Dec 10, 2019


Hello and welcome to sword and scaled daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Tuesday December ten and this is your daily true crime report coming up on sort and scale daily. A San Antonio man has been charged with aggravated assault after after breaking his girlfriend's jaw in three places and carving his name into her forehead law enforcement have recaptured. Three out of the fourteen who escaped a Tennessee juvenile detention facility on November thirtieth. Two of the escapees are accused. Murderers finally Alexandra. Sandra Richardson a twenty year. Old Kentucky mother has been charged with murder and driving under the influence of drugs last Monday. Richardson drove her vehicle recalled with her two sons in the backseat around a closed road sign and onto a flooded bridge. The car was swept away into the creek bed and fully submerged in Richardson. Youngest son twenty month old cars McAuliffe with swept away in the current and unresponsive when rescued by emergency personnel on Tuesday ignite Carson was taken off life support and Richardson was subsequently charged with murder. All this and more coming up on sword would end scaled daily Uh Debussy Twelve San Antonio reports that nineteen year old Jacob. Jackson Hildreth was arrested on Friday and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with his Thursday attack on his girlfriend. Twenty two year old Catalina Adalina Morales Morales told ABC twelve that Sheen Hildreth met on facebook and had only been together for three weeks on Thursday afternoon during an argument about the relationship. Hildreth grabbed her by the neck and punched her ten times in the face then per a police. Lisa Affadavit Hildreth carved his first name into Morello's forehead. The assault left Morales with three jaw fractures needing days of Hospitalization Morales told ABC twelve. The she believed Hildreth intended to kill her quote. He was going to put me in a closet until well. He decided what to do with my body. Jacob Jackson Hildreth. WHO's Mugshot boasts? A stern look in his covered face. Tattoos has to outstanding warrants prince one for burglary assault and one for strangulation assault against a family member. He was taken into custody on Friday night and is being held held without bail. Our next story brings us to Tennessee. Authorities have apprehended three of the four teenagers who escaped a youth detention facility in Tennessee on November thirtieth the teens escape Davidson County juvenile facility on November thirtieth after after being left unsupervised while they were on work duty cleaning an area of the building when their supervisor was called away to address a fight on another level for for the teens slipped into an elevator managed to convince the controller to take the elevator to the ground floor and ran out through the front door a video video released last Tuesday by the Davidson County. Sheriff shows the teens exiting the building three of them wearing bright yellow vests. The teens were seventeen year old Morris Marsh. Sixteen year old to Korea's right fifteen-year-old Calvin House and seventeen your old brandon carruthers two of the teens. Moore's marsh and to Corey is right or accused. Murderers Decor IUS right has been charged in the murder of Cholula. It's a twenty four year old Nashville musician and lead singer of the band. Carterton your Litz was shot and killed in an alley behind his home after refusing to hand his keys. Over to a gang of teen robbers five miners have been charged in connection and with your legs. Death including twelve year old and a thirteen year old has been in detention since he was arrested for the murder and was involved called in a serious violent incident while in custody along with the thirteen year old boy who was allegedly involved in the murder to corey us right attack the security dirty guard and stole his pass so the two could gain entry to a restricted area of the detention facility where severely beat another inmate Calvin House and Aquarius right were arrested on Tuesday in the parking lot of a Madison Tennessee apartment complex. They both tried to run But we're apprehended houses. Mother cousin and friend have since been arrested after providing him with shelter food and Technology Gee police have also arrested rights. Fifteen year old girlfriend in charge her with criminal responsibility for facilitation of felony accessory after the fact harboring fugitive tampering with evidence and lying to the police law enforcement told CNN quote. She aided rights ability to remain at large between the time of the escape from the Juvenile Justice Center and writes apprehension Tuesday night in Madison Morris. Marsh was arrested in Nashville on Friday December. Sixth as he was driving with his older brother to meet their mother marshes mother and brother have both been charged with accessory after the fact and his brother was also charged with felony evading arrest. The last remaining