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Welcome. To fantasy football over time podcast, I'm your host Jigs Isky with me as always are Tyler Hollerbach and Matt Win. Episode Number Twenty five we hit the quarter century mark. We're going to continue our positional breakdown last week we did the tight end episode. This time we're running through running backs the best position in fantasy football before we get started though want WanNa get you guys to thoughts Miami Dolphins offense according to Your said that the roles are not defined on the team. What are you guys take that with Jordan Howard? I don't really like it 'cause Tyler Niveau been big on Jordan Howard lately so Thought that his role isn't defined is not something you want to hear as we're a month away from the season. Yeah definitely. Something you do not want to hear he was definitely a sleeper rb to that I was going to have in every league but that definitely puts them worry in and kind of have to reevaluate where that kind of sleeper Arbutus. GonNa come from late in the take it's better actually said that Kaelin Balaj wants they want to use Keelan? What do you guys think about that? I. Think. that. Caleb Lage's one of the worst running back all of football. So that doesn't make any sense to me. Just when you think the dolphins are finally like getting on the right track making a lot of good moves they remind you that they are still the Miami Dolphins. Yeah. I. Have Them as division Champs, but they're not going to do with Balaj that is going to get them a last place finish if they're using him definitely questions all things dolphins now it does you know I'm sorry guys jumped into it. Even ask you how you're doing today. How are you guys? I am exhausted this moving process house projects is crazy. Walk up the other morning fridge wasn't Oregon. So had to get a new one of those. Oh, the joys of being a homeowner never ending. Yeah. Congratulations on the new home tyler other than that. Is it rewarding yet? Like are you starting to feel good about it? The thing I feel really good about is the Roomba watching that thing clean for hours watch it just do it's magic if it's anything like me, you're GonNa Watch that room for a couple of weeks. It was so fun by Rubel who needs cable when you gotTa Roomba, right? All Right Matt I. Know You've got some news for us. Let's jump into it. Yeah we got some over time news as always, and we have a team that has continuously been making headlines and it is the Washington football team I'm proud of you. I really thought you were GONNA say Redskins Nope I restrained myself football team or football club or I wrote football club, and then I switched it to team midway through that sentence. So I guess I don't even Know for sure it's team because I. Think if it's Club, they'd be talking about soccer either way it's a stupid name they got to come up with something better dairies Geiss was arrested and charged with counts of strangulation, assault, battery, and destruction of property that stem from three separate domestic violence incidents. He was released the following day. He has played five games in his career you guys. Is this the end of Darius Geiss? He's dead to me yeah. I think this does it for his career which is unfortunate. You Never WanNa see you know off the field issues be the reason for a year ending shorter but I do think that this ends ends his career he slid fifty nine th pick in the two thousand, eighteen draft DUDA character concerns. So this really isn't all. That surprising there's a lot of teams that didn't want to touch him. In the first place. We have seen numerous players get additional chances but when you pair his injury history with this criminal history that's just come to light I honestly don't think we're gonNA see dairy guys in the NFL. Again, I don't ever want to see him in the NFL again with that kind of shenanigans. Yeah. Like I said I thi-, this does it for him. I, think his injury history like you said, it's I don't see him playing other another down in the NFL. Finally, we have the belt period that come and gone. That was a stressful period for a lot of owners hoping that their players would opt out a total of sixty seven players ended up opting out some of the notable players for fancy purposes were Damian Williams obviously he was the most important player definitely skyrocket C. H. Value and then Albert Wilson and Alan hearns the Miami Dolphins wide receivers not like you were going to. Draft, either one of them, but it does boost up devante Parker and Preston Williams just a little bit if you're hi Matt Brita, he might get additional targets out of the backfield. So there is some fantasy relevance there but none of the huge names none of the huge stars ended up opting out here's a question for you guys if someone were DA opt out to boost another fantasy players, who do you want it to be i? Would've said Marlin Mac just same thing with Damien Williams just boost Jonathan Taylor that that would have been the one the big one I think or Naim hines. For me it