Brock Lesnar in the Royal Rumble & RAW Recap


If you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just US one dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Sexism Nation Channel One fifty six welcome to the busted open. podcast this is Greg on today's episode. Wwe W. E. Hall of famer bully. Ray and I looked back at Monday night raw from last night and now it started with rock listener and Paul Heyman and Paul Heyman telling the WWe WWe universe that brock is going to be not only in the royal rumble but the first entrant in the royal rumble. What's going to happen there? Plus we speculate. Who could be the surprise entered at number thirty in this year's royal rumble also fully as he usually does causes a little controversy meet throws out the name Siham punk could this be all leading to see 'em Pumpkin Brock Leser Wrestlemainia thirty six and speaking of the rumble? We get into Oscar Mbeki. We know we're going to see at this year's world all that right now on the bus. There's a a lot of things that are very intriguing about what we saw last night and we start right at from the star which at the beginning we knew it. We talked talked about it yesterday. Brock listener and we got Brockley. They're an eugene announcement from Paul Heyman. Yup Brock is entering the number one in the rumble interesting. Yeah it speaking of that. Let's go to Paul Heyman for Monday night. Raw last night. How `Bout OPRI single solitary challenger that wants Brock let's third royal rumble can have PROC lessner at the Royal Rumble Because Ladies and gentlemen? Here's your official announcement. My client rock lessner Hugh by by enters the royal rumble match just enters the royal royal rumble marriage. That would kinda make history. Let's go all freaking way. My Client Brock lessner doctors the royal rumble back. I oh so brock. Laser is not only your wwe champion champion. He's entering the Royal Rumble and entering the Royal Rumble. In the first spot now he talks about history going back to history and not that far back two thousand and sixteen a Roman reigns as your. WWe world heavyweight champion. He defended his championship at the rumble. He was the first entrant. Lost a triple h and triple h became your champion. And that led to their match at wrestlemania thirty two where Roman reigns successfully. We've got that championship back. But interesting call from Brooklyn is there any he didn't. I didn't hear Paul Heyman. Say He's defending the title at Wrestle at at at the royal rumble why would why would brock lesser not only enter himself into the royal rumble but enter himself as the first entrant to royal rumble. Okay before I answer your question of y I'm GonNa ask you a question sure. Are you intrigued. That brock lessner has entered himself in the royal rumble. Yes are you intrigued. That brock listener has entered himself number one in the royal rumble. Yes are you going to tune in to see what happens with the royal rumble as Brock. Lessner your first participant. Yes mission accomplished end end of story right there. Just those little tidbits right there. Brock is entering the rumble at number one. If you're intrigued need that means you're gonNA tune in now what they give us is gravy. Why would brock listener the WWe champion be entering the royal rumble at number one? Well now I'll answer the question. It's really quite simple. Who should be challenging brock listener right now or who could be or WHO's intriguing enough to challenge them right now? Who's the credible person on the raw roster that you'd think at this very moment as of rural last night I could stand in the ring with brock where you actually think? They have a shot of beating him. There's there's a couple of potential candidates give me a name I can't there is not. You just said there's a bunch of potential and I feel like I drew McIntyre could see at some point being somebody that could be. You know a a credible challenger to brock listener but right now it's hard for me to pick one name off that Roh roster I say definitively this is the guy theft rollins could be but you know again. Even though Seth rollins beat brock listener twice. I don't know if I'm that intrigued in that matchup right now with seth rounds and brock listener so I really don't have one name where I can definitively say this is the guy who should be facing brock listener for the championship EPA chip at Wrestlemainia. Now imagine you were in a creative meeting and imagine you got called upon and that was the answer you gave. Because that's probably the most people are giving. We can't figure out who the one guy is to put on the marquee against Brock for the Royal. Rumble I understand what. You're saying withdrew because drew looks the part and we WANNA see drew. Get this push and then do more withdrew. But they're in a transitional stage richer. They're turning drew baby face little by little that three to one gimmicky hit before he Before he hit his whatever mafia kick is that stiff kicked face. He's GonNa get that over. He should be doing that three to one every single time time he does the claim more. So you gotta give that a couple of weeks to get over so drew. I think they are priming him but they gave him some Mike Time last night. They gave a quick squash. Wash match against Jose No Way Jose they had a minute to claim more again. He'll definitely be in the rumble. He'll definitely make some kind of impact in the rumble. Hopefully it comes they. He comes out of the rubble would something but brock being number one is very intriguing. Because if you're Brock Leser and Paul Heyman and you're looking this from a storyline point point of view. I'm the WWe champion. Just as Paul said in the Promo there are no challengers are no credible challenges. So we have no no credible challenges. We're GONNA try to do the most credible thing we could possibly do. We're GONNA win the royal rumble as the WWe champion. And oh by the way. We're we're not gonNA take the punk ass route and hope we get number thirty. We're going to take the warrior route and enter ourselves at number one and I'm going to eliminate the every single person that comes in that ring and I'm going to win the royal rumble. Rock listener were to win the royal rumble. What would he most likely challenge for He would challenge for the Universal Championship. It's the only other championship he can challenge for right. So maybe we get a universal championship first. WWe Me Championship at Wrestlemainia. In a unification match. I don't know that for sure. But that is one possible out with brock listener in the Royal Rumble title. Let's take another scenario which I personally love. If Brock enters at number one and brock eliminate a significant. The amount of guys Maybe he eliminates more guys than tain ever eliminated. Because CAIN has the record for elimination right. doesn't have like eleven. I I think I think cain overall when you look at all the royal rumbles I think he has the the most eliminations more than any other. I'm talking about in one particular rumble. Who has the most eliminations in any one rumble? I think it's Kane I have to go back and look I think I think at one point Shawn Michaels dead. I I go back and look okay. Hear