Ask Catherine & David 7 Does playing doubles help or hinder your singles? Who are the most underrated players? Will Edmund have a better career than Henman?


Hi, I'm John McEnroe's board. This is Martina Navratilova Mats Wilander. I'm Sandra rinca. I'm Lleyton Hewitt. I'm Marie this is James narratives, and you're listening to the tennis podcast. It's another listener's question special here on the tennis podcast this one brought to you by James Meredith. Another of our guest editors who back to the hilt in our Kickstarter campaign to keep the tennis podcast going for another year and in so doing he has given us the chance to produce weekly show strat twenty nineteen daily additions at every grand slam, and we're going to do as many more as we can on top of those as well myself, David law alongside not physically alongside but joined by the wonders of modern technology, Catherine where together heyday David spiritually alongside g yes. Yes. And we're here folks to answer your questions to answer James questions. He selected the best of those that you put in on social media as well. And let's just get cracking showy with James's first question, which is will playing doubles help or hinder the chances of Stephanus sits pass winning either major or a masters one thousand title. This year. He's he's played that event in he would Wesley cool half, the one that you found absolutely hilarious because of their their post match on-court speech in which Stephanus forgot to thank his partner. And they've now said that they're gonna play seven events seven masters one thousand events this year together think what do you think I think it's great? And I think more should do it. I mean. Not will necessarily work for everybody. But I think it will work for an awful lot more people than currently doing it. Having said that a load of the next gen plays. Do seem more inclined to play spotted doubles than the generation before them with the exception may be if of needle Chapa valves doing it playing with the been playing with row hundred upon in that something that his coach has been actively encouraging. I think it makes most sense most is one thousand level particularly the longer events like in the MOS and Miami where still bestest reset tennis. But you have a lot of days off and Daniela Hantuchova saying she used to hate having days off at the the bigger bigger longer events because she felt like she lost her rhythm. And that was why she played so much doubles. So I'd be surprised if we saw them play a lotta. Doubles at grand slam level. And I realize without being best of five sets that. That poses different challenges. But most is level may be the other tournament. I think biolog- greater casino winning is winning that winning feeling a Kate might be slightly reduced if you're getting it on the the double school, but it still winning and it still confidence and these things that you can't magic out of thin air. And and I don't think it's any accident that was saying quite a lot of an increased level of variety from the younger guys, certainly any creased willingness to introduce variety into the game. And I think that's that's great news. Absolutely. Great news Chiappa valve is he's determined to to play with variety. Now when he started doing that he's his follies weren't up too much determined to keep doing it and keep learning. Keep learn. Running the sort of instincts of being the net. And you know, he's still not federal yet. But he's he's improving has improved a lot and doubles playing loaded. Doubles will only any help that Moore should also be said that Roger Federer was not Roger Federer when he first started out in terms of his comfort at the net. Remember federal if you look back old videos of when he played Wimbledon in one thousand nine two thousand two thousand one you watch the match against Sampras he serves volleys first and second serve every single time. Does Roger Federer back then because that's what you do. Right. That was before they slowed the courts down that spy before Lleyton, Hewitt's, David Nalbandian reached the final. He it was only latterly that he started staying back because he started to realize that he could win that way. And obviously if you go back ten years before that Jim Courier started staying the back after. Second serves because on dragons he had won Wimbledon by staying back in returning incredibly well in career, also go to the final. But and so I tell you point today, I think that Chiappa valves volleys will improve. I think sit surpass appears am unload to get to into the technicalities because I simply don't understand the well enough because I'm not an expert, but since the past seems to have a comfort level at the net. Already an an assertive intent to get to the net. So these are all good fats. I think you're right. I think doubles will definitely improve those. I think they are a great point about the responsibility for the variety that we're now seeing or contributing towards it my concern over over this is that there are a few players who played singles and doubles in in recent years. You mentioned Daniella is one of them. I also think you could question whether it is cost them, and whether the whether it's worn them out, whether if you actually looked at the. The result