one hundred percent would be Nick Chubb opt out let Kareem Hunt Run wild all day the I think that's what I meant. Nick opt out the Kareem Hunt show shall we move onto our running back consensus rankings? Yes we should before we do kind of want to just give a breakdown of the running back position in two, thousand nine and kind of what to expect twenty twenty because it leads right into our episode. So last year there was a two hundred and thirty one point differential between rb one. Rb Twelve that's Christian McCaffrey Increase Carson that. Was the largest margin in fantasy history by far. It'll never be beaten and it's entirely because Christian. McCaffrey had the best fantasy season of all time last year. McCaffrey at four, hundred, fifty, six points the running backs nine and ten were Alvin. Kamara in saquon Barkley and combined they had four hundred and seventy points. So they were right in line with just McCaffrey he was on twenty five point four percent of championship teams in two, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety two, which is absolutely absurd. Basically, if you drafted McCaffrey, you had a very, very good chance of making your championship and. Winning it. The last thing that I want to say about this, which is crazy is there has not been a repeat number one overall running back number one in over two decades in the last ten years ten different running backs have finished number one. So do you guys think even with how dominant Christian McCaffrey was that that stat hurts his chances of finishing number one overall or is he just that good where he is going to define history? I. Mean The history on it is cool and all, but it doesn't predetermine what happens this year there's other factors that. Hurts EMC's chance of being number one running back this year. What are some of the factors aside from I? Mean well, we got Teddy Bridgewater is a new quarterback. We have a new head coach. Yeah. The new head coach completely different completely different ballgame. We're also predicting that Dj more has a good season We think there's going to be an uptick in volume for him. So yeah, there's there's a lot of factors that come into if a player is going to be able to repeat or not for me, it comes onto injury if he's healthy I think he repeats. Breaks history with that in that sense where he becomes the first repeat running back in a decade, he was just so good. He finished ahead of Aaron Jones who is running back number two last year in full point. By over a hundred and fifty points like that is absolutely on heard of yeah crazy. Yeah. He's number one for a reason. He's really good at football and especially a fantasy is so I yeah, McCaffrey's our consensus number one I. think he's everybody consensus number one through fantasy industry. There's no reason if you're drafting in the one spot to even think, don't use your draft clock draft Christian McCaffrey, the other thing that I wanted to call out with running backs and what we're going to be looking at today. Is over the last two seasons the RB number twenty four. So the last running back to for teams has ended with exactly one hundred and sixty points. So that's kind of the guideline that we're going to use for that reason. So when we're looking at this, we're trying to figure out who the top twenty four running backs are that are going to be able to break that. Hundred and sixty point mark and last year seventeen running backs finished over two hundred points and then seven fell between one hundred and sixty and two hundred. So there's normally going to be right around that sixteen seventeen eighteen running backs that hit over two hundred points. So if you can land two of those running backs, you are going to be sitting pretty and that is what we're. Here to do today to discuss which players are going to do that. So Fun little facts with Matt the new through in there with the hundred and sixty point rb twenty, four, I like that yeah to two and it just kinda show is like a big thing is like hell in there because that's only ten points per game that's like five catches fifty yards, fifty yards, zero. Russian. Should just look at people's physicals and their genetic makeup. Draft based on that. So yeah, we ended up with Christian McCaffrey at number one like we talked about he had twenty four, hundred yards one hundred, sixteen receptions in one thousand, nine touchdowns last year, six games in the twenty s six games in the thirties and two games in the forty S. That's insane. So Tyler said, don't even use your draft clock. If you have the number one overall pick draft Christian, McCaffrey not a fan of people being a little but and wait until the last second to take McCaffrey pick one. No definitely. If I have picked to because I'm like is there a chance that they're not gonNa take Christian McCaffrey and then they take him with one second left and then you make Barclay pick with. Your whole clock on on their to while we all have saquon Barkley coming in at number two. So all three of US had him as our second running back off