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As Thomas Rhett. Mason Ireland ESPN LA Momo's here. Lot of labar slash Lonzo slash big baller. News today as Alan foster, a close, and in once trusted member of the big baller brand has essentially allegedly stolen one point five million dollars that nobody can account for and joining us right now as Moore ISSA Mitchell who started as lavar ball's publicist, and now has written a brand new book about her experience Mercer. Thanks very much for coming on. How are you? Great. Thank you for having me on. Absolutely. So tell us how you I wound up working for lavar. Well, he trained me when I was younger. I was a aspiring basketball player and grew up dumb street from him. So we actually were neighbors and grew up together along with the family, and I reach out to him when his son kind of a Sunded to stardom having kept in contact with him, my father and is throughout the years. Our families having kept close contact together. And so I asked him if he wanted a book written about him, and he he was very excited. So what started out as a as an authorized biography later on became an unauthorized by okay? Unauthorized. What was your experience like working for lavar? Well, what initially was a writing job turned into a publicist job in kind of a catchall. I became their website creator the person who trademarks I big baller brand along with various other things and just worked directly under Allen doing basically, whatever he wanted me to do under the the verbal comment which having known lavar and his family for years over a decade. I took him at his word, which I knew Cam with the risk that I would be paid later on. And I never was. So I kind of just was left with this entire written book as well as many months of full time work for him done. And and kinda just kinda fumbling about not knowing. Knowing what to do so Mursal. One of the things that I thought was interesting about your book and just how you described the beginnings of the company and how it started. You actually created the website. Like there wasn't like a big t- signer or business operation like how did you actually create the big baller brand website that then started selling the shoes and merchandise? Well, Ellen just hold me. You know, I mean, I had had very minimal experience at that time. I mean minimum. Meaning I've literally just worked with legally. So he he told me it's not a big thing. You're an intelligent woman figure it out. And that's what I did. I learned how to put together website on my own and build a shop by site and on my own countless call to shop aside as their e commerce site for their shoes. And I figured it out. And that it was just that was just how it was. You know, like, we're we're building from the ground up in your part of our family, and and you're gonna come with a near going gonna go with us. And and I I took them for for that. And I believe everything and and Allen was really director of of all of the of the brand. So I did whatever he said, including Cresa website. We ever paid for anything. You did for the ball family. Time and Sakai with I had incurred costs through the website and getting domains and better. So how did they describe to you like when you would be paid or how this was going to work? You know, my my mom being attorney. She's like, well, we know we've known lavar fears that you really shouldn't not signed a contract. So I I really I really knew that I taking risk here and met the I own this. But, but he pulled me him an Allen full me that, you know, just just take out a word, you're part of this family. You are a part of the family. We we we will stand by you, no matter what. And we will. We will pay you in retro active pay for all of the time that you've full-time all the time that you spend not just for your publicist work. But also for writing the book. Bruce Mitchell is with us. She is written. We Ballin what I learned from lavar ball and the basketball business and bravado. The book is available and out there right now. So Meriva, by the way, you're listening to Caspian Los Angeles, Melissa tell me about the relationship and the timing that took place when Tina lavar wife had her stroke, and the way Alan would have gotten involved at that point. We really filled avoid when it came to what happens with Tina. And and I don't mean that in a positive way. I mean, I don't think anything would have transpired the way that it had had peanut not undergone what she she underwent. She he was a pivotal part and still is, but she's a little part of of that foundation of the ball family, and and when not not pillar was compromised, Allan moved in. And and and basically. I don't wanna see took power. I mean, I mean, but, but that's kind of almost what what it seemed like in in my book, lavar is neither good nor bad. If if there's any antagonist any anyone who who who's really in on the negative aspect of it is Alan he he as soon as Tina kind of Hake takes her false. He comes in. And he he takes over. When you were working for Alan. Did you have a sense that something just wasn't right? I mean, you didn't. I I'm