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What's going on everybody? This is Bethel bringing you another binge-watching episode from real screeners and this time around unfortunately, lenny cannot be with us. He is very busy at the moment, but he says what up and we have troy stegar owner of Zia comics and organizer of pestle Comic Con as our special guest today. Thank you for being with US or being here. I should say, I know, thanks for inviting me Just linney. We're changing it now it's. talk real screeners. Troy. Yeah we're we're. Out Yes he's going to he's going to have to like. He's GonNa have to return whenever he gets a chance. But for now is destroy Bento. So. Troy. How how how's it been house binge watching? What have you been up to as far as watching shows movies Every now anything not you know no new movies since what like February timeframe was last new movie that came out. So you know we've wash everything at a red box caught up on a lot of things on net flicks but. Recently. the big thing is hit. Hit on Netflix was probably or actually I think it was on Amazon Boys. Streaming season to excellent. That's a good place to start Yeah. If you're not into Gore in violence, you might want to watch something else 'cause you might WanNa. Skip that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's has like creating and it and it happens when you least expect it right? You're like watching it and yet a sudden. Lamb like something blows up and a lot of blood you know. Yeah. So so the boys is an awesome show. I think that if you're a Superhero Fan You can't turn your eyes away from it. It's just a such a innovative idea for superheroes you know. I I'm really digging the second season personally I think that. It, it has a lot of cool things to say about like the way that America is and the world is as far as like capitalism and like corporate America and the way that the the seven and the soups kind of fit into that. I think it's think it's super cool. Yet you know Corporate America would monetize superheroes somehow so. You know they're they're renting them out basically to cities. Now they're trying to rip out to the military and season to. A spoilers if you haven't seen the first episode as our their amonte. So yeah. Is Good Yeah. Yeah. Let's just talk spoilers I mean. We're here to have fun. Yeah in June car I. Love Giancarl, Giancarlo. Esposito that guy who just amazing actor everything is in. In he plays that the main suit so well. Yes Home Lander Oh that guy yeah. Giancarlo. Esposito the Matrix you're talking about the main superhero. Guy Giancarlo esposito plays He was moth get in man, delorean Gus, fring and. Breaking bad, old that's right. That's right. Okay. Yes. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. That guy he's an amazing actor like I said, he's that the one suit kind of puts inputs homeland. In check. Right right. Right. Right I. You know I think that a the actor who plays Home Lander is. Awesome man. Lake talk about someone that's terrifying and just plays a crazy basically psychopath right? I mean I really am really digging how the second season is is really like delving a lot more into like the character psychological you know allied I do things yeah. Why they do things and really getting into like they're you know they're even like sexual psychology and like their political psychology and some really interesting crazy things in there that really defined that homeland or character and then that that. Newcomer Storm. Front. I think thirty. Pretty. Cool. What's up? Sorry about that background sound my mouse over something on Netflix. Oh it's fine. No problem. No problem. But yeah, the like you're saying the you see a lot of homeland irs. Sexual. Mentality proclivities whatever you WANNA call. Yeah. Yeah. The guy had a messed up upbringing and It, really impacted was an adult. Yeah and you really understand I guess a lot of why he is the way that he is and the way that he interacts with his own son and. That kind of dysfunctional relationship band will I mean his relationship is dysfunctional with everybody? I. Guess. But. It's it's it's really cool and I really liked the actor that plays a. Huey I think is his name Huey. I really think he. He's a good kinda like contrast to binge villainous characters you know. So. But yeah I I think. He. Has Good humanity to the show you know. Yeah well, like I. said in the most recent episodes Bush scenario. I, mean he's the he's the end to the Yang even on the the aggressor anti-heroes Illinois of income eras. Even their side. Yeah crawler been playing a also really good and he's going in an interesting direction as well. I. Just think that all the characters are are going in a very interesting direction, even the The Guy. Who says the dolphins of his name the. Yeah, the deep via. To The aquaman reports. The man replied. Yeah delving into his insecurities and stuff. No, I'm I'm just really really enjoying it really worth a watch overall. Yeah I mean it. It's a lot of blood and Gore. But like you said the low that if you look past that, there's a lot of psychological stuff. Underneath at all. So if you can get past the blood and Gore it's, it's really