the board. He had a down year last year but he was hampered by his high ankles ran for a lot of the season. He missed three games and it took them a while to get going eight of his first ten games. Last year scored on twenty points, which is not what you expected out of him after his rookie season over his final three games he posted thirty, forty three and twenty fantasy points. He was healthy he looked explosive. He's going to be an absolute star once yeah. He just lost all explosiveness. I won t came back from that injury with the offseason. Hopefully got that recouped is definitely a prime candidate to bounce back this year it was high ankle sprains are no joke like they talk take time for them to recover and I think he came back a little bit too early and that's why he was hampered right away by he showed who Barkley is at the end there in the fancy playoffs. So big things looking for him for this year as well, and they usually project Hainkel sprains to be a six-week injury and he. was back after three. So he's just an absolute athletic freak and yeah, there's GonNa be huge things in store for Barclay again in twenty twenty coming in at number three was Alvin Kamara Jake tyler both had them at three I had him listed at Ford? You GUYS WANNA speak to why you have him slightly ahead of the next couple of running backs. Big thing is he's going to get more touchdowns this year it's like impossible not to their offense as far as wide receivers aren't as good. This year I mean just Thomas than you have sanders and then kind of fizzles out cook isn't going to get the touches. that he got last year the saints tight ends at Eighteen touchdowns. Last year, it's never going to happen again. So yeah, I think Kamara is a lock for additional touchdowns. Right? He finishes what rb ten you said last year nine nine and he missed time with that ankle back leg injury that he was dealing with you finished with eighty one receptions for the third consecutive year he's going to be locked get that if more and the the positive touchdown regression as well going in his favor if you to tell me to pick a running back, thank you finish rb one that isn't name. McCaffrey Barclay Tomorrow's my pick. Yeah. With all of that, you can expect the yards and the receptions to be there all three of his year so far he's right in line with yards each season, and he's had exactly eighty one receptions and all three years like you said, I, think without a doubt he gets back into the double digits for touchdowns this year and he is a lot for top three. I wouldn't be surprised if anybody were to beat out McCaffrey Tomorrow's my pick for do you think saints of their week fifteen and Camara. Has eighty-one receptions. There's not gonNA thrown the ball anymore. They shouldn't is kind of a cool staff keep eighty perceptions. Every year of his career drew brees will not hurt his knowing percentage by to anyone else if he doesn't have to so no, he he would throw to. All right. Coming in at number four we have Zeki Elliot. J We kind of flip flop here Jake and myself had him at four and Matt had met three. Yes. Some thoughts on why you have the ahead of Kamara here matt. Yeah. It's so close I went back and forth on this I got Elliott three just because of how insanely consistent he is he finished as a running back number three last year. He's one of the true workhorse backs left in the league. He's had over three hundred carries three of his four seasons. The one year he didn't have over three hundred carries he only played in ten games. He was on pace for three, hundred, eighty seven carries that year he's still. Only twenty five years old, he had seventy seven receptions on ninety five targets in two thousand eighteen. I really really need him to get back to that I'm hoping that McCarthy throws him the ball because last year, he dipped down to fifty four receptions on seventy-one target so that hurt a little bit. But if he can get back into that seventy five reception range and I think he will because Mike McCarthy likes to throw the ball I'm hoping that he involves. Elliott. In that I, think with this high powered offense I, think Dallas is going to be the real deal this year. Yeah. You hit it was z keys just you know. You can count on Zeki. You know he doesn't Miss Time with injury the only time he's Mrs because of a suspension, the most steady running back you can have not name Christian McCaffrey. Yeah. Various steady just and the cowboys are going to be super powerful offenses here. That is the reason I have him a little bit lower than Kamara. It's just there's more options in that offense compared to the saints. Would you say he's the safest running back? Not Name McCaffrey yeah. Yes. Yeah. Like every week it's it's your county between thirteen and twenty two points. He's not really the guy he only had one week over thirty points last year but. He's always between thirteen and twenty five points. I don't think Zeke is going to win you weeks anymore but I don't think he's ever GonNa lose you a week. You are going to get his projected