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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. The Senate is close to voting on a massive corona virus relief package. Npr's Windsor Johnston reports after days of heated discussions on Capitol Hill. The White House and Congress struck a deal and I roughly two trillion dollar measure. A bipartisan legislation would provide a cash payments to some Americans and help struggling businesses stay afloat amid the Koran virus pandemic it would also provide more resources to state and local governments and hospitals. Lawmakers are still hashing out their differences on some of the language of the measure including the unemployment assistance provisions that bumps up the amount jobless. Americans can receive. Npr's Windsor Johnston with congressional leaders said to have reached agreement on that two trillion dollar emergency relief bill early today one of the industries in line for federal help. The nation's airlines is NPR's David Schaper reports. Some carriers may soon be teetering on the brink. Because of the Krona virus outbreak the figures. Showing how much air travel's dropped off just staggering the. Tsa says just two hundred seventy nine thousand people went through airport security checkpoints yesterday down a whopping eighty seven percent from the two point one five million screened on the same day last year airlines report flying some planes with just a handful of passengers on board. Hundreds of flights are being canceled every day. And the International Air Transport Association now projects at airlines around the world could lose more than two hundred fifty billion dollars this year due to Cova. Nineteen the federal relief package will give. Us airlines twenty five billion dollars in subsidies to keep employees on the payroll and another twenty five billion in loans David Schaper NPR news as cities around the country. Search for ways to ease the pressure from the rising numbers of sick people in their hospitals. One area. They're looking at is the use of vacant hospital beds. Chicago among the first cities to announce plans to reserve more than a thousand hospital rooms for corona virus cases. The stock market was mostly up today as the Senate pressed ahead with this rescue package for businesses and workers hard hit by the krona virus. Npr's Scott horsely reports the Dow Jones industrial average jumped. Nearly five hundred points Dow gained more than two and a third percent while the broader s and p five hundred index rose about one percent. The tech heavy Nasdaq was down a fraction investors. Hope the government's financial lifeline will help keep the economy afloat despite the temporary shutdowns triggered by the corona virus. The Senate bill includes some five hundred billion dollars in direct payments to households and expanded unemployment benefits hundreds of billions more would go to prop up businesses for major airlines to mom and pop stores. The measure represents strong medicine for an economy that's been laid low by the pandemic and by aggressive public health measures designed to slow the spread of the virus. Scott horsely. Npr News Washington. Looking at the numbers. The Dow was up four hundred ninety five points. The Nasdaq closed down thirty three points. Today you're listening to. Npr News in Washington photo based Grocery Chain Publix as will begin installing plexiglass barriers at cash registers in order to protect workers and customers from the corona virus public joining its competitors including Kroger and Walmart in installing the so-called Sneeze guards grocery stores are seeing their business sore as authorities urge people to only go out for essentials prompting many to stay inside and cook more at home a rescheduled summer Olympics. In Tokyo could happen as early as the spring of Twenty twenty one. That's according to the president of the International Olympic Committee. Npr's Tom Goldman says. It comes a day after the announcement this. Summer Games are being postponed because of the corona virus. Ioc President Thomas. Bach says a task force calling itself. Here we go. We'll start considering the critical issue of timing for a rescheduled games. Track and field and swimming world championships are scheduled for next summer. Both sports have indicated. They're willing to be flexible in a conference. Call with reporters box said there are thousands of questions related to this first ever postponement. These like a huge cheeks. Oh puzzle every piece has feet. Buck defended the decision to wait until this week to delay the games he said last Sunday. The rising numbers of corona virus cases in Africa South America the US and other countries prompted him to start emergency talks about postponement tongue open. Npr News James Taylor and his wife say they're donating a million dollars to a Boston hospital. The grammy winning singer and wife. Kim said the money will go to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to help with its battle against the spread of the new corona virus. I'm Jack Speer. Npr News in Washington.

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