3X NBA Champ Rick Fox, Game 7's, And S8E5 The Bells. GoT Recap.


On today's part in my take. We have to game sevens. We have Steph curry going drew Carey's to carry us. You don't like it. When I when I try to pronounce I'll give a fuck we have Seth curry going carries against the Houston Rockets in front of your girl. Danny will do game of thrones recap. At the end. We have Rick Fox in-studio. Very interesting interview with Rick Fox whose back of the week and a Monday reading a pact part of my take for you before we get all that though. It's time to talk about the cash card from the cash app. The number one finance app in the app store for a reason the cash card is the most powerful debit card in the world and the only debit card with Busse a money saving feature. You can't get anywhere else because the cash app invented it. Just let to boost in your cash app. Swiped. The cash card and save ten percent or more at whole foods shake shack, AAA Chick-fil-A Domino's and coffee shops. If you wanna go Ganic without paying for it safe. Ten percent on. 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Leonard is a mother fucking killer his killer, and he showed emotion after the game to which was crazy. He hit that shot. The quadruple Doisneau bounce bounce bounce bounce were remixed two baskets. Listen, I'm not going to a little problematic. I'm not going to twist the knife here. But not so funny when you lose on doing Philly. No, not so funny. Yeah. Quiet Leonard is that dude. Unreal. Game game seven. We have to game sevens to get to. We're going to get to game of thrones. At the end. We have Rick Fox pack show will start with the one that that ended the last and that was the Toronto Raptors finally beating the curse of LeBron because lebrons in the west and taking down the Sixers, and quite Leonard is unbelievable. It was great. It was awesome ending to. I think the least entertaining. Overall series because it just went back and forth back and forth back and forth. This is the first like really really close game. And the end was just incredible because he hit that front rim and hit the outside of the front rim shooters, and it somehow carried the moment like the ball curved in mid air. I'm going to go back and do zapruder analysis of this because there had to be a second shooter. Yeah. Way that this ball just like managed to defy the laws of physics eventually land. That's the shot that your dad hits in horse and he's like shooters bounce. That's fucking bowl. Yeah. It's not a real thing. Just have old week. Must Nelson Paul spins. Gotta get high the high arc. Yes. Gotta get the hierarchy and hope that the the rims are nice to you. So quiet Leonard unreal game. The big question though, will there's a bunch of questions coming from this game. Because that was actually the coolest moment is the balls in the air, and like maybe four or five people's destiny is just hanging in the balance because Jimmy Butler James Butler Jimmy showed up tonight. Well, he had that big lip at the end to tie the game. So that quite could rip their hearts out. Tobias Harris free agent rep Brown, maybe the worst possessions of ever seen the team Ron down the stretch Philly. I think he they had three shot clock violations. Ninety eight last two and a half minutes. That's tough. When you're the coach that is really tough to do. And it's really tough to not be able to drop one single play co. I will he be like, ooh, that was awesome. I wanna stay in Toronto longer. We'll how does that work with Canadian dollars? Are they worth more? I know on the back of books used to buy no mentor school. It always looked like the books worth more in Canada. Right. Because have printing. Have printing looney Luna strong. But but all these questions now arise because of one, you know, ridiculous bounce off of a rim and the raptors now go to the Eastern Conference final and feel like, hey, this is a good quite trade was worth it, regardless. We've gotten a little bit further, and guess what? For the first time ever. All those Canadians standing in that plaza didn't cry on livestream. Yeah. It was good to see that. They like the launchers were out the posters. We out how big of an asshole. Do you have to be to carry a poster to an event where you're all standing outside looking at a giant screen? Yeah. Beholding it up you're blocking the entire view of the person. Very what I'm happy for Canada. The, you know, it's this time of year that they usually are just heartbreaking like drowning in their tears and maple syrup because the Leafs are out the flames are always usually out like all their house. All their all their hockey teams are out in the raptors have usually just lost at this point. Yeah. It's it's a foreign territory for them to have things to look forward to. And I'm very glad that they do. Okay. So another big question we have. So we have the destiny of those people the free agents the coach for the Sixers the process quite thing in Toronto the other big question coming out of that game in bead sobbing sobbing. Fair foul. I loved it. Yeah. Has impede is that it would be weird. If Ben Simmons sobbed, it'd be weird of Jimmy Butler sop, but Embiid feels like the guy who wears his heart on a sleeve, he talked shit. He when they lose. It's heartbreaking like I actually appreciate when someone talks a lot of shit, and is very emotional guy. And then when they lose he feels out emotion. Not like, oh, whatever I'm just going to go back to tweeting funny things he was heartbroken a little bit. So the crying on the court. I was all in for the cameras catching him in the hallway. I don't know if you saw this his girlfriend, wiping. Tears off his is that felt like a little intrusive. How this moment how tall girlfriend? She's got to be very very tall to reach his is. Yes, it was. Well, he was kind of laying got his crying ladder that they never. To be taken care of little intrusive by the camera. It is a little bit. But I mean every other part of Joel has been hurt to series. So now as feelings are too. But it's good to like, I do like athletes showing motion in games. Like, it's good to know that they care, you know, as much as some of the fans, sometimes that's that's like it makes him so much easier. Route for if you're Philly right to see the fact that he to experiences real pain at this. And it was already teen. And he's just like it was already teamed. Fuck. No. I don't think. So. All right. I'm gonna work on the off season. It was always his team. But now, it's even more. So because of white what you just said the emotion that he shows Phileas one of those writer die cities where they want their players to care as much as they do and Joel beat cares probably more because he probably cried more than most fans after that game. So it was I'm all in on Joel Embiid showing emotion specifically because he is that type of guy I have a question for you. I am always a little bit hesitant to like really go full in. On the city. Philadelphia. Love philly. I think that they have some of the best most passionate sports fans that's fun teams to fund personalities. I'm just kinda glad that this is like a reality. Check for Philly where it's like going when they got Jimmy Butler. They're like we're going to fuck and win every champ. And they got Bryce, and they're like we're going to win every championship in every single sport possible as like, okay, maybe maybe next year. But by question for you is with this Sixers team, they're very very good. They're young. Do you make like solid moves in the offseason? Are is this a case where you just let the core of the team get older? Well, I if you're the Sixers I you have to basically say we have to do everything to build around. Joel Embiid and that includes not playing him like during the regular she he needs to go on the bron- minutes. He needs to go on he's big time load management. Maybe take a couple of weeks off in the middle of December. He needs to do all that stuff because it's clear that he is their team. And as he goes, they go put your it is drew like the Sixers are kind of in a spot where it's like. I think you can probably re-sign Jimmy Butler until why Harrison let's just run this back. I don't think Brett Brown is the guy because I like I said three shot clock violations. I think one of might have been a block on Jimmy Butler. But it also just like an old alcoholic cop at the end of his career. He's on one of the guys from the wire that accidentally fires his gun. And there's also like a long history of of sports coaches who have to coach the young team and then pass it off to an old head to bring them to the promised land. So feel like that's kind of what the situation here's d did a good job with a young team bringing them along. But when you lose like they did last year and then lose this year. I feel like you have to change at least something otherwise you're just running it back again. And it feels like it might just be the exact same thing. Just maybe, you know, maybe one round more. But the goal is to win a championship. That's the process. I think it's just like it's a house plant that you're taking very good care of. And you're like one day, this will bloom and this will get, but I think they've got clear. Enough talent to make the east. I hope it doesn't fit. I could see the Sixers giving the bucks run for their money if they'd won this. But now it's gonna be really interesting to see how Toronto shows up against my box. They also have one of those classic situations where you know, you get all this talent. But then you look at the if you look at the game seven guys played they had no bench. They had no bench. Same with actually the wrath seven guys played I love when whenever we over hype a bench during the regular season. It's like when it gets to the crunch time. You're probably gonna play seven gotten. And maybe there's a couple of teams that have eek is maybe a ninth guy who can throw in. But like for the most part, you're shortening to seven guys, and you better hope those seven guys can all fit and everything works together. And the Sixers feel like a ton of talent and everything's just a little tiny bit off. But either way I I want I wanted to share one of Magic's tweets showed a lot of emotion. Guys, a lot of emotion for this, quiet, Leonard. Wow. Wow. Wow. Holy shit. Four control goes in one shot to win the game for the raptors. That's and. Then. But then he went back. He's tweeted that and then when exa- right back to old magic. So it was like a moment where he blacked out. He went right back to quite Leonard played like a superstar scoring forty one points in a game seven victory over the Sixers. Yep. Goes back report in the box. I was close. He's like if quiet Leonard was retired. Yes. Oh that was really close. All right. So the other game seven blazers Nokes our guy CJ McCollum with the heavy hang shoving it down. That's actually too graphic shoving in Jennifer's face. The I'm trying Jennifer from last year when she said just win a playoff series. He had how many points is. He ended up having thirty thirty seven thirty seven all the nerds went on blast. Even though it didn't really make sense because he was shooting high-quality shots. But he did it with like basically amid ridge game. Yeah. And it was. People battling the nerds being like see the mid range. Trump's shot is still alive. Right. And then and then the nerds are like, wait. But actually, that's not what analysts say they say. If you're good mid range. Jumper jump shot shooter and the end of the game. When everyone gets shitty, you should keep taking those. And also the best shot in the game is always an open shot. No matter where. Yes. And seems like there's maybe a little little trigger are nerds become a new job the nerds trying to stuff Jackson to lock stays. They're doing a little well turns out man Olympics going one on one with a guy in his step back. Fourteen footers game. Yeah. You'll Michael Jordan. Yeah. Bush wasn't a push off. Did they call it? The the nerds though have been put on their heels a little bit. They're doing. They're like updating their stash sheets their spreadsheets saying, well, actually that was actually a great shot. And I don't care CJ. Mccollum was awesome. He basically carried their team because it was very weird Damian Lillard, look, I he had he got he got the James harden flip. He. Looked like he was outta gas. And basically like, I don't I can't do it in this moment. Yeah. I'll say this about Damian Lillard his two winners. Chin have you ever seen that thing? He's just if I'm doing the old school just like facial recognition like disguise a winter. This guy's not Damon. Leonard's got he's got a winner's face. He's got you know, what he's got. He's got a video game face. Like like you pick face number six all time video game face. Ben, Gordon number one video game face in the world. Like he his his face looked like it was from video game. Because of the very very no the angles were kinda sharp trying to fuck them know his