points at the minimum. Yeah and I mean he's still only twenty five years old and there's a lot of tread on the tires but he's still young. He's got a lot of years left Dallas game that monster six year contract. So they plan on him being involved long-term in with how good this offense is I'm really really excited about what we can do this season does the retirement of the Center Travis Frederick were you at always seek? He he missed time because of the disease that he was dealing with before. But now he's retired like coming back. He's not even there in the locker room to help or you know game plan or anything. Now he's a beast of a center but I agree like at the end of last season, they already were playing without him. So he proved that he's not going to release, skip a beat or fall off too much. But there's no doubt that injury in that retirement hurt Elliott a little bit cu let's move onto number five and this is. This is where things started to get not so so friendly we start have some disagreements here in number five came in with Delvin Cook and we all actually were lower than him at number five but he just came out to be number five because of how we ranked everyone else. Yeah so Dalvin All all signs are pointing to a full go for this season despite the contract disputes that we've been hearing about when he's healthy, he's a top five running back. We know that he's already missed twenty games industry or career. So we do know about those durability concerns. But if he plays all sixteen games in a contract year, he could easily push for top three at the position especially if the Vikes aren't planning. On resigning him, they're going to run them into the ground because they don't really care about his overall health. No, and he was actually number two points per game at the running back position last year behind Christian McCaffrey He just didn't play sixteen like you mentioned but if he is getting that full workhorse roller, you said the Viking's just don't care about resigning him. He will not play sixteen games because he's GONNA break down he's Just proven that he cannot maintain a full sixteen game pace cook might be the most high risk high reward player in all of fantasy. I generally tend to avoid these types of players in the first round, I like the safe picks and round one but man, he is so exciting to watch when he is on the field. Super Exciting to watch it would be great for him to come out and throw it all on the. Field trying to get that contract because he is so much fun to watch coming in at number six was Joe. Mixing Tyler you're the highest system you have them listed at number five both Jake, and myself have met eight. Why do you got mixing inside your top five? The reason I have mixed in inside? My top five is what he did last year but this year bringing Joe Borough and that receiving core is pretty stack with. Green Ross t higgins defenses aren't going to be able to stack the box. You did all of that last year pretty much honest act box. He's going to see you know less defensive pressure. He's going to get a lot of touches. He's GonNa, have you know probably twelve hundred yards eight touchdowns something like that I agree with your yardage and touchdown projections? That's right about what I got him at. He's coming off back to back eleven hundred rushing yards seasons. He doesn't score that much. So he's only as fifteen touchdowns over his last two years. So you would like to see that number increase, but I don't know if the bengals offense is good enough to produce a running back. That's GONNA score double digit touchdowns. Yeah I'm worried about especially the beginning part of the season with jober. Oh, starting you know he's he's going to start slower than what we probably anticipate because of the offseason he hasn't gotten to work with all the guys up until you know training camp just recently started mixing is going to be the focal point we're assuming aged green is healthy but do. We really know how healthy he is. No, we don't the receiving core looks a lot worse if aged green is out but I like Nixon and just not as high as you are boroughs going to be an absolute stud in the NFL but there's no there's going to be a learning curve in this offseason has done him no favours for any of that. Come in at number seven. Derrick Henry and I got to be the guy to blame here for Derrick Henry being this low because I was the lowest on a my outside rb. I, haven't number ten and it didn't seem right when I was looking at my projections and I looked at feel right I looked at what I had him projected for and I just I like guys a little bit more than him in that just due to the lack of his receiving work. But I mean I have him for fourteen hundred rushing yards. Have Him for Twenty Five, twenty, ten touchdowns on the ground. I I, I'm projecting for a good year stale as Atlanta for seventeen receptions one hundred and forty yards couple touchdowns on the in the air. But I, just think it's hard for him when he has such a low floor with the catches for him to break out into top five