Undisputed Era, IIconics, & Samoa Joe - Notsam Wrestling 205


Today on not seeing wrestling all new interviews with the undisputed era, the iconic and Samoa Joe is back. We're going to dive deep and everything going on with Brie Bella, whether or not she should be in the ring as she save. We'll figure it out and I got some beefs to settle. It's not saying wrestling. Is. Introducing your host from New York here is Sam rulers. Holy Lido. Here he is. The dog is going crazy. Lyla Garrity is going nuts. So for my birthday this year, my parents gave me a man. Again, I know it's weird, but what more could you possibly expect from the last professional broadcaster at this point, if you guys remember if you've been listening long enough, if I've I've mentioned at various points throughout this thing, my wife gave me a ring, worn gold dust outfit for our wedding. That was my wedding gift. It's a ring, worn gold dust outfit. I've been trying to figure out what area it's from, and I've I've determined based on like the look of it. You can tell that it used to have black sequins. It's around the the white area. You know, it's like a white burst it, the chest in the back of it. You can tell there used to be black sequence in the coloring of it. It's definitely during his intercontinental title rain. It's that sort of shinier. Not that Matt substance, but it looks like it's been through the ringer. Probably a house show outfit or something like that. But my parents, you know, I am married six years ago at this point. And my parents gave me a mannequin for my birthday because I got this. I got this area now the studio, the Nazi him studio, where I can display some of my treasures and what better way. If you've got a ring worn gold outfit, you're not gonna frame that sucker you gotta put it on a person. So they gave me a six foot five or six foot six mannequin way bigger than me. So it would fit the gold outfit, which I commend them on their researching abilities to make sure that it actually fit this thing. But what I didn't count on the fact that I would put this mannequin up and my dog would lose her mind. She's convinced the Dustin Reynolds himself literally lives in the basement. Gold is just according to Lila the labrador lyla Garrity who you've heard about from Dalton castle and various guests here on the not Sam wrestling podcast. According to lyla, Garrity gold dust is standing very still down here in the Nazi 'em studio. At all time, it really, really distresses her. I brought her down many times, sniffing thing. She won't let up. I feel bad because she seems very stressed out about it, but what am I gonna do? Welcome to the show, welcome to not seeing them wrestling by the way chocolate made these series of entering chalk line as the WWE fan of nation jackets, which are just amazing chocolate also produced the not Sam jacket. There's a truck line, not Sam Jackie. You can see it. I posted on social, but I, I've worn it in the state of wrestling videos before I was wearing it at the live shit. The live show we did at Caroline's the summer Sam show that's up on the YouTube channel. I am getting more made the only way to get that not Sam chalk line jacket is to be a hall of fame level patron at patriotair dot com slash not Sam wrestling. If you're a hall of fame level, not Sam shell, that's the. Only way to get one of these amazing not Sam chocolate jackets, or if you're the last professional broadcaster, Sam Roberts, then you can get one to one or the other. I chose the latter. I chose just being last professional broadcaster. The rest of you can become not Sam shells at patriotair dot com slash not Sam wrestling, but they made this line of jackets based on entrance gear. They made like Rick flair robe looking one whole bunch of them, but they put out a jacket a chalk line jacket that looks exactly like the top half of gold dusts jumpsuit that he used to wrestling and it's amazing. It's the jacket that I've been waiting for since I was in like sixth grade and it's now draped over the shoulders of the mannequin wearing the gold dust outfits, reading a patriotic maybe once I get it cleaned up down here. I'm doing some. Some moving and shaking of things. Once I get everything finished down here in the studio, maybe I'll do a video tour for everybody on patriotic that could be fun. Patriot dot com. Slash not same wrestling. We got interviews to get to before we get to them. There's a couple of things I want to get off my chest. I relates to an interview. I aired last week. Last week's podcast was great. Carmella Shane obeys ler and Shinsegei nakimora all great interviews from the three of those people Shinsegei and Shane obeys, right actually never had on the podcast before which I was surprised by, especially in the case of nakimora, but still really insightful interviews out of all three people. I really enjoyed them. They're popping up on YouTube over the next few days Carmelo's already up there. Of course, if you were, I don't want to harp on it, but if you were a not Sam shell on patriotic you would have gotten to see the interviews the same day. The podcasts came out, which of course will be the case for this week's interviews as well as they always are for the not Sam shells. Patriot dot com. Not Sam wrestling, but the reason I bring up the interview is because Shane obeys ler was on the show last week and in the intro for the interview or after the interview. At some point on the podcast, I made reference to the fact that one of the most interesting conversations part parts of that conversation was about Ronda Rousey and shayna motivating her to come to WWE. In the question that I asked her was, do you think the success of the you've had in t- motivated? Ronda. Rousey to give WWE is a serious look. And she said it wasn't so much the success. It was just that I was having such a good time. She said that you know the idea of how much fun I was having in WWE is what made Rhonda look at it and say, you know what? I might have fun there too. And I thought that that was just a very cool insight and gives you sort of a look at what the relationship, the real life friendship is between Ronda Rousey and Chenab as and then she went on to talk about, you know what introducing jesmyn to wrestling. All kinds of stuff in watching WWE network, and you then wrestling matches on YouTube and things like that with the four horse women of MMA and bringing them into the world. And I just, I love that part of the conversation. My issue was and I tweeted about it because a couple of you guys and I appreciate it. Tweeted the link and said that this is totally misleading, and the link was from the website. The website is called wrestles zone, and it's a website that I used to go to quite a bit for my dirt sheet information. I still go to all the wrestling rumor websites, but it was it was it was a link and the title of the link said something. I wish I had it in front of me. I really should have a really should have been more prepared. Let me let me look it up right now because I don't want to misquote what the link said because you might not understand really what the issue is. If I miss quoted entirely. So they said, Shane, obeys, wrestles zone writes, the headline Shane obeys ler believes her. Success drew Ronda Rousey to pro wrestling. Now that is a horribly misleading title. It makes shayna out to be much worse than she is and it bugged me because you know, and you can go back since I started doing this since I started even before the podcast. A podcast has been on now four years. It was Tober four years ago that I launched this thing. You know, whatever it is two hundred and five weeks ago. And even before that, when I was just doing wrestling interviews and putting them up on YouTube, I've. For the most part, really. It's always been very important to me to not be one of these click Beatty people to me, the Mark of a successful interview is I think that especially when it's done in this format when we're talking to wrestlers as a wrestling fan, like I want to be able to have the subject of the interview, enjoy it. I want to be able to have the audience, you guys enjoy it. And if both you and the person I'm interviewing has a good time, then I have a good time. Everybody leaves happy. I think that that's for me what makes the best interviews and that's what the show is always been about. I've never been about. Gotcha questions. I've never been about click Beatty stuff. I've never been about doing interviews for the purpose of getting headlines and it's really bend to my detriment in some ways. You know, I think long term I've benefited from it, but in the short term like, look, I watched the download numbers when there are headlines on wrestling. Rumor websites that come from this podcast, the download numbers go up when the download numbers go up the revenue from the advertisements. Go up when the headlines go out there, the awareness of Sam Roberts and the not Sam brand go up. Everything goes up when those links start popping up, but that's not the type of show I wanna do. You know? I know that when I'm doing an interview with somebody and I'm starting to sense, a Gotcha question. You know, honestly, a few years ago, I didn't interview with Brussels own and I felt like they were asking. Gotcha questions and I didn't enjoy myself and I want to avoid that when I'm doing stuff. So you know, it's been almost to my detriment in a way because if I asked Moore, Gotcha questions and I did more click Beatty stuff. I might be able to get more numbers. I might be able to get more, but, but it's not about that. I feel like I would I would completely lose integrity in what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. So when people take my material and they turn it into click baby stuff, it gets under my skin. So normally I ag- more this stuff. I don't really pay attention to it, but I decided to send a tweet out about it because I was like, this is ridiculous. And I've noticed quite frankly, recently wrestles on doing this more and more often. So I got an Email from one of the people that's running wrestle zone, and I really appreciated it. And I thought it was a stand up thing to do. He apologized for it, and he said he was trying to do less of that and bobble and and trying to correct the mistakes and everything. And I believe him and I really appreciated the Email and I thought it was a stand up thing to do, and I was happy to get it. But then at the same time before smackdown I read a headline from wrestles zone that says, you know, biggie and shame is to compete on smackdown after accusations of bullying on social media, and it's like, what are you talking about? Biggie and shameless. Biggie was tweeting shameless, but it was clearly, you know, storyline stuff. It was not, you know, when you start saying accusations of bullying on Twitter in two thousand eighteen. You know, everybody knows. That's a serious thing. That's a serious accusation. That's something that that is going to grab headlines and you're gonna click and go. Man is shameless in trouble, and you know, it's just something that setting up a match on smackdown. It's totally misleading again. So I don't know of Russell's own change that I know that that was published after I talked to the person. I'm mentioned his name because he hasn't. I didn't ask him, but the person who emailed me from Russell's own and apologized that was after he emailed me. So I don't know if they changed that or he just didn't see it or whatever, but hopefully they're starting to change their ways because I think that that's a big thing like in wrestling, that's why wrestling websites get such a bad name because everybody knows. That's why