phones. Yeah. It's strong jaw you just eyebrow rolling over like, okay? I'll take face number eleven happens to be Ben Gordon, but this was a huge come up for podcasters having CJ do that. We're we're now very cool because you know, one of our brethren shown that he is the clutch, gene. And he dropped. This Kanter went right to Twitter, and then CJ McCollum went right to Twitter. He gave the old defense my ass defense at the end of the game. This is the new millennials ruin everything back in my day. They would just go to the locker room and FOX them chicks in the sauna like magic. We know CJ said defense my. Yeah. I know I'm saying now nowadays the kids they win a game. And they go right to Twitter shit talk. Yeah. Like Baker Mayfield family. No should be actually texting reporters. I love that stuff. You get to hear from them right away. Yeah. It's way better shoutouts cancer though for winning this. He played I think the entire series while he was fasting for Ramadan. Yup. Hank learned a lesson today. He was like, wait, wait Kanter doesn't drink water during games, you only. Did it today? All the other games are at night. Now, some of some of them were well, but still fasting but at night, you don't do, but he was still fasting day of the games real challenges this one he couldn't drink while. He was playing a game. But yeah, he wasn't. Drinking. He got in touch with chemo allies one earlier this week to ask him for tips. My ignorance was that I didn't realize that fast drink water, so your fault. Because like if you are if you are age, you remember who came lies on doing it in the nineties, and it was always so crazy 'cause it was like that was the big story be playing in the playoffs and just not eating drinking. Yeah. Knows one thing. Like, they said he woke up early three o'clock made sure got all the protein and nutrients that made ten point. It's like he doesn't drink water throughout. The course says mind was sharper that yeah. I'm gonna stop trick. And what Odell Beckham doesn't drink water either. Sure. He's he hates it. So it's water so much. He gets on a boat to avoid being in it. Yeah. Exactly. So we have Seth curry verse Steph curry s the Western Conference finals who they ruined for who the parents going to cheer on. They're gonna do the split jersey. I don't think it's one of them. Should I wanna trials at one should for the other because one he's not gonna win? So you could be like rooting for you and to he's gonna throw his mouthpiece achy. If if you. Cheer against them. Yeah. And everyone talks about staff known talks about Seth also sucks that his name. Seth like, it would be cooler if his name was something that didn't like doing the s s and you're the lesser of the S's careful with assess atmos- true. But you here is your back your back. That's that's always tough. But so we have Seth curry for Steph curry, and the rockets are officially dogs de- de- dead for the rockets. Ed, how about how about that ultimate Vince young game from Steph curry where he just chilled out in the first half and went to off fuck on the second. How many points they have in the fourth third. Yeah. Twenty-three in the fourth thirty three for the game zero at halftime. Unreal. And clay was also unreal. But it was it was fun watching the warriors like be underdogs like that. And have everyone doubt him and it felt like two thousand fifteen all over again member when people actually rooted for the warriors in two thousand fifteen enough to everyone was rooting for the warriors in two thousand fifteen. And this felt like a throwback to the warriors two thousand fifteen and the rockets are yet again stock they are now in that like Buffalo Bills Utah Jazz like like naming the patriots have stopped like the San Diego Chargers. And all these teams that basically get laid waste to dynasties. And you'll just never like you'll never think of them the same way even though they lost to unbelievable team. So the thing is after the first two or three times happens. You can be like, oh, they're unlucky. You know? They're good enough to get there right here. We're in until the last second. And then the takes the narrative starts, which is they're losers in the can't close it out. When that fact, and it's well, listen at some point once the narrative gets going it starts to seep into your head. If you're a player on that team. And you're like, yeah, we really are losers. Can't get it done when accounts in and then it gets worse and worse and worse right now, they're calling and take spiral, and you can't escape it. Takes your sucked in. Yeah. Basically just circling the drain right now into four. Tech's. Yeah. Vortex goes directly to skip Bayless puddle. That's where you right out his mouth every morning seven to nine. I take things I cannot wait to get in the studio undisputed undisputed with Shannon. I can't wait to tell Shannon Sharpe. What's coming through my door? I told them the saddest thing I saw on Twitter Daryl Maury consummate professional, take this hockey congratulates the warriors after every time they lose to them, which is very sad. When you actually go back so may twenty eighth two thousand fifteen. Congratulations warriors, great great team. Thank you to rockets fans you carry this all year back at it pursuit twenty sixteen. Then it started to get a lot shorter. Because it just kept on happening may are sorry, April twenty two thousand sixteen. Congratulations. The warriors great team. May twenty eighth two thousand eighteen. Congratulations warriors. And then yesterday or today you come at the king you best not miss. Congratulations. Warriors, just make them to threat. It's it's so sad to look at every year. Like clockwork time for Daryl Maury to send out his congratulations warriors to love it. It's like one of those guys who's the guy that broke down the Mueller report in a five hundred. Oh, just that's what it's going to be like for this guy s Abramson more is going to be like Abramson of NBA Twitter where it's just eventually twenty tweets thanking the Golden State relations for beating them in the playoffs. Again, you're the best. Let me ask you a question. Yes. Do think that Kevin Durant is a little bit upset about how good Steph curry played in the second half of that game. I don't think so you don't think there's a small part of oh this part of. So I'll put it this way. If he's out for the rest of the playoffs and the warriors win without him. Yeah. He's going to be he would be pissed off. Oh, yes. That for sure the fact that they won this. Game by putting the entire team on Steph Curry's back. There's got to be a small part of them. That's like when I come back is still my home or have I been cooked out of my own bed. Well, it's the same part of it's the same part of Steph curry that was kind of feeling that way when Kevin Durant was owning every single game and won back to back and be finals MVP. So I think it's like this is the classic wars verse worse Steph reclaims his team after a run that was a historic run from Kevin Durant in terms of numbers wise. And now we have this weird thing where you gonna come back. I think you'll probably miss the first couple of games because they'll they're probably like we're going to beat the blazers no matter, which I don't know. I I know I don't know podcast podcasters verse people that go on people's fucking podcasts. It's probably going to be screen epic showdown. I'm gonna say the wars and five five I'm gonna I'm gonna get the blazers too. We're big Portland podcast. We love the city. I do have one question back in the warriors vs warriors. Does the way dream on Chris Paul all-time petty league backfire he blocked Steph curry from using the court on Thursday night for shoot around. And so the story goes Steph curry reserved the court from seven to eight you can do that. Yeah. You can do that you have to schedule it online. You have to schedule it Chris Paul caught wind and was like fuck that I'm working out Steph. Curry was like, hey, how about we just go have these here, you just need one basket? And he said fuck no takes the whole thing. And then as as they beat the rockets they're coming off the court and dream on. Like, what are you even say is like like Steph said he drew on his kick me out. The court gore. Kick me off the court, again, kicked me off the court again, so petty wars gone wrong. Verbal meam. Kevin Durant watching the fourth quarter of that game. Arthur fist shaking. Yeah. Just going crazy. Yeah. I do like that. They posted a picture of him celebrating. Yeah. At the end of the game that to me is like you're trying too hard. Verbal verbal mean. Kevin Durant watching the fourth quarter of the game. And it's the mask the cry. The mask in front of them the troll. Trying. Verbal mean guy walking down the street looking over the shoulder at another girl while his girlfriend's really mad at him. And it's the guy is warriors fans, and then the girl is Steph curry, and then the other girl is Kevin Iran and Saudi Soros, you kidding. And that guy the Kevin Durant has the Arthur fist Photoshop over one of the girls fist in the face. And he's crying underneath their, you know, someone draw that for that exact thing quality fucking me. That's we killed it. We yes, we killed that me. So wait, I make a question for you. Okay. Yeah. You ready for this? Yeah. But then I have a very important point. Okay. Mellow curse. Okay. My loaf. Worse who lost on Sunday? The the Denver nicks the Denver Nuggets, they trade way criminal Anthony. The Knicks have never won champagne ever since they traded away. Carmelo Anthony fact the thunder haven't gone out of the first round fact since they got rid of Carmella. Yeah. Though rockets they lose they got rid of Carmelo Anthony. Doesn't win a goal. Say basketball hasn't won a gold medal in two years. Yes. If you win the next gold. I'm officially saying mellow is the best cursor of all time. Could you imagine? This was the hoodie curse. Think about it. Yes. I like Syracuse hasn't won a championship. Since mellow got traded, boom. Wait windows, the mellow curse begin whenever we never really voting. It's very floating whenever you as your team, right or. Yeah. Or the history. I whenever he leaves your team. It's really just wing. It really just is when big cat says it's sorry Herat individual the Knicks. It's been gone going on for a long time. He pre cursed they had is on for a long time. He Kirk which is more potent than normal. So it's so the Melker is a real thing. Yes. I'll everyone. All right. Can I get back to my very important point? Yeah. The blazers logo looks kind of like a butthole. Okay. I'm looking at whole look it up it kind of an infected like bleeding puffy Buttle. That's gross, dude. I'm just saying. Yeah. I mean, it's gross. But I'm right. Yeah. Why is the Trail Blazers logo a hurricane? I don't know. What will for hurricane? Let's see trailblazers logo. Let's learn by the way while we. Trailblazers logo PF t want to tell everyone about the gold that we have coming up. Yeah. I do. So we've had some some awesome gold episodes this last week. We put out one where me and be cat interviewed dominatrix a goddess Aviva, so you can go subscribe and get that it's barstool gold dot com slash PMT. And then who do we have next month? We do one bonus episode. Yes. A month and next month. Is it the groundskeeper? Yeah. We're gonna have a baseball groundskeeper and get to the bottom of what the fuck goes onto that tarp. Okay. So here's what is what does the Portland trailblazers Globo mean, Harry, Glickman what the fuck? It means. Harry glickman. Yeah. That's that's butthole right there. Hey, check, my Harry pinwheel with black on the top and red on the bottom. It's meaning a simple modern graphic interpretation of the game of basketball five players from one side. Oh, playing it's five players from another. So there's you can see it up there. There's five little pin wheels. I five little pin wheels. That's kind of cool. That is does look like a hurricane symbol. Yeah. Lower case typography to a bold upper case, adding a dimension. Okay. Yeah. Forty five degrees the motion of the game. Wow. That yeah. That's pretty impressive. Go portland. That's portland. Yeah. Sounds like some Bill Walton came up with we should have Rasheed. Wallace standing maybe lights of blunt like it at the centre court before game three the logo should just be she'd Wallace Damon Stoudamire hidden, gravity and Ruben Patterson, shower room, Patterson, Kobe stopper, the original Kobe Stanton. Okay. Let's get to who's back the week, Hank. Why don't you start? Go ahead show. I got a few my first is Snapchat. Yeah. Okay. So Snapchat released a a new filter which can like turn. It turns guys and girls and girls and guys it's got people going crazy like the dinosaurs Jurassic Park. Yeah. It's pretty have you tried it. No. Can you can you do it to me real quick? Sure. I can pull it out about the Snapchat. If it takes a picture of me, it's going to probably just make me look like a guy because it's going