what you're saying so on coming at one and eliminating everybody coming out the victor rock coming in at one and lasting all the way to the end how pissed off. or how much heat do you think Brock's going to have if he's able to do that especially if he eliminates all of the people that that you hope can beat him so if they build that rumble the right way. And let's say let's just use Ray for instance ray comes in for retribution and rate almost eliminates brock but then brock eliminates ray or whoever the next fan favorite is. It doesn't matter. Just pick a name bow to eliminate brock but brock eliminates them when number thirty hits. What do you think is GonNa Happen? especially if number thirty is a massive surprise and what if number thirty eliminates brock. Well you just set something up. That's probably first of all needed for Wrestlemainia this year and number two since I kind of answered your question at there really. Isn't anybody on the roster. That really gets me excited to face brock listener. There's your answer and Alex met sent out the tweet who could be thirty last night during raw. 'cause I think you hold the key right there. Whoever thirty is is probably going to be a big surprise and most likely will eliminate brock listener and set up your match for Wrestlemainia thirty six? Yes I think I. I think we're GONNA get a good surprise. And maybe that surprises not even number thirty but I think that surprise is going to have some some kind of a definitive role with brock listener. I think that they need it. You know why I think that they we need somebody significant coming back at the rumble. Why who is the mystery partner? Last night in the six-man big show why well I mean for his keys. Come back after a two year absence. He has a show that he wants to promote owed on Netflix. Sophy reasons why so we brought back. We brought back a veteran. I'M A I'M A. I'm a fan of show Gets a good little little reaction comes in. He's the one left standing at the end of the match. Who are we trying to push right now? Are we trying to push seth in the AARP Lord knows the AO P can use the boost. When I saw big show come out last night you know what I said to myself what I said good? Ao appeased leave big show laying and then at the end I saw show standing tall and I was like Whoa. Kate didn't understand why they went this route and I smacked myself in the face around my face into a brick wall and go Dr Interface Company. Yeah my point is look at what they're starting to rely on again. That veteran names they turn to big show. How come ricochet wasn't the partner last night? Because I mean you need that pop and big show at blabber but why can't shake that pop now when you see him every single week it becomes a little water down I mean first of all our power or is becoming less and less. Well let me ask you this bully because you bring up a really good point and you bring up that main event and big show being you know the surprise partner for Joe and for Owens going up against seth rounds and Ao pay. And you're right like I'm thinking seth rollins and are going to get a clear victory because that is who you're pushing. Obviously it's Seth rollins your former champion he got AARP or you know an re- revitalize the O. A. O. P. which they should be pushing. Then why did they end that match the way that they did last night because there really is no reason to push big show at this point I mean big show. We could do a whole show on big show and how he is on one hand a first ballot hall of Famer but on the other hand they've done considerable damage over over the years. Too Big show I mean. Why didn't we get a different outcome last night? Them what we did because on the to go off the air happy I now oh because they felt like Owen Jr Joe and big show needed the moment. Listen if you would've gave the moment to Joe. I'd be a lot happier about that because Joe returned last night. Wasn't that Joe's first match back. No he was in the he was in the ring last week but yeah he's just coming back from doing commentary coming back. Joe Could you something substantial but we got big shows knock out punch. I have a real problem with it. No but I know that. That's that's not the guy we should be running with the AO P needs to look like monsters right now and. I wish I could get really really into this on the show. Dave I really really do but I'm speaking from personal firsthand knowledge the LP there are plans for for the AARP they're a big plans for the AARP and last night. If we would have got the leaving big show laying that would have been in a great moment now. Maybe that's the plan for next week in this fistfight which I don't even know what it is or maybe that's going to be for the following week. Maybe this week the big show comes comes back and he leaves guys laying and maybe next week the Aarp GonNa Leave Him Ryan. I honestly thought last night. We're going to double power bomb big show and the the whole ring was going to collapse again. Something that got the P.. Over despise seth rollins calling them boys. What kinds of like shoot fighter killers though mock you out and then eat for lunch and being called boys? I'm not a fan of that personal opinion. I understand that all right There's a lot to get into especially with this announcement by Paul Heyman for brock listener. That he's entering into the royal royal rumble. I think the biggest thing and we need to start speculating his. If it's not going to be someone on the roster who could that surprise entrant bay and is it going to be just a showcase for Brockett the rumble. where he just goes to everyone is? They're going to be a surprise. Or is there somebody on the roster. Currently that could eliminate eliminate brock listener. And take that person to the next level also speaking of the rumble you said about. CAIN actually Roman reigns canes record with twelve eliminations at at the royal rumble so he currently holds the record for the most eliminations at the rumble. Shawn Michaels has spent the most time in the ring at the royal rumble so So you know. And it was caned at Roman reigns beat to get that twelve it was Cain with eleven. Didn't Ramos Therio beat that Shawn Michaels record. It's very possible. Well it's very possible. I have to go back and look this is all in my head. I thought Ray Ray La- lasted the longest longest time spent spent a single royal rumble. Longest time in the ring I know Shawn Michaels for years. Had that record now longest time spent in a single royal rumble will is ray mysterious one hour two minutes before that it was Chris. Benoit's with one hour and one minute currently if we're being diplomatic about Daniel Daniel Bryan holds the record with one hour and sixteen minutes but that was at the greatest royal rumble in Saudi. So I don't know if we're really counting that same with the most post eliminations Roman reigns holds the record with twelve eliminations in a single rumble. But if we're being Dick Diplomatic Braun strowman holds record with thirteen eliminations in the greatest royal rumble symbol in Saudi. I don't do we. Don't count the greatest royal rumble. But he's a royal rumble though. That's the and I know Shawn Michaels show Michaels and somebody