running back potential like he did last year. Yeah. The receptions in the receiving work is certainly a fair point but I absolutely loved Eric Henry six threes two hundred and fifty pounds. He's downhill. Runner he just runs straight through people eighteen touchdowns last year, and he led the League in rushing. So if you're not gonNA catch the ball a lot you need to score touchdowns and you need to be efficient with your rushing, and that's exactly what he does. He average over five yards per carry over the last two seasons, which is second to only Rahim Moster in that span. It's Kinda surprising when you hear regime most, it has touch the ball more than twelve times. Yeah. That's true in his four year career though he's never. Exceeded twenty receptions in a year so his value is definitely hire in non ptr leagues but still just with how good Derrick Henry is in the current state of the passing weapons and Tennessee with Corey Davis. Being on the PUP list I think I'm making a bold prediction here. You Guys Derrick Henry will have over twenty nine point five receptions in two thousand, twenty I like it. That's what it came down to me. Is it simply a volume game for Henry because there's three options there AJ Brown Jonah Smith Derrick Henry, and that's it. No no nor about other that's it. Let's move on to the next one humphries. We'll get targets especially with Korea Davis normally we give rebuttals but not on that on that one. Yeah you get that one I'll ride coming in at number eight we have Kenyan Drake Jake was came in the highest on them at five I came in at eight and Matt came in at ten and for me, it's clear opposite argument for Derrick Henry is just getting drake is going to catch the ball. And, we're expecting this offense to take a step forward both in the efficiency and in the volume, and if that happens Kenyan drake is going to get more work than he showed that he even could handle last games last year in which if he gets that much is true done at that point who does catch the ball who's going to score touchdowns I I'm all in Kendrick this year me too. But just I think more realistic having at eight, it's definitely be increased volume they're going. To give him the ball. But how much are we going to see Hopkins I got Kenyan Drake at number ten and you know Tyler I was thinking about this and you and I are both kind of hypocrites and I'll tell you why we always are. Yeah. But the reason why I say that is you're treading lightly on higby because of a five game sample but you're all in on Kenyan drake who's really only had three dominant games in a Cardinals Jersey and I'm the exact opposite. because. I'm treading lightly on drake because of three three-game sample but I'm all in on Haig who had five dominant games. So I'm worried about Kenyan drake being over hyped I. Think he's an absolute star I think he will finish as an rb one but I see it being in this ten range where I have him as opposed to a top five back. But Drake finish with eighty seven points over his last three games, which was third best in that spanned only McCaffrey Barkley so there's obviously About his potential yeah. What I like about drake to as you're drafting him closer to where you have him ranked whereas I'm not paying top five running back price for him. So I just like the upside. I will die on that hill same. Yeah. That's fair I mean I also have been my top ten. So I'm not too far off right or not not like we're huge argument here you haven't like fifteen or something I it's a couple spots and like I said if I'm drafting him at ten, I'm ecstatic about nine and we all came in at number nine on. All the lines here. That means NICK CHUBB IS GONNA. Finish rb nine this year. Yeah. That's guaranty. Right lock it up I think that's what that means. So the pros nick job is Kevin Stefanski in town and he wants to run the rock early and often chubb is a really really good running back. But the cons are Kareem Hunt is there and he's going to get most of the receiving work don't forget Kareem Hunt outscored nick job and six of eight games last season once he returned from suspension so it's A, very, very real threat to nick chubs workload definitely real threat I just don't think trump could be as bad as he was at the goal last year like I don't it's literally just not possible. He ran for negative yards from Russia's inside the five and the browns made clear attempts to improve blind this year. So I think trump is going to be more efficient especially at the golden should be more touchdown for him. I still have him getting twenty receptions even with hunt in they're getting all the reception so. I think they're still gonNA use job thinks to fancy is actually pretty smart coach. He's going to get his best players involved landry. He's no longer on the pup, but he's still kind of dealing with an injury. So we'll see haunted is just used as a third wide receiver. You know we don't really know what that role is. GonNa look like. So I thought I like trump's dole out this year. I. Like trouble out too. But yeah, the one fear