side-by-side now, you don't have a comparison level to sail. Well, that plast stops playing doubles necessarily started playing better singles, although Caroline Garcia. I think had her best singles results, she got. She won the finals when she wasn't playing doubles. You may remember she gave it up for a while. But I love the idea of it. I love the idea. Whenever torts Joe jury or Martina Navratilova role. Joe mackinaw or any of these players. They always talk about how doubles was the best practice. They could have had. And they all think that everybody should do it. I don't know. How sustainability is if you want to be the very best singles player that you can be. I'm just not sure. Well, just us John Mike, and I think different pens. I think it depends with you adjust your practice accordingly. Daniela Daniela does have regrets in terms of overtraining and the stain ability of the eventual sustainability of her career in injury management and stuff, but she doesn't pin any event on the doubles. I think she I'm hoping we'll be to get a really in depth interview with she has so much to say, it's it's mesmerizing. But she she I've never heard her attribute any of it to the doubles, perhaps adjusting her training Nevels around the doubles. She talks about how she thinks. She's she over overtrained during portions of our career to to make up for a lack of self belief. But I've not heard her once I wish I'd played less doubles for trimbe. I will I will put it to her directly. When when we get that into the. But be very surprised if she put it down to doubles until I'm sure she wouldn't put it down to doubles. I'm I wouldn't be surprised at all. If if you're caught right about that. But I wonder whether she just doesn't know because you can't know can you you can't know how your alternative universe smart of panned out if you had done it differently. But but what I think you can say and the strongly about this that doubles aids your mental health. Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think that's an overlooked factor for many reasons, partly that mental health isn't nearly talked about enough, I think that's changing slowly. But absolutely. It's a lonely unforgiving sport. And adding some sort of team elements shed responsibility for for a lot of people a lot of plays must be an immense relief. James's second question will call Edmund have a better career than Tim Henman. And he qualifies better saying, I'm thinking nine things such as consistent top ten ranking which another college men's had yet best results in the slams and total tournaments one call into rich the strain open semi finals last year. And I think he got a thirteen in the world. I think is his highest federal Henman got number four in the world. And I think by the parameters that James himself is set there. I would say, no. By slightly different parameters. Possibly. Yes. I think Kyle Edmund might end up having a better worn off or a couple of standout results. You know? I think it's conceivable that he could reach grand slam final. Would've had a better career. Then if he reaches a grandfather which him. James's set which is consistent top ten ranking on. I think the Kyle Edmund will have the consistent top ten ranking that Tim Henman hunt. He does say best results in the slams those. Well, he does. But does he mean single stunt headman using credibly consistent? I don't see collared mint has this explosive game, which I think will can can an might well be married in his results. Hanneman had a a very different style of game. Still still extremely watchable in its own way. Yeah. I depends by the two about consistency. You and I interviewed Tim him here on the tennis podcast coming up to five years ago now and of twenty fourteen and one of the questions I asked him was. Manchu it should just one the US open and yet he'd never got to another. I think he'd reach one of the grand slam semifinal Australian Open to that point. He's done a lot more Cincinnati's rates will the final Australian Open funnel. Then I said to him you had six grand slam semis. You four in the world. Would you switch with Narran Chile for? He's had. I went in the US open not doing all these other things that you've done, and he forgotten what he said he said in a heartbeat. Yes. It is. Yeah. And and I think that that is where I would stand on this this situation. I mean, I don't know about if Chile should lost in the final wonder what Tim were sent to that. We didn't ask. So we don't know. But I think you're right. I think that Edmund could reach a grand slam final. I think he could do it on clay. I think it would be really interesting to see whether we could could manage that one year. Maybe when ref on the Dow bows out, and we're in that we're sort of gap because he's got another six years seven years this laughed at least injury health permitting. And he's got such a big game on clay. It could happen his career like game that forget career reach three of those finals one two of them. So yeah. I think I roll Hammond will end up having had the better career because I'm not one hundred percent sold on on had been reaching that grandson final and ask things stand. Certainly Hemmings got the better career. I do feel that Edmund pretty much will maximize his ability, which I