to think I'm check. Yeah. Like that waitress slowly PFP's would be if he was a dude for all the new listeners out there. There was a time. We went to Brazilian steakhouse in Las Vegas, and the waitress came to us and tapped PF on the shoulder said, ma'am, would you like anymore bread? And we just fucking lost it from behind. Chick from was. Was not happy. I'm pretty good looking. Oh, you know, who I look let me say I look like a brunette version. Terrible radio Schnitt at home. Ooh, I look hot. Yeah. I look I look like a cat lady though. My hair is all over the place. Right. I got a lot of split Enz. Yeah. All right. So who so so Snapchat back 'cause back. Yeah. Okay. Why that talking about it? That's all it takes. So funny is for whenever they come back it they're back and forth. Yeah. They're back for like two days until Instagram just copies that exact popular filter. Yes. Yes. Until it gets to the but for this weekend. They're back on other who's back as the drinkers. Yeah. It was wait, wait hang on. So Snapchat was invented basically to send pictures of your dicta people. Right. So what what happens when you point that filter at you? Dick wanted to find out is it turned into a clam. I mean, the catfish people are gonna get cash for so hard. It's almost feel bad. Yeah, seen I've seen pictures of girls that have fake boobs or online. Asks look exactly like, dude. Oh, you could you could be carry have the tits. Careful who's back because Drake curse as I said why he on he war? Seventy Sixers short watching game seven. That's such an awesome move on Instagram soy after they won like pan down. He's not at the game. No. I don't know why. But he liked Instagram story of his TV. I don't even know if he did it on purpose but pan down, and you could see the seventy Sixers. You know what? No one rate genius. It's an emotional. Hedge Drake dot if they lose. Yeah. Then the Drake Ursus fake true. And if they win the raptors win, which is sure what he wanted. No matter what he dodged a bullet because quite hit that shot right in front of like right by seats. And I was looking for Drake because you know, that he would have just made the moment about himself been like the first person to hug Koci, and everyone would have been so annoyed about it. So Drake, you actually lucky because I have been pissed is that it just the two. Yeah. Okay. Back to them for who's the weakest those to my whose back is recurring part, my take guests Dennis Rodman. So did he got arrested for stealing a gigantic four hundred pound crystal from yoga studio, I mean, I don't actually blame him for that probably tried to smoke it. Right. And also it could be hailing crystal also there's certain like four hundred pounds if you're gonna tempt it. I think that's okay. Well, so he. Attempted almost like, hey, get rid of this junk for me, he attempted and he walked it like two steps because he had a buddy helping them carry it. And then it dropped and shattered into pieces like the Knight king. But then he probably got to steal some of that, crystal probably Garelli Phyllis pocket. All right. Exactly. Okay. Anyone else or anything else? Yes. I do have another who's back of the week. It's US women's soccer. Ooh is back. So they just pound the shit out of South Africa on the road to France twenty six days away from the World Cup. And we have this comet we can win. Yeah. We have guests coming from the team. The one thing that the team needs is description for their play like how Arkansas basketball had forty minutes of hell, yeah. Or Spain play sticky tacky to DACA tacky. I say it's ninety minutes of fuck you owe for the US woman ninety minutes skull fucking ninety minutes of skull fucking. You're from women from the US women, but they're actually fun to watch. Yeah. It's a good interview that we've got coming up, but I actually like watching women's soccer better than. Men's soccer because we actually win and women's soccer. Did you see since we're talking about soccer right now? Did you see the end of the EP L season was on Sunday in Manchester City won back to back titles and the best part about the team that wins the title in the PL? They basically just stand on the field for like an hour and sing every like Beatles away song ever. That's pretty what just standing there. I heard. Hey, jude. They're seeing Wonderwall. It's all the Queen there. We are the champions. They basically just sing every great British rock band and stand there for the whole time. And it was all off knows no plan. They sing fucked up system of table counting champion. It's weird. I rugby fan. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. It's it's I think ploughs our problem is the argument is like the best team always wins. Because Seattle on you. Don't who's clutch. No. I know I agree to know. Hey, grace. I agree. I mean, I love plants. I think playoff should be in. Every sport speaking clutch. Good segue to my who's back. Clutch, gene is back or lack thereof because the typically speaking James harden was ranked last out of thirty two players this plows for net rating in clutch time doesn't sound good. And so that's average of at least three minutes. Clutch time and playing at least three playoff games. That's how they decided it. He was dead last. He also every single one of his numbers from the regular season goes down in the playoffs. Basically for the last like five playoffs. Does it wait as negatively affect your score? If you just don't shoot in fourth quarter. Probably because of how good is in the very, I don't know how they actually base it. But is that might so good in the regular season? That might explain what he was doing during the Kevin Durant injury game. Trying just didn't shoot who's trying to not hurt his clutch rate. But here's the good news PF T. We finally have someone back to talk about the clutch, gene. Because it feels like it's been a little bit of an absence. We had obviously like paid panting was odd. Yeah. Brown was huge before he won his titles. Now, we finally have guy. Who we can say lacks the clutch definitively. He and Chris Paul no clutch team them. Who would you say in the NFL right now is the big clutch. Gene guy. Would it be rivers say still privilege? Matt Ryan Aaron Rodgers. If you want to count the fact that he hasn't won a title. He's supposedly the best quarterback in any people are saying, I'm saying that you think you think MJ would have let somebody buys girlfriend a beer in front of them, by the way, that's the correct way to interact with big cat ni-. If we're out at a sporting event is by by me, a beer, and then have big cat look over and must be like. Must be like why why are you doing this? Yeah. Yeah. Like, we have to record a podcast drinkers. Until by the way, we forgot to do it. Do it for my other who's back. Big Matt big sad. We did a big mad big sad or rockets fans. I have a couple for the rockets fans out there after James harden who lacks the clutch, gene, did it again. So this one's from Steve McGee. I feel like Steph curry is type two whereas towel over his nips. When he gets out of the shower yet, he just buried our team. That's actually a great call. That is good. He definitely people do that. I'd Seth curry does. Okay. Yeah. Mace wrote the series is still too with Katie outrun back when he's healthy. We'll try again, that's a good point there. This actually if you want to get technical with it. The warriors won two games, the rockets one three and then the warriors. Yes. One other warriors. You guys beat them three to the the actually news. It was tied to. Yeah. This is actually really sad. When rockets fans are now looking to bills fan. So this one guy said, I don't know what to do at this point every year same story in the last two hurt. So so bad. I need counseling from bills fans and a bills fan jumped any said, here's what you do one trial Kahal to break table with your body three draft Josh Allen, except as your Lord and savior. Yeah. That's pretty good. Very good. Vice another suggestion just start commenting on other teams message boards that are still in it by introducing yourself and saying hey rockets fan here coming in PS as a rockets van this one is just really sad in the fall of two thousand five I chose to go to Wake Forest because the sportscenter special about CPI three scoring sixty one for his grandpa member move me off where he missed the last year he left and we never made a final four year after year. I bet on the clippers last year. I bet four K on the rockets to win the Golden State series. I'm dumb with them. He should have been done with them while ago. And then this last one is really sad. Imagine your dog running away except it returns home a year later. Only to get hit by cars, you're backing out. That's the rockets big set. So rockets imagine that all know, it's a tough. But that's kind of what the rockets are dealing. It's actually more like having a shitty dog that you can't make run away. Like, you keep giving it every incentive like throwing hotdogs across those like, no, I love you. And I'm gonna continue to bite you. Yeah. And shit on the on the floor. Yeah. Sorry, your baby. Yeah. What what's the dog biting baby know peeing on your baby? Oh, that's a really bad dog. Listen, I wouldn't kick a dog out just because it had a couple of accidents indoors seems really specific. Well, I wanted to step it up from peeing on the on the carpet gothic bigger next. One up was go reneging on your daughter. All right. So let's kits. I like, yeah. It's a weird. Those a weird brain thing. So you just gotta kick it up. Not. So yeah. See want people understand that? It's a bad dog. I think you can't be like oh my dog. Water too, much and drinks water too fast and spits up on the floor. You know, that's a fine. Usually just say shit on the carpet showed the carpets holding showers on babies. Yeah. That's a weird Ewing to go throw that fucking dog house weird thing to go. I would throw that fucking dog. Oh, I was a lot more questions than that. From like, oh, this dog is bad. If you like what like how I will. How the baby getting a spot where the dog could peon. Yeah. Wait a second. I don't have a baby. Yeah. Their dog lead. You're on it on the ground and also your dog pees in the house. So that's the first problem might be a small dog. So it can climb up onto interesting like angles and different parts of your furniture and establish the other problem the baby small dog in the basically invented tube city in bad, brain bad. You gotta rob rain bad brain got a row Roddy bradberry? That's a bad brain top bring actually think you should be kicked out of the house for that grain for that terrible brain. All right. Let's go to our interview with Rick Fox before we get to Rick Fox. A couple of words for our sponsors DSL XL when you're a man of my wholesome stature, and physique what some would consider being absolute unit. Others would call the perfect specimen a man, it's hard to find clothes fit because big and tall is all they do DSL. The perfect place to buy clothes de excels. The only one stop shop for big and tall men like me to buy clothes DSL has thousands of styles. Just for built guys like me. 