GSMC Television Podcast Episode 263: Good Fight Sued By a Famous Fan


Watching, TV has changed over time. Streaming has become the new norm. That's why golden state media concepts television podcast dives headfirst to the world of cord cutting wants to be on Bloomberg what's hot and Netflix or if it's not a preference what about original shows in Hulu, we've got you covered join us as we fill the blank and talk about movies to stream and what show you should be binging. This is golden state media concepts, television podcast. Keep Baseball. It's done. Hello and we're back again with another episode of the GMC television podcast. GMC. PODCAST network and I'm you're trying not to morph into Howard beale host, Howard? Fletcher. And I'm joined is always well my trusted engineer. Jack. The black. Pug. Positively honored and thrilled and excited to be here with you once again. If you new to the show, I'd like to give you a very warm. Welcome. Thank you for giving us a try. There's a bunch of stuff you could listen to instead of me. So we appreciate you for choosing to spend some time with us and we aim to please stick around I'm sure you'll hear something that you like at least. That's what I hope. and. We want you to keep coming back, and if you're one of our loyal listeners listen, you know how we feel about you. You are truly the reason I'm here. So let's have some together today. We have another jam packed show for you to day. Alan Dershowitz. He's gotten himself a lawyer for good fight. I'll analyze some of the emmy award nominees and I'll tell you some of the people and the shows that some of the media. Variety especially have suggested were smoked and I will go over that. American idol is going virtual. So we'll see how that works and I'll bring you news as a break. You know I love breaking news and I will have some more news. On? Tenant. Just a moment. and. It also goes along with kind of what I said last show. But I here. Let's get started with some breaking Caesar Fleekerman News. Stanley, Tucci. One of my favorites he's headed to AMC. By way of Spain. The Hunger Games and big night actor will star in a limited series called Lav for tuna. Which AMC STUDIOS IS CO producing with Spain's movie star and Maud Pictures. The thriller comes from Director Alejandro. Dahbar. I hope I'm pronouncing your name, right. I'll Alejandro. He's director of open your eyes and the others, the Nicole. Kidman movies. And who co created the series with Alejandro Hernandez. So to Alejandro with their heads together and came up with La Fortuna. Inspired by the graphic novel. I'M GONNA screw this up to I'm sure L. to. Did she as Negro? Which? Means in English the Treasurer of the Black Swan I said that correctly La Fortuna centers on Alex Ventura. He's a young Spanish diplomat who unintentionally becomes the leader of a mission to recover sunken treasure stolen by Frank. Wild. And Frank and Stanley. Tucci. Plays Frank Wild. He's a notorious adventurer. and. Polo Varosha Osa. Also stars as Lucia Alex's colleague in work and adventure. In quote I, guess production this weekend Spain and will move to North America next year with a premier date targeted for later and twenty twenty. Here's a quote. These days shooting a series such as this one is a big challenge at our team takes on with an enormous amount of enthusiasm responsibility. Said Alejandro, the director because I screw up his last name, but I'm not going to do that anymore. La Fortuna is fundamentally about. Them and will the will to fight Alex Ventura's journey is also hours. We aim to fully succeed. But above all, we hope to offer the audience a good dose of excitement and entertainment next year in quote. CAST also includes Clarke Peters. That's my man who's in the wire, also a podcast that I'm doing right now. And he's recently was in the five zero, spike, Lee fill that you can find on that flakes. Not. A Car Allah Handy My. Manalo Solo Blanco, poor need poor portfolio in Pedro Casado blunk without the discuss blunk. So. Alejandro is going direct all six episodes of that and I apologize for all the names I've grown up. But I thought you wanted to hear about Stanley. Next Project I know I'll probably be looking for it. Now here we go with some more. Tenant is GONNA make. It's money back news. Tenet announced Wednesday that it has passed government approvals for theatrical release in China, an indication that an official release date is now on the horizon. The film has released a poster. Chinese swapping the English tagline time runs out for Clarion, call to return to cinemas that roughly translates to make every second count, invade the theaters. They're going try and not to be subtle, they WANNA, get your butt in the theater. Chinese cinema's reopened in regions at low risk for Covid nineteen on July twentieth. Taking in twelve point, six, million in their opening weekend, currently around forty four percent of its cinemas or business. But they've been required to operate a just thirty percent capacity to allow for social distancing as well as reduce their total number of screenings to half their usual tally. Additionally guidelines to reopening released by the national film. Bureau requested that cinemas not screened films that are over two hours. Long I mentioned that last podcast, which could potentially pose problems for tenant, which runs at two hours and thirty one minutes like most Christopher Nolan movies. Now this directive was soon contradicted. By, Chinese authorities subsequent approval of a number of films longer than two hours. Four nationwide theatrical release. Now, these films that they approved include Harry. Potter, and the sorcerer's stone. And Nolan's own interstellar. Currently scheduled for theatrical reruns starting, August second. which as of this recording is tomorrow I'm recording this on August I. As. Well, as local blockbusters already in play, like Operation Ritzy. Until the guideline is more formally lifted, it appears cinemas in different regions under different levels of Covid nineteen threat. have been given varied amounts of leeway. or at least have been variously willing to stick their neck out and and program longer films. All eight of the Harry Potter films run over two hours all. Trust me, but they're all currently screening is part of the Shanghai. International Film. Festival. Yet at least two cinemas in Beijing with the capital said Wednesday in private chats posted to social media that due to the confusion. They currently didn't dare program approved available titles over one hundred and twenty minutes long even the Patriotic Blockbuster Wolf Warrior to which runs hundred and twenty three minutes. So they're not even willing to go three minutes over. I'm sure. There are some theaters in China that are. Concerned about government interference if they run the wrong length film so. Elsewhere in China. However, the film's Rerun has already made one point, one, million dollars since cinemas reopened on Monday. Tenant had to reschedule release numerous times through the covid nineteen before Warner Brothers