good story. It is. It is yeah and refreshing take on against Superhero. So yeah. Yeah Yeah That was one thing I've been watching how `bout you. Okay. Okay. So I, I really am excited to bring up. So. I didn't know about Cobra Kai until quite recently I think I tell you guys that. It's worth a youtube red to go watch Cobra guy you you might have mentioned it but I, guess it just didn't stick and. When it when I found out that it was on Netflix I was like Oh man I gotta I gotTA check this out. You know as karate kid fan and an overall like eighties movies fan I thought wow, this is a really cool idea and so I- binged the first and second season I hadn't seen the first season, right so I've benched two seasons and I think a span of like maybe four days. I think they're shorter episodes, but there's still quite a few of them. Yeah and and I just I hadn't binged watched a show like that in a long time which I think speaks to how much I. enjoyed it like I loved Cobra Kai. Dowager. You're. Like you said eighty stuff, there's a lot of throwback references. I what I like about Cobra Kai as you kind of see. Daniel Larusso is not the goody goody I, mean there's a lot of him being protagonist on this stuff. So you can depending on how you look at it. Either one be a good guy or the bad guy just. You know just tilting your vision to little bit. You'll. You'll see a different perspective on each yeah. What's his name Johnny Johnny. Yeah, yeah I. I love that about the show out both characters. kind of lie in this grey area, right as far as like. I guess like their morality, their ethics, their beliefs whatever. But. Totally. I like that about the show lot they they're both they both have clear flaws and heroic qualities to them, and you know what? I really love about the show. Is. The way that it kind of like A. kind of like combines like old values from the eighties you know that are now considered like super Politically incorrect. Let's just say and and the way that it kind of you know the conflicts are created between some of those older values and some of the newer values. But I I dig that I, dig the the back and forth between the two and I think that that makes the show. Really cool to watch you know. Yeah I mean, it actually jumped into the top ten on Netflix when they pulled it over and. Every, I don't know to me people who didn't like karate kid and that coupled with the eighties nostalgia stuff is just it was a one two punch for me I. Love. I. Yeah I really really dug it. I really liked it a lot. Yeah I'm just GONNA. Look at my notes right here. I have some no WanNa make sure that I have that I've said I think I, said everything that I wanted to say. About Cobra. Guy. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they even brought back the old sense. AAC Brobeck crease. So It doesn't get much better than he was the main the big bad. The big bad wolf. Now Now. They brought him back in. well, the season one has been out for a while so we can talk about it. There is that big Aha moment indices. One increase comes to the DOJO. And you learn that he's still around that he's still around and. and. Then what he starts interacting with the Johnny Character you realize that Johnny definitely has more sense than he does you know. Is More level headed I suppose and Yeah and I like the way that the show kind of like teeters between the action and the karate and martial arts aspect but also like the. The comedy and the and the dislike, the likability of the characters overall and there some romantic elements in there, and they're trying to introduce these new actors that do a pretty decent job too. So yeah, and there's karate. And there's. Exactly so what else? What else you know speaking of which I kind of wanted to bring this up very briefly because we're talking about karate I also happen to catch the documentary about Bruce Lee I don't know if you I haven't seen that yet. Yeah. I I think it's called A. Got I want to say it's called be water or or be like water I unfortunately I can't remember right now. But definitely worth a watch if you're into karate and Bruce Lee I, think that they really did a good job humanizing Bruce Lee a lot and showing just like every aspect of his life and not just the karate part, but his family part and. Really, Nice like a narration and like integration of clips of scenes throughout you know throughout his life and really cool is that on Netflix also. You know what I think I rented it on Youtube Actually Oh. Wow. Yeah. To check it out on youtube getting heavy into the streaming now for movies and series. They, are yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what else? What else have you been watching troy? My guilty pleasure. I watched season six of Lucifer I I I can't get enough of that show. Wow. Really. Okay. So you're you're like the. Fourth four or maybe fifth person that has recommended Lucifer. Recently, I just haven't gotten around to it. I haven't seen a single season I. Don't know You know anything about it. So so go ahead. Have you read any Hill? GAIMAN. Stories. The writer Neil Gaiman Sounds familiar done Well, say he's done Lucifer. He's done lot of San heated sand man not the marble man but. his