think all you can ask in the end, isn't it? Yes. By saying that we have sort of wormed out of answering the question go on answer them. I'll say, no, no. Yeah. I think no. And I don't to decode dunks entirely agree. I don't think I let me finish his career with regrets just as I don't think. Tim Henman finished his career with with regrets. He knows that. He makes Mayes d-. But I think if I had to commit now I'd say no, not quite reach is that final grandson finals. You would you consider that a better career? Tim evans. I didn't want to go back in Austin. The question about if Marin Chile should lost in the final. We'll we'll find him. What about if he if he wins if Edmund wins Islam is an open shut case you as well L eight eight shut Funes Islam without question. Yeah. Me too. Okay. Fine. Right. We go around says out that we're just gonna go find Tim Henman now. Right. We'll do that in a few weeks. Of course, has it. Davis Cup when his medal. Yeah. But he didn't come today but eagle to stunned on the stage. Could have done that. I couldn't get into. Despite my brilliant performances of light against the hill. Simon rained off today. Catherine just a thought. So who in your view James asks is the most underrated player on the men's tall and the women's toll who's the most underrated plan? If you wanted mind cause if you have thanked go ahead and give me some thinking time. Oh, who's the most? Underrated plath. I mean, probably Kevin Anderson. I would saw Ken who I mean, the guy is reached look all these people that we keep banging on about over the years of the tennis podcast like Griego detro- than. I mean, honestly, you know, you know on this, David. So we have over the years. I'm we and he's he's reached a couple of grand some semi semifinals. It's not like it's been a terrible career. It's been a good career. But it hasn't been the career weeks. -pected him to have an likewise the career. Kevin Anderson has had is not the career. I think we would have thought he would have had to grand slam singles finals, I think is is a significant achievement over and above what I would have ever expected them. What I ever said to anybody that he would do. Kgo eight bit d think that means he might have been underrated back then. But now he's getting the rating he warrants isn't he no because still think he he is not in the conversation. We when did we ever put him in the final when we out predictions for grand slam? I can't remember doing it. I always have him in the semi finals or cool to find his he's always I never pick him to lose early. No. But we didn't pick him to reach either of those two finals, did we? Anywhere close. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Who wasn't the other way that I was that? I was saying about in the women's game that we never pick said income didn't. Yeah. Please. Give similarity never gets mentioned. She's another one. And I'm not sure actually, I I don't think she is underrated. Because I think actually a time she's underachieved is I think that this still a lot more in her to come. So don't feel the same about her. I think she should she's reached one grand slam singles final with her game. She said moreso than anybody on the circuit year after year. I think she should have done more. Great great. So they are both underrated in different ways. No, no. She's an underachiever. He's an overachiever at. No. That's not fair either. Yes, things I think so. Yeah. I think I think he is. Underrated. And I think that she is. Yeah. I don't think she's under rice bec-. I mean, she doesn't get mentioned that much. But that's because she keeps letting south down. I think relative to what she's capable. Yeah. I'd agree with that. I would say on the women's side. I think slightly under right? It actually is Julie Kerber if you can send us she's won three grand slam singles titles and still don't think she is put at the forefront of our conversation. I don't think we would have her to to to win neither slums whereas Simona Halep who's one one. I've put her in the final number times. Interesting inches. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not. Agreeing with any of this sold. What's women in addressing down anybody else's seven PM in cove? Trying to think if there's anybody else who's underrated in this list of top twenty women down. I'm going down the sets of both rankings. I mean. Those are definitely the Tufa Maria. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe cookie buttons is about underrated because she six in the world. And again, she's she's not talked about that much. We talk about her affectionately. But we don't talk about that often as as a threat e- could say man, Chile cheese. Underrated as well. Tim to win the twenty Tina Sapien reach the Australian Open final loss. Jero reached the Wimbledon final the before. No one. I think maybe maybe the Wimbledon final people did pick. But yeah, I think no. I think you're right. I I mean, I actually the funny thing is when he was when he was really talented, including by me as the Wimbledon champion of twenty eighteen he lost to ghetto pallor that has got skate down as the worst was loss mansion his career by by a. I mean by country mile that has to be the only time he's gone into a big tournament. Yeah. Expected to