this week set along the unconventional plan of debut internationally before hits North American. I, reported on that. Last. PODCAST. It is now prepared to open in around seventy countries abroad starting on April twenty sixth including the UK Australia. Canada, France Germany Italy Japan Korea and Russia. It will then premiere in select US cities over Labor Day weekend from September third. China is far and away the most important foreign market for ten director Christopher Nolan Films Repeat that China, is foreign away the most important foreign market for tenant directors. Christopher Nolan's films. The Chinese box office for almost every film, he's made as either director or executive producer has blown away earnings other territories by a large margin. The only exceptions are dunkirk and the Dark Knight rises for its China was the second largest market globally behind the UK and Batman begins. which hit the Middle Kingdom all the way back in two thousand five when its box office was still comparatively nascent. Of the Nolan directed films done. Curtain. Made Fifty, one, million dollars in China in twenty seventeen. While Interstellar Growth One hundred and twenty, two, million dollars they in two, thousand fourteen. The dark. Knight. Rises. Grossed Fifty two eight million in twenty twelve in inception sixty, eight, point, four, million in two, thousand, ten. Films executive produced by Nolan, have also seen strong showings in the country. They include Batman v Superman dawn of justice with ninety, six, million dollars, justice league with one, hundred, six, million dollars. Let me repeat that Justice League with sucked. Made one hundred and six dollars in China transcendence may twenty million dollars and man of steel made sixty, three, million dollars. Now, obviously, I'm GonNa talk about ten on this show because as I said, last on, is my my baby stories however. This is why this is really important. By on the TV podcast again, let me tell you why. because. Last show, I. said that If. They could get China opened day meaning A. WanNa brothers and the film people if they were those markets were open to them along with this huge international opening that they have targeted for next month for this month now for Aug.. What will happen is in my opinion. We're going to see tenant on video on demand in this country. Very soon, before Thanksgiving I, say probably before Halloween. That's what I believe. If. In fact, the virus does not blow up overseas and they and their numbers continue to stay stable. Even go down and more people go to the theater, and this is this is. Primarily important and this is an assumption. Okay. Just because I like Christopher Nolan and he's done well. But unless tenant is an absolute bomb and it's a terrible movie, which is always a possibility. But let's just say it's the same caliber as all the rest of his movies, most of them to date. Then I think it's going to approach. The one, hundred and fifty million total mark. Let's just let's just use that for number. I just think it's going to be a number of that's going to be closer to two, hundred, million approaching two, hundred, million dollars then not approaching two, hundred, million dollars, and if it's approaching two, hundred million dollars as as we're heading into mid, October. Look for tenant on Vod, near you. On video on demand and. Look for it to be part of an advertised Hbo Max pack going into. Christmas. because. That's what's going to happen folks. And again tenant on the A. Tenant and probably on because I know Disney Disney. Reported last show about this Deal universal made with AMC. Disney was one of the the. Producers. Now granted. Disney something. There's two. They weren't so happy with that deal, and I won't get into all of that of the the reasons for that nevertheless. My Disney up because Disney I. believe he went to the same thing we're long. If tenant takes off overseas and it looks like they're going to at least make their money back. Then look for Milan to be right behind him. And number lawn probably won't make as much money overseas as ten. Maybe. So the Chinese. Will See. What it does may do better in China. And tenant will see I do know this or I do predict this. That when this is said and done when they look back on this year. They're going to look on tenant not again. This is the assumption, I. This is all based on the fact that it on the assumption that tenant is a good movie. If ten at the bad movie, all bets are off so bad movie, and this is just this is just been an unfortunate year for Christopher Nolan and Warner brothers all the way around. But let's just say it's a good movie. I still don't think in any possible way. They're going to make type of money they could have made. Had it this pandemic never shown up. This virus never shown up. But what tenant will be. To for is not as a failure or a movie that didn't make the money, you could have made. It might be known as the movie that save theaters. Might be the one, be the movie that got people to go back into the theaters. Still. Backing off my paradigm shift preaching. I'm just saying that if there's going to need to be a movie of substance, a spectacular movie, a movie that people will. Take. Telling me I'm. GonNa? SAY THEY'RE GONNA risk their life to go see, but they're not going to go see. UNHINGED into theater okay. I just that just debuted over in. London by the way, they're not gonNA, go see. Russel Crowe in hinged. You're not gonNA take go take your date there and mask up. You're not going to do that. You might do that for tenant and you might do that for Milan if you're a big fan of that story. But I think that's what they're going to be thought as in the case study. Is the movie. That helped save. The concept of going to going to the movies. Well. Okay. So that's it for the story now. I've gotten that out of my system for now, you might public up before the end of the show next, I'm going to talk about the Emmy awards again. But since you already know who the individual nominees are. Going to talk about how the different networks or cable channels did as far as the number of nominations they received and variety ran an article of their snubs. There's always going to be this article that comes out of who got snubbed or what show got snubbed and surprises. They called the snubs and surprises over there snubs and surprises, and I'll tell you whether I agree or disagree with them, and I may give you a couple of mine too. I'll be back in a few go. Do whatever you do during the break. Please listen to our sponsors. 