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Friendship is proud to be part of the Chicago podcast cooperative this episode of friendship a six bucks a month back documents music photos videos drawings podcast get yourself a free fully featured trial at back blaze dot com slash. I did it I did it I really really had to concentrate on the but you may I'm trend is friendship ing and the theme this week is there is drama and you want to call it quits don't write as Diese Punch the Whoa new Jimmy World let's talk about it's really they come in a mosh pit all of a sudden I love it I have so many feelings about this this is what so here's what's interesting has been at the forefront of my mind since it was released I am so glad to hear says yes you do yes jen can we talk about. I would love to okay so first of all it's band longer than many people that we are friends with have been alive yeah and I really really interesting about it is that like they have a lot of if you listen to static prevails you'll notice a bunch of of Jimmy world albums in terms of are they clarity or are they bleed American a big part of that is just like everybody else I love all music that came out when I was like sixteen you know y'all but they've always had more rock roots some times so bleed American but that's okay if futures is more like power pop also being album it's like my God that's such a great description very like big American underwater music and I like to say that it was good music for divorces absolutely this new album surviving has all that is like you gotta he liked him. Atkins became a dad like gallic he grew up a little so in New Orleans he still that Weirdo he's such a weird set don't think they've sworn in any single there's no curse words than any of their songs which is always very fucking guys the future is going to be better and then this album is like actually it didn't turn out we already but it's like a you know I was twenty two really excited about life I'm like I still am really Nice Jimmy can sounds the same as he did when he was twenty five it's kind of it's kind of lovely about Mo and it's an excellent book because it was the first time anybody actually and how they were on like this I bleed American tour this journalist from Spin wrote this book anything they're they're literally very much like we are we are job is music we make music flu like they've been friends longer than you've been alive. Oh my God I in the year that their friendships older than you to him I know fucked up we should have if there's one person on the planet who deserves to interview Jim Adkins it's it's fucking is extremely good at interviews with anybody let alone with a subject like Jim Atkins the re recorded version of your house love it as like headphones hold on her show so speaking you finishing our book yeah we have it has to be done I definitely credit to our mutual anxiety Oh yeah definitely than stressed yes and that is oddly not happen yeah weird so I think it's because everyday dockery and then on a weekend I'll go is this book on time to finish his book without you either and it makes me wonder some day because I would like to write a book I know that there's a book in your head and there's a book in my head and I almost feel like I wanNA do like an extended book tour for the books that we wrote on our own but also together can you imagine we should just follow Jimmy and this is one of the best days of my life I love that you're having a good day 'cause you know what I am too he for this honor I will honor is all mine that we'll do you proud social point in the process submitting final proposal each of us had a huge part contribute Wednesday before this person sounds like us yeah we ended up choosing this day because we will call Kim was flying out of the country on vacation that following Thursday on the whole weekend either not responding to any of my messages or sending me messages promising time we get to Sunday morning the date is due and have heard nothing back from Kim a changed we changed it to Tim and then we realized that rhymed with Kim Anyway it's it's too late too the citing a concussion and food poisoning holy crap I also could use or hurt by Kim she didn't message me at all that Sunday or has she contacted the past I'd gotten all the stuff she needed in time but she basically ignored me even do I kick her from the group I know I'll end up having to confront her and after all this -pointment in hurt what should I do oh man what a bummer this feeling kind of hurt and disappointed I to me you sound very hurt and justifiably so pointed in my friend Kim Yeah I'm heard disappointed my friend Kim and right now I can't think of anything that I feel your head he's not as I do that it's like you don't need to procrastinate on your feelings you can just feel them right now it what do we do about him right because it looks like she so I is involved at gentiles a better idea than I do of what the future looks like okay one of them is Hawkeye one of them is he they know we got a lot of hints even the question here because they said like I promise I'll get it done I promise way of putting that like I think that the bad feelings piled up it became a pile of sadness because it's started to stand for all the shitty feelings that you feel surrounding this is my failure this is the thing I forgot to do when I was sixteen years old this is my failure it hurts so much absolutely and this is something that happens I think like everybody every now and again so which does not mean you have to forgive her and it doesn't mean you have to move on and work with her again yeah yeah same big name so let's talk about what you Kim is GonNa show up to the next meeting again I think that we need a better idea of what the future looks like and there are the end of the question says do I kick her from the group I assume that the group will be I would assume the key that if you have not yet heard from Kim Kim is really just hoping right now like this is just like she wants to let the ducks fly into it and die and not deal with it that's what this is oh God I know and you know you you that's where I stand what do you think or do you just say your decision to the group like hey since my name think no matter what the asker needs to not involve Kim in the future I don't think that there's the big name clients but I feel like working with your friends and working with big name clients is so enormously so many times fucked up and she could not on fuck I mean Trinh you and I do that this project was even paid it wasn't said it didn't say yeah yeah which does not cannot be relied upon for something that is volunteer so you've learned something very important about Kim you you go forward like anytime you work with somebody new it's an experiment no matter how well you group like a year or so ago I put pull on twitter that EST- I wanted to ask people I was or I don't know but a lot of people are like absolutely not and I was like damn that's a strict policy to of jobs we turn their hobbies into jobs like it's just it's just how it works but this this is a reason why people don't you for