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Film Session | Coach Carter


starting today you will play like winners act like winners and most importantly you will be winners. Good Morning. Sweet world and welcome to the dogs podcasts on the Athletic Network Monday March twenty third uses film session and today. We're breaking down the biographical team sports drama coach. Carter. I'm Jay skeets alongside me as always task coach. Hey what's up? We got the beard on trade. Kirby a Oh the magic happen. It's Jd Hello. There is joining us via the phone. It's the international man of mystery taking it to the Max Leila's friends Guys email us any of your MBA questions and comments to know dunks at the athletic dot com on social media twitter and Instagram at no-dong sink. And you know we're on facebook at FACEBOOK DOT com slash. No dunks Inc. I guess it's official. We're now on facebook. Yeah our second movie here in film session. Coach Carter released in two thousand five based on a true story director. Thomas Carter Olmer one. Starring Samuel L Jackson Rob Brown reconsolidate. Got channing tatum in this. Ashanti's in this The IMDB synopsis. All right here is controversy. Surrounds High School Basketball Coach? Ken Carter after benches his entire team for breaking their academic contract with them. That is the breakdown of this movie. Two hours like fifteen minutes to sixteenths. Oh my goodness it's rated PG thirteen and here's the most astonishing part to me and we're going to break it down the critic score on rotten tomatoes sixty four percent for coach. Carter the audience score honestly in astonishing eighty five percent. We were telling people to do their homework this weekend. This was going to be the movie and film session. Watch coach Carter and I couldn't believe correct me if I'm wrong guys. How many comments there were be it on twitter instagram? Dm whatever coach Carter. I love this movie. Fever movies movies. Incredible did anyone liked this movie. Sure I like to. I think this lines up with people on twitter and their age and their coming of age. That's why people really really love name another movie. That's coming out in the last fifteen years. That's a basketball centric like high school movie. I mean there's a few but Really every other movie that we talked about analyzing is old that was really from from the twentieth century. Basically and so this was the most recent one and hey. I don't mind a yelling Samuel L. Jackson. I coulda used some more yelling occasionally. Act Did you say when when when you were asked if it went skeets asked if anyone like you said sure yes sure yes. I said sure I played here. Sure I'm looking at you. Know sure it's like It's fine right is gloomy Sunday afternoon. I watched it. Yeah I just I had. My computer is ready to take notes all ready to break it down. You know just sort of forgot computer era until we just watching Sam Jackson. Yell at kids and it was fine. I guess I mean I think what last time when we do. White men can't jump. I said you can also call white. Men can't jump basketball and yelling. I think coach Carter could have been called. You can throw yelling in there but I wrote down push up suicides and inspirational saying that's all this movie is this. I mean I. Yeah I'm with you find sure okay. It's the messages great. Of course it like addresses the student athlete dynamic. And you know I I like that. And that's I can get on board with that but the actual like construct the movie and some of the character arcs. I mean just didn't make any sense to me like and they were so quick like team of crews has the craziest inheritor very up and down. He leaves the team. Wants comes back after a whole bunch of cardio work then. The team shutdown has to leave again and then he's back he's just he's a flip flop or you wouldn't want him as a politician. You might want him on your high school basketball team. I think it would have been worth while to cut out a couple of the story ARC to develop a couple more. Who Cares about the sun? It really didn't pay off cogent. Nothing it didn't do anything for me. He yeah he made a couple of Nice passes. But what's the point of including him in this? Well exactly they're like all right man you're transfer and I'm going to hold you to a higher standard but you're gonNA earn every bit of playing time. And then the next thing we see he's like winning a game in the clutch right like in the last second. There's no him actually working his way to being a player on the team or really having to deal with anybody disliking him from coming from the school. Yeah he shows up at school and they're like with your five Brown for where like a plaid jacket. But there's there's like no consequences or stakes for everybody. It's like everybody just gets a little bone throw the narrative arc that you've seen in another movie. It's like we get did you like dangerous minds starring Michelle Pfeiffer. Well that's team accrues. Dangerous minds are so. I don't know it just felt like very tacked on like you have to care about everybody so you don't actually care really about anybody. Yeah there's some white shadow in this movie as well. What what did you think? Just big picture watching it over the weekend. Did you enjoy it or were you like like some of us here? Like what Okay what's going on here? Well the the craziest thing for me was. I didn't actually realize it was based on a true story until after the movie because I was watching it and I went from four and four wins one season. Two unbeaten the next and I'm like that's just crazy. That just wouldn't happen. You know. Have a little bit more drama in that. I haven't saw that like they lose. They go maybe two and three in their first couple of games. They're trying to figure things out but instead it was like they just now. They're perfect and then they go to the championship and they win that game. They come back from seven points down. Yeah you know the last minute. I'm like this just. There's just no reality to that. It wouldn't happen in real life and then afterwards I'm reading. It's based on a true story. Well THAT'S PRETTY BAD. Taste great job and he lost their two leading scores. And you know when he actually did the lockout. And all that I'm like. Oh my God and he Bob Costas interviewed. Like what the Hell's going on. What