I had this. This argument with. Would with David vixen span on the podcast a few months back when I had the great wrestling journalist debate. And the reason why wrestling journalists don't get access and aren't taking seriously and blah, blah, blah is because there's so many people that are doing stuff like that. There's no benefit to it for people in wrestling, it's it, you know, they don't want to be associated with stuff like that. So I wish people would stop. It would make it better for all of us who are fans of the industry. If people would just kind of stopped doing that. The other beef that I want to settle is I won't mention them either. It's a certain podcast. Let's just say it's a podcast about wrestling figures that some people consider major. Let's just say it's a certain Brosky who likes ice tea from Long Island and a certain prince of a borough that will refer to his queens. The might have a certain streak on a certain Monday night, sports entertainment, based TV show. So I got some tweets and I got some texts from people. I know that apparently these people decided to go on their podcast and in salt, my wrestling figure collection, first of all, like, you know, let's not pretend I haven't been doing the wrestling figure collecting thing as long as anybody, maybe I'm not quite as public as everybody, but like you know, I'm not a guy who has a collection of Hasbro's that's been purchased on EBay. Okay. I have a collection of Hasbro's that was purchased as a child. That I still have. Okay. Let me just put that out there. Okay. I'm not. Insulting people's collections and then going out and re buying WCW vibrating action figures. I don't think in a collector community, we should be putting each other down regardless of how major our podcast is. So I just like to say that I thought it was. I thought it was very unkind of of anybody to be insulting my action for your collection. I mean, the nerve of some people, the nerve right? You don't see me attacking people's. Chuck line jacket collection, you know, I'd say I'm the last professional broadcaster, but I don't go around attacking other professional broadcasters just because I'm the last one. Right, right. It's just seems unkind and that's all I'll say about it. That's it. In the reason for that is I'm sure you want to hear some of these interviews that I promised you at the very, very top of the show. I was at the performance center. You know this from last week down there for WWE to k nineteen. I'm very excited for the big release of that game. It comes out October ninth and they set us up here, not Sam wrestling with a bunch of interviews, so thank to k for giving us the opportunity to share this content with you. We're going to start with the undisputed era, and this is great because I, I'm walking around the performance center and there are some people that are there for media, but I look and there's, there's Rodrick strong and Kylo Riley and Adam, Cole and rowdy, and a Riley have the next tag team championships with them, and they're all wearing their merchan-. They all look like a million bucks and they said, hi, and I was like, are you guys doing interviews? And they were like, wow, we have to do a live event. So we kind of have to get out of here right away. But, yeah, let's do one real quick for you, Sam. How could we say no. So you know what I said, let's do. And I sat down for a moment. I had a moment of time with the undisputed era, and I haven't talked to them before recorded all three of them. Roderick strong highly, wasn't there. I mean, I mean, Bobby fish wasn't there, but Kyle O'Reilly and Roger Chongwe and Adam, Cole altogether all getting to reflect on their journey together. We start this week on not Sam wrestling with the one or I guess I was going to say the one and only and then I was like, but it was three of them. So then I was gonna say the three and only, but then I realized there's a fourth member. So I will say the incomparable the undisputed era, then not Sam wrestling interview. It's the two k. nineteen event we're in the performance center and the undisputed era, the new residence new. But the current residents of the performance center is here. What's the half gentleman launch of the biggest game in WWE history, and you have. To have. Is this thing on. Yeah. This is it. Super, super exciting. 'cause I'm a, I'm a massive video game guy to begin with. So the fact that like we're all individual game together is pretty surreal and pretty cool, and this one we just played it. It's awesome. We'd beat up Roman reigns. Who's your arguments before you got to WWE annexed and everything? Did you guys have arguments as to who was going to get here? I like I don't think that you could sit there and realize that like just take all of us. That's the ideal situation definitely did not expect at all the that we were going to be thrown together in a group. I mean, as it was happening, it was kinda like, oh, cool. We're all gonna end up being in the same place. But the last thing I expected was okay, Adam, Cole Kylo Riley, Bobby fish and Roderick strong are going to be kind of running chop around here. It's crazy crazy. Yeah. What did you think? So it was very controversial. WWE puts out this list of the top ten factions? Yes, but we're very mad a little higher. I. I should have been number one, but we're just getting started really in the grand scheme of things. It is pretty amazing though that like you are just getting started and WWE put you on the list of like, well, obviously the undisputed era. Did you guys think to yourself like I don't know if we're top ten or let's exactly what we should be. No, I'm really, really confident what this group is and where we believe we're going. So to me, it's only a matter of time before we get higher and higher on that list to see. It was awesome. It was very cool, but if anything it was more motivating to kind of move up that list. So extra motivation. Yep. Yep. What is the what? What's the mindset when guys like you who have come from where you've come from, see yourself in the game. I mean, I'm sure there's this minute of like I have to pinch myself. I on one level. Never thought this would happen, but on on another level, let's not stop here. We have to keep going and going and going. Right. Yeah, that's that's the weirdest process about this job, especially here is there so many cool things. That happen where you want to kind of sit back and smell the roses and say, wow, this is awesome. But then you're already thinking a mile ahead about what what the next landmark is. The next goal is, this is just an example of that, and that's the good thing about the group in general. I feel just from us being together before and then being here is none of us settle on just one accomplishment. It's great. It's amazing when you talk about a tower blue in the face, but then we're like, what can we do next? We'll can we do next. We never know. Get too comfortable. Nothing thing that's one thing that makes us is is good as we are accountable to grow and just to keep improving to make the undisputed era, continuously the hottest thing and w. Is there a confidence factor that when you guys all know the, you've been successful in the business here and outside of here that like, you know, God forbid anything should happen. You know, you're not done in wrestling as opposed to somebody that maybe hasn't had that success outside of here who's like, no, no, no. I gotta make sure that I make it here because who knows what happens. Does that add the confidence or does it never even enter your mind? Yeah. I think I think subconsciously definitely does. It's not something that I really sit down and think about, but, but just to know, I don't know. I love pro wrestling sports, entertainment, however, you wanna word it. I love it. It's the best job in the entire world arm wrestling. So I wanna make sure I'm doing this for as long as I possibly can. Obviously, here is where I want to do it. But yeah, there is a good feeling knowing that that we've been successful outside of here as well as here, it's wild to think that we were just talking about the other day in class just like this is it. This can never end for you if you never really wanted to end in whatever job in may entail. And that's, you know, this is the office of the company. You wanna do it in your. It's amazing that that's a front performance center. You know, there is life after wrestling, we could become coaches or producers or agents, and so it's cool to know that opportunities or there. Yeah, I guess that's. That's a that's a lesson from being here that you probably don't know until you get here that this is where you really find out that this isn't a hand amount day to day thing like this can be a forever business. That's amazing. What do you go to sleep at night? Each of you thinking about more? Oh, my God. Look at all that I have accomplished or, oh my God, there's a whole lot more to do the ladder for sure. Oh man, we have so much more. We have to coming here, like, I don't know. I don't necessarily say closed the chapter ended a chapter, but it like kind of opened a new on. And I feel like everything I complex from four was great, but like everything had -ccomplish now is going to be the hardest, but the most. Be able to like, I don't know relish in it. You know, feel more accomplished here because this is a whole new test. He's a whole new fricken playing field, and it's amazing that. Who knows what to do. I've done some great stuff, but I mean, just a little time with these guys. It's been amazing. It feels like I could do this for another twenty years. That's awesome. I can tell you guys superstars, you know why you've all got your merch on. You've got your titles with you. I mean, there is no question when you guys walk in there and you're walking together when you walk room, whether it's a room full of media, whether it's an arena full of fans or whether you're walking down the street, it's the undisputed era. It's not some guys who plays a people. I was just going to say it's a very real thing though. We all talk every day. We all feel the same passion about wrestling the same way. We all eat sleep and breathe this. We all believe in this group specifically. So I think that's a big reason. It's translated so well is because people can tell whether it's we're doing interviews backstage, whether we're in the in the ring together, we we enjoy being around each other. So that as a lot too. Yeah, babies right here are never more than ten feet away. Title go. Well, obvious is there, is there an undisputed text? Yes, there are people that course there is. That's what makes it real. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, that's what makes it real. That's how you know. That's how you know it's a real. A group text is alive and well, I'm sure you guys know that. You know nobody's more happy to see the successive having here than I am it just it's so much fun. It's so much excess. So thanks and congratulations on the game. Yeah, yeah. Thank you so. Cool. Yeah, thanks guys. Thanks gotta. Love the undisputed era. Just like you gotta love being there for live events. The undisputed era had to lead the interview to go to a live event. You go to live events too. If you've got tickets. 