'CAUSE that's how we pay our bills. and. A Barry Beck, thanks for listening. Yeah. New York. Okay Emmy awards after we're GONNA talk about. Well, I gave you the nominees last week. Let me tell you about the I. Mean I, mean. Do some summing up here. The Emmy smackdown Netflix and HBO has taken another dramatic turn. As. The Television Academy announced it Seventy Second Primetime Emmy award nominations on Tuesday morning as you heard last. PODCAST. Net. flicks came out on top swinging with wapping. One hundred and sixty nominations followed by rival HBO in Second One, hundred, seven not. Although they came in number two. HBO So I had reason to celebrate. As Limited Series Watchmen scored twenty nine not the most of any program on the comedy side. The Marvelous Ms Mazel maintained its well marvelous showing at the Emmys garnering twenty nominations the same as last year. The leading dramas were Netflix. Hbo Succession both of which pulled eighteen nominations. Now this is the second time that Netflix has at HBO in two, thousand, eighteen, the streamer ended HBO Seventeen. Year Emmy nomination domination. By landing. One, hundred twelve nods to HBO's One Hundred Eight. So. I'm bringing this up because as I say, say time and time again. Is becoming the king of the small screen. and. While HBO. I, they make the best television in my. For my taste I think they're the best of the prestigious television. Net flicks is not to be trifled with they are the king. Hbo Mac as the Great White Shark. Last year. Hbo Grabbed Crown Back Thanks in particular game of thrones, which helped the network pulled down one hundred and thirty seven nominations, twenty nineteen, the most ever in the network's history. The previous record had been on hundred and twenty, six, twenty, fifteen, but last year even with the silver medal. netflix still scored one hundred and seventeen nominations, and that was the most ever in its history. So netflix is for real and they are actually the reigning king because I believe streaming is king. Now. But with no thrones this year HBO was bounded decline from that peak. Continues to ramp up its volume. We help explain its rapid rise from only thirteen nominations in twenty thirteen till now. Last year's drama and comedy series winners. HBO's game of thrones and Amazon prime's videos, fleabag ended their runs, and therefore they're award plays for twenty nineteen leaving some key ballot spots open for the twenty twenty Emmy Awards. But. That's not all that stood to shake up the nominations this time around the corona virus pandemic shifted the awards calendar leaving the voting members of the TV Academy fewer than two weeks to sort out a record length program performer and artisans valid to make their selections. There are a lot of television this year folks. And later on, I'm GonNa, talk about some snubs. There's really none of room to put all these people on the. denominate everybody. There was some really quality television out there. And those selections were far from ordinary while a number of repeat nominees and winners still made the ballot from Amazon prime videos. The Marvelous Mrs Mazel to Hulu is the handmaid's tale. Almost every major category came up with a surprise so. Here is something that I pulled from a variety article variety broke down snow enterprises or their snubs and surprises of the seventy second annual Primetime Emmy award nominations. So here we go. Here's a snob according to variety pose the show The second season of the ballroom culture drama did not score a second consecutive nomination, this year lead actor, and last year's emmy winner reporter did however the series nab some key creative award nominations as well. Unfortunately, though it looks like airing its second season a year ago, hurt the show's visibility with the voting members of the academy. Especially considering its third season could not finish production in air this summer as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic. While I'm not opposed hater at all. I'm not opposed fan I watched the beginnings of the first season and I kind of out didn't hold my attention. I really can acknowledge production value. It just didn't grab me. I, think a show like pose. and. This is based off of like I said, only watch one half season of it. I. Think that it. I will put it in a category of like as four to make an analogy with the academy, awards like the artist or slumdog millionaire. When. You first come out of the movies they. Wow, that was different. Give it the best picture of the year, and then a year later. You find yourself turning away from those movies when they end up on cable, how many times have you seen the artists since it won the Academy Award Not that much I think post. This is as much of a one hit wonders that. But. I do think of benefited from the novelty factor. In that voting. The surprise this year according to variety is the man delorean. Disney plus broken into the emmy race in a bigger way than many thought possible. The Drama Series Nomination for Star Wars. Universe show. It must be the power of the forest because while it was expected to nab creative arts nominations, beat out some heavy hitters and much long running series for this coveted spot. Well. I don't know. I. Think the SCI fi genre very rarely gets. Recognized for being best drama show, but the producers behind this, the main delorean. Pretty. Big names attached to its production, and so it's not surprising to me that it came under serious consideration. A SNOB and I think this is the biggest now of the Oscars. Is Ria. Seahorn for better call Saul. Now here's something that I thought was very curious. I didn't realize I read this article. SEAHORN has never been nominated at the EMMYS. But this seemed like it was sure going to be her year after a season of the breaking bad prequel that put her on a more equal ground with Bob Odin Kirks, titular character, Saul, she navigated some tough emotional material, own kirk. Himself spent much of his emmy for your consideration interviews and campaigns chatting up, she should have been recognized and I was shocked that I didn't see rea- horns name there. The surprise they said in that category was in out for euphoria. The star of the HBO Teen, drama has some serious fresh new talent for the television emmy voters. Playing the drug addicted Ru. Showed off the former Disney stars range like no other role could and she was rewarded securing a coveted lead drama. Actress nomination. Even over premium emmy winners such as the Coal Kidman Elizabeth, Moss. Well good for than day. I. I did I saw maybe two episodes of euphoria I thought he was good and it was nice to see someone new. Snub they think was reese witherspoon? Witherspoon had a trio of opportunities to be nominated this year, he could have been nominated for big little lies for the morning show and for little fires everywhere. But she failed to score any acting emmy nominations. She did get one because she is an executive producer on little fires everywhere, and that show was nominated in its category. On three very good shows and she was good in big little lies of the three shows she was on I was the only one that I watched all the actresses on that. You're very good. Snub I. Think might be Hitler heavy handed, but I'm sure she was she was disappointed because he had a lot of opportunities. The surprise they thought was Linda Cartolini dead to me. my sister watches that show he said it was very good. I have not watched it yet. From what I hear she and Christina applegate. Go off I mean that they are