Wanted pretty you on kimmel lucina. Thanks for joining us. Police are investigating a deadly shooting at a recording studio in northwest dallas. This happened saturday night. Near mockingbird lane highway one eighty three police say a fight broke out between multiple people. Just before twenty. Nine year old. Freddie sanders was shot. He was taken to the hospital but didn't survive. Police say two men shot at him. Neither of them has been caught. Air traveled appears to be bouncing back since last thursday. Five point two million people have flown and that marks the highest number of flyers in any four day period in almost a year. Tsa says it screen more than one point. Three million people sunday alone elf on shelf. The popular christmas time tradition now has a spring counterpart talking about the peop- on a perch ever heard of that. It's a new kit. For easter. It comes with plush toys and a story book. The idea is that the people keep an eye on kids to make sure that they stay away. Stay well behaved. Rather and then they report their behavior to the easter bunny who determines what kind of gifts might landing their easter basket. A kit costs about twenty dollars on amazon. That's going to do it for the. Cbs eleven news update for the latest news weather and sports anytime just log onto a website. Cbs dfw dot com.

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