a great movie was that. That was a one question. Interview was one question. Okay thanks coach Carter. Thanks for all your incident was at the actual footage of Bob. Costas you do you think no way because they just cut away to. This really stiff shot of Samuel Jackson as coach. Yeah you're saying. Was that the real footage and story. I don't think so I don't think so. Yeah that you're rightly. It is a crazy story being based on true story. Because I was I thought the same thing. When coach Carter cancels that one game and then the next day is like a full blown media firestorm for a high school basketball. Gave them like what the Hell is going on your. They're holding straight. Up the press conferences. Like what because the part of that really didn't make a lot of sense like You know people are so upset that he's canceled the Games and like it's like this idea like all the high school basketball games so important to the school into the community but like was it they were four and twenty two the year before powerhouse. Like I'm sure nobody was going to the Games. It wasn't a big deal for me. That part was a weird jump for me. I know they gotta do to make it fit the movie but yeah and then when they had that board meeting any gets voted out basically where he says. You know I'll resign if I get if the lockout gets vote. And he gets voted out and he turns up the next day. You know they're all in Early the gym doing their schoolwork which is Great. But there was no like okay. Well we've decided because he said he's leaving and then there was no real conversation. I thought we were like all right. I'll stay everything's great again. It was just like just assume that that happened. You know anyway. I wanted Samuel Jackson yelling in front of that board. That's actually one part where I wanted his speech. He kind of didn't really give it. I wanted a little scent of a woman like I wanted to three minutes. Soliloquy here really give. It was weird to me. Well I thought he defended himself fine. I mean he's you know what was weird and that scene is at nobody else came to his defense. Really nobody that nobody from the team. None of the parents. Some of those parents had to be behind. The entire engineering is furious that he is asking his students to learn tired. Nobody you're educating nobody is like well you know he makes a good point. We want our kids to work just like no you gotta get Outta here. We're just playing basketball. That's a yeah one of the questions I always ask guys here is like what was the dumbest scene and for me. It was that very what felt like a very unrealistic meeting with the kids parents when they showed up to discuss the contract. Yeah like you're right. It was like they're all the parents were worried about a two point three GPA. The parents were worried about having to wear a goodwill tie what that just was like sills wooden happen just completely. He's laying out the statistics. It's all very reasonable. He's just arguing is just look. This is going to be good for your kids and all the parents should be and would be okay. This sounds good. Sounds it sounds like you're increasing the chances of my son to go to college. That sounds great and in my experience in the school system in Canada and here in the US. That's all every anybody cares about especially here. Yeah and the the the lower you are on the social economic spectrum. The the more you want your kids to go to college. That's the main goal for for any parent so it's your completely right. They were just more caught up in my God. How could you take high school basketball away from them? Don't worry about their future. Maybe maybe college isn't even on their radar. Jd maybe that's part of problem. Fair enough I maybe but as the school administrator said she basically said there's no these kids this is probably the peak of their live. Basketball will be the peak of their life coach. Carter got six of the fifteen members to go to go to college. Yeah that to me is also the previous coach of this comes out really bad. Really bad coach. Carter sent six guys to play college basketball the previous coach a year ago. Who had two other leading scores one? Four Games yeah. Well is this Guy Doing? He must have been a huge hit with the fans though because then he had to study we before in twenty two year. They're playing out there. He was tired at the beginning of the movie he was done. He watched coach. Carter like five times over here just like I'm gassed. Thanks for coming in. Sammy shows back up at the end. He suddenly like trying to like jump on credit. Yeah pretty good chance though. You know we've got every basketball. Movie has a chance. Sunset Park is a great one to the richemont rich. What Richmond British? What pretty good. Yeah I agree I actually. I wrote this down my notes. I didn't like it the first time they did it. Because I think it came up within a game or something like that and I was like I don't know about that but then it came back a couple of times you don't want to. Actually this does work. That's decent chance. Not a fan of The Richmond oilers though just seem walk. I mean that was. Is it in Richmond California oil town. I have no idea. I didn't realize it was in California until they went to the tournament or the State Championship. Right right I was thinking Scott to be on the east coast. Totally Virginia the Bay Hill Tournament Championship. Dot One I guess the one that was sponsored by bandied advil chapstick Pepsi USA. Today so many more. I didn't know I would say this after watching a basketball movie but there were too many basketball high. I thought there's too many moments. There's too many okay. Hey we're doing well now. We're playing well in this tournament playing well in the State Championship like there was just too many peaks. I thought actually kind of lost its luster at the end. Like I thought into to to jump to the. I believe we really didn't get a Samuel Jackson. The coach Carter like halftime speech on the bench. Right yeah but like they're down big at the half and I'm like here we go. This is GonNa be this time too shy to talk to me coach. Nothing it was like right into the third quarter starting to play a little bit better getting making a game of it. Taking on crane tank nickname the crane. That was killing me. I was like wow. This guy is the best high school basketball player in the country and is nicknamed his last name even worse than Nickel. Yokich being the joker. This guy is the crane. His draft stock had to have dropped in that final game. What a softy. Just taken jumpers dominant only have one move exactly right all right before we move on. I'd like to talk to you guys about the Black Tux which believes every groom deserves a better experience when it comes to finding formal. Wear a suit or Tuxedo for their big day. As you know the blackhawks was started by two guys who had one of the worst. Tuxedo fittings you can imagine and it turns out. They aren't alone in this frustration. Listen to these one-star reviews from other Tuxedo shops. That shall not be named quote go elsewhere. This place is pretty terrible. 