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Download the app, enter promo code Sam, and that's it promo code Sam s. a. m. for twenty dollars off your first seatgeek purchase seed geeze life's in event. We have the tickets and now the iconic. It's the two k. nineteen event here the performance center and the Connex are with me Iconex what's the half's what's up buddy? What's going on? How are we. Rate your so good on it if you just saw, but just entrance. How did you feel about it? Do they capture it. One hundred percent. One hundred percent not ninety. Nine point nine one hundred Sandri. Sandri two, eight t as we say, you would say if it was like eighty, ninety percent almost not quite a hundred percent sent. You guys got to be thrilled with that are it was so surreal. So used to relate, go every menu resume every Colorado, hey, out Kia everything. Every movement. Now, have you looked at the solo entrances or just the tandem entrance. Attentive than thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Well, I took the SAT's. Yeah, yeah. Right? Right. Are you are you at all concerned that the singles entrances are not going to live up to it? Or do you think that people should not play a singles only as as we said earlier, a tandem. Well, I feel like the individual instance will be just as good as out ten entrance to a great game, right, guess smart. Then in your other question pot to buy, if you once you play individually as Roy's. Ovilla k. there's only one way to do it. You have to have the other one out the company to the rain, right? You have to have to. It's not one. You get one, you met the other? No, no, no, it's both. Right or none? Right. Now right now. Right. 'cause I thought I said, okay. Strip, never mind. No. Listen. Do you ever feel like doing everything together could stunt your growth as individuals. Just because then you don't really give yourself the opportunity to find yourselves because you're always kind of bouncing off the other one. Opportunity in t to find Esso's and I just did not feel like a complete paint Royce without my Billy k. and vice versa. This is how it should be should be. This is how to be. I hope it always is this way. When you go out there, you know when you talk about your entrances, your entrances on smackdown most of which are like, you know the beginning of an entrance, but you kind of talk your way down the aisle. Basically? Yes. Basically, you talk your way down the aisle. Has there been any of the because I think you usually pull them off extremely well. But it's not an easy thing to do. Especially because I feel like there's a lot of people in the audience that are waiting to be like, I hope this doesn't work. You know, do you have? Have you had instance it when it doesn't work when you when you can feel it not working? What do you do to get back on track. Good question. I. Oh, I think I've ever felt it. No. Every time we go out to. The with you get the reaction that we're on. Right? So if it's booze coming your way, it's like, Yep, right, right. You know, I will say that. One hundred percent of the time. I never see you guys get shaken out there like it's never been this moment of like. You're like, no, I know what we're doing and regardless of what all this is we're pushing forward. Right? And oftentimes the crowd and other vocal that how much disliked they have towards us right that I feel like. Yeah, clinics have a message and you're going to hear it. Exactly. Yeah. It doesn't matter if you want to hear the point is you have to hear it because it's for their own good, isn't it? Grow as beings by listening to what we have to face. Right. That's all you'll becoming a bit by listening to you guys figured it out by finding each other and realizing you got three quarters of the way you've got three quarters away. Now you're about one hundred percent of the way, and you've taken those lessons and you're you're, you're pushing it forward. You're giving it to the people that are out there. I think. So. What has been the biggest difference in your lives since moving over to the main roster. A lot more travel. Yeah, travel where I mean, there was a lot of traveling next teach, but you got to sleep in your bed each night most being on the main road stop. You don't get that, but I. Really, but we traveled together. So I have harmed with me. She's your home and she's your home? Yeah. Easy. I mean, yeah, we travel a lot, but it's easy listening for made with of live TV right in annexed team. That's true being taped, and we had never done alive, poking over. Emme to the wacko frying. Yeah. I've never been so skated before time debut we and it's not even like you're in like full sail or something. It's like a live TV, and it's also an arena right to be the first smackdown wrestlemainia. And have they been watching annex t, I dunno, let's find out when you get there. Yeah. Because we hadn't been on TV for full a month or so months. Tickle debuted. Yeah. So just been come out and get some sort of reaction. Thank goodness. It worked out. Say Wendy, realize like we got this, is it as the music hits and people are like, oh my God, they're here, you go. Okay, we're good. That was. Yeah, I was. I was. Full going out there. But the thing is soon as I keep him music and step through the code and might just let everything and whatever happens happens, inner and I feel like every time we do go out seems to be like we always tarmac so good. It's really about feeding twenty seconds before music. We always take. I love you. That is so nice. So it's kind of like would Novus Novus Novus. But as soon as that happened. Just like a k. right. Even if this whole place turns on us, we have home, you have home. So you, you never want to get to the place where like, okay, we're gonna split up the act. We're going to do, you know we're going to have you give you guys a rivalry and then you're gonna go your separate. Wait Harris. The thought. We wanna keep being together when you weren't on TV in annexed for like four months is is that like a kind of like a terrifying thing? Is that an annoying? Like how does that feel? Because scary it was scary. Yeah. Took us quite a while to get to that point and then we will own please don't forget all yet for us by it was good. We had the campaign to kiosk ten of BBC's. So we had from with that for the car. Didn't win button. I Big Joe. Thanks. We everything no worries Josko, but we had fun with that and we just tried to stay. Relevant all to stay seeing in bright. Just keep some kind of is on you. And when you get to the main run, I mean, they put a t shirt out for you guys like shoot, oh, you guys wearing. Oh, is that the? Yeah, that's the one. Yeah. Yeah. So once that happens, you're like, okay, we're we're good. Right? I feel like never. I feel like you'd never, we feel like, oh, we're good, we got this. Now you always always another pound tree that we wanted to push or another toast ever that we would love to be a pot off. So it's it's, there's always wool to do. We never went to be complacent. Okay. What are we looking forward to more when we talk about I ever opportunities for you guys a stadium show in Australia or an all women's pay per view because it's the same month. Right. I mean this so different. You know, the super showdown hundred thousand fable Melbourne hundred thousand a year people. How people theoretically, I hope so. Because if you get out there and you find out they're not your people, you're like, why we've been doing all this time? Yeah, big Charlotte. I feel like people are gonna fly in from all I've oh yeah. Yeah, but w a lot of local people. There's very few people that talk like you guys on television, so that'd be like I like them because they talk like me, I get that. Yeah. Like that show is going to be a different emotion for us being back home within a very proud. Yeah, and it soon to be a different feeling. Whereas evolution, first of all, we've been you feel like that's been a be such a mall study. Now threes, twos, they just going to be different emotions as well as the Lucien feels like such a. Right. And do you get a pot of everyone who's in fold in the whole shirt? That's the reason I should face. I feel like they just have different fives. Yeah, so special amazing gonna be great. I think it's gonna be amazing, November, we'll see, but he's going to be incredible. Is it difficult for you because I feel like the iconic can't really show that emotion of like home. I God, I can't believe this is happening because you gotta be iconic all the time. Like is it difficult for you to hold that back? And like, you know, when you get back to or like right before you go out, that's when the I love you happens when you get back, that's when they're like, oh my God. I can't believe that happens. But I feel like the whole time you're out in front of people. It's like, you can't do that. When we get out there and we're just we're just being us. Even though it might not saying we might be billion painted with still feeling those Martian. Yeah, right by we we're lifeless. Once we get back, we're going to be like hall. For on your eyes out. Right. I mean, I don't know, just mascara and glitter running every right. Right. That's going to be such a emotional yet feeling walking out all tie. We'd have to wait and say, you guys are never gone to a place for you're like, you know what? I need a Billy break Peyton break. Like I just can't right now off day we spend together, is it? No, she just like you just finished each other's sentences, but not in character like you just actually did, and we don't get many. But just real life. Now, I feel like it'd be like everybody in your lives, personal lives. It must be very intimidated by this relationship because it's like there's there's no replied. This is like like best friends in third grade, like in adult life, and it's. Yeah. That's how real it is like at mom's. Oh, my gosh. How mums life? The same. The same person. So lead from Mississippi all the time? Yes. Transit hair on Facebook and everything. Right families are entwined as well. My dad messages, Tom, she's like, oh, you dead ticks me off. They're so proud of voice of us because I feel like they see how much. I'm going to say how much love we should say that. 'cause we all love is a lot of different things, but it's love, right? Yeah, family see that. And they know how much we mean to each other and they know how much out Correze and being. He means to us today really just their own bold to support. It's nice to see women like just being friends with each other and just being in love with each other, not being weird and catty and like, yeah, you know, you don't, right, right. Together, you tend to just build each other up and then kind of tear everybody down around you now. Know, 'cause you're still building, right? Right. We, we get to the positive place. Thank you very much. Connex. Congratulations on being such a big part of two nineteen. Have you looked at your entrance with the big head mode. Do you know? But the big head mode. I know you're about to get like, seriously, that's that's what we're ending on. Like you could be rude. No, like the head is like, thank you. Thank you. Yeah, no, it's the head is like half the size of the whole body. It's like massive, right? Plus, I mean, like if I was being, I don't have any ground to say that anybody has a big head in real look like you're talking to. You see my forehead. Thank you. I. You are fishy eight that thank you so much and congratulations on everything. I just realized putting the iconic and the undisputed, Arabic toback very good timing on my part because the two of the best groups right now, the iconic is probably my favorite female group in the WWE. One of my favorite groups in the WWE. I just think what they do on smackdown is so damned fun and the undisputed era. I mean, when you look at a group as far as taking over annexed, t and just dripping with potential, I think the undisputed era has shield level potential, but that's a different conversation for a different time. We have a third guest this week on the podcast. He's