else have won it at one with as the first entrance Shawn Michaels wanted as the first and Chris Benoit wanted as the first century as well a lot of records when it comes to the royal rumble. I'm I'm looking at the I'm looking at all the stats right now. Here do you think this is a really outside of the box idea and I thought about it last night. Also because they've they you did something weeks and weeks and weeks ago and they made us forget about it. Do you remember when Maven entered the royal rumble and eliminated the undertaker. Yes may even was made like in an instant right careered go sign after that but but for that moment in time he was made it was a big deal. Elimination is there any chance deal madden shows up eliminates brock listener sir. How would that go over like a Fart in church? No because you know because when you think of do madden what do you think. Think of right now if you if you're looking at the current state of the wwe. He was a guy who was a commentator got injured off a TV nobody nobody. I don't think the name deal madness. It is crossed anyone's lips since he's been off commentating Monday night raw. And that's the reason why I pulled it out of left field. I mean it's worth a reason reason why they did it when I last night. When Brock walked past the announce table and I saw heyman standing next to lawler? I was reminded reminded that that wasn't Joe and I was reminded that that wasn't do madden. I started to think I said. Wow what if. Do was the guy because it's worked before with Maven and I don't know what they're doing with Dio Madden I've heard scuttle but that they wanna get him scuttlebutt there's that word again. I've heard that they want to get him back in the ring. And if deal madden has a gripe with anybody it's going to be brock listener but I believe that would be a bit underwhelming it will usually go going with Dio Madden and Brock leads. There is. I don't think that's up anybody's Alice so you could tell the story at Wrestlemainia so mania that would that would be a lot. Eight seven seven three nine hundred eleven. No no no no no why would you do it a recipe and oh is that if you eliminate brock last and you get a shot. Well I mean if the winner the winner of the Royal Rumble gets gets the opportunity for a championship match d. I didn't say deal was GONNA win. I said would eliminate Bronx eliminate brock. Okay all right. I mean gene. Dave I think you were operating under the impression that potentially brock would be there at thirty. Well you know what I mean. That is that's definitely my speculation relation. That's I would be surprised if it's if it's if brock is not there at the end of the royal rumble. We brought up three scenarios areas. Just now right off the top of our heads. Brock Wins and challenges. Maybe the fiend for the universal title. That's another here's another thing with people wanna see that with people want to see brock in the fiend that Wrestlemainia Wrestlemainia thirty six. Honestly I would because I'd like to see the championships unified and I'd like to see Brock. DOC The champion period to me Brock is the most credible world champion in the wwe. I'm tired of the two belts. I've never been a huge fan because it's not very definitive and like I said that's just my own personal opinion. I understand why the WWE does it. There's multiple reasons why they do it. So each show has a champion so so merchandising Blah Blah Blah but I think brock as your unified universal champion for me for my taste as a wrestling Fan van is what I'd like to see Michael. You're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty takes on demand with the Sirius. Xm App this is where the speculation begins as we get closer to the royal rumble. After Brock listeners announcement it's been that he is entering the rumble as champion and the number one spot. So I think we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA definitely open up the phones a lot today. I'm and busted open to get the pulse of the bust open nation. Oh miss the Kata Kata I know I know I know my tweet. Last night with horseshoe underrated as characters. TV sitcoms I love welcome back on Vinny Bob Marino. Yeah Yeah we we can open up the lines if you if you get the answer right. I'm not going to let you know that. I think he got it right or anything like that. But I'll let them speculate. I will say this I think thirty is going to be a cool surprise. There's something that does kind of concern me. Though before we get to the nation bully is something that you said. And you've said it before and I'm going to be honest with you bowl you've said it and a lot of times James I kinda disagree I disagree with you a lot of times. I'm like I that's unfair but when you said it just now it was kind of a bit of a punch to the gut. And that's this that when I look at the the raw roster right now there really. Isn't anyone anyone that I could say can get into the ring with brock listener at Wrestlemainia and it be a wrestlemainia caliber. Main event. Do I think drew McIntyre has the potential. Yes but he's not there yet I think. He's in a transitional period for sure Alastair Black is somebody that may maybe in two thousand and twenty one. I'm saying that this guy is a main vendor at Wrestlemainia and I think that's his future. He's not quite there yet. Probably the most just over wrestler on raw right now is rousseff and that's because of all the shenanigans with lawn and not because of anything that's going on in the ring or you look at him. As a main event wrestler tessler raw is in a very very transitional period. Right now and there's nobody that I look at on that roster and say you know what I can't wait to see them in the main event for brock listener for the championship. So when you say it now it hits home because I think it's absolutely true if there was somebody a body on the roster that could stand in the ring against Brock right now at the royal rumble in a singles match. They would of book the match already but there is not one person on that roster as of right now from a character point of view that you believe can beat Brock laser. I know the I sure as hell don't believe there's anybody can be brock laser. Nobody has been built up and built up enough to beat Brock Lesnie. Nobody has is the layers that brock does. Nobody has the credibility that brought does I know there's so many people who listen to the show who hate the fact that we put brock over so much brock. It's put over 'cause brock deserves to get put over brock. Knows what the hell he's doing. And Brock is a credible champion. How is there anybody else on the Roh roster or the entire? WWe Dave who is as credible a champion as brock. Doc Lester no and and when you look at the universal championship that's part of smackdown. Defeating is a character it's a personality and its storyline driven. So you know you look at smackdown. Yeah Daniel Bryan. The Bay's you know I I it fits. Because it storyline. In the fiend is the perfect storyline align champion Branca's not a storyline champion. Brock listener is the ultimate credible champion. He's a the ultimate athlete with the mainstream appeal appeal. When it comes to Wrestlemainia it's either? You're taking a