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For ten percent off your purchase blackhawks form aware for the moment Lee. Did you have like a particular scene that you disliked the dump seem to you The jumped out at you well again when I was watching it in real time. Not knowing that it was based on a true story the fact that the fact that they win that sort of not not the not the game they lose at the end the one before that that gets them to the next level And there Dan by. I think it's six points with like a minute or so ago when he calls a time out and he says you know we're GONNA we're GonNa hit the three then. We're going to steal the ball. Plays out perfectly and I was like. I mean what? What the hell. Why not build some drummer a little bit more than this? But instead it it gets executed perfectly so I was just like at that point. I was really scoffing at the movie. Like this is just crazy. Turns out that was pretty accurate. So I don't know how accurate the actual game play is scores and who was up when kind of thing. I don't even think the record was right when the Latte lockout happens. I think I mean it's different. It's like thirteen sixteen and whatever I don't know how much stock you can put in that so I think that's a fair criticism is what I'm saying. You felt dumb than it probably is done. What did everybody? What did everybody think of the basketball scenes? Either in games or practices. What was your overall impression of the actual basketball being played very scripted looking and it was like Just everything felt like a very solid play had rehearsed ahead of time and we were going to see it and it was like like saying. You're like it's unbelievable. They'd be down six and everything works out perfectly because every basketball works out perfectly. There are a handful of Mrs in this entire movie And then you see the alley oops too. I don't know battle. Perhaps underneath or high crane the crane underneath. And it's the same thing every time there's a baseline alleyoop in either. You're finishing it with a reverse lefty dunk or verse. Lefty lay up. That's IT and they showed the same exact alleyoop six times. Probably it was fag. Yeah there was definitely practiced and I also wrote down. Did they show a miss? I'm not sure class. They showed blocks big centers that big battle Attic he had some blocks game. Mr Mr blocks it was junior battle had some blocks in yeah wondering everything was scripted. Everything was set practice hard and they. They ran the plays well that being said it really did take me back to high school with that. How many alley oops types of did you guys know in high school? I mean I think I think that was pretty accurate. I think I'm writing. I think running their sets was pretty accurate like it looked like a high school for the high school kids. All of them were pretty. Well bulked up. You're supposed to be sixteen or seventeen years old. These guys were huge for that man. Tiniest little thing in high school was like they would have destroyed value. Downton that like that was just incredible. But I don't know I guess I guess that's the way it is in in America you know some of your athletes are super super advanced. Developed at a young age because All of them look like they've been in the gym so it sounds like they had to run although suicide. Yeah I was GONNA say pushups and Suicides. Wonder Jack that's all. They did five hundred thousand pushups. It'd take you two thousand pushups your team. Oh the Latino character. He came back in two thousand pushups he had to do. Was I got up to something like that? I think it was. I thought it was two and a half thousand thousand. Yeah it was crazy. Well crazy game godly. He gave him like three days to do it as well. Yeah well what day was it by Friday right and he started going after it and the kids if this is based on a true story and the kids acted in solitude and and did it with them. That's I like the cheesy scenes like that but it was odd to see it was. It was his friend. I don't even know his family member that got shot there. Okay and I thought initially it was such a peripheral character. Why not get somebody a little closer to home to get murdered? Why the heck not? But it's based on a true story. I guess you gotta use what you have. And then it's channing. Tatum is by side. It's a real step up. Moment is the exact same thing that happens but you know it kind of paid off at the end when that character gave the speech when they had their desks on the basketball floor and he gave the the whole quote about our deepest fears. Not that we are inadequate because coach had kept on asking him. Hey what's your deepest fear but it was so strange the way. He asked him that he was running down the floor. After making your kid. It just kind of happened out of nowhere. They could have that a little bit. I have that I have that as my dumbest seen. Don't WanNa be dead poet's society captain my captain as well stood on his desk and read that poem by Marianne Williams. Away Breezy close. Yeah yes it's a poem written by her fine. It's a nice poem as just weird to be. It just comes at like you say out of nowhere. I he'd been. This is my answer. Marianne Williamson Poem. You've got it man. I thought I missed it. I quote develop that relationship. So we that mary-anne Williamson quote really pays off and we could attribute that to her. Develop it and find out that that was really her? It wasn't it wasn't big enough. It wasn't it wasn't juicy. Timo Cruz is my favorite character in the movie like