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And you are three time NBA champion. You went to a final four. You're an actor you own an e sports team. What do you not do Rick Fox? I didn't know what Kapiti was actually real. Oh, yeah. Kapito true. Everything's usually have to believe everything I read on Wikipedia. Yes. Oh my gosh. Okay. Some of that stuff is true. Okay. Definitely want some championships. When else did they say final four went to final four loss. Who'd you Duke. No, we we lost to this nineteen ninety one ninety one who's your dome was year Duke beat UNLV Kansas. That was the beginning of their back toback. Yes. How did you hate Christian Leitner? That's the first question because you were around that same or no, no you had him on this show too. I I can think of running into Christian Leitner in airport years later, and we were able to have a conversation. I don't know if he would have been able to get to that conversation. You know, a few years earlier than that. But but we had a lot of Carolina Duke, you know, hatred towards each other. I don't know if we really knew why we hated each other. But the robbery was strong your jersey. Yeah. We're fighting over blue. Yes. Blue is right. As effort easy. Gotta. Hate like everybody hates Chris later. They made that movie about him. He thought I thought he leaned into his yes, his villain role leaned into it say, you are a very handsome man like that reputation obviously proceed you, but you're tall the a little bit to kind kinda like showing off especially my second career. I think you're not that handsome. But you just the right, okay. I'll tell you combined. Good. All right. So we're you are here. Promoting your new show. It's coming out. It's called seven days out seven days out is on next looks at the moment. Okay. I don't know if that's already out do things ever go away. Time. Hopefully, it's good because it's going to be there forever. So I would say rush to see it. But I guess to rush it's out there. You have someone else coming out though morning show mysteries on hallmark. I don't know if you've ever gotten into the hallmark holiday season movies with or have family members have the now have a movies in movies and mystery channel. Okay. I play detective and similar to the Columbus stuff. I do carry it. What do they do for fake guns in Hollywood plug them? Yeah. Yeah. They plug them in a real gun. Yeah. You you still check the clip and make sure there's no bullets bullets noblest line around. That's what happened with crow, right? About about movie, guns and TV guns. Whenever they move them around. It always seems like on TV it makes those noises like guns. Don't just make noise on their own click. Click the fo. Yeah. That's the Foley go in after that. And they put the AD are in. And they make sure the sounds heightened the sense of Ewing viewing the whatever you're watching at that moment, but they will go through every time we are about to use a gun in on us innocent or a while the cameras are rolling, literally the prop master Kohl's the gun every second that you're not on camera. So they come in to get it. They get it from you. Hold it. Make sure it's protected they do a whole safety. You know? Talk before the day when you have guns on set. And then they show you every time guy must do it fifty times in the course today shows clip, his empty loads it in clears a smart clicks, it, you know. So you know, you nothing's going on many handed to you properly. Okay. So while we're on dumb questions about Hollywood. What about fake cigarettes? I've I've seen them I've had ever actors. I've never had to smoke. Never given a character that okay? Does have the dumb question. They're they're out there. Now, they have nicotine free stuff that they do sell those because it's like whenever you see someone smoking on a show or movie, you're like that looks so cool. But it's not a real cigarette and sell those right? We're in the air of all of the stuff now. Right. Everyone's vaping. That's actually going to be like the next big thing. Like, a mafioso vaping. When we made it. I don't know what I saw the rock on social media other day outside of his house in Hawaii. And he was stalking to his fans. And he looked like he had a vape in his hand. The sickest clouds. All right. So going back to we want to talk a little bit. We're gonna actually do your whole career. Because like I said at the top fascinating career. I wanted to start with the fact that you went from UCLA born in Canada moved to the Bahamas. Yes. Played basketball in the Bahamas, then moved to Indiana. How similar are the Bahamas in Indiana. Oh, gosh. Completely different. Okay. Love been to the Bahamas. Okay now. So they can both states. Yeah. You get you get the little dot on the map below Florida there somewhere down that two hundred thousand people growing up for me, I left there, and I went to the cornfields of Indiana in Warsaw, Indiana. So what you moved to Indiana. You did you move with your family or did you move by? No, I was my my parents signed over guardianship to family that was the math teacher headed math department. Yeah. And I stayed with that family, very my high school years in Indiana and picked up he said I played basketball in the Bahamas. My my basketball career in the HAMAs looked like Chris college basketball team in a school came down to the clinic. They showed me they could see I could jump up and dunk the basketball that was pretty much all I knew they're like hold on. We can his kids to work with this kid. Air only thing I wasn't a dog. But it was like the day. I mean, I was kind of discovered in that capacity, and my mom was very keen on me getting a college education. And so she's she asked to coach, you know, chance of my son might be able to come to Warsaw and play for you some day and go to college at Christ college coach took an interest in really actually was the bridge between me making tan. That's so you get to Indiana. I have to assume there's some home-sickness involved there. Right. Yeah. Making that transition. Yeah. I had a I had a blueprint of Michael Thompson. He hasn't who that is. Yeah. Voice in the Lakers father to Klay Thompson, he grew up. He's from the spell with a why it's pretty cool. He was I realized Michael Thompson. He lived a block away from me. I used to drive my bike by his house. He was the first Bahamian to get drafted into the NBA. But he went high school mammy, and he went to college in Minnesota for the gophers and he got drafted to number one pick in the NBA nineteen seventy six was. The Portland trailblazers. So here it was this iconic figure in my country. This is what he did to make his way. And I knew he was, you know, making living, and he was in the United States playing basketball because I saw on TV, and I got chance to meet him. 'cause I wanna be Michael Thompson. And so I did the same thing. I knew I had to get to high school in the states which ended up in Indiana, and I got in short period of time scholarships on. Yeah. So how'd that work Dean Smith just show up to a practice one day? It was like this guy's unbelievable. Yeah. No. When I first got to the Warsaw team had just won the state championship in Indiana basketball deal big deal back, then it was everyone was in one pool. There was no class system. And was like hoosiers seen the movie for me, the the kid in the hoosiers movie that punches out. Yes, he was my point guard. He was a point guard on the school team that won the champions the actual kid. Yes. Steve holler. Okay. This on your team to know. He's a great guy. But I. That was just a character. Played move. He played with a chip on his shoulder a little bit like the guy in the movie. But when I got there, I just sat down this is defending state championship champions in Indiana. And I'd never played basketball. I went into the high school coach, and he says, well, what do you? What do you wanna do? I said I wanna play basketball here for you. And then I wanna get a scholarship to North Carolina. And then I'm gonna go to the pros. Now that was the Michael Thomson blueprint. How old are you? I'm fifteen at the time. She's like my first basketball experience ever played an in basketball for in a team setting. So I said that Tim, and if you think about it now he knows that. I keep seeing me that summer come to the basketball camp for the college college coach had become in go to three weeks of a basketball camp. The first week. I went through all the drills, and he had every high school coach from every area in the in in the conference in the area there come to see if I would be someone they'd want on team all of them left. And was like, yeah. This can't play can't play tall. I get it. He can jump up and donkey, but he can't play. Also was black in northern Indiana in nineteen Eighty-four. Right. So the the only between three weeks I was there. And that some before I came to cop came to high school I stayed with that little family in the cornfields the week in between the two weeks of camp. High school basketball coach they're at war. So high school at one state championship was also a math teacher in the math department. The head of the math department of the family ended up living with he used to be the videography for for the head coach head basketball coats. So they decided to take me down to Indianapolis Indiana during that week to see the world's largest basketball game seventy three thousand people in this new dome called Hoosier dome and being the RCA dome. It's. Seventy three thousand but we sat in the top row of the dome at that time who was playing the nineteen Eighty-four Olympic basketball team against him NBA pros. So that was Michael Michael Jordan Steve Alford coach, Bobby Knight. And on the other side with Sam Perkins. I didn't know any of these players rice. No, I know that the coach high school coach was telling me about all these different guys. And how three or four of them were were, you know, went to the university of North Carolina. Right. Sanford. Like, I'm thinking to myself. They have the most pros, right? So that's where I need to go to school. So I left I before they sent me back home to the Bahamas. They basically left me with a blueprint to say, hey, if you come back here, you tell your parents, you can come back here to go to high school, you'd live with his family that you spent the week with and you you know, you can try out for the basketball team told my parents, they like what are you talking about going Indiana going to school there? Right. Like, I cried as a kid I cried. And finally, they went and visited the the family that I was gonna live with and they signed over guardianship. So I tell this high school coach the first week I want to play for him. Yeah. Defending state champions in Indiana. They got the Mr. basketball candidate that's gonna make win Mr. basketball that year, and I want to cutting numerous in North Carolina. And I want to go to the pros. And he could he could Louis laughed me out the room. Right. He didn't. He just took me out on the basketball court and walked me out. And he said, look, I can give you the tools, which do it is up to you. And he sat me on the block with my back to the. Basket. I I he did was he took me to the hash hash line on the on the basketball court. It's usually like pass three point line. Yeah, we're like to coach. Aren't supposed to pass that mine. He goes. Dribble from here and make a Leo. And I took one dribble picked it up. Step step and later, they don't call your point. He he is going to be oppressed. You know, it caught the caught the coach by surprise. And he said can you do that again can you dunk at this time, and he was a huge fan of James worthy. So I took the dribble one big one dribble. Big picked up step step and took off in dunked it and he's like, I'm a great coach. He goes he took me when he goes. Okay. Put me on the box the back to the basket. He showed me drop. Step simple. You know, post move drop step. He told me to keep doing this. You do this. And till I tell you stop. I just started doing it. And I did it did it and he just left a gym. I just kept doing it. And I got came to school early before classes, and I go on to jam and I do it and do it finally afterwards. He could see that. I was cultural and willing to actually put in the work. Try to offer JV team first game. I make the JV squad. First game. I go in. I score sixteen points in the first quarter. Pretty good. I just very athletic right over everybody. And he had coached comes running out and take them out. You're only allowed like four quarters in in a in an varsity game. And I got promoted up to the varsity squad really quickly. So sure enough by the second game on the roster. The Senate starting center for the defending state champions blows his knee out. And I get thrown into starting position. Well, because we had the Mr. basketball candidate all these head coaches were coming to scout top recruit in Indiana. He had decided yet where he wanted to go to school and every time they came they'd see this really athletic, kid, grabbing rebounds and jumping and running really fast. And so I became I got on the radar. So your initial question was how did I get to Smith? Yeah. That summer after we lost and semi-state or whatever coach high school coach puts us all on van and drives us to five star basketball camp ever heard of that camp. Yes. How Garfinkel it was like what today's AAU Nike. Adidas. This was like hit to be the top one hundred kid in the country to be at this camp. Literally by the time, I got home back to Indiana couple of weeks later. I got a letter from Dean Smith and started whole process of being recruited by him. So when's a movie about you? Because that was fantastic. Oh, yeah. Right. That's your own hoosiers. The fact that you said I wanna go to Indiana wanna go to North Carolina wanna go to NBA. I guess a little better because I better a little worse. But the next year we, you know, when I made it back from that that top one hundred camp, and I all of a sudden, I'm kind of on the radar now, I'm getting all these letters in my mailbox all of coaches in the conference to thought I was an exchange student at that. I was only there for one year. And so they raised hell when they heard I was coming back to play another year. So they call the Ananta High School Athletic association and said, hey like this kid can't play. He's an exchange student. They went no, no, no, no, his parents signed over guardianship. So he's literally those are his parents. I must have been pissed off. They were pissed I play another year we dominated played really well. And after that second year we I went back to that camp. Again, this time I on a scholarship for two weeks. And I was one of the top one hundred kids legitimately at that point. And I win the MVP of the first week of the camps. All of a sudden now in a year