superstar to the next level or it's going to be somebody that's returning those two choices choices when you look at brock listener. And you look that Seth rollins last year. It made sense seth rollins this year. It doesn't make sense character thorir personality wise. Because he's a he'll we talked about the possibility of Brock. Maybe being a baby face but it doesn't look like that's happening right now especially after what we saw last night could they built something after the rumble. Maybe but we can only look at the facts that we're looking at right now. It's almost a foregone conclusion today. Hey that if the rumble winner is going after brock listener. It's going to have to be a shock and surprise and it's going to be somebody who's returning is Okada Oughta a credible champion. Yes storyline driven or in ring driven both but most like the more interesting yes about as entering performance right. Yep that's why boxer champion Brock is your champion. Because of his in ring matches his level level of credibility so many people is matches. It shits. No they're not his matches are brilliant. You just don't get it. You're just too wrapped up in internet and twitter their B. S. brock listener is a master storyteller in that ring. How do you know go back and listen to the people when he does false finishes when people get credible to count on them? You actually think they're gonNA beat Brock. Lesnik listen we could have the brock leser talked to death here. Brock is the guy because brock deserves to be see the guy now coming out of this rumble match. It will be interesting to see because I think number thirty is going to play an integral part in the rumble this year and if number thirty were to eliminate brock would they challenge brock or would they go after the universal championship trip to me. It's gotta be brock via some like I said before the fiend the storyline driven like the all the all the stuff that's going on with Daniel Bryan and the MS it storyline story line and also too. I don't see the fiend and I'm not talking about a lot of people think that there's been a lot of damage done to defeat. I'M NOT GONNA go there because it's a work in progress. I don't see the fiend defending the title in the last match at Wrestlemainia to me. That's not the ultimate main event of Wrestlemainia. Thirty six is the fiend and fill in the blank to me. It's Brock Leser and fill in the back and fill in the blank. Do you sure yup see people were wondering last night on social media about why brock why brock in the rubble Y Brockett number one. Well look at. How much conversation stationed we're having about it and look at all the possibilities that we're talking about that's why Brockett number one? That's why it's a good decision. You know who I wanna see the last two guys in the rumble this year. Who Bracken Randy and then hit number thirties music? Actually Randy is not not a bad name to throw out there. We talk about how ran. These always overlooked brock listener and Randy Orrin would actually be a damned good main event at Wrestlemania. Thirty six and there is unfinished business. There with a story and the story is about the receipt the receipt heard round the world. You took the point of your elbow and you deliberately Komo busted my skull open and I never forgot about that you bring that story back around. There's a lot of possibilities. Yeah I I know we gotta go with the younger guys Blah ident- that how many matches are scheduled for Wrestlemainia as of right now zero. How when in recent history or in history can you remember us being in January and nothing definitive for mania? Yeah it's it's usually right after rumble that you can really start putting a car together. But we couldn't even guess right now I mean they're honestly when it comes to the. WWe Is there a match you definitively WanNa see at Wrestlemainia like is there Mazzi. You're thinking Alex is nodding. Yes throw it out there mets Ron Becky. But but that's absolutely but here's the thing Alex and I get what you're saying as of right now ron does not part of the roster doesn't matter that's the match I wanna see eye care whatever ever you gotTa do to get that done at the royal rumble in two weeks three weeks whenever it is those two better be face to face in the middle of the ring set up but you know what if we're talking about possible returns earns. There's probably three or four matches. I can think of about possible so I mean we've weaver and you know probably where I'm going to go with possibilities thing undertaker dacre a couple of names out there that we can throw as possibilities. But I'm being completely honest as of right now when you look at the shows that you watch on Mondays as in Friday's and you look at the roster as it is today on January seventh are there any matches you definitively want to see at Wrestlemainia. Thirty six six ALEX I. The silence is deafening. Exactly answer is if you're going to me. I have an answer. My answer would be brock and Randy. Okay now I know that's probably not the popular answer but I'm just giving you an answer. It's an because the story story is there now. I could go down the card and look at a bunch of other guys that might be credible but credible for brock. I'm really not sure sure. And I really don't know who I wanna see against the fiend. Do we really WANNA see Daniel Bryan. We've seen it. We WanNA see Kofi again. I I may elite know. Maybe they could finally pull the trigger on this Ms. He'll versus baby-faced Daniel Bryan thing. That's being teased for three. What is it three years now and and we kind of got a little glimpse of that Ms? He'll on Friday night navy. A triple threat the MS Daniel Bryan and the but that does nothing for me. Dave see this is the problem. The three of us are talking right now and none of us are inspired by anything. Why because there's a lot of stuff that's going on? That is very uninspiring emotionally. Yes we got great athletes. Yes we know. We're going to get good matches. If we put the MS and in the ring with anybody anybody it's going to be a good match Daniel Bryan Kofi Brock. Listen we get that. They're going to be good matches. But I want something with depth. I want something with real consequences. I I want something with real emotion. I want something that's GonNa make a lot of sense. I want somebody to combat like Alex. You're right Ronda versus Becky is the match. The rest of the card is at all like Gimme that match on. They're ready to go. I'll sit through seven hours. I don't care that I'm not saying seventy seventy six and a half seven but yeah and I think we're going to get two or three really exciting returns at the rumble rumble. And I'm not even GONNA. I'm not even going to speculate about the names because I'm not GonNa ruin it for anybody. Although I bet I bet my our house on it okay and there are names that are floating around. There are a couple of names that are floating around about people that have been injured. That may be able to come back and MP a part of this wrestlemainia but again. That's speculation bully if you give me brock listener and Randy or in with the story about the receipt. After what happened in Brooklyn win at Summer Slam. I'm in but they're