produce. And that suggests that he couldn't handle it as his he is. I think he's relatives ranking the worst from Girona. In the men's game at the moment. It seems he gets behind in the score. I think right gonna see Myron Chile play. And she let tennis and then he gets a head and and the littoral wobbles start happening. Tennis podcast. What you think the most underrated player on the men's and women's tools, and also what you think about Edmund or Henman who's the better career? So who will finish the year ranked higher out of you Hannah concert all involved in James's question. Go on James. I have to say that is a cool curve. A question. Will to tonight. You know, Konta right now is ranked forty five in the world. I think Don Evans is right about eighty six something like that. Let's just say if I can get that. Exactly. But yeah. Forty five in the world for Konta. She's kind of level doubts. The next couple of years. She's yeah. I think forty five in a while in the world is is about right for Konta. Maybe she can. Get a tiny bit higher than that and maintain it consistently. But I think she's reached an equilibrium. She was talked ten for two years. Yeah. But I mean don't release show Guan slam finalist. You know, these things do happen. Donovan's is just check is eighty nine in the world. Well, I think Dan Evans will make top fifty. By the end of the year before his drug span. He was forty one in the world is a career high. I think you'll get back the so with talking. Oh, goodness. May I think it's going to be nipping talk? Yeah. I think I might be as well. Just I do because I think they'll both be in the forties. How about that? Yeah. But you gotta say one way or the other Dan Evans, Mike, I may to. Yeah. I think Evans might even bright forty actually I think I think he could be in the thirties by the end of the. So. Going out on a limb here James that's not what you think tennis podcast. Absolutely no Birmingham-based by in. We'll sit in my own. Right. It turns out he doesn't even live in Solihull anymore. David he lives in like, Woosh or something. Jolting him. He's a he's a turncoat disgraceful. So looking back over the Cheltenham the races horses. No. Yeah else. They no wonder likes it. Looking back over the last twenty years have been any junior number one ranked players on the men's and women's sides that you expect to achieve more than they did stroke have to date on the WTI tools. Oh my goodness. The so many last twenty is unfortunately, there are so many. Yeah. I mean, it's just it's. The. There is just a. There's a graveyard isn't that? Geniune number one graveyards trying to look for a nicer way of saying it. But yes. Do you want to still don't know? Whether I don't even know nor ups never made it to world number one junior. He moved to backer. David. Yeah. He was mentioned on a on a podcast couple of weeks ago. It was name. He was in relation to John is no picking up the pieces after the seventy sixty eight scoreline. Back is famous full being. With the chiropractor for the next two months card is baron kiss. Oh, gosh. Yes. He is not my favorite because I want to share the call with him from one to put to to hotel in Montreal shed tournament. Transportation we picked up together. It was we went travelling together don't remiss to stop. But you know, we were going the same direction same times, they also food shower call, and we we both happily said, yes. And the driver. While we were going happily along her way all along the I was in the Bank recall. This was in the front, and the driver said to recall this Brian caso is she'll go friend and he replied, oh, hell, no. So yeah, not my favorite. He can happily live in the graveyard. Not literally. The junior the geniune number one graveyards in the same year. That record us baron case was year engineer, born earth, hilar advance guy was the sister of Ignatieva who and she won Wimbledon juniors that year, in fact, red van going. Yeah, she has had a career of sorts on the main tour, and she I know she had terrible injuries as well. I mean, that's the other thing you have to bear in mind, but some plays the games just don't translate. I mean, look at the one in the next year. Now, I'm gonna really simple with this not one let she we're con who I believe Akon somebody. I believe that maths wrote about in his blog about juniors during the Australian Open, and she was the player, the Laura Robson beat in the Wimbledon junior final in two thousand eight and if you can I still think fourteen year old lower ups, and and the plant ended up breaking through and beating Leonardo. Kim classes the US I've been not being relevant today at the top of the game. Or in the fifty even the top hundred is is just one of the great disappointments in sadnesses that I have watching having follow tennis of the last ten years. I mean, I I really light lower. I've got to know a little bit by commentating with her. And but it all that aside just the sheer the loss. The sport has had to endure of her talents. Not being realized mostly because of that horrible wrist injury that she had which just took took a career out ready derail to completely. But it's it's so sad. I think to to see plas- that not coming through. But look at the other players on the other side on the men's side knows