guessing you weren't aware that he had served seven years in prison for mail fraud and money laundering. Of that, definitely. And I described in my book, like, even you know, he gave my dad that he sees the first time he met him. And and gave me he would not in. But how do you how do you pinpoint quality? And and they this is what I don't like about a person when someone that you trust as as a family member, you know, just just completely and utterly trust. Not you know, maybe. And I talk about this on the book. Maybe it's me. That's what I thought. I'm like, maybe I'm judging the person because if lavar puts his trust in person, and I trust lavar wholeheartedly than I'm be the one that's not understanding him. You know? But, but of course, they're always moments. And I talk about that on the book where I just really questioned like, and I always there's these red flags, and I just always ignore them. I know them, lavar. Would you say he's a victim of Allen foster? I think the last thing of would like to be labeled at victims weird weird even saying it but did did Alan foster play them. I think that there are it wasn't unfortunate set of circumstances that lavar himself terms of devastating for a reason. And and then yes, an offense. I do I do think I do think that. Yes. Mersa what when they were asking you to create the website and just figure it out. What background? Did you have like did you say, I don't really know how to do this? I know you went to UCLA. Right. So you have a college degree. But did you have any background in technology and business design, especially for something that was going to be a revolutionary thing in the in the shoe industry? No, I I was really forthright within two I told them, look, I'm very I'm less than an amateur in this department. You know, I have everything to learn almost nothing to give you other than, you know, my my time, I think you my time, and you know, my willingness and they said Allen, you know, said we'll take it. You know, whatever you can do we will take. And that's what I did. And I had I had to I haven't degree in English literature. You know, I don't know. I don't know, you know, a lot about technology to begin with didn't even know much about, you know, Instagram at the time. So I mean or Twitter or anything, you know. So so, yeah, I very forthright with them. I had no experience. You said you knew lavar because you were neighbors lived up the street at some point. How did lavar change from? Who he was when you first met him to who he became. You know, I part of the book is about. What happens to a person it kind of in this society? When when everything is is that happens to a person that happens to lavar happens to them, and and lavar he was just a straight shooter clear glass, just did everything he said, and I think that the the water simply muddy the little, and I don't think that that's necessarily all his faults. I think that losing a loved one to a serious illness. And and and you know, just and and the power and the money and everything it it may have an did change. And as it would most people I I saw a shift in him. And it was always around, Allen's it was always around this idea of of the bigness of it all of the greatness of it all of getting bigger and bigger and less about. Out, you know, just simply getting on the NBA because when I was growing up it was all about getting on the NBA became a little less transparent, a little less just just 'cause all our our nothing. Just it just became just unclear what what he wanted. I I don't know. I don't know if he's he wants now, you know, I used to know who he was and what he wanted. Now. I just don't know the book is called Rebollo, and what I learned from lavar ball in basketball business, bravado, Mercer Mitchell. Thank you very much for coming on. We appreciate it a lot. Thank you so much for having me. There you have that story. I yeah, I'm surprised. I was actually asking the question. Do you think lavar was victim of this Alan foster guy? But it sounds like he did it play. Okay. If you wanna go with that wrong with it. I mean, if he did not know this guy was you know, had had previous charges that he went to prison mail fraud. I mean, it sounds like this guy was a bit of a snake getting into this family and sort of ingratiating himself filling a void as she said. After lavar wife, and lonzo's mom Tina had the stroke and then allegedly stealing one point five million dollars from the company. I want to do something a little bit different here. So there's a bunch of stuff today about Jason Kidd, and whether he might be the next head coach of the Lakers. So it starts with a tweet from whoa JR. From ESPN kid will be among the serious candidates for the Lakers coaching job. If Luke Walton is dismissed league sources, tell ESPN that's expected to give give kids some pause on pursuing the cow opening. There was some backup on this. Marc spears kind of chimed in and said that was what he was hearing as well. Brian Windhorst said that in two thousand nine LeBron one of the Cavs to trade for Jason Kidd because of a fast friendship and on court bond, they formed