going to have to tell that story they're going to have to tell it the proper way and it's going to have to be something that's got a great bill going through resume. Any I don't enough. They'll be able to do that. Hell I love the story that they're giving us right now with becky and Aska but again it was forgotten about now. They're bringing it back. They're gonNA I have to do that in an even bigger way. Because it's now been years since what we saw with brock listener and Randy Orton. Did you see when becky actually aired the footage footage last night of her tapping to Oscar. Yes you think they listen to the show. Well I mean you're talking about something that happened. Eleven plus months ago That they're finally bringing to light and yes that was a big topic here if you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They they had it all a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollar. Just go what a Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash plus did offer available to new SIRIUSXM streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required me buddy. Who's been listening to? This show knows that I can't let the undertaker go and maybe it's time for me me to do so though until it's all said and done I'm GonNa keep on doing it but you throughout see 'em punk and that's another other name. That's one of those names that we always throw out this time of year bully but now that you're throwing it out it has a lot more credence than it ever has done before. Four obviously with him being in in a in a sort of like backhanded way back in the wwe by being a part time host host on WWe backstage. Let me ask you this first bully. Do you think the return of CNN punked being a host on WWe backstage has been a successful one in his first week. Yes because the ratings dictated stated has been successful. I think it's already kind of fallen off a bit because of the infrequency that he appears and when he does does appear. Are we really getting this unfiltered. Just what's the right word. I'm looking for Dave besides unfiltered getting this unfiltered brutally honest cm punk that we thought we were going to get In some ways yes I think I think the biggest thing you said. Bully is the infrequency that he's been a part of this show if ah correct me if I'm if I'm wrong I think he's only hosted the show twice. I think twice to three times to maybe see to maybe blinker. I can remember. I think he's only hosted it twice so this has been the game that we all thought it was gonna be foreseen Pumpkin. I think it's actually hurt. Ah show that had a lot of potential before they even announced them punk is being part of it because I think I think the whole aura of that show and the fundamental of that show is is a really good one but now that like we thought punk who's GonNa be a bigger part of it and he's not. I think it's actually hurt that show in the long run but he is back in the world of pro wrestling and he's punk being punked not just by what he said on that show but over over the weekend he. He tweeted out and the ad on his instagram story. The original card for wrestlemainia thirty and how he was supposed to go up against triple h and the only reason why I think he would send something out like that is to keep himself relevant in the stir the pot a little bit Bollywood. Hollywood you agree with that stirring the pot. Yeah I think I think he's as as relevant as he feels he needs to be okay I think he's been involved a hell of a lot more and pro wrestling than he has been at all at any time over the last five years. It's not out of the realm of possibility that he could be a surprise entrant at the royal rumble. Do I think it's GonNa Happen. My answer would be no but it's much closer than any time in. Ask Five years. Let me ask you this bully if you were to get punk at the royal rumble. Wouldn't it be a little water down because because of his participation in WWe backstage no. I still think the guy holds onto a tremendous amount of credibility eddie. And I think that if there's hope that surrounds any one wrestler more than anybody else that's him. I think that no matter how many times we've come on this show and been like all right enough about punk because he doesn't want to do this anymore he wants to do. MMA or his heart's not really in it or he keeps saying forget about it like the even though he keeps keeps pro wrestling at more than an arm's length. I think that fans everywhere hope to see him back and the only reason I'm suggesting and seeing punk is not for the shock value of him being a surprise entrant. It's for the story that it could present present for Brock. Check this out like I said I'm just GonNa lay it out one more time. I'm going to layer. I'm GonNa lay it up. Just what one more part of the story sorry. Brock Standard by himself ended the match. He ran the gamut. Everybody's out who the hell is going to be number thirty punk music user kits. The place is GonNa go absolutely bat. Shit crazy yes or no it would what will the look on Paul Heyman's face be if see 'EM PUNK DOC is coming to the ring against his beast his jaw drop. Who else did Paul Heyman represent? Besides Brock Leser. He represented Siham punk now. He's got the two guys his biggest successes in the WWE will now be standing face to face. punk enters the ringed punk and Brock Leser are face to face that that hard camera shot shows you them face to face and splitting right in the middle is the look of horror blow hayme looking like Kevin from home alone with that look of horror on his face. Like what the Frick am I supposed to do now. Oh I never saw this coming. I'm Paul Heyman. I'm the master manipulator. I'm the master chess player. I can outworked anybody in the ring and in back and now I am face to face with a situation that not even I saw common and Punk Eliminates Brock Rock and then Challenges Brock for the championship. You don't think that that's a wrestlemainia main event that is going to put asses seats and by rate if if you announced today that you're GonNa get Brock Leser and see 'em punk at Wrestlemainia thirty six. It would be sold out before the end of the week. And and I'M GONNA I'm GonNa you know you talked about Hayman. Aiman also not only being with brock lists nobody was with CNN punk in the world that the wwe things go by so fast right and you kind of forget get things that have happened in the past more like you've kind of forget things that have happened just a couple months ago because there's so much wwe programming and there's so much going on in the wwe if you remember back in two thousand and thirteen is when Paul Heyman turned on punk for a returning brock listener. That was money in the bank. Two Thousand and thirteen. I'm going to be. There was a raw on July fifteenth at the Barclay Center. Where you had Paul Heyman and CNN punk go back and forth about that betrayal at money in the bank it may have been one of the best segments since in raw history? And I know that sounds crazy to say but you talk about emotional. You talk about like Paul. Heyman brought brought up his children in that segment with punk because he talked about. How punk was the ultimate rebel? Wouldn't do what Paul Call Him and asked