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Welcome QNA selling online with answers to questions about creating an online empire promoting products or building. A brand your host private-label ecommerce entrepreneur twin a more. Welcome to the show my friends. This is Winston today. I WanNa talk to you about live streaming your products on Amazon. So we all know that it's been now over year that we can livestream or partial Amazon. But there's a way where you can livestream your products without having to show your face. Okay now there's a Lotta people the want to be the face of their own company. There's others that are the face of their company and should not be because just because you're the CEO of your company. It doesn't mean that you have a face to be on camera or that you are likable. You have a likeable personality and this is not attacking anybody but sometimes it's just the truth right. People will judge you and some people are not as likable as others. When you go there. So what can you do about this? Well Amazon has a influence or program gate. The influence reprogram is where Amazon verifies your social media like facebook instagram twitter. Something like that at any give you verify Amazon profile and the option to build your own Amazon affiliate store and then if you do get approved Amazon affiliate account Or Amazon influence or account. You obviously become an affiliate and you can get a shop with special. Url THAT WOULD BE AMAZON DOT COM for slash shop for slash. Whatever you WanNa Call Your Store K now. I've been Amazon influence in the UK for a couple years now. Although I've never used it and I can't even remember logging into it. But in twenty nineteen I also got a Amazon dot COM INFO Amazon influencer. And right now I have a Va. That's building the store a poor me. Just so I can leverage that as Amazon fluids writing lab leverage my own products and even other people's products if I want to is if it's a category that I don't have anything that I'm selling. I can put other people's products there so in short the Amazon Influence. Her is an affiliate that has a following and anybody who visits their store gets cookie or pixel for lack of a better word than if they buy a product. After visiting the store the influencers GONNA receive a commission in. That's going to be. Let's say for percents? Six percents in that depends on the earnings And also the category that that influence our is in or the is in one of the beautiful things of this is that some influencers have access to Amazon blog posts and he's blog posts are called the editorial recommendations. You've probably seen those. When you're browsing any category as a buyer this features the onsite associates program. Now when influence has access to this. They can write something like imagine the top four best Collagen powders under thirty dollars that something very common that you would do. And then they fill in with their top four recommendations where they don't have to be the best it's their it's their personal choice in. Amazon has no interference in this so they can pick whatever they want if you go to Amazon Dot Com right now on your laptop and type Collagen. You'RE GONNA find one of those top posts right away in there on the first page immediately on the first page so technically any product entered into the editorial recommendation list is going to jump to the first page Right away right so technically. That's how it works now. Another thing that influencers can do is create a Hashtag and this is the Hashtag founded on Amazon. Now if you want to see this Hashtag all you have to do is is a buyer in the top menu on the main page. Unc Talk Menu. That word shows the bestsellers at shows. You the warehouse deals and then you're gonNA see something. That is Hashtag founded on Amazon. Right in that. When you go to that it's going to open up. Tunisia's is going to be fashion in home decor now. These are influencers the postseason. They're all of these are there from influencers so If you are in one of those two nieces and fashion or home decor get yourself in their k now but let's get to the video the video. This is what this episode is all about. So find these influencers. That's why I wanted to talk about the influencers force because you have to find him. Go through a list of influencers and find people that have been creating videos for products that are similar to yours in any category now. It doesn't matter if you're in home decor fashion if you're supplements if you're selling electronics. It doesn't matter. There's influence or for everything. Kate so find the ones that have been doing this for other products. Now one of the things you have to make sure is that this or is not a competitor is not a competing brand. That is being the face of your own company and shown off their products. They're not going to want to advertise yours. Okay so trust now that so all you all you have to do to find out if they are associated with a particular brand is look at a couple of their videos and see what the hell in their store in see if they have a couple of different products in same category different brands. You're already know that they are not just representing one brand. They're just somebody that's looking after themselves and you know trying to make a few bucks on this right now. Contact those influencers him. They WANNA make video of your product and again if they say yes. He remembered him. Take a note of this in no their links case will create a sheet. If you if you deal with accelerated excel sheet if not a google sheet and take note of their links and the time win. They're going to go live. Because you want to share this with your audience to write and you if you want to share with your personal account you can do that if not you can run facebook ads to this or non or just let them share it to their own audience and this may stay there in. Sorry this will stay there After a life where the stairs well so contact those influencers if asked them if they wanted to do the product on boxing or product review. Whatever it is that you want and in order to get a high reply rate. Here's what you gotta do. Do not just ask. Do you WanNa do this. Contact me if you want to ended by asking how much they want kate because some of them if they assume that you want it for free they're going to reply so if you and by just let me know how much you want. I'll send you the product for free. Of course it will pay the shipping as well. If you just let me know and we'll get back to you trust me. They'll get back to you. Because the only reason they are doing this if they are not representing their own brand is because they want to make an extra cash right so you are their savior. Let's say and you're gonNA give them that extra bit cash in return. You're going get what you want all right. Now if you can get an influencer that has onsite associates program. Which is the editorial recommendations. You get your product on the first page of every desktop in America. Kate all you have to do is ask. I've been doing this for a while. I get people to ever has products on video online video. The reason I did a podcast today was one of the videos that was then. This morning was very successful is so I'm like okay. I'm as well as everybody else know of their. And that's it. Contact those people. It's always possible to find out who they are case. So you can go to a store click. They have their name. There's a verified checkmark in front of their name and sometimes it could be just star name so the health benefits store and this health benefits door is associated to somebody because their accounts are verified. You are able to find their social media accounts and you can see. Whoever the person is in you can contact this person very easily all right. So that's it. If you want to check this out if you WANNA give it a shot try. There's I mean there's not much you can lose besides giving somebody fifty bucks in your product for Free. Trust me you. You can have a positive. Roi On this all right. If you do try let me know. Get back to me. You can contact me at seven online dot com. Fill the contact form in. Contact me there. And if not high at prolific zone DOT com. This one comes directly to me high like. Hi At prolific zone DOT com. I'll answer those emails if you WanNa let me know how it worked out for you if it worked out positively if it didn't and maybe we can share some. That did work for me. Some didn't work for you. And that's it that's it so let's have fun together and remember. Start grateful stay positive and OS prophet.

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