I do. I like that guy that plays on the actor. I just like the character but again to come back to it. I was so confused as why his story was just turning on the drop of a dime like I get the I get the second time comes back. His cousin gets killed and you know he needs the support of coach Carter and obviously the family. He's built with his other teammates and stuff. I get Bat I really was dumbfounded. With the first comeback. I couldn't figure out. Like what was the impetus like he leaves? Okay Oh we got this new coach. Signed these contracts Blah Blah Blah is going to be a hard ask okay. I got that. He's a bit of a punk. He's like I'm out of here that make sense but he then watches what appears to be one game. They play where they beat Hercules. Who who he points out sucks anyway and he's like he sees them outside on the streets. Right what's what? He just seized their bond like getting a milkshake together. And that was really commissioned. They didn't well this. Is that the same scene where his cousin wasn't it? Lenny Rennie Randy whistles quorum and comes down and and basically you're going to sell these drugs our army. I mean it's plausible is like I don't want to be a drug dealer one but he doesn't really ever he doesn't that doesn't come across to me. He's like that's fan all right. I'm in the drug game here. And he's like seems fine with it. I mean he also sees his cousin get murdered across the street runs through his coach's house and then Mary memorize is Marianne millions like within a week zero morning unhappy back on the court. Thanks came back then. He had the whole like. I'll do whatever that that was great while practices going on and and you guys are running plays named after women. Coach Carter knows. I'll just do my suicide by the way worst. Worst job is the guy the manager had to track all these suicides. Nationwide thousand pushups. He's got a cat and then when everybody does push ups for him. How do you keep track? It's involved was the worst job in the movie but team accrues and I say this because there's like that ten day or ten pushups challenge going on on social media right now because everyone's at stay at home and stuff like that and I'm seeing a lot of like suspect look and push ups like oh. I'm not I'm not doing the greatest push you've ever seen but some of these guys are accounting for your tenure like what anyway. You're not fooling anyone when your knees are out of frame a Timo Cruz. Nice push-up form. Thought he had a really nice pushing for and he really was steph curry before Steph Curry. He was taking a three on the fast break. To three thousand layup is like all right so I was like so. He's decent basketball player. I just didn't understand. It is is character. Arc just turned way too quick for me. They all did really. It's this is a season of television jammed into one two and a half hour. Yeah Yeah I mean like here's a plotlines that I wanted to explore. Okay okay okay. So there's the rivalry with same Francis which they kind of set up right off the bat and then it goes away for the entire movie until the end to the point where junior is facing off against the other. Big Guy The Monster. They call them crane. Is that the crane on the other on the other teams. Just like okay. I guess there's a robbery there but it would have been way more interesting to hear about. Even if those two. Those two high schools met at the party or something or somewhere so yeah they never see each other exactly. Yeah and added to the fact that coach. Carter's kid used to be on that team anyways. Canyon incur- pregnancy. Oh my God. I totally written in as I'm watching afternoons Special After School Special. Okay find way more interest. Yeah because I tuned out every single scene between the Ashanti. And what's what's IT Kenyan Kennedy orders. Yeah I tuned out. Every time I was like okay I just don't care I didn't care the four or five times. We saw them together. Right always checked out but it's a it's an interesting story like it could have been. This guy is going to get a scholarship. And he's going to go away and teenage pregnancy is a problem. And they're going to explain it better over a season of television. You know what I mean very nonchalant about that having that baby or not having your not having to be in the end good for Shanty Schmidt a choice for good for her but but she also yelled at Kenyon the way that time when he was holding up a baby and he wasn't doing it properly. Hold that baby up. He just grabbed the baby for the first time. Give them a break can understand. Maybe why doesn't WanNa baby with you? That's right crews Rennie. I would've liked to have seen the actual their relation. Yeah Yeah I'll toxic. Was it or was it toxic or this was it you know yes. He was selling drugs but I feel like he loved him. He's Nice Guy until rocked him off. Exactly did he say a word to say a word? I say so. Yeah I gotta go. I cruise pretends to rob character which was also weird but okay. I couldn't shed a tear for any dime because I I didn't know exactly. We don't even know frigging name on this podcast whole Ronnie remmy. Now we had the speaking of the robbery. The the weirdness between crews and lyle channel channing pricing. What's your take I said I'm Jason Tatum. You got the fact junior. Can't seem to read and his this like this one dimensional characters. She has a great scene in the in the store. When she's like like I I like what you're doing. I want you to keep doing what you're doing coach Carter. And he's in the car and he's GonNa come in and I'd like to But you know that's the problem he can't read and let's let's explore that you know what? I mean Coach Carter and his long suffering girlfriend or way you know it's like hey this is a terrible thing that you're is terrible proposition. That you're taking you're GONNA get a thousand bucks in your work for five months and I'm never gonNa see you and we're not going to get to go to Mexico somebody just letting you take your stored. That's something that you're right early in the movie. He tells her yeah. I think it's GonNa be a thousand dollars for five months. And she says well you can't say no to that which she being sarcastic Luke Casting. Yeah sincere seat go ahead. I thought she was being sarcastic because she knew where the conversation was going. She knew