him to do. And then he put all his faith and devotion into brock listener. You could bring that back up again. Hell if you want to bully you can turn the tables. You could have Paul Heyman turn on brock four returning Siham punk if you want to. There's so many directions that you go go into because now you're talking about two of the best ever on the microphone employ him and and see 'em punk. The build would be incredible edible. The Mike work between punk and Heyman would be incredible and you can bring a little bit of reality into it. If I had to bet a dollar I would say that Hayman has stayed in touch with punk throughout punks time away from the wwe because they were friends. If it wasn't for Paul Heyman consistently vouching for punk. I don't think punk would have gotten the opportunity. Paul was was punks biggest. Cheerleader and Paul New- that punk at times could be a bit difficult but saw the talent and punk just like Paul saw talent and all of his e C. W can you guys pause. Paul saw the things that the wwe could not see so if the Promo was was Paul. You're the number one guy who's been calling me for years you've been asking me you've been begging me. You've you've been pleading with me you've told me why should come back and now I'm finally here and you don't like who I'm here for well. Well that's too bad the cafeteria. What you wish for Paul because now you got it? I don't give a shit what anybody says on social media right now. I don't give a crap what everybody's saying about. Oh forget about punk punk this pump that we don't WanNa see this. Oh that that train has moved on whatever I just gave you an insane. Main event for Wrestlemainia. I just gave you an insane finish for the royal rumble. I just gave you a story I just gave you a build and I gave you a money making match. Listen whether or not this is gonNA happen. I have no idea but could you tell me Dave that that idea is bad or that that that idea wouldn't work with that idea would enjoy money. First of all the answer is a thumbs up and yes to anything or any argument you could possibly have about now putting CNN pumpkin ring with brock listener. Because you said it the bill would be incredible edible. Could you think of another better build than Pumpkin Broccoli with Paul Heyman in the middle between the two and the history that he has with both those wrestlers. I'm I'm GONNA give you. I'm GONNA give you an apples to apples comparison that you will be emotionally attached to. So let's see your answer. Would you rather see sting and take her or Brockton in punk. I would love to see sting and taker for the monumental just the spectacle of all at Wrestlemainia Wrestlemainia but when you add everything together that punk and brock give you. I would go with Pumpkin Brock. Because it's not only the match it's also so the bill towards that match and here's the other thing too. They've been in the ring together. If you go back do yourself a favor and go. Watch that Doe Oh D. Q.. Matched at punk and brock had at Summer Slam two thousand and thirteen obviously as the biggest undertaker fan. As I am and I I truly believe staying needs that one match that he's never been able to have. I think everyone would agree. That match would would be a huge question Ashton mark sting and undertaker. There are no question marks with punk and Brock Leser zero. The bill do be incredible. The story would be incredible and optimally the match that you would see in the ring would be incredible. All right there you know. CNN punk has not been in a ring in over five years the guy kept himself in phenomenal shape. The guy was fighting 'em he was keeping himself in shape. I the fact that I just told you you that I would give them more of a thumbs up to punk and brock overstaying. An undertaker tells you everything you need to know. That's everything you need. Bully when you brought up this scenario. Royal Rumble Two thousand and Twenty Branca's in a ring here comes the thirtieth entrant to you. You too Gabby to Alex mets to everybody who is probably listening to this show said was probably thinking punk except me. Because that's how much I want to see the undertaker and staying at Wrestlemainia thirty six and I still have to side with you on punk and Brock. The thing about stinging taker is you know the entrances would be spectacular. You know the face to face would be spectacular. You wouldn't be quite why sure about the physicality just because sting hasn't been in the ring in a long time and you know I don't know if he's fully rehabbed from his injury. Trust me on a personal level because of the The respect that I have for sting and what I was able to accomplish in the ring with him I would love to see him back back for that last thing because I'm sure when he puts his head on his pillow at night knowing that you know the match with Seth and the buckle bomb was the last time it doesn't sit right with him As it probably wouldn't sit right with a lot of people just because that's not the way you WANNA go out. So stinging taker is is fantasy booking that I'm sure people would love to say and bully on a personal note like you said with sting and you add you add. I always bring that up. You had an amazing match in Boston with staying at slam versus is one of my all time favorite matches but you you look at staying in about him putting his head on his pillow when when when it's all said and done for you and you give up pro wrestling wrestling. You're not gonNA have any regrets. You're probably not going to look back at. It said God I wish this would happen. I wish this matchup with APP. I'm sure you've accomplished everything in your in your storied career. Correct one hundred percent. I know I asked this question. Mark Henry Mark Henry Does Not WanNa get physical and doesn't want anybody touching them he doesn't WanNa get because at the ended the day. He accomplished everything that he wanted to. I don't think you could say the same for for staying and I bull you know I'm kind of wishy washy when it comes to staying. I think he's a little bit overrated because I don't think he had that that one match that one victory that one smell of success us that somebody with his status should have had and I know that it probably bothersome and not for his sake. And even the undertaker's sake. I think that's a good way to say goodbye. So on a personal level I would wanna see that match but when you look ahead to the future of this company when you look ahead as a main event for Wrestlemainia when you look at the future of a brock laser and let's face it bully probably somebody who Broccoli's there wants to get into the ring when you've said it before there have been people that maybe he wouldn't WanNa get into the ring with or he doesn't have the respect to get into the ring with. I don't think there's any. He's not raising using an eyebrow to somebody like see 'em punk no because listen Paul and Brock the talks that would have let's let's just say brock for some reason was vehemently against the punk. I think in this case Paul would able be able to talk them off the ledge because because of the story and the business when you have a story like that that's built in when you have actual history both in the