his chamberlains based in DC. Okay probably knowing from. American. Gods. He did American gods really good norse mythology. Ten no I haven't yet. I haven't seen any of that. His books are great and so I thought I'd give Lucifer. In. It has not disappointed the guy they cast the play, Lucifer. Is Perfect for that role? The devil with a British accent. Attractive calmly. He has that charisma that she must be like all man this guy's very cool right right and he's pleased the art of like this offer. Yeah. Of of Lucifer of the charismatic like Devil e need you're right right right yeah and the gist of the story is the he got tired of ruling in hill decided to take a vacation. In Los Angeles. And he doesn't really WANNA go back to hell. So he's got a nightclub in La. He needs a change. Of Pace yeah pretty much. But I recommend it. Even right out of the gate, you know lot of times people tell you all you got to power through the first season they'd just good. This one from episode one was really pretty good and. If you like that I, recommend watching any other neil getting stuff I. think American gods came out on stars they were doing it. I suggest doing the book I of the audiobook. Gotcha. So yeah, she's six Lucifer. If you haven't washed yet, you got six seasons you can bend right there. Wow Okay I need to check that out. Then one of the things that I've been told about the show is that and maybe you can kind of confirm elaborate is that they sort of humanize. Lucifer like he's not necessarily like you know all evil but there's like multi dimensional sites to him. I guess or yeah the and he's not the only celestial. You'll see there's there's demons and angels that crosses path. And you know a Lotta Lotta the name show probably know if if you've got any religious background whatsoever. It's I I'm really I love mythology and. Religious mythology type stuff like that. So this played right into my ball are. You'RE GONNA say it like you said, it kind of humanizes him. He's he's got daddy issues. Okay so. It's like you know human flaws and yeah he's trying to resolve his daddy issues and all the other angels are basically his brother. So whenever he sees them College Brenner. And they all have some kind of some kind of issue. just like humans that they're not above being. frail. About. Certain issues. Very. Cool. Very cool. I. Definitely got gotTA check that out. Okay. Cool. Okay. So I will I will go next I've actually been watching a lot of stuff man I'm not GONNA lie I. Manage to fit it in even the doing like. I. Don't know fifty other things at the same time but I actually. Had a chance to check out. Rachid. Right. So the the reason I really wanted to watch ratchet it is because I am a huge fan of one flew over the CUCKOO's nest. It's one of my favorite films. Of all time in also a great novel. By came cassie and. I was hoping that I would get something more about the nurse ratchet character, which was played brilliantly by Louise Fletcher in the original film. And Sarah Paulson who plays her in this series is pretty good. She's a pretty good actress you know. And it the my overall feelings about it I don't know if you've seen it not yet. Okay is it's on your watch list It's all my maybe watch list. So yeah. For Me Yeah. Okay so basically. Ryan Murphy who who is the WHO is the creator of the show he? Basically, made another season of American. Horror Story and I didn't think that the style and the feel and the atmosphere really fit the CUCKOO's nest kind of story background story on nurse Ratchet was hoping for that I was looking for and so it ended up being really flashy and colorful and like the thing was super over the top and I was disappointed overall on. I honestly you know you probably won't watch it now a like I said, it's pretty far down. My must watch list. I got a lot of other stuff ahead of so ahead of it yeah. Yeah. And so if anything I'm just happy that it's giving coups snus some exposure because now it's like one of the most viewed movies on Netflix I noticed it was like top ten movies on Netflix's right now is one flew over the CUCKOO's nest. So I'm glad that it's giving the movie a kind of like a a reawakening but. Overall I was disappointed and I just wish that it had. You know related a little bit more to the the feel of the film or maybe even Kennedy's novel. More. Yeah, like you say it sounds like it was. Not a bad movie but not what you were looking for in nurse Ratchet, you go in. Expecting her to be a certain way in the the movie kind of. Follow. That vein and If. It's like you said like just another American horror story I think I might. Skip it. or it really it really did feel like that. It just felt like another kind of like a mosh to like you know scary movies and like you know a lot of blood a lot of slashing a lot of psychological or and. God. Sand serial killers and you know stuff like that. Basically. So nothing new. And so. I say skip it. Yeah. That'll be one of those. If watched everything else type, it shows sounds like. You'll visit it maybe. Yeah. Like I said, it wasn't high on my list anyway. So I'm glad I'm finding out now I'm not really missing anything. Yes sir. Okay, my turn again. Yeah if you