Episode 426 - Kingsman: The Secret Service (CLIP)


Now, the Kingsman service, Michael Cain is involved, sitting the head of this table. It reminds me very much of a better movie with most of these actors tiller soldiers follow man -absolutely. This is like a tinker tailor soldiers by, like Odeen on sugar. They I mean what I appreciate about this. Michael Caine performance. It is your classic late life, Michael Cain. He's barely getting out of a chair. He stands to scenes, or even one. There are several chairs but there's not a lot of standing he brought his own chairs chairs that he picked out specifically that he made them pay for the shipping over to wherever he had glasses. Weren't even part of the movie until taking my bashes off. All right. Those. I guess, everyone's got to know everything Michael glassy. Now, this chair has willed rose. And sometimes you need to put the breakdown or else it's going to row. And I sit in the chair will roll with it. You ever see Mary with children? This chair is also a. On taking. They have to be taken seriously and there are has the stuff. They like us to be super, this is why we need to like, not only legalize it. We need to like crop dust. Gas on legal. Outside with amounts open. Legalization day fucking crop dust this country force everyone to get high just to like just to see what the other side is just a fucking chill out for second. Maybe we'll be such a fucking asshole, the time captain America's bone. You're just a barrel of good ideas tonight. You know what usually about podcasts as me having a serious conversation with somebody, but I just got crop dusting. We're watching crown legacy brother, man, that live, you, babe. Bay highly recommended creteria of getting down. So he fights for the user. Tron fights for the user, some folks like to pop off and say that computerize young, Jeff bridges doesn't look good. Obama thinks maybe he does. Why don't you get a clue as in the characters name, which is clue without the? Other part rocks. You need to go to space in this movie, which is like she fucking graduating send her on the mission to fight veiled tenants said fucking talent at there their base to women that were associated with this program was the plant who they faked her drowning and the other one, they literally shoot into out his. Like literally literally your planet almost needs you. Mex suit. Leftover from Reagan's Star Wars project. So great to know the Kingsman just fucking jacked US intelligence. Absolutely unbelievable. I can fire sale mandate. Whatever you get you. Let Doug about. Doug of someone with dementia, runnings of things. Oh, yes, you can have it is. Sure. No. Yet, you can pay me later, send a check to mommy. Mommy. Where's that Mexico? I didn't I didn't give it to anyone. Mommy. Mommy wish Rudy. I talk to the Kingsman their spy organization. Let me I have a big meeting with Tim APO, Mr President. This has been live on the air the entire time. Oh. She warned XI's mom like lock the baby in the bathroom kick the key under the doors from you. But he told her to say. Of himself. Speaking of which XI's now, having anal sex. Yeah. It's the thing where like, he's got these glasses and Mark strong, and like see what he can see it turns it appeal V porno, little POV opponent. Yeah. It's like yeah. This woman's like Dacia, Michael Foot rest. A premium membership is only twenty dollars a month today. Well, sir. Michael, you gotta podcast to some folks couldn't watch POV some folks can watch J o. Could a little instruction. Yawn needs a helping hand from time to time. The wrong with a little instruction. This is over for Joe. I. You know what's in communities, these days porn hub? I'm Barco bum. An I'm here for a s Amar. Those just light me up. Shoop the boom Obamagasm. Nia like Todd solids growing up in the coal mining down. And his dad is just like that gets gotta make that of his life, and he sees happiness that it's dedicated to he starts crying. Say the boy got me. Shooting everybody. Yeah. I've had fantasy before good on your body with the tiger beat magazine too. Didn't forget nothing. Like the jig is up. That's the exact wording of the birds and bees talking. Got it. Yup. Yup. You got me tidy. You're right, son. You are jam pain, and I am shit.

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