back. We heard from him at summer Sam. Now we go to the performance center and after previewing summer slam with him, we're now going to get to the bottom of everything that happened at summer slam and after summer slim, ladies and gentlemen similar, Joe, we're at the performance centers to k nineteen day this it is. And we're here once again with Simone. Joe was. The half Samoa. Joe, how much man how you doing? I'm good. What's you didn't? You didn't? You don't have any? Do you have ties like a ties in your heart to the performance center? Did you not really spend a ton of time here? You have no ties this place. You don't a foreign environment. It's the foreign environment says where they tried to build people to be better than me and they failed every time. Yeah, every sing. There's no. Actually, I do. It was twenty. I, I did come down here a lot with both for TV and and for creative stuff and and film, and it's always cool to to be down there with the new signees and you know, they, they bounce off of me and, and you know, asked and stuff, and it's cool. It's good environment down here. It's amazing. I mean, talking to some of the people that were here earlier about who like puts a hand into what characters and everything. Just the idea that really when you have a place like this, everybody just starts throwing ideas around. I had no idea Carmella. I was like, well, who do you credit for baba? Byron Saxton is named. She threw me and I'm like, I don't even think people associate him with creative stuff. A lot of it is just there's, there's a kind of these open brainstorming sessions and you know, characters and stuff will come out or sometimes you'll say something kind of funny off end. So I really have. It's kind of that was kind of charismatic of you for once new should. We should actually start doing that. So he came across likeable in goodness. I didn't think was possible. Kind of go from there. Did you after after everything you had done in in wrestling, did you was there anything that you came here and started to learn like, wow, I thought I was kind of done. I thought it was cooked how little Matt bloom actually does. Is that right? Yeah, just a real tyrant storms out now, but blooms. Awesome. And Sarah and they, they run a very tight ship here and stuff. I, I think I if I picked up anything from here, it was a lot of it was a lot more production stuff. You know, a lot of more behind the scenes stuff and and ideas about how we film stuff and and and what we're looking for, and it was stuff that I had an idea about, but it it was definitely sharpened here and it's been cool thing. The undisputed era guy said to it's the skills and things that you start to realize, oh, there's this is a lifetime business, like just stuff outside of the ring that I can learn how to do absolutely tribute. And that's kind of cool thing to hear is that they have, you know, other facilities and they bring in coaches and and people from other, you know, industries and stuff. So you can. Work on those things. You know, I mean, I think you've been upstairs, you've seen the broadcast booths and the and the the promo, booze, and and everything. And you know, it's a, it's an endless resource. If you want to come here and sharpen your skills, sharpened character. You can definitely get it really does feel like this place is just the excuse eliminator. Yeah, so it's like it's all here. Yeah, just use it if you want. You know, they shouldn't give me the support that I needed. And if you don't get in this place. Wasn't much to support the first one. So you know, we talked before summer slam, obviously the last time people love the interview. They found out some, oh, Joe was actually my. I have one of the few I so I've been under duress when I've done pass interviews. I hate to hear that. Yes, not bad dress, but I, I had lost bets and I have. We have ridiculous bats and they're not like the the punishments are never something really cruel. It's just something really awkward that only makes that person laugh. So going back to think of our first interview when we had the whole BBC down there, something like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I, I lost a loss in a fighting game tournament. Won't talk about the game. My friend who's a comedian, a terrible one by the way, and he'll tell you that he has the worst ten minutes I've ever seen ever. He jokingly said, you know, you should look like a board rapper. Interview. The whole time on the phone. I was acting like a board rapper. You really wear it, which I was going to tell you at the Caroline's and we'd just has. It just doesn't come up and I never think about it. Carol. The there. I remember that. He's like, oh, how did you doing the live podcast? Samya. Yeah, goes, can you actually get jilted comic house like? So I did the whole. Arm on the microphone glasses and to which by a hero to these dumb group of friends that I play games with, but to the rest of others. Like, Why's he up there? Moody. It makes me feel like even more of a professional, but I can. I can plow. Are we get an interview out of. I like it always goes back to. Yeah, because he has like serious raises. It's a serious Rato guy. Yeah. Yeah, that's the I do it on there. Well, I love it. I had no idea that. Yeah, I thought it was funny after I got done. I was like, you know, at some point it should tell Sam. Not just a jerk. Somebody, you know, he's really cordial and easy to get along with off camera. That is the clams up on, say, when you you had your the match summer slam with AJ. First of all, had you feel about it? It was. It's fun. Yeah. When you find out that it's a, it's a disqualification which is like it's a risk because we've seen good matches and in his qualification, the crowd turns on on like, we're at summer slam, what do you mean a disqualification like you really have to make count? And as you guys did right, like you guys the story that you go and and agree with that, that sentiment. If you're gonna it's gonna. Go bad, make you go all the way bad. So right. Those kind of the, you know, my thoughts. And yeah, it resonated. Yeah, and so you do, but you do think about that. You're like, you know what? If we're gonna tell a story that and that goes here. It's summer slam like we really have to pay attention to the details on the way there so that people are on board the hallway, absolute people talk about being afraid of heat, like there are those that are like, wow, he didn't want to piss people off that much or whatever it is. You don't strike me as that type of person at all? Nope, it's never bothered. You know that just because you're, you're a tunnel vision guy who's got a job to do, and that's it. No, because it's. No, some real reasonably intelligent. I understand my actions are quite there's heat. You know, I don't. I don't look into a fire hose and expect not to get wet and don't act like a whole on TV and expect not people not to hate me. So, yeah, I just it's if you're if you're worried about heat and pissing people off. Yeah, you shouldn't. We should maybe go back to Dennis school. It's better for you. A big part of this business. The money comes in from, yeah, being one of two people, either the people that the guy that people hate or it's gotta people don't hate. And at some point you gotta be both guys. Do you find it difficult though, like, you know, people talk about or you watch people have difficulty getting boos just because people like them so much, and I feel like you're in that camp like everybody. If you, if you pull the wrestling fan aside and said, you know, what do you think about Samoa Joe people like you, you know, they liked the journey Ben on, they liked the work that you do in the rain. They like the promos. They like the interviews, even if you're pretending to be jolted comic. They like they like the interviews very convincing. Do you do you sit there and go like, okay, how do I convince these guys that I'm a bad guy. No, not at all because I mean, listen, you people are fickle. You're not that complicated creatures. And really it takes one or few of the right place words said in the right way to turn you into complete utter animals. I've come to that understanding a long time ago. And just no. I will continue to use that knowledge throughout the rest of my life. This isn't wrestling. Yes, this is. I mean, let's let's be, oh, you guys, you're not that dedicated to your views as long as you off or makes you sad or says something mean all you're gonna. Listen, I know these things and it's not that hard. This is where you're a master is realizing that if you can tap into people's emotions. Yeah, all of a sudden the logic to the right out the window goes out there. Other ear and the emotion takes over. Like why Gotcha now. Yeah, yeah. Now we're just. Just. Godfather. Exactly speaking of emotions and to nineteen is where a lot of people emotions come out in these video game now. So talked about being gamer and kind of using games to kind of get away from everything. Does the emotional side you come out of you and angry? I'm not naming. I'm not an aggregate or as we call it an AJ gamer? Does he get upset? He's ridiculous. Big child. Wendy has to bear the brunt of that. Apparently more poor women by the way struggling so hard to keep that family together. I'm in this difficult difficult time. I've heard. So yeah. I mean, the, you know, Hillis and the games are made to be enjoyed. And for enjoyment's I tried to take them too seriously though. We do have very competitive streak when it comes to certain fighting games backstage. So is that why you're able to not be emotional because he just win? Yeah, that's the secret, isn't it? Win, win, win. No matter what the games are only gonna make you happy if you keep just victories just victors you know, nonstop. Well, well, I hope for victories nonstop for you. I know you're. I don't mean and again, we're not talking about life. Okay. I want life victims for you wherever you go. I appreciate that. I appreciate you give me the time, Simone, Joe, will you know when they forced me, I try to do my best. Not much you can do as long as those China. Yeah, it's gonna cash, right? Yeah, we're getting. Thank you so much. Thank you. Here is Sam Roberts. So there you have at the end of our big six interviews from the WWE performance center over the course of the last two weeks here on the podcast Samoa Joe, the iconic, Billy k. Peyton Royce and of course, annum coal Kylo Riley and Roderick strong of the undisputed era. Thank you to all six of those ladies and gentlemen. I thought that another great set of interviews, of course, the first set you're going to be able to find on YouTube this set. If you wanna watch the videos, you can watch them immediately. If you're not Sam Schill at patriotair dot com, slash not Sam wrestling or they'll be up on the YouTube channel. YouTube dot com. Slash not Sam within a week or two. We got a lot to talk about on the state of wrestling this week. Of course, we're going to dig deep into the breed Bella situation. I can't believe the amount of heat. Well, I don't know if I it's a super complicated issue and we're gonna. We're gonna. We're going to dissect it. On on the state of wrestling this week because it's really it dominated in my mind. I mean, looking at like wrestling Twitter and everything, it really dominated conversation this week, so we'll get into it. You know, I, I am anxious. I, it's interesting because my relationship with WWE becomes more and more difficult to not that it's difficult. It's just like, do I want to deal with it when it when it comes to tweeting the live shows. I don't know if you guys noticed, but sometimes I get into a