you to branch out to somebody that you've never ever worked with before and don't know because they think like the only advantage of working with somebody you know is that like you vibe which like I think it would actually benefit you to go completely outside if your Rolodex for the next person's really philosophies in context and how to handle like social issues and stuff but if I wanted someone to go correct but we do think that this is a new opportunity for you okay so how do we talk to him the next meetings she has shown where what her priorities are and see for you is just leaving her off the next email thread Agri like you don't need to like is Sean I don't think so either without that would be so bold and weird yeah especially since she was so bad to want I think that this is one of those times where you write a few emails that it anything do you want her to apologize do you want to have an explanation do this is not an insult unless you're kind of a pushover and they will say oh. I'm so sorry I forgot I had this going sure I very much agree with that so if you want an apology you can get one you can an man maybe Kim she said Tim thank you president seriously saying something what you feel you short concise senses it's usually what we re advocate for because the details don't you feel better and also presenting it in such a way that Kim has the opportunity to say I could really use an explanation for this it would make things so much easier on our friendship on this if you told me what happened and if she ignores that too that that it I think that you deserve something from her whether it's an explanation or apology and it's again I want to talk to the Kim's of the world also don't want to be like yeah but sometimes there's just no preventing it I mean it sounds like the Oscar did as much in there I don't all the moving parts of this project and you accommodated them already and it's still they still let you down so turn and I work well together and we'll tell me a migraine and I'm not GonNa meet this deadline and I'll be like yeah of course it does not based on making money but it's also like so you know I mentioned the Adhd thing and you know as a kid I you know I did well in school but I would like not finish a project because you know I have ways of of figuring it out and again like when we talk about Kim's viewpoint been Kim we've all been Kim yeah one of the things that I say about Adhd a lot is that like a an and it is it affects your life impacts your life negativity a lot so should I talk of my job and one of the things that I do is I produce our podcast games podcast and the show and he sent me in like a sample and I found myself just fucking confront myself I had to sit and think and like just meditate the way like to describe this is so you know that scene in X. Men thirty with Tim Skeleton and stuff but he's got super healing power so he's just like I'm fucking going so I put on my headphones and I blast white noise or pink noise I eat something delicious I make hours to just send Matt Attacks Message saying the the truth song or something like that it's just gonNa take a little while longer and passed me as a teen would have after figuring that out that's so good and it's like you name your demons yeah no what they are in I mean it's just it's a skill that you learn over time and it seems like Kim has not been able to for people with ADHD it can be physically painful to work on like crazy and and I feel like fucking wolverine like walking through it and my body's you've with mental illness in the modern world is you are the fucking strongest people in yes John Yes and the first step is recognizing that the bowling ball's are there bridge of a project you have to accept that people will have these difficulties and they will have difficulties just the fact that you got this done somehow got it done so you you in the next project is like ask for pictures for like a picture of like and it's it in I don't know if this is right for every situation may not be right for years but you could have said like if I don't hear back from Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean you got Tim involved somehow that was so good so we talk about one of the ways you can help me make up for this is to figure out something for this because they oh this can Kim introduce tim to some to some people maybe she's got other piles of sadness that she could use you can't just invite you to say thank you so much for help for saving this project for jumping owner I would like to send a pizza to your house you don't have to do anything that involves money either say mm -serily Oh you a favor and the next time you need help you need to come to me because Walsh show the fucker yes and then do it yeah don't let the spiral the things we asked you in the future is like there's no reason to trust your friends more than other people that you with e for Kim I don't WanNa see this at the top of the show 'cause I don't want to ask her but I really do because I've been of course but I just like saying that because my degree was very expensive and I'm still paying love you but anyway due at nine am and the library isn't open and I have to print I'm unable to study for our final because so many other things are piling up now would just be like well failed using I had so many piles of sadness for awhile and I realized that it was I had so many ball so you had so many balls in the air like juggling like crazy and just drop them and sometimes alien balls got thrown at me and I was like he's my friend and he's not GonNa care I'm just going to let that ball drop Yup Yup and that should be we Kim's apology is the most reasonable apology is I'll human brain is really just a spongy wet fleshing mass we'll fuck up for the people you love the most because it just it just popped out of your brain there's a good quote from card says sometimes you will try your best and do everything right and still fail yeah and sometimes true and it's not all my God that's exactly right I'm combing through the book now looking for things like that Kinda others always tell the truth is not correct yep like always have a bunch of friends you can under the circumstances do the best you can with the tools you have that's it and that Ryan's and there's these characters cares there's these creatures called Nogues Doug's knocks it's GonNa make sense so are in the game and you kill them constantly because doug skin is really good like why the hell did you do that that nogues are so cute their pets that was just cruel that was and you were not set up to make a decision there because you based on the information you had based on the information everybody but it's true sometimes you kill a few nuggets to get I like to follow us on twitter. You may do friendship if you would like to follow us individually rallied and then I'm trying to end tonic like gin and tonic but within hawks are daddy I wanted to like I actually pause inappropriate thank you Laurin gallagher for your design work thank you to Monica Yeah let me get the frigging frigging ads.

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