they. Both are very good on that show. applegate did get nominated and I think that she might just be one of the people that they're just there's just a lot of talent out there and it's not her year I guess. That's one of the reasons why aggregate is my dark horse in that category because I think just might be her year. And a snub surprise a put this on both categories is the show the morning show the Apple TV. Plus drama scored a few coveted emmy nominations including the drama actress. For Jennifer Aniston, Lee, drama actor for Steve, Steve Carell and supporting drama actor for Billy crude up. But it did not pick up a drama series. Nomination growls nomination also came as somewhat of a surprise prognosticators. Thought he had a better chance of getting nominated for space. Force, which he co created with Greg Daniels. About that. But. Warning show did get some good reviews. Again does not enough room for everybody. So you know you can't nominate everybody. So that was the day of now. There's a prize was what we do in the shadows. The fx vampire comedy broke into the comedy series race for the first time with its second season, although beloved by the audience and most critics is seemed like a longer shot for a nomination given, the stacked race of returning nominees, still eligible I. think that this is one of those where it just could not be denied, and it probably will not win. I picked it as a dark horse, but it probably will not win, but they couldn't leave it out because when they ever looked at, it said, it's just it's just too good to leave out. And one of the owners and creators jemaine Clement has been not say snubbed but not recognized for flight of the conchords or the work he did on Legion and I think all those things together and 'cause it was on fx and fx shows traditionally Kinda get ignored all of that put together made it. The right time to nominate that, show the snub if anything is a snub. Snub Russell. Crowe in the loudest voice. Here's their blurb the. Golden. Globe winner was completely unrecognizable when playing. Roger. ailes in the Showtime Limited series unfortunately though that proved not to be enough to follow the Hollywood foreign, Press Association love with an Emmy Nam well. Russell Crowe did. Win I. Think a Golden, Globe. For that role, which I thought was a surprise. Even to a bad job, and he said he was unrecognizable is just because he had so many so much makeup and prosthetic on day was unrecognizable I. Don't think he's unrecognizable because of his acting. His acting was good enough. But it was a little over the top. I. It was. It was what it was. It was it was the costume performance. Wasn't like Christian Bale, Dick? Cheney. Vice. But you know if you want to compare it, but it's just okay, he didn't get. He got a Golden Globe way to go Russell. He also went on to make unhinged. Let's tells you something about to me. Tell me something about his art artistic integrity. The surprise is Paul Colin. Normal. People. The. Newcomer won the heart of audiences after bringing the role of connell from solid Rooney's novel. Normal people to life or Hulu is limited series and it turned out much of that audience where Emmy voters. He's scored a freshman nomination in the extremely competitive lead actor category. This year okay, good snub. Erin Paul, they said like Witherspoon Paul had multiple opportunities where he could have been nominated. He was favourite for one the limited series TV, movie, El, Camino, which he returned to the beloved role of Jesse Pink. Man. Which I thought. WAS I. He didn't he? He wasn't westworld and I thought he. He's also on this other thing called truth. Be told I didn't watch truth. Be told did. Watch westworld. Yes I'm still a rabid fan of that show and I will say this, I didn't have confidence. An Aaron Paul would be able to hang. He actually was one of the best things on that. Show this season. So while I don't think it was necessarily emmy. Worthy. I, think of all those shows I think his performance on with road was the best, and if he had any chance, it should have been that, but I don't think that that was an overall worth nomination. As they thought a snub was the leading ladies of unbelievable. Though the Netflix, limited series received a nomination Caitlyn deavere and Mary. Weaver. Did Not. They may have canceled each other out because Toni Collette did pick up a nomination supporting despite garnering love during the winter award season in a timely tale that elicited extremely emotional performances. Emmy, voters did not follow the trend well. I didn't watch unbelievable. I am sorry to say I've saw the I. Almost all of the first episode. It was. Little, troubling, not not because it was bad. It was the subject matter high never went back to it and. I have to because it's supposed to be very good. And I don't know maybe a voters. I'm not one obviously. Did. The same thing I don't know. They're probably right about the two lead actresses cancelling each other out and Tony Coletta just good and everything she does. So that's it. That's varieties, snubs and surprises for the Emmy. Awards. I told you agreed and disagreed. I think it's just a very strong field of television shows in general and actors. Up and down this year and the more content that comes on television. The more quality content comes on the more. These actors get these production companies. They start making the stories that they wanna make, and they can put together these teams of high quality press these. Kill Makers I. Don't call them this solely filmmakers, but they're not features, but Siri know show runners, I, think the Emmy awards are going to get harder more competitive. Not that's a bad word more and more competitive because the quality of television is just going up and up. Next I'm going to talk about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected. Or is affecting American, idol be back in a little while we're gonNA pay some bills. Thanks for listening. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now, listen close and here's this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts. PODCAST network is here nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast coverage. From News Sports, music fashion, looking entertaining fantasy football, and so much more. So stop alerted around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts. PODCAST network guaranteed to build that podcast. Whatever it may be, visit us at www dot gs MC podcast, dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter, and download on I, tunes, soundcloud and Google play. WHO. Tough deal. That's all topless. We're back on. We're GONNA talk about American idol right now. And how the coronavirus pandemic has affected that show or the things that they're going to try to do to work around it American idol, they're resuming their auditions, the audition phase of the show with going to be amid the coronavirus pandemic and they will be held remotely. ABC announced on. Friday. This allows the usual idol across America tour to expand out, include