and a half or two years. I'm the best player in the United States for one week. Right, right. And I sprayed my ankle at the end of the camp week and after winning to award and the next week incomes agai name Alonzo Mourning the morning shows up I didn't play the first two days of camp that week and by the third week. Everyone's like, we wanna see brick FOX's kid Alonzo hair often they move the game into the big Jim which they never played we always played outside. But they made a big, you know, spectacle of us playing and had a great game. But he had a better game. And he ended up winning. When I went back to to, you know, more soft that I was met with obviously a number of recruiting trips I had to take, but I was met with a letter by the in there in High School Athletic association, saying that I was an eligible to play my senior year. And because I'd gone to high school in in the Bahamas for two years. And when I came to United States went back into the software because I was only eight years old. And my parents want me to go to high school go to college at seventeen. So I figured we played three years and in the states, and they said, well, you play two years in bombs in two years in Indiana only out for years, and so the family that I lived with decided to fight fight it in court. So we went down, and we you know, they put the money up. I didn't know this two years later. I just thought I was fighting, you know, a court case to try and get my eligibility the same time. I went on all my college visits and went to Indiana went to do to Georgia Tech and went to North Carolina in the process, Indiana, re Bobby Knight, they really heavily wanted needed play for the hoosiers. Jane, Katie really heavily wanted me to play Purdue. And it would have been a lot of noise. If I had if I scape the state right being an Indiana top player, and and so Bob Knight, actually, testified for me in my court case he came in. And I was shocked. You know, the judge was aired incomes, Bobby Knight. And he gets on the. Dan. And he's got right now got it. Right. Tesla of Bobby Bobby Knight yet in that air. That's like Jim Harbaugh sleeping over at a kids. Yes. To recruit on even one step further. Jim Harbaugh had three national titles or four national go. Yeah. So Bobby Knight is in on the stand. And the judge literally says to buy me ninety says so coach night if this kid does not play another game high school basketball. Would you give him a scholarship? He goes most definitely right now in that like sealed my high school fate because the judge ruled Frawley other coaches saying that doesn't need it. He doesn't need. Yeah. Right. And sure enough I had to sit out my senior year. So I sat out my entire senior still practice with the team so practice with the guys coach put me onto the practice squad. Opposite the best players, but we kept beating them. So that just destroyed their inch. Right. Did you ever think about just switching jerseys with like one of the short white kids on the team and just go in and try his name track? Good long story short. I didn't play my senior. But I still name to the Kentucky Indiana all star team. Out play went onto play those two games after the season and won the MVP of the won both games. And when the MVP the all star game. So it was it was incredible. Right. So you get to North Carolina. And I don't think that Dean Smith gets as much credit these days as I think he probably should he was he was a helluva coach. But I feel like he gets overlapped by a lot of the coaches that were his contemporaries that are still coaching. Yeah. Coach a little bit longer than them. But what was he like as as a leader who's great real father figure? I'm sure you've heard that from any Carolina guy you've spoken to this platform. Huge proponent of us being student athletes getting degree, you know, I got my degree. It was so many of us, you know, graduated. This was previous the Carolina scandals all actually test. Oh, yes. We actually went to school. I was looking for that line. What are they saying? People didn't go to school and didn't take classes because I know I did my shit. Malign kind of fell shortly there my time there. But it was it was interesting because Coachman left pretty much you're to after I graduated, and and you know, but he was man. He he laid the foundation for me. You know, I think I I play well with others meaning other great players. I think it made my transition into the pros where I was able to play with, you know, legends like Larry Bird and Kevin McHale Robert Parish, my rookie year and feel comfortable and feel like I belonged also think it taught me how to you know, to not have to be have it all be about me how to blend in with other great players, which when you get to the pros you pretty much. Everyone's great, you know, it's just how can you how can you fit in and do a role play a role and still be effective? If you're not getting the ball all the time. So I learned how to do that learn how to think the game learnt how to actually be a man in the community and be responsible for myself fashionably? And and that I think all four years under him a lot of kids. Don't get that today. But for years on the coach myth into your point. You're right. I mean, he was. Be greatest college. I think credit college coach in that era, and that point Mike chefs he's been chasing him, and obviously has gone onto coach as long as he has not longer and surpass a lot of his records and pretty much may definitely par. Coach myth in North Carolina. And maybe even had surpassed him in his law when it comes to the state, but Smith in pay players never got paid coach K Nells guys asked the different. I say we I say we go with that room. Did you play with Eric Montross? I did. Play with him here. He looked like a lot of fun to dunk on. I never yes. Actually have. He's got he's the most college. The way he's got the flat top he was a pretty good player. But every time he got dunked on he looked like a baby deer. Learn how to roller skate like kind of fell down two steps. After the fact great great guy played got it. Look what I wanna championship. That's okay. Don't worry about it chain and entering that for those that can't see while you maybe you can't see them water all over the place. That's all right. I tried to dunk on mantras again. Yeah. No, he he's gonna he wanna championship and went on to play with them in Boston again to play with him at the Celtics drafted him pretty high and didn't go as well. He wasn't his you know, when you get to the pros, you kind of there is a certain level of athleticism that you you have to have even though we've seen people Ozzy dominate without superior Atlanticism just under skills, dander. Stan how to how to take advantage of defense of or defender, but Eric was someone that relied a lot on his heighten and strengthen size in college and got away with it there, but can get away with it in a different game. So you get drafted by the Celtics, and you are at the tail end of all the Celtics legends from the eighties. Kevin McHale was playing with guys. Who are? I mean. I would imagine when you show up you're probably better than these guys. 'cause there at the end of their career. Well, I short a heck tried them. I tried labor at after practice dried, Kevin McHale factors. Even Robert Parish. What was it like your what is it your fourth or fifth year? When you win sixteen games in fifteen gates my six year six year fifth a captain of that ship. So what I mean that's got a wear on you meant where where nine guys had surgery that year. So you're the captain of the first team ever to the captain of the Titanic. Going down. Yeah. It's so when that season ended I I opted out of my contract, and literally they fired everyone in the front office and hired Rick Pitino. And that's when Rick Pitino came in. I'm thinking to myself. This guy's Kentucky. Pretty dang good coach, you know, he went and met with him. And we talked about, you know, the future of the Celtics and he wanted me to be captain future. Take you to he took you're lucky. That's probably. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So then I said, I said, okay. Well, we leave after good meeting like the guys amazing. What do you think I go? Well, what's the offer? And and they said okay have eighteen million offer for four years. Sure. Left Tuesday morning rolls around. And he calls me. He's like, okay. They went up a little bit. It went up to go. I'm going to LA for a million dollars. Here's you serious. Call them and town, thank you. But I'm going to LA got back on the plane flew to L A, and they just stunned that who turns down a million dollars for one million dollars. Right. And I did and from one year I just felt like it was the place for me to be. So I got there and getting there they asked him jersey number. I wanted to said I'm going to wear number seventeen because when I used to lay on the floor before all of my games and Boston so look up at the rafters and add sixteen championships. You know, he's always think before every game. I can't win number seventeen Wyndham seventeen. And I chose them seventeen. I said I'm going to get my first championship. Before they get seven wars petty wall. Real petty. We ended up winning three of them. So I imagine while you were in Boston. You got indoctrinated into the Lakers hate though, right? We weren't good enough. Well, you gotta remember Michael Thompson fan. Yeah. So grateful as I was to be drafted by ran back to get my shot in the NBA. I was Michael Thompson fan James worthy. Was my coaches favorite player. Right. So I I was James worthy fan. Right. So everything about me was, you know, more Laker tied than you. Gotta make your look and I. Hollywood. I didn't get the Laker name Rick Fox Hollywood day. So I just loved I loved my time in Boston loved the city. I loved playing we just talked. We didn't win we didn't win. And when you don't win in Boston. It's not a good place. So so in LA, you got Kobe you got shack the start of their three peat the dynasty, Phil Jackson shows up. First question. Did you read fills book that he gave every okay because we've pulled a lot of people gave me he gave me John. Yeah. Some some some guys don't out of Morrison did Dennis Rodman said fuck, no. And I I was reading I was reading something. When researching that you're coming in that you were kind of the go between on the team for and shack like the guy for fill to basically like feels like, hey, go make sure that they feel I think so saw me as having coaching potential and someone that he would shape his to maybe one of his assistants at some point and their stories behind the that when it came to his time here in New York and almost became a coach. But the I think that's he saw me as a veteran that could be you know, he knew I was close with Chack. And I think he knew that Koby connected with me because co we played in Italy. And and he he kind of you know, took a took him under my winter wing earlier on in his career inside became became the third captain for years. And I did I had to be the go between at times. And it wasn't always pretty but fill the thing that Phil knew most about me was he knew that he could stir me up in that. I would actually call bullshit on anything. Going on in the team. Right. And he always we always tell them his books. He's talk about every year at some point. I would stand up in a team meeting and just go off on everybody and just call it. What call what needs to be said out, and I look back ago. I am Phillies to kind of poke me a lot. He would kind of wind. Me up and then at a certain point time when they need to meet explode. He just say something that I can get in the meeting, and I just lose it. What was it like to be on team? That was just dominating. Like you guys. I the west was obviously a lot better. But the east whenever you get to the NBA finals Pacers. The Sixers Pacers twice right? Yeah. No one's pages. Wants then we played the Sixers in nets. And that's right. Oh, yeah. Jason kerry. But you guys dominate wasn't ever really doubt. I remember watching the finals those years and being like, there's no doubt, Indiana, Indiana was probably the best the closest thing. But even then we knew we knew once we got out of got past Portland, the next, you know, we knew we were going to be fine. Once we knew we got through San Antonio. We knew we were going to be fine. And then once we got through Sacramento he was that game rigged, which one two thousand two game seven, no. I don't I I've heard that. But I don't hurt that. I'm into Tim down here. Yeah. Why sweating for everyone was just listening? Fox's started swell wreck's over another. You need something minute. What do you know that we don't know? Don on the show, and he said best. Always making sure. Kingsman still. Or very race still hot about that series. I always say always say to them. There was still a game. That was there was still have the chance to win. And it's still went over time and was still missed. It's also