factor in there is what is that split going to be? Between trump and hunt we don't know. Yeah. I see the split being roughly sixty forty maybe seventy thirty in trump's favor but the receiving work is going to go to Kareem Hunt but the good news with Kevin Stefanski absolutely loves to run the football. So their volume is going to be up in general. So that's why I still have inside of my top ten but that's a crazy stat. You said Jake that he had negative yards inside of the five you know how many carries was taught my head no like sixteen. digits yeah, that's crazy. He needs to improve that and then he could be in for a huge season. Yeah. With additions of Jack, Jack Conklin, and then the tackle that they added to is that worse or did he? Yeah. So worse I think either way like they made improvements the offensive line knowing that they need to get Chubb going and to help protect Baker I think trump's infra safe year again this year. Yeah. I actually just looked it up. It's they took Jack Wills Junior. There you go. Now we're worse went to the box but yeah, either way. They made it. They made a point to improve that offense plan this off season. So I think it should help me help Chubb stay in the top ten running back coming in at number ten, Josh Jacob. I was highest on Jacobs at number seven, tyler at ten Jake Chasm at eleven. So I got him as more of a mid rb one and they both have them as a low end rb one buffer me it's. Four point yards precarious a rookie ran for over eleven, hundred yards and seven touchdowns in thirteen games. But the thing that worries me in the things that they're going to talk about is that they've brought in all of these new pass catchers on the roster in for me in order for Jacobs to make the leap year two, he needs to be more involved in the passing game. So Lynn? Bowden. Jalen. Rashard. They use waller all the time in the short passing situations they added whitten and rug. So there's a lot of defeat in this offense. So that might hinder Josh Jacobs from making that big leap in year two but I'm still huge on them. Yeah. That's exactly why he's just a little bit lower for me is the lack of volume in the passing game with all those weapons, I? Mean not even call them weapons, but all those other targets they're his passing work is definitely going to decrease from just my projections all of those other bodies, those bodies right and it's the thing is if we're you know you guys are higher on rugs and we like waller as the top five tight end in Jacobs is still there they they kept like you said, he's going to get passes. And bowed in Edwards maybe were sleeping on Derek Carr that the that the would be taken out of that I. Don't think you can ever sleep on Derek Carr I don't think so either but like you said, it's just a lot of bodies. It's tough for him to improve. That's why you said we have lower than what you have them but Jon Gruden did say he was pissed that Josh Jacobson win rookie of the year he said that maybe this year we're going to prove that he should have gotten it. So maybe you'll get your wish and we were a little bit spread on. Jacobs. But nothing like we are spread on Honora number eleven running back, Clyde Edwards, Allaire me and Matt both have him at eleven even after the Damian Williams opt out but Jay Kasim at six. Yeah. And actually the biggest reason for increase for me. I had him in about fifteen range before DB nopd out. But after deeming opted out, it was the touchdowns. That's what made him jump so much. It wasn't so much more volume because he's GonNa get obviously some of that Damian Williams work, but he's not going to get it at all, but he's just not built to be a workhorse three hundred. Touch running back. We all know that, but it's the touchdown potential now that like demon was good at scoring touchdowns like he he was he he's great at it for fantasy with him gone, they're going to need to get someone else the ball that can score touchdowns don't think Daryl Williams is going to do it. I don't think Darwin Thompsons, GonNa do it, and then tell they bring in another. Running Back Clyde is that guy? So that's why he jumps. So much of my rankings he definitely jumped in mine as well, but I am just so fearful of a rookie running back home into a lead back role with zero preseason games zero looks zero getting tackled by two hundred, eighty, five, pound lineman. You got him out replayed at Lsu like he he's been hit by them. Big Boys. Yeah. They're. Bigger. In the pros they're bigger they're faster what like he's being tackled by you know Mac ten whatever conference that is where we play on that field like you got hit by big boys. So don't don't discount too much on that. Yeah, and for me I I really really like the chiefs offense huge news flash. I'm sure for all you guys what yeah crazy one, your your chief, San? Nuts, but I had to be realistic with this but any reads featured running back has finished inside the top ten at the position in twelve of the last sixteen years that he's been a head coach. So seventy five percent of the time the featured