ring and outside outside of the ring come on just like you said you announce that match right now. wrestlemanias sold out tomorrow and also we talk about staying. Also this is the Matt. Batsiua punk is always wanted to have you know. I talked about that match at Summer Slam with Brock Lists. I was at the beginning of summer slam that year with CNN. PUMPKIN BROCK LISTENER SIHAM CNN. PUNK and the undertaker wasn't the main event at Wrestlemania Twenty Nine C. M. Hunkin Chris Jericho for the wwe championship was in the main event at Wrestlemainia twenty eight cm punk and Brock Leser for the WWe championship at Wrestlemainia. Thirty six would be your main event. Pump talked about on backstage when he first was on backstage renee young he said well you know there's a lot of wounds that need to be healed. That would take time you got four months start. Healing the wounds the fact that he's on backstage and talking about the wwe two or three times so far. That's a toe in the water. You're closer now than you've ever ever been with him to me. The answer's right in front of them whether they go they decide to go down this route or not and there's one person who's probably listening right now or will listen later or we'll get back to them. That will tell you that this is absolutely the number one best idea. And that is Paul Heyman because this is something that Paul Heyman Book Michael. You're hearing catch busted open live live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius. XM APP man. Dan I wonder if I'm alone in this. I want to see Oscar beep Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble. It's not gonna the happened is it. No how can it happen. It can't because obviously people like you and I fully. Oh He's bringing up the fact that Becky you know tab down to Oscar and then you have what happened with Rhonda Wrestlemainia thirty five. which could creep back in over the the next couple months where? Rhonda's showed the was clearly up at the three cow. They wanted to clean the pallet so to speak when it comes to those things after Wrestlemainia thirty six and the story is right there because after Rhonda debuts however they do it whether she's a Pri- a surprise the prize and the rumble or whether she are they doing the women's royal rumble. Have they announced that yet. No nothing then Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte one. Yeah so whether whether Rhonda were to come back as an entrant in the women's royal rumble or whether she would have come back and attack becky not after becky goes over on OSCO swimming. Becky goes on Oscar however she brings her back. I think. Rhonda's Promo is this. You've been sitting here for months once talking about your self doubt when it came to Oscar because Oscar beach you how about the self-doubt knowing knowing you never pinned me and then Rhonda goes to the videotape and freeze frames. It and she goes. Look you've known about this since that night becky becky. You've been living with this lie. Ever since that night ended at Wrestlemania your championship is a low by your run is a lie everything about you holding whether it's one belts or two championships over your head is alive ally. My shoulders were down. I haven't been in the pro wrestling business as long as you have becky but even I know that that your shoulders needs to be pinned down to the mat for three seconds and clearly. If you look at the Titan drawn. My shoulder was not down their story. There's story but here's what I'm afraid of and you just said it bullying. You know what's going to happen at the wrong on Bowl becky's GONNA run right over Oscar to set that match up at Wrestlemania thirty six because I don't think they're going to go with another The triple threat like they did at last year's Wrestlemainia hope. Not Yes. You the right to sue this. You're not married decision. So I you know she's going to run over Oscar and Oscar's the victim victim coming out of this. She was the victim coming out of last year. Think about an victory Oscar tapping out becky lynch and then she was off a TV for are what weeks. She was off TV and she's never really been able to fully recover. I know she's a tag team champion. Let's face it. It's a big difference between being a part of the TAG team in the current state of the wwe and where she was against Charlotte Wrestlemainia. Thirty four New Orleans. When you look at that I'm I'm afraid that Oscar's going to become a victim and fall further down that ladder and there's no reason why she should become a victim? Oscar is too valuable an asset to the WWE's women division to have her. Just be another victim just another victim brother while you steal the my shit on your show. Oscar can get over and Becky can go over. That's all they need becky to do is go over. There's no reason why Oscar cannot look strong in the entire match and imagine if imagine if becky were to go over and then at the end of the match you were to get a handshake and Oscar with a spray. The green mist and Becky's is becky goes down. She's selling her is Oscar. Ska leaves the ring and then with no music Ronda. Rousey slow round the rowzee slides in the ring I went becky turns around and clears the missed out of her eyes. There's Ronda Rousey Z.. To Destroy Becky Lynch sets up your match at Wrestlemainia thirty six and the match that a lot of people want to see in the first place last year like you you said the right decision making a triple threat with Charlotte. But that's the match that People WanNa see and it would turn the corner because you said a lot of people not getting excited about becky like they. They used to. You talked about the crowd just a handful of people standing up when she came out. That would change after that moment with Ron drowsy. Let me ask you this based on some of the reactions that Becky has been getting and once again people. This is not my opinion. This is what I see in here here with my own eyes based on some of the reactions. Becky has been getting Dave. Do you think if Ronda Rousey lays out becky lynch that people will be on Ron decide who I don't think so knowing the fans and the reaction to Rhonda towards the end I you know what with this with this environment with the way fans are. I don't know but I'M GONNA I'M GONNA say they'd be firmly behind Becky Lynch try your enough. You seventy five percent okay. Seventy five percent of the families with Alex brought up earlier is definitely true. But if they tell the truth in this storyline fans you're gonNA be forced to sit up and take notice and to me. It's the only way to go. Because if if Becky feel so strongly about avenging her loss to Oscar. She has to feel strongly about knowing that she'd never truly one remember in rocky three when Mickey told hold rocky all of the guys that Fort were hand picked. Yep they were setups. That's basically what ron can tell. Tell becky not aftertaste setups. But you know damn well. You never beat me. Come on Becky. Let's be honest girl. You know you've watched the match back. You probably watched a match back back a hundred times. We were the main event at Wrestlemania. We made his street together. Forget about Charlotte Becky. She wasn't even in the ring when the finished happen. But