he was talking himself into and she was just like she was like a thousand bucks. That's like relatively speaking. It's just not enough money for that sort of a commitment so yeah because then at the end of it she just said she says also Wendy you start and he was like Monday or something. Yeah no I think you're right. I think it was our cast but I sort of also like pass I was like what is she like thousand bucks and by the way it turns into fifteen hundred dollars for former not to criticize debbi. Morgan's acting but I don't think she pulled off the sarcasm all that well. I guess you're GonNa you're GonNa do this no matter what I say. I'm not going to get to go to Mexico and this but I thought maybe the money was good for the time in the location and I guess he's not a teacher there but he's got a store that they do establish doing well and that's the other plotline his store and his his helper guy his employees whose mad that he's not there helping us. We had a great week. Like yeah. You weren't here to help me. It's been crazy. I'm swamped over here. You want them to develop that story yes I did. I was very interested. He wants Carter sporting goods to be tone. Spit on some of guys off of that. I will say. I don't know how that store was doing all that. Well with the sign edge that especially ones your window got smashed like take the time like. Let's really dive into making this look a little better than just that. Carter's reporting story all right. What else I guess. That's it I mean you know you just wanted all this other stuff. Here's the point is there's way too much in this movie. There's too many stars and didn't need half of them. Yeah that's not what are you didn't. I'm surprised he didn't have maybe the possibility of what's going on with channing tatum. His Dad's in jail. Yeah that's a great you know he's coming from what appears to be a broken home but We don't really get much of it and just see as not his uncle's stands up in is. It was that in the meeting. I in his uncle and this is all he has right the basketball all items that he wears on his head. That's all. He has cutoff shirt sleeve on the head candidate. Great Luck it was pretty cool to see some old clothing lines that I had told her about the party. Party scenes seeing NHA NYC or guard. Haven't seen that so You know there's a lot of Sean John. Chainey `tatoes definitely weren't Sean John and one in the in the scene in the back in the gym where all their deaths set up someone's wearing a Sacramento Kings Jersey. But we never get to see if he's yeah there's in two thousand four two thousand four two thousand and five so who would have been on the back. Stoyanovich maybe Weber. I would think whoever was trade. It didn't didn't get traded around into Philadelphia or was one year old. That's another thing I would like. This was when Chris Webber got traded. How did these guys react? To THEIR JOURNEY JERSEY. Did they burn up? Well you think about it now. You'd never see a Sacramento Kings Jersey in a movie right now would you? I mean that was probably the last time we saw Kings Jersey in a movie was back in the playoffs. Since Lady Bird Kings Lady Bird the only other Sacramento movie around Cleveland says the Richmond by Sacramento. Sorta make sense we also like Sacramento College afterwards. Right Mr Three point whatever. Want Potential Dad. Is that Kenyan? Yes yes he goes to the sex. The Jerseys also. I spotted there was a Blazers Wallace Jersey. Nice there was a pacers. Run Our testers. -I you see that one. Yeah that was nice. You also see like a bullets Jersey in the background. I'm not sure what player it was. There's a Sixers Jersey to at one point it was Worms wearing it at one. I can't remember if I remember Split Paul Pierce Jersey Green and white. Yeah I sorta want now a custom. Kate Carter Oilers Jersey. But I'm trying to figure out what the throwback from when Ken play. Yes seventy one seventy two. Yes exactly I would go with the look. That's right. I hope they better look at jerseys than the ones they eat their look. I don't like that. Color Palette unrealized an orange. Yeah not a fan of it. Not that's why brings you back to high school a lot of ugly jerseys back in high school. Yeah you're right does like in terms of the baggage of all the close. My God we were Rockin like you said the sort of ugly look the jerseys. The the gym really did remind me a little bit of our High School Gym. 'cause we had we sort of two gyms and our high school. We had the one big Jim which was more like a Brighton normal gym but then we had what we called like the Dungeon and it was sort of like a like the floor was it was like super old non a lot of light. It felt like similar. There's looked a little bigger than what we had. But does take you back. Takes you back to your high school basketball planned east no doubt about that and truthfully we ran a lot of suicides was many push ups. I don't remember a lot of those all about the suicide. Did the math For me are suicides. Were free throw linebacker core back other free. Throw line back. Same full-court court back. Yeah if you just did full court in back down and back a thousand times thirty one miles that's without like the inbetween. So this guy was cruise. WanNa he ran. A marathon easily ran a marathon over a couple of days but why really came in and. I assume that he had to do it during practice. Time so agree. Is it possible? Yeah it's possible. Yeah definitely I mean if you do what two hundred two hundred for five days so six miles a day during during running during practice plus you gotta push ups in see. I thought it was a Wednesday and I thought he's still pulled off even in two days. Speaking of days of the week I thought he came up short though remember because everyone else had to help him and they were and how. How was that God tracking? Who's doing what and how many you know even mentioned him at the first time it was just cruise along like. Oh actually we gotta gotTa keep track. It's an honor system address. Yeah yes speaking of days of the week. I thought the parents were protesting that they had to play that big school on a Saturday high school basketball on a Saturday. Does that happen tournaments against those league game? The Fremont game exactly Friday. Sure but you have to come in on a Saturday. Yikes did you guys