mazing me how many just superstar famous people were involved with that team. Like when you think back about the nineties, you think about Lakers late nineties think about Lakers basketball team, probably with I think two of the most clutch performance of all time. Who would you rather have taking that lash shot in a play? I was gonna say Kobe, Rory, Robert, Robert. Yeah. Shop shop. There was never need out at the end of the game. He could have three points game. He had the ball. He's the the strange thing about it with rob was the ball. Would find him didn't matter if you drew up the play for someone else? It didn't matter if you drew up the play for him. It wouldn't go to way you'd think it was gonna get tipped out. Some how he would be standing in the one spot the ball came to an immense. I saw it at least twelve times. I mean, it was the most remarkable thing. It was like what he was put on earth to do nothing else. Hit club shot. Yeah. You wanna do the game? The last thing. So this is the Seekie questions to be our last question, promo code change seats ten no you put in promo code ticky at ten dollars off seek purchase using seek. We have a little game for you, the PF has. Yes. So you you were on are you smarter than a fifth grader, right? Yes. How'd you do? I wasn't smarter than the fifth grade. Okay. Well, we're going to give you shot at redemption that good. Yeah. I three questions for fifth grader, Rick Fox. What is the capital of California? Sacramento. Okay. That hurts me to say. Yeah. Kilo neely. Yeah. Queens. Yeah. What is the largest ocean in the world? Tells me this is. Question question question. Don't overthinking overthinking Alantic. No. You know, you know, this facility. Yes. Okay. Cut the part. We atlanta. Thank you third question. Who is a better teammate Kobe shack Israel questions better teammate. Yeah. Gosh, that's a tough one only only resume to pick one. Can you? Give me in what in what capacity. Yeah. Better player to be a teammate with. Wow. Love them. Both. Putting Jeff I'm not. Yeah. That's in the fifty two. All right. New game gun to your head where he asked the question. On your head. Who's better teammate your shack gone to your head? Did LeBron kill magic. Yeah. Go to your head. I don't think LeBron bid but outdoor the but in there. He probably did magic out by got a gun but to the head. Yeah. Right. Exactly. From who we do not LeBron, man. Maybe it was one of those. GM too. I think I think there's there's I think there's definitely a difference of direction and what they do. Yeah. And and I think that I think that. I can see why you're. Everybody. Kobe. Come you? Who you do you still talk to them? Yeah. A lot. Copious much. I do I do have one question. I ask a lot of actors if they would be willing to play the next JAMES BOND. I'm not gonna ask you that though. Instead, would you be willing to start in Space Jam too. With lebron. Who you're better than you went through? I live in LA. Okay. That's an easy. We got. Yes. I'm sure they if they're casting is he having trouble. Just cast own family. That's I can only coach I can't play. So that's fine. Rick Fox head coach may. Fox. Thank you so much. Really? Appreciate you stopping by authors. Welcome anytime. Back. Thanks. That interview with Rick Fox was brought to you guys by bird dogs bird dogs is one of my favorite companies that sponsor of ours. I wear bird dogs nearly every day in the summertime shorts. They're perfect for the gym. You can go swimming in them the air, really, really fast. They've got a built in liner that doubles underwear. So like, I said, it solves a lot of problems. You don't have to worry about mixing and matching if you wanna work out before you, go to work, just boom pack two pairs of bird dogs in your gym bag. You were good to go. Big cat. You wear to write them. What's the longest stretch of time that you've spent wearing bird dogs over the summer for me? It's probably yeah. 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This is for instance, is I stand up special, and it's all the best up stuff that he's come up with over the last seven years playing songs telling stories go out and support. Our guy Francis at the Wilbur dot com or Francis Ellis dot com. This Friday may seventeenth. Okay. Let's get to some segments. First up. We have no one wants to coach the Lakers. Well, someone does want to coach Lakers. His name is Frank Vogel. And he's already gotten cooked talked wait like on the way to the job. He got caught in the announcement hired Frank Vogel. They also said. And we'll be bringing Jason Kidd on the staff as his top assistant. And then they said that we're going to have like all the assistance won't really have a hierarchy. So that it's like the Phil Jackson style. But that's clearly not true. Because they basically I don't understand what the Lakers are doing their obsession with Jason Kidd is very bizarre. Jason Kidd is a bad coach. He's got some pictures. He's a bad coach. And they they tried to force Jason Kidd on Tyler. I lose like, no. And then they tried to force on Frank Vogel. He's like, yes. So Frank Vogel. You got cooked before you set the tone in the relationship. Yeah. It's like you've got no hand if you're planning a wedding and your wife's like, hey, I need your best man to be lane kiffin. Yeah. Sure. Right. Yeah. No that'll work. This will no way will this go poorly. Yeah. So Frank Vogel's new coach do they just named Jason Kidd head coach in waiting already pretty much head coach when LeBron decides that he hates Frank Vogel, which could be at any moment. They also had a one of the saddest protests have ever seen outside of staple center. Shout. Out to all the Lakers fans. There were literally dozens of them who showed up trying to get. I think they're trying to get Kurt Rambis fired slash rob Pelinka Jeanie Buss out. I don't know. It was all very bizarre. I just loved it. Every Lakers fans are like already fed up with LeBron maybe not directly you can become a clippers fan. Yes. Pretty easy. Lebron Mike get traded to the clippers somewhere else. Yeah. He doesn't have a no trade clause. Lebron for quite straight up. Even though quite well, they signed to the supermax. That's interesting question in itself because I don't think that Leonard's gonna be that much more attracted by an extra fifty million dollars that the raptors are going to be able to sign them to a supermax for quiets. Like, here's a care about money. He just want. No, he cares about being in a place where his personality can shine. He cares about having the latest software salt and his body. Yes. It's going to be interesting though to see what happens with. Well. No actually won't be juicy. What happens? Frank was Frank full. Will is like he got he got hired to get fired. Yeah. No, eventually when you say it's going to be interesting to see what Frank Vogel. Does you don't have to finish that since you're already like, no? I was gonna say it's going to be interesting to see how Jason Kidd coaches carrier Vic. That was a very interesting dynamic how long until Jason Kidd is the one that's drawing plays on the sidelines. Frank Vogel is just more of a CEO. Yeah. How long until Jason Kidd has Frank Vogel pump into someone with a drink Trisha extra time out. And then that was not very classy of you. That was a good good. Those base gets best coaching decision. That's why they want him on the team people's Jason Kidd. You're really good at knocking over drinks. Can you just hang out with LeBron all the time? He hasn't slugged so much. Why have you just slapping the white outer lebrons hand Hank question for you? How much respected you lose for career? If he goes to Lakers on very torn on this because part of me wants me to go. There wants me wants him to go there too. So I can root like put all my hate to into one team. But then other part of me scared the lottery win. Yeah. That would be tough the worst if Kyrie Irving imagine carrier Ving goes the Lakers and the Celtics don't do anything with their roster. But like all those guys become good again. And. Go. They meet in the finals w mazing to. Lebron beat them. Did you see I would end your life? Did you see what Kerry said after we'd have to drown loss who had had one of those interesting quotes? He was like, yeah. You know, take some time to think about this loss in the season. But I I gotta get home hopefully, safely to my family full-time with them. It's he just that out there. Like, oh, you know, when you think about it traveling is dangerous always air travel. Every time you leave your house the drive back from the airport. You never know what these crazies on the measles outbreak in like six different parts of America. So I haven't heard an update from Cairo. Hopefully, he got home safely damn from that loss, very ominous. He's like for like real shame. His post-game quotes have reached strange philosophical. He's like his quarter. Like, Mike Tomlin if Mike Tomlin took a freshman year philosophy class Bill. He's he just he everything he thinks is genius. He's he actually is kind of like brand level of annoying. Everything he says is just like do shut up. You're just trying to be cool every time you open your mouth shut up. Stand up out of your wheelchair. You're fine. New useless at the end the season. Oh, there you go. Okay. Let's do we have two more things before we get to game of thrones recap. We have a drunk idea PF Tia drunk idea. Yeah. It's just an app that tells you how tall someone is. You point your camera that doesn't seem like good idea for you not for me. Oh, well, actually girls love guys that are under six feet tall because we live longer got jeans this playing these for blind people. Yeah. The problem was I was at a bar on Friday. And there was a guy that had to be at least seven five, and he was like an older guy. I've never seen like a toll old guy before. And I was just looking at him. I was like what is he like seven three. And then the person I was with. No, he's gotta be like seven five and it's impossible to tell once somebody gets over seven people. You can ask them you don't. Yeah. But that's the only question. They get. Yeah. I know we'll know they'd probably get to play basketball. Did you play bass in the skies? Yeah. If it was in your mic in. Yeah. So I I just thought that'd be a handy app to have. I don't I think it would that would be bad for you though. Because people would they seven what he keeps saying he's ten. No. They wouldn't know that at all you'd have to wear heels everywhere. No. I'm not five seven been very clear. This is very strange app to I feel like you can tell to it's only for basically over seven foot peop-. Yeah. Exactly. So you just want to how it locks if it's under seven so you just want an app for like the maybe like five times a year, you see someone who's over seven feet tall. And you don't wanna be rude and go up and be like how tall are you? You'd much rather do the classic thing. Just point your camera at them and take a picture of them K. I can't see a lot of us for this app. But drunk drunk idea why it's truck idea. So also an app that you can just point out of crowd and tell how many people there. Okay. Like a small area in like a try to win. You're just trying to trying to win. The you know, the thing they do in the six innings seeing how many people are at the stadium. Exactly. Yeah. You can take a picture of a stadium. Emetic boom council. I'm sure the military has something like that say all China has this walked by something and they just recognize your face. Yeah. Facial recognition you actually want like more robots to figure out every like who everyone is. Yeah. I do. That's not good. I trust robots more than I trust people. Okay. That's bad. That's really bad. Quiet that shot. It's true. After four bounces the two quadruple doing. Should. We do Monday reading. Let's do Monday reading. So we have this from. Ricardo Har Har Millo. I think this is a modern love college essay contest that seems like a very specific thing to write about. So it's titled why can't meant to say. I love you to each other. It doesn't count if you add bro or man to the end. That's three right now. You've lost me. Yeah. All right. So we'll hop around. Here. He starts with them. Having L were troubles. But my troubles. Don't involve a lover. There's no ram romance or sex in this, no flowers, candles or dancing. Why can't you send candles? Your buddy. That's true for have sex with them. Yeah. My L were troubles are with my boy. My best friend Kichi. I've told them I love him probably five or six times now. But he never says it back Kichi. Yikes. His dog. Nope. It's it's his, bro. Okay, friend when people say, I love you especially for the first time there are a number of things they may be saying, maybe it's do you love me or more urgently. Please love me. This guy already seems a little too much. Okay. I the first time. It's always. Yeah. Do you love me? You love me back. Can you just say it back with Kichi? It's not like that. I know he loves me. I