in two thousand eight so it makes sense. The James would wanna work with someone who he considers appear in basketball intellect. Does that make sense to you Ramona Shelburne? I could see him get an interview. I could see there be discussions. But I think it's far more likely that if Luke Walton ends up being fired that he's not the coach going forward that Jason Jason is not going to get the job. Yeah. It's far more likely that he doesn't. Okay. But I can see him getting. I think the Lakers if they choose to move on from Luke Walton, which I guess, we'll know and if you weeks, right, right? That you know, that's a name that has voting out. And we'll Santa as well. I will just say this. I mean, I think we all know what's going to happen with Luke. I think we all know I mean, and he's he's a great guy. Love the guy. He was dealt. I think you and I had the conversation. He was dealt a terrible hand this year, by the way, you know, when we had that conversation. We said Luke was Dell to seven off suit at starts talking about poker. And now we're working on a poker tournament for June poker invitation was coming up in June. But it all started right there. Why June 'cause like I really free up in July well at because the NBA final because for us. We don't have the playoffs. We don't have the Lakers in the playoffs. I get it. So we got a bunch of stuff coming up. Like, we got our opening day party Thursday, clermont's galleon San Gabriel. We've got Ireland playing head to head with Travis. Rodgers golf on the opening day of the masters. We've got my movie screening with vendors game on April the twenty fifth. We've got some we've got the poker tournament. We're working on on a bunch of stuff simultaneously to make up for the fact that we don't have anything positive to say in terms of the Lakers. You know, I was thinking about this Mace last year at this time was kind of similar what's the record this year versus last year at this time thirty well this year, they're thirty one and thirty six and last year, they won thirty five thirty five games last. So how many more games there in the season years this pop quiz? No. But do the question is will they went as many or more or low? Yeah. Last year. Yeah. That's a good question question. Right. Let's talk about that next. Mason Ireland Momo's in for Johnny SPN LA. ESPN LA. What are you guys doing? Don't forget Thursday. Clermont's galley and San Gabriel. Opening day with Mason Ireland. That's this coming Thursday eleven am to three pm. We'll be live watching dodgers opening day with you. They do have spectrum there. See if you don't have spectrum at your house. He can watch the game with us or if you don't wanna pay open ticket prices again, you can watch with us. We're giving away all kinds of stuff including tickets to my next movie night, which is avengers game on April, the twenty fifth Mason in Ireland t shirts, all kinds of other stuff. Join us March twenty eighth that's this Thursday at clear men's galley in San Gabriel moments. Are you making the trip you come into Clemence galley? What day is it Thursday? Come on. Do it do it. That's really far from me. Do it. You know, call and good you. It's kind of far for me if it was like down the street or something, by the way, the dodgers rotation. At least for the start of the season is officially set the official home of real dodger Todd in John ru opening day. Ross stripling Kenta Maeda Walker. Buehler. Who is thrown a five inning sim game. I think it's today in Anaheim Clayton Kershaw by the way throwing a two inning sim game today in Anaheim. And then Julio Arrhenius will be the fifth starter Kershaw is nursing himself back to health working his way back. He's as I mentioned sim game today and Walker bueller. Sim games. Walker? Bueller will be ready to start game. Four Richhill starts the year on the injured list with a left knee, medial, collateral strain. He'll probably miss a few weeks. Thankfully, the dodgers. Are they've got a lot of starting pitching a lot. Starting pitching. Yeah. That's kind of how they've played it down whole time depth away. Look, I'm not a, you know, I'm not saying I am a great fantasy baseball general manager. Right. I did cut a call him. My uncle for some help last year. And he was going to say your okel won the league. Let me let me we did it. Let me explain this. So that people can understand Ramona is in my fantasy baseball league started in nineteen eighty eight. Is that crazy? That's amazing. It's and it's they're still like five players from nineteen Eighty-eight Ramona. When did you first get into the fantasy baseball league, I want to say three or four years ago three or four years, and you were awful. No, I finished like I finished third once before on my own did you? Yeah. Really? Yeah. I really did. I remember you being awful. I think you are out of it. I think I was awful one time because I drafted like over the phone as I was going to a playoff game because. Is your league has the draft. So late it's into the playoffs that I couldn't destroy person. And so like I had a draft of the phone when I missed the first two hours because