string of it, but then other times I don't really do it not tell you when I'm watching WWE. I'm also show prepping, you know, I do the Jim Norton and Sam Roberts morning show on Sirius XM every morning. So generally speaking, I'm watching WWE and I'm getting all my notes together for the next day's morning show. So a lot of times I can't tweet and do my show prep and watch role or smackdown. So sometimes it's that. But other times it's like, you know, I'm not gonna sit there. I'm gonna wrestling fan. So if. Stuff. I like stuff. I'd like I'm not going to sit there and nitpick stuff. I don't like on Twitter. That's not. It's not really to me the best use of my time. But you know, I wanted like right about stuff that I like, but it feels like this bunch of people on Twitter that think that anytime I like something, I'm just doing it because you know, I'm on WWE's payroll, which is, I mean pretty ridiculous. Right. Like at this point in my life. I don't need to. Tweet to try to impress people like I'm not sitting there. It's just weird like. Sirius XM is the label that pays me, but Sirius XM. You know, it's my, that's my day job. Like that's my employer, and I'm not sitting there like I'm tweeting about Jim and Sam show, and I'm not sitting there getting accused of, oh, well, you're just tweeting about serious because you work for them. No, I subscribe to Sirius before I worked for them. I think it's a great company, right? You know, if you go through my my tweets, my WWE social media presence. It's always been pro WWE. It's kind. I'm a pro WWE person. The reason why I started the podcast regardless of working for them or not working for them. The reason that I started the podcast was because I'm a WWE fan unapologetically. So the podcast had been around for almost three years by the time I worked for WWE at least two years. So you know, I don't. I don't know how the math adds up on that, but I guess it's a, it's a fun inconvenient narrative. It doesn't really not that it. It bothers me. It's just something that now. I think about. I also think that Twitter is just kind of a different place. You know, a few years ago, it used to be one of those things where it was just a spot where you could go out and and spout your opinion offer send a joke out or whatever. Twitter's much more angry divisive place than it ever has been before, and there's far less benefit to Twitter than ever in the history of the internet. You know, I, I'm not on a percent. Sure. I guess it's great to be able to communicate with fans, right? Like I like getting feedback from you guys. I love waking up on Thursday morning and seeing tweets from you guys. They're listening to the podcast. I love hearing from people that enjoy the podcast. Enjoy radio show that you know that that are fans of that, but you know the amount of people that are just waiting for you to say something stupid on Twitter almost gets to a point where you're like. I feel like I do my talking on the podcast. So this generally what I tend to do, I feel. Like I just lay. I'll watch something on Ron, whether I like it or don't like it. I'll be like I could tweet about it, but I don't know if I can get it into, you know, two hundred characters or whatever it is. Maybe I just wait until the state of wrestling. So I make a little note on my phone. Maybe I just wait until the podcast and I'll get it out of my system then. So that's what I am going to do right now. Ladies and gentlemen, you know what time it is here. I'm not saying wrestling, it is time to get it off my chest. I'm going to get my notes out on my phone. I'm going to see what the top five stories are this week in the state of wrestling. It's now time for this week's state of wrestling. Yes, it is welcome to the state of wrestling here on not Sam wrestling. Of course, if you're listening to this, you know what we do every single week go down the top five stories according to yours. Truly the last professional broadcasters, Sam Roberts in the world of wrestling and sports entertainment. And if you're watching this, I appreciate you being not Sam Schill. Of course, the. Exclusive place to get the state of wrestling segment on video each and every week is only on patriotic for the not Sam shells at patriotair dot com. Slash not Sam wrestling. You can watch long in the state of wrestling videos. They're not just there for a day for a week. They stay up there forever. So enjoy them. If you're a not Sam shell on the indie darling level or above, it's going to get unlocked for you forever. It's an amazing, amazing deal. So watch along with us story number five, this week is Lana and what happened in Milwaukee. You know, I love smackdown right now. The storytelling that's going on on smackdown is it's so good. Like the segments are unpredictable. You know, we'll talk about a few different things that have been on smackdown this week, so I don't wanna go over the entire show. But from the way the show ended who've quite frankly, from the way the show began to the way the show ended and what was sprinkled in between you Ed. Everybody made to look great everybody in that. The opening segment, you told multiple stories. In the opening segment, you had radio and look link looking like a million bucks. You had the show ending on suspense and in a way that maybe. People didn't realize it would end with the Samoa Joan AJ style thing. And again, it's the same thing we talked about last week, you end up actually caring about this Samoa Joe AJ styles story, which can't be understated or overstated. It can be understated, but it can't be overstated because it's the third now match between these two for the same title with the same person going in his champion at a pay per view, and somehow we still care. And the reason is because of the storytelling that's going on in full credit goes to smackdown, but people in a in a story. If you if I told you a year ago, I'm there's going to be like a soap opera style story going on between Aiden English Roussev and Lana. You'd be like, what on main event, but everybody's talking about it. And that's because we have found reasons to care about all these people for ru, seven, Lana to carry again in a way that. We probably haven't cared sense. They first showed up and Rousseff was portrayed as a main event level bad guy with Lana by side. I mean, you care in a different way, but I mean on that level, Aiden English. We've never cared about this much Aiden English as prospering in a way that people probably didn't think was going to happen after the vaudevillians or vaudevillians broke up and Simon Gotch left the company, but he is. He is Aiden, English comes out and goes, did you tell everybody would happen in Milwaukee? Oh no. And then he just left and Rousseff is looking confused and Lana has his look on her face like I don't know what he's talking about, but you know that she knows what he's talking about. It was great. Now, there's a lot of theories on the internet about what it could be. One of the good people over the squared circle sub read it broke, broke down. What had happened in Milwaukee. The last several times that route seven Lana, were they're going back to two thousand fifteen on March. Fourteenth Roussev wrestled in a triple threat defending the United States championship against Jack swagger and Rybeck at a live event. This was mere weeks before Lonner provided Rousseff with a tank for his wrestlemainia entrance. Now it seems unlikely that anything would have happened on this night because anybody that knows anything about route seven, Lana? No, the the history of wrestlemainia where John CENA and Rousseff went one on one. A lot of people thought that that was a bad moment in the history of Rousseff because it was kind of when the steam was taken out of his engine. It was when the wind was removed from his sales. It was a build and build and build and build. And then he took on the big hero at wrestlemainia biggest match. The Rousseff has had sense at all. It's the biggest match in reserves career still to this day and Johnson a beat him in a match that a lot of people thought Rousseff could have gotten made in any wasn't how. However, history has shined a new light on that day because instead of even being reminded who the match was with, the history has been told that that day Rousseff was made. And that's because he went to wrestlemainia on a tank. We don't talk about what the match was. We don't talk about who won the match. We don't talk about anything like that. We don't talk about what happened after that wrestlemainia. All we talk about is the fact that there was a tank there and at the end of the day, Lana is the one that provided the tank. So the fact that on March fourteenth only a couple of weeks before Lana was going to provide the tank, they were in Milwaukee. I would say that they were in a very healthy place because. The tank was still going to happen. If Lana was doing things behind reserves, back on March fourteenth, two thousand fifteen, we probably would have never had that tank. We go forward a year and change to October twenty second twenty sixteen where Roussev lost a United States championship match to Roman reigns again at a live event. Lana was there with Rousseff so you know. No, I don't think it alive event. Lana would have been sneaking around on Rousseff. That's probably not true. There is a date between those events. However, an episode of smackdown taped on July seventh twenty fifteen where Rousseff defeated fandango Lana was not with Roussev at this time due to an alliance with summer Rae, and she was not in the building that night, Lana and Rousseff were on their break at this time after she had kissed Dolf Ziglar. Furthermore, this was the first night that Rousseff was spotted wearing boots after his broken ankle injury avoidance or fashion choice. Big question Mark. Now, of course, when men change up their fashion, a lot of times it's because a different woman has has has given them advice. A lot of women get suspicious when men change up their routines because it makes them feel like there's a new, a new person influencing their decisions at the same time. Maybe Rousseff felt like. Lana was slipping away from him and he had to change things up. That also happens you, you're observant of of the lady that you're with. You realize that maybe the look that was once in her is the interest that she wants showed you is no longer there. So what do you do? You switch things up in order to get her interested once more, maybe that is what was going on with Lana on that day. I don't think that it was July seven, twenty fifteen. However, because how would aiding in Aden English know anything about that? What in Lana in a moment of confidence, tell Aden about it. And Furthermore, would it be that scandalous if rue, seven, Lana were on a break at the time. Maybe the story is that on July seventh twenty fifteen while Lana and Rousseff Rana break Lana had a brief tryst with Aiden English that's possible out of any of these three possibilities. The July seven twenty fifteen day. Day is the most likely cause we know they were in Milwaukee. We know she wasn't there with Roussev. She could have ran off with Aiden English because Aiden English was not in the picture yet. He wasn't betraying his friend and maybe they just never wanted to tell Reuss of, who knows who knows. Some people brought up the old rock promo where rock made it sound as though he'd had an affair with Lana. Of course, we know a couple years ago on an episode of Monday night wrought, the Barclay center I was there. I was sitting in the audience. I was there with Noel Foley. As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly and Rousseff was in the