12 Make time to learn English every day in lesson twelve thank you


Hi, and welcome back to learn English with Cullen, and we had a lot of of feedback. Thank you very much. A lot of people have a Saint feedback in the link inside each of the lessons, and I just wanted to say thank you for that. And one of the questions, I get a lot recently is how can I learn English faster? And I think really one of the best ways is. Time making sure that you spend some time every day, it might just be an hour or could be twenty minutes or it might be ten minutes. And so what I'm going to do on the website on eat Mang dot com. If you go to E ATT MAG dot com, I'm going to stop separating some of the lessons into time and these lessons, you can download an icon Judah. Download these listens to your phone because it's going to be small listens. Maybe three or four minutes that we longer listened signal eight minutes, and then they'll be groups of lessons. So you can download a group of three listens for twelve minutes or twenty minutes. And that means that if there's lessons on your phone you'll be able to listen to those regularly. Even if you think you've got five minutes waiting for the bus or you've got ten minutes when your wedding to made a friend or you might have twenty minutes when you travel. In some way, you'd be able to listen to those audio book listens. Learn English with Cullen and having that touch or that connection with English every day is one of the quickest ways that I believe that you can learn English faster. So oh can't you in the next. Listen.

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