all fifty states plus Washington DC for the first time since the shows and -ception. Auditions for the upcoming fourth. season. On the alphabet network begin on. August tenth. and. This time around hopeful contestants can perform across any official audition date, I. Don't know. They're going to sort these folks out. Seems like they're gonNA. Get. swamped. Those auditioning will still receive facetime with a show producer. Just digitally. This allows everyone still receive feedback in real time. The show will use custom built zoom technology to host this nationwide search for the next singing sensation. while. This is the first time. The show will be holding auditions. This way idol is no stranger to remote production having finished most of its recent season that way. Contestants performed from their various homes with the show's crew and technicians working to make sure that each person had an equal singing field as possible as equal of the thing in field as possible despite being spread out geographically and having different access to technology. let alone internet speeds for streaming and uploading. The. AD. Home Finale helped ABC rank as number one, the number. One network. of May. Sunday nights winning the coveted eighteen to forty nine age demographic in drawing the most viewers tuning in at that time, which was seven point, three, million viewers. while. Well last. For those of you who watched or care the winner, last season was just Sam and that is capital J. Just Sam I don't know that means the person's name I. Don't know if that person the. Male or female. 'cause might be a woman named just for the last name of Sam or it could be someone named Sam who decided to put just in front of his name, but that person one. This is interesting because they brought us some things that I didn't think about it, but obviously are going to be or issues because not everybody. Not all Internet is equal and not all. Going to be recording at home. Not, all of your equipment is going to be equal. So you might be very talented but southbound, bad because of what you're using. or how the JAZZY CD you? If you have a bad camera or your, you know, you just have an old computer or slow internet speed, you might freeze up or something. So That's interesting. Also, I you know even though I know from my path doing of American idol which trust me you all was. About fifteen years ago I. Think he's private last time I saw American, an episode of American idol, especially, one of these vases. Even though they had it at just a few cities or a number of cities across the country, they seem to attract a lot of contestants. And I would imagine that because of travel challenges. They didn't get as many people as they possibly could have. So when it's a deal where you just have to sit down at your computer. And get online to audition I. Think they're going to be swamped. Which you know, I? Don't know it depends how. Much manpower they have, and how quickly they can we through this thing? Might be first-come-first-served. Somehow in you get cut off, be interesting to see, I would think the erratically the more talent they have the larger, the pool, the better that contestants. Let's see if that pans out that way, I won't see because I probably won't be watching, but let's see if this round of American idol brings us. The next. Kelly, Clarkson or Jennifer Hudson or. All right. This is a story I've been waiting to discuss. Let's break for some good fight breaking news. Alan Dershowitz. Legal. Scholar. Dream. Team member of the OJ squat. and. Harvard law. School professor. Emeritus is a fan of the show. The good fight. But, the famed attorney is preparing to sue Viacom CBS and the producers of the CBS access legal drama for referring to him in the final episode of the show's fourth season as a shyster in connection with his representation of the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein. Was Convicted of soliciting sex with underage girls in two, thousand and eight. Committed suicide last year in quotes. I put those gourds there. While in federal prison as he awaited trial on new sex trafficking charges. Dershowitz lawyer. On July seventeenth. Sent a letter to CBS. Good fight creators and show runners Robert, king, and Michelle King and others connected with the show demanding that CBS all access stop airing the content in question. And they retraction of the statement and a public apology for it. Now, just just as an aside. I, wonder what? It's like to Alan Dershowitz, his lawyer because anyone if any of you all are familiar with Dershowitz and he's become. Kinda ubiquitous over the years, it's Kinda hard to follow. Legal Television and not see. Who it somewhere along the way. He is somebody like most very good attorney seems to be an A. Type Personality and thinks. This or appears to believe he is the smartest man in the room. So I wonder if it's difficult challenging to be his representative. I wonder if he's coaching you all the time telling you what to do. Even, though you might be giving them different advice I don't know. It's just something I've thought about here is a quote quote. Clearly, the dialogue and the context in which it is made, the words loaded with Innuendo such as massage. Epstein. And the Virgin Islands in combination with the word schyster. Falsely suggest that Professor Dershowitz engaged in sexual conduct i. e a massage in quotes with an underage girl associated with Epstein, and this crooked scrupulous in lying about it, I e a schyster on sorry road now on. Sorry is his attorney. Professor Dershowitz that is. Jonathan and SCHNELL VIACOM CBS media networks, executive vice president in general counsel responded with a letter. He sent on July twenty eighth that outlined. CBS. Is Defense of the episode and it's references to Dershowitz. Here's the quote. Quote. In. Other words as one might explained to a small child. The series, it's characters and the things they say are all make believe. People don't watch the series for factual information about Professor Dershowitz or anyone else and show wrote. In quoque or end quote angel. In the episode. The gang discovers who kill Jeffrey Epstein, the title of the episode which debuted on May Twenty seventh. Fictional criminal defense attorney character. Benjamin Defoe played by guest Dr David Gilford is depicted as having previously represented. Epstein. Before. Dershowitz. The. Episode makes several references to Dershowitz in connection. With Epstein. On Saris letter focuses on one exchange that the defoe character has with his lawyers Diane Lockhart. That's character played by Christine Baranowski. In Liz Rettig, and that's played by Audra. McDonald about. Losing Epstein as a client. In the most Meta legal sense, the dialogue anticipate real life legal action from Dershowitz. Now. Here's the statement from the character in question defoe. Quote, probably, the time he did St- me for Dershowitz at least I didn't get a massage like that shyster and for the purposes of my potential lawsuit, schyster is just my opinion, not a statement