have in your viewing unedited version of this movie. Because I was watching sort of through. Amc AMC and I saw the the warning. And then I was like mom renting this so. Oh Wow is it says edited for content. I'm like well yeah I mean I don't. I really don't even know what I was missing. Who was there a sex scene between shot in the ninety nine cent seen am yes? I did get that. I was the closest okay. Ed Okay you think in ninety nine cents. Sex Cafeteria doesn't offline during my returned into bogus. Yeah Yeah I got that too. Yeah I was watching the edited version. A. PUT DOT by win. Rainy died the demo yells that got by the diversion but no other swears. Did they play this? Kid skied song. Soundtrack was very good. I think it's a big reason why this movie. I think it is. This is themselves are fine the score fine but I didn't like that. They played that song at a high school dance with Seventeen Year. Old Girl giant. Starting to be an old man the soundtrack ebanks look fabulous. Ching CIARA. Connie common faith twist Saint Lunatics Trey Songz. And then yeah little. John's get low is any R D. Was that song is Great. Cool J Otis. Redding saw telling your body girl that song that was that was a hit in the sky and shake be bopping stacked stacked especially if that was your like era if you were in high school in two thousand five. I mean it was passed my time but it's like wow if that's all the songs you heard that dances and parties and stuff like that you like to compare enough fair. And what's not you didn't like the get low at the as at the one with skeet. Skeet LIKE DORY. It's not on the soundtrack just in the movie but they didn't put on central rights to it. I guess yeah. How do you get the rights for the movie but it can only help you anyways? That song did okay. So they're all good did lead. You have a favorite random observation from this movie. Well just coach. Cada wore a suit with a tie like all the time during practice which I thought was a bit crazy. I understand on Game Day but I've never ever ever seen a coach in practice in a suit and tie first-day shore I get it. But then like when? They're just going through their regular practices. And he's still in that. I'm just like wouldn't you get uncomfortable? I mean you know like you WanNa get on the court sometimes. Show the guys what you're GONNA do. But he's there with the suit on thought and I I understand. He's trying to send a message and lucky wants them to wear ties and stuff on David jury practice like. That would just be very very uncomfortable for me. I think so you know I thought he could have. Just got the sweats on or a pair of shorts and also wouldn't the coach at some point. Just want to be shooting shooting around a little bit himself. Great Question. Samuel Jackson dribbles the ball one time movie and then he puts his foot on this one. He sat on a very smoothly too. I thought he was going down. Yeah Yeah I would have been like team Cruz. This guy comes in here. Asked me to sign a contract. Run all this. Get my grades up. Make a free throw coach. Show your shop. Yeah he's up there on the band. Carter Kyle Carter. Wow that's a that's a twist not the actual. Wow like that. Did you have to wear trae or anybody else have to wear jackets ties on Game Day? We did until we got travel suits. We had to wear a tie freshman and sophomore year. Once you made varsity had cooled. Traveling suits traveling like sweat like a pair of Purple Pants and zip up like Oh kind of jacket pretty lead. You have to wear a tie. Do you have to dress up for game days. I guess none not in high school now. We just turned up in a whatever. You're wearing track pants and a jacket sweater jacket you know. That's it yeah. We did nothing formal about it at all for the all boys from some break some retailers here they come any random observations from you guys. I thought his reaction to the grades not being up to snuff was a little much. What the acting like when he's he after the after. Oh the arrives back after yells at everybody for going to a party. I mean come on coach Carter. They blend and their kids. Just let cut him some slack men and then he arrives back in his office and there are the results. City opens the result. Said ooh yeah. I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have played it shocks the Chris. Farley being told that these aren't real folger's crystals Ma'am what a zing though by team. I want us to be winters coach. Well you're right. I don't know about this coach Carter the more I'm thinking about it. He waited until sixteen games to get the progress reports. I mean I'm not getting any any assistance from the school Go Talk to a teacher was confused by that. When he came back from the party they were staying at a hotel led to believe he came back at night because it was pitch black in his office. Yeah so what did he do? He got off the bus that he said. We're taking this bus home write-down whatever it is. I think so. Yeah there they win the tournament. They're about to stay the night at the hotel or motel. Whatever you're right. They all sneak out the party. He they take cabs there and then the cab driver back cover. Yeah so then they all they get in trouble because they're at the party in the hot tub and all that and they're drinking and then yeah. I think I think you're led to believe they like that's it. We're taking them. I guess they're all they're all sleeping to fall asleep on the bus so it wouldn't make sense that it's late at so why didn't he just take the bus home to begin with? Save some money exactly. Who knows they have to stay in the hotel? They weren't playing another game the next day. Yeah that reminded was. He told he was getting them on a Friday. That would make sense that he back in there right. Well yeah he overplay the acting no doubt but maybe that's that's on. The direct is on the director. The director yeah the overreacted. But also that if it wasn't it was played up a little bit more than the acting would have been fighting like if it was built up a little bit more but also I've thought it was very weird. Maybe these exists that the coaches office could see right into the locker room and basically into the shower strip windows right into that. Actually I don't think about it. Our locker room was exactly like that is fascinating to prevention and again