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Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon prime? Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies TV shows using free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines all on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per account offer subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new Amazon prime members your customers may notice reduce speeds versus some t mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions. AP radio news. I'm Rita Foley. Happy thanksgiving. Millions of Americans are celebrating with family and friends, but with recent warnings about salmonella and E coli outbreaks, how do you know of what you're eating is safe. The top food safety official at the department of agriculture Carmen, Rosenberg has this reminder after serving thanks giving dinner to your gas. You need to pack up the food within two hours of serving any people should pack up leftovers and small containers do that what you can get into the refrigerator, and it gets down to that below forty degree temperature really quickly. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day. Parade begins at nine this morning in New York, but if you're going bundle up. Forecasters say it could be the coldest Thanksgiving Day parade ever temperatures in the low twenty s with thirty mile per hour. Wind gusts possible about the time the parade steps off President Trump will begin a Thanksgiving Day teleconference with members of the military at the moment. He's. Publicly feuding with supreme court Justice, John Roberts, AP Washington. Correspondent saga megani on how this extraordinary public tiff started the president ripped a federal judge who ruled against his migrant asylum policy. This was an Obama judge. Chief Justice John Roberts says the US doesn't have Obama judges or Trump judges Bush judges a work Clinton judges Roberts said everyone should be thankful for an independent judiciary. It's the first time the GOP appointee has offered even the slightest criticism of Fresno and Trump who has blasted other federal judges and Roberts himself for his decisive twenty twelve vote preserving the Obama healthcare overhaul. Saga megani Washington? Eighty three people now known dead in the northern California wildfire. It's eighty five percent contain an authority have finally surrounded the southern California wildfire. This is a key radio. News. If you've seen the video you won't forget it. Residents of a Dallas apartment complex jumping from third floor windows to escape a fire. One woman dropped her baby bystander Byron Campbell. But on the third floor hanging a baby out the window with the window. So I ended up kitchen when she threw the baby down from the window three people slightly hurt. More than twenty apartments were destroyed. Investigators are trying to figure out now what started the fire to cars of an Amtrak train separated near Albany New York last night, it doesn't appear. Anyone was hurt train sixty eight called the Adirondack was heading to New York from Montreal when the train had would Amtrak called a mechanical issue. No word on what caused the problem. When man on board said he heard a pop in a hiss and smelled electrical burning. I'm Rita Foley. AP radio news.

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