of fact, and quote that's the defoe character says in the episode. Dershowitz told. Variety, that's where I got this part of my reporting or they're reporting. Dershowitz told variety that. The good fight, the show and other contemporary dramas that we fictional characters and real life. Public figures into their stories are trading on very shaky ground when it comes to definite deflation concerns. Quote The idea that a fictional character can get away with defaming somebody is really a new one. End. Quote Dershowitz said. Dershowitz continued. You either. Have to have an entirely fictional account in which they make up the names of everybody or truthful account. You can't make the genres when you mix the genres, the law of defamation applies end quote. Now on Saris letter remember on Saris Dershowitz. Attorney. Is Letter notes that the decision to include a just my opinion into the defoe characters dialogue. Only adds to the argument that Viacom CBS and the show was aware that the statement was defamatory. Here's a quote. It is indicative that CBS knew that the statements were defamatory. He had sought albeit weakly to skirt liability, and it is akin to showing a consciousness of guilt and sorry wrote. Now and shells. Letter notes that Dershowitz himself has acknowledged that he wants received a massage at of Epstein's homes. Here's a quote. In fairness Professor Dershowitz claimed that he kept his underwear on during the massage. A more benign mental image than what the mind might otherwise conjure. So at least there's that. and quote. That's what I wrote in his. Response. Letter. As, for the use of the term, shyster and chill defended it as spoken by fictional character and expressly fe phrased as an opinion. He sight as legal support. The recent dismissal of a lawsuit against fx networks brought by movie legend, Olivia the Havilland who objected to her depiction in the 2017, Limited Series Feud Bette and Joan. Levied the heavily just passed by the way for those y'all don't know. Here's a quote. We are confident that no viewer would conclude that Professional Dershowitz is a shyster based on the one line, of opinion from a fictional character on the series as opposed to the real life factual publications that have called him exactly that and so wrote. Dershowitz noted that the legal issues stemming from a blend, of fact and fiction. Are also the crux of a lawsuit filed in March by the former Manhattan prosecutor Linda Fairstein against Netflix's over her depiction in twenty nineteen limited series when they see us about the wrongful convictions, of Fi, black man who became known as the Central Park. Five? Dershowitz said that he will take his battle against the good fight to court. If CBS Viacom continues to balk at his demand for an apology and retraction, even though he is generally a fan of the stylist drama revolving around. Legal Eagles in Chicago. Quote my family and I have watched it enjoyed it. Dershowitz. said. Dershowitz has come in for strong criticism in his association. With Epstein who faced horrifying allegations, he was a serial Predator of underage girls. Dershowitz has been sued by an obscene victim who accused him of sexual misconduct, which he has vehemently denied. Last November Dershowitz countersued Virginia Guthrie. I believe that's how you pronounce your name. Excuse. Me, Miss Virginia. If I'm mispronouncing your last name, saying her claims had caused him severe emotional distress. Dershowitz vowed to press his case against Viacom CVS and the good fight as a matter of principle quote. I am an honest and honorable lawyer who represents controversial clients that people don't like Dershowitz says. Nobody's going to call me a shyster and get away with it. If the people at CBS or decent people, they will issue an apology with draw the episode or that part of the episode if they don't, I'll see them in court. and quote. Well. I think there's GonNa be a very interesting case. At somebody who is. Not, a lawyer I work with contracts. Real Estate Bill, I have several attorneys in my family several friends who are attorneys have an interest in law. This I mean as much as I am. Just as a matter of my personal ruling I believe. Right now behind to lean on the side of CBS Viacom. I understand that this is not a frivolous lawsuit. I think that Alan Dershowitz does have a case that he can make in court. I. Don't hope that this case wins because ironically. This is the type of case that, Alan. Dershowitz, take on behalf of CBS Viacom to forward their ability to express themselves artistically, and you know somewhat. You know this could come under. It's not so much if this people misunderstand the First Amendment Freedom of speech. Has To do with you being able to express yourself without coming under the thumb of the government being able to say Alan Dershowitz is. Something any type of name. and. Unless you're making a threat on the life or to harm Alan Dershowitz, you're able to say that without going to jail, but we have a civil court that allows Alan Dershowitz to sue you for saying that that doesn't come under First Amendment. So the First Amendment on the Playa here, however, I want artists to be able to express themselves this way. With real public figures if they come if they're mixed in with fictional characters and especially a character like Alan Dershowitz, who said all kinds of things said about him in the press. By real people. So. I don't see why this fake person. This false Bursa can't be able to say, but it'll be interesting to see how how this ruling goes forward I think again, this is one of these situations where. Alan, Dershowitz and clients. He has. Represented in Chorley represent. Tried to throw their weight around in their influence to try to intimidate people. Into doing things that they don't want to do? So we'll see what happens. But anyway I thought that was interesting case. We'll see what happens next. I'm going to talk about guess what. I'm GonNa talk about movies, next year, and how what has happened to the schedule this year how it's GonNa. Affect next year, and possibly your streaming options don't go away, go get some refreshments I'll be back after we pay some bills. Thanks for listening. Happened like being sued by a lawyer. Yeah Party, we're back. This is. Last segment and we got a lot of stuff to cover. Got A special announcement at the end. Setting theatrical schedules has never been simple in the movies as you know from the thing to me on this podcast. But as the pandemic pushes releases into twenty, twenty one and beyond distributors say it's like playing fourth dimensional chess on acid. On, March. Fourth MDM's James Bond Film. No time to die became the first Hollywood ten tentpole in the COVID nineteen era to delay if the release, the twenty fifth installment of the spy franchise moved from early April to Thanksgiving, and at the time decisions seem drastic. Theaters were still open in the US and the World Health Organization hadn't declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. But the move proved to be a