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What's up everybody? Thanks for joining us today. My Name's candace Watson. I want to wish you a very merry draft this the day after Christmas was this posting most likely and we are doing a little Bonus mock draft. As we've been doing the last you know couple of weeks you know sneaking a little draft contents in there getting you ready For the draft season. I hear here to help me talk about all. This is my hi dear pal. Find Him on twitter at barley hop not cray or not Matt crepe style. Hello my friend. We are doing a draft show without Matthew Lane. This is late. I'm sure I fully expecting that when this goes up. We're GONNA look and it's going to be three times as long long because Maddie's going to somehow find a way to get it from Pete and then record his companion piece which is two times longer than this I i. I'm curious to see. Liv matty goes on periscope to do a response to this entire process just this entire this entire exercise that we're about to do we're going to do a mock draft. Basically we do this thing. We do mock draft roulette because we wanNA give you guys fresh content. We WanNa give you guys ideas of how the board would position in our minds and in in pockets. You know that cheese could attack and we don't want to just be stuck in the same kind of mold because we could mock draft achieve our cornerback to the chiefs every single week and we'd feel very good about it but that's no fun so we kind of put it up to chance and we give a randomize her five positions That we think the chiefs are going to draft. Make randomize them and then we have to draft those players in that order and we'll get to that order in a second but I do want to answer a couple of questions. We got a a question when we're doing our our mailbag earlier in the week but it was draft specific thought the answer here bt. And Casey asks who are small school draft crushes so far. No one can take the same person as we've given you guys a couple of Akim. Davis gaither is one of them kindle. Ville doors one of them. But my God this week is from a division three school from Lenore Ryan University in Hickory North Carolina. His name is Kyle Duggar. He plays safety there. He is going to senior bowl. That's part of the reason why we have is on him already. He is fun to watch a senior director. Jim Nagy has this quote. That a lot of Scott's us this quote but when you're going to a division three school you shouldn't have to know what number the player you're going scout is and you don't have to know cow Doug's number. He just shows up. He is all over the place he moves what purpose. He's got strong ball skills. He really attacks catch point. well as a safety he closes downhill really well on hit super hard can cover running backs and tight ends ends. He dominated lesser competition. The problem is he may not have single high range. Use Him in a lot of split safety looks so I do think that he's he's doing this against guys that aren't necessarily great athletes or top level athletes so there has been talks. He's he's a six one to fifteen guy. There had been talks that NFL teams might look at him as a will linebacker kind of a dime linebacker often. And Oh my goodness I see it so much. This dude plays so physical. He flows to the ball so well and he he would be able to cover everything that you could ask of him in coverage he takes good angles like I'm very excited to see Kyle Duggar. I'm very excited to see if they give him a couple will reps at the senior bowl because there will be teams asking about it so I think we might get to see some of that. I am interested in picking him up maybe as a later round guide not necessarily to play safety but to be that dime linebacker role and be able to play a will for me. It's a guy that Matt he's GonNa be very disappointed. I'm talking about and it's Jeremy Chin Safety from Southern Illinois. So it's another safety. This guy probably profiles more as is a safety net than maybe doug as a will potentially but This dude he kind of falls falls under the same kind of category. You know that that Nagy was talking about you. You know who this guy is when you watch him play you can tell. He's just a step above the talent out there. Six three. He's two hundred fifteen pounds. He's a really really good athlete. He has some big splash. Plays some big hits in the secondary. He's a guy that I think ADDS a lot of flexibility this football team. You can play him in the box a little bit. You can play him in a two. I structure He's got some rain. He's got some ball skills. I'm really curious because he's another guy that's that's going to be at the senior bowl. I want to see a couple of things I want to see him in man coverage That's definitely something. I kind of want to get an idea just to see what his what his ability is is there and I just WanNa see how he holds up to the speed of the game. Because it's GonNa be a little bit different and I think that's the case with everybody. But he's an athletic profile easy really strong Out Athletic Profile. and He's a lot of fun he's he's one of those just fun prospects I mean there's there's there's those guys every year I mean listen you don't. You Bake a highlight tape of Jeremy Jeremy Chin. You're going to be giddy like you're just going to be getting watching him play football. He has so many splash. Plays as crazy. It is it's ridiculous We had another question This was a Five Star Review Question. If you liked the show feel free to to give us a five star review That's all we ask for for Christmas. This year Rostrum Casey. I appreciate your guys work in will always find the podcast inciteful. My question is what do you think of. Our biggest draft need is regarding position. Would you go with offensive line linebacker defensive back or best available out of those positions also. What's the latest latest round? You think we could Dr- grab a top five running back. He Lists Hubbard at Dobbins Taylor Swift Taylor Swift. That's