want to. Have a couple of other things. Well, you go ahead I'm still looking to list. Okay. Okay. Okay. So have you seen the the netflix movie the devil all the time. I want us all the Tom Hollander right right? Yeah. That's that was pretty high on my list. I do WanNa see that one. So I actually saw that at the Alamo? Draft. House which. It opened about maybe a week before. It was released on net flicks. And it is honestly very unpleasant to watch. Unpleasant in a good way or unpleasant in a good way definitely like it's just the subject matter is very. Grueling. and. Intense and it's it really is about the darkest side of humanity and it's basically about. Religious extremism. Yeah. And and it's basically about a slight like. Town living in south in the backwoods. You know and how people are like. You know kind of like A. Super Avid churchgoers and they do all this horrible stuff on the side and then they justify it because it's God's intention and. Crazy stuff like that and. You know I think that Tom Hall in did an excellent job in the movie and I think also Name. He was in twilight and he is in the Batman and. Draw blanket was Oliver would. God, how can ever get his own Robert Pattinson Guy Yet? Yeah, you made me draw blinked too. He he he played like a crazy preacher and then The actor who plays. A. Dudley in the Harry Potter movies WHO's kind of making a comeback also I forget his name. He also plays crazy preacher in the movie and those performances really stood out to me. And I think that the movie has some very interesting ideas and it's kind of a slow burn. So overall I had like mixed feelings of nodded but definitely, I think it's worth the watch you know. But just get ready for some like. You know some in your face. Healing Rate Estate religious in your face type stuff. Yeah. Just humans doing horrible things man like have. You know what it kind of made me think that times was. True detective on Hbo Oh, Yeah. kind of like like just a dark side of humanity man. Yeah. Okay well. You when you said earlier, you wash it a month before it came out on ethics Maybe wouldn't be wonder what do you think about the future of movies coming out and how soon they're gonNA hit streaming services. Because during the shutdown, I mean you saw movies like troll movie May Bukavu box I think Scooby Doo movie that when they. A ton of money and there was actually a little bit of friction between studios in theaters about that because a lot they were afraid that. A lot of movies going to be released straight to streaming skip the theater. So What's your field? Would you rather come out streaming versus theater their first and then how long to wait for streaming? Because this Elvin all going to change post over. It is it is and I'm kind of I'm kind of. Concerned in and a little worried as as an avid moviegoer. Well I think we've talked about this before a little bit. You know I I, really love going to the cinemas. I love going to the movies I mean I don't mind watching movies at home for sure. But I, think that ultimately people are just not going to the movies they're not. You know people are scared and concerned and rightfully so and they're not going to the movies and I think that. theaters might be in danger a little bit Him Back, after this or do you think this is the switch that Is GonNA push toward streaming. It's like one of those things where it's like, I don't know what's going to happen in. You know 'cause you don't you don't know what's going to happen with Cova did I. think that theaters are in danger I really do I concerned about that And they keep postponing like wonder woman or or not wonder woman but maybe the other one black widow lack widow. I think I saw you know like spring twenty one is what they're looking at now for those starts coming out. Yeah it's insane and. And You. Know I. saw tended at the L. Draft House recently and I kept thinking to myself like this. This really watching this at home would not do it as much justice. You know it's it's I think that those big special effects movies really belong in the theater. I did happen to catch Milan on Disney plus you know and I didn't care too much for it, but then again, I don't care too much for any of the live action, Disney remakes and I. Dunno I. think that's something does get lost with those big Special effects are big action adventure films. At home how do you feel about it? I think it's I think this is A. Portend whatever your I think. A lot of is going to go to streaming now just because it's going to be easier distribution for the movie. as proven to make a ton of money. I think theaters won't go away but I think you're gonNA see a lot of. Close the doors and only Bigger, you know bigger cities will have. A movie theater that plays I run. Type movies. Is just the ease of of streaming. You seem to have a lot of things, but the diehards are still going to see the. The big production stuff that with big explosions in graphics and stuff. But for the most part, I think extremely is going to take a big bite. Out of the theaters. I think so too. I. Think so too. But are you okay with that is that the is that's the ultimate question. Are you okay with that? Yeah I think we talked