I was flying Denver and. Yeah. Oh, so you're saying that's the only time where you you were the one time I was and also I was really busy that year doing something like traveling in the playoffs, and I did not make enough moves early ringer Oncle because his name, Phil. Because Phil because the draft again was in the middle of the first round of the playoffs because all of your buddies. Can't you're doing even the phone. I see I was covering the Phil drafting your team. Yes, we claim. No. But then I on the league. But I did all of the a lot of the managing during the year. We were a team. That's what a team is is. I can't be there in person because your buddies couldn't get their act together to get in the same place to do the draft. So you before like two weeks of the season started be a Kohner of a team. I know I just can I understand. We have a new co ownership. Situation coming in their heard and OJ Jackson junior. Who by the way, drafted a great team. The holy moly night. Yeah. And she's going to be a ringer in this league. So Molly, I talked to about this. I you know, how this happened. I said, you know, everybody wants you to play in this league. Because you know, I'm kind of busy. I've never done this before. But I'll you know. I I don't know if I wanna draft or pay all the money to be in this league, if I'm not really sure what I'm doing. But I'll consult okay. It's kind of like how I consulted on a basketball league once team won like okay because you're a ringer, Molly. Because you know, the way I base it OJ's probably gonna do the a bulk of the drafting because he was good. He was good. And then knowledge going to be an excellent, man. That's right. That's probably how it's gonna that's kind of what happened with me. And my uncle we were literally on the phone every single night the last six weeks of the season making moves and strategizing moves while I was like super pregnant like I was like eight or nine months pregnant at that point. And I was like hoping I didn't give birth before the last night of the regular season. We had to decide if we're going to pick up another holds guy, right like, Daniel waited. So that I could win the league very did very nice house baby baby. Almost six months. And you were forcing the kid to stand. I saw on. I'm like lavar ball leaning on like go, Katie. Or shouldn't. We got we got to learn how to stand what we can walk hall kid. I'm holding onto the to the table can hold himself. So he can stand himself well with by holding onto the table. Well, that's I standing that's really good. I mean, if I moved his arms right handed left handed. I can't tell yet. I think lefty because he always bites his left hand is that right Cam hoping left-handed pitcher stardom starting put a put a baseball on his hand. I'm trying I told you I was going to get that kid to walk at six months close. All right. So anyway, the whole reason I brought that up the depth of the pitching rotation. That's what you have to do. It's not about having like two or three stars. It's about having depth brushing death because shirt you understand what this. Changing right? Changing subjects. I went to see a movie on Friday. Which movie us? Oh. It terrified me. I I honestly I texted a couple of people afterwards and said, I was terrified if terrified it traumatize me. I really do think it traumatize me. It is so good. It is so scary. It is so creepy and by the way, it's also about something. I don't wanna I don't wanna say. Yeah. Too much because a lot of it mean, it did seventy million over the weekend, and and performed an unbelievably through the roof a lot of people haven't seen it. So I don't wanna spoil it for for you. But ultimately, it's going to be a great thing to talk about. It's like people with scissors, and yeah, you're d'appel ganger. And what you what you do when you meet your d'appel ganger. Oh, it's crazy. I'm a little scared. Mess with me. It's going to mess with you. But in a good way. Okay. I don't know if I'm ready to be messed with busy. I was from ties by this. So do you do that to you not your birthday movie? It was it was not my birthday do that. Because you know, I'm doing the new podcast oh with sue clinched gaffe. And so that's going to be one of the first things we do is talk about the movie us and the very first podcast. It's called culture pop will drop tonight. Very first one cool. Yeah. It's going. I'm excited about that. Yeah. Soom or than me. I like everyone like where would she be on your co host ranking? Oh, that's a tough tough question now. Well, she'd be pretty high. Yeah. She'd be pretty not as famous O'Shea or Freddie, you'd think I'm just hunting wjm. I'm not hunting fame. I think you're drawn to it. Like a moth rule light really think. So that's not me. I remained unimpressed. Well, I think your rankings demonstrate that will you're you're famous and you're not even in my ranks. So if I was looking for pure fame, I would put Ramona near the top near. Near those hedges. Exactly. All right. Rob gronkowski has retired for him. But maybe he's not officially done says agent. We'll get that coming up for you next. Mason in