bellwether for the coming chaos theaters in the US soon, shuttered. Cinemas in China where the pandemic began had gone dark in late January. But studios rushed to rearrange their slates and what had been the biggest disruption to the release calendar in Hollywood history. The migration, which is ongoing. It's still happening. We'll have implications for years to come and will make twenty twenty one particularly crowded. Choosing movies date is a vital part of the process. It's common for the fiercely competitive studios to selected date two or three years out for their bigger films and sometimes even farther into the future. No one could have imagined the calendars carnage as theaters remain closed amid the devastating surge of cases across the US in some overseas territories. On July twenty four, th Disney said it was taking tentpole Moulana off the calendar, pushing back its Avatar and star wars films by year. Through. Twenty twenty eight. Avatar to moves from. December, twenty, twenty, one to December, twenty, twenty, two. A few days earlier warner. Brothers had likewise removed Christopher Nolan's tenant before announcing that the tent pole will begin in Overseas Rollout August twenty sixth followed by select US cities. September third paramount made a major announcement July twenty fourth, saying it was pushing more key titles a quiet place part two from Labour Day to April and top gun maverick from Christmas to June. topgun maverick could be pushed all the way to twenty twenty-eight SARS. I'm concerned. Here's a quote. We've never faced such uncertainty which has resulted in the most fluid dating situation ever says Chris. Aronson president. Of domestic distribution paramount. He continues the whole supply chain has been impacted. Another. Top distribution executive with a little bit more colorful in his description of the complicated climate saying if like playing four dimensional chess on acid. Which I said before. Now under normal circumstances usually when you move a movie. Suddenly or. Within weeks or months of its release, it means that something's wrong with the movie. You know they're either going to do re-shoots or if just bombed and you know focus groups or something. But. That's hasn't been the case here. Mulan intended. Each has moved no fewer than three times because of the pandemic quote up ended everything, we know about the sanctity of the release calendar says Paul Do Djerba Ron, Ofcom. Score. com. Score is a company that is a consulting firm. So media consulting firm that. Tracks. Things like release dates and other marketing information to make a long story short? That's what they do. That's what their opinion is. Important. Release date changes for huge movies have become commonplace. And, barely raise the blood pressure everyone has come to expect that everything is uncertain sources. Say it was preferable to unscheduled tenant and Milan for now instead of announcing new dates and having to move them again, quote I think everything is in flux until ten it goes says Eric Handler Wall, street analysts with 'em km partners. He continues other studios for wash to see how many people show up. That could cause some more delays. And that's my point about tenant. In Milan, I think when the case studies done about this time. Tenet Moulana. Movies that will have prime the pump for what's left of the theatre going public or the theater industry, but. They're also going to be movies that didn't do as well as they could have given that they're good movies again, that's the given I'm assuming at least ten is. If they're bad movies. Bad movies. Remaining twenty, twenty, ten polls on the calendar. Include Wonder Woman Nineteen, eighty-four, black widow. No time to die. Free Guy, which is science fiction comedy with Ryan Reynolds He's producing that movie as well. Because now he's a player after deadpool. And Steven Spielberg's west side story. Now, as far as more lawn, it's not clear yet when Disney plans to release that. Early in the pandemic, many twenty, twenty epic pictures gave up on this year including the terminals, ghostbusters afterlife, which I think is going to be a bomb to. The venom sequel. Let there be carnage F nine. That's one of the fast and furious pictures, millions of grew in the heights and jungle cruise, all of which are now set for the first three quarters of two, thousand, twenty one. Next year has become incredibly crowded. But we don't know if the film set toward the end of the year, we'll be able to finish production said handler. The clock is ticking with every day that goes by. With a quiet place to top gun maverick. Now, in the twenty, twenty, one mix competition will be even fiercer. So the guy from com score Derg are BGN. And I'm mispronouncing his name again, I mispronounced it earlier. But that's we worked for COMP score. He says that next year is fast becoming a cage match. And I would agree with them. But I don't think top gun maverick is going to be one of the players in cage match. Meanwhile. Twenty twenty two might not provide much more breathing room because you see this thing as a ripple effect. Avatar to. The next installment in the four Doctor Strange and Indiana Jones Franchises. been pushed into that year. Okay. Just like Maverick I think the Indiana Jones Franchise one. That's not really a player either I think that one's bomb anyway. However, industry experts studio execs expect that some smaller and mid range titles will continue to go straight to premium. vod. With video on demand or streaming in order to lighten the calendar. Those of you who listeners podcasts know that you bore, right? Here's been saying that since this thing started. Okay. But I don't only think they're going to go to the OD or video on demand streaming because there's not going to be a lot of Rome. In the market I think they're going to go there because there's going to be way too much room in the theaters. You know I think that people are going to. WanNa. Watch movies at home more and that going to the theater is going to be more of a tentpole situation. So I'm going to go back to a quiet place to, and I'm not bragging on a quiet place to I. thought it was a very good. A quiet place was a good movie. But a quiet place to doesn't need to be seen in the theater. People are going to watch that movie in the darkness of their basements where it will be really scary and they can eat better food for less money. That's what I believe. They're gonNA WANNA, see probably nine or four or any of these other movies on large grains because they have sensational. Special effects and sound design, and it'll be a lot better to see them on a big screen. Even bigger movies because see shorter runs. On July. Twenty eighth mega chain AMC theaters said, it will allow universal titles. We made available on pre premium video on demand after seventeen days, I reported that last. Show. Here's a quote. There's going to be a redefinition of what is the? What is not says one top executive who spending more time than ever reviewing slot. Sounds like he's spending more time than