fugitive live seventeen year. Old Brennan carruthers is being charged as an adult in a two thousand eighteen armed robbery. He has been added to the Tennessee. Bureau of Investigations most wanted list. And there's a twenty five hundred dollar reward for information leading to his arrest after the break A.. Kentucky mother who drove her vehicle onto a flooded bridge leading to the drowning of her baby was charged with murder. Now for our final story on Wednesday twenty-eight-year-old Alexandra. Richardson of Bowling. Green Kentucky was charged with murder in connection with the death of her twenty month old son Carson McAuliffe on Monday December second emergency personnel were dispatched Alexander Creek in Brownsville Kentucky after receiving a call about a submerged vehicle. Richardson told authorities. She she was in the car with her sons a seven year old and a two year old. Richardson said she did not see the road closed. Sign ahead of a low water bridge leading her herded drive onto the bridge and her car to be swept into the creek. The courier journal reports that Alexandra. Richardson told first responders she. She Got Carson out of his car seat and started swimming while holding him but he was then swept away from her hands. Alexandra Richardson and her seven-year-old son managed to climb out of the creek emergency personnel using boats found Carson floating in the water alive but unresponsive he was taken to Bowling Green Hospital and later flown to Vanderbilt Hospital where he was put on life support. Richardson and her seven-year-old son on were also taken to the hospital for treatment. But were quickly released the sheriff of Edmonson County and one of his sergeant's went to interview Alexandra at the hospital. ospital according to Edmonson voice. Richardson admitted she knew the road was flooded. But because she had driven on the bridge while it was flooded in the past she thought the water was shallow enough to do it again. The sheriff also said Richardson admitted smoking marijuana and methamphetamine. Shortly before the accident accident after obtaining records of Alexandra's medical records the sheriff learned the both drugs were discovered in her blood tests that were taken after the accident. Wa- Carson was in the hospital. A woman believed to be Alexandra. Richardson posted pictures and messages about the event to a facebook facebook account under the name. Alexandra Sasha McAuliffe these posts included several images of child with a neck brace who has seemingly aiming Lee hooked up to medical instruments the posts have since been removed or blocked but screen shots can be found online. The Sheriff of Edmonson is in county has announced the intention to obtain a warrant for the posts. We are saddened to report the last Tuesday at eleven forty PM. Carson was taken off life support on Wednesday law enforcement searched Alexandra's residents which she shares with fifty six year old William Liam subtle. They discovered a used methamphetamine. Pipe containing a white residue in a garbage bin in the bedroom. As well as a small amount of marijuana Alexandra Richardson has a previous two thousand fifteen arrests for manufacturing methamphetamine. At the time she was also charged with with controlled substance endangerment to a minor because a three year old was present at the scene. Richardson and subtle were both arrested on Wednesday the arrest records obtained by WB KO states that Richardson drove around the road closed. Sign Shane Doyle. The sheriff of Edmonson County told the Edmonson voice quote. We have been working the case nonstop since the accident took place on Monday night. We know that Richardson was under the influence influence at the time of the accident. And we know she was aware that the road was flooded when she made the decision to drive through with two children in the car. What we didn't know at the time was whether we would be charging her with assault or murder? Sadly the child has died and we're proceeding accordingly. Alexandra Sandra Richardson has been charged with first degree murder two counts of first degree wanton endangerment and operating vehicle under the influence of Drugs Williams subtle who shares a home with Alexandra. Richardson was also arrested and charged with first degree wanton endangerment in addition Shen they've both been charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia due to the results of the search of their residents. They are both being arraigned. An Edmonds and District Court today Tuesday December tenth. That's it for today. We'll see tomorrow and until then stay safe you sort and scaled daily is an incongruity media productions. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing by Gar Iraq executive producer. It Mike Buddha. If you like the show subscribe and leave us a review. If you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at sword and scale L. DOT COM

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