feel it all the time. I don't need to ask for his love. I don't need to wonder I tell him. I love him for simple reason. Nothing could be more true. But it doesn't say back mostly. I've said it when we're leaving a couple of times over the phone once when I was drunk that one scene that was we're going for sure another time when he was hurt, and I was trying to be supportive. There's always silence for a moment. And then he says something like, yeah. Bro. A catchy soon. Yeah. That's guys. Let me just what feeling meaner Jechorek quick. If I could give one piece of vice the author. It's a lot less weird and more accepted if you just Jimmy tapped the guy. Yeah. Just give them a little sack cap means the same thing. That's how guys say I love you too, bro. I don't need him to say. Those exact words to me kind of sounds like you do if you're writing an essay about it. Right. Yeah. If yeah. Yeah. The seems like kind of. Overreaction the other way. I wonder though about what keeps him from saying them. What keeps nearly all young men from being able to tell their male friends that they love them the question to millions of people every every single day. He was hardly ever say it back. But that's not why say it feels on my column in the New York Times goes on to tell the story about his childhood friend who he used to hold hands with. And then someone's like, dude, you guys hold hands, and they stopped holding hands. But anyway, he goes on I met Kichi in the middle of my freshman year. When I was once again, nervous, new kid just party sorry to interrupt. But it occurred to me that guys we invented the handshake. So that we could hold hands with another guy for, but it's got a definitive input on it. Well, unless you Trump, then it's just you pull on Schick guys. Yeah. You shake guy's hand. That's the cool way of being like, we're holding hands. Putt. We're not holding hands anymore. When I when I love someone pound him, and then blow it up. Yes. Pretty cool. That is really. Cool. Do you ever do this one the up up down, bumping and? Or D lock it. That's that's almost holding hands. Lock it. Okay. So back to the article, I was a quick quick quick show and tell of what you can do instead of saying, I love you. So he says I've gone through life with a rotating set of anxious ticks that year. I become fun to swinging my university lanyard with my key in circles, wrapping on wrapping around my finger when people started flowing into my dorm room. I began my nervous swing not noticing. What I was doing until I heard a crack and a saw that my key had struck strangers iphone screen leaving a minor scratch that stranger. Kichi knows a guy named Fred. Oh, no. It was keeping you. Well, I'll say this. If a stranger cracks, your iphone, and you still elect to be best friends of that person. That's emotion. More powerful than love the way, more powerful that you got over that massive hurdle on your very first friend date. Yeah. And you you powered through that's like getting herpes from a girl under I go under you end up marrying. He keeps going on talking about his friendships with key cheese, pretty deep. Listen, we all have friends deep friends longtime friends, I Meyer, how quietly deliver Kichi is in the balance he brings to his life. When I go to him with girlfriend problems writing problems or any other kind of problems some little things he says are notices always stay with me. Stay with me for days. That's better than love. Dude. You have so many things that are better than love. And yet you just need it your your little bit a little extra needy little extra the codes been following love or tricky, for example, while saying a straight. I love you is frowned upon. Something say. Being to another man much love. This much love or got low for you is okay. I like you. But I'm not in like with these these things are not, okay. By the way, saying if I walked in like PF, t I got love for you man, ain't much love big catch up. Hey, one whenever one that way. You just want love all all together. We are talking about one love. But I just wanna say fell we're we're telling each other that we love each other twenty nineteen you can say you love your best friend. Yes. Okay. Just don't write an entire laissez in the New York time doesn't say I love I love you. He probably doesn't love you. Hang you. Don't be a Kichi, Hank. I love you guys. All right. You don't be a Kichi. He keeps going on and on. And I don't even know where it ends up. Basically keeps you just fucking say love you to this guy. So he stopped writing essays about you. Yeah. It's a good. That's a really specific name. What you read this? And you're like, oh, I fucking. Oh kichi. I know that guy how he's gonna friend who needs to say, look, how would you feel if you were and your best friend wrote an article for the New York Times about how you won't tell them that you love him. Do you think that keeps us move as he reads, this and first thing he does is text or call and say, I love you. Because if it's not I think our relationships over I think he's got a or or maybe he has a little phone with interest Texas says much love. That's that's good so heart emoji and then. Yeah. All right. So here's the end of it. There's a part of the story. I haven't admitted yet each time. I say love you too key. It feels uncomfortable. I feel the weirdness of it in myself. That's because you didn't say back, dude. That's why it's weird. The lesson is bird in that deep. I hesitate flinch, but in my conscious mind, I know, it's what I want to say. So I try to say. I want to say I love you too Kichi in means just that I don't want there to be any desire questioning or expectation lurking. Inside my words, I wanna love in a way that surpasses the need for African nation for return. This is what I have come to know as pure kinda love expecting nothing back. Oh, so good. He loves him. Yeah. He's comfortable with that. We're fucking worry about the about this fella's instead of saying I love you to your friends. If that makes you uncomfortable, the new code phrase that were swapping out now is what's up bitch or say, I don't wanna be seeps. Yes. Yeah. There we go. I wanna be I wanna be seized Seabra your I don't wanna be. I wanna be with you. I wanna be with you. That's what you say to your, bro. I want to be with you Pete want to be around. You would it be inside. When I wanna smell Z, try that out with your buddies won't be inside you dude with my feeling. Hey, hank. I wanna be inside you. Loan with love, dude. I'm talking love. Thank you say back. Please. Say I don't want to be Seve's. No. Yeah. Yeah. Bitch. All right. So two thousand nineteen guys you can say I love you to each other. But if your best friend writes an entire article in the New York Times saying how he wants you to say love, you you might need new best friend. Yeah. Or just say it back. Yeah. Say back so the stops writing. You don't have to write a book about you. You don't have to mean, it just say I love you one time Kichi year about to being a fucking rom com. Movie about two broS don't love each other. It's bad. Joe? Joe Napa toes licking his chops. I love him. No. We're not allowed to say, man. I love you bitch practicies, man. Yeah. The sequel. All right. Hey, hit the music game of thrones recap game of thrones spoilers. If you haven't watched don't, listen, if you have we have something special planned for you. We start at the fiery tundra as Queen. Danny McBride tar area took her army eastbound down to king's landing, sir, sea biscuit, Linister had court comparatively three times the size of police as the blonde. Bombshell. Imagined her dragon bringing thunder thunder lightning on the Dr through a crowd of innocent, women and children bordering the city to ground in touching tribute to Henry Kissinger what? We now go live to go with what? Tari Lantis stir up Lil Darlan, stared up setting his brother, Jamie free. So we could go pork sister one. Last time you're on graduate got up in his guts on the beach. I as army tracked throw in the towel. But quite didn't hear no Pell lead the charge through the city like Bontes perfect in a room full of secrets. He could go. Back down to the streets where John Edwards and was disillusioned with his government's overreaches his army advanced on surrendering soldiers running up the score to get a more favorable, Ken prom raking for quality wins. That's not a body so drag it meanwhile, back up in the castle did his best oppression of Netflix documentary. And got thrown down a staircase. The hound took on the mountain like a Saint Bernard as the two brothers to the death in a seem Shirley ghost written by surface main overrated Archer Aaron Rodgers and folks put out an AP for ours star because stopped me to heard this before put a famous colors on the run riding a slow moving white Pronk. Oh. All right little fastest two minutes for you game. Thrones recap. That's probably the only fastest two minutes. We've done in two minutes. My voice is not ready for it. Just person down there. It's the off season for us off season for us to let's start from the beginning. Hank your fucking monster me. Yes. So denarius. Well, first of all we should start with varies who gets killed right right out the gun. He whispers the guy that has the most to talk about. And you don't let them give his last words that was kind of annoying. Yeah. Well, guess what's really extra is killing people with your dragging death by dragging seems a little excessive? It's fast forward works. But it doesn't feel like it's I don't know if feels and he's hairless. So he doesn't burn up. There's no like it's like electric chair. And like it didn't always work. They didn't. I did notice that input a sponge on his head. Yeah. They did that. So he probably did suffer. He'd get a last meal. He just got killed that dick dude who ended up being right? I mean as MRs lifetime shrew. Because denarius denarius already serenade. Mary's generes is on one. She is mad. She is triggered. She is very mad online. She is like, you know, when when you get older, and you get that moment where you start copying. What your parents do? You don't realize it. You're like one day, you're young. And the next day. You're like man these games have too many time outs or oh, man. Like, these guys are Dunkin too much. Why don't they laid up that is what Danny did except instead of complaining about like too many commercials. She just blew up the whole fucking city because that's what her dad wanted to do. She did pretty much, but but big cat. I'm kind of on team hanker because he did that to our own people. Well, she could've given not yet. Always too much pride not full even till the very end. She's like, you know, what she was doing. It was a two thousand eighteen version of that Hitler movie where he's in the bunker is known. That's fun. I've got my army around the city. It'll be fine. And then she was slowly coming to the realization that she fucked up big. But she what are you talking about? She they they basically gave up they dropped all their sort that. Yeah. But but that. She did not get the surrender. They still surrender. Literally all them all the guys drop their swords. The fight was over there. Like, we're done. We're outmatched. You can't you can't to happen team. If he gets Alabama's getting blown out. They're not just going to like quit half with the game. Take. Take. I agree. Exact show for battle. You got a fucking battles. Exactly why the mad king was the mad. He wanted to blow up the entire of king's landing. That's exactly what that's gonna loss. Why he did that in a losing effort? Dude. She did what her dad was was trying to kill all the innocent people. She murdered. Everyone's my question you'd be cat. Would sir c have shown that kind of mercy to Danny? What do you hurt people? If if certainly were invading wherever you are wherever Denny lives. I don't know like fucking weird Kathy with like at room for dragon, if surveys invading that town, do you think that would have mercy on Dame's you already soldiers shared it did because she showed up in the last in episode four she showed up with with her dragging or army inserts could've killed them. Right there. I know she. Yes. She could have she was sitting there with all those fucking bite him. I I don't think that sir is would have shown the mercy that you're expecting, Danny. But hold on read for accurate, wait. Hold on. I agree with Hank to. Okay, hold on. She just. Your Queen went. Oh crying like mad. I'm mad because you think that she's like this just ruler. And she just showed that she's exactly like you're just going to guarantee our fucking psychos, actually. But that's what your team once crazy ones. Good. And then she just crazy crazy. Danny one is good John. Oh, so you're okay. With the crazy, but you want also the good. So wait, you're rooting team targe. So no, they're not on target area. Yes. Oh, he is hard. Yeah. She's his aunt. So you want you want her to just kill everyone. I want the tar to be ruling at the