ring with Lana and the rock came out, surprised everybody. We were shocked and cut a promo on Rousseff and Lana. A couple years later he showed up as surprise on ROY was going around backstage, and he made it sound like there was an affair that happened between the rock and Lana, and he brought up the fact that he taught Lana about the Wisconsin wheelbarrow. Now people are saying, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That's gotta be. It's gotta be the rock. Some people are going as far as to say. The rock is rumored to be coming back at smackdown one thousand next month. If the rock is there was constant, we'll barrow. Maybe we're setting something up there. Here's why that's a ridiculous theory. Number one, the rock isn't coming back for a storyline. Every time there's a rumor of the rock coming back for one show. People try to fan FanFest him into a storyline. He's only coming back for the one show. Why weeks in advance would they start building a story that they're, they're going to have to reveal and pay off in one day plus what would aid in English have to do with any of that all roads here need to lead back to Aiden English in some way, shape or form. And if it's the rock. The rock is going to be the punchline of this thing. Furthermore. The move is called the Wisconsin wheelbarrow, right? It didn't happen in Wisconsin. He clearly said that it happened in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is way I've been to Brooklyn. I don't know if I've ever been to Milwaukee, but I know they're separated by a huge mass of land. Milwaukee and Brooklyn are nowhere near each other. It's called the Wisconsin wheel barrow. It didn't happen. Whatever happened during the rock and Lana. The rock is said happen in Brooklyn, not in Milwaukee. Therefore, the rock promo is a red herring. Maybe it will be addressed on that episode of smackdown. If the rock comes out, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wheelbarrow, and may get referenced. But that will not be the payoff to the story. All roads are going to have to lead back to Aiden English here. Because realistically, the only reason any of this is even being talked about is because the WWE wants us the fan that ticket buying public to buy in to a good guy Roussev versus. Bad guy, Aiden English match. They want us to buy in to Rousseff versus Aiden English. You're going to have to tell a pretty good story to get us to buy into that. And if the story revolves around the rock, it's not going to happen. As I said before, all roads need to lead back to Aiden English will they? I believe. So if we're looking at a date that has been mentioned so far, the only thing that makes any sense the March fourteenth twenty fifteen date makes no sense. The October twenty second twenty. Sixteen date makes no sense because it was a live event. They're not gonna you know that it just doesn't make any sense. The TV taping on July seven twenty fifteen might make some sense because Lana and Roussev were on a break. But again twenty fifteen. That's like three years ago and change. You know, I think more likely it's going to be something that happened a lot more recently, but I'm anxious to find out and I'm gonna tell you something if the goal is to make me care about what's going on in the lives of Aiden English, ru, seven, Lana, you've succeeded smackdown us succeeded. Once again, you keep surprising me. You keep making me raise my expert. Patients for you and you you, you reach them every single time. It's an amazing time to be a WWE fan, especially a smackdown fan, especially a Rousseff day Lana day Aden day fan. I hope they make those Aidan day t shirts. Some part of me wants an Aden day t shirt. He can't even say it Aiden day Rousseff day Aden day Aden day a day. You don't even know what you're saying. Say Aidan day three times Aidan day Aden day eight day groovy Dayton day emit loses all meaning way quicker than anything Lana day. That's like holiday. That sounds fun. Happy Lana day, hey, I'm not gonna work today. Why? It's a lot of day. Perfect. Rousseff day. That's the OG that's amazing. Rousseff day is like, yeah, I I want to celebrate Russa day is a specific date Lana day is just like any any any. That's like a when you wake up in the morning and you feel great, right? You don't feel sick. You don't feel rundown. You don't feel tired. It's not one of those days that you wake up and go. I don't even want to get out of bed. One of those days that you wake up and you are ready to conquer the world, but the last place you want to be as at work or school, you're like, you know what I love today. I need to take a dip in lake meet today the day that comes that you need to take a dip in lake you. That's a lot of day not a holiday Alana day. There's many Lana days throughout the year. Roussev day is a day dedicated to Rousseff. It happens to fall on all of the days on the calendar, but they're all specific days. It is Rousseff day day. We're celebrating that man. Rousseff Aidan day is just like it's not even a day like you don't. If I said, happy Aidan day, you'd be like, what's didn't. They. Do day a done day, you know, it's so hard to say, but there's something catchy about and it just it's so ridiculous. It makes me wanna t shirt. So happy done day. Everybody out there listening to not see him wrestling right now. Let's go to story. Number four. Somebody who's not having the greatest aid done day of all time is Joey Genoa know updates about jelly. I haven't spoken to him. He did the podcast a couple of weeks ago right after all in. Of course, a lot more is gone on on Joey, but Joey Ella last weekend had a match against psychosis, like Joey is doing this amazing job over the last couple of years. It keeps happening of just having fantasy dream childhood dream matches. Like I don't mean dream matches like, you know, Okada versus omega or anything like that. I mean, the type of dream matches where like you're a little kid and you're watching hukou she and you're like one day I wanna wrestle Khushi. Those are the type of dream matches. He's having. He wrestled the great Sascha. He wrestled hukou she now he had a match against psychosis and in the match. I mean, the video is out there. I'm not gonna. Tweet it out because it's gross. But if you just look up Joey, Giannella knee, you can find it. He took a dive at a show where he's wrestling psychosis off the top rope onto the floor. He landed at properly, he hit psychosis, but when he fell, his knee buckled all the way to the outside. It's disgusting to look at it. It's really tough. He hasn't actually said what the injury is, but I mean, it was clear when you look at it as like that. What just happened is extremely serious. Oh my God. So I don't know exactly what the injury is. He's all he said is that it's super swollen up. He went to the hospital right after he had an MRI Josiah does not have health insurance. I just hope he has enough money in the money drawer that we've found out about to take care of all this stuff because the hospital stays are no joke. But you know, it's a shame because Josiah was an independent guy. We talked to him on the podcast. He has no money saved up. So you know, he's wrestling to make a living. So hopefully after all in and everything, he's put enough money in the drawer to keep himself afloat until he comes back. I have no doubt that if he is out for any length of time, number one, he'll be making videos and stuff like that to remind everybody of who he is. But number two, he's going to be getting himself into shape. He's going to be able. The Joey Janetta return is probably going to be one of the biggest things he ever did. It also really makes you realize what wrestling is all about. George Nella is a guy who jumped off a roof onto a back of a truck full of barbed wire and fire and light tubes. He jumped off of a ceiling. He did a power bomb off a ladder. He's, he's done all this ridiculous crazy stuff. And what gets images just dive off the top rope. You never know. Oh, it's all super dangerous stuff and you never know what's gonna, what's gonna get you? And this time it looks like it got Joey. I don't know how long he's out for, but I really hope that it's not a long time. George Nella is on such an amazing wave right now. You hate to see it get interrupted, but you also really hope that when he comes back, it's in the grandest and biggest way possible because judge he's, he's he's a special talent. He's just the buzz that Joey has been able to build himself. He's defied a lot of expectations, and I think he's going to continue to defy expectations with this injury. He's gonna come back. He's going to be stronger than ever. And I also hope he focuses himself. Not that he's not focused. I just hope that this injury is is kind of a wakeup call and when he comes back, he's in the best shape of his life, but also mentally is focused on exactly what his goals are and getting himself to the next level because that kid becomes super folk. On exactly what he wants to do. He's going to get it done. This is a guy was Ronin his own shows. This is a guy who's built a whole universe. I didn't even know if he knows it. He's building an entire universe around himself. And if he can keep that focus and put that into exactly what he wants to do in the wrestling business, he's going to be able to succeed. So I hope that he does when he gets back from this injury story number three is another smackdown story, and that is technically it's over the course of two or three weeks, and we talk to Carmella about it a little bit last week on the podcast. But even if I've said a few things about it before bears repeating the return and rebirth of our truth is story. Number three. I mean, how amazing has our truth been even in that mix match challenge promo? I don't know if you saw it on raw, but they did the mix match challenge promo where they're on cellphones and everything, and it's him and Carmella who by the way, love the new hair color. Carmella you'll look fabulous. And you know that it pains me to compliment you. So I mean, it. But our truth. Cutting promo on Carmella for Helena cell, and then going, no truth. We're gonna. We're wrestling against Askin MS and him going like they're going to be at Helena, sell to like just all never breaking, never breaking. It's just amazing. You know, I know that MS beat him, and MS should have beat him because Miz is about to get in line for a possible championship match. If he should be Daniel Bryan, which hopefully honest I, and I made the case for it last week. Hopefully he won't, but go back to last week's state of wrestling if you want more justification on that. But either way. This road still leads the MS eventually being champion. So he should be beating our truth. All that said, technically, that means the MS got his TV show back MS TV. I think that MS is so valuable in the ring and cutting promos that he doesn't need to be hosting. Miz TV, and true TV is about the funniest segment that you've got on smackdown. It's just sheer entertainment. You got the whole audience chanting, TRU TV, true TV. This was probably meant to be a one off, but Mark my words, true TV is going to become a regular fixture on smackdown with the reaction that had got. I mean, our truth is the only guy that could make the seven second dance breaks work. People are so sick of dance bits in WWE from all the dance offs. They've had to all this stuff. Fans are just tired of dance stuff going on in WWE. All. Together, but. They loved this seven second dance bring and Carmella is perfect for because Carmella has gone from somebody who would have laughed at our truth to somebody who's buying into our truth. I think Carmella is the only person who could somehow at authenticity to what Archer is doing. She's actually making it seem like she buys into this whole world like she does think it's funny, but she also doesn't. She doesn't think it's fake. You know what I mean? When the car the character of Carmella when you watch her, she it's working because she's sitting there believing in what are true is selling, and it makes us as fans feel okay, would buying in to everything are true this selling regardless of how ridiculous it is. And I mean a good God is that guy in good shape. You know he he could be thirty five years old in that ring. It's amazing the way he looks the way moves. I'm just such a fan and, and I think you know, we go back. Probably a year or two at this point and listen to the interview that we did with our truth on this show. You could see he's got a great relationship with Vince McMahon who thinks he's absolutely hilarious, like it it. It's just so nice. 