years. Have you ever heard of young son Corre or Daniel Berta or why Daniel Berta from Sweden name must've been so excited Sweden because a wilderness time? They've had in tennis the the halcyon days the eighteen. Sebastian Gomez reversal Colella. Who's known for being the first player to beat Novak Djokovic in twenty sixty in in in Monte-Carlo when we doubt about four months the by then. And he finally managed to beat Jackovitch. But he's he's struggled to really make strides in the very top echelons of the game is very obvious. They're twenty thirteen Irena Kramer, Ceva women side go, so you're which Cici Bellis in the same year is Andris Andri Andre rube love twenty fourteen I know she's had some results, but she struggled a little bit to transfer. She. Well, it's going to be the the twenty seventeen year end junior bones were axel gala on desperate come through. Because I think tennis really needs a champion cooled axel. He on the basis of the little flag. I'm looking at is from Argentina and Whitney see who I've heard a fair bit about. In fact, I think she was a recipient of a wildcard in Miami say they're the two who we might be expecting if they all gonna break three to start hearing about coming up. But yeah, previously was me. She catch man of it. Of course, had a good breakthrough in Indian Wells on the men saw it. So. Yeah, I mean, unfortunately is just absolutely no guarantee whatsoever. If anything is sort of. Potentially the opposite. It's you know, has the potential to be bit of a poison chalice what it certainly cannot pressure concert on. And I do think that quite a few of these do feel Laura Robson was one of them. I it's it's a lot to take on radio this expectation interest in none of those apart from very none of the ones that we talk about today finished end of year number one in that we talked about in recent weeks, like OJ Alice C or Chiappa valve or Demel. I believe Chiappa follow certainly was number one. But you didn't finish year end number one. Yeah. I mean, I I suppose there is the kind of. The balance between the more success. They have is junior the less junior tennis. They play they start playing senior vents ineffable that genie ranking suffers a bit. But didn't how much that was at play. Also. Serena ravinus for an example in ref on the Dow to who didn't Obama had junior careers toll. They just went straight onto to the toll. You know? And then on the other side you've got federal with a with a year end. If certainly was union. Both Wimbledon singles doubles Sameer in say. Yeah, it's it's always interesting to follow the progress of these players, but there's absolutely no guarantees whatsoever. That the the number ones will become relevant even the upper echelons of the of the men's and women's games social media questions that have come in picked out by James Meredith. Phil boomy knowing who has asked the best male and female players that never wanna slam of all time. Oh, Marcelo Rios would be mine. Not Cellario Sierra. The guy was a genius. If you watch some some players games look a little bit old hat now. And you watch them, and I realized it's not that long ago that the real played. But it's yeah, you're going back twenty years when he was when he was world number one. He he he dominated in one thousand nine hundred eighty beat. He won any wells and Miami same year and Batangas in the final Miami. And it was such a shock to the locals that was and he went on then to win Monte Carlo and Rome, I mean, this is the sort of stuff he was doing and ran into call us at the French Open. Having already been in the strain open findings Pettit corden ninety eight and he was such an enormous favorite going into that ninety eight French Open. And was never the same again after that. But Thailand wise left-handed incredible ability Anglesey could do it all he had everything. And he wasn't all just he was just such a natural player, but an attitude. Did he had an awful attitude, and he was a nightmare today with I love today. I mean, I didn't think wherever going to get a a deep meaningful sit down with Masato rails. But I'd love to know. Really? Honestly, whether he has regrets Sner him quite a bit on the champions tour in latter years, which is quite interesting because how add some serious run ins would real steering ATP days in the night in the late nineties when he was world number one. Everybody wanted to taught him because he was world number him because he was supposed to talk to people being the world number one. And he had absolutely no interest in talking to anybody part of that was because he was hated in the locker room by many. I think I think some of the well that's in the South American plaza Spanish blast some of them some of them liked him. But he did not like any of the English speaking natives, the Australians Americans Brits didn't get on with any of us. Tim Henman got on right within which is quite funny. But I recall Sports Illustrated running the story called the most hated manitain is on the front page, but a pitcher Marcelo Rios, and and that was even made things even worse in terms of the shutters going up, and and then when I when I met him later on about eight years later when he'd retired and joined the champions tall, I'm gonna come sation the locker room and