a that's an and the accident connection there Is there a chance. One of those guys slips today three. I'm GonNa answer that. I know there's not a chance any of those guys slip today. Three unless there's an injury may be Chuba. Hubbard is the one that might have a chance to slip out. I would just just so you know our mock draft. You're GONNA like our mock draft because it's a scenario are you. That involves a first round running back. We're going to have a long debate about that but Craig why. Don't you answer the first question. Would you go with offensive Lineman linebacker defensive back or best player available out of all those positions. I think if all things are equal there. If you're getting a uniform player you know kind of the best at their position there. I'm going linebacker backer. Because this defensive bet group is very deep and this linebacker group while it's better than last year I think as a whole is still not not particularly strong. linebackers are becoming more and more coveted as players. You're seeing the top end. linebackers getting paid seventeen eighteen nineteen gene twenty million dollars a year. 'cause teams are figuring out. These guys are super important. Guys that can stay on the field all three downs do all this coverage ability. So they're paying them more than top-flight cornerbacks. I think that teams are just going to continue to snap up linebackers as early as possible because you just need those athletic guys to kind of be as flexible as multiple as you want to be so. I'm going to take a linebacker in that situation and Tryin Ryan address. cornerback a little bit later. Just because you're not going to be able to find a guy in free agency that has that kind of impact. Obviously we're GONNA see how free agency goes for this football team. I do think that there's a little bit of flexibility with this group. Just because I think cornerback has to be taken in the I sixty picks for this they have to they have to. They have to draft a cornerback. Early but like Craig said. There's so much Flexibility there with the cornerback position. Because I think you're going to be able to get a very quality player that world going to be happy about at the cornerback position. We're going to have all the time in the world to unpack all those guys. But that gives you a little flexibility for linebacker. Or maybe an offensive lineman. If there's a guy that they really love like you can talk me into a center you can talk me into an interior offensive linemen linemen. I think they have a little bit flexibility there to kind of navigate that situation. We'll see how how the how the free agency class goes to okay. So here's our mock draft roulette. We drew a hand. That me Craig and Matt All do not like. But that's okay because you need to protect yourself and you have these conversations. It's very good exercise. We drew running back in the first round of this draft. True let here's the order running back interior offensive lineman cornerback linebacker wide receiver. That is your five round draft raft order. WE'RE GONNA pick five players in that constraint in the first pick for the Kansas City chiefs at running back at pick twenty six at currently travis at the running back from Clemson in this scenario. Kind of run through some exercises. You could have said Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin. He's got la of of where on those tires. He's been been run through. Run into the ground Wisconsin. You could say De'andre swift and I think you know I think deandre stripped swift was a good candidate in this scenario but for us I think Travis. At and he's a guy that hasn't had a lot of doesn't have a lot of tread taking office tires. He's a big duty fits that explosive physical athletic profile that that she's Houston typically liked at the running back position and the thing that really kinda talking convinced me when we were going through this exercise with Mattias his pass catching production has improved in. That's something that's very important for him. Because there was a quote this off season that Travis and he said he was terrified to catch the football. Not Not something you want in a modern. NFL running back like just just not. But he's thirty passes this year savage lou over ten yards per catch. I like I. I liked that about him. He's a young guy limited reps in the last couple of years and I think he makes a Lotta Sense. Craig everything on that. You liked to say no you hit did it. He's explosive. He's big I think he would add another dimension to this chiefs offense that we haven't seen for a little bit and I do like that. He catches the the ball and he looks comfortable. Catching the ball this year. The comment that he made. Yeah he had caught the ball a little bit and I thought at the time it was like well all right you know a he looks he looks a lot more comfortable. Running routes coming out of the backfield being able to do things within that Clinton offense obviously Trevor Lawrence makes look very good as well but I do think that he is more than capable of being a three down back so if you had to get in the a situation where you took a running back early. I think that he's kind of that. Sweet spot in that right guy and a couple of comments on the running back situation. I think it makes it makes. It makes it a challenge. I think when you're trying to improve some areas of concern for this football team when this offense. I don't know how much how much running back is going to change the outlook offensively of this football team. I think that's the big struggle is. Because how much is this offense improving with a good running game when you're offensive line isn't great. I mean why are you putting a premium asset but in a running back when You know when there's other issues to deal with it honestly if you have a good offense line you can get away with not good running backs to they'll spend but like you don't WanNa limit the explosive playability these offense. I don't know