AP One Minute Headlines Apr 05 2019 16:00 (EDT)


The sixty-seven family old experts electrical stores nationwide for this launch. We arts cutting ribbons Dyson new eleven takes cord free vacuums to another level twice a section at the cleaning head power optimization to deep clean any surface cut. The cord ask your local expert about the Dyson v eleven or visit experts dot ORG today. Trump at the border. I'm Ed Donahue with the AP news minute in California today. President Trump says the administration is making progress in building a border wall and says he expects close to four hundred miles to be completed within the next two years. The president also talked about his threat last week to close the border with Mexico. Sudden. Mexico's doing terrifically they have to because you've all seen and I don't want to do this. But it would be very profitable situation. We're going to have to tear up the cars coming in from Mexico to the United States president said he wouldn't act for a year. If he impose tariffs in New York City woman who pushed a commuter to her death in front of a subway train has been sentenced to twenty years to life behind bars. A Representative for Mick Jagger's says he successfully undergone treatment. In a tweet Jagger thanking supporters in the hospital that treated him. The Rolling Stones announced their postponing their latest tour so Jagger could be treated the Dow gained forty points. I'm Ed Donahue, effector that seems casual is claiming tens of thousands of LGBT lives every year tobacco. Yes. Smoking cigarettes can damage nearly every part of our bodies. So we choose to keep this life free from tobacco this free like freedom to be tobacco free.

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