about this before. Yeah, I'd I'm fine sitting at home in my underwear on the couch. and Go to the bathroom or visit chill edge. Yeah. yeah yeah. I am not. Certain movies are better on the big screen, but it doesn't bother me to watch him at home I. I have a have a nice TV and a nice sounds so. I'm happy with that in. The. Heart. I can understand how that's hard to be for. Sure. Yeah. but it's still bums out a little bit. The idea that movie theaters might closer. If I learned how to make movie movie house popcorn, I would probably never leave the house. Okay. Yeah. The popcorn is definitely something to be missed for sure. Especially that truffle popcorn at Alamo. Oh, you did the I love that. Yeah. It it has good flavor. Yeah Jalapeno Jalapeno and and a Jalapenos in butter is. is also a good a good option but. Yeah you said, you watched tenant. So how did? It's very Christopher, Nolan, if you have seen inception and you've seen Dunkirk, you know that he likes to mess around with the idea of like time and. Past President Future and there are definitely some time warping elements. I don't even want to call it time travel. It's interesting. You know I I think that the concept is interesting but definitely a movie that I wanNA see again to fully understand I think that there might have been a little bit of trouble with light the sound mixing in the movie honestly because I keep hearing from people that have seen it that they've had issues understanding like the the actual dialogue that it gets like really overshadowed by the town defects and the music and the mute the music man is like super. Pulsating and you can feel it again. Just as far as an action film, it's it's it's awesome. It's beautiful. It's it's almost flawless in that regard. But. I gotta be honest. There are some things I didn't quite understand and I and I and I really I, compared it to inception. When I first saw inception, there were a few things that I didn't get, but then I saw it a second time and. It was it was easily. Digestible but I think that this move is going to be harder to grasp for. Sure. I've heard a lot of people compared to inception With the the time bending type stuff you're talking about. I Mitch today because I like the main actor was Denzel. Washington I can't remember his name now. from Black Planning John John John David John David Wash. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He he's. He's starting to really Of, ground in my mind, I, liked that if you watched ballers on. I can't remember which cable channel was the one with the Rock. And Rob Corey he's in it. Where they're sports agents. Oh No, I've heard of it. But no, I have not seen that. That's another good when you can band. Yeah he's in there and he plays one of the the athletes. And he does really well in it he held his ground against all those big names like the Rock and. Well I. Don't know fraud cordray's really a big name but. that John David Washington is He's been. He's one to watch. Yeah definitely I I agree from the few the couple of these I've seen with him I I definitely agree that he's an up and comer to to to admire definitely, and he does a great job in this movie. And ironically, his character is just not someone that's very relatable. I don't want to say too much about it because I think it's one of those movies that people should definitely go into not knowing much but But it definitely leads you disconnected bit from. From the characters, it's definitely A. Film and not A. A An interesting character film and I think that inception got that a little bit better or for a lot better actually. But I've got to see it again I think. I need to see it. I'm just waiting for to come out on Reebok's streaming. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. what else you got on your list. Okay. So I have I have one more on my list so I'm still currently watching. This show that was recommended to me on the fourth episode it's on Hbo Max. It's a documentary and it's called the vow. Have you heard of it? No I haven't. Okay so. You know I I enjoy a good documentary if if if it's something that that can hold my interest, my interest you know but if it's something that's kind of like. What's a? What's a? What's a nicer? Way of saying a mind, fuck? Because I. Don't think I can say mind fuck on my youtube channel. Yeah. Yeah just messes with your head. Yeah. If it's a show that that messes with your head that really. Present. Some really crazy out ideas that I make you think. I'll give it a try. So the main the main premise of the vow. It, it's basically a documentary about. That recruits people with the with the kind of promise that. They're gonNA basically find their path in life and they're going to experience or they're going to be able to expand on the human experience and and really grow as a person and and need new people and and you know all good in great stuff you know. And the first episode kind of presents. This call does like kind of like this ideal organization that were you were you feel like you belong and you meet New People and they have different workshops and you can pick different workshops in and it feels kind of like. You know like like any Colt like