a few players in the same. Who is the toughest plaza deal with and was in the room. And I said him, and he was really upset about it. He was you know, what you mean me? I said, well, yeah. Yeah. You up sitting nightmare. You still are. But you, but you know, you worse, then and. It was as though he didn't realize. But. As a talent just off the scale in terms of how good he was. And to think that he didn't win a grand slam is is another terrible waste of ability. Really? But also think it it shows how difficult it is to win a slam because it's different. It's best to five sets and curiosities is kind of similar in that way. He's doing a lot less with his career generally than than real estate. But it's different to try to just handle those situations. Yeah. The the other names that always get thrown out there. David Nalbandian on they Miroslav mature as well. I might have to defer to you for for memories. But he feels like he's a forgotten man of tennis mares, well, beautiful to watch in terms of movements the cold in the big cats, and he just used to float around the court didn't have enormous power. But just great accuracy. But again, the very highest level at the slams just I mean, look, the the quality was up against Edberg Becker, lend late was tough. But it was surprising back then that he didn't reach your grandson final pieces. Philipoussis would be right up. They for me, given given what he was capable of power hats, his power was other worldly back then and the anyone on the women saw this really springing Elena Dementieva a nice. Issues on the serve, but I'm retired very young. Like dinars? Anchorage plays that got to finals but didn't win. We've now since had Halpin wasn't Yankee winning. Of course. That's that's ensured that they're not on that list. But yeah, I'd I I would really I think I think Philipoussis and curious are the the curious model. They didn't he's the owning bulletin board. Never twin a slam on the men's side. Now, abandon is a very good one too. Because he had a number wins against federal for instance, which you know, you don't do that without knowing what you do on the courts, and he did that on hardcourts as well. Dan Connolly says do you think that Serena will only be out to win her next slam when she addresses what happened the 2018 US open properly and accept some blame for it publicly down as one of our predictions backers as well on Kickstarter, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan. Politicians? They wasteful on deaf. Is core group crazy rush off on your poetry. Great question. I would love for the answer to be. Yes. I would I would love for for that to be what's holding her back in for the trajectory to be the Serena comes to terms with her. Culpability? She's the only person to blame for what transpired the various aspects of it, but comes to terms with the her portion of the culpability, you know, pull Joyce's for as always said, I'm tightly fine with with us. I knock did did selling did selling bottom ready. Sorry. I'd be quite happy to move on from that. I don't need suing Williams to be a perfect human being. But I don't think that's the case. I think I look I think nice we know tool. I think there's a lot about her which is pretty unknowable to us, and we are really feeling away in in the dog sort of guessing at how mind works, but I didn't think sadly, it's troubling her. And I don't think it is what's holding her back from from winning post comeback slam. What do you think are completely? Concur are done to. Ball this that I think she thinks she's in the rights and pretty much into story. And is it holding back now not a toll? I think she is one of the greatest champions sports has ever known. And I think that she is able to to block out certainly post an event lie that everything I the she rolled her ankle against Carolina push Gila in that. In Australian Open when she was really winning come to. And she was she was refusing to blame that. But that's why she ended up tile spinning the way. She did in my opinion. And and I think that if she can get a self right physically. I don't anything stop getting those extra coupla she wants to break the record. So no, I don't I don't think I don't think that has any issues, and I agree with you. I think it's a shame that she hasn't seen fit to address it and expect some cope ability in it. But that's that's my view. That's her view. She's entitled to it. So let's do it. Right. Isn't it? And finally often chosen by James Meredith. I guess that it's is it Palmer is all the groupie. It's at be h Snirmov says should the tennis unnecess- a necessary in Palmer in disguise should the tennis hall of fame start accepting nominations for great coaches, given the current emphasis on it. Look, I. I don't quite get the tennis hall of fame. And I think that's a cave. First and foremost, a hall of fame is is really American concept. So it doesn't surprise me that I don't quite get it in the way that an American might. I I'm fine with it existing. I can see what what it means to to certain people when the when they're inducted, you know, it was under can Kim closes inducted. Not longer wasn't a in the both the speeches were were wonderful, really emotional. And I think that's great. I don't I don't quite understand. Why you