yeah S. Two PARTS OF THE OFFICE WINDOWS. See Right in there. Okay what's up guys? Maybe maybe I guess it is a thing I think about it. Maybe ours had a window. A smaller win. Don't from the coach's office. Yeah I think actually did. Yeah but I also liked being of window sorry skis. When Samuel Jackson is approach in his car by some random random procedures good Sena. He opens his window just a crack to talk to another person. I would never do that. He how do you talk to somebody in another car? Through just a tiny little crack it works out for imperfectly because the spit lands on the windy. Maybe he's aware of the town that he's living in that you don't you don't cracker window all the way. I wonder if it without production thing because you wanna see that spat otherwise. It's not going to read that well. Another guy spitting from another car or guy or it's written in the script. He puts the window down. Spits on Samuel Jackson. Samuel Jackson is like. I'm not doing that right. Guys spitting on me like all right. Well what angle? It's possible that's very like okay. Well you will open your window a little bit and then we'll go in the window that yeah because it works both ways. Maybe say Miller. Jackson's reaction is bigger and more emphatic. If he gets spit on but also no. It was pretty big. You got out any wanted to the guy that's true. Yeah that's true. Okay I think were present rate skeets at Windy Timmy. Wrote in and he did ask us to if we could please start saying now those are some stats for your ass at that to to our podcast Mexico. That is a good good line. There in time. We're talking stats. Somebody's got to drop those are some stats for your favorite part of the militia. When you're talking to John Shuman Movie Yeah just him basically revealing what he why he is the way he is and saying. This is why we're doing this because you know what was it. Fifty percent don't graduate of those fifty percent five percent go to call actually get to go to college and if you're African American you're you have an eighty percent more chance to go to jail than you do right to college and they were like. Yeah Okay we get it where you know. That was a good moment for me in the movie is wet. That's when I was the most into as I tell them I agree with you. Know you're right. I think to just back to the basketball playing in the movie. Your right very very what we run in here. Let's run this into the ground. I get all that very scripted is my point. I will say they'll a lot of the players. The actors looked like they could sorta play. Sean column like like if you ever see them coming up the core with the ball there was like some behind the backs and they look. Some of them looked pretty comfortable with the basketball. So that was a nice change. Now I think I read channing. Tatum had never even picked up a basketball. Just an them a lot. He didn't do anything in this movie. He took a charge. One true. I guess it was called a flock but it was. Yeah Oh yeah. That's all that happy he didn't do any you don't see them really just storyline other than being the the white guy on the team and a big name it was. It could have been axed as well. Yeah wasn't a big name at the time. This is first movie. Okay put on the map? Yeah and he was twenty five at the time. I just did a quick good. He's born in Eighty. Is this movie. Came out in two thousand one. I saw correct anything else. You want to throw in there. Be AT YOUR FAVORITE CLOTHES. More straight lines After after the party there on the home they're talking about sign autographs and Huntington Samuel Jackson. Says I'M GONNA show you humping? That's what I'm saying. Every time I walk in the door I get home. Show you a humping is also great. What do you mean by that? Like great does though also great was After the very last basketball game they lose on a jumper. I think Samuel Jackson says when he comes in the Locker Room not quite your story bookending fake Sam just GonNa be. You're it you're right. Yeah a three pointer to that guy. Took that KRANJEC. I went back. Watched as the score flipped up three points for them. And I'm like WHOA. Whoa it didn't feel like he was taking a three but I lived back and it does appear outside of the line is moving outside of the line at the top for his little fade away. They're Li do have a question for you. If you were coming up with a coach car coming up with the play what would you? What particular woman would you name the play defense or offense? No that was interesting. How he's just rattling through chicks in his life to come up with basketball players amine laughing at coach beeline for coming up with animals. Coach cottages comes up with chicks. Who WOULD I name over? What would it be like okay? We're running Roxie here. What is what's yeah what's the roxy play. That would probably be pretty safe play. I say that much I don't know high screening role something that's going to get a good high percentage basket. I think I think that's the best I could come up with right now on the spot but I'll think about it. We'll try to come up with something a bit better. That's fine anything else for you guys. WanNa throw some grades on this scores on this. I think we're missing. People were sort of find with this movie so I'm interested to hear what the score is. Suss out what we got I'M GONNA give this five hundred fifty suicides out of one thousand. Five hundred fifty suicides are thousand. We'll all go next because I have a similar scoring system. I was going to give it three hundred fifty push ups out of a thousand. I make that clear. I actually hated this message on point. I did not like it I was. I was checking the time a lot going well man. We're an hour to go. There was it was it was long. I'll give it a three out of five. You know like I say originally I was going to give it a one sir because I thought this is like even Teen Wolf. They have more adversity But then I read fairly fairly accurate. That's not too bad. I always give a three three. Says I mean oh I began to watch it again but Samuel Jackson movies usually pretty good so three three out of five. That's a bold. Take any Samuel Jackson. Movie is pretty good. The ones ones that I've enjoyed anyway. From Samuel time to kill pulp fiction. The negotiator for fresh is a great movies. Anyone seen fresh. No that came. Just