Ireland ESPN LA. Hey, what's going on Momo's in for John, by the way, mythical money bets over the money with three for four? I lost on liberty versus Mississippi State under the one thirty two but under the one thirty nine five Ohio State, Iowa State was Oregon plus two over Wisconsin was the winner. Buffalo, minus five and a half overs state was a winner. So I was up five mythical k I I mean, I would like to start gambling for real. I think you're kinda good. I've played poker with you. I think you're kinda got I would like to officially start gambling only problem with being somebody known as a good gambler or predictor or something that when you give advice on things. Yup. And then people take your advice, they blame you. It doesn't. Work out. Right, right. They get upset you. 'cause I way with you on that do pick, and you cost me fifty thousand dollars. And you're like, I didn't tell you to put fifty thousand tone, anybody to do anything honest with you. You know, what's a dime in betting ten something? Ten ten dollars. Yeah. So we came across I won't say his name an actor k when we were doing on Fox Sports. And he said I dropped a lost a dime on a game. I immediately thought holy hell. You're betting ten thousand a game which the largest Michael Pearson's in for Greg. Greg check, Michael what's the largest bet you've ever made. I'm so cheap. Dude. I would say probably one hundred hundred bucks, mama. Include stuff on the poker table. Oh, okay. What's the most? You've ever had a poker tournament real money in real money. Okay. Is this when I started with or when I built up to build up to okay? Couple thousand. Yeah. I've been in the thousands of Fokker, but not until I was up 'cause I played at tournament where if one it would have been like six or seven grand, right? But I if finished, and I I won like twelve hundred or something. Yeah. I wanna tell you a story. It was like the buying was for you know, it's kinda here. This is what I consider to be just crazy. So Duke was a heavy favorite. Yep. Against UCF university of central Florida yesterday. The game went absolutely down to the wire. And the ultimately there was one guy who made an enormous bet on the money line. Enormous bet on the money line. In fact, he bet fifty thousand dollars my gosh on Duke. And it was a straight up money line bet. So you know, what that means? It means that he to win forty five hundred and forty five dollars. He bet fifty thousand on the money line. So think about that I'm gonna put fifty thousand Duke to win the game while the money line is minus eleven hundred any only one forty five hundred dollars. Now, what is that terrible? That is the pointers point. That's like the worst gambler ever fifty thousand dollars is a terrible terrible bet to win forty five hundred. There's no stakes there the guy, and I have a lot of money, and it's just sport. Yeah. That's what that is. That's what that is that if you have fifty thousand dollars to waste on a bet like that to win less than fat literally has that means you probably have like fifty million dollars to bed in your pocket. Probably vol money. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I hope it somebody like that or flame weather because other. Yes, you're on the money team. That's that's another way to like. Oh, I lost. My earring my diamond earring in fell out of my ear. I should just go buy new one. Right. That's like that guy. And this is that his hair of some pretty stunning. Wow. No, it's one in five Quinton. The odds of getting every game in the tournament. Right. Has anyone ever done on his ever done? No one is ever done every single game. But there is one NC double A tournament bracket right now. That is perfect. Wow. And the first time ever somebody is undefeated through to two rounds? We never person is. Let's see do have his name. All we know is his bracket challenge name, which is center road center road, whoever that is his final four. And by the way, once you get through the first what is thirty two games. Wait a minute thirty two. And then another whatever it is the first two rounds. Once you get through that. And actually gets a lot easier. Right. He got the hardest part of the back. Right. The only thing that's hard is if you is if the real upset start going through like Oregon's twelve seed, okay? I don't really consider oriented Cinderella there from the pack twelve they went to the final years ago or twenty twelve eighth. Yeah. But like, let's say they would have lost to Irvine Irvine is in the Sweet Sixteen and it's still and it's really hard. Yeah. Then it's really hard to start getting those like last year. There was actually some people who had loyal of Chicago member. Never loyal. I do and the non where's the none? The lucky none. Yeah. Wouldn't lucky? The sister, gene. As I told you it's like survivor, the bachelor, I don't even remember who the bachelor was about her sister Jean. I wanna know who sister Jean has this year who's her brackets? Yeah. I you I don't know how to react to sister Jeanne. But that would be she's gotta be on Twitter. I'm sure your sister Jean on Twitter. She is. Yeah. I