know, you've got you've got to go on some titles, whatever you reform about number one. Just that makes you, you know, spiritually, a whatever a hall of Famer means why do you have why does that have to be a sort of unscientific nomination and election process fee to be considered official? Louis a hall of Famer. And why why is it why is there not more set parameters? Why is it to nomination and election process in showed if you've if achieved certain things, he will whatever it means to be a hall of fame. That's what I didn't quite understand about it. And that does those personalities start to come into it. You know, I don't really know the answers to any of these things. But then. But then I didn't think it's aimed at me because I'm a I'm a cynical British person. I think the famous aimed, you know, optimistic Americans that like having ceremonies stuff and good luck to them it. They're all lots of people in tennis that it means a lot to is significant and I wouldn't for moment. Want to take that away from them? It's not doing any harm to anyone that it exists and told Martin's the president of it isn't an he comes and gives a speech every year at the international tennis writers drinks event. They have on the eve of the USA of newest speaks really, well but biotech, and we feel bad that I'm sort of stood there thinking, I don't quite get this, especially as they give you free International Tennis Hall of fame t show on your way out which I wear proudly. But yeah, I just I mean, yes, you'll let coaches in sort of a little bit. Neither handle the to me. I'm generally of a similar mentality. Same background in terms of being British and not really understanding them. Because we we don't really have them culturally here as much as much or if at all as as they do in America in which they have in all sports, it appears I've I have to say I'm warming to it more than I was. And I think part of that is because of the efforts that are made to to engage with us the media that international tennis writers do that you mentioned Todd Martin coming and speaking so passionately about it talking to Andy Roddick when he was in that conversation as well, it meant so much to him and the concept of it really meant a lot to him. And I use him I suppose as a bit of a barometer for from. Begins in a way, just because I I I like in an respect him. And and he is able to sl- slightly translate. Meaning for me little on certain things that are somewhat alien to me, I'm hoping to go I'd like to go to the International Tennis Hall of fame in Newport at some place. In the summit, actually, whether I don't know. By all accounts. It is wonderful. And if I were ever in that part of the world, I would make an effort to go as well. And not so cynically pouts it that I would walk around at just open mouth. I'm sure, but look I take your point some board. And I don't really get it either. But there's nothing that much to get. It's a celebration of people, isn't it and an chievements and and important figures in a game. So it's a positive generally in that regards. But yeah, why not have coaches in his well, I think the coaching these days is that it's just become so transitory in recent years, the so much change the really great coaches that I love watching are the ones that. Synonymous with apply. Ready? I suppose I think when I think it would have to be port hole. The international coaching hall of fame in the same who well at the moment. The have the have broadcasters one or a contributors one of which broadcasters such as Steve Flink and America, Laura, I think was up for it. Mary really hasn't won. It. She hasn't invalidate used. The whole news. Actually, I'm gonna just. Giggles. Jim Barrett to we love assignments, the British former player and commentator. I thought Mary Carillo was in it. But I, but I just don't come that. I'm not I'm not board. What's the point? Yeah. Says you can tell where tennis podcast biased here. Nice. She's objectively. But in well, she is I agree. I agree the best. So right. Well, that's about it for another. What is your giggles? It says Mary Carillo inducted into sports broadcasting hall of fame in December of twenty eight. So. Last. Yeah, that's a different one. That's one. It's one of three women in about out to about eighty or something the same thing is that it's not same thing set. She got gene Scott award from the International Tennis Hall of fame. Yes. That's they give out one of those Anita ain't they another. Very very well received and well deserved award. So yeah. Just give awards to Mary Carillo. Thanks, then we're quite happy. And yeah, I think on that note, Catherine we can end in addition to the tennis podcast, which has been brought to you in sociation with ten of graph executive produced by tennis balls dot com with our mascot Rio with a why we're going to be back with more tennis podcast all the way through the clay court season. The grasscourt season will be daily at the French Open running and during Wimbledon and queens, the US open. We can only do it because we are backed by Kickstarter backers such as James Meredith who is guest edited. This particular addition of the show, and we will be back with more of these very soon. Thanks for listening.

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