant now but that's not true. Oh about the international apple works. I'm like how they're in every other. Can she make one computer in the US Pro America. We're pro American businesses American business. We Pay American taxes. which about? Yeah exactly all right. Well thank you all so I'm not. This is the only time I get to talk to you in every tax me all the time rate. What are you talking sir? You're always doing so. I'm not here on your phone. No Yeah Yeah Oh you no. It's a really exciting. I love you. Read this podcast is now on spotify. Boom man manifestos boom and check out on Pratt. Daddy are New Orleans. We have awesome term leans up. We have some great Opel's the way we have some great bracelets. We're going to have bundles available for Valentine's Day. Two tiers lower tier a higher tier and also a men's men's bundles to make sure that you check it out. Chain state is a special time to tell someone you love them rates fencer just so you know if you doubted it. That was a total freestyle. Heidi did not read a prepared added house just off the cuff. So Yeah PELS very organic. What a special time of tell someone you love them? I have dollar for the dollar. Go the extra mile by your DOT COM crystal They're on this floor on fourteen carat gold sold Europe tone and I oh love this deleted. Wow we watched a great movie. Too Good Liar was great. Heidi state late. I would really like to talk to you longer. You're not going to go buy a love. You thank you so much. God bless you have a great night on Soviet. Come talk to me downstairs. Can I bless you all going to sleep when you don't talk to me don't move. Don't move it hasn't even happened in a long time. It happened less now. When you've you tell me tell me hold on with that didn't happen hasn't happened in a while? You're with a bad memory. Not me the door. Shut the door to in your USO. The door I wasn't asleep gunner was asleep and he's right extra. I know waves. We'll oh you're taking kickbacks great podcasts.

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