tell you the one thing and two years ago. I finished second last year. I wanted all this year. I'm leading everybody. Me. I don't have a system. I don't tell me. I don't know what I'm doing here. I know my way around brag the thing by a humble BRAC. I don't even this is a humble brag about myself. I write I'm impressed. Like, honestly, I'm humbly bragging I picked completely off the top of my head, right? This year because I did not have time to do that research and you're even by fourth or fifth right now. That's good with your system. That is well honed in me with off the top of my head are like a couple of games different. To make you feel good or bad makes me feel good. I'm winning. I'm winning once said to me this weekend. Why here why don't you stop looking at your brackets? I'm like, you don't understand this is we are betting. We are gambling. We are. It's I'm competitive anytime. There's like in our fantasy basketball league right now. Georgia's in it. I've now got an eight point lead on George Flint. Yup. Excellent. Only goes to George how you work in basketball. Yup. Because I see it in basketball. I'm sorry baseball. Yup. Because in the summer in less, I'm in it. Like, let's say I'm in the top, you know, like close to the money, right? The top three places. I kinda you know, I I play, but I'm not, you know, down to the wire every single night picking up guys to try to pick up on a wire every ninety minute the N last year, and you were still beating me out for players on the waiver wire up until the last few days. I'm like LeBron. I'm not going to cheat the game. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not gonna cheat the respect that I respect it c- respecting while LeBron's doing. I thought he was gonna shut it down last week. I did too. I thought that might be it. And instead he went out and has triple double triple double there. Thanks. Here's what LeBron James said. Just my love of the game. You know, not to myself, you know, and obviously, you know, you know, with the fans continued on the show up even over noon. I know we're not making the playoffs. You know, by me on it to myself on a McAfee gives to our fans when I'm out on the floor. So you're not just appreciate him continuing to show up, and and they are still showing up. And did you see his Instagram post where you say I'll tell you about it next Mason Ireland Momo in for Johnny ESPN LA. I s panel Mason Ireland Papa was a Rolling Stone. There's a Papa in the news today. It is lavar ball Momo who's filling in for John has broken. A major story about lavar ball and a guy named Alan foster who worked his way into the family into a circle of trust. And ultimately allegedly may have taken one point five million dollars out of the company. So Lonzo ball belief that he issued a statement to that effect in the story that we wrote on Friday night one is financial planner guy. Humble, the conga conga pointed it out, right? So the way this unfolded is that over the course of, you know, the inter doctors I've seen looks like this took started taking place since last April that the warnings started coming the warnings really escalated around. October when Lonzo had already filed for an extension on his taxes, and the financial visor says, we really got a sort through this money that can't be accounted for because if you file tax return. And you can't account for this that you're you're you're gonna be in trouble. Right. And so rather than fire that tax return this financial advisor resigned right because he can't ethically. Do that right in this guy on foster is a guy who has a criminal record went to prison on mail fraud and money laundering charges then came out of prison changed his name slightly. He was we know him now is Alan foster, but his real name is Gregory Alan foster. There was just you know, when we tried to background him several times over the years, which you would always do with somebody in a story. Like, we're doing a cover story on lavar ball, Lonzo ball and starting of the big baller brand. Right. So Alan foster was lavar lavar said one of the guys who talked to talk to him about taking big baller from just t shirts and the slogan doing. This on their own, right? And part of the height machine that started around Lonzo. When he first started was lavar turning down Nike and Adidas and claiming I wanna billion dollars for my three sons because they're all going to the NBA. And that was a lot of the those sort of delusions of grandeur appears now, right? Have not come to pay come to bear. Right. They the three basketball playing sons don't look like they're all going to be in the NBA looks like lonzo's guy. Yup. And lamelo about lamelo playing spire institute in Ohio. He's gone to Lithuania. He's dropped out. Lithuania thing now seem so misguided that whole J B L thing. Mass J A that seems like it was just agree that there's a lot of there's there's I think there's a couple of lawsuits against them for not paying players. They even cover that in the Facebook show. So what I reported on them last year? I was actually pretty surprised by how much money and impressed really by how