'cause Archer was off TV for a while. So the idea that he's back on TV and making the impact that he's making is huge to me. I just I'm such a fan of everything Archerd is doing right now, and he adds so much to smackdown and that's one of the things that makes smackdown so special. I think of art truth were on raw because raw is a show that is so centered around the stars. Raw is a show that is so centered around Roman reigns around Braun strowman around this story. Think about it this way. Smackdown is telling the main story on smackdown right is for the WWE championship between Samoa Joe and AJ styles. And I would argue that they've been successful in the Samoa Joe AJ style storytelling. They only spent what twelve minutes on it on smackdown this week. One segment, you know, they hyped it up throughout the night, but one segment at the very end of the show, and it was an interview segment and it was Samoa Joe at AJ's house and everything, and it all worked beautifully. But when you think about how much time is spent between the shield Dolf Ziegler drew McIntyre andbranch Stroman. You've probably got a third of the show being spent on those guys. Two different philosophies are now existing on ruin smackdown for me, the smackdown philosophy is working better and we'll get into that. But one of the reasons it's working better is because it gives people like our truth, a chance to really shine. There is no circumstance where our truth is getting twenty minutes on an episode of raw to be as entertaining as he was on smackdown. And that's because he's not a proven main event, household name. The way the guys that they're trying to push on raw are you know, other people are getting chances Dov Ziglar has gone from somebody who wasn't even in the conversation to one of the top guys on raw. And I think that at least impart due to the fact that he and Seth Rollins where having the best matches of the summer, the wrestling quality to me, the match quality on raw. It's definitely an argument. I think the match quality on raw is better than the match quality on smackdown. You know, when you're talking about like the revival, you're talking about Seth Rollins in dolph Ziglar. Probably two of the best wrestlers in the company right now, dean Ambrose drew McIntyre, you know, bronze, drum all these guys. There's a lot of guys having really great matches and brunch. Roman is not having classically great matches, but they're, you know, they're, they're, they're exactly what they should be with brunch from in the Bronx. Stroman segments are exactly what they should be. So I think I. Could make the argument the the matches on raw are better than the matches on smackdown. The stories on smackdown are better than the stories on raw. The story telling on smackdown is better than the storytelling on raw. The pacing on smackdown is better than the pacing on raw. And that is evident in case of our truth where Archer that an opportunity and he really, really cashed in, and I just don't think that that opportunity would have been made available on raw, although he could have just as easily been a star on raw as he is on smackdown right now. Speaking of that, that brings us the story number two, which is the ratings for raw this week. Now I'm one of these guys that thinks in two thousand eighteen television ratings are you know one of many, many categories of success in wrestling. You know, I just the idea that we're even comparing well in the attitude era. They got this and now they had that nobody television ratings are not what they used to be. Okay. You have an entire audience. WWE has. One of the biggest channels on YouTube. The fact is you have an entire audience of people that are getting what they want out of raw by watching clips on YouTube. They put so many clips from raw on YouTube. Many, many full-fledged WWE fans are getting what they need to get from raw by watching it on YouTube, and that has nothing to do with the fact that it's three hours in it's too long. The stories are boring this that it's not a negative. It's just the facts. It's the way a lot of people consume entertainment is on YouTube, and instead of WWE running away from that, they're leaning into it. A lot of shows are running away from that because they want they want their rating to stay the same because they want their their advertising rate in their audience on cable to stay the same WWE is in a unique opportunity in the sense that they know that they are live TV, and there's very. A few shows left that is required live TV watching. And when you have to watch live TV, it means you don't DVR and fast forward through commercials. So the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of the people that do watch raw on cable are watching the commercials as well, which is very something that is is very appealing to advertisers. Also, the WWE audience is a passionate hardcore loyal audience, so that's gonna translate to advertisers. You know, I think that the WWE is smart to lean into this to lean in to the way people are consuming content, right? And I think that that's that's part of the conversation to have. I think the same way we go. Let's look at the TV rating. The raw had this week and compare it with the TV rating that ROY had last week and compare with the TV rating that raw had a year ago. This time we should take the YouTube clips from raw and compare them with the YouTube clips from raw week ago. And compare them with the YouTube clips from raw a year ago around this time because that's part of it. You know. WWE purpose fully puts out enough clips on YouTube. The people who just watch YouTube will be able to keep up with what's going on on raw. I think a lot of people will watch it and go like I wanna watch the whole show because clearly I'm not getting everything. But if my DVR is it doesn't work it malfunctions if I'm not home and for whatever reason, I don't have Ron DVR I go on Hulu and I watched the show the ninety minute version on Hulu. So they're cutting out about an hour of the show minus commercials. Then I go on YouTube and I look for the clips of the stuff that I missed from watching Hulu. So that's the other thing he keep in mind. Hulu is available the day after raw YouTube is available. As raw goes on by the third hour, the first hour clips starting to go up. So you know, there are people that are watching on Hulu. There are people that are watching on YouTube, there's there's lots of ways to consume this content, whereas less than. Ten years ago, there was one way and that was to turn on your TV and watch. Now that doesn't take away from the fact that the ratings are lower than they have been. That probably does mean that there are less is on. It doesn't necessarily mean that the way that you could say that you know several years ago, this has a direct correlation. It clearly means that there's less is on it. You can't say that anymore. Twenty eighteen. It does not mean there's less is on it. One hundred percent. It means there could be less is on it, but we need to analyze all the facts before we actually say that. Now I think there is a possibility that there's less is on it, and I think the raw does need to make improvements. I don't think it's has as much to do some people think it's Roman reigns. All it's too much Roman reigns and Bob LA. Some people are blaming odd. They keep putting the Bellas on Babo by the storylines are tired, baba pot. It's none of that. It's what we talked about last week. It's the fact that Roy's a predictable show to me, I believe that you would see interest in Ross bike interest in raw. Would go up. If you were doing a show where you didn't quite know what was going to happen next, anybody that watched raw for as long as I have or even not as long if you're a regular viewer of raw, you know exactly how the show is going to go. You can set your watch to it. You know what the intro segment is going to be like, you know, you're going to get into a match. That's longish for the second part of the show, you know you're going to get into another match. You know, there's going to be a behind the scenes, backstage promo, you know, we're going to start the second hour with either a another promo or a main event, caliber match. That's really just going to set up. You know, you know, you're going to get somebody on the level of the authors of pain or the revival halfway through the second hour. You know, the third hours where you're gonna see your Shawn, Michaels undertaker that segment is advertised, you know, okay. You know, you can you when they go like. Tonight on raw, Ronda. Rousey is gonna face, Alexa bliss, you know, but coming up next, this is going to happen and you go, okay, next this is gonna happen. That means to start the ten o'clock hour. Ronda Rousey is going to have her match or okay. That means that's the main event of the night. They'll go like, you know, Ronda Rousey is in action tonight. Plus your main event is barren corporate Babo, blah, okay. Rhonda Rousey is wrestling it at nine fifty five going into ten o'clock right around ten. Forty five is when we're gonna start the Barron, corporate match. Got it. All set my watch two or I'll decide right now whether I wanna watch or whether I don't wanna watch, you know. Whereas if you're watching smackdown I had the same experience this week that I had last week, which was I'm looking at the clock going. I don't know what what what's happening next? Oh, contract signing to end. The show is that I don't exactly know. Like the whole time you're watching smackdown. You don't quite know what's going to happen next. And I think that raw needs a lot more of that in their show. And I think that's where you'd see results in ratings to, you know, I think it has. Everything to do with the way the show is formatted and the fact that it's become very predictable. That's my opinion on the major problem with Ron right now way too predictable, speaking of raw and problems on it. The number one story of the week live Morgan gets Aken cushy on live Morgan who I absolutely adore. Was concussed on raw this week. It was a pretty gruesome shot to watch it. I ended up rewinding it because you know, I might have been looking at my computer. I saw the gifts as watching the show. I rewound it, so I could see it all in context. Of course, there is the weird moment where you see live Morgan at ringside, and then Michael Cole says, live, Morgan is backstage. Clearly, Michael Cole is not an idiot, who doesn't who doesn't think to himself. You just saw live Morgan right there. Let me lie about it. I believe he was instructed to say that that's my personal opinion. As a fan, you watch that you analyze. It was probably instructed to say that because a lot of people are wondering