ever listening to this podcast. He. Says that a proliferation of twenty twenty three dates are being snatched up for untitled event films. Think, of it as insurance. Says one movie executive. Well, I'm saying that. They're going to have to start. Scheduling. These big. What they call tentpole movies out farther farther because they're gonNA need space in between them and but I think they're going to be able to do that because like this is article in like I've been saying for months now, these smaller to mid size films and I'll put a dollar value on sixty million dollars in less are going to go to video on demand and streaming. Especially, if they don't need that big venue, they don't need to be you know. A big screen and huge speakers to be appreciated. My prime example is a quiet place to. And Right. Before I started recording this segment, the BAFTA award winners were announced release. I got them in my email box. So I'm going to go over. Some of this information since net flicks and Hulu and other streaming services are not bringing as more British content than ever before I thought I would cover some of these awards in the interest of time. However, I selected the programs that are more familiar to American audiences. And, I know I have many international listeners. So I want to emphasize doing this in the interest of time. And over half my audience. American. So I want to mention things that everyone could relate doing shows that most people have seen or at least hurt out. Hbo And Sky Atlantic's Chernobyl and channel. Four's staff. Let's flats and I. Know Some of you Americans have not heard of that and channel four and Netflix's ended the F. Ing World emerge with two BAFTA as peace at this year's. Chernobyl one for miniseries and leading actor for Jared Harris. Adding to prizes to its existing hall of Seven Awards at the BAFTA TV craft awards earlier this month meanwhile Baptist leading actress award was won by Glenda Jackson. For her performance in the BBC's Elizabeth Missing, her first television role for more than twenty five years in the second BAFTA of her career. Her first BAFTA was four Sunday bloody? Sunday. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, two. Meanwhile. Cana four and Netflix's and the F. Ing. World. Also received prizes for drama series and best supporting actress for first time nominee I owe me Aki. Now, she was in the second season which I've yet to see the first season was fantastic and I will be watching the second season will sharp another first time winner won for his performance in BBC and Netflix's Gre- Haji in the supporting actor category. While Mo- Gilligan won his first BAFTA for entertainment performance for the latest show with Mogi elegant. and. First Time nominee signed Clifford one in the female performance in a comedy program for Playing Clare The older sister in Fleabag, which I have yet to watch also. Able do rene won her second. BAFTA for career for when they see us the US crime drama series based on the true story of the central five. In the international category. It follows with her win for thirteenth, which won best documentary at the twenty seventeen British Academy Film Awards, and she got an honorary BAFTA for that. Leaving Neverland received a BAFTA for factual series while the last survivors. One Single Documentary and the Yorkshire ripper files a very British crime story. One specialist factual. I. Love British awards because we would never have award here called specialist factual which I really like. The special award was presented to Idris. Elba, in recognition of his exceptional career in his commitment to champing diversity in new talent in the industry, the actor writer director and producer received video messages from Matthew mcconaughey. drowsy. P. Henson. And Ruth Wilson among others, and those are the only awards Ivanenko over. But I thought it was interesting because a lot of these productions I would have never heard of if it weren't for Netflix. And that's why I think Netflix is and will remain the kings for a little while because quite a little while because of their. Embracing. The world. Market for entertainment I. Think they've done a fantastic job I've said several times on this podcast and my special announcement is this. Show is now going to be going to from twice a week show to once a week show and it's going to drop. It will now be dropping just once a week on Saturdays instead of on the normal Tuesday and Fridays as an has been and I know this is heartbreaking news for some. Others are probably like saying, yeah, once is enough our but because some professional commitments that I have, I will only be able to produce one show a week. In. So that's why it's happening. If we hire another host to produce the second, let you know. So we may have to television podcasts a week, but right now it's going to be once a week on Saturdays. So I really appreciate your listenership and I will miss doing this twice a week because I really enjoy this show. And with that, that will be it for the GMC television podcast this week brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I'd like to ask that you please remember to subscribe to the show, right? It's a nice review. We like. You know it'll help the show grow and we would appreciate it. If you did give us five stars if you have some feedback for me and it can be negative as you want it to be. You can email me at podcast Howard mail Please, keep it as clean as possible. 'cause I re all email on air good or bad. I appreciate the feedback. I listen to it all and I try to do the best. I. Can to keep you guys coming back. Listen. I. Know We're some strange and challenging times right now, trying to pull through this together folks. We're at a worldwide pandemic. This virus seems to be changing a lot and we're still trying to figure out how it's transmitted and spread at least in the good old USA. We are. The rest of you guys seem to figured it out worldwide. So. Please, we do know this. You should wash your hands off and please limit your close up and personal interaction when people. If he can wear a mask if you when you go out of the house or when you're up close talking to people, they're saying now you should maybe wear goggles or protect your eyes if at all possible for you to do. But please. Do the best you can, and we'll get through this together. Until we, meet again please dream. With. CARE. Jack and I love you guys be kind to one another and I'll see you on Saturday. A good week. Bye. Bye. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts, television podcast part of the Golden. State media concepts, podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot Jesus, MC podcasts, dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud, and Google play just type in Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts, podcast network from movies to Music Sports Entertainment, and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you, and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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