how much it's changing the outlook of this team. If you just add a running back into the mix of a high quality obviously it's going to help but does it change it. Make it a generational offense. No I don't think that's what would make it a generational offense I think if you had another explosive wide receiver that would be massive yes or an interior offensive linemen that was particularly dominant because trevor set in is having to dodge guys in the backfield much like we. We saw against the bears this past weekend. Where Spencer ware and Damian Wills Williams were having to avoid guys immediately in their laps if you have a guy that can block a little bit better open up some gaps a little bit better? I think an average running back with a good offensive line is better than then a good running back with an average offensive line and then on top of that. You're protecting mahomes better. And he's able to stay in the pocket a little bit better. Honestly I I would take an interior offense of Lyman fifteen out of ten times over running back in this situation but this is the hand we were dealt so travis at the he ended is all right at fifty eight and around two. We were forced to draft interior offensive linemen and we got a little bit creative here. It's a guy that may or may not stick may not mean or may or may not be an interior offensive linemen when it's all said and done it's MCI Becton. He is a a massive offensive Lineman from Louisville. He turns twenty one just a couple days before the NFL draft this year. Six seven seven. Six eight three seventy three eighty. The guy is huge. Any moves really well for his size. I think that's the thing that you're drawn to. He's he's kind of a raw prospect. I think if he was going to hold up at tackle it take a little bit development. But he's got some inside outside flexibility potential because I think he he could come in and really. I think he could be a really good guard. I think he would be one of the guards. I'd be most excited about if I'm being honest because he's such a young guy he's got a lot to learn he's got a lot to work through but athletic profile. His physical profile is massive in its athletic. And that's definitely something I'm wanting to work with defined this football team. Yeah and he won the the Jacobs Blocking Trophy the ACC gives out to its best offensive lyman every year. That's what he won this year and four. I thought this was like a nick. Jacobs Buddy Nick or Buddy Dick was you know just kind of watching some tape and he decided nope. It's my blocking trophy. Here's a new award. I have just created MCI Becker. No okay he was the best guy and so he skipped his senior year to go on. I mean he's still had eligibility left so he's obviously getting some early buzz. I know that a lot of people probably haven't heard his name before but the fact that he's skipping and the fact that he's won these awards and he's got this kind of athletic profile probably going going a little bit earlier than we. All think coaches are going to want to put their hands on them get their hands on him and I don't blame them because I I'm I'm very interested in him Just just he's got a lot of things that I like easy young guys lot lot of room to develop big athletic. I mean I think they can develop this guy. Okay finally got to draft a cornerback in round three and this is it. This is a great exercise for us to go through. Because we've got got explore all these options because we could very easily naturally just pick cornerback every single time Craig. Who are we taking? We are taking Oklahoma state. CORNERBACK cornerback A.. J. Green not that. Aj Green the other AJ Green. He six warning green to. Yes sure. Let's get them both. That's fine Cincinnati's addy's not using them so we can just take him as well. He is very long he I mean he's he listed at six one but I think he's GonNa be one of those really long armed cornerbacks like they they measure him. He's very twitchy for an athlete. Very quick feet. And he's got long speed to carry guys and he really leverages his length. Well he squeezes the boundary soup or well on the outside side. They're Kinda bench. Press guys out to the outside. I will say that he is his footwork. Needs some work I said he had quick. Creeper footwork does need some work and he is very grabby. Wants to be very physical but I the funny part with him is when when you watch him. He's very aggressive. When coming downhill he'll throw himself downhill and then we'll make a very weak tackle attempt so he does all the work up to it? It just doesn't doesn't finish it. I think that's a coaching thing. I think they can get it out of him because he is a very physical player in the back in and he does like to come up and you know he still takes. It's the hit from the running back. It just doesn't necessarily wrap up so I think he's he's more of a project guy. But he's got the size speed length combination that SPEC Agnello Kinda covets out of his cornerbacks. I'd be very interested in him at this point. Because you're not going to find a lot of these traits this late and and it's very realistic for a guy like ag agreeing to be available there at ninety because of how deep this classes I mean it. It's ridiculous it's an embarrassment of riches which is at the cornerback position. I would not hate to see this team be creative agent one or two of them yeah. He's he's more like adjusting lane or or something like that. A Guy. That's a little bit more project. Only he's an actual cornerback already. He's got the skill set as a cornerback. Already but a lot of those guys in last year's draft class that we talked about that you take and you WanNa mold and kind of convert and help them along. He's ahead of those guys already as a cornerback. And he's got those traits. Okay linebacker position. Finally Craig who the chiefs taking it. Pick one twenty two in the fourth round at linebacker. Well there weren't a whole lot of guys available I didn't have any will linebackers. That