what the hell was that, but. Breathe. Bella is kicking live Morgan. She's doing the yes kicks at one point. It looks like she catches her. This is this is the way I took it. Brielle is kicking kicking kicking. I thought at one moment it looked like she caught her. It forced live to kind of Ducker head down in a way that was almost like out, you know. So she, she talks her channel little bit at which point brea Bella swings back, kick cer- land square in the head and live Morgan loses consciousness, live Morgan. She slumps down on the ground. She clearly gets knocked out breed, Bella has to kind of while the match us still going shaker out of her state that she's in and kind of drag her to the corner so that she can tag out. Some people were like, why would they stop the match? But if it's a tag match, I don't think that's necessary. I think you pull the the participant out of the match, but if it's a tag match, you know, I don't think you have to stop the match at that point that just, you know the unless it just draws attention to the wrong things that are going on. But the big thing that people were talking about is. The fact that Bree Bella in a lot of people's opinions shouldn't be wrestling is reckless. She did this. She's horrible. She keeps messing up baba. Now, couple of things at play here. The one side is rebel is reckless. She's completely she. She doesn't belong in a ring. There's been multiple incidents of this. She's now kicked somebody in the head and can custom. It looked like she kicked her twice. This is wrong. Get her out of the ring all together. The other side is saying, is his wrestling accidents happen Boban now here's how I feel about the matter. I do believe that a lot of the people that are being critical of brea Bella are not acknowledging the fact that accidents happen. Okay. Owen Hart. You would call one of the greatest wrestlers of all time nearly paralyzed Steve Austin. Injured, Steve Austin, so badly. That Austin ended up ending his career several years earlier than he probably would have because of the neck injury. He suffered at own hearts carelessness and an accident that happened at own hearts hands. Seth Rollins, injured fin Ballard took him out for a year in a move. The completely took fin valor off course. Then only a few months later ended sting's career prematurely. We using the exact same move. He also knocked Johnson is knows from one side of his face to another. Would that big knee and made a t-shirt about it? You know, dealer Brown paralyzed draws Darren draws Dov after a power bomb, gone wrong. Undertaker one of the most respected guys ever choke slim mankind through a cell. The cell was not supposed to break, but the choke slammed broke it back, body dropped, Shawn Michaels onto a coffin. Injury, Shawn Michaels to the extent that his career would be interrupted for about four years. Okay. These things happen. Undertaker is still one of the greatest of all time. Doesn't deserve blame for that stuff. Seth Rollins to me, in my opinion, the best wrestler in WWE today doesn't deserve blame for Owen. Hart clearly doesn't deserve blame Ford because mistakes happen. And this is the world that we're in in Japan. Look, it wasn't that long ago that Oscar was in St.. Oscar was in a match with Emma at a live event is distinctly remember watching the video. It was everywhere. The match had to be ended early because Oscar kicked Emma in the head and knocked her unconscious. Nobody was saying Oscar shouldn't be an annex t everybody was saying, Oscar is the real deal. Oscar is legit. This is strong style. There's many people in Japan. They're kicking each other in the face for. For real because it strong style because it's whatever and they're respected for it. You know now. So I think that that's got to be taken into consideration and that's not being talked about now. There's this theory that wrestling fans don't get to have an opinion on wrestling because we've never been in the ring. That's ridiculous. That's not true. I would say that if a wrestler tells you something wrestlers are going to have a built in bias. I have a built in bias, right? Because I like breathe Bella because I work at WWE. I know I've interviewed the Bellas many times. I have a cordial relationship with them. I have a built in bias because I wanna see them do well, but we all have built in biases. You if you don't like Brielle may have a built in bias because you don't like the Bella twins because you didn't like the divas division at all. A lot of people they built in bias against the Bellas. So the biases are there and it's okay. We just have to acknowledge when our bias exists. I am slightly biased in favor of rebel. I used to walk around with a bream owed t shirt to every event that I went to. There is a bias built in with me, but to the people that are vehemently in venomously anti-belo. There is a bias on the other side against. Her that you walked in with when you found out the Bella twins were coming back night you, but you. Some of you out there not true for others of you out there. I know there were a lot of people when the Bella twins came back, people were like, I don't wanna see them back. I don't like the Bella twins. I like to new women wrestlers. I like two new female WWE superstars. The women's evolution is what I like. Not the older women, which isn't fair because the Bella twins, Nikki especially completely change their styles in order to fit into this new style of women's wrestling completely went back to school. Trained heavy became more athletic, became more fierce, became legitimate superstars in my opinion, and they belong where they're at. There is a difference between Owen Hart and undertaker and people that end and de LA Brown and all these people Embry Bella and the difference is the Bree has had multiple incidents since she came back. Brie or first night back on raw, those two dives outside the ring. It looked like she was going to break her neck. It made you feel like she shouldn't be doing those moves. In the mixed tag, it looked like she was going to really badly hurt, Selena Vega. And it looked at times like Selena Vega, who is a great wrestler. Was lucky that she was so good because she was able to get both of them through that. And then you've got this night on raw over the course of a very short period of time. Brielle has racked up several mistakes, and I believe that that a lot of this has to do with ring rust. A lot of this has to do with maybe some insecurity that she has because she keeps making mistakes and with every mistake that she has more insecurity mounts and you end up making more mistakes when you're not confident. I think that that's part of it, and part of it is, you know, I don't think she should be doing Daniel Bryan's move set by the way. Daniel. Bryan has kicked people in the head before Daniel. Bryan has had multiple concussions during matches. Daniel Bryan was bleeding from the head because shame as headbutted himself heart, right? These things happen. You can't sit here and vilify Brielle because she gave live Morgan a concussion. It's not the first concussion. It won't be the last one. The rock is looked at as the greatest w one of the greatest WWE superstar of all time. Some people say he's the greatest. He hit poor Mick Foley in the head head with a chair full force like twelve times in one match unnecessarily. That's reckless. Go back and watch. Royal rumble ninety nine. You wanna see reckless watch the rock one of the greatest of all time cave mankind's skull in legitimately to the point where at one point, Mick Foley is feeding the rock his back and the rock walks around Mick Foley, so he could hit him on the top of the head that's reckless what breed Bella was doing. She made a mistake. Is the difference between being reckless and making a mistake. There's a difference between being somebody who's careless and being somebody who made a mistake. Okay. I think breeders more forgiveness than she's getting, but I think that we also need to acknowledge that she's made a bunch of mistakes and her skill set maybe isn't the skill set that should be doing. Daniel Bryan's moves. That doesn't mean she should be out of a ring altogether. It just means maybe the kicks, the dives, all this stuff. Not for her. Daniel Bryan is an amazingly skilled athlete, right? He's trained to work in the style that he works in. For many, many years for decades now, you know, and he trains every day. Maybe that's not what breach should be doing. Maybe brea be doing something else. You know, and that's, that's what I think that that we need to take another look at at at what Brees doing in the ring and change it up a little bit. But I also think that we need to acknowledge the fact that there's a huge fan backlash against pre Bella right now. And I think that the WWE should take advantage of that backlash. I think that this is the time that the WWE sets up the stable that I've been talking about. I think. That Alexa bliss, befriends, breathe Bella and Nikki Bella, and they talk about how the fans have been so mean, and they talk about what the fans are saying. And they talk about Twitter and everything. And then I think Alexa bliss. Alicia FOX. And the reason Alexa bliss part of this group is because I wanted to stay a bad guy. I think Alexa bliss Alicia FOX, mickie, James, the Bella twins, and then maybe on the side, a little MAURICE, a little Maria canals should reform the divas division. And I think that these five women with two on the side, so maybe seven, she'd come forward and challenge the women's evolution and sit there and say, Charlotte, everybody's saying you're the greatest women of all time. You're not the divas were better, and I think there should be a heel faction. Of divas and call themselves divas and be heels an advocate for that butterfly title coming back and talk about the fact that the women's evolution has made it seem like the divas. Era was really bad for women when in fact, it wasn't. They were role models. They were athletes, they were baba, and that is your motivation is a heel. That's what I think you should do. Again, you talk about WWE leaning into the YouTube culture, lean into the backlash. I know that the the bell is a real life baby faces. I know that they've got this business empire and everything tournament a heels tournament the heels and have them become advocates for the divas division. Why not? Everybody sees it anyway. That's what I would do. You know, make it so that it it. It's it's like. People don't look at them the same way. They look like there's, there's the generation that started with the four horse women of next Becky, Charlotte, Sasha Bailey from that from their forward. That's the real women's evolution to me. Everybody that came before that is kind of div at least divas kind of trail off if not full on divas division. So get the people who didn't go through the annex t system, get them together with Alexa bliss. Alexa bliss is important because Alexa bliss adds credibility, Alexa bliss edge winds, and Alexa bliss gets to stay a heel. And bring back the divas hashtag, bring back the divas and you know why you hashtag bring back to divas because they'd be awesome, bad guys for all of us to boo thank you for joining us this week on not Sam wrestling and the state of wrestling don't forget to become a not Sam shell over at patriotair dot com. Slash not Sam wrestling, and we will see you next week right here on you. Guessed it. Not Sam wrestling. Thanks for listening follow at not say I'm on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and you too. Rate, review and subscribe. This has been not Sam wrestling.

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