religious or philosophical organization that you can belong to and become a member of and then. It takes a left turn when you begin to find out that underneath is basically like you know human trafficking and like a weird sex call happening and AAC gets crazy man. And this is a documentary so it's real. It's real. It's kind of like a tiger king in on Netflix or like or the other crazy one don't don't f with cats you know on the air on the. Internet. Yeah. Yemen like it is it is insane. It's insane. How people just kind of like. Are Susceptible to manipulation and how people manipulate other people and. It's all due to this this sociopath this guy who kind of runs the show and and just tricks people into into. A terrible crazy things. And the fact that it really happened is just mindblowing. Wow but I'm still in the middle of it so I I. I don't know how much more insane it's GonNa get but so far it's pretty out there. Wow Yeah So give it a watch I highly recommend it give it to watch the vow. It's on HBO. Maxwell might have to wait until I borrow somebody's logging. In streaming. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There's actually some other pretty good shows I've heard about on their. Their. Picking Up. I'm waiting for HBO FOR WARNER TO POLL THEM IN DC universe under on platform. That would be nice. That would be nice. Yeah. That definitely be more affordable I suppose. Yeah because. The DC universe has they have a couple good shows on their with titans and A doom patrol I, I, I watched the second season do patrol recently and. It's on HBO. No John. D. C. You it's on. The C.? Service. In the one that surprised me was the Harley Quinn Car- cartoon. Did they put on there. With a Kaley Coco's voicing Harley Quinn, I was like I'm not sure but. It's a different take on all those DC, characters they kind of. Make them funny. Like Klay faces a, he's a failed aspiring actor. Yeah you just have to it's it's really It's adult. Don't let your kids watch. Harley Quinn's cartoon on DC you. Okay but it's really surprisingly it's really good. and. It's called the show is called Harlequin? Harlequin. Okay Okay and the one that you were talking about before that was called Dune do say dum. Dum. Dum Patrol God. Yeah. Okay. Okay and and in fact, well I rela. Kademi season to talk about that. But Gerard Way who wrote most academy also doom patrol for the most recent runs. So, as came. Same kind of thing except do patrols I like your see list he rose. Okay. Yeah. They're getting in all kinds of weird Allen through the whole season season one, it's. Like you said, if you like stuff that kind of messes with your head, trying to the villas, a fight or not your run, they'll guys they're. Real mental type. People. Okay. One of the characters is the actual physical street? They wrote a street that can teleport. Yeah and people who are trying to hide the they live on that street and Della Porta momentum. When he leaves. Do. Titans good on DC you. The those three shows alone are worth the price of this EU of DC you. Okay. Okay. Plus you get access to all the DC comic books from six months older, an old and older. So you can go back and read first appearance of Batman if you WANNA digitally. And how much is there a monthly membership? I can't re I paid for a year so the nine or twelve some. Okay. Okay. About the same or maybe it's seven, ninety nine if you paid for the year I, it's. It's worth it though shows if you're into DC heroes. Our Yeah. Yeah. There's so many streaming platforms. Now it's like it's getting crazy. It's going to be Alicarte will be the cable just WANNA be. You, pick which news. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting. Cool okay awesome. Yeah. I think that. That's Capped out. Had that was my last when? Like we've talked about a lot of. Yeah if you get a chance like I told you guys before we go back and watch our own wars rebels if you like star wars at all. They fill in a lot a lot of the missing holes in the movies in the movies. Yeah. Yeah. it's it's again like something that I want to watch and I just need to I decided to prioritize it. You know the end of the day there's so many things but yeh, on the back of my mind, there's a lot take a while to catch up. Yeah Yeah. Definitely. have to check that out. All right. Thanks for watching this episode of binge-watching. Once again, leave your comments down below if. You've also been a been binge watching something. Let us know and if you have any recommendations for us or let us know what you think about our opinions of the different movies and we talked about and don't forget to look us up on social media where at facebook real screeners and instagram real dot screeners and don't forget to subscribe in hit the notifications and bill button. If you enjoy our channel and has always stay tuned for some more takes on movies and TV shows under the circumstances with a quarantine. We are Lindy we are. Where is Lenny? Lydia's always with us. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's he's president. He's he's here in spirit in our heart. Cool. All right man. Not with me. Is. A. Class you play. In an RPG.

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