really liked so. I wanted to add. Add to the Mike linebacker depth. We don't really have it Evan. Weaver out of California is going to be my guy six three. He's listed at two forty. I five right now. But reports are that he's playing closer to to thirty five this year he heard. NFL Scouts last year slimmed down a little bit to get a little quicker and it does show up about watch some tape last year. Watch them tape this year. He looks a little bit faster a little bit more explosive but my man is everywhere he hits. It's like a damn truck he he is a sneaky good block slipper he stacks and sheds. Well he just doesn't have particularly great rate long speed like that's not his game and he's not particularly good in transition either. I wouldn't expect him to be a great coverage linebacker acker by any means but he is a tackle collector. He's he's Kinda everywhere for this team all the time this year he has ninety five five tackles on this one hundred. Seventy three ninety five solo hundred. Seventy three tackles on the season hundred fifty nine last year so he he's just everywhere. He makes a lot of plays so I. I wouldn't mind adding him to play. Mike Backup Anthony Hitchens at this point in the draft. Yeah this is the guy that Craig's a pretty big fan of to this point. I think he's Kinda surprised is because we kind of you know. I think the athletic profile. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA find out over the process. I think that's one of the important things with him as you just got to see what his ethnic profile really looks like. You'll be able to find out with things like the the combine in pro days and all that stuff. It's just it's it's something curious he's done all this work to rework his body. Let's see what happens. There is one caveat here of those one hundred and seventy three tackles only ten of them were for loss so it's not like he's he's getting into the backfield making aching tons of plays and you know doing all that but he does make a lot of tackles. Here's around the ball at all times but I'll speak for matty here. He he wears a tight end number. He wears eighty nine and reportedly is wearing eighty nine at the senior bowl. Maddie Maddie hates that already. I know he's like a big big red flag for him. Yeah not making many. Plays behind the line of scrimmage. That is a trait cheese typically coveted linebacker. That's that's true. I know he might be right over the speed to. We'll see how he might. He might fit in just perfectly okay at one fifty eighty four. We're going with the receiver was who we had to draft and we're going with a receiver out of Baylor it's Denzel mims. He's a big dude. He's six three might be a little bit more than six. Three real big dude is not a guy. That's you know. Oh creating a ton of separation. I mean that's just kind of typically with you know what you get with with a lot of these receivers like that's just just a reality. The that these big receivers struggle to separate. But he's six three. He's two hundred fifteen pounds and he does some really good things at the catch point in fact he's very good at the catch point. He's pretty athletic athletic too. So there's some things to build off. There's some things that you really like and I think what you what you hope for is the chiefs are going to have a chance most likely to draft a guy on day three at the wide receiver spot. That is probably pretty good value. You know I don't WanNa he's not. I don't WanNa quit him to Jalen hurt hurt because they're different players but Jalen Hurd was a big strong athletic player. That could run the ball a little bit little bit ability after the catch which kind of a hybrid flex could you know tied in h back running back wide receiver kind of profile. I'm not trying to call him that exactly but Jalen Hurd win the second round because they were really intrigued by the athletic profile. They thought they could do a lot of things with him. In San Francisco Denzil. I don't WanNa say it's a completely like that but what I when I'm trying to say is I think lie. These really strong athletic big profile types. That maybe don't create a ton of separation but have some really strong ability at the catch point. I think those guys are GonNa fall all through the cracks this year because of the nature of this group because of the nature of the strong receiver class. I think some of these guys might fall by the wayside. debs would be a really fun ad in day three this of this draft. Oh absolutely I've heard the player comp for Dinsdale mims of Kinney Golladay over the big guy strong the catch point has is not a slow athlete. He's he's a good athlete but he doesn't necessarily early. Have the route running finesse yet as a player. I've heard that comparison. I've only watched a couple of INS L. mims games throughout this time period period. Here I do think that he he's going to be a true ex and the chiefs if they move on from Sammy. Watkins are going to need a true. You ask they don't really have that guy on the roster you could do worse with that big body winning at the catch point and you know kind of ability to develop amid round a guy. He's got the traits that you want out of that position that Andy Reid would really covet out of that position. Well that is a little mock eth- mock draft the exercise. We were randomly drawing the positions. We take we had to go running back into your offensive line quarterback linebacker in receiver in that order again the recap Travis itchy and the running back from Clemson in round one. MCI Becton the in the offensive Lineman Massive Offensive Lineman from Louisville in round to. Aj Green the cornerback from Oklahoma state round. Three linebacker Evan Weaver from California around four and Denzel mims wide receiver from Baylor in round five. Thank you guys are listening to this. Hopefully you guys have AAC rates time with your family. If you get some time off we will catch catch you later.

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