much they were making in the Facebook show. They were making several millions of dollars and the show did. Well, a lot faced. Yeah. It had views. They get like a million downloads on every episode. So there's there's obviously a lot of interest in it. But I wonder what this entire thing. Now does to lavar in his relationship with Lonzo. And again, I'll say Stephen used the term estranged today on when he was on the get up, and you would say you think estranged tomato. But it's but it's in the neighborhood. I know that. The family has been talking in meeting, and lavar, obviously if you read the story on Friday issued a statement saying family comes first and I support zone is decision. You know, I trusted Alan foster to manage. You know, my my son's business affairs. And I you know, now, I feel that he violated that trust. Right. I mean, that's that's his statement. And so. I mean strange is a little hard because to me strange Musial talking this rift. Yeah. But they have the hottest dad allowed this guy. Who's a felon to come in and run the company with them? What's interesting is I it'd be one thing if you had a criminal past but residing the company really well, right? If this had been a great success. People can have a second chance people. Can you know once you get mail fraud and money laundering that main? Sure, your tricky with your money your tricky with money, and that's what this guy was by the way, the hashtag that every Laker fans should look at and say, yes is hashtag my own man. That's a hashtag that Lonzo put out there in this may indicate that Lonzo is done being lavar, son. And he is Lonzo ball. Well, I'll be reporting on this for quite some time. I think and one of the things I think people I don't know if you missed it or just it was further down in the story. Obviously, the lower part, I scan every other word. The Lakers asked Lonzo about shoes keeps getting hurt. Well, yeah. And and by the way, it was pointed out did he this last ankle sprain? He was wearing big baller shoes. Right, right. He had three ankles sprains is year, he has had calf injuries, knee, injuries, etc. And but I don't know what's he wearing the big baller shoe each time. I think so. Wow. And the Lakers have asked him about that. How do you feel in those shoes? Are you comfortable in lonzo's on the record saying, you know, I'm comfortable if I wasn't comfortable, I wind wear them. But I'll I'll tell you this like you. He's already had one redesign of those shoes. And you remember after summer league when he played in his shoes and then stop wearing him. Yes. There was a redesign enough today. You imagine. If these injuries are related to the big baller brand shoes. What a tragic mistake that is. I mean, he's lost a year of his career now because of leg injuries ankle sprains. And in each case wearing big baller brand shoes. It's. He says in my story if I didn't wear these shoes I'd play in Kobe's, and I practice in the Bronx because they're heavier. We you know, he said he's open making modifications on his shoes. I mean, I personally think that is a reported just like literally off the top of the show. They've talked about folding the company they've talked about his managers on Instagram posting stories posting hashtag dump your merch that was an Instagram post yard more his tagline on the big ball on the bell in the family show has always been get your merch. Right. So. Yeah. Lonzo's post the other night lonzo's post was a picture of him with his number two in the rafters at Staples kind of like a spotlight on it in the picture says it's only crazy till you do it which happens to be the slogan or the last Serena Williams campaign for Nike, lonzo's Instagram and Twitter profile pictures were also changed to a childhood photo of himself wearing a Nike t shirt, Lonzo has deleted all social media posts involving big baller brand and his father. And his father. That sounds like. A rift at the very least and males intentional actions. Yeah. No, he's he's making in hashtag my own, man. You know this. I said this John always says don't hold the the you can't hold them responsible for the sins of the father. And I never did. But I also said, you know, at some point you're going to grow up, and you're going to be your oh, man, you're going to take control your own career dad's not going to run it. You're gonna run it. It's not an uncommon story. Kobe did that I you know, I brought up that parallel today. It's exactly what Kobe did do, you know the circumstances of that? Exactly. I know that he there was a separation between I know some of it. I'm gonna speak very generally. Because I I don't remember the very why don't you? Why don't you think it off? I'll read it. I wrote it years ago, but it was a few years ago. Mom had after fasttrack. Okay. We'll circle that. All right fasttrack is coming up next for your Momo last time. You were here. You said you were going. Make sure your questions I try to make them not suck next time. Are they're not gonna suck today. They won't suck. Okay. Good fasttrack is next Mason, Ireland ESPN life.

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