end. So she did bitch out big time. She pulled a Saddam Hussein was like hiding out in a little spider hole at the end onto the ground. Once you at the beginning. I don't even know if she's dead everyone's saying, she's dead castle. That felon her face. Wait. Aren't you? The king of if they don't die in front of your face or not that I make an exception. When a castle falls on your head. What about what about your on graduates? He did. I forget what. Yeah. He said he didn't die in front of our. But he got stabbed center. Mass the same as theon theon got stabbed young got stabbed him. Keep going to live your on coming back. When Jamie was walking up. That was probably I feel like everyone in the world collectively grown when he showed up was oh, stab you ten times here. It's gonna walk away. He's just swimming out of the ocean. Like, hey here. I am guys. Even though he got blown up by dragon, by the way, Tyrians the biggest stable time in tearing deserve. How far was that swim? I reckon it was probably a few miles in in. He was wearing body armor. How about daddy? Just finally now realizing you can just blow shit up attracts. Where was this? This is this is a kind of a problem. I have with like how the last season has gone like that. She just all of a sudden like I'm gonna blow everything up and Hake. She she's supposed to be the like just ruler. She's the fear of people. She just murdered everyone. Nobody episode. She's like, aren't you worried about all the innocent people? She said it's not about these people. It's about all the people of the future that we're going to save. You know, it's crazy if long game trag being like an allegory for the Tomek bomb. Yeah. It's like, hey, whoever whoever has one of them. They can ruling entire world. Nobody else has one. Yes. And then all of a sudden someone else is gonna get one. We're all fucked are what else you got Hank? I wrote Arias gonna kill Danny, by the way. I wrote Tyrian equals dumb. Fuck seared seriously degenerate because when she's dying. That's a classic degenerate move like, oh, no, no. We're good like. Walls are coming. No, those a breach. It's like, no, no, no issues. But she was like she was she had that to generate gambling. Oh, I keep going going going to work out. What was up with the mountain like being able to survive all that stuff that he's basically the monster Frankenstein, he was like Paul Pierce? He took like nine swords. He he put so fucked up that high. That's right new. But then he came back, and then he put one of his whole areas. He just got tossed down the stairs. That guy sucks to. I'm happy. He died the GameBoy will you please tank. Yeah. I don't really care about that that much like a fan thing that I was never that the hound versus the mountain brothers. So it was it was beautifully shot the way it was like the dragon came flying by during it, and they both went out like into a fiery like episode was visually and musically. Once again to very good. How is Danny going to be able to rule like she's going to she's going to have some problems like Jon snow's, not happy with her? She's gonna need like Tony dungee to rehab, her image Arias visor. Yeah. Gloria seems like she's on a mission or are is going to try to kill her get killed and then John's gonna kill gets killed the internet rights. I mean, she's going to our is not going to survive. No, she's I mean, she's the one everyone's kinda rooting for now Saugus Davos lives. I'll be good. I also felt like one of those that they could have like a could have been like forty five minutes. They kinda stretched out kind of like a lot of the season is like they've just been stretching out as far as they can possibly how about by the way aria being like, hey, you can't stay here. And then she just runs those poor people into the detract. She's like you can't stay here walked out. That was the ladies you locked out. Yeah. Spat tour guide just she's killing everyone. Let's see I did feel like they stretched out like aria running around how many different hallways. Can she get lost in over? The course of the last fifteen minutes. She was just covered in soot just running around. Horsing took a while to do you think that so? So you guys both think search Jamie died. I mean, I agree. It is like the classic. We didn't see them die. Now. I know it's shitty way for C today, Danny kilter that you're part of the whole thing. And she dies from a couple of rocks. Bitch. Oh, wow. Okay. That's your that's your. That's your Queen. Right. Yeah. Because she's been the same. She's been the same person from day one. She isn't fucking go mad like Danny did Matty did it has one tire. So wrong. You're so wrong. She was the free of the people, dude. She's she she motherless dragons, she Louis went from city to city trying to free the slaves. And now she's like fuck about the poor people. She literally just blew up all the poor people. You cannot say you can root for all you want. But don't tell me she hasn't done a he'll win for her team tired. Oh my God. So who do you want to win a target dose eight you have to say which one I mean, John, obviously that's such a boring ending though. Like, John snow? The good guy that kinda sucks and is not good at expressing his emotions ends up sitting in the he doesn't even want. It doesn't even want. It doesn't even want. I think it's I think it's gonna be brand. It's crazy. This one more episode is crazy. It feels like they rushed it, no matter. What happens? People are going to be very upset at the law. Oh, yes. Oh, there's no way to end it to make him. We also had I'm trying to think of what else. Oh, yeah. The hound Aaron Rodgers letdown Aaron Rodgers died. He's a losing team. That may be happy didn't show up barely showed up who else who else, Hank. I'm trying to think what else happened grey worm when hammer time like once once they got in the in the recap like he it was funny when John was trying to stop people when they were just killing each other guys. Stop like this. John. I know. Greer dick cut off for nothing. John. So is like slow motion half paying attention in Gaza's walking up to him, and he wasn't even paying attention to slice them. And did that was Johnston a nut show for me is he wouldn't even wanna heal people. He saw he saw were crimes happening. And he was like we shouldn't be doing this war crimes. And then everybody else is doing war crime. So I guess I gotta do it. No. He say that one that one girl saved one girl. Yeah counts. I guess then she got blew up by dragon. We'll yeah. That's everyone literally ever got blown up by drag. Yeah. Hank's Queen the one the one issue. I have all four bagging stuff. So sad is some of them. She also will also blew up her own soldiers. Yuck. Fucking mad doesn't trust Johnny more. Like, oh, what do you understand that though to been left for dead t the horrifies here? Watcher is built off of how the mad king. Her dad was like the worst ruler wanted to blow up all his own people in king's landing, and then we get to this point. And she does exactly what her dad the mad kid, and it's like we're history repeats itself. Targe Aryans are assholes, and they blow everyone. I did not know that because that wasn't included in the six. Yes. So that's what Hanks rooting. Okay. Basically. No whole the whole set up is just like this guy is the worst guy. He tried to blow up all his people, then they had a revolution against them. Now. We're back to square where I just like that. She's got those eyebrows. And the blonde hair. It's just cool to see you're watching. Riding on a dry, Brazil, heroism mess. Let's say let's say you had your children got. Choosing your closest advisors friend zone. King the friend zone. Giora died fighting for you Nelson. Asandra murdered the person who's in your in love with actually has most rightful claim to the throne and people like him more than you. So you have no allies you've no friends. They're all dead. They're lagers your cousin or your nephew. Tell me you go curry, by the way that John snow should get some of this blame because if he just had sex with her they probably she probably wouldn't have gone. Exactly. Yeah. Actually, that's a very good point just sack up and fuck your in and save millions of lives. She would not have gone crazy. Yeah. It's like your money where your mouth is. You know, you can flip out while you watch city burn and be like we shouldn't be doing this. Or you could just squeeze off a nut the night before. Just fuck your in the anti Danny just sixty nine with your aunt. And you could save literally millions of lives that are just standing there. Like, no God's this is too far. He's horny enough that problem. I hate John snow. I'm only rooting for the start dumb dumb question about game of thrones. I'm good for one of these everything. Start to. I mean he's in. Stark. Whoa. Wait. You just you just got yourself in little pickle, my friend talked too much. How guarantees Starks team targe hedging bed. He's refer every ridiculous root for the story lines same. My question is does anybody in game of thrones ever going vacation anywhere? What do you mean? It just seems like everybody's always working Mela Sandra in grey worm had that one planned. Her name's not Mela. Sandra says please stop saying that Mercedes'. Yeah. What else under is the red woman? True. Wow. I just dumped on you, Hank. Okay. What that means? I mean, he king Hank is the king of saying that I mispronounce everything, and he mispronounced a person's character for totally different persons. So wait, they plan to vacation. Yeah. Just never got around to headed. If she got her head cut off extremely really it's makes puts everything into perspective next time, you complain about like travel delays like your plane doesn't go off in time. Just remember that gray were Masada were about to go off to vacation that you. Got her head cut off. That was my other note, golden company worse investment of all time. Yeah. Well, you can't you can't hire sorts like that. They're not gonna fight the same way so half those guys that were fighting were hired hired sorts. Okay. Are you calm sorts? They hired sell sorts with a full confused, call we're talking. Oh. Yeah. Disappeared brand. This will episode Claude something fucking wheelchairs talk people riddles underneath a tree Kate brand. What do you want for dinner? He's telling riddles Al will the three eyed raven sees it all sees everything for dinner, bro. I just wanted to know if you wanna tater tots or not why didn't aria try to change into somebody. That was like right next to him. That is forgot about that. She can do. Yeah. She'll kill someone. I for that tappan. And they're only like two people next survey at this. Well, if she asked to killed them already, and then she can she go take Khyber little smashed skull, though. So funny God dammit that little bitch. He just got tossed. Also, I mean, people have been shitting on the writers share for, you know, not having source material, not being original the fact that they had to go back to the well for the I think that was a little which one. Oh, yeah. Like him snacks is. It worked one time. But you know, either way last last one coming up next week. I don't know. I don't even know what to make of it anymore. Dan, just went met. She went crazy to whatever happens, you cut off one of her friends head, and then all of a sudden she blows everyone up. Well, I not a little excessive. No, she's just like she's just like us. If your best friends get cut off, you would be pretty rational if your nephew wouldn't fuck kill everyone. Get on your dragging kill never by the way. One one little shoutout to drogue on the still left. Yeah. That guy he's meant to do a lot of ship people form. Yeah. But it's fucked up like a whole team on bagging, dude. It's like being the robot. PFC's a robot guy. It's like being the drone it is. You didn't want to kill everyone right told what to do anybody liberating country being greeted as liberators this is now you're all the way in here. Yeah. Hey, cts Hake is now literally Hank you would love our tactics in Vietnam. It's actually called operation king. Lame landing freedom. We'll just blow everyone up and then they'll become our subjects, and they'll love democracy. Once we kill all their people. Talk. All right. See guys on Wednesday. Love you guys, bro. Much love. This is Joan snow. So I seem my load you hit to bend. The knee. I am not. Our two houses allies centuries, you've traveled all this way to break faith, house toga, the pledge you on system may to mind bend the knee on I will name you wouldn't need by declaring himself king of the northern. Most kingdom you own open. I mean, no offense you'll grace. But I don't know you. Myo prison. Note yet. Put my trust in you. Strange. Can you trust in strange? You think about it? I believe you of speech. Hysteria. Having an even mission to me. John H to deal with the king and the no offense. Nothing before nicotine. I'm not doing the.

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