look at the finish if you were so upset about Oscar. How could you possibly sleep at night knowing knowing that you never beat me? Becky Lynch you are a fraud. And here's the thing as strongly as I feel like at the rumble. Becky is going to roll over Oscar. That's how strongly I feel that Ronda will be becky at Wrestlemainia. Yeah I think. I think that that's the right thing to do. And you Rhonda Asia Champion and you have to put the chase back on. Yeah Becky is in some weird territory right now. Yeah she's on the cereal boxes and she's on the video game and you know she does a great the job with what she's handed but for some reason. Okay Alex. I'm going to go to you not today. Because you're more of a becky fan. Do you feel like she is resignation resonating as much with the people. Now as six months to a year ago no but I think that's just because storyline wise it kind of it's kind of slowed down a little bit for her. We're now just starting to get back into something really good with her with this Oscar thing I obviously we know what happened with her. And Seth being paired together and then Kinda ever since then. She's just kind of treading water. Her she had that tag match against us. Good and Kyrie scene. That's kind of setting all of this up So yeah I would agree with you. It's not resonating right now but I don't think that means it can't If that makes sense fair enough it is a bit of murky water for her and I think I think the wwe has done a good job now of saying all right. We have to address this situation with Oskar because I think it hurt Becky by them ignoring it because as as much as like you talked about the blind devotion becky fans and how they're like over I love the fact that like that. What seven months ago? kgo eight months ago when we were bringing this up everybody was like come on. It's over with forget about move on and now that they're bringing it back to attention now. Everybody's he's like. Oh good job. Good job now. Becky's GonNa you know use this. You know adversity of that what happened. Hey this is what you and I have been preaching the whole time since it took place at last year's royal rumble. Bully when you ignore it and you pretend like it didn't happen that's going to bring doubt not not forget about becky's mind but the fans minds about whether she could really be this person or not. Now they're using it as a story and they're using it as a match again. I just hope Oscars doesn't fall victim to this whole thing because to me when you talk about the the the best women's wrestlers in the WWe Oscars the top op is in the top. Five top five right now in my opinion and she needs to be there. She doesn't need the fall down any further. And you know what. I don't know how how to make of what we saw last night. That'd be quite honest with you. You Know Oscar comes out. She's loud she obno- she's obnoxious. She goes into the ring and one shot. What was that? A forearm to chest takes her down and she's out cold supposed to be a throat punch karate chop throat punch. Whatever that's not to say I agree with it? But it wasn't a forearm. It was supposed to be a throat punch and I didn't even like the version of Oscar that we got last night. I don't like this great one added that. Yeah Yeah I hate it. Oscars killer and she. And that's the way she would be presented because of you the more you present Oscar as a credible killer. The bigger the wind will be for Becky. I would have loved to have seen Oscar. Just come to the ring. Just do just being normal Oscar right and just looked at becky and said I beat you bank throat punch but what they're trying to do bullies to make you hate Oscar. That's what they're trying trying to do. Look at the way she looks look at the way she works. She does the cool green missed. There's nothing about Oscar that I really hate. They have that made me hate Oscar. What could you do it if becky Lynch has a puppy maybe Oscar could kick the puppy UPI? Maybe I'll hate her then I don't know what is the. WWe done to make me hate her. Why just because she's standing across for Becky Lynch and everybody is supposed the love Becky? Becky already has enough people. Not Loving her. She got a huge fan base but there are some people out there who not quite happy with her. Why do I say this? Because they booed last night when cheat Throat Punch outsca because they love ASCA. They know you talk about the story the of Becky and Becky being wronged and becky being overlooked and what you had to overcome to be in that matchup resume that we'll get Oscar. The last year all ascot did was tap out. Becky Lynch the hottest wrestler in the company and they threw a trash can for a year. So you know the same in story they presented you with. Becky is the same story that ask has been going through the last twelve months. What does it work? What is a shoot Damn Damn right and I'm telling you they presented 'cause you're one hundred percent right? The Oscar. I came out last night. Should've been a coal hearted did killer. That should have been somebody that was walk into the ring. And not saying a damn thing but they're trying to make you hate the way the wwe makes you hate somebody. Somebody is by being annoying. How did it gets you to have? That's what they do and that's what they're doing with us. 'cause she comes out is screaming at the top of her lungs. shriveling on the microphone to the point. You're like turn it off. I don't WanNa hear this. That's what they did with Oscar last night. That was very uncharacteristic of Oscar. What we saw last night and should not be the way to go and build towards their match at the Royal Rumble? For me. It was is a little bit too much. It was too over the top. And if the idea is to get becky over and a venture two losses to Oscar and the very memorable one which is the royal rumble where she tapped out. Did you hear that Becky fans she tapped out. You want the most serious version. Asian of Oscar. You could possibly present. That's how I would do it because the more serious Oscar is the more credible victory will be there. You go mike from Connecticut it says. Can we get this. Can we set the record straight becky. Lynn shoulder was not Becky Lynn. The shoulder was not up at three wrestlemainia thirty five he met Rhonda. Her shoulder wasn't up career WRESTLEMANIA. Thirty five it was up at one down for two and three either way than it wasn't a three cow whether it was up at one or two or three it doesn't matter it wasn't a three count her Her shoulders were down for three cow. Great then there's even more heat on it because the referees should've even started counting now Rhonda can call all the referees into question she could say you're all biased. You just wanted her to be the girl because she was going to be the poster child for the entire company and you count three no matter what whether my shoulders down or not. DISIN- tire company screwed me over. And if it wasn't for me Ronda Rousey no woman would be in the main event event at Wrestlemainia. There's your heat kids. I just wrote it for you. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius X._M.. By Nation Channel One fifty six the busted open podcast.

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