running back finishing as a top ten running back I ended up putting him at eleven just because he's a rookie and he hasn't had the off season that he should have gotten I'm also just worried that people are drafting him are expecting him to be cream. Hunt, what he was his rookie year because they're situations are similar. They were both great prospects coming out of the draft hunt became a starter doodoo Spencer Ware Injury H. is becoming a starter to the Williams opt out they both play a primetime Thursday night game to start their seasons and their careers. But the difference was hunt went for two hundred and fifty yards and three touchdowns in his first NFL game. C. H. Likely will not hunt led the league in rushing as a rookie and won rookie of the year. is going to be fantastic but generally takes time for rookies like what Kareem Hunt did is very, very rare and he had a prison and he had a preseason games. So that's that's I. Don't know where to rate C. H. Because if he bawled out and finish as top five running back, would I be shocked not really but if he takes some time to get going to be shocked no, not really. So he's kind of a tough player same for me and it's one that I'm just GonNa live by and die by probably not drafted him unless he drops to the second round and. We. Won't anymore right. No for sure and like I won't be surprised if he finishes top five running back and I love to watch him play don't want to take that risk I WANNA be risk adverse be realistic with your expectations of a rookie running back this year number twelve Aaron Jones Jacob Matt were twelve I was thirteen feels almost criminal the put him here at twelve like he had such a good year last year I. Honestly. I. Was Looking at it. I'm like man I feel bad like an it's not the Vikings Fan. That's me. That's putting him here. It's just a fact of I'm worried about Matt Leflore I'm actually worried that head coach is not going to use his best player because Matt before has shown everything that he wants to put the ball and other people's hands. Should we send him a welfare checks and the sheriff over there to check on the floor? No, he can fluor. No. Putting you cram hoefler no. I hope he doesn't use Aaron Jones for the sake of the Vikings. But for fantasy purposes, he needs to use Jones I. Don't know why he wouldn't but mean he tied McCaffrey for League and touchdowns last year with nineteen, the packers liked to run the ball Jones's in a contract year. So for me if Green Bay is planning on letting him walk then they might actually run him into the ground and if that's the case, I mean he's not gonNa Score Nineteen touchdowns. Again, he's not gonNA FINISH RB to jazz potential to have a really good season, but the CON is They just went out and drafted. Aj Dylan, in the second round without a doubt is going to eat into his goal line work. So it's the moves at the packers made in the draft. We're just surprising to me. That's what I mean I. Don't get it like they brought in Dylan he's going to get some legal work they still Jamal Williams. He's going to get some of the passing work and then have Aaron. Jones so Jones had one thousand, nine touchdowns last year let's set the line this year at nine and a half or you taken over or the under I'll say He'll still hit double digits but it's closer to ten than it is nineteen I think I am projected at ten. have. Yeah you item at nine I think Aj. Dylan takes at least four to five of the goal line touchdowns this year and even without Aj Dillon? He was never going to get nineteen again. No, that's right number for just how much he was on the field to he didn't have that big of a snap share compared to some of the other running back centre rb ones that wraps up our rb. Wan's are rankings one through. Twelve any final thoughts here? guys go out and get running backs from all the mock dress that we've done. You need to address running back early this year really you need to address running back early every year but this year more than normal because there's so many good wide receivers that you can get in mid rounds go out, get those running backs that you think have a chance to fall into that over the two hundred point category. Mark every year sixteen, seventeen, eighteen running backs are gonna hit the two hundred mark. If you can have two of them, you are setting yourself up for success and if you think are bs zero rb is a strategy this year go do a mock draft and honestly told me that you like the team and I will tell you that you're a liar because zero the is dead this year, and if you do like the team you get. Please send it to us because we would love to see what team you landed, where you like the running backs that you get if you wait on them yeah, and where can they send that to tyler they send to our twitter at F- F Ot podcast you follow us on facebook as well. Fantasy football overtime makes you hit the leg share subscribe on apple and Google spotify wherever you get your podcast. Thanks for listening you. Bye. Bye.

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