after pulp fiction. That was a really good movie. What about snakes on a plane that I haven't seen that one actually Yeah I don't think I'll be watching that one savvy. He's great he's Great. He's a great character. Great exactly right Sam. Samuel Jackson is a character the characters that he played. I'M GONNA GO. I'm sticking with my bobbleheads. It's a two at five bobbleheads I looked up To see where it landed on sports movies like lists greatest sports movies of all time. Bleacher report has a terrible list of one hundred greatest sports movies. They actually the only one who got right was coach. Carter at fifty four. Okay okay so I think that belongs there. It's a it's just fine right if I fuck keeping in mind that they have. Who's years as number one? There's no red. Oh it doesn't make the top hundred come on and blue crushes eighty nine. That's eight but they did get fifty four right okay. So right in the middle is right in the middle. It's if you don't think about it if we ruined it for a lot of people I'm sure by talking about don't think about it and you don't talk about it and you just let it wash over. Yeah it's fine. It's a it's a pleasant little time-waster as my dad would say a task. Three yells out of five yells. So we're all really. Yeah everyone's like yes. Sure it's fine and not dying to watch it again. I remember I had this on DVD. I bought coach Carter on DVD for five dollars from Walmart. Wow never opened it. Who donated it in the cellophane And I would do it again. I would buy this again and just have it sitting myself but the problem like I think we're I do think we're like we got it right here. It's like it's fine like we're saying whatever three to five whatever but I'm just I'm just so dumbfounded with the the outpouring of support the outpouring of support for this movie and how much people love it that the part is the weirdest part to me. I think it's like how can you think this is your favorite movie especially like? Have you never seen lean on me? Have you never seen any other sport? Sunni that's that's I mean. I think it is just well that that really takes me back to high school ball and it does sort of hit that and it's got enough of that happening in it where you're like. Oh Yeah I had a coach who is a excuse me like a hard ass or the gym. Looked like that or you know. We dressed like data. We taught that the nostalgic factor for sure. And that's probably a big reason why people are like. Oh Yeah this is why I love it. Trae bought it on DVD. I mean people just were pumped to see a high school basketball movie at the time. I think that's what happened. looking at Rotten tomatoes speaking of the DVD. Apparently it was in theaters for a week and then it came out on DVD. Oh no no no no J. A. N. J. U. N. Those look similar to me. But they're not so much that's that's a long time it's A. It's a great run good for you. Coach Carter also look. I'm going to say it because I was shocked when I watched it I thought shanty was hotter in my head the Ashanti when I was growing up I mean I thought she was a smoke show and then I guess watching this you know fifteen twenty years later I was like she's cute very cute but not the smoke show I thought maybe they toned down or something for her character. Absol- taken back by that. I was like what would I have it wrong? It was just me being younger. Obviously or was it. She's the changed for the movie. Yeah I can't really speak. I didn't I have no idea who she is. I think the only thing I've ever seen her in is coach car. I don't know who ashanti singing John Rule exactly exactly I mean I know Gyro and what what's on what they do together. Not I'm real. They did the other one always on time. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah but I don't think I've ever seen seen her. She's did she act like in other movies. I Dunno she's learned that Joe. What's love like she always was doing the chorus threat on credited and Malcolm X? What okay so she did. She did all right. Those are scores for coach Carter. I hope you didn't upset too many of you. I know this is one of your favorite movies. And maybe we've changed your opinion or you know what? Tell us why we're wrong. Yeah tell us why we raw tell us why you love coach Carter so much. Email us no dunks. The DOT com hit us up on twitter. Hashtag no dunks at no-dong sink. Get your votes in. We're going to be picking another movie. Oh right yeah. This was the the people selection I mean we had four movies moves. Pick from and this is what the people picked the coach Carter. So we'll see what you guys come up with next all right guys for we say goodbye here. Tassie got something fun store a little bit later today. Yes Sir you WanNa you WANNA preview. Give me a little bit more while we're talking to a fan of ours. Who was married this past weekend during the corona virus epidemic so all the highs and lows that come with that the worries. Are we going to cancel this thing? Is this thing actually going to happen? Are PEOPLE GONNA show up to this way. Are People going to hug Am I gonNA KISS my bride? Wow Okay so that's later today. You're looking forward to that on Tuesday. We're GONNA count down the top ten games to rewatch from the two thousand nine hundred twenty season. League pass available to all free so we thought it'd be fun because we saw between well. What game should I watch you know from this year? Or we're going to give you a top ten list. Welcome honorable mentions as well. We'll break it down for you and you can go back. Watch some of these. We've been doing some research on this town forgot how awesome basketball us we watched every game. We're we've ranked them all on Wednesday. We'll be stepping on the beach so emails your questions. No dunks at the athletic dot com Thursday. You know it's the no bus survivor recap podcast and we've got a few other things cooking here. So subscribe to the podcast. Tell your friends tell your family. And we'LL TRY OUR BEST. Keep you guys. Entertained Clipper bows. You heard it here. I have a great time. Turn up love you guys awesome. Thanks for joining us. And remember in the words of Marianne Williamson antimony crews. Our deepest. Fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure embrace the day people i. It's been so long.

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